Travelers (2016) s02e04 Episode Script


1 [MACLAREN]: Previously, on Travelers - FBI.
- Ted Bishop.
[TREVOR]: Flight 329 to Washington goes down at 2:53 P.
[CRASHING] You're not the E.
team I was expecting.
Traveler 3569, welcome to the 21st.
You seen my eyedrops? What's going on, Man? Give me back my drops.
It's a good thing these are helping with your addiction, huh? - I know.
- What? That you're pregnant.
I'm just trying to find the missing pieces.
Maybe someone is best defined by how they affect the people around them.
[] "Helix"? "Sandstorm.
" Prove it.
[] Did you bring it? Did you bring it? Keep it cool and dry.
We shouldn't contact each other on the forums anymore.
Kill the trail here.
He's taken care of.
- Copy.
- Thanks.
[TREVOR]: Do you know how to handle that? It's safe to walk around with, right? It's stable.
Wouldn't call it safe.
What does that mean? That means don't drop it, don't shake it, don't expose it to heat, don't get it wet.
I know what I'm doing, asshole.
- [PHILIP]: She's pleasant.
- [TREVOR]: I can tell.
Reminds me of your girlfriend.
This is what I asked you to build, right? I did a lot of research.
To your exact specifications.
Then we're good.
Long as you don't take it through a metal detector.
[MARCY]: Trevor, don't scare her away.
Why do you care? Because I made it.
You do something stupid and blow yourself up trying to get through security [PHILIP]: Easy! It might come back on me.
You don't have to worry about that.
I should go after her.
Don't do it.
Marcy's right.
We don't want to push her too hard.
Hey, I'm not trying to push her at all, but that's the mission that the Director assigned us.
[PHILIP]: We'll just have to try again.
[LOCKS CLICKING] Agent MacLaren.
Congressman Bishop.
We meet again.
You met my host.
We never actually met because you improvised.
Almost got yourself killed in the process, and left me stranded, waiting for another team.
Gee, I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
There was an extenuating circumstance.
Always is, with you.
I'm amazed you're assigned any missions at all, let alone this one.
This one? Well, I'm assuming it's not just to drive you around.
[CASE CLASPS CLACK] Your mission is to perform an assassination.
Of who? Me.
[] [] Hi, Chloe.
It's your boyfriend! Babysitting my little sister today.
Do you want to play Space Kebab? He's not your boyfriend, he's mine.
You can play, though, if you don't tell Mom.
Want to play something else? I can't stay, I just came for some drops.
You're burning through 'em fast.
We are.
That's fair.
Maybe we can play a little.
[] [BEEP] [LINE RINGING] Hi, this is David.
Leave a mess [BEEP] [] [KNOCKS] [KAT]: It's open! Hey! Hey, hey.
Let Leave that.
I'm no stranger to moving furniture.
Yeah, I know, but you shouldn't be overdoing it.
Part of my deal with Nicole is to redecorate this place while she's gone which looks like it could be a while, by the way.
She's loving it in London, so yay.
You really like it here, huh, in this space? Are you kidding? It's the kind of place I fantasized about living in, until I met you.
You don't think I'd go for something like this? [LAUGHS] No.
There's a unit for sale in this building.
Let's put in an offer.
I'm serious! But you love our old house.
It's a house.
Without you living there, it's an empty house.
I say we downsize.
With the baby coming, I need more space, not less.
- Oh.
- What? Oh, come here.
Can you feel that? I can't believe we're doing this.
What? You said "we".
I got all excited.
I'm not ready for you to move in, Grant.
Well, a house doesn't get sold in a day.
And we're leaving the other one behind either way, right? I'm just thinking about the future.
[] Maybe I should've gone after her.
She comes to this cafe almost every day, just after 10:00.
Okay, she's coming down Bellwood.
She's close.
[RADAR PINGING] She's stopped just outside.
[] What are you doing here? Huh? Are you following me? [SCOFFS] How? I've been here for two hours.
Are you following me? No.
But that's my spot.
I was here first.
Sit there.
[KEYS CLACKING] Can I help you "SandStorm"? Sounds so stupid when you say it out loud.
Yeah, it does.
I'm Trevor.
Galston Agriculture fan? Mm-mm.
Not a fan.
Why? They stomp out the competition, they stall unions, file nuisance claims, fund anti-environmental lobbyists.
Other than that, they're model corporate citizens.
Okay, it's way worse than that.
[CHAIR RUMBLING] [KEYS CLACKING] Look at the bottom.
"Seed C589, "scheduled for limited release and production.
Patent pending.
" That's all it says.
It's an experimental crop that's able to extract more nutrients from the soil in order to yield a larger harvest, by 20% to 30%.
And what's wrong with that? It's never been tested in the field.
They don't know the limits of how many nutrients C589 will pull from the soil.
It's not about sustainability, it's about profit, and for the sake of a few years of record harvests, this crop could decimate all the farmland that it grows in.
A famine isn't just some biblical event.
No, I know.
It happens.
They already have a prototype strain ready to go.
When? This week.
Well, it would have to pass FDA regulations.
Not if Bill 939 gets passed, which allows corporations bypass the regulatory process for standard testing.
They want to get it to market ahead of their competition.
How do you know all of this? Not here.
Jeff? Anyone home? [LOCKS DOOR] I was pretty excited when I got the internship.
I thought I could take 'em down from the inside, you know? I wrote to our congress I wrote to our senator, I sent reports to the FDA of their violations.
I even tried blackmailing one of their private investors.
You go, girl! [LAUGHS] You did not just say that.
Um, anyway, I got just moved from the labs down to the basement, so all I do now is archive old paperwork.
So, I'm not waiting around anymore.
What does that mean? I still have access to the building and I have what I need to do something about it.
That's serious shit you're talking, Abby.
It's also a big job for one person.
I can do it.
You don't think I can do it? You're not hearing me.
[TV NEWS PLAYING] And while House and Senate Democrats are deeply divided on this issue, Congressman Ted Bishop has taken a hard stand against it.
[TED BISHOP]: We are gonna stop Bill 939.
We're gonna get the Senate to hear us that we will strike down this destructive bill, and we will succeed.
This is it.
Whoa Holy shit.
This place is - Hey.
- Hello.
Abby, Philip.
My hacker friend I was telling you about.
What'd he say? Uh, you're the best, I can trust you, and you want to help.
There's so much more to me.
You guys live here? Mi Casa.
I still have a room at my parents' house, but I'm here a lot.
Just the two of you? And Poppy.
His pet turtle.
You do know they can carry salmonella bacteria, right? Noted.
Our system is completely secure, so go ahead and plug in.
[KEYS CLACK, BEEP] No shame in a little porn.
I won't judge.
Rule 34.
She's hilarious.
Where'd you find her? She found me.
These are the project work files on C589 I managed to swipe.
I've gone through some of it, but a lot of it's encrypted.
What's the timeline we're working on here? The Bill 939 vote is tomorrow.
Galston won't waste time.
The labs are always empty between 11:00 and 1:00 for lunch.
That's our window.
[DOCTOR]: The heartbeat sounds good.
The kidney, liver, brain, all developing very well.
This is just what we want to see at this stage.
Now, there was one area of concern that we saw.
This dark spot here, behind the placenta.
What is it? Too early to say for sure, but we would be concerned if it were a blood clot.
Have you experienced any spotting, any contractions recently? No.
What would a clot mean? It could be the early signs of a placental abruption.
But it could be nothing? Yeah, absolutely.
There's no need for either of you to worry at this time.
But given your age and your history, we're gonna gonna keep a close eye on this.
So, best to make an appointment with my office, come back and see me in two weeks.
Okay? Yeah.
The doctor said it might not be anything.
I know what the doctor said, and I've been through this before.
That's not going to happen this time.
That's not in your power.
Oh, shit! I left my phone in there.
Wait for me in the car.
I'll be two minutes.
Thank you.
Marcy? You got a minute? I-I didn't want to have this conversation over com.
What? I need a favor.
Yeah, of course.
One that breaks protocol.
I need you to understand this happened the night we were all under the effect of the anti-toxin.
Which you don't remember.
We briefed you on the Helios mission, this was the night after we were all affected.
Well, my wife had helped to arrange a surprise party for me, and I-I didn't realize the effect the drug was having, I consumed too much alcohol.
You broke protocol 4? And that puts her at, what? 20 weeks? Something like that.
This is not her fault.
No, it isn't.
It's yours.
- I know.
- What were you thinking? I wasn't, obviously.
All right.
Well, it'd probably still be best if you took her to a clinic.
The procedure's safe, even at this stage.
She's going through with it.
It's her decision to make.
Well, talk her out of it.
I'm not going to do that.
We just came from the ultrasound.
There's a problem.
Placental abruption? Yeah.
That's serious in any century.
Yeah, but you could improve her odds of carrying the baby to term, right? There is a drug I could technically synthesize, yes, but you know that I can't do that.
I'm asking you to think about it.
I need to get back to work.
Hey, Marcy.
Uh, so is he your, uh? My boyfriend? No.
Excuse me.
Would you like to go to dinner sometime? Sure.
When? How about How about this weekend? How about now? I just got to go change.
Oh Okay, then.
I'll be giving my speech from here.
There's a decent vantage point.
From which to shoot me? That's why we're here.
I was told there'll be a distraction at 11:27 A.
[MACLAREN]: Yeah, we're aware of that.
It's blocks away, but the sound should carry.
Why don't you check out your spot? You all right? This is plan "B".
My original mission from the director was a little more long-term.
Rise in the ranks of government, maybe to high office.
Unfortunately, my host has a heart condition the Director wasn't aware of.
You've still done great things as a congressman, things that your host wouldn't have done.
Been paying attention, have you? Felt I had a vested interest.
The Director has fattened me up like a lamb being led to the slaughter.
All I've done in the short time I've been here is set myself up to become a martyr.
We all have our part in the grand plan.
Yeah, yeah, it is what it is.
Oh, I want to ask that woman in the stasis field What was she to you? Worth risking your life for? Someone I care about that was not supposed to be on the plane that day.
She made it? Yeah.
She did.
Well, that makes one of us.
[HUFFS BITTERLY] It'll be quick, right? Thank you.
Um to courage.
To courage.
So what drew you to health care? God, that is an awful question to lead with.
I am so sorry.
It's It's fine.
No, no.
It's, uh I don't know what it is about you.
You're so At some point, I'm gonna need you finish that sentence.
Every male in the entire hospital would be jealous of me, if they knew where I was.
This must be a really good restaurant, then.
[LAUGHS] I mean, with you.
Uh, well, I got into health care because, in the future, it's gonna be more important than ever.
I know.
And we're just on the cusp of so many amazing things.
Why'd you become a doctor? Um, similar reasons to you, really.
I want to be part of the changes that are coming.
Think of what we're able to do now that we couldn't even 10, 15 years ago.
Brain mapping, stem cell research, robotically-assisted surgeries.
Limitless ways to help people.
I mean, isn't that what it's all about? You have a very positive view of the future.
Yeah, don't you? I do.
Here you go.
What are you writing? It's like a mission statement.
I want people to know why we're doing this.
You don't think that bombing a research lab makes a statement? I don't want people to think that I'm some radical.
There's a point to this.
Yeah, that's why we're helping you.
I've been doing some reading.
C589 is worse than you think.
How? There are properties in the genetic mutation of the seed that are monophyletic.
Mono what? It means that the organisms descend from the same common ancestor.
In this case, the kudzu a weed known for completely taking over a territory.
So if farmers start using C589 Not only will it deplete the soil of nutrients, it will spread.
With its genetic resistance to pesticides, C589 could become impossible to contain.
He's right.
All arable land on the planet could be choked out in decades.
[RUEFUL CHUCKLE] You guys really know your shit.
I don't really have a life outside the Internet.
And I'm getting an "A" in biology.
[] [] [] [] No, thank you.
Yeah, I spent many years very, very close to an old person who had to fight for every breath he took.
You trying to ruin this for me? Nah.
You're an intelligent person.
You can make your own decisions.
[CHUCKLES] [ABBY EXHALES] So what do we do now? [DEEP BREATH] We can look at the stars.
Nah, there's too much light pollution.
I can only see one.
There's There's another one.
That's Mars.
That's a planet.
I defer to your astronomy expertise.
Astrology, unfortunately.
My mom was into it.
She based all her decisions, all her relationships, on bullshit like whether Jupiter and Mars were aligned [BOTH LAUGHING] You know, most belief systems are just a shared vocabulary for people in search of meaning.
I think maybe the important thing is to just believe in something.
You mean something spiritual? Something.
I don't believe in anything.
Yeah, you do.
You believe in humanity.
You believe that our future's at stake.
That's not spiritual.
Yeah, it is.
[LAUGHS] [LAUGHING]: What? God, who are you? I mean, where were you when I was in high school? It would've been nice to have at least one interesting person to talk to.
Well, I'm kind of an old soul.
Yeah, no kidding.
I like it.
I, uh I should get back in there, and see if Phil Yeah.
See if Philip needs help finishing up.
So don't light up while I'm gone.
[KEYS CLACKING] Do you remember when Hall said, "Don't think the future doesn't get its hands dirty"? I know how you feel.
But we knew, going into this, that there's some parts of history we can't change.
Some people still have to die.
Doesn't mean I have to like it.
Not much of a turnout.
It's far more important the event's covered by news the outlets, and they're all here.
You know, for what it's worth It's worth nothing.
It's a life thrown away on the vague hope that one man's death can turn a tide.
I wish I'd never volunteered, but here I am.
You are going through with this? Don't worry, I'll play my part, however pathetic it might be.
Well, then again, you might just change the world.
I know the Director believes that.
[] Five minutes.
Bishop's ready.
I'm in position.
[MARCY]: Me too.
All set.
[] The device is set for 11:27, so when you have it in place, here, on the second floor I flip the engagement switch and get the hell outta the building.
You got it.
All right.
Here we go.
You good? Yeah.
I should go.
We'll be right here the whole time.
See you soon.
[] Thank you.
Thank you all for coming.
We are gathered here at a defining moment in the history of our country.
Today, the senate will vote on Bill 939 Which, at its core, institutes provisions that seek to diminish corporate environmental accountability.
[CROWD BOOING] No way! As your congressman, I stand here as a comrade in arms.
Ready to fight against irresponsible policies brought forth to the senate, that seek to place short-term profits ahead of the health and well-being of our planet.
[APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] [SCANNER BEEPS] [] I don't like it either.
[POUNDING] I can't do it.
What? I changed my mind.
This isn't what I want.
Let's go.
No, no.
You need to trust the plan.
I don't.
I'm not doing it.
I don't know what I was thinking.
Abby Abby, what's changed? You.
Okay? It's you guys! I mean, you've completely opened my eyes to a possible [MONOTONE]: Traveler 0115 No! No! Complete the mission in place of Abigail Paris immediately.
[ABBY GASPS] Oh, shit.
Why would the Director do this? Because she was supposed to die.
What are you doing? Protocol 1.
[SLAMS DOOR] Trevor! Boss - We have a problem! - What? We have less than a minute, then the bomb's gonna blow up.
We're in position, what's the problem? Trevor's the one taking it in.
[MACLAREN]: What? [SIGHS] Goddammit.
[MACLAREN]: Trevor, what are you doing? [TREVOR]: Abby went Messenger "Traveler 0115, complete the mission.
" That's what it said.
Who cares what it said? We'll find another way! [COUNTDOWN BEEPING] Trevor! [CARD SCANNER BEEPS] Trevor! Trevor! We're down to seconds! We don't have time! That's enough.
Both missions depend on this happening.
So long, guys.
[PHILIP]: Boss, help me out here! Trevor, you know what to do.
What? No! [] Come on! [BEEPING] [] This Is a unique time in human history.
Humanity is at a tipping point.
This is a time in which people of the future will ask, "Did you act? Or did you stand idly by?" Where's the diversion? Stand by.
Trevor, it's time.
[CLICKING SWITCH] Boss, it won't detonate.
[SIGHING] Where were you when it was us or them? Because we must protect [] He's having a heart attack.
Call it now.
He's dying anyway.
We must protect humanity's future Regardless of our political beliefs.
Regardless of our religion The color of our skin.
Regardless of personal cost.
[LIGHT CHEERING] He won't die a martyr if he has a heart attack.
This is the whole point.
I won't make it out.
I got your back.
Take the shot.
[BISHOP]: Now is the time for us [BULLET WHIZZES] [CROWD SCREAMING] There! Over there! I saw the shooter! [CROWD PANICKING] [] Get in.
Keep your head down.
Stay back! Make some room! [SIRENS WAILING IN DISTANCE] He's gone.
[DOOR OPENS] What took you so long? We, uh, had to take care of Abby's body before we came back.
So what went wrong? It was deactivated remotely.
[PHILIP]: By me.
What? I wasn't gonna let him die for nothing.
Like Abby? It wasn't for nothing, or we wouldn't have been given the mission! Galston's competition is weeks away from their own prototype.
And come on, people.
Ted Bishop's assassination isn't gonna inspire a movement.
That's not for you to decide.
Well, I did.
And it's done.
We could easily have lost one team member to save another.
Without that diversion, Carly was completely exposed after she fired.
You hung me out to dry.
And I see you made it.
That's not the point, Philip! You undermined a direct order You mean like the order the Director gave you? 'Cause, if memory serves and hey, it usually does you were given explicit order.
"Kill 3468.
" But hey, maybe she just hasn't gotten around to it.
This isn't funny.
You look me in the eye and you tell me I am the only one on this team who's improvised.
Tell me.
I am the only one that's broken the rules.
[] I can hack into Galston and wipe all their data on C589.
We can even get another bomb in there.
But there are other ways to do this.
And if we get the mission, then that's what we'll do.
It's out of our hands now.
Protocol 5 until further notice.
I should add, despite my apparent protestations to the contrary, I'm very glad you're still alive.
Thank you.
You too.
Get me one of her folic acid pills.
If we're going to swap out a medication to prevent a miscarriage, it'll need to look identical.
I didn't think you were gonna do this.
I'm a doctor.
I help people.
I took that oath first.
You know, technically, that's not Okay, then I'm improvising.
Thank you.
Can I get a ride? Sure.
Van's out front.
[RELIEVED SIGH] Where to? Honestly? I don't really feel like going home.
I know just where that is.
Come on.
[] [KNOCKS] [LOCK CLICKS] Kat? [DOOR THUDS] Kat? You home? [] [] [] [KEYS BEGIN CLACKING] [] Hey.
Perfect timing.
I was just thinking about you.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Long day.
Come on.
We'll be in my room.
Answer the phone if Mom calls.
Chloe? [ANNOYED]: Okay.
[] Ready? [] [] How did you even find this place? They're turning this old government building into condos soon.
Jeff brought me here to look at the view Mm.
Wants to buy one.
Seems like this address might be a little out of your price range.
Everything he likes is a little out of our price range.
Likes to dream, that man.
So you two? We three.
That child is why we're doing this.
That's the only reason.
Is it? He did stop drinking.
I got a zero-tolerance thing going.
We both love that boy, so.
I met a guy.
You did? Doctor.
Well, at least you have something in common.
Yeah, I don't know.
I don't really think there's anything there.
[EXPLOSION POPS IN DISTANCE] Galston Agriculture's that way.
Trevor? Trevor, where are you? [INSISTENT]: Come in! Trevor? [TREVOR]: Sorry, I was visiting my parents.
Couldn't talk.
You guys hear that? Yeah.
We saw it.
Had to be Galston.
Someone just completed our mission.
[] [MONOTONOUSLY]: Traveler 3326, open memory chain 71985VX and store the following sequence Biosynthesis of the glycoproteins IgE, IgM, IgD, IgA, IgG.
Cleave "H A" protein to form HA-1, HA-2, and fuse with BHK 21-F.
Ribonucleic acid compounds mRNA and tRNA [CHLOE CONTINUES, TRAILING OFF]