Treadstone (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

The Paradox Andropov

1 Yuri Leniov is selling the Stiletto Six launch codes on the black market.
I need you to call him for me.
Hello, Sebastian.
Thanks for wrangling the chopper.
Let's do this.
You see Matheson out there? I don't know where he is, Pete.
Hey, come on, give him some space, Wilson.
I'm Don Matheson.
We both work for the CIA.
Tell me the truth.
They're in your head.
You won't even remember this conversation.
No! I don't feel control over myself when you're around.
I know you feel this, too.
What's happening? Are we okay? I don't know, Sam.
Actually, this is a problem for us both, Doug.
The cops, Doug, and Samantha.
Doug, hey.
Are you okay? Hey what'd you do to your hair? We just got to get moving, okay? We're running out of time.
Everything's got to change.
Our looks, our names, just just all of it.
I ran into some people from Treadstone.
I overheard them talking.
They're sending a team to our house.
I know.
I worked for them.
Okay, so who's car is this out front? I bought it in cash this morning.
Solid engine, low mileage, clean plates.
Okay, so what is all this stuff? Our go-bags.
Jesus Christ, Sam.
Who taught you how to do all this? I watched the program train assets for three years.
I picked up some things, too.
The guy that we buried in the woods, Sam his boss came down here looking for him.
I overheard him talking to this woman.
They're planning on killing some guy named Marcus Sachs tonight.
They're sending another asset.
They're gonna murder him and his wife.
- Who's the target? - Marcus Sachs.
He's a mining geologist who specializes in rare-earth metals.
Is he connected to Patty Vernon? Uh, no, not at first glance.
I overheard the two of them say that Lang Pharmaceuticals wants to take over Patty's market share.
Wait, what's the link to a geologist? Uh, Treadstone, CIA.
No, no, that doesn't make sense.
The program just doesn't target guys like this.
We need to help him, Sam.
Okay, I have an address for him in Arlington but no current phone number.
We can be there in a few hours.
They're sending an asset, Doug.
I know.
Well, that's a lot more dangerous than some rednecks just running around a pill factory.
We got to do something.
We got to do something.
I remember everything what you did to me, what you've made me do.
You better kill me now 'cause I'm not letting you take me back.
If you remember everything, do you remember what happened between us? You were manipulating me.
Yes, I was in the beginning.
John, I started to doubt Meisner and the program.
- I started to see you.
- Bullshit! Your spirit, your will, that was real.
We need to move! Did I kill Matheson? Is he still alive? - Is he still alive? - He's alive.
- Then where is he? - I don't know.
If Matheson's still alive, I need to go back and save him.
Him and anyone else still in there.
That is impossible.
It would be suicide.
If we run now, they will never catch us.
There is no us.
You will never find them without me.
Let's go.
They're here.
Why did you sacrifice yourself for your partner? What does that matter right now? You knew how Meisner was treating prisoners in that place.
You mean how you and Meisner were treating prisoners.
Did your partner make it back? He was murdered.
By my people? By mine.
I know a place where we can go.
John, KGB will be all over this area soon.
I heard that is Yuri Leniov's ship.
Rumor is, it cost a cool $300 million.
You can land a freakin' helicopter on it.
Yeah, some people have all the luck.
He's definitely living the good life.
What do you mean? You know, typical billionaire stuff.
Steady rotation of fashion models, chauffeured Benzes, a huge villa.
I'll have another.
I never figured out how he named it, though.
I don't speak Russian.
Jim, do you hear me? Tell them I didn't know those gunmen were coming.
Say, "Kitty is innocent".
"I swear Kitty is innocent".
Say it, Jim, say it.
It'll save me if you do.
Don't ask a dying man to lie his soul into hell.
We can stay here for a few hours.
They won't look for us here.
This is one of the KGB safe houses.
Where's the KGB holding the other subjects in the program? I don't know.
How many are left? Three, maybe four.
One was in bad shape.
- Is that it? - Yes.
This isn't gonna work.
We're on different sides, Petra.
I don't have a side anymore.
I gave it up for you.
Don't you remember how it was with us, John? I was your fucking prisoner.
I know.
But here we are.
- I need to get some air.
- I'm coming with you.
They are looking for us.
I thought you said you trusted me.
Or are you worried I won't come back and you'll lose your cicada? KGB moves in teams of four.
By now, they will have paid off the Hungarian police.
- See ya.
- Oh, God.
Next question.
Ah, you're recovering nicely, I see.
Well, I always thought a knife scar would complete my look.
I'm gonna get some rest, hmm? Leave the two of you to catch up.
Meghan, stay.
I've got to catch my son on FaceTime before he goes to bed.
So what is so important about Stiletto Six? I had a gut feeling about that story.
No one believed me.
If that missile goes off, millions of people are gonna die, and I could have been the one who stopped it.
You can't put that type of responsibility on yourself.
It's how I feel.
That's why I respect you.
Feels good to be with friends.
You've got people that care for you, Tara.
I know.
So we're just friends now, hmm? Give me a week.
To set up a meet with Yuri? To relax and get to know each other again.
That is not why I'm here.
I know why you're here.
I called Yuri's people about an hour ago and told them that I had a potential buyer.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
But that's not even the best Bordeaux I've got.
You always did do your best to help me unwind.
I appreciate it.
I actually like it when you talk about work.
I thought you wanted me to change.
All I want is you.
Do you still dream about it? All the time.
It's weird, right? I remember sitting in the back seat next to Ellie.
She was wearing a red dress.
It was summer.
But after that, it all cuts to black.
That's your brain protecting you from the horror of losing your family.
Which leaves me to imagine what the crash must have been like.
I guess I guess that's my way of making sense of it.
You've spent your career making sense of chaos.
You got me.
You got Meghan.
You're not alone.
I know.
Then what's on your mind? Breakfast.
I emailed Nolan Lavelle.
Who's that? Our source for the Crypt 4 leak story we published back in 2015.
What did you say? I asked him if the words "Treadstone" or "cicada" meant anything to him.
No response.
That's unlike him.
Exactly, he's an attention junkie.
It's why he leaked that huge cache of files in the first place.
Silence means he knows something.
But he's scared to talk about it.
I'll try calling Get us out of here now! Out of the fucking car! Get out! Get out now! Wilson.
I don't want to hurt you, but I can't let you bring me in.
I saw you with that redhead bitch.
I know she turned you.
Matheson's still alive, all right? She's gonna help me bring him home.
She's gonna help me bring him home! Bullshit.
You're a traitor.
We need to get out of here.
Look around.
That's not happening.
Who are these guys? They could be with Yuri's men.
They could be with the North Koreans.
We don't know what they want.
Maybe we can cut some kind of deal.
Oh, I shouldn't have brought you into this.
You didn't.
I came on my own, Tara.
We're going to get out of this.
I promise.
How? Where is the money, Tara? What money? No! No, no, no! The cryptocurrency.
Oh, fuck you.
For fuck's sake, Tara! - Tara! - We we can make a deal.
- We can make a deal.
- This is not negotiable.
Stop, stop, stop! Stop it! Stop, please.
Okay, okay.
Enter access key.
Enter the access key! Transfer's confirmed.
Okay, let's move.
Come on.
Thank you.
I'm gonna call the police.
Maybe they can help us find Meghan's body.
I'll make some arrangements.
I'll call her husband.
I'll call her husband.
Tell me this is the end of Stiletto Six.
Are you gonna walk away from this now? After everything that's happened today, I need to chase this harder.
- This can't all be in vain.
- Tara! I can't let Meghan's death be for nothing.
I just can't do that, Sebastian! I can't I can't be around you.
- I can't - Maybe I can't be around anyone that I care about! Maybe you need to make some life changes.
I need to be on my own.
You want to dance But you're swimming in a black hole Pretty girl in the red dress Never thought this could be such a mess Senator Wray.
Hello, my friend.
Ah, Yuri.
Good to see you.
Good to see you, too.
Thank you for your help with the trade agreement.
And you thought it wouldn't be done, eh? An hour of two old friends solving a problem can be worth more than thousands of political summits.
Always seems to be the way.
You're concerned about me.
English, Yuri? You really have changed.
But you haven't.
Bodyguards and chauffeurs and drinks with politicians? That isn't power, Yuri.
What happened to "power comes from having a cause"? What are you planning on doing with Stiletto Six? That is not your concern.
Not my concern? My mission was to guard it with my life.
You were the one who assigned it to me.
Now your mission is concluded.
You performed it really well, comrade.
I didn't spend the last 25 years on a farm so you could get rich.
While I was fighting a war, you were playing the long game.
While you were watching the cause, I was watching people, and I knew that Iron Curtain would fall eventually, didn't you? - Are you selling the missile? - Petrushka.
I deserve to know.
A group of North Koreans are purchasing it.
You told yourself it was a mission, but it was really punishment.
You made one emotional decision too many and had to pay the price.
You still think sacrifice and commitment answer every problem.
But you never lived a life.
You spent all that time training those cicadas, and you are the one who ended up being programmed.
Pyotr! Come in.
I always knew what you were going to do before you did it.
So is this where you have me killed? You would like that.
That would be the final sacrifice in your long career as a patriot.
Proof that you were noble till the very end.
Now scurry off to your farm and enjoy what's left of your old age.
What happened? I just killed a fucking CIA officer.
I can't go home.
My own people want me dead.
You've taken everything from me.
John - You've made me this.
- No.
No, stop.
Stop! No, stop! Meisner's alive! You didn't kill him.
- That's impossible.
- It's the truth.
I watched him bleed out in front of me.
He survived.
- No, no, no, bullshit! - He survived! I know he's still training Matheson and the others.
I heard he moved the program to a new location.
- And you don't know where? - No, I don't know where.
I was given a new assignment after your escape, okay? To prove my worth, I told them I would find you and bring you back.
I can get the new location.
I can get it.
I can get it.
How? - Yuri.
- Who's Yuri? A man with ambition.
We'll find them, John.
Nolan, it's Tara Coleman.
Ah, the writer who made me infamous.
You came to me with the leaks.
You weren't looking for discretion.
I got an email from Meghan a couple days ago.
Meghan's dead.
What happened? I don't want to know.
You shouldn't be calling me.
- Please.
- Listen, I have to go, Tara.
I'm not fucking around, Nolan.
Meghan's dead, I'm in Berlin, I've got no one else.
Are you willing to help me or not? I'll try and help you.
Tell me what you know about Treadstone.
Hey, you cut out.
I didn't hear you.
Ask me again if you're ever passing through Moscow.
Hmm? Okay, so what's the plan? Stay here.
Keep the car running.
Doug, can Baby Hey.
Can you just be careful? Fuck.
Oh, shit.