Treat Me Carelessly (2024) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Be careful.
Just a moment.
I heard from Yi-bok.
Your mother really wants to see you.
I felt bad seeing her like that.
And I know it's none of my business, but
Yes, it is none of your business.
If you make decisions
on matters you know nothing about
and force me to do as you say,
I cannot obey you,
even if you are my master.
But you've made it all the way here.
You might as well
I am here for you, not for that person.
Please do not
meddle in my affairs anymore.
I will get going.
You can't keep those walls up forever.
Are you going to live your whole life
shutting down people who try to get close?
That suits me.
Does it really?
Does turning away the people
who love and care for you
really suit you?
You can't live life on your own.
Sharing your worries with others,
taking care of each other,
and trying to empathize.
Withstanding all of those things
and living together
is what happiness is about.
Togetherness is happiness?
I almost believed that to be true.
I wanted it to be true.
However, that is not
all that matters to me.
I have duties and things to protect,
and I must not stray from my path.
I cannot let the false joy of togetherness
distract me from my duties.
I have granted you
three wishes as promised.
So please,
leave me be now.
are you going somewhere?
Take me with you.
-Mom, what's wrong?
-Is everything okay?
What's wrong, Mom?
Does it really?
Does turning away the people
who love and care for you
really suit you?
It might be time to start preparing
for your final goodbyes.
It hurts.
If you cannot even bear this pain,
why did you jump in?
Such actions come naturally
to a strong man.
I risked everything
to make the gamble of a lifetime.
I went all in on you, Yun-a.
Why are you so reckless?
I want to do it again.
What did you say?
I do not think so!
Even doing it once
has messed up my head so much,
and you want to do it again?
I'm talking about webcomics.
Oh, that is what you meant.
That is exactly how I understood it.
I was not thinking of something else.
Of course, I want to do that again too.
But I'm willing to wait
until you're ready.
I have no idea what you mean.
I've thought a lot
about giving up on webcomics,
but I just can't seem to do it.
I want to give it another go,
but I can't do it alone.
I need your help.
please be my muse.
So I turned to this huge man
who was at least
three times bigger than me,
spun 540 degrees in the air
and hit him with my powerful kicks.
With just a bit of exaggeration,
he ended up flying backward
and slamming into a wall.
Now, 540 degrees would be
Watch me.
why do you have so much luggage?
You could've told me
I'd be staying somewhere tiny.
It's your first day here,
so I steamed some potatoes for you.
Have some when you're hungry.
There's a furnace and some pots in there,
so make sure to keep yourself fed.
Where's the nearest grocery store?
Grocery store?
Oh, the market?
Just keep walking toward the east
for about half an hour
and you can buy what you need.
In the case of an emergency,
walk half an hour in that direction
where the cuckoo is singing.
I live at Woorim Residence,
and that's where it is.
Is this the cuckoo?
No, this is an owl.
The cuckoo goes, "Cu-ckoo!"
Anyway, I just need to stay here
and convince the villagers, right?
That's right.
But it won't be so easy staying here.
Good luck.
The air is so clear.
Shall I go for a walk?
How do you think she will do?
I am not sure.
What worries me is whether the villagers
will warm up to her.
All right.
So the grocery store is this way.
What a horrific sight.
Hello, everyone.
What would you like?
Do you have coffee?
We do.
Where is it?
It is written right there.
Are you blind or something?
Anyway, I'd like a cup of coffee.
A cappuccino with steamed milk, please.
Cappu what?
Oh, I guess you don't sell those.
I'll have a regular coffee.
We are more known for nokcha
than gabae, you know?
Oh, you mean green tea.
I'm not really into
If the majority of the villagers
agree to your event,
only then will it happen.
All right.
I'd like a cup of nokcha.
It's so bitter.
Excuse me?
What is it?
Could you get me some cold milk
and a container with a lid?
And some sugar
and a spoon while you're at it.
That's more like it.
What's the matter?
How did I insult your establishment?
Get lost!
-Where is she?
-Oh my gosh! What's going on?
I have duties and things to protect,
and I must not stray from my path.
I cannot let the false joy of togetherness
distract me from my duties.
You can't keep those walls up forever.
Are you going to live your whole life
shutting down people who try to get close?
Mom doesn't have long left to live.
Are you awake, Young Master?
Young Master?
ROOM 206
You avoided me
every time I tried to find you.
And now this is how you avoid me.
I am here to ask you a question.
did you abandon me?
Do you know how long I waited for you?
I waited every second of every day.
And yet you did not return.
Now here you are in this state.
I cannot forgive you, Mother.
As such,
this time
I will abandon you.
It's busy as hell today.
Where's the part-timer?
I don't know.
I think she just skipped work.
This kitchen looks like a dump!
-I'm sorry.
-Clean it up.
Yes, sir.
I won't be able to work for a few days.
Is something wrong?
It's a family matter.
I'm sorry.
I'm here.
Thank you.
Did you pull an all-nighter, Young Master?
This part of the delivery truck's route
has no CCTV coverage.
We must find out what happened there.
Gosh, when did it get so chilly?
Jeez, it's cold.
What's this?
It's no big deal.
I got it while waiting for you
when we were in Seoul.
Well, what is it?
Stop right there.
Take a look once I'm in my room.
Why is he acting so strange?
Goodness me.
These are useless.
These are so warm.
-Lady Yeoju.
Deliver this to Lord Lee.
Could this be
Inform Yoon-bok as well.
Yes, my lord.
What has arrived?
Is it true that Yoon-bok's marriage letter
has arrived?
We must decide on a fortunate date.
Young Master.
What is it?
Lady Yeoju has just sent word.
Lord Shin
has sent Lady Se-ryung's family
a marriage letter.
Marriage letter?
Are you getting married?
After what I had told him,
he still made my decision for me.
I guess this is what you call
an arranged marriage.
Will you go through with it?
I cannot avoid it,
no matter how much I want to.
I'm so worried about
how Camille's doing over there.
I can't even contact her.
That woman needs
her two cups of cappuccino every day.
Seeing as how she hasn't contacted us,
she must be doing all right.
They say no news is good news.
Please excuse me.
Hey, Yi-bok.
Will you spend the night
in the village again?
I will discuss the marriage letter
with Grandfather
and spend the night
training my swordsmanship.
Are you Ms. Pi Hye-won's son?
Your mother has passed away.
My poor mom.
I'm glad you came.
I am only here to do my duty.
There is nothing more to it.
Wait, Yoon-bok.
Please stay here.
I'll be right back.
Hello, Master.
Have you eaten yet? Come with me.
No, thank you.
I am fine.
What is this?
Mom wanted you to have it.
Please take a look.
thank you for coming.
Mom wanted you to have it.
My dear son Yoon-bok.
I'm sorry for leaving you
and hurting you.
I know you can't forgive
your foolish mother
but think of this as my last wish,
and please listen to what I have to say.
I married your father
at the age of 20.
It was a marriage
arranged a long time ago,
so I had no other choice.
There you go.
Come here.
Is he not adorable?
Yoon-bok's so cute, Mom.
I was the happiest when you were born,
my precious and lovely son.
As the heir of the Woorim family,
you are to lead the village eventually.
But instead of studying
the literary and martial arts,
you are wasting your time
with these foolish endeavors!
How dare you shed tears?
Whenever I saw the heavy burden
on your small shoulders,
my heart broke into a million pieces.
Again with that nonsense.
How many times have I said
the village gate must not be opened?
at least the children
should have the freedom
to choose how they want to live.
I cannot let them live like me.
Tradition will eventually deteriorate
if we leave it as it is.
I must agree with her on this matter,
-so I ask you to
-How dare you!
How can you say such a thing
as the eldest son of our family
and the heir to the village?
Are you out of your mind?!
What a fool.
After long, constant persuasion,
your grandfather allowed the village gate
to finally be opened to outsiders.
Reporting live in Seongsan
I see the fire!
However, an unexpected tragedy struck.
Because of you,
we opened the village gate.
And because of that
my son died.
You killed my son, Sa-do.
Leave immediately.
How could you
I cannot trust that you will keep
my grandchildren safe.
I want you out of my sight,
so leave immediately!
How could you tear me away
from my own living children?
Please let me take my children with me.
That is ridiculous.
Do you wish to decimate
the Woorim family line?
I will die if you want me to die.
I would rather follow
the fate of my husband
than leave my children behind.
Please, Father.
has a duty to the village.
Please show me mercy.
You cannot do this to me.
I will show you mercy
and allow you to take Yi-bok.
You are never to look for Yoon-bok
or even think about him.
Make that vow to yourself.
I had no choice but to leave you
and take your sister with me.
Just once.
Please let me see Yoon-bok once.
I am deeply sorry.
Lord Shin has strictly barred you
from entering.
Do not come here anymore.
I cannot find it in myself to forgive you
when I think of my poor son,
but I cannot deny
your maternal love for your own son.
Once Yoon-bok
takes on his role as the heir,
I shall call you in then.
do not weaken his heart
until that moment comes.
Promise me
you will go somewhere far away
as if you don't exist.
If you refuse to accept my terms,
do not ever dream of seeing him again.
in order to have you back
I had to lose you first.
Do you know someone who goes by
the first name Hye-won and last name Pi?
There's a boy in a school uniform
and a traditional hat looking for you.
Tell him I'm not here.
Where are you going?
I'm so sorry.
It's my fault.
It's all my fault.
I paid the price for abandoning you.
She's survived the critical stage
but she's in dire condition.
What scared me more
wasn't death, but the possibility
that I could die without asking you
for forgiveness.
Please find Yoon-bok.
And when you do,
stay by his side.
I will.
Even if he doesn't want me to,
I'll stay right next to him.
You don't have to forgive me.
But I ask that you don't push away
your one and only sister.
My dear son,
I wish I could see your face
one last time.
I cannot forgive you, Mother.
As such,
this time
I will abandon you.
How hard must it have been for you?
How lonely must you have been?
I will take to my grave
all of your pain and loneliness.
Break down the walls
you've built because of me,
love freely,
and live your life doing what you love.
I don't even deserve
to call your name, my Yoon-bok.
I failed you as a mother,
but my heart has always been with you.
I love you,
my son.
I loved you.
Camille is staying in the village?
I may be the head of the village,
but I cannot force the villagers
to open the gate.
If she considers this village
simply as the backdrop
to a commercial event,
she will never be able to
convince the villagers.
That is why
I have given her the opportunity
to change their minds.
What are you doing, Young Master?
What do you think you are doing?
How could you?
Show some respect to our guest.
How could you lie to me?
You told me
that my mother abandoned me.
Lord Shin,
I shall excuse myself.
What would have changed
if I had told you the truth?
You should have told the truth regardless.
Do you know how I felt then?
It felt as if I was left alone
in this world.
I hoped it was a joke
and spent every night counting.
When the people I loved the most
and the people
I thought loved me the most left
I was unable to love
or trust anyone.
You are not the only one
who suffered from a loss.
I lost my son as well.
Is that why you took away
my mother and sister
when I had just lost my father?
You knew I was searching for my mother!
How could you be so heartless?
I thought it would weaken your mind.
As you know,
it is your fate to lead this
Damn my fate!
I will give it up.
If my fate is to turn my back on my family
and not be with my mother
even during her last moments
then I refuse that fate.
What do you mean, Young Master?
Your mother's last moments?
Don't tell me
Not only was I absent as she passed,
but I resented my mother to the very end.
She had missed me so dearly.
I regret
I regret everything so much.
I will not live like this any longer.
do you mean?
I will break free!
I will no longer do anything
you have set for me to do,
be it upholding tradition,
leading the village,
or marrying who you want for me.
I shall listen to my mother
and do what I love
and live freely.
Young Master!
Goodness, Lord Shin!
I wonder if he's home.
Are you home?
I'm coming in.
Is he out somewhere?
Where has he gone without an umbrella?
Yes, Mom?
Please check on Young Master.
Lady Pi has passed away.
It's a family matter.
I'm sorry.
Please show me mercy.
You are never to look for Yoon-bok
or even think about him.
I did not know my harsh words
would become your reality.
You must have resented me
for taking you away
from your dear son.
I am sorry
my dear daughter-in-law.
She has grown so much.
Were you
waiting for me?
What? Well
It's raining a lot, so I got worried.
I haven't been out for long.
You had a rough day, didn't you?
You should go rest.
Here, take this.
Take this so you don't catch a cold again.
I am all right.
I'll run ahead. Take your time, okay?
I'll get going then.
Where was the bathroom again?
Madam Yeoju!
Madam Yeoju!
Madam Yeoju!
Yoon-bok has changed.
No way. Does he like me?
I do not agree.
Those are actions
that can stem from admiration.
It means they have taken it the wrong way.
Am I so in love with Yoon-bok
that I'm deluding myself?
Do not go.
Subtitle translation by: Ji-hun Lee
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