Travelers (2016) s01e01 Episode Script


1 [vacuum whirring distantly] "You're a b-b big g girl now.
" [woman]: Marcy? I gotta leave early tonight.
You gonna be all right alone? [chuckles] I'm I'm fine.
Don't forget to take your break, girl.
You work too hard.
I won't.
I won't.
Bye, Tory.
[muffled screaming] [screaming intensifies] [loud, panicked screaming] - [slapping glass] - Don't! [crying out in terror] Stop! [Marcy pounding on glass as Tory wails] [shattering] [snickers] [faint ringing in Marcy's head] [echoing of clock ticking] [Marcy groaning] [sinister laughing] [Marcy panting] David gave that to me! David gave that to me! David [Marcy gasps as the ringing in her head escalates] [cries out in pain] Ah! Ah! Ah! [Marcy screams in agony] Ah! [Marcy screams in agony] [gasps as ringing stops] That's mine.
Holy shit.
[groaning] [faint cheering of spectators] [crowd cheering] [crowd shouting] Trevor You stay down, man.
He's better than you.
[Trevor wheezing] You can stay down, man! Shut up! You should've stayed down.
[heavy thud] Trevor! Trevor! [faint ringing in Trevor's head] [ringing intensity escalates] [screams] Ahh! [roars] [screams] [ringing stops] I concede the fight.
[bubbling] Do we need to cut it? Nah.
[faint ringing in the head rises] [crying out] Ahh! [gasps as ringing stops] [panting] [pants] [baby crying] It's okay.
It's okay.
It's almost ready.
[vehicle approaches, then engine shuts off] [baby crying louder] [man]: Carly? Carly? You're not coming in like that.
You promised, Jeff.
Come on, Carly.
Don't make me mad.
I gotta take a piss.
[lock turning] [baby cries] You're not supposed to be here when you drink.
Why is he crying? He's just hungry.
Well, then give him something to eat! I'm warming it up.
What is this shit? It's baby food.
He's a baby, Jeff.
[crack] Don't talk to me like I'm an idiot.
[baby cries] [pained sobs] [ringing in the head rises] [ringing intensity escalates] [Carly gasping in agony, then screaming] [Jeff]: Hey, hey, hey, this is bullshit.
Yo, come on! Hey, all you're doing is pissing me off! [deafening ringing continues] [ringing stops] [Carly panting] [Jeff]: Listen, I'm sorry.
You make me crazy.
You need to go.
All right.
I'm going.
[door shuts] [text alert chimes] "Ruok"? "Ru-ok"? "Ruok" [Mother]: You're up early.
[footsteps] Mwah.
The headache wake you? The sound of birds.
[Dad]: You know how stupid it is to pick a fight before a game? How the hell you supposed to throw a football with a broken hand? [Mother]: The doctors are more concerned with his concussion.
[Dad]: You blow you chance at a scholarship, superstar, you better start learning to flip burgers.
All right.
You scoot upstairs.
Get ready.
They wanted to see you again in the morning.
Thank you, Mom.
"Thank you, Mom"? Who the hell's that? [baby cooing, keys clacking] [keys clacking] [door opens] [Detective]: Philip Pearson? Tried to find you at the university.
I'm Detective Gower.
"Gower"? Your roommate passed away last night.
You don't seem surprised.
[knocking at door] [Man]: It's me.
- David? - Yeah.
Oh! That's not appropriate.
Marcy, put some clothes on.
Yeah, I can't, uh be your boyfriend, Marcy, w-we talked about this.
What's that? What happened? [Marcy]: Uh I fell.
And you just went home? Oh, kiddo, are you okay? Does it hurt? I'm fine.
Well, I know going to the doctor's not your favorite thing in the world, but That's a That's a nasty cut.
Is this appropriate? Appropriate? [Chuckling] Sure.
Maybe some underwear.
[Gower]: Did Stephen inject himself, or did you do it for him? What difference does it make? Because your prints were found on both syringes.
I was there, but then I-I left.
Because you knew he was gonna O.
Yeah, you knew.
You know, a phone call to 911 could've saved his life.
That's cold, Philip.
Either way, you have got a problem.
On top of your drug problem.
I don't have a drug problem.
I know who your dealer is.
I know how much you buy every week.
I know who your friends are, and I know where you're from.
You have no idea where I'm from.
You inject somebody, they O.
, that's manslaughter.
I have the right to court-appointed legal counsel, yes? Sure you don't want to call your parents instead? You think you're sick now, wait till your lawyer shows up.
I'm proud of you, you know.
What? What for? Only you got knocked in the head last night, and you're you know, the naked thing, that that was weird, but otherwise, you're handling this amazingly well.
It's Thursday.
It's reading-aloud day.
There's no point in wasting time sitting on a bus.
It's just me.
It can be anything at all.
Think I got your favorite.
"Police were forced to use tear gas "to disperse a crowd "shortly after a not-guilty verdict was announced out " What? What What's wrong? Daddy's coming.
You busy right now? Not yet.
We just got sent a red flag.
Can't you handle it? I'm all over Jonas Walker.
I'm in court today and tomorrow.
What's the flag? Potential cell.
Encrypted communication in the deep web.
I have no idea what I'm looking at.
Analyst who flagged it is hoping that they're just gamers of some kind.
Who travel, apparently.
Those GPS coordinates correspond to an abandoned building downtown.
And what's a "T.
"? I asked the same question.
They ran it and nothing showed up.
Aw, shit, I'm late.
It's probably nothing, but Yeah, yeah.
I got it.
I'll let you know.
Have fun in court.
Make sure Jonas Walker doesn't shoot anyone while I'm gone.
You didn't coach her? No amount of coaching can do that.
[door shuts] You recognize Marcy has a significant intellectual disability.
I know you want to think something wonderful's happened here, but no traumatic brain injury is going to increase intellectual capacity.
It's just not possible.
Which brings us back to "miracle".
Assuming that there was a traumatic injury, likely a concussion, the most common symptoms would be memory loss, change in personality So What if this is the real Marcy? Seriously? Up until the age of 18, Marcy lived in an institution, one with a reputation for neglect and abuse, right up until the time it was shut down.
She doesn't talk about that.
Maybe the "Marcy" we knew was her way of coping there, her way of making people look after her, and she just continued that behavior after her release, and when she hit her head She just forgot who she was pretending to be? That's crazy.
It's infinitely more possible than her I.
doubling overnight.
I've been her caseworker since her release.
That was over a year ago! My case in point.
You got her a subsidized apartment, a job at the library.
You see her four or five times a week You're saying she played me? The most innocent soul I've ever met.
Played the system.
Fooled me, too.
Is something wrong? [straining to read]: "You're a big girl now," said Mary [mouthing sounds] T Tee Teacher.
[panting] [Dr.
Lee]: Do you remember that? It was just a few months ago.
I don't understand.
Neither do we.
I'd like to find out what else you don't remember.
It's okay I'm here.
Let's start with yesterday.
Where were you? At the library.
What did you do at the library? I'm a librarian.
So I was So you were checking books in and out, helping folks find what they were looking for? Yes.
And can you name one of those people? David.
Uh, to do research.
He's a reporter.
Marcy, stop.
What's wrong? You being a librarian, me going there to do research for a newspaper I work for Those are all part of a profile page that we made up.
That's my profile.
We created it as an exercise so I could teach you about social media and other things about the world.
Remember? You're not a librarian.
You work there as a cleaning lady.
I'm not a reporter.
I'm your social worker.
So so what you're saying is that We're just trying to understand.
[stammers] [gasps] [Dr.
Lee]: Marcy? [David]: Marce? [Marcy gasping and gagging] - [Dr.
Lee]: Marcy? - [David]: Marcy! You didn't answer your cell.
What did they say? I have a concussion.
Oh, no.
Will you be able to play in the game next week? The doctor said that if I hadn't walked away from the fight, I might have died.
Does it hurt now? A little.
Are your folks home? No.
Why? Oh, I don't think that we should, Rene, 'cause my concussion.
Let me make you feel better.
Please stop.
I just don't think that we should.
Are you breaking up with me? No! If anything I want to be closer to you.
There are things I don't remember.
Things about me? It's more things about myself.
The doctor said that a concussion as bad as this can cause changes in personality and memory loss, that the only treatment is time.
That, in time, I'll be the person I was before the concussion.
I need you to help me remember who that person is.
Y-You want me to help you find yourself? Trev That is so beautiful.
Take it you're not "Leticia".
Wrong file.
Go ahead, have a seat.
You look like shit, Philip.
When was the last time you hit? - I don't use drugs.
- Come on, man.
You don't have to pretend with me.
I know all about addiction, trust me.
Mine's just legal.
Have they talked to you at all about the methadone program they got going on, or? What is it? Methadone.
Your addiction.
Is it gambling? Cigarettes.
Look, I'm just trying to be simpatico here.
Don't be a dick.
I apologize.
We're gonna plea.
You're gonna end up doing some time.
There's no way around that.
They got you two ways, all right? But, in the meantime Are you bound by attorney-client privilege? Can you guarantee your confidence if I tell you information that can help us both? Absolutely.
What? I'm so sorry.
Come on, you love You love making up after we fight.
That wasn't a fight.
You struck me.
If I hadn't demanded you leave, you would've struck me again.
From now on, you'll be allowed to see your son once a day for one hour, time to be arranged.
I see him when I wanna see him, Carly.
Also, you'll provide proper financial support.
Okay, okay.
I get it.
Let me make it up to you.
What do you want me to do? Change Jeffrey's diaper.
[whistles] Hey! Phil! Hey.
You got out quick.
What'd they tell you? They didn't say anything.
They just let me go.
Come here, come here.
Come here for a sec.
How did you know? Come on, man.
Three horses? Three races, three different cities all 20 to 1, or better? Man, the bets were so stupid, I had to go to three different bookies.
I wouldn't have even done it if you hadn't have fronted me the cash advance.
It's all here, by the way, with interest.
Credit card's in there.
Go ahead.
Take it.
Come on, come on.
You gotta tell me.
Do I still have attorney-client privilege? Yeah, sure, whatever.
I'm from the future.
Okay, I get it, you can't tell me.
But, Phil you're gonna need me.
The cops are gonna be all over you.
We gotta look after each other here.
All right? Oh, speaking of which There's a little something extra in there for you, from the lock-up.
Just a little taste, so you don't get sick.
[ticking] David? There she is.
What happened? Dr.
Lee says you had a seizure.
It's the diminished capacity.
There's too much pre-existing damage.
- What? - How did I get here? We had to take you to the hospital.
You've been out of it the whole day, and as soon as you're feeling up to it, they wanna run a few tests, see what's going on No, please.
Well, it's not up to me, kiddo.
I can't be in the hospital.
Listen to me.
I have important work to do.
At the library? No, not at the library.
This is all happening for a reason.
How about I go get the doctor and we can talk about this? Thank you.
[monitor pinging] [alert beeps] [code trilling] [beeping] [cell phone ringing] - Forbes.
- Hey.
Jonas Walker hasn't left his house in a week.
Starting to think we're wasting our time on that one.
Our chatroom, on the other hand, has been filling up all day with the same weird messages.
s all over town.
You think it's something? Gotta admit, it's making me curious.
The one who set up the chatroom was arrested and released on a technicality.
Might save time if you contact the arresting officer.
Name's Gower.
Bright and early.
Marcy, what're you doing here? I was just at your apartment! I've been worried sick! I didn't know where else to go.
What is going on? Tell me.
I can't.
A mistake's been made and I'm not sure how to correct it.
I don't even know if it can be.
Just know that I'm playing a small part in something that's important.
Well, what does that even mean? I couldn't explain it if I tried.
Please just trust me anyway.
[knocks] Morning.
Sorry to bother you so early.
I'm Special Agent Grant MacLaren with the FBI.
FBI? Really? Really.
A message was sent from this I.
address that just means one of the computers in your house kinda raised a flag in our system.
Please tell me this is not about Internet porn.
Not porn.
At least, I-I don't think so.
No, this is more of a chatroom conversation.
My son's always in those rooms.
He a gamer, by any chance? Video games? Uh, it's all he ever does.
That, and the other thing.
When do you expect him home? Said he'd be out late tonight with friends.
Is he in any kind of trouble? Nah.
I doubt it.
You have a good day.
[David]: Hey.
[wearily]: Why is this body always so tired? "This body"? Well, maybe 'cause it works nights.
This body just made breakfast.
That's very kind.
And you're naked again.
How about you get dressed before joining me? David? If I could tell you, I would.
Hey, as long as you're not an assassin or a Hollywood actress researching a character.
Those Those are the two worst-case scenarios I came up with while I was laying awake all night.
[cell phone ringing] [Detective, over phone]: Gower.
Grant MacLaren, FBI.
I'm investigating a 20-year-old male you booked yesterday - By the name - Philip Pearson, yeah.
That's him.
Well, I guess you heard he won the lottery yesterday, huh? You mean you had to drop the charges? No, I mean that he won the freaking lottery.
Six numbers outta seven.
92-grand and change.
Lucky kid.
Not if I catch him with the bag of smack I'm pretty sure he's walking around with.
Our system red-flagged him as a potential member of a terrorist cell.
Now, I've got the rest of the suspects in the group covered, but if you could watch this one for me Look, Agent MacLaren, there's no way in hell this kid's a terrorist.
Yeah? What were the odds he was gonna win the lottery? Okay.
Keep this number and check in with me later.
Tomorrow, he's all yours.
[David]: You're welcome to stay while I'm at work.
There's nothing in the fridge, so I'll be out before you get home.
I'd like to come back, though, tonight, if that's all right.
It'll be late, though.
I could come with you.
No, you should stay home tonight.
The streets won't be safe.
Wh What? What's gonna happen? Oh, come on, that's going too far.
I shouldn't have said anything.
Well, you can't expect me to just I'll be back just after midnight.
You're Batgirl, aren't you? Bye.
Yes? Special Agent MacLaren of the FBI.
Sorry to bother you.
"MacLaren"? How can I help you? Well, sometimes, our computer spits stuff out and we have to follow it up.
Do you live here alone? With my son.
How old is he? Just over a year.
So, no criminal record? Sorry.
I probably know the answer to this, but you don't happen to have plans for later tonight downtown? No.
No plans.
You don't sound very sure.
I was trying to decide if you were asking me out.
[chuckles] Uh, no.
Me? I'm I'm busy tonight.
Thanks for your time.
[knocking at door] [knocks loudly] [keys clacking] [thud] [siren yelps] Shit! [engine starts, siren wails] [whistling] Come here.
You're welcome.
Get in.
Let's go Come on.
I had to pay a kid to dare another kid to get Gower off your ass.
Watching your back's getting expensive, Philip.
What do you want in return? Today's bet.
I can't do it.
Come on.
Yesterday, you gave me three.
Now I'm only asking you for one.
Yesterday was an emergency.
Today's kind of an emergency for me.
Then you are a very bad gambler.
[muttering darkly]: Yeah, I'm a bad gambler [tires squealing] [brakes screech] Maybe you'd like to think about it.
Get out.
[Gower]: Pearson! Come here! [cackles] Where are you going? Out.
With that guy? I don't have time for this.
Well, make time.
[gasps in pain] [gasping] Okay! Damn it.
Last warning.
[Jeff cries out] Hey! Hey! Pearson! Stop! Come on! Stop! [Gower wheezing] It's a good thing you stopped, kiddo.
If I had to climb that fence, I was gonna have a heart attack.
[Gower groans] You're having one right now.
Oh, shut up.
I just need to catch my breath, that's all.
Ooh! Maybe you're right.
My phone it's in the car.
- Help me.
- I can't, Mr.
Then find someone with a phone! [choking up]: I can't, I'm sorry.
You can.
I won't come after you, I promise.
You're supposed to die this afternoon.
No, you don't know I knew the moment that I heard your name.
I just didn't know that I would be here.
Call 911 and go! Because we considered you as a host.
The heart attack was inevitable within days.
[wheezing] No I'm okay.
[weakly]: I think I'm okay.
[sobs] [phone ringing] Hello? David Mailer? Yeah? Special Agent Grant MacLaren with the FBI.
I came by earlier, left a card under your door.
Oh, sorry, I didn't, uh I didn't see it.
Not a problem.
I'm just following up on a chatroom message that was sent from your I.
address last night.
You mean my computer? Right.
Tell me do you have plans to meet anyone tonight downtown, on the 12th floor of an abandoned building, about 11:17? No.
Why Why would I do that? Well, I guess that means I won't be seeing you there.
I'm just thinking out loud, but sometimes, I let my neighbors use my Wifi, maybe that's, um Well, that's a federal offense, Mr.
[chuckles] Is it? No.
I'm kidding.
Have a good evening.
I'm not pressing charges.
I just want to know where she took it.
Well, just check and keep your mouth shut.
All right.
Hello? I'm I'm trying to reach Detective Gower.
I thought this was his Jesus.
I'm sorry to hear that.
No, it's-it's not important.
Thank you.
Carly? [remote lock beeps] Carly? [ticking] [cell phone rings] [ringing] Got you.
[exhales] You're actually all here.
[Carly]: We've been waiting for you.
Where's the social worker? David isn't one of us.
One of? We're travelers from the future, Agent MacLaren.
[Marcy]: In our time, many years from now, humanity's been all but wiped out.
We've come back to change that.
There are thousands of travelers already here taking part.
Okay, what do you say we, uh, travel downstairs and talk about this somewhere else? It's not safe here.
- 60 seconds.
- Till what? In the future, we've developed a technology that allows a traveler to project his or her conscious mind into a host body by knowing the precise Time, Elevation, Latitude, and Longitude of their death.
- "T.
" - [Marcy]: A Traveler's consciousness arrives moments before that historical time of death, overriding the original host's mind, then resumes his or her life by using their knowledge of historical records and social media.
Okay, that's enough bullshit for now 30 seconds.
Who the hell is that? That's the body of Jonas Walker.
We stopped him from going on a shooting rampage, just as you tried and failed to do, between 11:14 and 11:17.
- [Trevor]: 20 seconds.
- We know the events of tonight because, for us, they've already happened.
Just as we know that, during a blackout on this night, at 11:17, in pursuit of Jonas Walker, Special Agent Grant MacLaren fell 45 meters down an open elevator shaft to his death.
Three seconds.
[ringing] [ringing in MacLaren's head] [MacLaren crying out in pain] [shrieking] Ahh! [ringing and shrieking stop] I see we all made it.
Let's begin.