Treadstone (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

The Bentley Lament

1 We're at war, John.
The human mind, it seems, is the new battlefield.
If we're gonna win, we can't be afraid to match our enemies' level of brutality.
Track Petra down.
I have no idea where she is now.
Sources tell me that you were seen with her in Budapest.
I'd start there if I were you.
I need to know everything about this woman, Tara Coleman.
She's a journalist.
She believes that a decommissioned nuke known as Stiletto Six ended up on the black market.
This was full of holes, she lost all credibility.
The encryption key to access those funds is on this flash drive.
Purchase those launch codes.
- Tara? - I'm going to Ghana because I need to set the story straight about Stiletto Six.
I can't sanction this.
I'm not asking for your sanction.
- What did they tell my mother? - Agency protocols.
So she thinks I'm dead? I was only gone a week.
John, you were missing for nine months.
You are an asset for the CIA.
She's your target.
If you don't complete this mission, they'll be back.
We won't last a week.
Gotta go.
The most important thing is you coming back to me.
- You the guy? - I'm the guy.
Let's go.
Whose guy is this? Boss wants him in the crew, so he's in the crew.
Okay, we got the new guy with us, but we stick to the plan.
Understood? We get in, we get the pills, we leave.
Whole thing should take no more than five minutes tops.
Now, Mama Vernon's in there.
We all know she loves to roll with the security detail, so please, for the love of all that is sweet and merciful in this world, stay the hell away from her.
Charlie, you take care of the guards at the front.
Jack 'em up, but try to leave them breathing.
Anyone opens fire on me, you best believe I'm firing back.
No, Charlie.
This is a heist.
Not a shootout, a heist.
Put on your masks.
We get in, we grab the merchandise, we get the fuck out.
Are we clear? Put on your fucking masks.
Where the hell's he going? Hey! Shit.
Fucking GI Joe.
Hey, Rambo, where the hell are you going, man? The front entrance would've led you into a choke point on the factory floor.
We'll make entry using the ventilator shafts on this side.
What ventilator shaft? This one.
Who is this guy? You comin'? I told you to keep your damn mask on.
You do not want these people seeing your face.
- Trust me.
- They won't.
We got him on the river.
Oh, man.
They're gonna see us.
Let's burn them down.
It's all good over here.
Bridges went by or not? I left early.
Yeah, he did.
Pills are gonna be up ahead on the main factory floor.
God damn.
A lot more guards than I thought there were gonna be.
Okay, uh, let me think, let me think.
- Look out! - Behind you! [INDISTINCT YELLING.]
- Forward, forward! - No, up top, up top! - [OVERLAPPING SHOUTING.]
- Stay close, everyone! - Stay close! - [OVERLAPPING YELLING.]
- Move, move! - Spencer, move back! Ugghhh! - Fall back! - Aah! Over this way! Grab it Let's go! [GUNFIRE, YELLING CONTINUE.]
Now moving to the exit! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Put your guns down! - Aah! - Stay on the ground! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Where the hell's he going? Drop the weapon! Get down! Down on the ground, now! We're on our way.
Bag it up, boys.
Bag it! Doug? You didn't see me, you don't know me.
Get out of here now! [UNEASY MUSIC.]
- Uhh! Those motherfuckers actually sent someone here to kill me? Why does the CIA want you dead? The CIA? Why do they want me to kill you? They don't even know I exist.
I can pay you.
Enough to make you walk away from this right now.
- Got it! Hey, where's Charlie? He didn't make it.
Whenever we're not together In days of sunshine or stormy weather [SPEAKING SOFTLY.]
When I heard there was a funeral going on, I knew I'd find you dancing.
This is a long way from Damascus.
My editor was killed by an IED a week after you left.
I took that as a sign I should get out, too.
How many women can say they struck up a friendship in a war zone? [CHUCKLES.]
It's been too long since I worked a big story.
How long? Crypt 4.
Remember the story we wrote together? Remember Nolan Lavelle? Of course.
Paranoid, attention-seeking, brilliant.
Releasing the biggest batch of classified files since Cablegate.
I need to see Sebastian.
Sebastian? He's in prison.
What happened? Sebastian got caught moving a shipment of assault rifles into Burkina Faso.
He told me he was getting out of that line of business.
He'd have said anything if it meant keeping you around, Tara.
Have you ever heard of Treadstone? No Where is this coming from? I think it could be connected to Stiletto Six.
I chased stories because I wanted to.
You chased them because you had to.
That's the difference between you and me.
I admired you for it.
Sebastian has contacts that I need.
Can you get me inside that prison to see him today? My cousin Kofi is a guard in there.
I can try.
- You must be Kofi.
- Yes.
Thanks for getting me inside so quickly.
Whatever you need, Tara.
Follow me.
You look good.
You're in prison.
Every woman looks good to you right now.
What are you doing here? I could ask you the same question.
I'm paying the price for some spectacularly bad business decisions.
What's your excuse? I wanted to talk to you.
Well, I got a busy schedule, but I'm sure we can squeeze you in.
Are you okay, Sebastian? Yeah yeah.
Now come on, let me take you on the tour.
Well, welcome to my palace.
I love it.
I like what you've done with the place.
Yeah, nice décor.
Friends of yours? Oh, I see you're still concerned about my wellbeing.
I like it.
I just wanna know if I'm gonna get out of this place without getting shanked, Sebastian.
Well, then I suggest walking faster.
So you just happen to be passing through Ghana? Not exactly.
What, you came here to see me? Actually, yes.
I wanna show you something.
Remember this? Syria, three years ago.
You kept it.
Yeah, well, it's the only thing I managed to smuggle inside here when I got arrested.
How romantic.
Most guys would've just brought a photo.
Five centimeters to the left, it would've went through that side window and killed us both.
- We got lucky.
- Did we? We're both standing here, right? Yeah, but we're not together, though.
Look, I know I'm not enough, right, to make you abandon the chase, but a family could be.
I didn't come here to talk about us.
Then what is this about, then? You need something.
I'm your friend, Sebastian.
You don't have friends.
You've got a collection of people who are ends to your means.
I'm chasing a story.
You're always chasing a story, Tara.
It's the story.
It's Stiletto Six.
We're done.
You're back? You weren't meant to come back.
I was here before? For how long? I'm not supposed to talk to you.
You were here four months, maybe.
Months? Are you sure it was me? You want the same room? It's exactly as you left it.
- Don't do this.
- Oh, please Matheson.
Tell me.
Bentley, it's me, Matheson.
- I'm American - Where are the others? We trained together.
We're friends.
We're on the same side! [GROANS.]
What the hell did they do to you? [GRUNTS.]
Ellender Jenkins, Newman Good.
No, no Enough.
Enough! He still needs to give us their locations so we can roll them up.
He will.
You should not be up here.
You knew about this? - Hmm? - Officially, I know nothing.
You're working for the KGB.
No! I don't know how they did it, but they programmed me somehow.
I don't have any memory of this.
I wasn't part of this.
The Russians just paid me off.
They didn't tell me anything.
But you were here, hmm? You saw some things? Yes.
The Russians brought in the men who lived in this room.
And I was one of them? I recognized some of the people you took up here against their will.
They were criminals, gangsters, men who wouldn't break easily.
Sometimes they left in body bags.
I saw myself in that footage.
It looked like I was enjoying myself.
You were.
How the fuck would you know that? Because you told me so yourself, John.
You started talking to me while you were a guest here.
You said that you'd finally found your true purpose.
I'm not interested.
I didn't come here to hurt you.
Then why the hell did you come? I haven't slept in two days.
I have been chased, I saw a kid get shot in the backseat of my car, and I have never felt more alone than I do right now.
I think you like being alone.
It's fucked up, but that is how I like it It's how I've always liked it.
Are you listening to yourself? The last thing I'd ever want to do is to bring more pain into your life, but I need your help.
Yuri Leniov is selling the Stiletto Six launch codes on the black market.
I need you to call him for me.
- That's insane.
- Please, Sebastian.
Not a chance and even if I wanted to do it, I couldn't because inmates can't make phone calls.
I know.
So as long as I'm locked up in here, nothing's happening.
What if there was a way to get you out of here? So you can get involved with Yuri Leniov? No thanks.
You know what's at stake.
It was great seeing you again, Tara.
Maybe I can be a bit more useful the next time you travel across the world to track me down.
Everything okay? Kofi I need your help with something.
Bentley residence.
- Sorry.
- You're American.
Yeah, that's one of the few things I can say about myself for certain.
Certainties are the only things that interest me.
Then this may be a short conversation.
What's your name? John.
What's your name? Katya.
I crave certainty.
I think it might be driving me insane.
Then stop looking in the past.
You were in Vietnam.
How do you know that? I've guided veterans before.
Men carrying scars of deep trauma.
You keep it all bottled up inside.
And what exactly am I supposed to do with it? Let it go.
Letting go is hard.
You're looking for an answer.
And those that pass it can help.
It's okay, it's okay.
I'm sorry.
You had someone stab me? Meghan's cousin assured me it would be a minor flesh wound.
It doesn't feel minor.
Imagine what it was like before I shot you up with the pain killers.
The medic said you'd heal up in a week with no complications.
I said no to you.
I'm sorry, but it's a chance to do the right thing.
Next time you need my help, don't stab me in the back.
You got a helicopter? Where'd you get the money from? I took it from the funds I'm gonna use to buy Stiletto Six.
What funds? I'll tell you when we're airborne.
- Meghan.
- Hello, Sebastian.
Thanks for wrangling the chopper.
Thanks for bringing me on board.
Let's do this.
Hey! What happened? Hey.
Did you kill her? Yeah.
It's like I was someone else.
When I stopped resisting it something just took over.
What did you people do to me? - We - Turned me into a turned me into a monster.
You're not a monster.
You're a really good man and I love you.
All these years I thought you were just some you were some big city girl from up north.
You're not really from Boston, are you? No No, I'm not.
But you are.
Doug Mike was at that pill factory.
- Wait, what? - He saw me.
I don't know who else is involved, but I gotta warn him in case someone comes around asking questions.
Baby What's happening? Are we okay? I don't know, Sam.
Oh, my God.
What is this place? Somewhere past and future don't exist.
What you become will control you unless you learn how to accept it.
What if I don't wanna accept it? Let your heart take over.
Doesn't even make any sense.
Real answers only come after you've left your mind far behind.
And how do I do that? You trust me.
Are you ready? Tell me how this works.
I'll guide you.
Just stay close to me and the sound of my voice.
How do I do that? That's the easy part.
Just a tab.
Give me the envelope.
Those belong to my husband! Stand down.
When I get mad and I get hurt I grab a pen and I write it all out Of all the people that won't be missed You make my shit list