Treme s02e07 Episode Script

Carnival Time

Me me me me! Hey hey hey! Right here! A shoe! A shoe! A shoe! - Yes! Yes! - Throw the shoe! - Yes! - No! Hey! I-- that was mine, man.
That was mine.
Denied! The arm was denied.
I'm sorry, honey.
Oh my God.
Look look look.
It changes color.
- I love muses.
- I know.
I must get a shoe! Yeah, right now! You see me? Right here, right here! Yeah yeah yeah yeah! Oh, come on! You want to see it? You ready for this? - Okay.
How about that? - Throw the shoe! - What?! - Come on, baby! You objectify me then you deny me?! Woman, thy name is cruelty! Come on, baby, throw me that shoe right there.
Come on now, give me that shoe, baby.
Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Come on, Sof! If you wanna get a shoe this year, you have to let 'em see you! Whoo! Whoo! A shoe! Hey, baby, you got a great one! - Wow! - What do you say, Olivia? - Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.
Hey hey.
No no no no.
Come down, come down.
- But it's Mardi Gras.
- Yes, it is, but if you want to do that, you gotta get to the French quarter, all right? Up here is for families.
This is the muses parade.
Everybody on the float is female.
So unless you go that way, you're fishing with the wrong lure.
Now try the boys of Endymion on Saturday.
And take it to canal where nobody cares.
Oh my muse, my lovely muse, please a shoe.
A shoe! Right here! Right here! Yes! No, not a medallion, I want a-- I want a shoe! God! God damn it.
How'd you get that? No.
No no no no.
Fit for a goddess.
Find another one in my size And I'll wear 'em for you later.
- Oh, the big one! Hey! - Hey hey! Hello! Hanging in the treme watching people sashay past my steps by my porch in front of my door church bells are ringing choirs are singing while the preachers groan and the sisters moan in a blessed tone - # Mm-hmm # - # Yeah # down in the treme just me and my baby we're all going crazy while jamming and having fun trumpet bells ringing bass drum is swinging as the trombone groans and the big horn moans and there's a saxophone down in the treme it's me and my baby we're all going crazy while jamming and having fun down in the tree it's me and my baby we're all going crazy - # While jamming and having fun.
# - Whoo! So far so good my side of the tracks.
- Good.
- Just the usual nonsense from here to canal.
I can send you a few bodies if you need 'em.
No, tactical has this area flooded.
Kid in the white tee this side of the yellow ladder.
Gun down in his dip.
He just flashed his buddy.
- White t-shirt, black denim? - Yeah.
Go easy on it.
I don't want him to buck.
Yo, Nee-Cey, wait up.
On the move, crossing Saint Charles.
Copy on that.
Can I borrow this for a moment? I'll bring it right back.
Hey, buddy.
Hey hey hey hey.
Buddy, you leaving without a shoe? Just caught this-- my third one.
Hell, you want it? For your girlfriend there.
Damn, marquis.
You can't even get me a damn shoe? Here you go, marquis.
All right? - Get on your fucking knees.
- Wait! Hell.
Get on your fucking knees! Get on your fucking knees! Now who the fuck brings a gun to a parade? What kind of asshole does that? I'm asking you.
Who the fuck comes to a fucking parade and brings a fucking gun? Why do you wanna take what's left of this city and turn it to shit? Huh? Why the fuck do you wanna do that? Answer me, you stupid fuck! Get him the fuck outta here.
So I ain't gonna get the shoe? Is this the big one in Eunice? No, it's a new one a lot of the musicians out there do.
Wilson invited Harley and he invited us if you wanna go.
Cajun Mardi Gras? Not likely, darling.
For one thing, it's on Mardi Gras.
So how are we gonna be in west French toast, Louisiana, when we're gonna be in New Orleans for the holiday? I'm saying we do something different this year, go out to the country.
Annie my love, I have not missed a Mardi Gras in New Orleans in my life.
Harley says I should bring my violin.
There's a fais do-do at the end and everybody plays some.
Hold on.
Let me clarify.
I'm going to leave New Orleans on fat Tuesday to wander through fields and swamps with some drunk-ass crazy cajuns I don't even know? This-- this is the plan? Wha-- Next year It's all about you.
Yo yo yo yo! Yeah, Denard.
Hey, we can march now.
We can get in some of those parades.
- Yeah.
- Yeah? What would we play? "Do what you want.
" All right, "do what you wanna.
" Let me see y'all shine.
One, two, a-one, two, three, four.
"Do what you wanna"? Y'all don't know what y'all doing.
Y'all killing that song.
It's gonna take a real band to cut that sucker loose - and send it to the Saint Louis cemetery.
- We should go for it.
Look, it's good we got our instruments before Mardi Gras, but y'all can't just show up and be in Zulu or in Endymion.
People come to those parades and they expecting to see some of the best school bands in the country.
Y'all ready to represent that? Yeah! See? Robert could play it.
I'll tell you what we should do.
We should meet up somewhere on Mardi Gras for Zulu, watch some bands together, talk about what we see.
- Who's up for that? - Yeah.
- That'll work for you, right? - Hmm? For me? On Mardi Gras day? Pssh well-- I wanted you to know I firmed it up on those computer cables.
I can still duck what you're currently paying by more than half a buck, and there's enough left for us to lay in a cut.
I did what I could, but Meffert is fine paying more, and he's the little king of all the technology contracts.
Well, if he's fine overpaying, I'm guessing it's one of his friends got the current contract - His or the mayor's.
- Then we're gonna have to get you some home cooking - to go in there with.
- Home cooking? Huh? Have you ever heard of Zulu, Mr.
Hidalgo? - Zulu? - Zulu social aid and pleasure club.
You got me.
What do they do? Home cooking, old family recipes.
Your son is gonna spend Mardi Gras traipsing through the woods outside of Bayou Grande Fromage, Louisiana.
- Sounds lovely, Davis.
- What? You know, this right here-- this is the problem with relationships.
Sartre was right.
"Hell is other people.
" Well, you and Annie should talk.
I don't know.
I-- I don't wanna disappoint her.
Oh my God.
You're in love.
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know why I won't be at the party on Tuesday.
Well, don't let that worry you.
Your daddy won't be there either.
He's riding Rex again.
Dad hasn't done Rex in, what, six years? Try eight, but he and Ernie Roche ran into one another in the bar at Dickie Brennan's and one thing led to another.
- Now they friends again? - Close enough that Ernie asked your daddy to ride his float this year, even paid for his throws.
This is a big thing for dad.
He would be heartbroken if I'm not there to see him ride again.
- Well, he'd understand.
- Shattered! Oh, God, what have I done? He'd be crushed! I'm gonna be there for my dad! Pounded tuna, one scallop, one fluke.
Hold on a sec.
- Yeah? - Guess where I am.
You'll never guess.
Well, from the sound of it I'd say you're somewhere on canal and Endymion's rolling, so I'm guessing you're drunk and stoned.
Lucky guess! Whoo! That's great, Julie.
Really, I'm thrilled for you.
Actually, it's calls like this that make me homesick.
But hey, have a great carnival and-- And may you strangle on beads and fall down in front of a Blaine Kern tractor.
- Okay, bye.
- All right, let's go.
Two carpaccio, one octopus and a bass.
New orders-- three octopus.
Garde manger, ordering four pounded tuna.
Oui, chef, four pounded.
I need two caviar pasta with two concasse.
- You in the weeds, you need help? - I'm okay, chef.
Yeah! Oh, yeah, you're right.
We're gonna take advantage of the bartender's generosity and get a few comped drinks.
Back in a few for the next set.
The groove sounds a bit thin without a guitar, pimp.
Sounds okay to me, man.
Besides, we could do better.
You said so yourself.
He ain't no Freddie green.
- True dat.
- Hey now.
Say, brah, I think we should give Sonny one last chance to fuck up.
Man, you know his problem and so do I.
And right now, if we gave him a hundred chances, - he'd fuck 'em all up.
- Right now, yeah.
But you see, I kinda feel like I could talk to him.
Cornell, why you even care? Man, I been there, you know? - All right.
- Thanks, man.
So where are you gonna be on Mardi Gras? Where should I be? That depends on what time, I suppose.
Where might I run into you at around, say, Okay, you can look.
C'est tres chic, n'est-ce pas? Et ici le capuchon.
It's pretty great! Yeah, you're really gonna go do this, huh? Mardi Gras sans la ville.
Yeah, come on, you too.
Harley helped me do the traditional costume.
Now I can help you.
Annie, about that-- Umm, I've got a little problem.
I see you gave the help the week off.
Got a proposition for you-- a real simple one.
You do everything I say you gotta do, go where I say, show up when I say, and when we get paid, I'll hold all your damn money.
And for this I get what exactly? You're back playing with the band.
Antoine sent you? Hell no, I asked him to give you one more shot.
- I can hold my own money, man.
- No.
No, brah.
Everything I say, you do.
This isn't gonna work if you're hearing everything backwards.
Gig tonight's at prime example.
Be there at 9:30.
Don't be late.
Order in the bar.
in the house.
Here's the fella I was telling you about-- Nelson Hidalgo from Dallas, Texas.
So you wanna ride Zulu? I am told that I very much so wanna ride Zulu.
Ordinarily, you'd have wanted to get started a whole lot sooner, man.
Come down here, make the right donations, meet the right people.
But seeing as how o.
Is gonna sponsor you, I'm sure we can work something out.
You did bring your checkbook, didn't you, baby? Why do I suddenly feel like a mark? Oh no, it ain't that bad.
No, I told him to bleed you, but just a little bit.
What you drinking, son? - Dewers rocks.
- A scotch man.
Big spender, huh? Baby, let me get a Dewers rocks and a drink for O.
, please.
And Zulu's where a guy like me wants to be, huh? You want nagin and his people to take your shit serious, then these are the friends you need, brah.
Bleed me.
- All right.
- Here you go, brah.
- Hey.
- Welcome to the family.
- Happy Mardi Gras.
- Happy Mardi Gras.
No, see I gotta see a man about something at like 4:00, but if you were to slide by the mother-in-law lounge about 2:00 on Tuesday, we could hook up then.
You got a place we could go? I mean, it being Mardi Gras and all, where we gonna go from there? Let me work on that.
The gang's all here.
How y'all doing? All right, anybody make it to Bacchus tonight? - Yeah! - Yeah.
Yeah, carnival is back, ain't she? - Yeah! - Yeah, speaking of which, we have a real celebrity in the house.
Would you welcome Mr.
Al "Carnival Time" Johnson to the stage? Give it up! Come on, give it up! - You remember the words? - We'll see.
The green room is smoking and the Plaza's burning down throw my baby out the window let the joint burn down all because it's carnival time oh, it's carnival time Oh, well, it's carnival time and everybody's having fun.
We begin with one of the best-loved carnival krewes, - Zulu, who in recent yes - All right, then.
We'll be at the la Quinta by the airport tonight and then back by dinner tomorrow.
- Okay.
- Sure you don't want to come, baby? Nah.
Y'all have a good time.
I'm gonna have my Mardi Gras right here.
Bye, baby.
Y'all try and get a couple of coconuts for me and grandmom, okay? - Uh-huh.
- You be good, jelly roll.
- I will, mama.
- See you, baby.
I think the important thing now is that we're here for-- After Katrina, it shows a unity in the parishes, and it shows the world that we can get together and have a wonderful, safe Mardi Gras day And the tourists are welcome to come back to the city.
I thought you were working on your costume.
You want help? I'm justnot feeling it this year, mom.
You mind? Maybe we could just do masks this year.
Hmm? What are we gonna do? I thought we'd go see Pete come out of commander's.
- He's back? - Mm-hmm.
Daddy really missed that last year.
I know.
We could work our way downtown, catch Saint Anne's, go to the river.
The river? Well, yeah.
I was thinking There's this tradition of scattering ashes at the end of Saint Anne's.
You want to scatter daddy's ashes in the river? Some of them.
On Mardi Gras.
The band plays down by the riverside and they dip their streamers in the water, baptize the parade.
I think he'd like that.
I guess.
I mean, you know what the river meant to him.
Yeah, won't you cry for me Pack a bag.
Where am I going? Away a couple or three days.
Where? Brah, is there anyplace worse than up in here? We're doing an anchovy vinaigrette.
- Janette.
- Yes, chef.
As someone who has a strong connection to New Orleans, tomorrow Mardi Gras is for you almost, would you say a religious occasion? That and saints home games, yeah.
It would be bad karma for the restaurant, I think, to have a believer stuck plating tuna on one of her holy days.
Oh, chef, really, tomorrow is Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
Here it's Tuesday.
It's no big deal.
So make your own celebration.
I'm serious.
That's nice.
Thank you.
Hey, chef, would it be possible for me to dine here tomorrow at le Bernadin? - On your holiday? - Yeah.
Of course.
So laissez les bon temp rouler.
Thank you.
- Laissez les bon temp rouler.
- Whoo, dinner for two.
Where in fuck? Pointe a la hache, son.
Come on, man.
What up, uncle? Good to see you.
- This is my uncle Don, man.
- Hey.
- That your boy? - It sure is.
You ever done any oystering? No, none at all.
You know your way around boats? Some.
I'm from the Netherlands.
- Back on Wednesday.
- Wait.
You're just leaving me down here? - What the fuck, Cornell? - It's quiet down here.
My uncle there gonna keep your ass out of trouble.
And where are you going? I'm going back to New Orleans.
It's Mardi Gras tomorrow night.
All right, let's go.
Ooh! Wait.
- Morning.
- What's up, Toby? Close the door, man.
Close the door.
Remember now, don't drink too many beers.
You'll be going to the bathroom all day.
Nah, that's too loose.
Tie it tighter.
While you stroll in New Orleans you ought to go see the Mardi Gras if you go to New Orleans - Yeah.
Zulu, baby! - # You ought to go see the Mardi Gras # - # When you see the Mardi Gras # - Ooh! Somebody'll tell you what's carnival for get your ticket in your hand if you want to go through New Orleans Get your ticket in your hand if you want to go through New Orleans you know when you get to New Orleans somebody'll show you the Zulu king Yeah.
- Burn the levee! - Burn it down! - Burn the levee! - Burn it down! Got it, Del? Mm-hmm, that's it.
- Good good.
- Yeah.
You got that fiyo.
You too damn pretty this yea so you want me to follow you in the truck, right? Me, I don't care.
Some other Indians-- I won't mention no names-- Ronnie always gets a cramp halfway down Saint Bernard and need to ride a few blocks, so-- You gonna come back here after? Where else am I gonna go? Big day, chief.
Long day.
Come tonight if you want.
I got a couple of queen beds in the hotel downtown.
No, I'm all right.
I'll put a room key in the glovebox, all right? Just in case.
Spy boy.
Looking real pretty, daddy.
Yeah, you're right.
Take 'em down, chief.
Okay, so make sure you get the big chief the moment he steps out.
Stay on wild man just long enough to establish him, but come back quick so we're sure we got the chief.
- Coochie-man! - Fiyo! Coochie-man! I'm the flag boy! Flag boy! Coochie-man! Wild man, coochie-man! Pretty wild man! Big chief! Coochie-man! He the man! County-fay! Mighty cooty-fiyo Indian red Indian red.
Fucking Julie.
I'm sorry I ever took her name in vain.
Check it out.
Mardi Gras morning and what do we have here? King cake! Come on.
Behold the power and the glory Holy crap.
Purple, day-glo green, gold.
It's like an evolutionary imperative not to eat stuff that comes in those colors.
- Oh.
- We are gonna eat this, right? Not without being high, we're not.
Chas, I assume you have something rolled and twisted at hand? Indeed I do.
But we're on our own here, sister.
Nick's not getting high anymore.
He's found Jesus.
- What, for real? - Oh yeah, for real.
He worships at the church of Chang.
Found Jesus.
What Chang? David Chang? Listen, it's a serious restaurant that makes serious food.
And it's time that I got serious about making serious food.
- Things have changed.
- When did you go to work for Chang? I got hired on last week.
He stopped smoking weed yesterday.
Day before Mardi Gras? That is an epic mistake.
I can no longer wait.
Mmm! Yes.
I can see the light.
Oh man, this is some sick business.
I'm all sticky and shit, but in a good way.
Cloying to the point of retardation.
Which one of you line dogs would like to join me for dinner at le Bernadin? - Really? - Chef gave me the night off, invited me, said I could bring a guest.
I've gotta work.
Then it looks like the honor will be all mine, because today is my day off.
Mmm! Not as awesome As breaking a tooth - Baby! - On some sort of plastic alien fetus.
But I'll take it.
Ain't nobody gonna go mocking me Shoo, fly, don't bother me Got a big gang coming, gonna bring 'em down Shoo, fly, don't bother me well, big chief comes and they go to ground shoo, fly, don't bother me if you wanna make news, get it loose here shoo, fly, don't bother me hey, shoo, fly, don't bother me shoo, fly, don't bother me got a wild in the front, chief in the back shoo, fly, don't bother m we bring that dance just like that Yeah! Whoo! Yeah! - Yeah! - Daddy would've loved this! Yeah.
At least he's here with us in spirit! More than, really.
Whoo! Yeah! Councilman.
- Yeah, you right.
- If this is right, I can't imagine what wrong is in this town.
You got your throws? Coconuts? I should.
I paid enough for 'em.
That's what happens when you come in at the last mite.
Everything costs a little more, baby.
- Where you at, baby? - Hey, what's up? What's up? Is this the cat you've been telling me about? - The one with the computer cables? - Yeah.
- One and the same.
- We're gonna need to talk then.
But if you serious about getting your piece past Meffert, you gonna need some help.
Give me a call at the end of the week.
- Happy Mardi Gras, baby.
- Happy Mardi Gras.
Take care.
Take care.
Like I told you-- home cooking.
Hey, where y'all been? Allez, allez! Let's go! Come on! God damn it! - Hey! - Hey.
How y'all doing? I'm glad y'all made it.
- How you doing? - Hey, Harley.
- Got your fiddle? - Yeah.
- Are you gonna play some today? - I-- I don't know.
We'll see.
All right, Mardi Gras.
Viens voir ici, Mardi Gras.
Y'all ready? T'es prêt pour courir le Mardi Gras? Let's go over a couple of rules real quick.
Make sure when we go to the voisin's house you get your butt off of that trailer.
Bring your musical instruments with you.
You're gonna play for 'em.
I wanna make sure that y'all beg.
- Make sure you try to ask for some eggs.
- Let me see you beg! Or maybe if we're lucky, they're gonna give us a chicken.
And if they give us that chicken, I wanna make sure y'all chase after that chicken.
We're gonna catch him for the gumbo ce soir.
Number one rule of Mardi Gras is participation.
We're gonna make sure you Yankees don't fuck up our Mardi Gras! When I say Yankees, I mean anybody north of Ville Platte! Ville Platte! All right, all the virgins-- we got some newbies in there.
Oh yeah, look at all them fresh costumes.
We'll make sure y'all get it nice and dirty.
Get down! Get down! - Get down.
- Get down! I said get down! Look at the ground! Get your heads down! Get your heads down! All right.
Hold on one goddamn second.
Stand up.
- No no no.
- What the hell is this? God damn! Look what we got! - Look what we got! - New Orleans beads.
No Mardi Gras beads.
We get beads around here, Toby, what do we do? You know what we do with these beads? I-10 is that way.
Go to New Orleans! No beads at Mardi Gras! - What did you get me into? - Get down! - I like our old spot better.
- Yeah, I know, baby.
I told Lecour I was gonna meet up with him and catch some bands with the kids.
- Antoine! - Hey! - Happy Mardi Gras.
- Happy Mardi Gras.
Hey hey.
Happy Mardi Gras.
- All right.
- Whoa.
Look at the baby.
- That's our sister, right? - Yeah, honoree.
You're Alcide, so that makes you Randall.
- Dang, she cute.
- Yeah.
Ladonna didn't come with y'all? - No.
- Damn.
Anyway, Antoine, look-- I'm hoping that they might spend Mardi Gras with y'all.
I really think I need to be back in Baton Rouge today.
- That bad? - Yeah.
- No problem.
I got this.
- Thanks, pal.
Uh, just give me a minute, brah.
- Say, baby.
- Yeah? Larry over there is saying that he's gonna have to leave the boys with us.
- It's all good.
- So, you know, I'm thinking when you take the baby home for her nap, they could go with y'all, 'cause I got plans.
- You know what I'm saying? - You think two teenage boys are gonna wanna go to Jeff parish to watch a little baby sleep? - Hey.
- On Mardi Gras? You know what time it is? It's daddy time.
Give a couple of coconuts! Come on, man! Yo! This is insane! I wish I'd have taken band.
Yeah, I wanted you to.
Ma wasn't much on the idea though.
Nah, she wasn't gonna be raising no musicians.
You catch my meaning? Watch how they move.
Listen to how tight their drum line always is.
A'ight, maybe we ain't that ready.
Handa Wanda, oh mama thank God for fresh fiyo handa Wanda, oh mama hey, Mardi Gras morning, gonna break 'em down handa Wanda, oh mama that bijoux chicken, you get it uptown handa wan, oh mama o lord, have mercy, listen what I say handa Wanda, oh mama oh, they better be ready for the big big day handa Wanda, oh mama Handa Wanda, oh mama.
All this for a painted coconut? They're crazy.
Cuz! Cuz! - Yo! - Cuz! Cuz! - Cuz? - Hey! Post pattern on one! Break! Throw me something this year! Come on! Come on! Come on, give me a coconut! Throw me one this year! Come on! Whoo! Yeah! Brah brah brah, give it up! Give it up! Give it up for the corpse of engineers! Yeah! Yeah! No.
Hey, he was aiming at me! Doubtful.
Very doubtful.
Ah! Hey! Whoa! Yeah! Yeah! - Yeah! - Oh yeah! Yes! - What? Oh, what? - You fucking kidding me? - That was-- that's mine! - No no no.
- Oh, man, you knew-- - Dude, he was looking at me the whole Shallow water, oh mama Shallow water, oh mama shallow water, oh mama shallow water, oh mama shallow water, oh mama shallow water, oh mama shallow water, oh mama singing mighty cooty-fiyo - # shallow water, oh mama # - On Mardi Gras day, baby.
Oh! Wild man! - # Shallow water, oh mama # - Pretty wild man! Indians! If you ain't Indian, get the hell out of the way get the hell out of the way shallow water, oh mama shallow water, oh mama Del! Hey, Del! - # Shallow water, oh mama # - Delmond! - What's up, man? - Oh shit! - Hey, what's going on? - Damn.
What's up, man? - Jo-Jo, you home? - Oh, I'm here now, man.
Hopefully I'm here for good after summer.
You? Oh, I'm back and forth, here to New York.
Oh, that's what's up.
That's what's up, man.
Hey, you still running with your father, I see.
- Oh hell yeah, I got to.
- Oh yeah.
Well, you better get back to it, brah.
Yeah, you right, man.
Good seeing you, babe.
- A'ight, take it easy, man.
- A'ight.
- A'ight, baby.
- A'ight, be safe though.
You too, man.
Shallow water, oh mama shallow water, oh mama shallow water, oh mama Capitaine, capitaine, voyage ton flag allons chez un autre voisin demande la charite pout les autres qui viennent nous rejoindre ouais, au gombo ce soir.
You heard the rules.
It's either dance, sing, play or chase the chicken.
- All right.
Well, come on then.
- Let's go.
Capitaine, capitaine, voyage ton flag allons chez un autre voisin demande la charite pout les autres qui vennent nous rejoindre Nothing but the usual unusual.
Two shootings but no murders and nothing at the parades.
After the year we've had, I thought this was the Mardi Gras - where we were gonna lose it.
- Me too.
- It ain't over yet, gents.
- Hey, baby! Can I trade up? Hey, can I trade up? Hey! Can I get a coconut instead of this spear? A coconut? Is that all I can offer you is a coconut? Can I get the gold one? For a gold one, I need a working phone number.
Well, take off your wig.
You ready? It's 225-203-4407.
- 203-4407? - Mm-hmm.
Remember, I said a working number.
I know.
See? Whoo! Hey! Hey, how many more of those coconuts we got? Oh yeah.
Let us begin.
In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit.
We gather together on this beautiful day to celebrate our culture, our life here.
We remember Dennis McGee, and so, for all of those people that have gone before us and passed down our traditions, from generation to generation.
Today is a time of having fun.
Tomorrow will be a time of self-reflection where we decide on what is good, that which we need to keep and what we need to let go of.
I wanna rhumba, samba, do my number hold my baby all the summer every time I hear that mellow saxophone I wanna rip it, rock it, really really bop it well, I wanna Davy Crockett every time I hear that mellow saxophone yo, I wanna rock rock rock roll roll roll I wanna bop bop bop I wanna rip it, rock it, really really bop it ooh, Davy Crockett every time I hear that mellow saxophone oh, baby, let it roll I wanna rhumba, samba, do my number hold my baby all the summer every time I hear that mellow saxophone I wanna rip it, rock it, really really bop it yeah, I wanna Davy Crockett every time I hear that mellow saxophone.
Here you go.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How are you enjoying your first courir? I love it.
I love it.
I can see you finally got over that trouble in your heart.
Oh my God, that is the corniest line.
- Does that line ever work? - What? - What, the "you got trouble in your heart"? - Yeah.
Usually, I find city girls, they kinda like that cajun-- - That magical cajun act.
- My God.
- You gonna play or what? - No, I'm just gonna listen.
No no, I know you didn't drive two and a half hours, come all the way out here to sit down and listen.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go play with the band.
Let's go.
Yeah! Sweetie, I'm down by the river.
It's really beautiful.
The band is playing.
Sofia, if you're anywhere nearby, I'd really like you to be here To say goodbye to daddy.
I'll wait a little while longer, okay? That was something.
- Live to ride and ride to live.
- What an experience.
I'ma see you next year, brah.
Bye, Cray.
I dreamed I saw professor longhair way up in the clouds smiling down on the carnival Smile so tender and proud saying, "keep on playing, children keep on playing, children keep on playing, children it's a long, hard journey home it's a long, hard journey home" Hey there, darling.
- Happy Mardi Gras! - Hey! Okay.
- Who are you here with? - Nobody.
- Nobody? - Just me and my fake I.
Just hangin'.
Call me if you want another piano lesson.
- # Smiling down on the festival.
# - Bad! Bad! Smile so full of love saying, "keep on playing, children keep on playing, children keep on playing, children it's a long, hard journey home.
" Yeah, man.
I had a day today, man.
Tarted out in American bay, three sack an hour.
And I thought about that spot Chad was working in a couple of weeks ago.
I went back there, man, dropped them dredges, man-- - 20 sack an hour.
- Oh! You did good.
Made 170 sack, you know.
Good day's work.
Is this your problem or is you a dope fiend? A dope fiend.
- Thanks.
- It was a pretty good day, you know? - Happy Mardi Gras, y'all.
- Same to you, man.
- 70 sacks? - Hey, cat, how was your day, though, - with your green deck hand? - He give me 50 bags.
- Oh, that did pretty good.
- You did good, man.
- What he did for 12:00? - He put that pork chopin his pocket and went to sleep.
Where'd he sleep? Madame, monsieur, bonsoir.
An amuse bouche from the chef before you begin.
Angel hair pasta tossed in a sea urchin emulsion and topped with osetra caviar.
Bon appetit.
Thank you.
- Bon appetit.
- Bon appetit.
This-- this is unfucking believable.
You forget.
When you work inside, you forget what it's like, what it must be like out here.
Thank you.
- # Where was you at? # - # Where was you at? # - Where was you at? - Where was you at? - # Where was you at? # - # Where was you at? # - # Where was you at? # - # Where was you at? # - Where was you at? - Where was you at? - Where was you at? - Where was you at? - # Where was you at? # - # Where was you at? # - # Where was you at? # - Whoo! And as you know, David, the visit of Rex to the court of comus is the culmination of Mardi Gras.
It's what everything builds to, really, Eric.
And I think this year's pageant is more breathtaking than last.
- Indeed.
- I'm beside myself.
That's it-- midnight.
Anyone else gets murdered now, it's an ash Wednesday killing.
Gentlemen, New Orleans just had a one-murder Mardi Gras, and that happened after the parades and nowhere near the festivities.
In this of all years, how that happened I have no fucking clue.
Terry, you ain't catholic.
I fucking am now.
Good job, gentlemen.
You get on Saint Charles and bring up that flank.
Toni, calm down.
I'm sure she's fine.
Careful with the skirt.
I might need it again next year.
This isn't what it looks like.
What do you think it looks like? Me, her, uh Davis, I know your heart.
- Did you have fun? - Mmm.
It was amazing.
Happy Mardi Gras.
She's the daughter of a friend.
She got drunk off her ass at tip's.
I tried to take her home, but her old house was for sale.
They must've moved.
I only took her top off 'cause she threw up in my car and passed out.
And you tried calling your friend? I only have a law office number.
You check her pockets? You think I was gonna put my hands down her jeans? Hell to the no.
Toni must be crazy scared.
- You can't do two things at once? - I'm trying.
- It's not working.
I got it.
- All right.
This ain't in the movie, right? It ain't that kind of movie.
- Mmm.
- I told you I was the prettiest.
- Oh my God.
- No no, no room at the inn.
Who is that? What's happening? What's happening in there? My daddy and a new friend.
Come on, let's go.
She knows About her father.
Knows what? That he killed himself.
She didn't know that? I told her it was an accident.
Today I realized She knows.
Maybe she's always known.
- Toni.
- Mmm? Kids do stuff.
I did stuff.
The shit I did-- do.
She's a good kid.
She's angry as hell.
She has angry at her father.
Angry at me.
You're late.
And hung-over too.
Ash Wednesday-- sounds about right.
- Yeah.
- So you're going out too, huh? At least a couple of days a week.
Every chance I get.
Shit's got me clean.
Keeps me clean too.
Yeah, I get it.
You're gonna talk some noble shit about putting in a good hard day's work, huh? Hell no.
It's just there ain't no place out here to party and get fucked up.
You're right about that.
How was your Mardi Gras? Get a chance to catch any beads? How about them doubloons? Your pocket's a little lighter you reeling in the dawn you make your way down esplanade after everybody's gone you stand outside her window she turns her head away on the day after Mardi Gras day let's all go get our ashes let's get down on our knees bits of broken costumes hang in tatters in the trees