Treat Me Carelessly (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

I missed you, Yoon-bok.
Why have you come here?
I'm here to live with you.
What did you just say?
I'm going to live with you.
My apologies, Master.
But I must excuse myself.
All right, go ahead.
Come with me.
Who is she?
I'm here to live with you.
Who is she to live with Yoon-bok?
I received a call
from someone who cut ties with me
and left me long ago.
Could it be?
No way.
Are you
abandoning me?
Is she the one who abandoned him?
His ex-girlfriend?
How dare you say
that you will live with me?
I can't believe how great you look.
You're so handsome now.
Look at your broad shoulders.
You've grown so
I do not want to spend
a single second with you.
Leave immediately.
I'm sorry but I'm not leaving
even if you tell me to.
I'm staying here with you.
Where is your conscience?
Do you not
live with someone else?
Whatever, I don't know.
I have nowhere else to go.
I'm jobless, homeless, and hopeless.
It is not my concern
whether you have a place to go or not.
Leave before I come back.
If you are still here
I will not forgive you.
I did not think
I would ever see her again.
Why did she show up?
Why not leave me alone
as she has done all this time?
They must've been really close,
considering she wanted to live with him.
That's not where your mouth is.
I guess it makes sense.
Yoon-bok's a grown man.
It's only natural.
By any chance,
do you have someone else in mind?
I shall inform you in time.
So please do not worry about my marriage.
Do you know anything about Yoon-bok's ex?
He has an ex?
-Who is it?
-And you call yourself his friend.
So that's why!
That's what it was.
What are you talking about?
Yoon-bok going to the club.
It felt so strange at the time,
but I guess
he was trying to forget his ex.
And he hasn't mentioned
going again since then.
That means
he met a girl that night
who helped him finally move on.
You little
Or maybe
his ex returned.
"Why don't we start over, Yoon-bok?"
My creativity is through the roof!
And they thought I wasn't good enough.
They'll regret cutting me someday.
What? You were cut?
No, I meant I needed to cut a scene out.
That little
Kim Hong-hak!
Are you kidding me?
Is that old man out of his mind?!
"It has been a while, my lady.
I was quite surprised
to hear from you again."
How have you been?
I myself have been well.
I cannot grant you your request.
From the bottom of my heart,
I am deeply sorry.
Sincerely, Shin Su-keun.
I can't believe there's someone
who would refuse the great Camille.
So he's rejecting me?
I'm so sorry.
I should've done better.
Hong-do Kim,
I told you not to bow so carelessly.
And the people at Camille
don't get fazed by such trivial matters.
So do not be discouraged, okay?
Yes, ma'am!
Is something the matter, Young Master?
You don't seem well.
It is nothing.
Would you like me
to take you home if you are unwell?
My home
I'm sorry but I'm not leaving
even if you tell me to.
I'm staying here with you.
I shall take myself home
for the time being,
so just focus on the investigation.
I've looked up every Kim Chil-bok
in the country and no one looks like this.
Either his name is fake,
or he got plastic surgery,
or he's a ghost.
It's one of the three.
Send word to Lady Yeoju
and ask if there has been
any suspicious behavior.
Yes, Young Master.
Goodness, my neck.
I swear he's hiding something.
Are you all out of Lecker Beer?
Oh, that?
A woman came by minutes ago
and bought every can.
I wonder if she's still there.
Please be careful, Master.
You might trip.
Are you going home?
Are you also on your way home?
I am.
How was your day?
Anything out of the ordinary?
Actually, yeah.
It was chaos at work
because of your grandfather's letter.
But Madam Camille
wasn't discouraged at all.
She's such a role model.
Do you admire her that much?
I do.
What about you, Yoon-bok?z
You had quite a day, haven't you?
I cannot trouble her once again.
No, it was just like any other day.
I see.
By the way,
who was that person we saw this morning?
She had quite a big luggage.
That person
is not someone
you need to be concerned about.
It's a bit chilly, isn't it?
Should we go?
I am sorry but I must head inside, Master.
Is this really happening?
Why are you still here?
You haven't eaten yet, right?
Let's eat together. Sit down.
It's mostly food
that was already in your fridge.
Who cooked you all of this?
It doesn't taste like Lady Yeoju's food.
I gave you a clear warning
that I would not forgive you
if you were still here.
And I told you
that I have nowhere else to go.
If you kick me out,
I'll have to sleep on the streets.
So drag me out or call the cops,
do whatever you'd like.
Just know
that I'm not leaving voluntarily.
Suit yourself.
How shameless.
Stand up immediately.
I'm serious.
You're all I have right now.
-It looks so good!
I'm the best, aren't I?
I must tell her to leave immediately,
but I cannot seem to do so.
You can stay but remain unnoticed.
Stay out of my sight.
Find your own place
and leave as soon as possible.
My kindness ends here.
Thanks, Yoon-bok.
A Camille designer
won't let something like this faze her.
I won't be discouraged!
All I need to do is see for myself
who she is to Yoon-bok.
I know nothing about the strong lady.
I need more material.
I think I need more protein.
I'm just going to head over
to hand them some fruit.
What the heck?
Where did all the fruit go?
Who are you? Reveal yourself.
-Oh, it's you.
-Did you eat all the fruit?
There wasn't much to begin with.
Come on now.
I ate some while brainstorming new ideas.
I'm coming up with a series
that's out of this world.
You know as well as I do
that it takes a lot of pain
to create a masterpiece.
On that note,
could you order me some chicken?
-Half and half, please.
-What? Chicken?
Are you out of
Order it right now.
-Are you serious?
-Of course.
Oh my.
It's an honor to welcome you
into our humble home, dear chicken.
Let me show you
around my mouth immediately.
Darn it.
It's one chicken leg per person.
You can't take two.
-How are you so heartless?
You should share this tasty chicken
with your dear friend.
All of a sudden?
Are those for Yoon-bok?
Eat up. I'll be back.
Are you kidding me?
Give me back my chicken leg.
Give it back!
No way.
How unfortunate.
Yoon-bok must be asleep already.
It's not even ten yet.
It's not polite to interrupt his sleep.
I guess we'll have to enjoy
the chicken on our own.
Our relationship
was severed a long time ago.
There's no way.
He said they cut ties a long time ago.
What do you say
we tie it back up?
A nobleman like Yoon-bok
would never do that.
Oh my!
Oh no.
I'm sorry.
I spilled some beer by accident.
What? Where?
I'm at Seongsan Village.
I'm here to meet the man myself.
Why are you telling me this now?
You better rush here if you're worried.
See you.
But I
Damn it.
Are you sure you don't need me to come?
It'd be weird to have someone with me
when I'm meeting my ex after 46 years.
I'll be close by
so call me if anything happens.
Got it.
Open the gate, please.
Who might you be?
Tell Su-keun
that Camille is here.
Who did you say is here?
Goodness, look how gaudy
that woman's clothes are.
Oh my.
Let's go.
Excuse me.
Where's Woorim Residence?
That way.
Thank you.
What's that strange cloth on her head?
How beautiful.
It seems I have found
the most beautiful painting in Paris.
is overshadowed
by your beauty.
Sorry, Mr. Shin.
It is all right.
It has been a while, Lady Bok-soon.
I'm too old for that.
Where on earth has this man gone?
What if someone sees him?
I can't believe him.
My goodness.
Hello, Administrator Lee.
Hello. Where is he?
-You mean Lord Shin?
So this is what you chose over me
46 years ago.
I can see why you did.
Why are you here?
I have let you know
of my decision through my letter.
Now that I'm seeing this place for myself,
I'm glad I did what I did.
I ripped up that letter.
You told me 46 years ago
that you'd open up to me just once.
I said I would open my heart to you.
I never said I would open
the gate to the village.
I don't need your heart.
Just open the village gates.
-That is impossible.
-Open it.
-Just open it!
I already said no.
How are you still so stubborn as a mule
after all these years?
I may be stubborn, but I am not a mule.
It is you who is being stubborn.
I apologize for being late.
It is good you are here.
Answer me this.
Am I stubborn as a mule?
-Excuse me?
-Be honest.
You simply hold the village dear.
Remember what you said?
You told me no one could bend his will.
That's not true, Lord Shin!
Administrator Lee.
Escort this lady out of the village.
Or else I will have the gatekeeper
expel her by force.
Yes, Lord Shin.
The reason I let you go
so easily back then
was because I respected
your brand, Seongsan Village.
Though not as old as yours,
my brand is historic
and valuable in its own way.
I thought you'd respect that,
but it seems I overestimated you.
I apologize for disappointing you.
How could you just barge in here?
You need to go through me first.
Then you better convince that man
or I'll turn to my last resort.
Last resort?
And what's that?
Where are you, Franky?
I'm here, Young Master.
I'll head in for a moment.
You may not.
I will meet you downstairs, so stay there.
He's gotten more distant recently.
Going somewhere?
-Young Master.
-What is the matter?
I think you should go to the village.
Lady Yeoju sent word
that Kim Chil-bok
has been acting suspiciously.
In what way?
Apparently, he sneaks
out of his room sometimes.
I shall head to the village.
You may go now.
-Get going!
And starting next time,
meet me by that convenience store.
Why are you drawing
such a line between us, Young Master?
There is no time for this!
Go find out anything you can
about the case or Phony.
Where are you going?
Just you wait.
I'll change your mind.
Right over here!
Why does my heart
hurt so much?
I've lost my appetite recently.
How could you say that to me?
I'm so sorry about yesterday.
Are you really?
-Don't ever break up with me, okay?
Don't ever say that again.
It feels like I've been shot in the heart.
How are you so pretty?
Whenever I look up at the sky,
I feel my heart drop.
What's wrong with me?
Could it be?
Am I sick or something?
Based on your symptoms,
you may have an arrhythmia
or some other heart disease.
Please be careful!
Oh, hello.
Weren't you with Yoon-bok yesterday?
May I ask who you are?
-Do I have to answer that?
-Excuse me?
To be fair,
it's none of my business who she is.
I guess not.
Can I ask who you are?
I live next door
and I was Yoon-bok's teacher
Why am I telling her this?
Oh, you live next door.
That makes us neighbors.
I live here now
with Yoon-bok.
With Yoon-bok?
By the way,
did you cook the food
in Yoon-bok's fridge?
-You know, the vegetables and whatnot.
They reminded me of the food
in Seongsan Village.
It was you, right?
It was, but
Thank you for taking care of Yoon-bok
on my behalf.
On your behalf?
We're done.
See you around, neighbor.
I didn't do it on your behalf.
I just took care of him.
I would like to dedicate
this honor to you, Master.
Thank you, Yoon-bok.
I would like a refill.
I'm telling you,
my idea's going to be a big hit.
I'm sorry, Writer Kim.
At least give it a look, will you?
Please review it just once.
I mean, I can review it.
But our company
has low expectations of you.
To be frank, you're not
that good at drawing
and your stories
aren't what the MZ is interested in.
All you draw are male characters
who try to look cool.
Oh, you want MZ vibes?
That's not a problem. I'm part of MZ too.
Passion isn't enough, okay?
You need to be born with talent.
We feel bad seeing
all the hate comments you get.
Give me one more chance.
-It's about a female warrior
-Your coffee's ready.
who goes around saving the male
Let's talk about it next time.
Next time, okay?
I did not know
you were such an untalented writer.
I was also at the café.
The café?
You heard everything?
I just need more time.
I'm a late bloomer, you know?
Is coffee strong enough?
You look like you need alcohol,
not caffeine.
Let us go.
What's wrong with people?
Why leave hate comments
and hurt my feelings?
Probably because your work is boring.
Then why read it?
Why do you let strangers' opinions
affect you so much?
I assumed you were only weak physically,
but your mentality is no better.
I hate to admit it,
but I guess I'm untalented.
Do not beat yourself up.
Strangers criticize you enough.
There's no need to add fuel to the fire.
And do not pour your own drink.
If you do, whoever you are with
cannot date for three years.
You may be a weak man now,
but someday you will become strong.
So cheer up.
You don't know
how cruel this world is.
Who says I do not know that?
I have my own worries
and pain.
You do?
I try my best at all times,
but I can never read
what Young Master is thinking.
No matter what I do,
he keeps distancing himself.
Is he bullying you?
He would never do that.
It is just that I feel discouraged
about my own abilities.
-That bastard's a jerk!
-How dare you?
Do not speak of him like that.
Just a moment.
Why isn't anyone applying to work here?
-Mr. Lee.
This way, please.
Please go straight in.
And guess what Young Master said.
"Do not cross the line."
"Step back!"
How is that any different
from the hate comments you get?
Do you know what people tell me?
"Did you draw this with your feet?
Just give up."
Forget about what people say.
I am going to leave nice comments
on your work.
No matter what Yoon-bok tells you,
I'll be on your side.
Good job, Oh Yun-a!
Bravo to you too, Writer Kim!
Come on, drink with us.
I'm sorry, but I'm on the job.
-Just take one drink.
-Come on.
I'm sorry.
Stop being so stubborn and sit down.
Damn it.
Let's go somewhere else.
Thank you.
You're Lee Jun-ho, right?
It's been a while,
my lady.
I'm sorry for the wait.
It's fine.
How have you been?
Oh, I did hear
that you're very successful now.
I'm just running a small restaurant.
Anyway, why are you here?
Well, I'm doing part-time work.
You, my lady, are working part-time?
You don't need to call me that.
I left the village so long ago.
And I'm doing part-time work
because I need money.
As you're aware,
there's not much I know how to do.
Anyway, I'm glad
that you're successful now.
By the way,
let me know
if you're hiring at the restaurant.
You're willing to be a servant
to someone who was your servant?
You saw what happened earlier.
It's tough working here.
It's my number.
Call me if you're hiring, okay?
By the way,
let me know
if you're hiring at the restaurant.
You fool!
Did you cause that precious child
to become ill?
How dare you forget your place
and woo my precious granddaughter?!
How could a lowly servant like me
woo such a lady?
Perhaps she is the one
who has forgotten my place.
-You little!
Please forgive him, my lord.
I beg for your forgiveness.
Why didn't she just stay a noblewoman?
Hello, sir.
I've thrown the bait,
but we'll have to wait and see.
Great work, Detective Shin.
Just to remind you again,
the Young Master of Seongsan
must not find out
that I'm the undercover cop.
All right, don't worry.
I told you
he has been acting suspiciously.
Even his looks scare me.
Something definitely smells fishy.
And a rotten one at that.
Stay here, Lady Yeoju.
Be careful, Young Master.
No matter what,
I'm going to end you tonight.
Stop right there!
How did you find me?
You were told to stay in your room.
What brings you here?
Well, the thing is
What is this?
Don't do it.
What is this?
So you are telling me
you were leaving your room
to build this gift
as a surprise for Lady Yeoju?
I was bored living like a hermit
and I also wanted to thank her
for feeding me every day,
not to mention I felt bad
seeing her carry
heavy objects on her head.
That's why I made this.
I'm almost done building it.
Please keep it a secret from her
until then.
Who keeps taking it all?
Oh, we meet again.
You two finally meet,
fans of the same beer.
I didn't get to properly
introduce myself that day.
I'm Shin Yi-bok, Yoon-bok's sister.
I see.
You're his sister?
As in you're his blood relative?
That's right. We're siblings after all.
I can't believe it.
The pain in my heart
disappeared just like that.
Oh, I see.
I can't believe
I didn't recognize Yoon-bok's sister.
I'm sorry about that.
Would you like to have a drink with me?
His ex-girlfriend?
You should've seen
the way he looked at you.
I was certain you were his ex.
I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions.
It's all right.
How old are you, Hong-do?
I'm 30.
Oh, we're the same age.
-I see.
Not only are we the same age,
but we like the same beer as well.
While we're at it,
jjajangmyeon or jjamppong?
One, two, three.
For sweet and sour pork,
sauce on top or on the side?
One, two, three.
-On the top.
-On the top.
That's rare.
Last one.
Cold noodles with soup or no soup?
One, two, three.
-With soup.
-With soup.
We even have the same taste in food.
Does this mean
We're meant to be?
-Should we be friends?
Nice to meet you, friend.
So did you leave
Seongsan Village with Yoon-bok?
No, I had to leave alone
under the circumstances back then.
That's why Yoon-bok
is mad at me right now.
I see.
By the way,
I've noticed
you're really interested in Yoon-bok.
Well, it's just
We were close in our academy days.
I can tell Yoon-bok depends on you a lot.
He does?
On me?
To be honest,
I used to secretly check up on him.
-It's all your fault.
-I'm sorry.
Why is he alone?
-I don't know. Let's go.
-Let's go.
-Come on.
-Hurry up!
What do you want to eat?
Seeing him
with that same expression every time
broke my heart.
But he seemed different in your company.
When he was with you,
he didn't look sad.
-Is that true?
So please continue
to take care of my brother.
Underneath his cold shell,
he's a warmhearted boy.
Keep knocking
and he'll eventually open up.
This soft serve goes down so smoothly.
It's the sweet and salty rule.
Once you eat something salty,
you're bound to crave something sweet.
Master Kim loves that dessert.
I'm so confused.
Why on earth
am I so happy that Yi-bok
is Yoon-bok's older sister?
My heart feels fine now too.
No way.
Do I have feelings for Yoon-bok?
Oh no.
Here goes my heart again.
I can't deny it anymore.
I think I like Yoon-bok.
Do you know
what love is?
is like a car crash.
And I think I've been hit by a car.
And the car is Yoon-bok!
Oh my gosh!
You didn't see that, did you?
How embarrassing.
This is bad. This is real bad.
I don't have heart disease.
I'm just crazy.
Did I share a bed with a man?
And with Young Master's friend at that?
Yoon-bok, don't you miss Mom?
To tell you the truth
Do not ever speak to me
about that person again.
A fake goods scandal
has engulfed Seongsan Village.
But did you know the "traditional" goods
they've sold expensively
were made overseas?
This is outrageous!
I cannot express how angry I am!
How has this happened?
It seems someone deliberately did this.
Thank you for everything, Yoon-bok.
You don't know how happy I am
to have you by my side.
-What's this?
-Have you seen my letter, Hong-do?
What? Oh no!
-What did you write in the letter?
"I love you."
Subtitle translation by: Ji-hun Lee
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