Treat Me Carelessly (2024) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

Long time no see.
I genuinely hope
that you meet a good man
who recognizes your kindness
and live a happy life.
You saw Lord Lee receive
a bag of money outside the village?
Does that mean an outsider
has been helping him?
To find out who that is,
someone must approach Lord Lee.
Could you do it?
Well, I guess it has to be me.
Thank you.
Be careful.
That man is very cautious and wary.
He will not open up easily.
Lord Lee will not be convinced
until he sees Madam Camille
turn her back on you.
what do you suggest I do?
you must step down
as the head of the village.
That is the only way
to fool him.
This is a fake contract
stating that I was to receive money
in exchange for allowing the show.
Are you asking me to stab you in the back?
This is the only way to convince Lord Lee.
What do you think?
Would the villagers believe this?
People believe what they want to believe.
I'm willing to turn your lie
into reality.
In that case, how do you explain this?
Is the fashion show not a scheme
for you and this lady
to profit personally?
-Let's practice, Hong-do Kim.
-Yes, ma'am.
How could you do this?
-Don't you think this is too harsh?
Madam Camille!
What is this fuss about?
How could you do this?
Mr. Shin has helped us so much.
Don't you think this is too harsh?
Hong-do Kim.
I'll stop at nothing for my goals.
They say kings are chosen by the heavens
and not the people.
I guess you were meant
to be the head, Lord Lee.
I didn't know things
would change this quickly.
This is all thanks to the Woorim family's
former servant that I
What did you just say?
I heard him loud and clear.
He mentioned
the Woorim family's former servant.
Does that mean Jun-ho has been
pulling the strings all this time?
How could he do this?
I found it.
The safe has been unlocked.
The safe has been opened.
You'll find a box made of paulownia wood
in the village storage.
Bring me the jade box inside it.
Does it have to be now?
You started from the very bottom
and now you live a good life.
But all of your riches
could vanish in the blink of an eye.
Think about the well-being of your mother
and make your choice.
This is your last chance
to destroy the Woorim family
with your own hands.
All right.
As long as I can destroy
the Woorim family
What has driven Jun-ho to this point?
You must be having a tough time.
Not at all.
I am just worried about you.
There's no need.
Wait, that's
That is the storage
where family heirlooms passed down
for generations are kept.
It looks familiar.
It does?
I saw a drawing of it in the room
behind the closet in Seongsangwan.
You saw a drawing
of the storage at Jun-ho's house?
Young Master.
Where is Jun-ho?
I am still searching.
However, there is a rumor
among the smugglers
that Phony
is preparing a significant transaction.
A significant transaction?
Jun-ho had a blueprint of the storage,
which means
he always had a plan to plunder it.
With the keychain in his hand,
his only obstacle
must have been Grandfather,
who is protecting the storage.
As such,
he must have taken advantage of Lord Lee
as he grew in conflict with my family
and won him over to his side.
With Grandfather out of the picture,
he could easily access the storage.
In that case
I must open the door for him.
I have told you already
that I would
catch Phony no matter what.
It is all over now.
You must give up.
I knew something wasn't right
by how smoothly things were going.
Shin Yoon-bok.
You really played me this time.
What is your reason behind this?
To make money
from selling cultural assets?
Is money really the best motive
you could think of?
I thought you were smarter than that.
Then what is the reason?
Seongsan Village.
Shin of Woorim.
To you, your family name
is a precious gift from your ancestors.
However, it's anything but that to me.
I was a servant here!
Do you have any idea how I lived,
what I saw,
and what I had to endure?
Do you?
-You little!
Please forgive him, my lord.
I beg for your forgiveness.
I had to watch and hold my tongue
as my mother kissed the ground.
I wasn't even allowed
to seek my mother's love.
Do you even know
what went through my mind
as I left
this village?
I wanted to destroy everything
that your grandfather cared for.
and the Shin of Woorim!
I wanted to destroy all of that!
Don't look at me like that.
You've lived your entire life
as a privileged young master.
Don't act like you know how I feel.
Whatever your reason may be,
it cannot justify your crimes.
I ask you to stop.
stop destroying yourself.
Mr. Lee Jun-ho,
you are under arrest for violating
the Cultural Heritage Protection Act
and for special larceny.
I did not realize
the traditions I had taken for granted
could hurt someone else.
As the new head of Seongsan Village,
I will make the village known
by taking the lead
in passing on our traditional culture.
I have a question.
Please go ahead.
Is it true that you helped Phony
plunder the village storage?
Phony? What do you mean?
Mr. Lee Dae-cheol,
please come with us for questioning
regarding the cultural asset theft.
What do you mean?
Please cooperate.
How dare you?!
Let go of me!
-What's going on?
-Lord Lee!
-Lord Lee!
-Let go!
-Come on!
Lord Lee!
Let's not go yet.
I want to stay a little longer.
I'm sick and tired.
You were the only person
I opened up to in your family.
-I should've known my place.
If only
I had controlled my emotions,
I wouldn't have been fooled
so pathetically like this.
You always had this when you were sick.
My mom
used to make me this.
Don't let it get cold.
Come with me.
Welcome back.
It must've been tough
being away from home.
Thank you for your help, Mr. Shin.
Thank you both as well.
Now that things have settled,
are you two returning to Seoul today?
Yes, we have to prepare for the show.
What about you?
I will stay a few more days.
I will be fine.
You should return to Seoul.
No, I cannot leave you in this state.
Just go.
Are you okay?
I am simply tired from the stress.
Do not worry.
Let's prepare for the show here.
-We've cleared the air with the villagers,
and it's a hassle
to keep traveling back and forth.
Why not move our headquarters
to where our stage will be?
That is a good idea.
I shall make the arrangements.
What is the matter?
I have no right
to keep serving you, my lord.
I am sorry.
No, I apologize.
That boy was also under my care,
but I neglected him.
No, my lord.
You took me and my infant son in
when we had nowhere to go
and cared for us.
And yet we bit the hand that fed us.
It is all my fault.
I shall leave
and live the rest of my life
seeking your forgiveness.
Lady Yeoju.
Please do not do this.
Thank you for everything.
Lady Yeoju?
Yes, Young Master.
I am deeply sorry.
You must resent me greatly
for what I did to Jun-ho.
Resent you?
That's nonsense.
You simply did your duty.
I'm just so ashamed.
I know it is a lot to ask
but could you just stay?
Lady Yeoju,
you know you are like a mother to me.
My mother lived a difficult life
after leaving the village.
I cannot bear to see you
experience the same fate.
Young Master
You have always
loved and cared for me
like your own child.
You have always been
like a home and a refuge to me.
I could not forgive myself
if I just let you go.
I'm sorry, Young Master.
Until Jun-ho returns,
I will try my best to fill his void.
Please do not leave
and stay by my side.
I sincerely ask you.
Are you all right?
Lady Yeoju is distraught.
Please stay close
and take care of her.
You have a visitor.
-Have you eaten?
-What do you want?
I am here
to deliver your mother's regards.
She was shocked at first,
but thankfully, she has calmed down.
I will take care of her
while you are gone.
So do not worry about her
and take care of yourself.
I have something to ask you.
Were you
involved in my father's death
seventeen years ago?
The keychain you had
was in my father's possession
until he passed away.
If you were
That has nothing to do with me.
We're done.
I'll look into Father's death.
Go back to the village.
Will you be all right on your own?
Well, it's my job.
I'll call you if I need help.
That way, please.
Please be careful.
Gosh, please be careful.
Didn't Franky hand you
his business card already?
I'd love for you to be
the main model of the fashion show.
I have no particular talent
for such a role.
I'll make you have the talent.
-What do you think?
if Yoon-bok agrees to it
The whole world will be tuning in
to the first-ever fashion show here.
I want to
show them the true face
of Seongsan Village.
Yes, I shall do it.
Sorry? Yoon-bok's our main model?
I really have such a keen eye
for picking out models.
All right, it's time to get to work.
Look for a place for the stage,
check on the catering,
observe the villagers' fashion,
and bring in any ideas that could help us.
Ask Yoon-bok if you have
any questions about the village.
Oh, right.
Make sure to be polite
to every villager you come across.
These people value manners
over everything, okay?
-Yes, ma'am.
What happened?
Madam Camille wanted to show
the true face of Seongsan Village.
And I
happen to be its face.
I am glad I can be with you
even when you're working.
You two go past that hill
and look for a good place for the stage.
We'll look around here.
Past that hill?
I actually have a cardio allergy,
so I can't go over hills.
A cardio allergy?
Is that even a thing?
Okay then. We'll go this way.
Let's go, Yoon-bok.
She's just too much.
She can't hear me
because she always has earbuds in.
And she doesn't work
if I don't set her a deadline.
It's almost like
I'm my assistant's assistant.
Even just now,
she made up a ridiculous excuse
just to avoid doing more work.
It's fine when it's just them and me,
but I can't believe
she did that in front of you.
I do not mind going this way.
I have always wanted
to walk this path with you.
Let us go.
This place is so beautiful.
By the time the fashion show is held,
azaleas will blossom there.
And green grass will sprout over there,
painting a picturesque view
full of lively colors.
When I was young,
my father and I
used to go boating here.
He sounds like an affectionate father.
He was.
This place holds good memories for me.
It is my hope
that this place can bring you
good memories as well.
Of course.
I'm sure it will.
Oh, look!
Should we go there?
-Let's go.
Wait a minute.
Since they moved
their headquarters to my residence,
it would go against manners
not to pay a visit
as the head of this household.
I cannot go empty-handed.
Who are you?
It's me, Camille!
Jeez, you startled me.
What is that thing?
There isn't anywhere
to get skin treatment in this village
and my face has been so dry recently.
I brought this to take care of my skin.
I want to give it a try.
Gosh, you always
want to try everything nice.
Oh my goodness.
It feels so warm!
Are you in, Lady Bok-soon?
Your wrinkles have softened!
-Right here.
Hey there, Su-keun.
I picked up a plant on the way here.
You can keep it or throw it out.
Anyway, you seem busy so I shall go now.
How could they not keep
a distance as man and woman?
It's so good.
-Try this.
-What about this?
Did you finish the location search?
Can I see the photos?
Did you
only take one photo?
So you didn't go anywhere else?
Anywhere else? Where?
-You told us to look there,
so we only went there.
So you're telling me
you only looked here?
-You little
Let us have a bowl of rice soup
before we head in.
All right, let's do that.
That sounds so good!
I love rice soup.
I'm going to upload pictures
to my account.
-Me too! I'll take a bunch for you.
-I'm so excited.
-Let us go.
-Darn it.
How old are you?
I am 24 years old.
I'm 24 too!
Should we speak informally?
No, thank you.
Do you have a girlfriend?
I really want to know.
Yes, she is right there.
Dinner is on me.
I heard you two
are my girlfriend's assistants.
I am treating you to dinner
to ask you to support her fully
as her assistants,
so please enjoy your meals.
-All right.
Please eat up, Master.
Please eat.
This is quite good.
I wonder if Lady Yeoju
will feel better if she tries this.
-You have some too.
-Thank you.
Isn't that Hong-do?
It's so good.
I missed you so much.
Is she not back yet?
Who are you?
Kim Chil-bok?
I did not know
you were Master Kim's father.
I apologize for my imprudence.
Why are you here?
How could you speak
to your father like that?
Don't fault her.
She has her reasons.
And who's to blame for that?
You don't know how hard it's been
for me and Hong-hak.
it's hard for me to even look at you.
So don't ever show yourself again.
You're right.
It's all my fault.
I'm sorry, Hong-do.
I'm just
embarrassing myself.
I'm sorry.
Do not be.
After Hong-do's mother
passed away all too early
I spent a long time losing my way.
I had no hope to keep on living,
and I even tried
to follow in my wife's footsteps.
But I couldn't do it to my kids.
So I got myself together
to live a new life
and went deep into debt
to open a restaurant.
What are you doing?
Excuse me?
What are you doing here?
Who are you?
I'm the owner of this restaurant.
I had been scammed.
After our house was sold off,
I felt too ashamed to face my kids.
I didn't see the point in living anymore.
Are you all right?
I promised myself
that I'd return to my kids
once I paid off my debt.
I fully and completely understand
why Hong-do is angry at me.
So I ask you, Young Master,
to take care of my Hong-do.
The least he could do was live well
after abandoning us.
You must be exhausted, Yoon-bok.
Go get some rest.
are you all right?
Of course. Why wouldn't I be?
That man abandoned me and my brother.
Not only did he try to take his life
I'm so hungry.
but he also left us homeless.
I outgrew him ages ago.
I lost my temper just now thinking about
how tough life's been for me and Hong-hak.
I'm really fine.
So don't worry and go rest.
It must have
been hard for you.
I know how you feel.
I know it too well.
I swear I brought them with me.
Here they are.
Your wrinkles have softened!
-Right here.
Why am I so preoccupied
with something that does not concern me?
Are you there?
What is it?
I'm just wondering what you're up to.
Are you finished with work?
You seemed very busy.
There's no end to work.
It just keeps going.
Why are you here?
I accidentally brought too many of these.
Take these every morning and evening.
I've got vitamins and supplements
for your stomach, liver,
blood vessels,
and even calcium.
You brought all of these
by accident?
That tells you
how scrambled my mind's been.
Good night. I'll get going.
That was so natural.
These are the potential catering options
sent by the women's society.
-Here are the photos.
-Let's see.
-This place looks nice.
It's prettier in person.
The square can be the runway.
And with some lights around it,
it'll look fantastic.
Send these photos
to the stage manager immediately.
Yes, ma'am.
Hello, this is Kim Hong-do.
I'm a designer at Camille Korea.
We have decided
on the location for the stage.
I have sent you the photos
and relevant information.
Please call me back once you take a look.
Hong-do Kim.
Since when did you learn to speak French?
You could go to Paris right away.
I still have a long way to go.
Have you practiced your model walk?
-Excuse me?
-Starting today,
practice your walk on stage every day.
You'll need some training
as an amateur model.
Yes, certainly.
Help him train, Hong-do Kim.
Oh, okay.
You need to practice every single day.
-Yes, ma'am.
-Yes, ma'am.
When are you available?
Maybe at lunchtime?
That is fine with me.
I can work around your schedule.
Okay, sounds good.
Were you
involved in my father's death
seventeen years ago?
The keychain you had
was in my father's possession
until he passed away.
If you were
Was it him
who killed Lord Shin Sa-do?
Come out, Lee Jun-ho.
You're being transferred to jail.
Could I make a phone call?
-Just one call.
-I said, no.
How long have you known Lady Bok-soon?
I'd say about 40 years or so.
That is unexpected.
I have never heard about you from her.
Is that so?
I've heard so much about you.
You two seem very close.
People say
we're like a married couple.
It seems she must really care about me,
considering all these supplements
she brought for my sake.
Two, four, six, eight, ten.
What's going on?
So all those supplements
you had me get were for your ex?
How did you know?
What do I do once Yoon-bok
takes over as the village head?
Whatever I do, I will stay by your side.
Even if I must travel
halfway across the world.
Go tell Young Master Yoon-bok
that I'll meet with him once.
Jun-ho told me
he would meet with you just once.
Due to an important matter,
I had to leave the village in a hurry.
I will return tonight,
so let us do the walk training then.
Is everything okay, Yoon-bok? Call me.
Two stab wounds in his abdomen.
Blood pressure, 70 over 40.
It's decreasing rapidly
due to heavy bleeding,
and there's possible organ damage.
Subtitle translation by: Ji-hun Lee
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