Treme s02e05 Episode Script

Slip Away

And Dinerral was more than just a big brother to me.
He was the only father figure I've ever known.
He was always there for me.
He was always the highlight of my life.
I can remember my high school graduation when he lied and told me that he couldn't make it.
I was so upset with him, to walk outside and to find him and the rest of my hot 8 brothers standing in the corner ready to strike a beat for me.
And he played.
And he gave me and my class the best graduation second line ever.
He was all I had.
Who's gonna be there for me now? Take your time, baby.
Touch her, lord Oh God.
Those family members who wish to take their parting, you may do so.
It's gonna be all right.
- Bennie.
- Hey Antoine.
I don't know what to say, brah.
Nothing to say, brah.
All right.
hanging in the Treme watching people sashay past my steps by my porch in front of my door church bells are ringing choirs are singing while the preachers groan and the sisters moan in a blessed tone - mm-hmm - Yeah down in the Treme just me and my baby we're all going crazy while jamming and having fun trumpet bells ringing bass drum is swinging as the trombone groans and the big horn moans and there's a saxophone down in the Treme it's me and my baby we're all going crazy while jamming and having fun down in the Treme it's me and my baby we're all going crazy - while jamming and having fun.
- Whoo! And the nature of Mr.
Weyman's passing is, I know, disturbing to all of us, particularly with what many of us have been dealing with since hurricane Katrina.
If any of you find yourself harboring any harmful thoughts or feel yourselves to be depressed or feel any anxiety at all, I want you to bring those feelings to Dr.
Stecklow and her counseling team or to your regular school counselors or to any teacher with whom you feel comfortable.
Students should now proceed to your regular third-period classes.
I heard that his wife left him.
He took pills.
Do you know what he took? No, he shot himself.
Sofia, this is especially hard for you, I know.
- Um - If you need to talk, I'm here.
It was them niggas from Robertson and Touro.
They were beefing with his brothers and seen him come through, lit his ass up.
I heard he threw shots first.
Tristan ain't had no gun, man.
- I seen it.
- You saw his gun? Okay okay, listen up now.
Listen up.
- Where's Mr.
Lecoeur? - Went down to the office.
He gonna bust some heads, find out why the instruments ain't coming.
All right, well, why don't y'all take y'all places? - All right? - We ain't supposed to be doing nothing.
- Yes, you are.
Take your place.
Sit down.
- Nah.
I'ma deal with you later.
Sit down.
All right, listen.
It's time for a little music appreciation.
Y'all listen much to Louis Armst-- Y'all listen much to Louis Armstrong? Mr.
Lecoeur said we ain't gonna do nothing today 'cause of Tristan.
- What happened to Tristan? - He got shot.
- He got shot? - He's in the hospital.
Tristan was second snare drummer, and me-- I was third.
So I'm second now, right? Fool, you ain't even got no instrument.
I'm just saying when I get me one.
Batiste, I am second now, right? Go take y'all seats.
Accused of murder and attempted murder on the Danziger bridge in the days after Katrina, one by one, seven NOPD officers turn themselves into police.
Loved ones say their goodbyes, as the so-called Danziger 7 turn themselves in at Orleans parish central lockup.
NOPD! NOPD! Seven New Orleans police officers Damn, they indicted all seven.
If Eddie can convict any of them, you're gonna follow with one hell of a civil case.
Yeah, my Danziger file suddenly has all kinds of potential.
This one not so much.
- Abreu? - Yeah.
Guess I'll call the guy, tell him what I learned, give him the number for the loyola law clinic.
Or he can call an investigator.
- Yeah.
- But you have enough on your plate.
You're right.
I know.
- Can I help you? - Safety and permit inspector.
I didn't call for no inspections.
No, I'm just canvassing, looking to see where folks are back and that everything is right with the papers.
That's a new installation, isn't it? It all works fine.
Yeah, that's good to hear, but I didn't see any permit posted.
Don't need no permit.
My pipes work just fine.
I called down to sewage and water, paid up on my account and they turned it back on.
But this is new work-- New pipes, a new commode.
Until you get a state-licensed plumber to sign off on this work and get the proper permits, I'm gonna have to shut the water off at the street.
I'm out here living hand-to-mouth, day to day.
Now you're gonna make me pay again for work I've already done? I don't make the ordinances, sir.
The whole fucking city goes underwater and y'all carry on like it's business as usual.
Now I'm out here on my own getting shit done.
Don't that count for nothing with you people? Sorry, sir.
Thank you.
He'll be with you in a moment.
The amuse tonight is Spanish mackerel With clementine puree, pickled cranberry and lemon pepper.
Chef, thank you so much for seeing me.
I just felt the need to apologize to you and say I'm sorry.
You made things happen for me here and I fucked it up.
I embarrassed you.
You gave me an amazing break with an amazing amazing chef.
And it was your name.
And I just-- Well, I behaved like a maniac.
There's no excuse.
Did you throw the drink and the glass or just the drink? Oh God, no.
Just the drink.
A direct hit? Pretty much.
Sazerac-- Nice touch.
Well, it seemed appropriate.
Listen, I read the article.
Everybody read the article.
The guy was totally out of line.
Well, no excuse though, no excuse.
Listen, go talk to Eric.
Ripert? Eric Ripert? Yeah, you know, he's a Buddhist.
He's all into forgiveness.
He'll take care of you.
- Are you serious? - Yeah.
And whatever you do, stop throwing drinks in people's faces, will you? - Of course.
- All right, I gotta run.
- I'll see you.
Take care.
- Thank you so much, chef.
I'm ballzack and I'm on the scene I got a gold vibrator and some blue runner beans I used to jump shot with jabbar and them popeye and pals and captain Jim I do the wine candy, I do the red drink I do the big shot, I do the skating rink I do the wine candy, I do the red drink Oh, we gotta keep ballzack on the track list, - let the west bank represent.
- I do the lemon, man, I do the cherry Maybe a draw for the college crowd.
I don't know.
But Miz Tee, Katey, Big Freedia-- It's a good lineup of fresh cuts.
We'll move some units locally.
- Yeah.
- But, Davis, there's nothing here that can go national.
What? Wayne? Juvie? You think you can rope them? Mystikal? - I thought you said he was in jail.
- He is.
I'm just hoping he left a track or two behind before he went away.
What was that other young man's name-- The one that you were playing for me in the car, Davis? What, the Big Tymers cut? Mannie Fresh? You might have a shot with Mannie.
I heard he's in town for the holidays.
Settled then.
We shall seek an appointment with Mr.
We? You know, the funeral Sunday, all those musicians who showed up-- Made me kind of proud.
I mean, at the end there outside the church I felt like I was part of something, whether you knew him or not.
Yeah, it felt right.
You didn't tell me about what it was like playing with Shawn Colvin.
How did that happen? She saw me on frenchmen street.
She asked me to come down to sound check and we worked up a song.
Very cool.
At the end of the set she introduced me to her manager-- This dude from Austin.
Austin, huh? Like he's gonna sign me right up 'cause Shawn tells him so.
- No interest? - No.
I gotta sing, I know.
Not just sing.
You want to reach for a brass ring, you gotta write.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph, this is great.
Same dishes since the '40s, damn near the same decor too.
I asked to take you to dinner, I figured August or Bayona, something in town.
Well, to me this is special.
Thing of it is, what's great about Mosca's is the same thing New Orleans struggles with in a way.
What's that? Change.
Nobody wants the city to change, not ever, not in any way.
French have it.
Americans come downriver with cotton.
They get called "new money trash" and they gotta build their mansions upriver.
Years later the standard oil men come down here.
Cotton kings stick up their noses.
They don't invite them to the Mardi Gras balls.
So the oil money goes to Houston.
And now? Now we're a flooded-out wreck, trying to scratch it out on whatever tourist dollars are left.
And still if you want to build anything down here, change anything, modernize anything, you get looked upon as the problem.
That's crazy.
What's this? Oysters Mosca.
But we need to change.
We have to.
And to bring change to New Orleans, there are a lot of arguments that, if they can be avoided, they should be-- Arguments that are off-point, that don't have to do with the actual merits of what anybody's trying to do.
No doubt.
Pop quiz, Nelson: What's the next step after demolition and removal? We build something.
Don't get ahead of yourself.
Planning, land use.
And what, Mr.
Nelson Hidalgo of Dallas, Texas, is your greatest asset to us when it comes to planning? Nobody in this town knows Nelson Hidalgo from a hole in the ground.
Don't sleep on the chicken a la Grande.
The first bite will make you weep like a baby.
- Sofia, where were you? - I went for a walk.
I was calling.
It's 10:00 at night.
You didn't go to your afterschool internship.
You left your book bag in your locker.
You had them check my locker? Sof, I was worried.
Where were you? Out.
I'm gonna need more of an answer than that.
Why? I was out.
It's the truth.
I didn't do anything I'm not supposed to do.
I didn't go anywhere I'm not supposed to go.
It's the truth.
I'm not lying to you.
Dead as Kelsey's nuts, huh? Three shots, semiautomatic.
Homicide's been notified, but they're backed up, calling in the guys from home.
It's the first for us.
It's the fourth citywide.
Go ahead, 8-10.
Could you give us an ETA for homicide? Stand by.
Thinking trying to make up your mind your folks sleep let's not waste any time I know it's late and now I can't wait let's steal away I know it's wrong asking this of you there's no other way I can be with you if only your folks would approve seeing like this we wouldn't have to do no no, I won't tell anybody else I'm gonna keep it all to myself I know it's late and now I can't wait, let's steal away Say brah.
Yo brah! I just was gonna ask where my change at.
Are you ok? You're in charge.
Do what you need to do.
Close up as best you can.
Call for me? Disregard it.
Lieutenant, sign here.
Things can't be that quiet in the French quarter.
Bad one here-- A heater.
I heard.
I came past to see if you guys needed manpower.
I can spare a couple guys for your canvass.
No, we're good.
He's crouched in the corner there holding the little boy.
Protecting him.
Wife went first, one shot to the neck.
She dies quick, so not much blood.
And the husband? He's asleep in the bed with the son? So he says.
One shot, grazes him in the cheek.
Says he gets up, he runs to the bathroom.
Two more shots-- The forearm and the hand.
Still he looks good, the kid too.
Looks like a straight-up robbery.
But, Terry, the way this guy played it-- The guy's shot three times.
He's in the fucking hospital, right? You didn't see how he reacted to his wife's death.
The guy's in shock.
I fucking would be.
I got a feeling about this.
Wow, you're up early.
Today I write a song.
What? Really? Can I help? Oh, I'm not sure you should.
I think it has to be my song.
So what are you gonna start with-- The melody or the lyrics? Which do you start with? Lyrics.
I want melody for me then.
Where are you going? I'm going to a business meeting.
Dressed like that? It's the music business.
Go ahead, 8-41.
Did you say a white lexus? Negative, 8-41.
A white Lincoln.
Copy? Copy that.
Is it clean? The title and registration are valid.
License is also valid.
Guys know that you had a call for service over at 2460? I mean, it's only a few houses away, for Christ sake.
We got that, yeah.
And your guys still like the husband? Seriously, John? The more we talk to him, the better he looks.
Attach this to an invoice for 32 billable hours noted as "fee waived" and overnight it to Massachusetts.
Why bother with that if you're not gonna bill him? Reality check.
I need the guy to know how much it would cost to keep going and I can't keep going.
- Okay.
- Bill him with the new mortgage, an old one on a house that won't sell, an angry-all-the-time daughter who is for sure gonna pick the most expensive east coast college in a year.
Oh yeah, and Cray's pension payout doesn't come to half his teaching salary.
I need to work paying cases.
- Okay.
- So the rest of the day is prep for this afternoon's hearing.
So no calls-- Nothing.
You get another walk-in-- We're not lawyers.
We sell insurance, do window treatments, whatever.
Le Bernardin? I'm looking for the service area.
- That door over there.
- Thank you.
- Hello.
- How are you doing? How can I help you? I'm looking for chef Ripert.
I haven appointment.
- Elevator up.
- Thank you.
Chanterelle, lobster Chef.
Please sit down.
Good to see you again, chef.
Nice to see you, chef.
But now you are the woman who throws drinks at Alan Richman's face.
I guess I'm gonna have to live with that, yes.
You know, actually Alan is a friend of mine.
We get along very well.
But you are a good cook and we like good cooks at le Bernardin.
Okay, business: We have a very different system here.
Understand this.
You will start at the Garde Manger.
Everybody starts at the Garde manger.
Even if you were the chef de cuisine at Ducasse, you start at the Garde manger.
After what I did, I'll feel lucky to have a job.
C'etait vraiment un Sazerac? Oui, chef, un Sazerac.
( Boat horn blowing I was under the impression Mr.
Fresh was going to meet us here in person.
Ah, well, it's the first he's been home since the storm, so he'd rather have this as a phone meeting.
Ladonna honey, it's damn near noon.
I'll be up in a bit, ma.
Councilmember Thomas's office.
That hearing you asked about is in 15 minutes.
Do you want me to send someone to monitor it? No, I kind of want to check it out myself.
Young lady, Miss Bernette, you want to take a walk? Okay, sure.
Understand, it's not personal with Mannie.
It's just his sense of time.
Can we give him a call then and see where he's at? Sure.
What's up? Mannie, it's Ron Remsberg calling.
McAlary is here for your meeting.
Oh shit, yeah.
A'ight, let's roll with it then.
All right, go ahead.
Hey Mannie.
It's me-- DJ Davis.
I used to be at OZ.
I was the one who got fired for playing too much local rap and bounce.
Yeah, Davis, right.
How've you been, brah? Yeah, good good, man.
Come on, man, get to the point.
Yeah, okay.
Well, we're putting together a sampler, right, starting a new label, trying to bring a little more of the world to New Orleans hip hop.
And what we could really use to give this thing some real weight is one or two tracks from you-- Fresh tracks, brah, Mannie Fresh.
Your work with the big tymers, Birdman and Wae-- Man, you've been down on some classics, man.
Uh, let's see, "still fly," "back that thing up," "bring it back.
" Come on, man, you know the law of the LO.
You're jock-riding without a seat belt.
- And on top of that I know my stuff.
- I know.
I'm sorry, I was just saying-- Look, brah, I can't help you right now.
I got my children.
I got my own label.
I got dudes on my back.
It's just not a good time for me.
- Aw, man, well - I think we're done here.
If I may "Fuck the fame.
Fuck the power.
" Fuck the fake-ass friends.
We gonna do it like this fr the nine-six to the nine-seven era, taking over one state at a time, "one rhyme after one rhyme.
" Mr.
Fresh, seems to me like somebody's forgetting where they came from.
What? Who the fuck is that talking? Mannie, I'll finish up from here.
Mannie, hey, my-- My assistant-- That's his teedie.
His teedie? How she roll? Go n-style, past Jackson definitely.
You dj Davis's auntie from the garden district and you're dropping my own tracks on me? For real? What she look like? Flossing chanel, rocking Louis.
Oh, you already know.
Wow, really, Davis? Mannie, I'm sorry.
Fuck it, I'ma give your greedy teedie a track.
Yeah, Mannie? Go ahead, hook the lady up.
I'm out, dude.
What? Which is to say, your honor, that this case is scheduled for settlement conference next month and the plaintiffs had every hope of reaching a settlement with the city about a fee reduction.
The fact remains that we are well into this year's second-line parade season.
And as Miss Schwartzmann made clear in her own remarks, several of the social aid and pleasure clubs are in danger of canceling their parades.
Next week, in fact, the pigeon town club is facing a deadline from the city on fees in excess of $5000.
- Your honor, may I interject? - Proceed.
The officers from the pigeon town steppers have informed me that their fees based on their parade route and the police concerns about violence on that route are now $7,560.
I needed to see for myself if this thing's any closer to getting settled.
And I thought you'd get a kick out of watching your mama do her thing.
She's on the side of the angels here.
Fees 10 times that from clubs that might only have two dozen members.
And by the time we get to a settlement conference half the spring parade season will have passed and we'll be at carnival.
When you compare the burden being placed on the clubs and what is being asked of the more affluent Mardi Gras crews, there is frankly the suggestion of a cultural and even racial bias.
She ain't gonna come in at all tonight? She's up in Baton Rouge.
Miss Ladee ain't been doing so good ever since the beatdown, you know.
Where the hell are you gonna book us at next? At a daiquiri stand? Motherfucker, y'all just need to get closer and pretend y'all like each other a little bit.
Hey, where terrell at? With the hot 8 over there at the blue nile.
- He got a sub? - No sub.
One trumpet-- Just me.
And Tim sitting in for Roderick again? - Seems like.
- Oh man.
Got a nine-piece band with 54 fucking pieces.
Hey Oliver.
Hey, how've you been, Katy? I'm good.
You got a comment for me? - About what? Parade fees? - Yeah.
Well, look, the storm bankrupted the city.
I don't doubt that we need to raise some money somehow.
Some of the clubs said they reached out to you, that they wish that you'd be more of a public advocate for the culture.
Off the record, I'm talking to the mayor and Riley privately, trying to find some middle ground.
And on the record? On the record, I hope we find some middle ground.
Nothing else? Hey, what did you think of your mom? Everything all right between y'all? I just didn't want to bother her.
She seemed pretty busy in there.
So if you think she's on the side of the angels, why don't you just say so? You could come out against the fee increases and side with the clubs.
I go against Nagin or Riley right now, I might not have them when I need them for something else later.
$7000 for the pigeon town steppers? Okay, look, you're right.
I'm a politician.
What I show in public might not be what I do in private.
What I say to the mayor might not be what I say to your mom, the clubs or some newspaper reporter.
But I can promise you, young lady, a couple of weeks from now pigeon town gonna be stepping.
You put whatever you want into it.
Beyond that, anyone that I send, you get 2 1/2 points on whatever they bring.
Fair enough.
Anything Inside that.
Just curious-- What's coming? Oh, I don't know what's coming.
And we never had this conversation.
Just a hunch then, huh? Just a hunch.
But you never gamble.
I'm on it.
I'm her nephew.
I'm authorized to use the card.
Okay, she's in the other room.
Hold on.
Hey, you're Mary Margaret McAlary and you authorize the charge on your visa.
What? Yeah, it's cool.
Just do it.
Yes, this is Mary.
Yes, he's my nephew and I authorize the charge.
All right, thank you.
Okay, are we cool? You got everything? All right, home delivery tomorrow.
Great, thanks.
Davis, I'm not sure I like you sending stuff to ex-girlfriends.
It's not about that.
It's about honoring an act of heroism or terrorism.
How much did you buy? Half a case.
That's very generous on your aunt's card.
She's fronting me the cash-- Advance against future sales of the CD.
Yeah, future sales.
I said it.
If we should be alone just walk on by baby, my darling honey, please don't cry 'cause tonight we'll be yeah yeah at the dark end of the street you and me.
Yeah! Wanda Rouzan, baby.
Wanda Rouzan.
Yeah, it's always good to see one of the ladies embracing the delights of marital infidelity.
Blame the girls too, yeah.
Right, fellows? Yeah.
'Cause when it comes to stolen love, Antoine Batiste has always been forced to be the villain.
Come on, hit me, my brothers.
Here we go! Come on now.
Come on.
What would I give oh, for just a brief moment what would I give just to have you near A young black man shot and killed on the streets, and those left behind in their community are angry that even in a brand new year I'm gonna turn in, baby.
Okay, I'll be in after this here.
All right.
Good night, ma-in-law.
Good night.
I thought you were supposed to mind the bar through to Saturday.
The bar can mind itself.
When he heard the shot that killed him.
I was going just-- I was like, "son, hold on.
Son, you're gonna be all right.
" Slip away, slip away slip away uh, I need you so yes, I do Love, oh love how sweet it is when you steal it oh, girl how sweet it is oh Oh, I got something to say now, baby.
Listen, everybody Come on now, break it down.
Oh yeah.
Breaking it down now.
Listen, ladies oh, listen, little girl - All right.
- Sometime tonight when you get a little lonely I want you to slip on out I want you to meet me at the dark end of the street where all the midnight lovers meet 'cause I just want to see you tonight Oh, you do with your big self? Now you might think I'm a wrongdoing man I'm not a wrongdoing man, no 'cause if loving this big, fine, red-lips girl is wrong I don't want to be right I just want to see you tonight slip away, slip away slip away oh, I need you so Delivery for me.
Want a smoke? No way.
It's my first day at le Bernardin.
I'm working the lunch service.
Oh, that's right.
Oh, I'm happy to be working anywhere after what I pulled, but Le Bernardin-- I'm dipped in shit, you know? I hear Ripert is good to work for.
Better than the shithead that I'm slinging sauce under.
Are you looking for a new gig? Maybe.
New year-- New kitchen.
What did you win? Rye, half a case.
Plus Herbsaint and Peychaud's bitters.
- What's all that for? - Sazerac.
Of course.
Try so hard to lift you up but I fall I can't carry us both I must walk away from this and say my goodbyes.
Then the instrumental refrain and then back around, repeat the verse and out on the chorus.
It's beautiful.
I love the descending bass as the chorus resolves.
It's nice.
Yeah, it really worked for me.
Oh, tea's up.
I wrote a song, bitches.
Take these to the curb.
- Good morning, chef.
- Good morning, Fernando.
Good morning, chef.
Good morning.
Hi, I'm Chris, the chef de cuisine.
Janette Desautel.
- Good morning, chef.
- Good morning.
This is the Garde manger.
We have three chefs.
You're gonna be number four.
I want you to learn the pounded tuna first.
It's our most popular appetizer.
You'll work here with Victor, Colby and bill.
All right? Hi, I'm Soa.
Welcome to Le Bernardin.
Thank you.
I appreciate this, but something had to give.
There's just too much casework and things are not so good at home.
Don't worry.
This will be a great exercise for some of the third-year law students.
Are you gonna go to the march? The march? Oh, that shooting in the marigny.
I don't know.
Remember the one in '96 after the Louisiana pizza kitchen killings? A few hundred protesters tops.
Most of them white.
Hopefully that's not this time though.
You know, you might want to start by filing a public records request.
- We will.
- It's just-- Toni, we got this, I promise.
I want you to concentrate on what's important, okay? Oh, thanks, Majeeda.
Try so hard to lift you up but I fall I can't carry us both I must walk away from this and say my goodbyes.
You wrote a hit.
It isn't that good.
Oh, I don't know.
"Don't think twice" did all right for Bobby Dylan.
I mean, you changed the progression so it doesn't go back to the two, but other than that, I gotta say, at least you're stealing big.
- Look-- - Fuck.
This is so hard.
It's why the world's full of players.
Who do you think you're fooling, chief? The man at the mid-city branch said they might start delivering again by next month, or not.
Or not.
Lord, angel lord, lord, lord I wish I was in heaven sitting down wish I was in heaven sitting down wish I was in heaven sitting down lord, angel oh my lord Wish I was in heaven sitting down Wish I was in heaven sitting down wish I was in heaven sitting down, yeah lord, oh angel lord, lord, my lord Look at this.
You done wrecked the place with your nonsense.
I-- I'm hearing something.
It's old.
It's mean.
And it got-- It got mud all over it.
Spare the neighbors, Delmond.
Take me out to dinner.
I got a gig later.
We got time to eat first.
What's up? Road home application.
They bounced it.
They're saying because my wife's name was on the deed they need to have her signature on the forms.
Lorraine been gone since '03.
Now I musta wrote that down at least a half a dozen times on them papers.
the Helen hill murder there's a report of an aggravated burglary a few doors down.
I talked to the detective working it and he says that homicide isn't even looking at any connection.
You think they got tunnel vision? Certain cases-- You don't solve them quick, it sends a message.
And this one-- A couple with a young kid; Wife's a filmmaker, husband a doctor; Home invasion.
We don't want to come up empty.
No, we don't.
People are scared.
They're looking at us and what do they see? Unsolved cases or cases dumped before they get to court.
And the only perp walk that makes the news is our own guys in cuffs.
You say the aggravated burglary call is on the same block as the murder? If we don't change up on this, a week from now we're gonna be sitting here with a cleared husband, no other suspects and a murder case open as the day is long.
I'll make mention of it to the captain.
Thank you, chief.
And the ground wasn't high, and the wind wasn't a breeze, but I walked on that shallow water and escaped Katrina seas.
And I will never die, but they want me to leave.
And the foundation's just fine but they're blocking off the lafitte.
- You're welcome.
- And I do cry, and I do grieve.
But when my people pass, we pull out that brass.
But before we put them in the grass, we're gonna get on that casket and dance.
Thank you, jazz fans.
We normally have our set pretty well planned out, but, you know, for the past couple of months, man, I've been just chasing something in my head, you know.
And it's been outrunning my ass, so I'm not making much sense up here.
We're gonna get right into it.
Follow me or die trying, fellows.
A-one, and a-two, and a-- - Yeah, I saidin ) - Rock my soul with the milenberg joys Yeah! I said rock my soul with the milenberg joys play it, mama don't refuse separate me from them weary blues I said, hey hey hey hey sweet girl syncopate, mama, all night long with that second-line strain play it down and do it all again And if you don't know, then you better ask.
- Ooh-nah-neh! - Who got the fire? - Ooh-nah-neh! - Who got the fire? Those guys can bring it, Davis.
Hi, I'm l'il Calliope.
What I represent.
Every other cat up there can give you what you're looking for.
I can front my own shit.
I can.
You doubt my flow? D.
, cue me in.
Well, Calliope, nothing more, nothing less I done been through it all, seen it all in the chest been grounded for too long, so what is the progress? tell my mama I'ma get it as soon as I leave the nest I'ma fly till there's no more oxygen in the jazz flow, homeboy, no stopping it I'm copyrighted, so you bitches can't copy this copy this, I'm imported, no floppy disks when in this love, I'm too legit to quit I'm like a bomb on the very last tick like tick-tick-boom, give me my room hot and married to the gang like we're over the broom so when I say calli, you say yo - Cali.
- Yo.
- Cali.
- Yo.
- Cali.
- Yo.
- Cali.
- Yo.
So y'all didn't know each other in New Orleans? You met here? Yeah, just watching the saints game over at the bar none over on third.
That's where the n.
Refugees go to catch the game at.
Man, I can't believe I up and went into jelly roll Morton.
I was loving it.
The guys are looking at me like I lost my mind or something.
I was Oh, excuse me.
And what, may I ask, did the sad likes of him do to deserve you? He's saying he's done, delmond.
Done? What does he mean by that? He's saying he's done with all of it-- Done with masking, with New Orleans even.
He's packing his shit, talking about leaving tomorrow.
- To go ere? - Houston.
Houston? Del.
Ooh, sorry, y'all.
Jesus on the mainline tell him what you want oh, call him up and tell him what you want Jesus on the mainline tell him what you want Jesus on the mainline tell him what you want Jesus on the mainline tell him what you want One, two, three, four! Jordan, Riley out the door! Five, six, seven, eight! Hey c.
Ray, you're much too late.
One, two, three, four! Jordan, Riley out the door! Five, six, seven, eight! We say no more! We say no more! We say no more! We say no more! We say no more! We say no more! We say no more! We say no more! We say no more! We say no more! We say no more! But I'm here to tell you today that we are taking a stand.
We're taking our city back.
Council president Oliver Thomas says the people have been heard and it's up to them to continue fighting for a safer city.
It's time to get out of your doggone house and start to make a difference, each one, everyone.
Elizabeth Willis, fox 8 news.
We are listening to speakers outside of city hall who are saying this is not just a job for the police.
It's a job for all of us.
If we don't give music excuse-- And first of all, people, stop having this mentality where nobody can tell your child nothing.
If nobody can tell your child nothing, then go back to Houston.
I don't like Houston anyway.
I love New Orleans.
I don't like Atlanta.
I love New Orleans.
I don't like Tennessee.
I love New Orleans.
Mayor Nagin moved on but didn't speak.
Other speakers openly placed blame.
Mayor Nagin, superintendent Riley, district attorney Jordan, you have really let us down.
You have failed us.
One, two, three, four - roll with me - Roll with me - rock with me - Rock with me - said, roll with me - Roll with me - rock with me - Rock with me wipe your weary eyes, mama, don't cry mama, don't cry living in the sixth, either do or die mama, don't cry we got drugs and prostitution - people will die - Mama, don't cry say that they'll send us a cure for aids - that's a lie - Mama, don't cry 10 years from now - where will I be? - Mama, don't cry will I shine like a star - bright as the eyes can see? - Mama, don't cry will I be kicking a beat - hanging on St.
Philip street? - Mama, don't cry