Treme s03e08 Episode Script

Don't You Leave Me Here

Let's go get 'em! Big Chief! Toni Brenette, how are you darling? The department is gonna toss a bunch of investigators files if we don't act now.
- ** before Mardi Gras Toni, really? - Yeah, well Only if you'll have a drink with me.
- Eyes front.
- Hey, *** Yes, ma'am.
Man, it sounds pretty good for middle school.
Hey, throw me something.
With your two spoons like this you scoop, not too much, and put it on the guest's plate.
From their right side, holding the pan in your left, serving spoon's in your right like this.
Making sure not to burn the guest, warn them gently that the pan is hot.
Do not drip sauce.
(Spoon clatters) Derek: It's all right.
Take your time.
It's okay.
Try it again.
Waitress: This is hard.
Let me show you how a sag member does it, all right? Scoop here.
Place there.
Wow, that's awesome.
Derek: Well, thank you.
I played Victor, the homicidal banquet waiter in "Fright ?ight 7.
" - Really? - No.
Not really.
Try it again.
You got it? You're holding your spoons all wrong.
(Music playing) Thank God for Derek.
You need to take a deep breath.
We're not ready, Paul.
That's why they call it a soft opening.
- If it doesn't work - Okay, okay.
You take a pill and try it again tomorrow night.
- That's what this week is for.
- I get it.
Fuck! Son of a bitch.
Get me the first aid kit.
Sorry, Chef.
Rookie move.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It happens to everybody.
Okay, it's not serious, but we're gonna take you off to the emergency room, let them wrap it up right.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Okay? Let's go.
Janette: It's okay.
It's not serious.
Okay? Let's go.
What the hell happened to him? Well, it happens.
You don't think we're ready? We're ready.
No worries.
(Music playing) * hanging in the treme * * watching people sashay * * past my steps * * by my porch * * in front of my door * * church bells are ringing * * choirs are singing * * while the preachers groan * * and the sisters moan in a blessed tone * * mm-hmm, yeah * * down in the treme, just me and my baby * * we're all going crazy * * while jamming and having fun * * trumpet bells ringing * * bass drum is swinging * * as the trombone groans * * and the big horn moans and there's a saxophone * * down in the treme * * it's me and my baby * * we're all going crazy * * while jamming and having fun * * down in the treme * * it's me and my baby * * we're all going crazy * - * while jamming and having fun.
* - man: Whoo! Sure you want to sell all this? Yeah, like you said, man, I'm in no danger of ever being like no great musician.
You ain't no fisherman, neither.
I'll figure it out eventually.
Damn, son.
She's cute, but selling your instruments and moving to Chalmette? - Are you serious? - I'm tired of the drive.
Next thing you know, you'll be getting married.
I didn't say anything about getting married.
You might as well.
Ha, you already there.
(Laughs) You whipped, son.
(Phone ringing) Hello? Yeah.
Oh, wait a minute.
Hold on a minute.
Let me grab a pen.
That's the trial date? Oh, that's the hearing.
When is the trial? Thank you.
You all right? Yeah.
Yeah, well, I kept the Danelectro.
Got to have something to do in Chalmette besides going to Rocky and Carlo's.
Huh, I hear that.
Only so much mac and cheese a Dutch motherfucker can eat.
All right.
Be right back.
(Laughs) Aren't you glad you discovered the parkway? For an outsider, I do okay.
So, this fella from Texas we worked together in Houston, San Antonio some other projects I had a piece of.
Bobby has the know-how to get it done and I know the people in D.
who need to know him.
He gets the winning bid in Washington from Hud, that gets this project jump-started.
And, of course, he banks with you.
Well, that would be real friendly of him.
You're talking about bringing home some real bacon here.
This? This is lagniappe.
On St.
Bernard alone, I got all the landscaping.
And, if they approve a community center, I'm in line to sub some of that construction.
If I had known the fix was in on public housing earlier, I'd have had half the damn projects.
I believe you would.
The game goes past New Orleans, boss.
I know you guys like to think the sun rises and sets on either end of St.
Charles Avenue, but sometimes it pays to be a citizen of the world.
I underestimated you.
You did.
Now, this jazz center thing you got going Let's talk about that.
National Park Service is doing renovations at the other end of Armstrong Park.
And I know you need more money from FEMA to renovate the auditorium than they're currently offering.
Hey, I didn't go all the way to Washington, D.
, without making a friend or two.
In or out which am I, boss? Sorry.
Do you want me to make you some tea? No, thank you.
Organic Earl Gray.
(Chuckles) I just really need to get this done.
We're starting the record in a few weeks.
- Marvin's on my ass.
- Yeah, I totally understand.
And I completely support your incredible talent and work ethic.
Thank you.
Oh, sorry.
On the subject of creative renewal.
Dinner tonight Janette's new restaurant.
She's having, like, a dress rehearsal and invited us.
That's nice, but I don't know when we'll finish.
I told you about this.
Sonny Landreth.
His new record.
I'm guesting on a track.
How'd that happen? That I told you and you don't remember? It happens all the time.
Wait, Sonny Landreth? He's not on your label.
- Marvin knows him.
- Marvin.
Okay, I'll leave you to it.
Your Honor, the district attorney's office takes offense at Miss Bernette's reasons for having sought an emergency petition in the first place.
There's no evidence whatsoever that these records were going to be destroyed.
My experience with the N.
has been otherwise.
And last week I got a call from an anonymous tipster that indicated that the files might disappear if I didn't act.
An anonymous tipster, Toni? You don't believe me, Kerry? The fact remains these are investigative files in pending cases, Your Honor.
What do you say to that, Miss Bernette? I am aware of the exception, Your Honor.
And I am willing to bet that if you look at the investigative files for Abreu and for Seals, you will find that a minimum of police work was done in the days after the storm and even less in the weeks, months, and years since, and that these are not active and pending cases, but that they were quickly and unceremoniously dumped by N.
Then why bother fighting for them? To prove a pattern.
I have been gathering affidavits from witnesses to a series of incidents involving the N.
officer that I believe to be involved in both the Abreu and the Seals shootings.
And the department has failed to investigate allegations against this officer, either criminally or administratively.
Clayton, if you can review the case files and show me where substantial police work has been done in the last three years, I will rule in your favor.
Otherwise, I'm going to rule that these cases are indeed inactive and Miss Bernette can review whatever police work did or did not occur.
Okay, then.
I am late for court.
- Hey.
- Larry: Hey.
I thought we had some chunky monkey.
You didn't get enough to eat? Them boys must have gotten to it.
That A.
called today to set the trial date.
- End of April.
- Finally, huh? Some kind of preliminary thing this week.
That's good.
- Larry.
- Huh? Something happened at the bar Lundi Gras night.
There was this kid at the bar.
I'd never seen him before.
Did he say anything? Just gave me that look, you know? Then he lit a match.
He held it.
I sent John over to talk to him, he took off.
Why didn't you tell me? 'Cause we were busy moving in here.
'Cause it was Mardi Gras.
'Cause I wasn't sure.
So I just put it out of my mind.
Maybe you shouldn't go back to the bar tonight.
Can't John close up? Mm-mmm.
Fuck that.
I'm not letting them tell me how to live.
Look, you see that asshole again, you call me immediately, okay? Okay.
Promise me, Ladonna.
- (People chatting) - (Music playing) - Mrs.
Cooper? - Yes.
- Always a pleasure to see you.
- Thank you.
Thank you for joining us this evening.
Oh, I wouldn't have it any other way.
All right.
Here we are.
- Thank you, Derek.
- You're welcome.
Bob, another old-fashioned? - A double, Derek, please.
- I got it.
Well, hello.
My name is Derek - and I'm gonna be taking care of you tonight.
- (Laughing) All: Derek! All right, Chefs.
All right, Chefs.
How's everything going over here with the home team? You still owe me 50 bucks.
He bet that the saints would go to the play-offs.
All right, well, take it out of my tip and I'll pay you the other 45 later.
- Did you hear that? - I can't believe she hired him.
- I told her not to.
- So did I.
When are you motherfuckers gonna get a real job, huh? - (Laughing) - 'Cause you can't always eat for free.
- All right.
- We can try.
Chef Baquet, Miss Joann, Chef Boswell, what can I get for you this evening? I'm gonna have a pimm's cup.
Oh, a pimp's cup.
Okay, shall I have a ho bring that to you? - Ooh.
- (Laughing) - He's the same old Derek.
- I'll be right back.
Pick up 22.
Backbone for two, a pasta.
- Thanks, Chef.
- Okay, go.
Amuses for six.
One no shellfish.
Order, four ham, two oyster, followed by pasta, rabbit, backbone for two.
- You got that? - Yes, Chef.
Oui, Chef.
How long on 12, the steak? Okay, how's everybody else doing on 12? - The fish? - I'm there.
Okay, let's go.
(Jukebox playing) - All right, darling.
- Woman: Thanks, ma'am.
I'll see you next week.
Two weeks.
Indian practice over till next year.
And Christmas not until December.
(Laughs) But I'm here anyway.
What you drinking? Crown royal.
Not too busy tonight, huh? Eh, it'll fill up later.
- No music? - Not tonight.
Neighbors been complaining about the noise.
A little soda in there.
Trying to shake me down.
I'm sick of it.
That what that was about? Neighbors? Safety and permits.
Shut me down, I don't comply.
You got to nip that shit in the bud.
Once it starts, it just goes on.
You can't kill it.
Care to join me? Believe I do.
(Music playing) air force one had a heck of a view air force one had a heck of a view looking down on the patchwork of the blue tarp blues I went walking through the water sprung a leak in my shoe I went walking through the water sprung a leak in my shoe will that hole in my soul give me the blue tarp blues? I got the blue * I got the blue, blue tarp blues.
* (music playing) - Dana: Hello, darling.
- How is everything? - Divine.
- Fantastic.
Sweetheart, you've outdone yourself.
Well, you know what they say, daddy.
- If it's worth doing - It's worth overdoing.
- Hey, where's Annie? - Working.
Sorry she couldn't make it.
Okay, well, I'll see you all later.
Enjoy it.
(Applause) (Whistling) And treatment starts tomorrow.
My last hangover for who knows how long.
Radiation? - Chemo.
- (Phone ringing) Next time you lay eyes on me, I'm gonna have one of them Montel Williams looks.
- (Chuckles) - John: Miss Ladee.
It's for you.
- Excuse me.
- Certainly.
Hello? Yeah.
Something's wrong.
I had an incident a while back.
What kind of incident? Held up.
One night late after closing.
It's finally going to court.
And that was somebody telling you forget about it.
You got to let them know that you ain't afraid.
That's easy for you to say.
No, it's not.
(Music playing) (Music ends) Thank you so much for coming.
I am so happy y'all were here.
We wouldn't have missed it for the world, sweetheart.
Did you overdo, daddy? I did, I did.
I most certainly did.
That banana praline caramel thingy I knew you'd love that one.
We're so proud of you, sweetheart.
And we're so happy you're home.
- Almost home.
- Oh, mama.
Huntsville needs a restaurant like this, too, you know.
Oh, say good night, Dana.
Love you.
- Love you.
Good night.
- Bye, darling.
- Drive safe.
- Come visit.
Is everything okay? Absolutely fine.
I'm glad you came.
Thanks again.
It was a triumph.
Superb! - Good night, Davis.
- Really yummy! (Thunder rumbling) Whoo.
Oh, man.
Sad to see it like this.
So they haven't touched it since the flood, huh? - First thing is to gut it.
- One thing Robinette and Hidalgo L.
knows how to do is schlep moldy shit to the dump.
(Chuckles) So what do you think, Delmond? What would you like to see at the new National Jazz Center? I'd take a page right out of Wynton's book at Lincoln Center.
Have several venues, emphasis on New Orleans, but not only.
When you say not only Not only New Orleans musicians and not only trad.
We got to make a place for modern jazz.
You know, give people something they got to listen to, not just shake their asses and pump their umber-ellas and wave their hankies in the air.
Hang on now.
No booty shaking? No, there's gonna be some booty shaking.
I'm just saying if that's all we offer, then we're just another spot on the tourist trail.
We get millions of visitors a year.
We can and should provide them with a proper destination for jazz.
- Exactly.
- Fair enough.
What else? Uh, education and outreach.
Work with the treme neighborhood, work with the kids.
Maybe reach out to Nocca, roots of music.
Once we're up and running, you have a standing engagement in the main hall.
Advise on bookings.
First crack at the new recording studio.
Gonna be state-of-the-art.
And we still want to get your father involved.
He's got a lot on his plate right now.
At his convenience.
(Thunder crashing) Hey, where you been, Lieutenant? How come you never answer your phone? Phone's dead.
Forgot to charge it.
Nikolich called.
Wants you to meet him, Tulane and Broad.
- For what? - Christmas night murder.
The motion's hearing? They're convening in chambers in 30 minutes.
All right.
Laurel: Is there anything else I can do for you? Hardy: Yes, leave me alone.
So how long's it gonna take? Since this is your first time, anywhere between five and six hours.
- Six hours? - Usually it's about four.
- I hope you brought a book.
- I did, daddy.
Now you're gonna feel some warmth in the surrounding area as the treatment starts.
It's normal and it should go away in a few minutes.
(Boat horn blares) Cappell's on the stand, right? Defense attorney Murphy says, "you arrested my client.
" Cappell says, "yeah.
" "With your partner Detective Silby.
" - Cappell says, "yeah.
" - Fuck.
"And that's when you found the gun? You and Silby? That's what's in your report.
" Cappell says, "yeah.
" Silby wasn't there.
Fucker was doing a detail.
That's when Murphy springs the trap.
"Got paycheck stubs, time cards.
Time of the arrest, Silby's pulling a secondary at Walmart.
" (Sighs) Judge shakes her head and says, "meet me in chambers.
" It's just a burned-out shell.
No remains.
: Mm-hmm.
Well, I'm trying to establish a time line, an exact date for when your officer found Mr.
Tanner's vehicle.
Well, you know where we found the car.
A stone's throw.
The fourth district just around the corner.
You see what I'm saying? Not exactly.
You've intimated law enforcement might be involved.
According to Tanner, they were.
An N.
officer commandeered his vehicle, then drove off with it with Mr.
Glover still in the backseat.
Wait, what are you saying? Tanner's lying? Given the location of the vehicle and its close proximity to this office and the fourth district station, it's not credible.
- And the dead guy? - Glover.
We checked his record.
Bad dude.
Career criminal.
Where'd you get that? N.
? - Did you know he was on a detail? - I did, Your Honor.
Were you aware he was listed as one of the arresting officers? No, Your Honor, not until today.
I don't see much of a choice here.
You're not dismissing the charges, Your Honor? - I'm not, no.
- Your Honor, can I just But I am excluding the weapon and holding Detective Cappell in contempt.
I suggest, Miss Dufossat, you think long and hard about how your office wishes to proceed.
So what are they saying? That Tanner made the whole wild story up and it was really all about drugs? Yup.
And the thing is, I ran a background check on Henry Glover and he wasn't a career criminal.
No way.
(Knocking) - Man: Miss Bernette.
- Oh, thank you.
Oh, quite a coup.
Investigative files.
I really went all out on these.
Abreu, Seals.
All right, I'm gonna leave you to it.
- Congrats.
- Thanks.
(Door opens, closes) Okay, daddy, I've got to get down to the gig.
You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Piece of cake.
A lot of hoop-ti-do over nothing.
Daddy, I'm about to make some green tea.
You want some green tea? When have you ever seen me drinking green tea? Then I'll make you some bouillon.
(Sighs) Will y'all stop fussing over me? It ain't no thing.
I'm fine.
Look, we know you Superman, but I'm gonna make you some bouillon and saltines anyway.
How about you make me some real food anyway? I'm worried you won't keep it down.
If I thought I'd be eating beef broth and crackers, I'd have thought twice about doing all this.
See you tomorrow, daddy.
All right now.
Make sure it swings.
Mimi: I think it turned out so well.
I mean, look, the art work.
You know what? This should be a three-cd set.
- (Sighs) - A double at least.
Double sleeve adds to the price.
- But no liner notes? Come on! - Oh, please.
Nobody even reads those things.
The print's so tiny.
An insert, a booklet that's all I ask so I can explain my vision.
Davis, it is a terrific album.
It's a burp, a hiccup! My opera is Moby Dick.
This is a farm-raised salmon.
Fuck! God.
You know something? Hmm? You are starting to piss me off.
I'm just disappointed.
Nuh-uh, no.
You are just immature and ungrateful.
I mean, all those fabulous artists, their time, their talent, not to mention considerable financial support from yours truly, - I might add.
- For which I am grateful for.
- Every bit of it.
- And all you can do is whine.
In the words of the immortal big Al Carson: I am taking my drunk ass home.
Wait, Aunt Mimi.
- (Music playing) - (People chatting) (Music playing) - (Applause) - Delmond: Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll be right back.
Excuse me.
Oh, you cats are swinging.
- My best, bro.
- Yeah.
Man, you got time to talk? I want to bend your ear for a minute.
Yeah, come on.
- How you making it? - I'm all right, I guess.
- You want something? - No, thank you, bro.
All right.
So what's up? You ever feel like you're doing the same old thing? Tired of the sound of your own voice? I mean, you need to hear something else, but can't hear it yet.
All the time.
Well, I need to shed on something new.
I feel stale.
Man, I want to reach for something a little higher.
I don't want to feel like I never looked past New Orleans.
Oh, I hear that.
Everybody in this band, they all came up here.
They all in New York except Michael.
Oh, man, that dude, he's bad on that 'bone, bro.
Yeah, he is.
Actually, if you want a good trombone tune to shed, check out "Viscosity," J.
- "Viscosity," huh? - Yeah.
- All right.
- Yeah.
We're doing this rehearsal for this Freddie Hubbard tribute.
Come on through.
Check it out.
All right.
Where you at, Batiste? - Now that's your sound.
- That's your sound.
(Music playing) Okay, party's over.
- (Music stops) - All right, we need to see I.
We had permission.
Not to disturb the peace, smoke dope, or get shit-faced, you didn't.
I'll be right back, Miss Bernette.
(Vibrating) - Hello.
- Mom, I didn't do anything, so don't get upset.
I've been arrested.
They arrested the whole party.
All right, I'll be right down.
You just sit tight, all right? What about that room? Oh, yeah.
It's full of stuff.
Why is the door always closed? Because it's full of stuff.
Like what? All right.
Wow! Now this is a transportfiets.
Like a cargo bike.
I had it sent over.
It's huge.
The butcher used it for his meat and a Baker for his bread, you know.
It's old.
I used to use it for gigs in Amsterdam.
I'd carry my keyboard and my amp.
(Train whistle blows) My girlfriend.
(Laughs) - No.
- Yeah, seriously.
Of course.
I didn't do anything.
I didn't even have a sip of beer.
Tell me that test is going to come back negative.
I just did.
Officer: I'm still gonna have to write you up for being in that environment.
If the test is negative, likely the judge won't violate you.
But if she's caught in that situation again Understood.
Understood? Lieutenant, don't even say it.
Last thing I want to hear about is secondary fucking details.
Captain pass on my D.
-Ones? They've already gone to P.
Cappell's suspended indefinitely, pending whatever the D.
decides to do about a perjury charge.
And Silby? Captain Hardesty and I were just discussing that.
gave him a week's suspension.
- A week? - Without pay.
One week? I don't want to see him back here.
I want him reassigned.
Duly noted.
Linh: I love this bike.
In Holland, if you don't have a good bike, it's like not having a car here.
You're fucked.
You can't even ask a girl out.
What are those? Those are the steamboat houses.
Built by a ship's captain or something.
I had no idea.
I know, right? Anyway, I was saying, you can't even ask a girl out much less ask her to marry you.
What? Linh, will you marry me? (Chuckles) Aren't you supposed to get down on your knees? - (Laughs) - Come on.
Hey! Will you? You have to talk to my father.
You know that, right? I just wanted to make sure you'd say yes first before I went through all that.
(Sighs) Ask him soon, okay? Chef.
Table five, the deuce.
You'll be getting an order.
I think that's Molly's table.
They're some kind of something.
Food writers, bloggers, hoping to fly under the radar.
Yeah, opening night, hoping something goes wrong.
Yeah, well, you might want to flag them as V.
What was it? What gave them away? The shoes, man.
No regular customer comes to a fine-dining establishment such as this in shoes like that.
Payless kind of shit.
And the lady, 85 bucks at Aldo for those clodhoppers and she brings them out on date night? Oh, yeah, they sneaky, thinking they can be all undercover and shit.
And don't even get me started on the girl's bag.
You know, Derek, you are a very unusual man.
What I am, Chef, is a motherfucking professional.
Where's my bell pepper? Put it in the fridge.
Need some more ginger ale.
Almost out.
All right, put it on the list.
(Albert vomiting) (Toilet flushes) Happy? (Coughing) Davina: You all right? Do I sound like I'm all right? Well, it looks like it's two of us for dinner tonight.
I hope you like tofu.
(Albert coughing) (Music playing) How's the food? It's great.
Worth the wait.
Baby, you heard the man.
He said the food's magnificent.
I'm starved.
(Music playing) (Music stops) (Playing) (Music resumes) (Music stops) (Playing) (Playing discordant notes) - Pssh! - Are you all right, Antoine? Yeah.
Shit's tricky, is all.
I mean, you know, J.
, he plays this here, man.
(Music resumes) (Humming along) (Music stops) Is that really what you want to play? I'd like to be able to play it.
I like what you play, Antoine.
You're not tired of it? I mean, compared to this, my shit is simple.
Go on ahead, but I don't think you're gonna be happy getting good at something you don't love.
(Grumbles) (Music resumes) (Humming along) It's only for a couple of months.
You stay with grandma and you finish out the school year there.
I don't want to go to fucking Florida.
I'll come visit.
And in August we'll get you off to college.
I'll miss graduation.
Listen to me.
These bastards are not gonna stop trying to get to me through you.
I will be super careful.
I've been super careful.
I told you the test would come back negative.
I know, but you cannot control what other people do and it puts you at risk.
I'll stay home.
I won't go out at all.
You can't you stay inside 24 hours a day.
I won't drive.
I'll walk everywhere.
Baby, they've been here, too.
Jesus Christ.
I hate this.
I hate it, too, Sofia.
And I'm so sorry.
- Stop.
- Okay.
All right.
- We got a photo of the menu, right? - Check.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Woman: There's the Chef.
- (Scoffs) Man: Great food.
- Janette: Oh, thank you.
- We really enjoyed it.
I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Thanks so much.
Just like I said.
The shoes don't lie.
Nelson Hidalgo.
Just want to let you know we really enjoyed it.
- Just wonderful.
- Well, thank you so much.
You got a special place here.
- You have the pasta? - Delicious.
It was my idea.
Why do I kind of doubt that? See you again soon, Chef.
Good night.
- You know him? - Mm-hmm.
Waited on him at Stella.
And nola, too.
Gets around.
Good tipper.
Good shoes, too.
Cole Haans.
- I like him.
- Man: Hey, Derek.
(Laughing) Man: Chef.
Hi, how have you been? Thank you so much for coming.
Congratulations, Chef.
It was splendid.
- Thank you.
- You changed your mind, huh? Got to admit, I was a little hurt.
And jealous.
Oh, it was nothing personal.
Timing maybe.
I thought I wasn't homesick, but I was.
- Good luck, Chef.
- Thank you.
- (Dogs barking) - (Men shouting) What the fuck? Look over there.
That's the motherfucker came into my bar.
He was the one that threatened you? I think so.
Oh, yes.
Look at them.
They're laughing about this.
What did he say to you exactly? Nothing.
He didn't say anything.
He looked at me, lit a match.
That's not enough to prove intimidation, Ladonna.
You gave him two casings from the shooting at the Iberville, right? Right.
And in his memo he says that he sent one of those and an Abreu casing out to the Jefferson parish ballistics lab because the Orleans parish lab was non-functioning at the time.
I thought there were no forensic ballistics in Abreu.
As far as I know, there weren't.
Casings from the scene disappeared between fifth district and the first.
But according to Colson, the coroner's office found a casing later in Joey's clothing during the autopsy, which is something he never told me.
And this Abreu casing just happened to get lost, too? Between N.
and the Jeff parish lab.
And if he says that he sent it over, N.
is off the hook when it goes missing.
If Colson is trying to make evidence disappear, why write it up at all? If he doesn't, it's on homicide.
It's on him.
- Right.
- I gave him the Seals casings.
He signed for them.
He's in on this cover-up.
(Sighs) This reporter, or whatever he is, blogger, has been to homeland security on the Glover thing.
Him or anybody else comes around asking about that information, questions it goes to P.
Understood? Terry, a word.
Rumor going around.
Somebody talking out of school.
You know who? No.
Feds are sniffing around.
Well, hear anything Mm-hmm.
What? (Hammering) Yeah, right here.
Can I help you with something? Four months ago, y'all was fixing this place up.
Now you're fixing to tear it down? Hold on, hold on.
Slow down, now.
Don't tell me slow down.
Y'all the one's in a hurry to bulldoze the goddamn city.
The city wanted it fixed up.
Now they want it tore down.
- What you taking pictures for? - I'm documenting this shit.
And the photos are going up on the website.
You don't need no pictures of me up on no website.
I'm just a man trying to feed my family, keep a roof over our head.
Keep a roof over your head? Shit.
Come on now.
It bit his foot off and it was bleeding all over the place.
- Don't give me that look.
- Alcide.
There are glasses on the counter.
Would you please fill them with water? Okay, so, mama, guess what happened at school today.
- Thank you.
- So the second grade teacher, she brought a turtle to school, and then it bit the kid.
- (Phone ringing) - I'll get it.
How'd you get this number? Boys, go to your room, please.
- What's wrong? - Just go.
It's a private number.
What'd he say? "You want to get fucked again? Keep doing what you're doing.
" I said, "how'd you get this number?" He said, "bitch, we know where you live.
" I'm gonna get this number changed first thing in the morning.
But right now, I'm calling the police.
What good is that gonna do? We need to start documenting this, this harassment.
Do it after dinner, baby.
After dinner, baby.
Call Randall and Alcide.
'Cause we ain't living under no fucking rock.
(Music playing) * I know a diamond when I see one * * that's why how come I got these * 10 carat blues, yeah - woman: Sing it.
- (Crowd cheering) Ooh, that piano player is cute as a bug.
Yes, he's very cute and too young for you.
- Another.
- You bet.
Slow down, sailor.
The night is young.
And I intend to get shit-faced.
We don't want to put that sign back up again.
Oh, which sign is that? If your name is Davis McAlary, please leave.
I am past that phase of my life, so And where's Annie tonight? Gig, Howlin' Wolf.
Opening for Dragon Smoke, Ivan Neville's side project.
- And you didn't go? - Uh-uh.
She's going out to dinner with her manager after to talk about her new record.
Oh, Davis.
I know it did not turn out exactly the way you wanted it, but, really, it is fine.
I just feel at this point in my life I ought to have more control.
- Oh - Everything's just Off, you know? My music, my career.
You and Annie? You know, you might try putting her first for a change.
I think maybe she feels neglected, too.
do right.
- (cheering) - Man: Sing it, sister.
Annie: I'm glad you like it.
I finished it, like, seconds before the gig.
It's half Harley's.
The basic lyric.
And then I wrote the music.
And "This City," you wrote part of that, too, right? No, I just gave him a line, that's all.
Tell me something.
You think all those Lennon-McCartney songs, they wrote them all 50-50? No, that's what a creative partnership is.
Bread don't rise without yeast, even though you only use a spoonful.
I guess.
You need to share credit on "This City," too.
(Band playing) - You have laundry I can do? - No, I'll do it.
- Sweetie, if there's anything you want - I'm fine.
(Phone ringing) - Hello? - Man: Look outside.
(Hangs up) (Car starts) (Music playing) * don't you leave me here * * don't you leave me here * * if you just must go, sweet babe * * leave a dime for beer.