Treme s01e08 Episode Script

All on a Mardi Gras Day

Next time you find yourself in trouble, you call judge Williams.
If I quit the city council race Then you have a new friend.
You're working on the novel.
That's great.
It's shit.
What the fuck am I doing here anyway? How's he doing? Well, I'll know exactly when his blood work comes back, But he's not well.
This is your new kitchen.
No staff, no silverware; just me and my propane.
Why is that goddamn blue tarp back on the roof again? You are hereby served.
Y'all are crazy to work for this man.
Like as not, he gonna plead poverty when it come time to pay y'all.
Once I'm set up in there, you call the tv station.
He will not leave until these apartments are reopened.
No hum-bow.
This is my cousin's name.
What if Daymo said he was Jerome cherry? We're gonna have to look at this body.
I am not bringing this news home to my family during carnival.
strutting on Sunday lazy Sunday ain't no need to worry about working day Monday or that 9-to-5 grind gonna leave it all behind ain't gonna worry it's my turn I'm gonna walk away my trouble, yeah lazy Sunday, taking it my way I'm lighting a candle for David.
All right, mama.
you must've been a v.
for the second line is wild the c.
, bourbon street the cable and ursaline you can join on any corner enjoy it as it pass it's the second line on Monday and boy, the crowd is fast - oh, over in the - Glory land he's gone to meet the Holy man over in the glory land Yeah, sadness on the rise.
second line's in order they'll be dancing all the way when the preacher cut loose the body and the band begins to play.
Y'all sound fantastic together.
Oh, thank you.
I used to hear that tune on o.
Yeah, it's Chuck Carbo.
You from here? Lakeview.
Lost my house.
Three of my neighbors drowned on my block.
Uh, been living in st.
Louis with my in-laws.
But I'm home for Mardi Gras, baby, huh? Home for Mardi Gras.
Happy Mardi Gras, honey.
hangin' in the treme watching people sashay past my steps by my porch in front of my door church bells are ringin' choirs are singing while the preachers groan and the sisters moan in a blessed tone - mmm-hmm - Yeah down in the treme just me and my baby we're all going crazy while jamming and having fun trumpet bells ringing bass drum is swinging as the trombo groans and the big horn moans and there's a saxophone down in the treme it's me and my baby we're all going crazy while jamming and having fun down in the treme it's me and my baby Two days to get a fuckin' phone call-- Two days.
You hit that cop, right? You were all in his face.
What he supposed to do, ignore it? I appreciate you coming down.
You talk to that lawyer? Bail hearing tomorrow afternoon.
Be home before dinner.
A lot to do before Tuesday.
You're still gonna mask? Never mind.
I heard you twice the first time.
Now do me a favor-- go down to Poke's And tell 'em "keep sewing.
" Bro, if you'd have taken Jefferson highway to magazine To get into town like I told you, it would've been cheaper.
You're killing me, dawg.
$28 on the meter.
I'm good for it, man.
Just pick me up at 2:00 right here, baby, Take me home.
And you owe me $6 from the last time I picked you up.
Ha ha, you think I forgot? Yeah.
No, man, no no.
I got you, baby.
- I got you.
- All right.
- 2:00 now.
- All right.
- 2:00.
- Okay.
You know my dad-- he ain't leaving valence street, ever.
I heard cyril was in Austin.
- And Aaron's in Nashville.
- Oh, there he is.
- Hey, man, what's happening? - Ivan.
Hey, man, your daddy coming back? Not till the air gets better, man.
- He got that asthma thing, you know.
- Aw, man, I hope they do.
I mean, New Orleans without the Nevilles? - Got two Nevilles right here.
- Heh-hey, true that.
- Man, you working on Mardi Gras? - Oh, huh-uh.
I do not work on Mardi Gras day.
Oh, no no no.
Under no circumstances.
Especially this one.
- People coming home for this.
- Yeah, you're right.
- No doubt, man.
Let's do this, bro.
- Yeah, bro.
Dumpstaphunk back in the nola.
they actin' a fool on capitol hill bombs over Baghdad, business as usual a single battle can't pay the bill some American idol singin' "we the beautiful" - meanwhile - Six months since Katrina hit I still ain't got my FEMA check got a trailer, no electric and I can't seem to find my keys meanwhile you might as well have a good time meanwhile gonna shake your pretty Booty, baby meanwhile 'cause there might not be a next time meanwhile Hey, honey.
When's daddy moving back in? When he finishes what he's writing.
He seems so bummed.
Mardi Gras always cheers him up.
Thank you for yesterday.
That was nice.
I needed a real day off.
Yeah, that's pretty much a normal day for me.
I know.
That's the problem with New Orleans-- Too many people live like you.
Au contraire.
Not enough people do.
Speaking of work, I gotta go.
Uh, do you need help tomorrow? - I already asked Jacques.
- Aw.
I know you mean it, but asking you to work Mardi Gras-- That's like asking Paul Prudhomme Not to use fat, salt and cayenne pepper.
I'm concerned about your eternal soul.
I'm not positive, But it may be a mortal sin to work Mardi Gras.
Just the morning.
That would be venial.
All right, 10 hail Marys.
Go forth, my child, and sin no more.
- Have a good one.
- Yep.
Hey, maybe we'll run into each other.
- Fuck off.
- Yeah.
Any minute, mama.
Should've put the gumbo on, but I can't till they get here.
Once I get started with that roux, I'm stuck.
You don't need to be standing over a stove all morning.
You just let me help you out here.
They're here.
- Hey! - Mommy! - Hey, baby! - Mema! Hey, mother-in-law.
- How are you doing? - Mm.
You okay? I'm fine.
- How was the drive? - Well, no traffic.
- Yeah? Come and get you something to eat.
- All right.
- Morning.
- Hey, stranger.
- Or is it afternoon? - Just barely.
- Looking for some lunch? - I'm good.
What are you working on? Oh, the next step-- a proper autopsy.
I thought that was on hold.
Oh, yeah, until after the holiday.
The family can't focus right now.
How's it going? - I'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel.
- Oh, that's great.
As long as it's not the proverbial oncoming high-speed light rail.
- Daddy! - True about absence and a fonder heart.
- Hi, sweet pea.
- Hey.
You sure you don't want some lunch? I was gonna take a ride, clear my head, Get a coffee.
Can I come? - Please? - Yeah, sure.
Let's go.
- Mr.
- Hey, Delmond.
Listen, I'm sorry to tell you this.
The hearing's been postponed now till Wednesday.
Aw, fuck.
You can't be serious.
I don't know exactly what's going on er there.
I do-- they're sending him a message.
- I suppose they are.
- Bet your ass.
You keep a big chief locked up on Mardi Gras day-- that's a message.
I don't know if you can change your plans.
- I guess I have to.
- All right.
Sorry about this, man.
Have a good Mardi Gras.
Yeah, I'll see you Wednesday.
All right, I'll see you then.
Anything else I can get you? A hotel room.
Heh, good luck with that, brother.
It's like seeing an ancient ruin.
That's where jaeger's used to be.
Bruning's, both of them-- The new one and the original, Which was wrecked by hurricane georges-- The third oldest restaurant in the city After Antoine's and Tujague's, 1859.
Back in the day it was a cabaret.
They had slot machines, dancing girls-- All kinds of mischief.
Over there, that was a foot bridge to the bruning home, The one they used in "the big easy.
" - Hey, Cher? - Fais do-do, baby.
And then also over to sid-mar's.
Where was sid-mar's? See the pumping station? - Wow.
- Gone.
Like it never existed.
- It's really creepy.
- Yeah.
It's good to get out and see the destruction.
It's good.
Get off the isle of denial every once in a while And be reminded how much of the city is still wrecked.
- I know, but-- - Yeah, tomorrow, fat Tuesday-- You know the exact date? February 28th.
Six months almost to the day.
Six months.
And we're gonna party like we know how, Second line like there's no tomorrow, Mardi Gras our asses off In the ruins of the Crescent city.
And we should.
But it's good to keep this in mind too.
I know.
I'm bumming you out, aren't I? Kinda, yeah.
Let's go catch a parade.
red, yellow, green, purple or blue we make a new suit Oh shit! What the fuck? Y'all wanna see a grown man cry? That shit ain't funny, man.
I'm afraid I got some bad news, y'all.
You sure you don't need a place to stay? I got the room.
Thanks, I got a friend in the quarter.
I can just stay with him.
- You tell your father I'm thinking of him.
- Wish I could.
I won't see him till Wednesday now either.
I hate to think of him all alone on Mardi Gras of all days.
It is his sacred holiday, all right.
- Not you? - To be honest, In my opinion New Orleans is better off without it.
- Really? - Why not put all that time, Energy and money into fixing up the place? Well, excuse me.
I got a little more work to do.
Joseph's less than three weeks away.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
My name is Bob french.
We're gonna take a slight pause for a very worthy cause.
We'll be back in a little bit.
- Don't you go nowhere, hear? - Yeah! Al Johnson.
It must be carnival time.
Antoine batiste, you tore it up, man, tore it up.
- It's good to see you, man.
- Same here.
- Awesome, batiste.
Just awesome.
- Thank you, man.
- You good? - I'm good.
I'm better than good.
- I'll see you, man.
- All right.
- Antoine batiste? - Whoa! Oh ho ho, Mr.
Toyama! - What you doing here? - Mardi Gras.
I thought this year, this would be the year.
Yeah, it's good to see you.
It's good to see you.
- Let me buy you a drink.
- It would be my honor to buy you a drink.
Oh no, God damn it.
I'm gonna buy you a drink, all right? - Take yes for an answer.
- I accept.
- All right.
- Thank you.
Two jameson and cokes.
A Mardi Gras drink.
You'll like it.
"milenberg joys," one of my favorite jelly roll Morton songs.
Yeah? You know what milenberg was, huh? The red-light district-- yeah, out by the Lake.
Before storyville.
Long gone now.
"milenberg joys"-- original recording, New Orleans rhythm kings, 1923.
George Brunies on trombone.
All right, I'll take your word for it.
- Happy Mardi Gras.
- Happy Mardi Gras.
- Very sweet.
- That's why I like it.
Now listen, you may have noticed I'm playing my old trombone.
Oh, please, no need to explain.
No, it's an interesting story.
See, I found my old one, In a pawnshop as a matter of fact.
A pawnshop? Really? So I gave the one you bought me To my teacher, Danny Nelson.
He lost all of his in the storm, Including the 'bone kid Ory gave him When they were gigging out on the West coast.
- So anyway-- - I was very sorry to hear of Mr.
Nelson's passing.
- You heard? - It was big news in Japan.
Really? Well, among fans of traditional New Orleans jazz music, yes.
That's good to hear.
Pssh, 'cause it should've been bigger news here.
So anyway, it was passed on To his grandson.
So you see, that's how we do it in New Orleans, How a tradition lives on.
- Very Japanese.
- No kidding? Grandfather to grandson.
That pleases me very much.
To Danny Nelson.
To Danny Nelson.
Good parade, sweetie? I love the night parades.
Momus, that was my favorite night parade.
You're too young to remember.
You were about two when they stopped rolling.
Momus, the God of mockery.
The parades were political, satirical.
I can't believe you're waxing nostalgic About the knights of momus.
Masked riders on horseback with pointy hoods? - Hello? - The parades were beautiful.
The floats, the flambeaux-- Black men carrying flaming propane torches And scrambling for change tossed in the street.
It had its antebellum aspects, I'll admit.
- That's part of carnival.
- I hate the flambeaux and the hooded masked riders.
I wished they'd do away with all that.
I wouldn't miss the old line carnival stuff at all.
- I would.
- That's because you're not from here.
When you grow up with it, it has a whole other meaning.
Sometimes they throw the baby out with the king cake.
I like endymion.
That's my favorite.
Super Krewes-- B-list celebrities, tons of plastic beads.
Like everything else in American culture-- Cheap, mass-produced, made in China.
Well, thanks for raining on my parade.
You're welcome.
- Good night, honey.
- Night.
- Night, mama.
- Night night.
I've gotta go to bed too.
Don't you stay up too late.
- Big day tomorrow.
- Don't I know it.
- Where are you going? - It's Mardi Gras, darling.
I know.
I thought we were spending the day together.
You know, I think I need a day apart.
Like the rebirth says, "do what you wanna.
" That's what today's all about, right? You just wanna get high.
That's what you wanna do.
Be good Or don't.
Fucking asshole.
This should be our national anthem.
Sounds kinda like a national anthem.
Bobby short said "satin doll" Should be our national anthem.
Oh, what does he know? I'd cast a vote for "it ain't necessarily so.
" That'd be my second choice.
Well, let's go.
- You gonna turn that off? - No no no no no.
It's bad luck to turn it off.
It's on repeat.
It'll stay on till we get home.
- Hup-hup.
- Whoohoo! - Bye, grandma.
- Bye, grandma.
- Y'all have fun.
- Man, I wish you were coming with us, grandma.
- Ooh, baby, grandma too old for the parades.
- No, you're not.
Tell you what, maybe I'll go next Mardi Gras, When we're all together again.
We'll be back for that gumbo.
Have a blessed day.
you oughtta go see the Mardi Gras if you go to New Orleans you oughtta go see the Mardi Gras when you see the Mardi Gras somebody'll tell you what's carnival for "get out of jail free" card, yes.
get your ticket in your hand if you wanna go through New Orleans if gond through New Orleans you know, when you get to New Orleans somebody'll show you the zulu king you will see the zulu king down on st.
Claude and dumaire you know, you'll see the zulu king down on st.
Claude and dumaire and if you stay right there I'm sure you'll see the zulu queen - Happy Mardi Gras, baby.
- Aw, thank you, baby.
- I hope this is a good spot.
- It's where we always come.
Yeah, but with zulu not rolling all the way up this year Folks will be here, you'll see-- Driving up from Florida, Texas.
Yeah, you're right.
Give me one more.
Mwah! - Happy Mardi Gras.
- Happy Mardi Gras, baby.
That's how we do it.
if you go to New Orleans you oughtta go see the Mardi Gras when you see the Mardi Gras somebody'll tell you what's carnival for get your ticket in your hand If you wanna go through New Orleans get your ticket in your hand if you wanna go through New Orleans - you know, when you get to New Orleans - Whoa! somebody'll show you the zulu king you will see the zulu king down on st.
Claude and dumaire you know, you'll see the zulu king down on st.
Claude and dumaire and if you stay right there I'm sure you'll see the zulu queen.
- Mm, Davis! - Daddy! - Happy Mardi Gras, y'all.
- How about a bloody Mary? Is the sun over the yardarm? Ooh, I think it is, Captain hook.
No, Jean lafitte! Ooh, you are such a hypocrite.
Lafitte was a slave-trader, you know.
- He was? - Mm-hmm.
- He was not.
- He was.
He was? Oh well, I'll do my research next time.
Besides, I prefer to emphasize his role - In the battle of New Orleans.
- Oh, that's convenient.
in 1814 we took a little trip along with colonel Jackson down the mighty Mississippi we took a little bacon and we took a little beans and we caught the bloody british in the town of New Orleans well, we fired our guns and the british kept a-comin' there wasn't nigh as many as there was a while ago we fired once more and they began to runnin' on down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico Whoo! - Yeah! - I always liked that verse about the alligator.
How's that go? Gator lost his mind, powder up his ass.
- Mimi! - Close enough.
Spare us, Mimi.
Spare us.
Are you staying for Rex, darling? I just stopped by to use the facilities.
And you know what they say Ain't no place to pee on Mardi Gras day.
But ossifer, I thought the sign said "facilities street.
" - Now that's funny! - Still? Oh my God.
I rue the day I married into this family.
- Oh! - Yeah, y'all are incorrigible.
The same jokes every year and they don't get better with age.
- It's a beautiful day though, huh? - Perfect.
- Zulu was out of sight.
- They were tremendous as usual.
- I love zulu.
- I know you do, mother.
- It's one of your redeeming characteristics.
- I got a coconut.
- Don't you always? - Pretty much.
I'm serving a light buffet.
You sure you won't stay for Rex? Formaldehyde on wheels? No, thank you.
Need to bop down to frenchmen.
Later, gator.
Be good, girl.
and they ran through the briars and they ran through the brambles and they ran through the bushes where the rabbits couldn't go they ran so fast that the hounds couldn't catch 'em down the Mississippi to the gulf of Mexico.
Two for $5.
That's $15.
Hey! I like the blue tarp.
Yeah, it's a theme this year.
Oh, we heard about your restaurant.
So sorry.
What you gonna do? Life goes on.
- And it's a beautiful day.
- It certainly is.
- What are you gonna have? - What have you got? Chicken and andouille gumbo, crawfish beignets.
Beignets sound like breakfast.
I'll have those.
Me too.
Sofia? - I'm good.
- You gotta eat.
Three orders of beignets in case she changes her mind.
Coming right up.
Miss Brooks, right? Williams.
I guess we, uh, didn't ever exactly meet in court.
Renee Dufossat.
- What a day, huh? - Whoo.
I'm seeing so many people I haven't seen since the storm.
Me too-- just in for the day, All the way from Houston, atlanta-- Uh-huh.
Look, I hope you know in court We have to represent the office, What it thinks is necessary.
You're just doing your job.
Yeah, I know.
Me, I'm glad the judge ruled the way he did.
I hope you find your brother soon.
- Happy Mardi Gras.
- Happy Mardi Gras.
Jasmine! What a day, huh? You couldn't ask for better.
I just hate that we can't go up on claiborne.
They got all them flooded cars still there.
They should've got them gone for today.
Antoine, I might have to take the baby home.
What, already? It ain't even noon.
I thought we'd walk over to the mother-in-law, Maybe catch the baby dolls-- Or hunter's field, see some injuns.
- She won't last.
- Aw.
I'll walk up to galvez, call a cab.
Well, all right.
I won't be late now.
- Stay out as long as you want.
- What? It's Mardi Gras.
Go on, have your fun.
- Uh, you saying what I think you're saying? - No! Yeah.
I just wanna know what the perimeters are.
- You know damn well what the perimeters are.
- All right.
- You get home safe.
- You too.
Bye, boo-boo.
the zulu are doing the second line all on a Mardi Gras day go and get a coconut and drinking beer and wine all on a Mardi Gras day Why would anyone try to drive on Mardi Gras day? Hey, are you crazy? Whoo! - Happy Mardi Gras.
- My turn.
- Happy Mardi Gras.
- Happy Mardi Gras to all y'all.
Happy Mardi Gras.
I live in New York now-- nolita.
Lolita Nolita-- "north of little Italy.
" I love New York.
A lot to love about New York.
You could show me.
I could.
Delmond, Delmond.
- Hey, what's going on? - Hey, man.
- Randy, I want you to meet terence blanchard - How you doing? - And cassandra Wilson.
- How are you? - Y'all know Anthony? - Man, it's New Orleans.
- Everybody knows everybody.
- That's true.
Delmond, how are you doing, honey? I'm good.
How are you? I'm doing fine, thank you.
- How's New York treating you, man? - Cool cool.
You here for carnival? Right! That thing with your dad, man.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I'm sorry, man.
- That man got a heart of steel though.
- Head too.
Let me say hi to Anthony.
- All right, cool, bro.
- All right, see you later.
Good seeing you.
What's the thing with your dad? Hey, miss Ackey.
Well well well, look who it is-- Miss Ladee.
- Mr.
Riley, happy Mardi Gras.
- Oh, fuck you.
Some fuckin' happy Mardi Gras.
- Tell her I pay you on time.
- Yeah, he does.
- You know they arrested me? - What are you talking about? Because of your lawsuit, lady.
That's civil.
Attorney General, fuckin' foti-- Making an example out of so-called crooked contractors.
Came to my house and cuffed me in front of my kids.
- Foti came to your house? - Is you fuckin' stupid? Police-- police came to my house! I just want a roof over my bar, Mr.
Now I'm sorry.
- I didn't mean for that to happen.
- Well, it did.
So fuck you.
Fuck you! Huh-uh, no, bro.
Fuck you.
Fuck you, motherfucker.
- Who the fuck is that? - My ex-contractor.
Oh, that explains it.
Happy Mardi Gras, baby.
Happy Mardi Gras to you.
Yeah, where Larry and the boys? They're all ck at my mama's by now.
I'm going over to gigi's, help Clarence with the bar.
Thank you, baby.
Hold on, baby.
I'm coming with you.
Hey, you ill? I'm just not feeling it this year.
Cray, it's such a beautiful day.
Pete's not out, the crowds are small, Haven't seen the buzzards.
E buzzards are coming.
I like the small crowds-- Not as many drunk college kids.
- I wanna stay for the truck parade.
- Well, of course you do.
Like you don't have enough beads already.
You know the number-one cause of death in fires in New Orleans? - Oh, daddy.
- It's not flames, not smoke.
It's toxic fumes from all the plastic beads.
Hey, if you want us to come home with you, we will.
No no, y'all stay.
Have fun.
I'll heat up the gumbo when we get home.
It's not like your father to quit on Mardi Gras.
Maybe he's coming down with something.
Ah, a pirate wench! Just what I need.
Jean lafitte at your service.
Hello, Jean lafitte.
- You play fiddle at the apple barrel.
- Yeah.
I was in there one night, you came in Never mind.
- Davis.
- Annie.
- Is this your first Mardi Gras? - No, I was here last year.
But this one is different.
Yeah, I know.
This one's special.
Ah, as Professor longhair would say, When in New Orleans, one ought to go see the Mardi Gras.
- Is that it? - Fini.
Ah, happy Mardi Gras, Jacques.
- Whoo! - Happy Mardi Gras, janette.
Have fun.
spread your feet lyin' back groovin' ridin' in your car don't make no difference where you are feel good music I've been told is good for your body, yeah and it's good for your soul come and get it now, hey hey hey hey hey pocky way.
- Happy Mardi Gras, baby.
- Happy Mardi Gras to you.
Remember me? Sorry? - I look familiar? - No, I don't think so, no.
You the guy with the boat, right? Lizardi street.
I was half-dead from the heat, Chopping my way out of my attic.
No water.
You took me off my rooftop.
That was you, right? Lizardi street? Yeah, it was.
Oh, man, am I glad to see you.
- Buy you a drink? - Sure.
yes, I'm going to New Orleans I'm gonna see that Mardi Gras Hey, baby, looking good.
- Where you at? - Good, darlin'.
- How are you? - I'm great.
- How's your day? - Good.
Happy Mardi Gras! You were at Donna's last night? - I didn't see you there.
- With my boyfriend-- The guy I play with.
The piano player? - Yeah.
- Oh.
I didn't know he was your boyfriend.
Where is he today? You know, "do what you wanna.
" I do know.
I've been there, done that.
You got a girlfriend? Kind of, sort of.
I'm not really sure, but There's a lot of creative shit out there.
Oh, there's my favorite.
"FEMA says the beads will be here in April.
" by the time he came along in his boat, I was about ready to give up.
If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be here.
- Is that right? - I don't know.
I guess.
Everything happens for a reason.
- Am I right? - Yeah, you're right.
Just like running into you today-- fate, right? - Buy you both another drink? - Why not? - Hell, yeah.
- Be right back.
Nice place.
What, you're kidding, right? This place is a dump.
- Hi, Anthony! - Hey, Anthony.
- Janette! - Where you at? - You look fantastic - Thank you.
How you doing? Mwah! Happy Mardi Gras.
Happy Mardi Gras.
So where is it? You've been promising to show me.
I wanna see it.
- Right here.
- Oh my God.
"Elvis Presley sat here for the opening scene In the movie 'king creole.
'" Oh my God, oh my God.
I'm gonna cry.
Don't cry.
I had an Elvis scrapbook when I was little.
- I know you did.
- Well, it was my sister's, but I didn't care.
- I love Elvis.
- I know you do, baby.
- Here, have one of these Mardi Gras delights.
- Ooh.
Thank you very much.
Oh, yeah! God bless you.
Bless you.
- Bless you.
- All right.
Oh, yeah.
- Oh, the blessing.
- Reverend.
- Oh yes, the blessing.
- Reverend goat.
- Oh, yeah.
- Thank you.
Thanks for the blessings.
- You're sure welcome, my brother.
- Thank you.
I'd like to introduce my pirate wench.
Oh! How are you, young wench? - Good.
How are you? - I'm well today.
- Here's a blessing for both of y'all.
- Thank you.
- Turn around.
Let me get the back too.
- Thank you, thank you.
Oh yeah, oh yeah.
Uh-oh, uh-oh.
- Thank you, brother.
- Thank you.
Y'all go on and eat without me.
I gotta finish cleaning up.
No, Clarence left early.
I'll be all right.
Yeah, I love you too.
Hey, my neighbor Lolis usually does gumbo.
You'll really like him.
He writes for "the times-picayune.
" He's having a gumbo party? Yeah, we don't really call it that here, but He's great, man.
Who the fuck is that? Hey, who the fuck are you? Is it magnie? Cleary? Torkanowsky? That is the great Tom Mcdermott.
Oh, you're kidding.
Yeah, whoo! Whoo! Thank you, thank you.
Tom? Hey, Annie.
Happy Mardi Gras.
Happy Mardi Gras, Tom.
Hey, Tom, can you play "if ever I cease to love"? Oh, yeah.
- Davis Mcalary.
- Jeffy Jeff, my negro.
Hey, since we're both in the nabe, You wanna stroll on down to old o.
For old time's sake? No, man, but guess who's in the kitchen.
Darnell nichols? Aw, fuck a duck.
Hey! Come on, let's go.
We gotta go.
Abracadabra alakazam.
Jockomo feena nay.
- Whoo.
- What you doing, darlin'? I'm turning this ordinary car - Into a taxicab.
- Good luck, baby.
my flag boy and your flag boy sittin' on the bayou my flag boy told your flag boy I'm gonna set your flag on fire talking 'bout hey now, hey now iko I unday jockomo feeno ah na nay jockomo feena nay huh What is you? Why, I'm I'm me! And a wonderful me you are.
see my guy all dressed in green iko iko unday he's not a man, he's a lovin' machine jockomo feena nay - talking 'bout hey now - Hey now - hey now - Hey now iko iko unday because, baby, I will girl, you know that I will tell it like it is don't be ashamed baby, let your conscience be your guide oh, I know, I know, I know deep down inside me Oh, damn, ladonna.
You're carrying it all right here.
Let me work that out.
you know life's too short to have sorrow Oh.
You may be here today and gone tomorrow so you might as well get what you want baby, go on and live girl, go on and live tell it like it is I'm nothing to play with go on and find yourself a toy yeah yeah yeah ooh-la-la Oh, boy, that was fun.
- Aw, man.
- I had a good time.
Thank you.
- You did? - Yeah.
Aw, what the hell? ooh-la-la right now, dance spy boy Jack dupree pretty yellow pocahontas in New Orleans Wow, that's mysterious.
You have no idea.
No, baby.
Hep "c.
" So what do you say? More where that came from? First let's fuck.
Oh, baby.
Yeah! Thank you.
Thank y'all.
- Thank you so much.
- Y'all having a good Mardi Gras? Yeah! - How about you? - Hell, yeah! Thanks for asking, bro.
- Saw me some indians tonight.
- Yeah! Forgot what a thrill that was, man.
I got goosebumps.
I still got goosebumps.
Yeah! Indians on Mardi Gras day, man.
Kind of makes you think, uh, New Orleans just might make it.
- Yeah.
- You know? It might just come back.
- Yeah.
- Right on.
- Right, Sam? - Yeah, you're right.
You already know.
Tell the people what the name of this next tune is, bro.
This next tune right here's "come down to New Orleans.
" - Yeah! - Yeah! Desatively.
when you wanna have a good time come on down to New Orleans come on down to New Orleans come on down to New Orleans when you wanna have a good time come on down to New Orleans it's the prettiest it's the prettiest little thing you've ever seen Any moment now we will see The Captain of comus-- the mistick krewe of comus.
And that's m-i-s-t-i-c-k, we should say.
Lots of people put that "y" in there, But you're not supposed to do that.
I just had this horrible thought About the Captain comus getting stuck in the elevator.
We're on the fifth floor here.
Well, there are escalators too.
If you'd still like to go to the store-- Here we are, the Captain of comus.
That would put me to sleep too.
The Captain of the mistick krewe of comus Has arrived to present an invitation To his majesty Rex to visit the comus ball.
Mardi Gras 2006 is officially over.
- Wow.
- Please clear the streets.
I've never seen anything like this.
It's one thing n.
Is good at-- crowd control.
The best in the world.
At the stroke of midnight, it's over.
Mardi Gras 2006 is officially over.
Please clear the streets.
It's been wonderful.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Mardi Gras 2006 is officially over.
Please clear the streets.
We should get going.
Whoo! - My turn? - Lead the way.
Mardi Gras 2006 is officially over.
You still up? You know I don't sleep.
What time did Larry and the boys leave? About 8:00.
He tried to call you, but I must have been in the back.
Been having trouble with my phone all day.
- They okay? - They're fine.
Did you eat? Plenty of gumbo left.
I can heat it up.
I'll do it.
You've done enough, mama.
Ladonna, everything okay? - What do you mean? - Between you and Larry.
Everything's fine, mama.
All right.
Everything's fine.
it's sad but it's pretty like New Orleans I hate to see it come apart at the seam.
- Hmm.
- Is this love? this lonely love? is this love? "sad but pretty like New Orleans.
Hate to see it come apart at the seams.
" Carnival's done-- Farewell to flesh-- In the land of dreams, In the land of dreamy dreams.
Way down yonder, heaven on earth.
They called it New Orleans.
Living here now is like a dream, The way that everything in a dam is the same Yet not the same, familiar yet strange, Not quite right, But you just can't put your finger on it.
New Orleans was a soap bubble-- And it had a hell of a run.
But now it's done.
Whatever comes next Is just a dream of what used to be.
I wonder when they stopped doing midnight mass For Ash Wednesday.
We can come back at 7:00 A.
No, I don't think so.
All right, ready? There.
What do you think? I think burned "gambit" pages work pretty well.
What? I didn't give up weed for lent.
Oh, what did you give up? I'll have to get back to you on that.
What about you? Oh, I'm thinking about going home maybe For a while.
- Home? - New York.
Wow! You're giving up New Orleans for lent? That's radical.
I don't know.
I'm anticipating munchies momentarily.
Beignets? Beignet, done that.
Well Well Good night.
Good night, Davis.
Cray? Cray, wake up! Get up! You want Sofia to find you like this? Pull yourself together.
Remember that you are dust And to dust you shall return.
Thank you.
How was your Mardi Gras? It was good.
It was real good, actually.
It was a beautiful day.
I met a girl, I sat in on a gig And I saw some indians.
- Sounds a perfect day.
- It was.
Sorry I missed it.
- Which gang? - Creole osceola.
- Were they pretty? - Real pretty.
Not as pretty as y'all would've been, but pretty.
Joseph's coming.
You'll be out there.
You'll be the prettiest.
Yeah, you're right.
friends are calling 'cause I've fallen down joined the circus but I ain't no clown there's fire-eaters and some midgets too around the corner right next to the zoo Mardi Gras has come to town time to lay your burden down how bad can Tuesday get? boy, you ain't seen nothing yet.