Treme s01e05 Episode Script

Shame, Shame, Shame

Boy, what you doin' in jail? I don't know.
What do you mean, you don't know? What the fuck you get arrested for? I told you, Ladonna, I don't know.
Messing around with that dope again, ain't it? Ma goin' crazy behind this.
You took her through hell.
Get me out of here, sis.
Come on, get me out.
* hangin' in the treme * * watching people sashay * * past my steps * * by my porch * * in front of my door * * church bells are ringin' * * choirs are singing * * while the preachers groan * * and the sisters moan * * in a blessed tone * - * mmm-hmm * - * yeah * * down in the treme * * just me and my baby * * we're all going crazy * * while jamming and having fun * * trumpet bells ringing * * bass drum is swinging * * as the trombone groans * * and the big horn moans * * and there's a saxophone * * down in the treme * * it's me and my baby * * we're all going crazy * * while jamming and having fun * * down in the treme * * it's me and my baby * * we're all going crazy * * while jamming and having fun.
* Whoo! I know that you're a busy man.
I'm glad you found your way back.
And it's good of you to stop by today, Mr.
President, If only for a short visit.
It lets us know that New Orleans still has your heart.
Half of our people are not home.
Charity hospital is still closed, With people dying down here for lack of medical care.
And, yes, I know we're only five months away From the next hurricane season With our flood control still in a state of half-assedness.
Hey, what can we expect? We're not the Dutch Who keep half their country out of the North Sea As a matter of routine.
We're just Americans Doing the best we can manage.
But I digress.
What I mean to say, Mr.
President, Is that I continue to believe In the better angel of your nature; The one who, a few days after the storm, Stood in front of a floodlit Jackson square And promised to rebuild the Gulf coast.
So let me banish from my mind The image of you lightly joking About the high times you spent here In our city as a youth While bodies floated in our streets.
And far be it for me, with all my excesses And impulses, to judge you For a few untethered, unfocused words.
All will be forgiven, Mr.
President, If you just simply Take a moment, as I often do, And watch yourself in Jackson square And listen to those stirring words.
And then keep your fucking promise.
I need to use the bathroom, But I didn't want to come through till you were awake.
Um, go ahead.
Sonny? - Sonny? - Hmm? How long is your new friend supposed to stay here? Mmm.
You crawled into bed late.
- Did you get much done? - Some.
I had something to say.
Who got the "f you" this time? Oh, you can say "fuck.
" she can't hear you over that bounce rap, Where her heroes are undoubtedly saying "fuck" And "shit" and "keep off me, bitch.
" No progress on the novel? Classes startin'.
The novel seems so unimportant, academic.
Cray, what is more important than your writing-- your real writing? - Krewe du vieux, maybe.
- Oh, that nonsense.
The first parade after the storm is not nonsense.
It sets the tone.
I take my responsibilities very seriously.
Hence the haircut.
I thought that was for Tulane coming back.
Tulane, I changed my underwear.
oh, I see! What's the krewe du vieux theme this year? George Bush, Kathleen Blanco, Ray Nagin, sperm.
Just curious-- how do you always manage to get past the desk sergeant? I brought king cake.
If you want a slice, you'd better hustle.
Batiste, Antoine.
Remind me again.
His trombone-- it's not at temporary evidence; It's not with your arresting officers; It's not on any property slip in the court file.
I'll throw some calls.
Thanks, Terry.
That's him.
That's him.
You're sure, right? You think I'm gonna forget that man? Yeah, you.
You need me, boss.
- You done any roofin'? - I've done it all.
And I speak English, if that matters.
And that's it.
That's it.
All right, this should be easy enough.
I can take it from here.
Oh, hell no.
I want to see his ugly grill When you serve up them papers.
I ain't missing this no how.
Let me just lock my car.
Come on.
Yeah, I gotcha.
Well, you better call him.
Yeah, all right then.
I'll call the man.
- Thanks, Toni.
- You're welcome.
Good lookin' out.
Ooh oh! You fine, girl.
Where you headed? They got a temporary personnel office up for the school system.
I need to go see what happens to me now that fortier isn't gonna reopen.
- You doin' that today? - Schools are starting up.
I don't let 'em know I'm back, they gonna give that job away.
Who was that? - The lawyer.
- They find your 'bone? Naw, not yet.
But she got this number For these cats from japan-- jazz fans and shit.
They hooked up with the Tipitina foundation And want to help out with stuff.
Payin' cash money on instruments and all.
- They from Japan? - Mm-hmm.
- Japan Japan? - Mm-hmm.
That's what she say.
I'm supposed to call the man at the hotel.
Might have to go downtown to meet him.
- You got the baby today.
- No, see, but-- But my ass.
I'm out.
- Tenemos Los shingles.
- Okay.
- Thaddeus Riley? - Yeah.
You are hereby served.
I gotcha.
I gotcha good, Riley.
We goin' to court.
Miss Ladee, you didn't need to do this.
Y'all crazy to work for this man.
Like as not, he gonna plead poverty when it come time to pay y'all.
- That's how he do.
- Shit.
Okay, $50 each, four songs.
50 a song, man? I'm already paying seven players and two back-up singers.
- I can't afford more.
- Broke-ass guitar player.
- Yeah, but you're not doing it for the money.
- I'm not? This is for New Orleans in her hour of need.
Man, I've been in my hour of need my whole damn life.
Where New Orleans been for me? Years from now, you're gonna be sittin' here Staring into the Deep and compassionate eyes Of a man A stranger, perhaps, Who's trying to explain the meaning of your life Get a grip, seriously.
Your noblest deeds, your finest accomplishments.
I can tune a bass drunk.
And you will justify yourself by saying That for next to no money at all I played on DJ Davis Mcalary's Legendary Four-song epistle Against all that is unholy and Corrupt in the government of New Orleans.
Man, is this epistle in b-flat, at least? B-flat, fine.
And that compassionate stranger-- His eyes will widen.
And by virtue of your participation In this musical recording alone He will view your naked humanity in a new light.
Is this the dirty part? And he will say unto you "that is really great, pal.
But it's closing time.
"You need to put that in a go-cup and get the fuck out.
" - Right? You're in! - All right, Davis, you're on.
- Yes! - Man, give me my fiddy now.
Yeah! Gotta wash my hands now.
Team Mcalary! Whoo! Yes! Asshole.
Sorry I'm late, Toni.
Let me tell you, if my afternoon is anything like my morning, - This here gonna be right.
- What happened? I'm just sayin', this lawyerin' shit could get good to a person.
Oyez oyez oyez.
All rise.
Section "a" of the criminal court, Parish of Orleans, state of Louisiana, Is now in session.
The honorable John Gatling presiding.
God save this state and the honorable court.
Please be seated.
So what's left of this afternoon Is all about Brooks v.
Orleans criminal sheriff's office And the Louisiana department of corrections.
A habeas corpus.
- Miss Bernette? - Yes, your honor.
Representing the family of David Maurice Brooks, We seek to compel o.
And state corrections officials To provide immediate relief That's some bullshit up in there.
Man, these motherfuckers got to be out of their goddamn mind.
- What up, big chief? - Gralen, what you up to, baby? Man, four hours we've been up there, chief.
Four hours, man, Tryin' to find somebody to make some sense Out of this second line we tryin' to do Sunday.
Yeah, I heard about that.
All y'all tryin' to March together, right? Man, damn near 30 clubs have got together Tryin' to get their people back on the street.
Say, bro, we got the permit, we got the word out.
Man, we got everybody comin'.
And these folks have the audacity to cancel our permit And try to shut our parade down.
Now we only got three days to change their damn minds.
They be talkin' that old sideways shit up there, man.
- What you down here doin'? - Me? I just want to ask somebody why they still got All the projects boarded up.
People need to come home.
It's like they don't even want New Orleans to be New Orleans no more.
- Mm-hmm.
- Who you tryin' to see, man? - Singleton, to start.
Good luck with that.
You get past his secretary, you let us know.
Chief, we out, baby.
Look, we gonna be out there Sunday.
- All right, baby.
- You heard me? - I'm gonna look for you.
- All right now.
- Take care.
Let's roll.
- All right, baby.
That is the nightmare being lived by David Maurice Brooks, His mother, his family and friends.
I've spoken with an inmate Who saw David Brooks On the broad street overpass And later encountered him at hunt, Where they swapped I.
- Where is that affidavit? - Miss Dufossat.
- I'm sorry, your honor.
- Judge, The inmate, Keevon white, Is a reluctant witness.
But an order by this court could compel his testimony, Which coupled with this photograph, Will establish that David Brooks Was in o.
Custody during the storm.
Now you, miss Dufossat.
Your honor, Unfortunately, we cannot interrogate That rather grainy long-distance photograph To ascertain the identity of the person shown.
- The simple fact is-- - It is my brother.
- That's Daymo in that picture.
Ma'am, Please don't do that.
I say the simple fact, your honor, Is that there exists no documentation To indicate that Mr.
David Maurice Brooks Was in custody during or after hurricane Katrina.
There's no arrest report, no booking record.
There are more than 3,000 citizens of the Gulf coast Who are still missing and unaccounted for.
David Brooks just happens to be one of them.
And that is regrettable.
But miss Bernette has no compelling evidence That this is the responsibility of the state of Louisiana Or the criminal sheriff's office.
Is there no documentation at all, miss Bernette? Your Honor, I don't need to remind you That 80% of New Orleans went underwater-- much of the computer database.
Chaos is a given, your honor.
You're not doing it right.
Hey, there.
You come all the way from Houston for the big second line Sunday.
I came to check up on you, Seein' as how Delmond's on the road and all.
I just wanted to make sure you was okay.
- I'm fine.
I'm fine.
- I see you fine.
I'm gonna go park the car and then you can introduce me to your new friend.
Go on.
Let me.
- Davina, right? - Yeah.
* one year * * ain't no crime * * I got boys boys * * in Angola * * they doin' 14 to 99.
* Beignets.
Get up in those, man.
Hey, listen, I got some pretty good hookups On some day work here, so I'd do more, but the faster I get enough together For a room of my own, the faster I can-- - Where's all that from, dawg? - Roofing gigs.
Three days, three different crews.
I'll pay you back, bro.
No problem.
Annie, I'll be back.
He copped in Houston, didn't he? So what can you do now? I've got to go deeper, pry something up-- A police report, an inmate roster, anything-- And prove that they have him.
- Crazy.
- Uh-huh.
Hey, Toni, Creighton, come in.
You know, I really loved that last video you did.
Well, Joann, I confess I loved saying it.
- It rolled off the tongue.
- Well, it certainly needed to be said.
Cray! Cray Bernette! Roy Blount.
Man, it's good to see you.
Good to see us all back here at upperline, you know? You know Joan and Tom and Beth Ann.
And everybody knows Cray.
Cray is the man of the hour, Using that new Youtube thing on the computer.
He just goes on there and fires away.
Oh, God, Roy, I don't think I believed Anyone would hear it or hold me accountable till this moment.
It's embarrassing.
No, it's nothing of the kind.
"fuck you, you fucking fucks!" Raw, reductive power is the voice of this town right now.
"fuck" as a command, "fuck" as an adjective, "fuck" as a noun and object.
No, I'm serious, Creighton.
It is poetry.
Bon appétit, everyone.
Did you see the video? Whoo! There are times when rage is the only rational response.
He pulling my leg? Butter comes out of Roy Blount's pen sentence after sentence, And here he is comparing my shit talk to Shakespeare.
I can't tell, honestly.
I think he's fucking with me.
- "Davis for council"? - Your mind is gone.
It's all theater, man.
If nominated, I will pretend to run.
And if elected, I won't even pretend to serve.
You're messing with smiley Lewis.
New lyrics, though-- incisive, provocative.
Smiley'd be proud.
Man, you're gonna need a fat-ass trumpet If you're gonna riff on "shame shame shame.
" - All is well.
Remain calm.
Hey, Davis, You want to cut bass and drums first? What band is this, journey? No.
Everyone in the big room all at once-- classic New Orleans R&B.
Okay, cool, but you're gonna have to call me Cosmo for the rest of the session.
All aboard! - Hey! - Fearless leader.
Oh, Freeman, they hook you too? - I can't believe you got Kermit.
- I will have you know That Mr.
Ruffins and I played together in our earlier days.
Our musical roots are hopelessly intertwined.
Oh, we was bad! Not bad good, just bad! I mean, we was triflin'! - Hello.
- Hey hey.
What's all this? Oh, these are all that's left from some files From an office that got flooded.
- What kind of files are they? - Parole and probation.
The people there gave me everything they could find.
Said it was all worthless and ruined.
you know what? I'm beginning to think they're right.
Can young eyes read that? Me neither.
Oh, Sof, by the way, you need to talk to your father About all your texting.
The phone bill came in last month, and I gotta say it-- - I can read this, though.
- What? I think that says "field interest.
" And that there on the line below Is "Webster.
" see? "field interview," maybe.
" Webster street? Does that help any? Hmm! Look, up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's-- oh, hell yeah.
I'm with you, New Orleans.
Bring this bird down to 8,000'.
Let's have a look-see.
Oh, no.
Oh, no, that's not good at all.
Your city's wet-- really wet! It must be twice as bad on the ground.
twice as bad? Twice as bad? You think?! - * shame shame * - * shame on you * * now, dubya * * shame shame shame on you now, dubya * * shame shame shame * * what you have done * * we was on the ropes, we were down and out * * you flew on over, never did come down * * shame shame shame on you now, dubya * * shame shame shame on you now, dubya * * shame shame shame what you have done * Now we've got the people of New Orleans Living on air force bases and in ratty-ass motels From Utah to Georgia, And people in Washington talking about keeping The housing projects closed.
Yeah, that's right.
They don't want no more poor people Coming back to New Orleans.
But I'll tell you what, New Orleans without poor people Ain't New Orleans, because it's the people Without a pot to piss in who keep the beat And blow the horns and step in the streets.
And right now y'all are stuck listening to this messed-up white boy Because whichever 14-year-old from Lafitte projects Is the next smiley Lewis-- He's stuck out there in East Bumfuck, Texas.
He can't get home to sing this fucking song! * shame shame shame on you now, dubya * * shame shame shame on you now, dubya * * shame shame shame about what you've done! * Whoo! What? What? That was great! - Yes, indeed.
- That was some true shit! Just to make absolutely sure we're talking about the Sameerson.
Sure, that's David.
And you've been looking for him? Here I am sampling your menu once a week With no clue that David worked for you.
The family mentioned other restaurants-- mister B's, Irene's.
Daymo worked different places different nights.
We don't see the Webster street mention Of a parole Agent's visit, I don't find you.
How long did he work here? We hired him about four months before the storm, maybe five.
Dishwasher to start.
But by August, he was a back waiter.
- Reliable, huh? - Sure, yeah.
- Right until Katrina, anyway.
- And then what happened? Uh, I called Jacques early that morning right before the rain started.
'cause I was already in Alabama and Jacques was getting out of town with his cousin, But we forgot the meat in the freezer, so So I called Daymo because I knew he hadn't left.
And I asked if he could go by the restaurant And take the meat to a shelter or give it away.
- And he say, "no problem.
" - He had a key? We kept one in the false brick front Outside the kitchen entrance for emergencies.
And the hurricane was an emergency, so And the meat? Rancid as anything when we got back.
I had to replace the walk-in.
The door key was where we left it.
And Daymo? Never came back.
The mobile number we had for him was dead.
And nothing.
If he got locked up, it was for something, you know? Or maybe he started gettin' high in jail.
If he did get out somehow, He could be in Houston or wherever right now.
And he ain't gonna pick up the phone 'cause he ashamed.
He wouldn't call to let you know where he at? If he usin', that'd break mama's heart.
you must be Koichi Toyama.
- You are Antoine Batiste? - Yeah.
Welcome to New Orleans.
Get you something before you two set off? Oh Sazerac, perhaps? Don't get much call for sazeracs in here.
Got a second choice? Abita Amber? That we can do.
I see you've been down here some.
Thank you.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Mmm! I bet you miss these.
They got sandwiches in Houston, daddy-- Lots of good food.
Great Mexican.
- Mmm.
Strong buildings And new schools Because our future is here.
New Orleans is our home.
I am happy That's the man that ducked me yesterday.
Baby, can you drive me East? - What, now? - Mm-hmm.
- Hey, bro.
- Nice to see you, man.
What are you doing way out here in the East? Trying to get with your boss.
Apparently, I gotta go everywhere he go.
Any given moment, we're all over the city, you know? - Mm-hmm.
- Tryin' to help folk get back.
Yeah, some are getting back faster than others.
The amazing thing about the Vietnamese Is that they're doing it on their own.
They're not getting help from anybody.
And still your boss is down here to share some of the credit, huh? You upset about something, chief? Y'all need to open up Calliope or Lafitte.
My people want to come on back home before Mardi Gras.
Now you open up just a few of them buildings And we'll take care of the rest.
- Projects are federal.
- That don't mean That y'all can't press 'em to do the right thing.
I mean, I wouldn't mind seeing a little something from y'all About getting our people back home too.
Chief? - Chief.
- Ron.
Good to see you.
Eric, you ready to-- - Can I talk with you, Ron? - What's going on, chief? My gang wants to come on back home.
But they need places to stay.
- I understand.
- Now the projects sittin' there empty.
They didn't flood, didn't blow over.
Oh, chief, wish I could do it.
But you know that's not my call.
Hey, you know my door's always open.
Eric, make sure chief Lambreaux gets in to see me.
- Yes, sir.
- Chief.
Chief, I'll call you.
Joint up the block usually has some decent brass.
At first when I am informed of your name, I am uncertain.
Alvin Batiste, trombone? No, he plays clarinet.
No, not old Alvin.
You know, that's a whole 'nother world of talent right there.
From a computer, I find out Antoine Batiste recorded with preservation hall And also a live recording with Shannon Powell And Germaine bazzle.
These recordings I myself own.
Your intonation is notable And your attack very satisfactory.
You know, I can play some.
Ever since I hear the hot five's record "you made me love you," I have been a jazz fan.
Yeah, Kid Ory will do it to you every time.
No, Hy Clark played that number-- just that number.
Oh, Hy Clark? Yes! That album was my beginning.
Then when I come first to New Orleans And I hear such good live music, I couldn't believe it.
After that, I buy every record That comes to Japan.
Your remember the sweet Emma record on riverside? "the bell gal and her dixieland boys"? Oh yeah, big eye Louis.
He could play.
Regrettably, I must again correct you.
It was Jim Robinson.
What'd I say? Big eye? Oh, no, you know I meant big Jim.
After Katrina, Every time I listen to those records, I cry.
That's why my jazz group decided to come To do what we can.
And we are glad that you are here.
- Oh.
- Eh.
A pawn shop? This is unacceptable.
Say what? Well, I would feel badly if I come all this way To purchase a used trombone for you, Mr.
Please, spare me no expense.
Also we spoke of big eye Louis Nelson.
I heard big eye at preservation hall With kid Thomas Valentine.
- Thomas Valentine? - Yes.
- 1985.
- 1985? You were over here in '85? Yes yes! That was my first time in New Orleans.
That changed my life.
Eggplant, garlic soup, grilled shrimp.
Got it, chef.
Firin' 'em.
Pork chop, mid-rare.
Pork chop, kill it, no sauce.
Four pork, all day, mixed grill, sweetbreads.
Four porks on, chef.
One left, then 86 the pork.
- Only one more chop.
Spread the word.
- Okay.
Sweetbreads, trout, trout.
Two trout, all day.
Sirloin, mid-rare, béarnaise on the side.
Four guys with a lot of attitude just walked in.
They're dropping John Besh's name, but no reservation.
Should I tell them 40 minutes? Holy Christ! Jacques, it's Tom Colicchio and Eric Ripert And David Chang and, just for laughs, Wylie Dufresne.
Squeeze them in table seven now.
Besh fucked us-- fucked us good.
Jacques, be thinking about what the hell we're gonna cook these guys.
Chef, so nice of you to call ahead.
It was a last-minute thing.
We just got into town.
We're doing this charity gig tomorrow night And John said this is the place we have to come.
- He didn't call? - No.
- John says hi, by the way.
- Right back at him.
- Chef, let me introduce you to everybody.
- Oh, no need.
I know.
Hi, Wylie, hello.
David, hi.
Eric, hi.
I'm Janette.
- Pleasure.
- Tom.
Well, I have a great table for you guys, If you want to follow me.
Looks like you're recovering nicely.
Oh, looks can be deceiving.
We won't be needing those, Louise, thank you.
We're psyched to be in your hands.
And please don't be shy.
We are starving.
All right, chefs.
It is an honor to meet you all.
- Have a good time.
- Thank you.
Jacques? What do you got for me? Smoked salmon around some caviar, Seafood truffle stew, fingerlings, Then the lamb off the menu.
We can't out-new York a bunch of New York chefs.
We lowball 'em.
We start with the sweet potato, andouille shrimp soup.
Then we get the rabbit kidneys out of the freezer-- They're tiny; They're gonna thaw fast.
We skewer them with some lardons of the Benton's bacon.
Then we hit 'em with sweetbreads and crawfish over grits.
You're a devious devious woman.
You think? Okay, how about this for the last plate? We've still got the braised lamb neck from staff meal? You are my chef forever.
Then I saw a picture with Armstrong And he was playing trombone.
Pops? Trombone? Cash or charge on this? But a little trombone, like a baby.
That must have been an alto.
No no no no.
Then I understand-- - Slide trumpet.
- Ahh! - That's what it was.
- Yeah, slide trumpet.
Yes, indeed.
But it make no sense Because Kid Ory was in the photograph with his trombone.
Kid Ory? With the king oliver band? No no no.
That wasn't Kid Ory, bro.
With the creole jazz band? Hell no.
Yes, Kid Ory.
Dawg, that was Honoré Dutrey On the trombone in that photo.
I know the photo you talkin' about.
- Honoré Dutrey.
- Kid Ory.
It was Honoré Dutrey Holding a trombone in that picture.
I know I'm right and you're wrong Because I damned well named my daughter after Honoré Dutrey.
Cash or credit? Or do you two want to take this outside? Whoo.
Take a picture of that shit, my friend.
Thank you for indulging me, Mr.
I can be exuberant When I talk about music.
No, man, that was my bad back there.
I mean, damn, how you gonna talk about Me indulging you when I'm standing here - With a brand-new trombone.
- Well, this is my pleasure.
You were here in Katrina? Oh, hell no.
I wouldn't be all the way out here except for the storm.
My midcity place was under 5' of water.
I've been here since.
And your car? My car? No car.
How can you get around? I make do.
Hey, you want me to blow this thing? Oh.
Well, that would be too much trouble.
Oh, it's no problem.
Hold on.
Kid Ory, "struttin' with some barbeque.
" note for note.
Goodbye, Antoine Batiste.
Oh no, man, you've done enough.
Okay, put the isle flotant in front of Ripert.
It's his favorite.
Colicchio said you can cook.
What? How did he say it? I mean, exactly what did he say? He said it kind of offhanded, like, "she can really cook.
" He said, "she can cook" or "she can really cook"? He said "really.
" and the other guys, like, agreed.
- What did they say? - They were like, "yeah.
" Jacques! - How was everything? - Awesome food, chef.
Oh, thank you.
Rabbit kidneys, huh? Nice touch.
- Benton's bacon, right? - Yeah.
I sprinkle that stuff on my breakfast cereal.
You know, Janette, if you ever find yourself up in New York, Please, I'd love to return the favor.
It would be my pleasure to cook for you.
- Give me a call, really.
- All right, thank you.
Thanks again, you guys.
I hope you had a great time.
- And thanks for coming in.
- Thanks, chef.
French, eh? You gotta throw a little French in there? - We're in New Orleans.
- Yeah, I know what you're after.
So what's the occasion anyway? The occasion is they're coming home, for today anyway.
New Orleans is coming home, man.
Just watch and learn.
Who's ready for another cold one? Man, I can't even taste the beer with the smell of mold in here.
Can't we meet somewhere else? The captains of krewe de vieux have been meeting At the mother-in-law since '96.
We're not going anywhere, Donny.
Not after miss Antoinette was good enough - To unlock this lounge for us.
- Next item of business? Some of our subkrewes, they want some kind of acknowledgement Of the storm-- a serious acknowledgment, Not that tongue-in-cheek thing we usually do.
I'm most serious when my tongue's in my cheek.
Well, how serious an acknowledgment are we talking about here? Well, like a riderless horse at the head of the parade.
The sacred purpose of krewe du vieux is to mock the serious.
- Vote.
- All in favor of a serious acknowledgment At the head of this year's krewe du vieux parade? - No.
- Yes.
- No.
- No.
K-doe abstains.
The motion fails.
- Here they come.
Captain? A respite to appreciate the second line? Yes! Jesus.
Hey! Wow! Oh! How's it going? It's beautiful, no problems.
The cops are a little freaked out by the numbers, But I'm glad we got as many people as we do volunteering.
- Nobody expected this many people back.
- No.
This almost didn't happen.
- This had to happen.
It's great.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna fall back and see what's going on with the third division.
Oh, come on, v.
S! Go to work! Work work work! Work, v.
S! Work work! - Kim! - Whaah! Oh my God, you made it! I'll be-- I'll catch up with you.
Go ahead, I'll catch up with you.
Marcus, right? Been wondering about my brother.
- How he doin'? - Haven't heard from him since the storm.
- You seen him? - Me? I was in Atlanta till, like, new years.
I just need to know, before the storm, Was Daymo back to using? Wasn't copping from me if he was.
Last I knew, he let the shit be.
That's it? I'm just trying to figure it out, you know? Well, if I hear something, you got the bar open, right? Yeah.
Yeah, I been back a while now.
Figured it was time for me to come back too, See what's happening.
Okay then.
Take it easy.
Davis! Janette! Hey, babe.
You won't believe what happened to me at the restaurant last night.
You will not believe this! - Check it out! - What? Check it out! - Yeah, I'm gonna follow him! - That was different.
Oh, man, don't even try to act like it wasn't fucking awesome.
The band was fucking on fire, man.
He's shooting! Annie? Annie? We got a man down! Man down, man down! - Man down.
- Annie! For many it was a stark reminder of a New Orleans Many hoped Katrina had washed away.
When the fuck did that happen? I didn't hear any gunshots.
I was at the whole second line, man.
Man, three people shot.
You believe that shit? That's messed up.
That was a hell of a parade.
Look like all the knucklehead shit must be coming back to town.
I can only quote Antoine Batiste-- "New Orleans niggers will fuck up a wet dream.
" You know, now the media is gonna freak the fuck out, Our cops-- shit.
- Hey, white boy.
- I mean, they're just-- They're just looking for an excuse to clamp down on the second lines.
Yo, white boy, what was that you said? I was saying that the cops are gonna take this and run with it.
Naw, that ain't what you said.
Say "nigger" again.
What? Oh, bro, bro No, I live in this neighborhood, so Say it.
I dare you.
you dare me? Davis, shut up, man.
He just dared me to say "nigger.
" what is that all about? - Like I'm like-- - Shh.
"shh? Shh?" all right.
All right, all right.
Just for the sake of discussion, What's gonna happen if I-- Oh, man! Come on, man.
- Davis, you okay, man? - Fuck off! Fuck! Fuck this! - Wait up, Davis.
- Leave me the fuck alone, man! Shh.
Donald, he's conscious.
How the fuck-- We found you lying in the street last night just by our gate.
Rough night? We thought to take you home, but you had no keys.
No wallet either.
Coffee? Uh You guys brought me in? We're your neighbors.
Yes, sir? What's the most trombone I can buy for that? The conn, probably.
Now is it for you or for a kid taking lessons? - Because you could rent.
- Nah.
I have a hell of a horn right now, me.
This is for a friend who lost his in the storm.
What the fu-- let me see that one right there.
What does that say, bro? "a.
" Mm-hmm.
," mother-- You know I'm not picking that up.
I'm taking this to the U.
Attorney's office.
Those guys not only beat my client down, They took his property down to Carondelet street for pawn.
Never mind dirty-- I expect dirty in this town, But that's just stupid.
Like they want to get caught.
Toni, between the guys who quit during the storm And the guys that we fired afterwards, I'm at 60% in this district.
And the guys who are still on the job-- They got no homes, no money.
Their families are living out of town, most of them.
I got guys drinking, guys who won't get out of their cars to work.
Never mind some of them worked two weeks straight after the storm.
They were fucking heroes.
Now they know what the rest of the world thinks.
They've seen the New Orleans police On the news for looting, for beating on people, For the Danziger bridge shootings.
The guys who did this, it's-- It's like a cry for help.
It's all coming back, isn't it? For a moment the storm took it away-- No dope, no guns.
No guns, no bodies.
- You know Cosgrove? - Mm? The asac over at the F.
field office? Ah.
He told me a story, Came to him from a Houston homicide guy Who locked up some New Orleans wonder For a murder in that city.
The kid does his 60 days in detention.
You know, gathers his stuff up, Calls for a guard, tells him that his time's up.
It's time to let him go.
And the kid explains, in New Orleans when you shoot someone, They hold you for 60 days and let you go, Which, let's face it, is pretty much what we do Given how fucked up Eddie Jordan has the d.
's office.
Eddie's a joke, but his shop's not the only one with problems.
I am telling you, Toni, the wheels are off the cart.
And now just like those two assholes shooting up the second line, The crime is coming back.
And we ain't ready.
But you want to talk about a trombone.
Hey, you.
Oh, you're reading your old stuff, huh? Thoreau had it wrong.
Most men lead lives of quiet masturbation.
Cray, you're not gonna believe the day I had-- My Agent called.
She's coming for a visit in a couple weeks.
- Yeah? - Carla said new opportunities, new circumstances.
- Lots to talk about.
- You sound thrilled.
Good news comes by phone.
When a New York literary Agent travels 1,000 miles, That means the publisher wants their advance returned.
I'm six years late on this novel.
Random house is fed the fuck up and wants their money back.
- She said that? - With the money we spent On the new roof and lowering our mortgage, Guess what-- I got nothing to give 'em.
- Creighton-- - What, Toni? What? That fuckin' Agent's gonna ruin Mardi Gras.
Sorry, bro.
See you around, okay?