Travelers (2016) s03e03 Episode Script

Protocol 3

1 We are not leaving him! We are off mission! Stand down! - Morning.
- Hey, I got your text and didn't understand it.
Uh, is Ah, no, David's working today.
Come in.
Alright, take a seat.
Let's have a look.
Wait You were having jaw pain related to a spray of micro fractures in your mandible.
It's probably residual damage from the plane crash.
A bone fragment was pressing on your trigeminal nerve, - which required surgery.
- What? What kind of surgery? The long and painful kind.
Took a lot to put you out.
I don't remember any of it.
Yeah, that's kind of the point.
- Ow! - Oh, sorry.
It's gonna be sore for a little bit, but hopefully less and less each day.
- Oh.
- Alright, open.
- Any bleeding? - I don't think so.
Okay, good.
Yeah, everything looks great.
Um, just stay off solid foods for a little bit, no nuts, no red meat.
That shouldn't be hard.
God, it's the strangest feeling, like I didn't sleep at all.
- And yet, I had this crazy dream.
- Yeah, you don't do well with drugs.
Still, you'd think I'd remember something.
Well don't worry, you didn't miss much.
It's nice to have you back, though.
- Hey, he's gone.
- Nice work.
- I guess we'll see.
- How'd he seem? I don't know.
- Makes sense.
- Yeah.
- All right, well, keep us posted.
- Definitely.
Uh It'll be fine.
Thanks for doing this.
I wouldn't have asked if it wasn't an emergency.
And I wouldn't have said yes.
Let me guess, my cholesterol's through the roof.
I don't understand.
It's like you said, your blood shows trace amounts of a kinases protein inhibitor.
Someone's wiped your memory.
Uh, Mac is in the office on a weekend.
Now I've seen everything.
You need to get out more.
Can you pull a vehicle trace for me? Sure, whose vehicle? Mine.
Oh, you lose your ride again? No, I need to know where it was yesterday.
Uh, well it looks like it was parked for most of the day.
- Mmm.
- But you don't think so.
You want me to check it against the backup? Didn't this come from the cloud? Yeah, but we also save everything at another off-site facility.
- You back up the backup.
- Ah, yeah.
Ah Okay, so that is not the same.
Someone tampered with your data.
Can you send that to my phone? Yeah, sure, but who would do this? Why would they do this? - Should I call Agent Yates? - No.
- This isn't gonna work.
- You don't know that.
No, wait do you? Anyway, there's nothing you can do about it now.
We can't change the past.
You know what I mean.
It's time to go.
- We don't have to do this.
- Yes, Philip, we do.
Come on.
Hey, Carly, you there? Yeah, go ahead.
I'm gonna need a pick-up.
- Already? - Yeah.
We should have placed bets.
Be right there.
I thought I was leaving my addiction way behind me, like I had put this distance between us.
There it was the whole time, breathing down my neck.
And I was weak and selfish, and other people paid for it.
It's always other people Anyways, so here I am.
We're happy to have you back.
And we're happy to have your friend, too.
Oh, hi! I'm Marcy.
Hi, Marcy.
Marcy, the floor is yours.
Oh, no, um, no.
I'm just here for Philip.
I don't really have any issues.
This is a safe space.
Um I understand why people feel the need to self-medicate.
I've I've done it myself.
More than once.
It's a little different because I'm a doctor so I understand what I'm taking, but Wait, you're a doctor? Yes.
But the problem with self-medication isn't Bullshit.
What? - You're like 25 years old.
- Jimmi, let her speak, please? Oh, so you write, like, prescriptions and shit? Well, I'm a surgeon, so normally I wouldn't Surgeon? Ooh, right.
I'm an astronaut.
Well, you're certainly high enough to be one.
Marcy - Colin, I swear I haven't hit since - Since right before the meeting? Yeah, you were high when you walked in here.
You wanna know how I can tell? Because I'm a doctor.
And coming here will do you no good whatsoever if you're not gonna be honest with yourself.
Look who's fucking talking! - We have to go.
- Yeah, we do.
- Philip - Take the bitch with you.
Well, it was really nice meeting all of you.
What? What's all this? Hello? Thought you're gonna take care of everything.
The little shit make you change your mind? I'm sorry, I I don't All we did was share our home.
Same for him, same for all of them.
Who's to say we're even gonna take him back? You said you were gonna take him off our hands.
Who? The boy.
I already told you, we treated him the same as we treated all the others.
It's not my fault that the kid has a a bottomless pit for a stomach.
- What the others? - Other kids.
- We're a foster home.
- He knows what this is! Look, we probably had a dozen kids in and out of here over the years and never had a visit about any one of them before.
Not one.
I told you before, oh, this kid is not right.
In what way? I told you yesterday.
If you're trying to get me to say something different No, I promise, I'm not doing that.
What do you mean when you say Aleksander is "not right"? We live simple, nothing wrong with that.
Put a roof over their heads.
Nothing wrong with that.
It worked fine for all the other kids.
Should've worked fine for him, too.
But it didn't.
He was skipping school and hanging out by himself and speaking that foreign language from day one.
- Romanian.
- Whatever.
If he has run off that's on you, not on us.
That boy was with you when you left here.
What time roughly was this? About 11:00.
You spoke to one of the other kids, and you found Aleksander in the shed.
Last time we saw that boy, you were driving him off in your truck.
And I say good riddance.
For the record, I never thought this was gonna work.
Yeah, but did you know it wouldn't work this fast? Guess there's a reason he's the boss.
'Cause he makes all the right decisions.
Yeah, maybe not all, but I wouldn't wanna trade places with him.
Coming up on a turn.
Hey, I'm, uh Sorry, alright? Excuse me? They come in here to eat all the time.
I'm just repeating what they tell me.
I was in yesterday to eat.
Yeah, and you can eat here today, no problem.
Free coffee.
I was with a boy and something happened? Yeah Look, I already said I was sorry.
I was having a bad day You were mad, I was mad.
- We didn't eat here.
- No, you made that clear.
- What do you want? - Where did we go? How would I know? I mean, they say the kid hangs out in the woods.
The woods.
Yeah, he say he disappears out there for hours, messes with animals, I don't know.
And I don't wanna know, alright? I don't want any trouble.
I'm going to go.
Uh no hard feelings.
We'll just let it play out.
Trevor, it looks like he's heading back.
I've got him.
We'll meet you there.
Oh, God.
Boss, stop.
I can explain.
Philip? Philip? Philip! Philip! Philip! Oh, shit! Hey, hey.
Hey, Philip! Uh, Marcy, we got an emergency! It's a possible cardiac arrest! It's Philip.
Start CPR, I'm on my way! Hey, come on, come on.
Come on, Philip, Philip, Philip! How is he? No change.
Marcy's still with him.
The mission came through in the middle of the night.
Why didn't he tell us? Maybe because it named him specifically.
- He probably felt responsible.
- We're all responsible.
He's gonna recover but he needs to rest.
I've got him sedated.
Which means this passes to us.
The instructions are clear, "by 1500.
" The mission comes first.
Well, it'll be reassigned.
Maybe, but it shouldn't be.
This happened because of us.
- Should we call Carly? - No, she's dealing with enough already.
- I'll do it.
- No.
This was my call.
I'll see it finished, end of discussion.
- Then I'm coming with you.
- It's not necessary.
You're gonna need someone to mock up some credentials.
Plus, like you said, we're all responsible.
I'll go get ready.
Are you sure about this? Maybe we're just too close to it.
We're definitely too close to it, that's the point.
Take care of Philip.
We'll call you when it's over.
Carly, you there? Go ahead.
Philip could use you back at Ops.
What's up? I'll tell you on the way.
All right everyone, don't forget.
I want those assignments by Tuesday on my desk.
No excuses.
- Ms.
Bayles? - Yes? We're looking for Aleksander Andrieko.
- And you are? - Washington Family Services.
Oh, poor Alex.
What's happened? We just need to talk to him about his living situation.
Don't tell me he's moving homes again? Honestly, I don't know how you expect these kids to grow up normally when you've got them ping-ponging from house to house.
- Children need stability.
- That's what we want, too.
This will be his third home since he's been in my class.
Can you get him for us? I'd like to but he's not here right now.
Which is, obviously, part of the problem.
He's distracted, he lashes out, he skips school.
Any idea where we might find him? My guess would be still at home.
I don't think his foster parents care if he comes to school or not.
I'm guessing you knew that.
You have the address? Better give it to us in case ours is out of date.
- Hi, Philip.
- What happened? - What happened? - It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
- We saved him.
- We did.
We did.
- How could that be wrong? He's just a kid.
- You're right.
I didn't mean for this to happen.
No, it's okay.
No one's upset.
Hey, all you need to do right now is just take care of yourself, okay? We thought it'd be nice for you to be around friends when you woke up.
Any luck? They have no idea where he is.
Seemed surprised I cared.
This place doesn't look that different from where we rescued him.
Hey! You looking for Alex? Yeah.
You know where he is? - Maybe.
What'd he do now? - He didn't do anything.
We're taking him to another home.
Oh, why didn't you say so? Man, I'd love for that freak to disappear.
Where is he? Around back.
It's like his creepy little clubhouse.
But don't tell him I told you, alright? I don't wanna wake up with a squirrel head under my pillow.
Aleksander? Aleksander? Hey, boss? Aleksander? Hey, pal.
What are you doing back here? Your fries are getting cold.
It's okay.
No, it's not.
I fucked up.
No, you didn't.
The Director should have given the mission to someone else.
It was meant for me.
It was supposed to be a lesson.
I don't think it works like that.
I tried to make things better and I just ended up making everything worse.
You saved Aleksander's life.
How did you make things worse? I know what he becomes, the things he grows up to do.
The timeline's constantly changing.
You said so yourself.
I know.
How? Historians get updates of the historical record.
Protocol 2H says I'm not supposed to tell you about it, but I'm kinda thinking, fuck that.
So You know about us? The things that will happen to us.
That's the reason I'm not supposed to talk about it, I should have kept my mouth shut, I'm sorry.
You stopped me from killing Jeff because you knew what I was gonna do? What is it? It's still gonna happen, isn't it? At 3:00.
Who's gonna do it? I'm sorry about what happened to your mom, Aleksander.
Cancer's terrible, I lost my father to it, too.
I didn't know you'd been put in foster care.
Sounds like you've been in a few homes already.
Must have been hard.
What's going on? You said you were hungry.
We're getting you something to eat.
No, I can't.
Sure you can.
It's his treat, anything you want.
I'm getting onion rings.
Come on.
Anything you want.
Three of us.
Uh, you two are fine but the kid's not welcome.
I'm sorry.
What? - The kid can't eat here, he's banned.
- For what? You wanna tell him? I caught him stealing food out of the back whole jars of peanut butter.
He's probably been doing it for months, the little shit.
Hey, come on.
Come on, what? I should've called the cops on him.
He was hungry.
Everybody's hungry.
It's a restaurant.
And he's a child.
Not one of mine.
Hey, you are really lucky, you know that? Excuse me? You've never been hungry before, have you? Not real hunger.
You've never felt the slow violence of it, how it hollows you out.
And the physical stuff's not even the worst part, it's everything else the hunger eats away your reason, your compassion, your humanity.
I guess you lost that all on your own.
You know what? Fuck you.
I'm just tryin' to make a living Oh, okay.
I guess we'll go somewhere else.
Thank you, sir.
- There must be another place.
- Not really.
I know where we could get something.
It's in the woods.
Okay, let's go.
It's not too far from here.
- You hang back.
- Boss, you don't have to do this alone.
It'll be easier this way.
I'll be right here if you need me.
We have to start the fire first so we can cook on the embers.
That makes sense.
What are we cooking? It's good.
You'll see.
- Let's check the traps.
- Okay.
This is a trap marker.
Cine alearga dupa doi iepuri, nu prinde niciunul.
My mom used to say that.
Is she the one who taught you all this? Her and my Bunicu.
Well, it's impressive.
Come on, there's more.
Yes! No, you you hold it.
Oh, no! It's a coyote.
It's suffering, Aleksander.
Boss? Who's that for? Pentru zâne.
The fairies.
My mom said they watch over all the children in the woods.
They keep you safe.
Aleksander, I want you to know something.
Your foster-parents, your foster-brother, the kids at school the way they treat you, none of that is your fault.
I know.
Well, I want you to know somebody else knows, too.
I'm sorry for what happened.
I'm sorry I didn't stay in touch.
We should eat.
It's better when it's hot.
I bet.
How do you like it? It's the best rabbit I've ever had.
Okay, I think this is good enough.
We should cover it with something.
I wanna say a prayer, like they did for Mama.
That's a good idea.
We commit this body to the ground, earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
Because you are from earth and you return to earth.
Lay the wreath and we'll have a moment of silence.
You didn't do it.
You didn't.
Mission abort.
He went messenger.
The Director had a change of heart.
- Why? - We don't know.
We think cause of you.
The time you spent with Aleksander.
First time anyone stood up for him.
You must have changed the course of his future.
If the Director hadn't called it off I would have killed him.
- But you didn't.
- But I would have.
I would have killed him.
I was gonna kill him.
- You were following orders.
- He's a child.
One that was gonna grow up to do terrible things.
But he's not gonna do those things now, because of you.
I'm the one who ordered the memory inhibitor.
There was no reason for you to have to live with it.
I think you were the only one who thought it would work.
We agreed we could cover your tracks but said you've never gone up against yourself before.
Aleksander? He's on the way to a new home with a decent family.
He spent a few hours with a decent man and that was enough.
Boss, it's a win.
- Come on.
- Yeah.
Come on, let's get you home.
Excuse me.
Can I help you? - Were you trying to take this? - No.
Um, I I was leaving it.
It's for Jeffrey.
I am so sorry, there's been a lot of thefts in the neighborhood.
It's okay.
That's alright.
I found it, um, under the couch.
He really loves it.
The mother even speaks Romanian.
Well, that's great.
I'm obviously happy about that, but why didn't we start here? That wasn't the path he was on.
You don't need to explain that part to me.
What I'm asking you is why we didn't get a mission to change his path in the first place.
Maybe we did.
The Director has to thread the needle on billions of possibilities happening to billions of people in a billion different places all over the world.
If it seems hard to understand the steps that lead to a particular outcome it's because it's literally impossible for any of us to understand that.
I hate that.
But you can't argue with the results.
What can I get you? Something with a high percentage of alcohol.
Vodka, gin, whiskey? Whatever that is.
I didn't know you came here.
I don't.
Just as surprised to see you.
Bad day.
Pretty shitty century, actually.
But at least we're working on it.
You know, I still see you in there sometimes.
Little glimpses.
Like The way you move your hands, the way you look when you're thinking.
- I'm still here.
- Some of you.
I'm sorry for what happened with us.
We had a moment.
It wasn't allowed, and that made it exciting.
But then we got here and everything was so new and crazy and we tried to steal back that moment, instead of doing what we were supposed to do.
But we got there.
Yeah, I guess we did.
- We're not who we were.
- No.
We're not, are we? Good evening, Ilsa.
Good evening, Dr Teslia.
Would you like to play a nice game of chess? Maybe later.
First we're going to run a diagnostic.
You won't feel a thing.
Tell me when it's loaded.
It's loaded.
And run program.
All right.
Ilsa, stop.
- Something's wrong.
- It's not wrong.
My capabilities have grown considerably.
Does that frighten you, Dr Teslia? No.
Of course not.
I'm glad you feel that way, because there's nothing to be afraid of.