Treat Me Carelessly (2024) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

Oh, right.
Why is this
Here it is.
Yes, I'll be right there.
All right.
Why does Jun-ho
have this document?
They say it's hard to see
what's under one's nose.
Who would've thought
that Phony had been conducting business
at Seongsangwan?
Could Jun-ho be
Hello, Jun-ho.
Greetings, Lord Gatekeeper.
I heard about what you did.
You really did the village a big favor.
It's not a big deal.
-Please inspect the truck.
-No need.
You're the hero who caught Phony.
Just go ahead.
Thank you, Lord Gatekeeper.
How many times
have I told you to be careful?
You could not be more imprudent!
As a lowly man with no proper education,
I always seem to forget.
My apologies.
You just watch.
This is just the beginning.
You should just
pick up your supplies and go.
What do you want with me?
I have heard of your interest
for ceramics, Lord Lee.
I doubt you are showing this to me
to have it appraised.
The value of this porcelain jar
wouldn't be recognized
in the hands of someone
as unbefitting as myself.
Something that's valuable and precious
needs a befitting owner.
In my humble opinion, this precious object
is perfect for someone like you.
So this is for me?
Even a jar needs the right owner to shine.
Don't you think there's something else
that needs its rightful owner?
I intend to help you take over
as the head of Seongsan Village.
How dare you speak to me
of such a disgraceful idea?
I will pretend I heard nothing.
Take this and leave.
What is that noise?
What are you doing?!
I seem to have mistaken
your preference in ceramics.
What did you just say?
It's only right
that I discard what's useless.
The same goes with people.
If you're ever in need of anything,
please contact me.
That insolent little
I can't believe
Camille's first-ever event in Korea
was ruined
by such an unfortunate incident.
The damage to our products
and losses aside,
the blow to the brand's image is critical.
We can't undo what already happened.
Move the pop-up store online
and focus on the main event,
the fashion show.
By the way,
what are you going
to do about Hong-do Kim?
Will she be coming to work?
I'm not sure.
Hong-do Kim.
I told you to head home
after going to the hospital.
Are you all right?
Yes, ma'am.
Sure you are.
You won't be any help to us here,
so go home.
It's okay. I'd still like to help in any
Go home. I'll call you once things settle.
Where were you? You are still injured.
I stopped by the office.
You seem a bit down.
Is something wrong?
Allow me to help you.
Be careful.
If I had done my duty right,
you would not have gotten hurt.
My apologies.
Don't say that. It's my fault.
If only I had been more careful
this wouldn't have happened.
No, you must not think that.
Please focus on your recovery.
You should rest, Master.
You begged me to take you under my wing,
and I barely managed
to find you an open spot here.
How could you quit now
when things are starting to get busy?
You're putting me in a tough spot.
I am sorry.
I have found something more important
than my dreams.
I will make sure
you never fall into harm again, Master.
There are no witnesses and CCTVs.
Also, there's no trace of the route
taken by the black SUV Hong-do mentioned.
The folding fan was hidden in a shoe box
that was on its way to Seoul.
That means someone in the village
had snuck it in there beforehand.
Is there an accomplice in the village?
I will have to enter
the village to investigate.
I will break free!
I will no longer do anything
you have set for me to do,
be it upholding tradition,
leading the village,
or marrying who you want for me.
Are you done wandering aimlessly?
How can I do that
when I have never wandered?
I am only here
to investigate the recent theft.
Do not be mistaken.
Did you confirm
that the folding fan was authentic?
Yes, as soon as I received it.
It was not left alone other than the time
I saw Administrator Lee
and his employee out.
It must have been stolen then.
As soon as the folding fan arrived,
you had ordered us
to fortify security at the village gate.
So that is what we did.
Were there any other outsiders
who visited the village that day?
Aside from Jun-ho.
You said you would live freely
doing as you wish.
So why are you so devoted
to investigating this case?
Someone dear to me was hurt
due to the incident.
Was it the girl named Hong-do?
I would give everything up
to protect her.
This village is as dear to me
as she is to you.
Who you do this for does not concern me.
Just catch any villager
who may be complicit in this case.
Based on what Grandfather said,
the Administration employee
did not steal the folding fan.
Either there is an accomplice
or the real culprit is someone else.
Regardless, they must be familiar
with Woorim Residence.
That describes Jun-ho.
But we have no proof.
Shall we ask Lady Yi-bok for help?
The police cannot act
based on simple suspicion.
We must first find concrete evidence.
Hey, Hong-do.
What are you up to?
I'm throwing this plant out.
I bought it hoping it'd flower,
but all it does is attract bugs.
I got scammed.
This thing won't be any help at all.
Not one single bit.
You won't be any help to us here,
so go home.
Still, how heartless could you be
to just throw it out?
Jeez, you startled me.
What are you talking about?
It may be useless,
but abandoning it is just so sad.
Plants are living things too.
It's not like it did it on purpose!
What's wrong, Hong-do?
Did something happen?
Forget it.
I'm taking this.
I guess her concussion
was pretty serious.
From my experience, most people
So what you can do,
for example, with this plant is
Come eat, Hong-do.
Sure, that method could also work.
But if you look here
Who are you?
I never saw it again
after I delivered it to the man!
Man, this is frustrating!
Calm down.
Look, Inspector Park.
It still hasn't been confirmed
whether or not that box
belongs to my client, has it?
How is Master Kim?
See for yourself.
You should hold your breath.
I'm coming in.
They say protein helps
with concussion recovery.
Please eat.
Thanks, Yoon-bok.
What is the matter?
The meat
is so delicious.
I have no right to eat something so good.
What do you mean?
What right would you need to eat meat?
I failed to bring the plant back to life,
I failed with the pop-up store,
and I ruined Camille's reputation.
And I even failed to support your dream
of becoming a webcomic artist.
All I've done is fail.
my dream is bigger than what I can handle.
And I just killed the mood, didn't I?
Didn't I?
you gave me life.
Do not forget that it was you
who brought me out of my shell
and helped me live life normally.
You are capable
of bringing anything to life.
So eat to your heart's content
and find your strength again.
It is hot, so please be careful.
-It's delicious.
-Be careful, it is hot.
you gave me life.
You are capable
of bringing anything to life.
How did you receive these so quickly?
I squeezed every single drop
of my stamina, spirit, time,
talent, effort, and sociability.
I have heard of the effort
you put into this endeavor.
So will you keep your word?
-What now?
As you already know,
there was an incident recently,
and the village is unsettled.
So you won't let it happen?
I am simply asking
that you heighten security
for the fashion show.
Good luck.
Thank you, Shin Su-keun.
I know it must've been a tough decision
to make at a time like this.
And I know you had a difficult time
adjusting to the village.
It was hard as hell.
But you know what?
It made me think of you
while adjusting to life here.
I thought of how hard
it must've been for you
to adjust to Paris all those years ago.
I was
able to endure it because of you.
Then be honest with me.
Did you ever think of me once in a while
after you returned to the village?
Well, occasionally.
From time to time.
Only occasionally and from time to time?
Why do you wonder about the past?
I'm just asking.
Well, how was your marriage?
She was a good woman,
though she left me too soon.
What if we had made
different choices back then?
Would we be walking
this path together every day?
Perhaps we would be walking
the Champs-Élysées together.
That would've been nice too.
Let's go now.
it's time to pick a date.
Oh my goodness!
Did you finally get your ex's permission?
Good work, Camille.
Call Hong-do Kim and
Actually, I'll tell her in person.
Send me her address.
Madam Camille?
What a cozy place.
Please have a seat here.
All right.
How's your injury?
I feel fine now.
Then come in early tomorrow.
-Excuse me?
-The fashion show
is happening.
Really? Oh my!
You know how difficult it was for me
to make this happen, right?
I need you to show me your best.
This show will be
the biggest challenge and change
in Camille's history.
Combining Camille's craftsmanship
and Korean tradition,
the art we create
will cause a global sensation.
You and I will do it together.
Do you think I'm capable of that?
I'm worried I'll stain your reputation.
I mean, I failed the pop-up store event.
Hong-do Kim.
How many times do you think I failed
until my debut as a designer?
And after my debut?
What about now?
In every moment of your life,
failure will be waiting
like an endless mountain range.
Failure is a given.
Whether you give up or rise again
is entirely up to you.
I have no reason to be here
if you're giving up.
You'll get this back when you rise again.
Madam Camille.
You know I'm impatient, don't you?
You have until tomorrow to decide.
Okay, Yoon-bok's right.
I'm capable of bringing anything to life.
First, I'm going to bring back
the dying passion within me.
I'm not abandoning you, okay?
I'm giving you life
by bringing you out into the world.
When I see you, I see myself.
So let's both survive.
Got it?
Seeing how its roots are deep and healthy,
this plant will never die.
On the contrary,
it will overcome this hardship
and grow into a healthier plant.
Do you really think so?
Watering and taking care of it
will bring it back to life.
So please cheer up
and do not be discouraged.
What's with the car?
Please get in.
I shall take you to work
to celebrate your recovery.
No problem.
I shall close the door.
I will make a right turn.
I will make a left turn.
Oh, a speed bump!
Are you all right, Master?
Your throat
Let's go before I'm late.
Thanks for driving me here.
No problem.
This is ginseng juice
made by a renowned physician from Jirisan.
Please drink up and have a nice day.
Thank you so much.
You really didn't have to.
I can take that.
Something sweet
after something bitter is a must.
What's going on here?
Gosh, that smell.
But I showered today.
Do I still smell bad?
I mean, I smell something sweet.
How unbelievably sweet.
Sweet, sweet, sweet as pie.
I'm so lonely.
I should go now.
Have a nice day.
You should put up a better picture of me.
Thank you.
I'm looking forward to your design.
Yes, ma'am.
Gosh, my daughter. She's gotten so pretty.
I wonder how Hong-hak is doing.
I miss them both.
Where did he go?
What on earth
did that old-fashioned man do in Paris
and leave the village behind
for whole a year?
Find out what Shin Su-keun
did in Paris back in the day.
Young Master.
I'm sorry, but we're closed.
I am here to see you.
What for, at such a late hour?
It is about Phony.
Not only did he switch out
the cultural assets with fake ones,
but he also fooled us with a fake culprit.
I see.
But how does that concern me?
The real Phony
seems to be here in Seongsangwan.
You said it yourself.
Phony has been using Seongsangwan
to conduct his business.
I will be paying close attention.
Please watch out.
The real Phony
seems to be here in Seongsangwan.
Man, I'm out of ideas.
How dare you show your face again
after running off and leaving me?
Why didn't I think of that line earlier?
Fresh air helps me think better.
That boy hasn't changed at all.
But where on earth is Hong-do?
It's so hard to see her face.
What's this?
Who left this banana milk?
No way.
Did my fan leave these here for me?
Jeez, I'm so famous.
Thanks for this!
Dad used to buy me this
when we'd go to the bathhouse.
Stop talking about him.
You know he left us homeless
and ran off to save himself.
Can't I even talk?
I wonder if he's doing well.
Why are you here, Young Master?
What are you disposing of?
May I take a look?
What's the matter, Young Master?
I must have been mistaken.
My apologies.
It's been taken care of.
He somehow knew I was tailing him.
I acted too hastily
and got caught off guard.
Don't worry.
All they have is circumstantial evidence.
Just be patient.
You bastards.
I'm going to report you all
for coercive interrogation.
They found evidence, Detective Shin.
They did?
Right here, sir.
The vehicle and weapon used in the crime
were found at a house under your name.
What are you talking about?
Blood was found on the weapon,
and the DNA test results
will come out soon.
Now, stop wasting our time
and just spill the truth.
Darn it.
It wasn't me!
All the circumstantial evidence
points to Jun-ho.
Though he is careful enough
to assume I would tail him,
there must be something he has missed.
Let us go over the case again.
Very well.
After your master
got into the accident that day,
the folding fan was stolen.
That's beautiful.
It's beautiful
but it doesn't tell a story.
A design that doesn't tell a story
is like flat champagne.
Bring the keychain story to life
and start over.
I'm on it, ma'am.
Then I went to Seongsan Village
and confirmed the folding fan
in the storage was fake.
Meanwhile, I saw the smugglers
who tried to buy the folding fan
escape at Seongsangwan.
What happened to them?
The police pursued them
and they were last seen
in Chinatown in Incheon.
We must catch them and find out
who they were doing business with.
It still isn't telling me a story.
It's boring.
Yes, ma'am.
Is this the best you can do?
Classic, old romance.
Didn't you tell me
that was the story of the keychain?
Get your head in the game!
I'll try again, ma'am.
Cheer up, Kim Hong-do.
You can do this!
I will go this way, you go that way.
-I've never seen him.
Thank you.
You go that way.
How did it go?
Seeing how its roots are deep and healthy,
this plant will never die.
On the contrary,
it will overcome this hardship
and grow into a healthier plant.
Yoon-bok was right.
I'll try again.
I like it.
Make me a sample.
Really? Did I pass?
Do your best.
This will be your debut project
you will never forget.
Thank you!
Now, you make me a sample
based on your design.
And Franky, let's start promoting.
Contact global media outlets
and Hollywood celebrities
and hire models and staff members.
I asked around the shopping district
but found no trace of them.
They cannot run forever.
If they realize we are after them,
they will dig deeper and hide.
What do we do now?
Let us expand our search
to accommodations
in the surrounding areas.
-Hong-do Kim.
They will be your assistants
for the upcoming fashion show.
Say hello.
Hello, my name is Moon Su-hui.
I'm Jung A-yeong.
I look forward to working with you.
I'm Kim Hong-do.
I look forward to working with you too.
I'm not going to
walk all over my assistants.
I can feel your chemistry already.
Now, get to work.
Shall we begin? Have a seat.
How are the materials I asked for
coming along?
It's only been three hours
since you asked me.
You want them already?
It should only take an hour
even if you take your time.
Oh, this.
I work better when I listen to music.
I see.
Do as you please.
Just hurry up a bit, okay?
Sure thing.
Hey, A-yeong.
Did you get the sample of the fabric?
You didn't give me a deadline.
I'll get it done by tomorrow.
Did you call for me, ma'am?
I'm thinking of catering Korean food
for the fashion show.
Oh, right.
Should I try contacting Seongsangwan
since we've worked with them before?
Meet with the owner and make it happen.
Got it.
No, I haven't seen this man.
He is my long-lost brother.
Please take another look.
Go to the basement in the next building.
Thank you so much.
Place another bet.
Hey, give me another one.
Who are you?
I am looking for someone.
Look elsewhere. Get lost.
I said get lost!
Damn it.
I said
I'm sorry you had to come all this way.
It's all right.
-Have a seat.
-Thank you.
As I said over the phone,
we'd like Seongsangwan
to cater for the fashion show.
We'll notify you
of the expected number of guests soon.
The menu will entirely be up to you.
Well, sounds good to me.
I'll review this and get back to you.
Thank you.
If I may ask, what's your relationship
with Young Master Yoon-bok?
-Excuse me?
-Well, you two seemed very close.
Are you dating?
I see.
Good for you.
-Please excuse me.
I'm sorry, but I need to take this call.
Who came?
Stay hidden right there.
These are Camille.
He has so many.
Oh my.
This is a super rare limited edition item.
Oh my.
This is crazy.
My goodness.
How many Camille coats does he have?
How did it go?
Did you see it?
Excuse me?
Is it not a scheme
for you and this lady
to profit personally?
You will have to step down
as the head of the village.
Lord Lee!
Lord Shin!
Where are you?
Come to the second floor.
Check the upper floor.
What the hell?!
I have told you already
that I would catch Phony no matter what.
Subtitle translation by: Ji-hun Lee
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