Treme s01e03 Episode Script

Right Place, Wrong Time

You know what they call my instrument, right? Huh? Musicians, I mean.
The 'bone.
Oh, yeah, play the 'bone.
Eh, tell me something.
How'd you get a fema trailer so quick? Baby, how do you think I got one so quick? Hey, I got beignets.
Who you fucking? - What? - I ain't playing, antoine.
I know you fucking one of them hoes at that club.
Desiree, you're wrong.
I was hanging with the cats from the band, playing cards.
- Damn.
- Don't treat me like I'm stupid While I'm stuck out here raising your child.
Now listen, I'm on bourbon street for one purpose, I don't wanna be playing in no tourist trap titty bar - I can't stand that gig.
- Quit then.
- And do what? - Play someplace else.
They ain't got shit else out there.
I mean, half the clubs still closed, desiree.
Boy, if it wasn't for the storm, I would've If it wasn't for the storm, what? I don't know why you gotta fight all the time.
We wouldn't be living together, right? You'd be at your place? Me and the baby would be at my mama's? That's what you mean, right? You you said it.
Hey, if you don't want us around, We can go by my mama and 'em in memphis.
Ain't no thing.
It's up to you.
You want us here? - Yeah, I do! - You sure? Girl Please.
I couldn't get through this shit without y'all.
Then you need to act like it.
I'm saying the way we do, You ain't got reason to even think About going nowhere else.
- Am I lying? - No no, you sure ain't.
If you ain't got nothing for me now, I'm gonna know for sure.
Oh no, it's all good, girl.
It's All good.
- Oh - It better be good.
All right, that's enough out of you, asshole.
- Hey.
- Toni, thank god! Hey, get ready to sue somebody, Because this is some bullshit.
What happened, davis? A violation of my civil rights, that's what happened.
Look, all I'm doing is standing with my man mason - In front of my house, my home, where I live.
- Mm-hmm.
We're talking holding a couple of beers.
A jeep rolls up "louisiana national guard.
" The guy says to us, "pour those out.
" I'm like, "dude, seriously? What part of louisiana are you from?" I mean, we invented the go cup.
Shit, we invented the drive-thru daiquiri shop.
They stopped you for open container? - Look - that ordinance isn't even on the books anymore.
You know what it really was, right? You think the national guard stops If it's two white boys on the street Instead of mason and me? They jack you up and let the black guy walk? That's one hell of a racial profile.
Mm, bet it wasn't mason who yelled out, "go the fuck back to fallujah.
" - Are you drunk or crazy? - No, I'm pissed off.
For four months I've had an army of occupation Rolling through my neighborhood.
On the side of the jeep it says "military police.
" So I said to him, "do I look like the military to you, motherfucker? You can't police me.
" This town is barely hanging on.
The cops are wound tight.
The guardsmen are on edge.
You can't push it, all right? - We're the ones getting pushed.
- Davis You do not motherfuck the national guard.
I just want my city back.
Eggs scrambled or fried, ma? Don't fix me anything.
How come? I got grits on.
- Ma, you know what would help me out? - Hmm? If you could spend some time in baton rouge, Keep an eye on your grandkids.
Got plenty of room at the house up there.
You know I can't go to no baton rouge.
Just for a week or two.
Come on, you know you wanna see randall and alcide.
But what if david comes home and I'm not here? How he gonna come home? - Daymo's somewhere locked up.
- Say who? That lady lawyer? She ain't done nothing but take us on a damn goose chase.
Mama, toni doing what she can do.
I don't believe my son was in that jail in the first place.
Ma, you saw the picture, remember? It could've been somebody who looked like david.
Let me fix you a plate.
You ought to eat a little bit of something.
- Baton rouge.
- Ma.
Ladonna, I don't know where your brother is, But I do know wherever he at, He's thinking about this house And trying to get back to it.
And you talking about some baton rouge.
Now I'm gonna stay right here.
I'll be here when david come in that door.
Where you at, chief? Hey, bro.
Lights are back on.
You know that, right? Well, some good news for a change, huh? Obituaries, huh? Plenty of them since the storm.
You looking for somebody special? I heard te a young dude took A hell of a ass-whooping last week.
Constance street, I heard.
They say he's still laid up at university hospital.
It's a rough world out here.
Me, I try to live by that golden rule.
I'm gonna have to rewire all this.
That boy gonna live? Up to god, I suppose.
Hey, you cool? I'm gonna get it done as long as I can.
- Hold it down then, chief.
- All right, bro.
- Hey, harvey.
- Janette.
What's going on? You got the check for last month, right? I did, but I've got some bad news And I wanted to come by and teu in person.
- Okay.
- I have to put you on week to week.
Three years I've been buying meat from you.
Never late a payment but this one time.
I'm sorry, darlin'.
I just can't carry you.
It's gonna have to be pay as you go, week to week.
- I'm sorry.
- Hey, harvey, do me a favor.
Don't spread it around that I'm in any trouble.
Darlin', how do you think I heard? What do I owe? Oh, just be thankful I've got a soft spot for musicians.
Come on, toni, you pro bonoed my last three arrests.
I gotta pay something.
Not that I have any money.
I'm sort of between jobs right now, but Hey, you wanna learn the guitar? Seriously, I could do lessons.
I taught music for three years at mcdonogh 15.
Yeah, until the marijuana charge anyway.
- Seriously, toni.
Come on, I owe you.
- No takers on guitar.
- My daughter's learning piano actually.
- There you go! A rhythm and blues intervention.
I can give her lessons.
- You play piano too? - Some.
Does your daughter know how to play "tipitina"? Then how can you say that she's learning piano? Come on, toni.
Your child needs to get up into some fess.
How long you figure? I think we can get it done today.
All right, then.
About time.
Hey, baby.
How'd it go? - Total runaround.
- What? - He's saying they still gotta make a determination.
- Determination? If it's wind damage, they pay it one way.
If it's flood, they pay another.
- It's confusing as hell.
- Shit.
Four months and them good hands people ain't close to writing a check.
But this is happening, huh? Yeah, finally.
Hey look, I wanna take you to lunch, But I gotta get back on the road before the kids get out of school.
- That's okay.
I'll see you Sunday.
- All right.
Hey, larry? Something else I wanna ask.
You think I could talk to your brother bernard, See if maybe he can find out where they got daymo locked up? Oh baby, bernard doesn't have anything to do with the prisons.
But he got connections, right? I'm getting the feeling that our lawyer's just running in circles.
Look, if I thought bernard could help, I would have suggested it months ago.
Some reason why I shouldn't talk to your brother? Nah, I just don't know what he could do.
He's a civil judge.
You know, I've never asked your family for any kind of favor.
I know how they feel about me.
- Oh, come on, ladonna.
- No, huh-uh, listen.
Right now I don't give a shit Unless you got a problem with me talking to your brother.
No problem.
- You want me to call him? - Thank you, baby.
- I hope he can help.
- Me too.
- See ya.
- I'll see you Sunday.
You bet.
Raoul, you better get your ass back on that roof.
Big chief.
Lorenzo! Come on in here, boy.
I been trying to find you and yours.
Where your father at? - Big chief needs his wild man.
- Don't know.
Ain't nobody heard from him since the storm.
- He could be anywhere in this damn country.
- Yeah.
Me, I ended up in arizona with a friend.
- I kinda like it, actually.
- Arizona? Well, you back home now.
Came back to see about the house now that They're letting people back in the lower nine to check.
Our house is messed up bad.
I got no idea what it's gonna take to fix it up, Even if it can be.
I'll go take a look at it with you.
I appreciate it.
- You gonna make a new suit? - Every year.
Might use last year's patches, but I got some ideas.
- What if they cancel carnival? - Shit.
Where you think you at, arizona? - Hey, terrific.
- Thanks.
How long have you been playing the fiddle? My whole life.
Since I was, like, seven.
- It shows 'cause you got a lot of style.
- Thank you.
- You play mostly jazz - Pretty decent for a weekday.
- I got a favor to ask.
- What's up? Can I take this money off the top? I'll pay you back off the top of tomorrow's take.
I need to take care of something.
I was wondering when the shit Was gonna make its way back from houston.
No, man, not that.
Tomorrow's annie's birthday.
I wanna buy her a present.
Yeah, okay.
Go ahead, loverboy.
But don't tell her.
It's a surprise.
Present, no powder.
You heard me? Shit, man.
The storm cleaned me up.
Cleaned up the whole town.
- Eh, who was that? - I don't know.
Some guy.
That was tom mcdermott.
He didn't introduce himself? He said tom.
He didn't say mcdermott.
He's fuckin' great.
I didn't recognize him.
Sonny, why didn't you say something? Like what? Ask him for his autograph? He's a musician, I'm a musician.
What did he want? He just taed.
- About what? - Music.
That's all.
You drinking those by yourself, man.
Hanging on the street with white people is like to get me shot.
- Fuck the national guard.
- You provoked them people.
I'm lucky I'm not locked up right now my damn self.
- Again.
- Say what? Again! - You didn't see that? - See what? The Wait.
What the fuck is wrong with you, boy? What the Structurally it looks solid.
Still on its foundations at any rate.
Mm, but that mold I don't know.
I hear they got plans for the lower nine.
They gonna bulldozer all of it, Give the land to developers.
That's why you need to come back.
They can't bulldoze nothing - If the homeowners don't allow it.
- Who gonna stop 'em? Your father would understand what I'm talking about.
- Jesse would know.
- How to stop a bulldozer? Motherfuckers think people won't fight.
And most won't, But some will.
The birds ain't even coming back to this neighborhood.
- You notice? - Mm.
- Jesse had a boat? - Yeah.
Why he ain't take it out for the storm? Come here.
Help me with this.
- Oh, jesus! - Daddy? Oh my lord.
That's a pretty good beaujolais right there.
- Is it? - Yeah.
Depending on what you're gonna drink it with.
Probably won't drink it with anything.
I'll take it.
I'll take this.
99, please.
- Do you need a bag? - No.
- Uh, that's $10.
- Okay.
And one, two, three Dr.
You know, listen.
The fact is I know some of y'all recognize wardell quezergue chart On an old danny barker version of this.
Yeah, you gonna call the indians like you did on the album? Well, it might cause some "confusementalism" Amongst the lincoln center set, but And you know, some of the gangs Ain't gonna like me singing "indian red" anyway Because this is their most sacred song.
But we gonna do this with the most love And respect that we can for the tradition.
- You okay with that, delmond? - Yeah, it's fine by me.
Well, your pa might cop a attitude, but - He tends to do that.
Well, let's do this sucker.
All right.
One, two, one, two, three Shit shit.
Aw, shit.
Call me when you get this.
Wild man jesse's dead.
I found the body.
Indian! Here comes big chief tootie montana Of the yellow pocahontas.
Big chief rudy of the ninth ward hunters.
Big chief monk boudreaux of the golden eagles.
Big chief jake of the white eagles.
Big chief bo dollis of the wild magnolias.
Big chief pete of the black eagles.
Thank you for taking the time to sit down with me, sheriff.
Well new orleans lawyer, All the way out here in the bayou country Glad to make the time, miss bernette.
Now what's your concern with inmate brooks? The man you're holding is not david maurice brooks.
I need you to find out who he is To make it clear to the orleans parish sheriff's department They've lost a prisoner.
- And how should I go about that? - D.
Test or fingerprints.
On whose authority? Sheriff babineaux, I'm certain you can relate To the anguish of a family trying to locate a loved one After the chaos of the hurricane.
Well, he came in here under the name of david brooks.
Now he might not be your david brooks, But he sure as hell's my david brooks Till orleans parish or the state of louisiana tells me different.
Let me see if I understand this.
You're not gonna find out who you have in your custody? I know who I have in my custody.
As to the prisoners that o.
Sent here They're in the custody of that parish.
I'm just assisting them with the detention.
And getting fema money for every prisoner you keep locked down.
I do believe there isn't anything else for us to discuss, miss bernette.
You drive safe going back.
Y'all better get out the way.
Hey! This here the indians' day.
- This mine? - Yeah, go for it.
Man, I love new york every time through.
Glad I came up for this charity thing.
- You dig new york, you oughta see paris.
- Yeah.
It's a big world outside new orleans, brother.
Paris ah, now that's the gig, yeah.
To live here or over in europe, Places where they actually respect musicians I'm saying you blow better than half the cats in new york, shorty.
If you was up here to live, Pssh, ain't no telling how far you'll take it.
Look, brother, music is music.
Doesn't matter where you live.
You don't miss home? New orleans, they hype the music, But they don't love the musicians.
I mean, look at how guys gotta leave to get their due: Pops, prima, wynton.
I mean, the tradition is there, But that city will grind you down if you let it.
Look, man, we done been around the world.
Y'all know we done played every type of gig you can think of.
- But there's no place like new orleans.
- Yeah.
- Nowhere, huh? - That's right.
Come on.
Staci and chantel on deck.
- Shake that money-maker! - Staci and chantel on deck.
Come on, up close to the pole.
- Hey, batiste.
How's that 'bone? - Huh-uh.
Whoa, what'd I do? Girl, you trying to put me out of my happy home.
- Huh.
- Now I know.
Go shake your ass and make some money.
- Where you at, homes? - All right.
Look it here.
Let's do some cuttin' up tonight.
I'm sick of this simple shit we playing.
Nothing wrong with what we playing.
No, I'm saying just take it up a notch.
Man, they don't come to see us.
They come to see the bitches.
- Got your bags packed yet, batiste? - What you mean? Don't tell me you haven't heard about That big charity gig in new york.
They have kermit, shorty, charlie miller.
- Lincoln center, bro.
- Lincoln center? Man, I thought you was all tight with kermit and shit.
- Man, y'all come to play or did you come to talk shit? - All those heavy cats You talking about jamming with all the time And here you are in this joint with us.
Ain't that a bitch? I need a fucking drink.
Why is that goddamn blue tarp Back on the roof again? What happened to riley? He didn't get it all done.
So that triflin' motherfucker shows up, Takes out the old shingles and then disappears? - He said he'll be back on Monday.
- Monday? What the fuck's wrong with tomorrow? You know what? I ain't even gonna get stressed out about this.
You've reached the williams residence.
Leave a message.
How you doing, bernard? It's your sister-in-law.
I'm sorry to call you at home, but I left you A couple of messages at your office.
I hope you got those.
Larry told me he talked to you And I'm hoping that we can talk as soon as possible About my brother's situation.
Please call as soon as you get this message.
Doesn't matter how late.
Okay? Talk soon.
Motherfucker! What you doing, boy? You stealing from me? No, sir, I wasn't stealing.
What you trying to take? - Answer me, boy! - I wasn't stealing, man, I swear.
Put your pants on.
Get your girl and go.
Let me get some of that.
Let me get some of that.
All right Okay, hold on.
Me and you, me and you.
Don't go.
- Blow your horn, man.
- Man, I'm all blowed out.
I like what y'all doing, though.
I like that.
- Hey, asshole! What's your problem? - Me? - You scratched up our fuckin' unit.
- Who did what now? - Put the horn down.
Put it on the ground.
- The horn? - I said put it on the ground.
- You got a hearing problem? - Hey, man, I don't have a case for my horn.
- Drop the goddamn horn.
- Man, fuck this.
- Fuck who? Hey! Hey, man! - What are you doing, man? - Get your hands behind your back.
He wasn't doing anything.
- What are you doing to him? - Get up.
- Get up.
- Wait wait wait.
What'd I do? What'd I do, man? I'm going about this wrong.
Orleans parish has custody of the real david maurice brooks No matter what jail he's in.
So it's on the orleans parish to produce him.
You gotta take them to court.
- They can't brush that off.
- Yeah.
- You feel like taking a break? - What's up? Hey, you two.
So I got called a bitch today On the streets of baton rouge.
Okay, I've only been here a few months, But I can say with certainty That the most obnoxious thing about baton rouge And trust me, there are many candidates Is the lsu fans.
They're honestly crazy up here.
So today, being a nola girl, I decided to rock my tulane sweatshirt.
I was walking to the store And this jerkoff sticks his head out of a car window And says, "hey, bitch, get back to new orleans!" And I'm like, "from your mouth to god's ears, asshole.
" Another week till the semester's over And I can finally go back home.
Wh-what is this? - She put that on the internet somehow? - It's called youtube.
Anybody can put anything up on there.
Isn't that cool? What, that she's on the internet saying "asshole"? - She's proud of her city.
- That's fabulous, cray.
Go green wave.
Raise your children in the way they should go.
Yes! Awesome.
- Mr.
- Hey.
Mcalary, please? I insist you show some regard.
Why are you being so nasty about this? You have a problem with gay people? What? I don't care if you're gay.
You can suck all the cock you want.
Cosmically speaking, the more cocks that get sucked in the world, The better for all humanity.
We're your neighbors, mr.
Exactly you're my neighbors.
You moved into the treme, you tart the place up, Put in your birdcage, your flower gardens, And you don't have a fucking clue As to where the fuck you are living.
The place was a wreck.
We fixed it up with love And a great deal of cash, I might add.
- It's called historical preservation.
- No.
It's called gentrification.
This is the treme, dude, The most musically important black neighborhood in america.
Shannon powell lives around the corner.
Did you know that? Shannon fucking powell.
- I kn all about the treme.
- I seriously doubt that.
Troy andrews, james andrews, all the damn andrews, Nicholas payton, tuba fats, Way back to sidney bechet Right next door to you is the house of the man - Who wrote "ooh poo pah doo.
" - jessie hill.
That's right, jessie hill.
How'd you know that? I'm from uptown, mr.
Mcalary, And allan grew up in mid-city.
We're as much new orleans as you are.
But you complain to the cops About somebody's stereo being too loud We have never once called the cops.
Or somebody's practicing their horn at night Or whatever second line or street parade rolls by - Without a fucking permit? - That's not true.
Well, somebody has, And I believe it's you two chaps.
You live in the treme.
You gotta deal with that shit.
Happy birthday.
Sonny - French.
- Oh.
- You want me to open it? - No, let's save it for tonight.
- Why save it? - Tonight'll be better.
Come here.
You didn't know? I surprised you, didn't I? Yeah, you really did.
Oh my god, antoine.
Have you seen a doctor? That bad, huh? They knocked one of my teeth loose.
Might mess up my embouchure.
Why did you get beat? I can't figure.
I was walking.
I think I bumped into a cop car with my horn.
Next thing, I got two cops whalin' on me.
- Were you resisting arrest? - Arrest? They didn't arrest me until after they kicked my ass.
Now look here, toni, You gotta make sure they got my trombone.
You gotta make sure they didn't leave it Out there on the street, all right? Let's try and get you out of here And then we'll worry about getting your trombone back.
Without that horn I can't make a living.
You cannot still be mad at me.
- Come on.
- I'm not mad at you.
Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly.
Davis mcalary has to open the expensive wine And piss away all my money.
There, to make up for it, - I'm taking you out for dinner.
- What's that? It's my paycheck from the hotel gig.
Mon ami, you worked one day.
And yet here I stand with a full week's pay.
It's a christmas miracle.
Come on, you pick, I pay.
Davis, I work for a living and on my off night I sleep.
Save your money.
Janette, go out to dinner tonight.
- On a Friday? - Take a break.
I'm giving myself a promotion, yeah? And I'm giving you the night off.
I'll put together a limited menu, Call christopher to help.
- How much? - $347 and change.
Feelings, 8:00.
Feelings in the marigny? You're gonna spend every last dime, aren't you? Goddamn right.
Here to see judge williams.
- And you are? - I am his sister-in-law.
And I've been leaving messages, But those messages don't seem to be getting through.
Is the judge in his office? - Can you have a seat? - I'm fine standing.
My favorite saloon keeper.
- Bernard.
- How you doing, ladonna? - Got a minute to talk? - Sure sure.
Come on back.
It's insane what's been happening.
We just moved back in here a week ago.
Entire electrical system had to be replaced And the civil actions just keep piling up.
I don't know how we're gonna find jurors to hear all these cases.
Larry talked to you about my brother? He did.
I want to make some calls.
- Maybe I can shake something loose for you.
- Oh, thank you, bernard.
I understand you got a lawyer working on this.
- Yeah, toni bernette.
- Oh, she's good.
Let me start there.
I'll give toni a call and she'll bring me up to speed.
I can tell you anything you need to know right now.
- Well, I really - daymo was in orleans parish prison when the storm hit.
That is a fact.
We got a picture of him up on broad street bridge, so Ladonna, look, I'm gonna do everything I can to help.
Like I say, it's been crazy around here, But I promise I'll make some calls, See what kind of strings I can pull.
I will.
- Hey, annie.
- Hey, tom.
Mow hardly any tourists here.
I guess you gotta wait till new year's, huh? - Yeah, hopefully.
- But, man, look at the spot you got.
- It's great.
- If the cops don't run us off.
Oh, yeah, I hear they've been hassling musicians pretty bad.
You didn't meet sonny, did you? - Hey, sonny.
- Hey.
How's it going? Hey, annie, I have a private gig tonight And I could use a fiddle on a couple tunes.
I was wondering you read music, huh? - Yeah.
- Check this out.
It's a couple of jelly roll morton tunes I'd like you to play on.
- You want me to play with you? - Yeah.
You know, it's gonna be over at the old bella luna where that used to be.
You know, it'll be a ball.
Please consider it.
Sonny can come too, right? - I mean, we're a team.
- Um, yeah.
I can get him on the guest list, But, you know, I got the piano covere How much for her? It's an open bar and it's free food, So try and make it.
Time to roll.
Come on.
Had to make that drive again, huh? Had to for jesse.
Swear I can't picture him dead.
And you don't want to either.
We gotta send him off proper.
I talked to jimmy.
He's coming on down from atlanta.
You reach your son? Jesse was with you when delmond came up as spy boy, right? I left a message with him yesterday.
He called me back today.
- He gonna be here? - Boy, come on.
Don't dawdle.
Do me a favor.
You wanna go inside? All right, chief.
- You some kin to poke, right? - An old friend.
Well, I noticed you workin' on his bar And I was wondering if you had some work for my nephew.
- Nephew? - Yeah, his folks are in houston.
But he didn't like it there so much, so he came on back.
But school's not in yet and I said, "boy, you have to get some work.
Just can't be sitting around here getting into trouble.
" Isn't that right, darius? You wanna work, son? He's willing to do anything you need him to do.
Won't have to pay him too much neither.
Well, if there's a need, I will let you know.
Now which house is yours? Round the corner on washington.
Yellow house, second from the corner.
I'm lula pritchett.
- Albert lambreaux.
- Nice to meet you.
The pleasure's all mine, ma'am.
Davis! Davis, what the fuck? Yeah? God.
- Desperado.
- Public enemy number one.
Dude, you gotta hear this song I've been working on.
It's not a prison ballad, is it? I've been inspired by the muses Muses with big honkin' tits.
Go ahead, hit me.
Right? Right? So you know, the thing is over 100°C most of the days And we're in a boat going from rooftop to rooftop.
And we called out, "if you can hear us, make a noise.
Make a noise.
" If we heard something, We'd chop through the roof with an ax - And crawl in through the attic.
- Wow.
I was the skinniest guy in the boat, So it was me who had to crawl in, right? I found old people been up in their attic for days, Starving, dehydrated, crying, Some of them dead already.
- Blew my mind, man.
- That's stuff you can never forget.
Dude, I seen snakes crawling out of dead bodies, Crabs coming off of them with pieces of flesh.
Uh, to liberation from wage slavery.
- You got fired, davis.
- All part of my grand plan.
I'm a musician.
In fact, I wrote a song today.
- Did you? - Mm-hmm.
To doing what we love.
- Decent.
- It's better than decent.
A little young.
- Chef.
- Chef.
- What a great meal.
- Thank you.
- How many covers you do tonight? - About 47.
Getting back on our feet.
It's a good thing jim and dale own this place, Because if they had to pay rent, we couldn't stay in business.
How about you? How you holding up? I think I'm gonna make it.
Excuse me.
Chef mchugh? - Excuse me.
- Yeah.
Great to see you, janette, davis.
Did you change your sheets at least? - Hey.
- Yeah.
Hey, you know what? You should have a piano at your bar.
- Davis.
- Yeah? - Try not to talk.
- Okay.
- Come on.
- Wait.
Davis mcalary, here for the piano lesson.
Oh, yeah! Come on in.
- You're a professor, right? - Yep.
I love to teach.
I'm sure you can relate.
I love it so much I often shave before I do it.
Tulane's back in business next month.
That's a good thing.
English department, right? I majored in english.
Goddard college.
Sofia! Your piano teacher's here.
You can call me davis.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Okay, so I understand you've been learning Mostly classical stuff, right? - Yeah.
- Okay, here's the deal, sofia.
Forget everything you've been told about jesus, Buddha, allah, Because there is only one god, and his name Is professor longhair, okay? And he wrote this song called "tipitina.
" All right.
Okay, eight-bar blues.
The first thing we're gonna cop is the bass line with the left hand.
Okay, so it's "f," "a" and the "c.
" Okay? The one, three, five of the "f" chord.
- You follow me so far? - Yeah, keep going.
It's a mambo rhythm, So it's a dotted quarter, dotted quarter, quarter.
So the rhythm is One and a-two and a-three.
And one and a-two and a-three and play that.
And one and a-two And one and a-two andPlay that.
We're at a point now where the parish will never admit That there are any prisoners missing, So we have to go to court.
Toni, I have to tell you I got to where I didn't know If you was gonna be on this the right way, So I tried to reach out to my husband's brother.
- He's a civil court judge bernard williams.
- Mm-hmm.
He said he was gonna call you, - But I'm guessing - Huh-uh.
Okay, I figured he wasn't gonna do shit anyway.
My husband's family They into that seventh ward creole shit Like they a different fucking race.
Never miss a chance to remind me I ain't one of them.
Well, I could give judge williams a call, See if he has some kind of pull.
They the people pulling strings, getting shit done.
People like us my mother, Me and my brother We just folks from around the way.
We get shidone to us.
I shouldn't be telling you this.
I'm sorry for my doubts.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How'd it go? - Great! - A lot of potential.
- Potential, huh? Yeah.
I mean, you never know what to expect.
I mean, you know, you never know She surprised you.
She's got it in her, definitely.
I'm gonna enjoy working with her.
- And you know talent when you see it.
- Yeah.
I mean, it's hard not to recognize, but I'll see you next week.
- Hang on, davis.
- Yeah? Let me ask you work with a lot of beginners, right? Oh, I love that because, you know, musicians Pros tend to be messed up in a lot of ways And kids bring such a freshness to it, you know? Not not saying that there's anything wrong with being a musician.
I mean, sofia could definitely do that if she wanted to.
Don't let your mind get ahead of you, davis.
- Okay.
- Piano lessons.
Don't think about what she will or won't do in the future.
That has nothing to do with you.
Oh, I was just saying I'll see you next week, davis.
Take it easy.
Fucking piano lessons.
Big chief.
- Come with our respects.
- How are you doing? - Big chief darryl.
- What's happening, chief? - What's going on? - All right.
We're glad to have the golden eagles with us on this.
So few of us back.
My family's making funeral arrangements, But it's good you all are doing this here today.
How you doing, sir? - What's this about? - You tell me what this here is about.
Well, people want to see what happened.
- Hey, is that your house? - Drive away from here, sir.
- No, we was just coming around - just drive away! I'm sorry.
You're right.
I'm sorry.