Trial and Retribution (1997) s12e05 Episode Script

Shooter (1)

It's good news.
Who's that?! I don't know.
Oh! Urgh! Get down! Get on the floor.
Everyone on the ground! Do exactly as I say and you won't get hurt.
Eyes down! Is there anyone else in the house? No.
Stairs! No! Mary! Get your hands off him! Argh! Get down! Stupid bitch! Give us that.
Get your head down, now! Down! You too! Eyes to the ground! Right, let's all go for a little ride, shall we? Now I'm here, you do things my way.
Understand? No-one asked you to come along.
Listen, you little bastard.
I promised your mum I'd get you back in one piece and that's what I'm gonna do.
So from now on, shut the lip.
Got it? OK.
Come on.
Alarm off! How long have we got? 30 seconds.
No, nono, 40 seconds.
Turn it off.
Erer It's justum IIcan't remember I can't remember it It's Hit the numbers.
I'm trying! Do it! Now! What have you done? What have you done? I didn't! I didn't! Come on! You fucking idiot! Out! Come on! Hi, guys.
I've a got a feeling this is going to be a really good day.
Yeah, it's ridiculous they haven't been sent down yet.
Tell me about it.
I've had them this close three times.
Third time lucky.
Here come the girls.
Good morning, Mrs Bilkin.
Mrs Bilkin.
Mrs Bilkin.
Wouldn't like to meet those three down a dark alley.
Donna's the den mother.
Lenny's wife.
Rumour has it a look from her could turn you to stone.
Here you are.
Mary, good morning.
How are you? Thank you for this, Mary.
Mrs Wilson, I'd just like you to focus your mind on your initial identification of one of the defendants.
And this, as I understand it, was done at a police station.
How did this identification take place? What methods did the police use? They show me videos of men on a computer.
And as we now know, the person you say you recognised turned out to be Leonard Bilkin.
Apart from the night in question, do you remember ever having seen Mr Bilkin before? No.
So the only time you believe you saw him was at your house when you pulled his mask off? Yes.
My Lord, I'd like to show the witness CCTV footage exhibit RCC/21.
This is the CCTV tape from the Nagoski jewellery shop taken on the morning of the attack.
Now, I'm very sorry to have to put you through this, Mrs Wilson, but can you tell me who you recognise on the screen? There's my husband.
That's the? He is on this side.
And that's Janice.
She works - worked for him.
And the other person in the shop is you? Yes.
Thank you.
Again I apologise, but we do have to watch a little more of this.
Do you recognise the last person to enter the shop? Yes.
Could you tell us who it is? He is the man who killed my husband.
That's what you thought at the time.
The time of your very emotional video identification.
Mr Levington, can we get to the point? This, as you say, is clearly distressing.
Mrs Wilson, the person you identified as your attacker you had actually seen that very morning.
Here was a man innocently shopping for an anniversary present for his wife.
But you do remember seeing him that morning? Yes.
No, I-I don't.
We've heard that a hair was found at your house, that could have come from Leonard Bilkin.
Has he ever been an invited guest at your house? No.
Mrs Wilson, do you have any friends who have cats or dogs? Cats and dogs? Yes.
Sometimes the hairs from these pets can get stuck to your clothes, yes? Yes, sometimes.
And when you get home, do you brush them off? Yes.
Sometimes if there's a lot, yes.
I Mr Levington, where are we going with this? I'm just about to explain, My Lord.
Mrs Wilson, human hairs are similar to the hairs from cats and dogs.
They can also be shed.
In fact, a hair from Mr Bilkin could have fallen onto your coat and then have fallen from your coat or been brushed off when you got home.
You tell her! Nice one! (You've got to be bloody joking.
) He was at my house! I tell you! Mrs Wilson, when your husband was shot, you were in the back of the van, so you could not possibly have seen who it was that was responsible for your husband's death.
No, I I saw him He killed him.
He killed him! You don't know what you're talking about! Silence! No further questions, My Lord.
(Bollocks, bollocks, bollocks.
) (Cat's hair.
How bloody stupid do you think we are?) It's not about us Mike.
It never is.
All rise.
Joseph Arthur Miller.
And your occupation? I am the owner of two health clubs.
Is it right to say that you have previous convictions for assault and robbery for which you received a sentence of ten years' custody? Yeah, that was nearly 20 years ago.
I was a lot younger and a lot more stupid then.
Could you please tell us what happened on the night of February 14th this year? Yeah, I was about to leave the Woodford club.
It was Valentine's night, I booked a table at the Peking Chef, when Lenny Bilkin turns up.
Says he wants a word.
About what? A couple of million quid's worth of diamonds he could lay his hands on.
Did he elaborate at all? Yeah, he told me what the play was.
There'd be four of us.
We'd go to Belsize Park where the manager of the jewellery shop lived, take him to the shop and make him open up and hand over the gems.
Did he say anything else? Yeah, he said: "If this manager gives us any trouble, I'll blow his fucking brains out".
So when Lenny Bilkin made you this proposition, what was your reaction? I told him to take a walk.
I weren't interested.
Like I said, for me, those days are well gone.
Liar! MAN: You nonce! Could you explain to the jury what happened when you heard about the death of Mr Wilson? Yeah, I spoke to a policeman and told him what I knew.
Where was this? Well, originally it was DS Satchell at the health club.
But then I went to a police station and gave an official statement.
Mr Miller, let's have a look at your previous convictions.
Armed robbery, grievous bodily harm.
Yeah, that was a long time ago.
Mr Miller, you were involved in an armed robbery where someone was shot and nearly died.
Not by me.
Oh, yes, I'm aware you had an imitation firearm.
I pleaded guilty.
Yes and then at trial, to save your skin, you gave evidence for the prosecution.
My Lord, it is known that Mr Miller pleaded guilty and received a sentence some years ago.
My learned friend cannot possibly speculate as to why someone chose to give evidence.
Please move on, Mr Levington.
Mr Miller, were you involved in THIS robbery? No, I did my time.
I'm a respectable businessman now.
And is that why today you are here giving evidence against Leonard Bilkin? A man was killed.
That was out of order.
So I went to the police and told them what I knew.
Were you aware that Mr Bilkin was expanding his business interests? Specifically into sports goods and services? Yeah, I'd heard rumours.
I mean, It's my business, I need to know what's going on.
Quite so.
And your business would no doubt benefit from the removing of competition? Well, of course it would.
Perhaps that's why you went to the police and made up a story about Leonard Bilkin's involvement in the robbery and shooting of Mr Wilson.
Not true.
I don't need to do any of that.
I'm a successful man, fair and square.
Thisthis alleged conversation you had with Leonard Bilkin, there is not one shred of evidence to prove that it ever took place.
No witnesses, no CCTV, you didn't even go straight to the police after your alleged meeting with Mr Bilkin.
Indeed, if what you say is true, and as an honest and thoroughly respectable member of the public, you could have prevented this whole thing happening.
I didn't think he'd go through with it.
No, Mr Miller.
The truth is, this conversation with Mr Bilkin never took place.
You're wrong.
It did take place.
It did.
Can you bloody believe it? This should have been cut and dried.
I am not losing those fucking Bilkins again.
What happened last time? First time, they nobbled the jury.
Second was a fucking balls-up.
Judge threw the case out of court.
What? I'm being called.
Prosecution says the defence won't accept my statement.
What the hell are they up to? Listen, Satch.
That Levington is a canny sod.
Canny enough to get them off scot free if we're not careful.
You make sure you get into that dock.
Make sure you nail them.
Got it? Sure.
No pressure, eh? It's not a fucking joke, Satch.
DS Satchell, you took this detailed statement from Mr Miller, who you say approached you.
That's correct.
He approached me at the Trojan Health Club in Woodford.
The club owned by Mr Miller, of which you are a member.
How long had you been a member prior to Mr Wilson's death? Era few months.
So it might be said to be very fortunate for Mr Miller that you were close at hand.
It wasn't like that.
Didn't you wonder why Mr Miller chose to speak to you? Well, it's obvious.
I'm a police officer, aren't I? Is it obvious? You're a plain clothes officer with the Murder Squad.
Mr Levington, we all know DS Satchell's job and his clothing is plain for all to see.
Is there a purpose to this line of questioning? Yes, My Lord.
How was it that Mr Miller knew that you were a police officer? How can the officer answer that? He approached me and asked if I was a police officer.
You didn't give your occupation on the membership application form? No, I don't like people knowing what I do for a living.
So, through sheer intuition, Mr Miller correctly guessed that you were a police officer and, even more remarkably, that you were a police officer already working on this case in question.
So, what made you interested in what Mr Miller had to say? Well, it appeared he had information relevant to the case that I was investigating.
I knew Mr Miller, a bit about his past.
I thought I was the right person to listen to what he said.
Is Mr Miller a friend of yours? No.
Do you socialise together? No.
Did you or do you have any sort of relationship, personal or financial, with Mr Miller? I'm not gay, if that's what you mean.
Sorry? Mr Miller is gay.
I'm not.
I mean, I don't have a problem with him being gay, but I resent your implication that we were in a relationship.
I was not implying anything, but I will note that you say Mr Miller was not your boyfriend .
and that you are NOT gay.
Mr Levington, DS Satchell's sexual preferences are of no relevance to this case.
Officer, what I think you are being asked, if rather clumsily, by Mr Levington, is whether you have had any type of contact with Mr Miller other than when he came up to you in the club.
No, I have not.
And after he supposedly approached you with his information, did you bother to investigate whether Mr Miller knew more than he was saying? Whether perhaps he was involved in this robbery? Well, there was no evidence to suggest that he was.
Or did you not investigate because in point of fact you yourself approached Mr Miller in the first place? I'm sorry.
Can you repeat the question, please? Well, let me put it another way, if it's confusing.
You knew Mr Miller had previous convictions and it's clear for all to see that he is a very ambitious man.
And you and Mr Miller share a dislike of the Bilkins, isn't that true? No.
Oh, you like the Bilkins? No.
Mr Miller wants to expand his business, you wanted to put someone away.
Leonard Bilkin was the common obstacle.
Why not pool your interests? You agreed to stitch him up.
Yeah, and that's the truth.
He's bent! If there are any more interruptions from the public gallery, I will have you removed from this court.
Did you suggest or encourage Mr Miller to fabricate evidence against Leonard Bilkin? Of course not.
But you are aware that this has happened to Mr Bilkin before at the hands of the police? I don't know anything about that.
Perhaps if I remind the witness that in 1984 the police conspired in creating false evidence against Leonard Bilkin.
The case rightly being thrown out and a senior police officer convicted of perjury and attempting to pervert the course of justice in 1985.
I wasn't even on the on the Force then.
But your current boss was, though, wasn't he? DCS Walker was a part of that grossly corrupt investigation just as he has been a part of this one.
The police have long memories when one of their own gets caught, don't they? Or perhaps you were just under pressure to find evidence that could put Mr Bilkin in the frame.
This is the culmination of a long vendetta, isn't it? Over the four occasions it took for you to write Mr Miller's statement, you concocted this false evidence against Leonard Bilkin and that is the actual truth, isn't it, officer? It is not.
Yes, it is.
It's a stitch-up.
It should be him being done.
Silence! No further questions, My Lord.
Idiot! Oh, you were truly sensational, Satch! What the hell happened, Satch? I dunno, I just Just what? You just dropped us in the bloody shit.
Well, at least we know you're not gay, huh? I need whisky.
You have been instructed to reach a majority verdict on which at least ten of you agree.
In respect of Barry Bilkin, do you find the defendant guilty or not guilty? Not guilty.
Lovely! That's it! In respect of Terence Bilkin, do you find the defendant guilty or not guilty? Not guilty.
Yes! Nice one! In respect of Leonard Bilkin, do you find the defendant guilty or not guilty? We can't reach a decision.
Mr Darwin, I'm sure you will advise the court when this case is re-listed in a week's time as to whether or not the Crown will be applying for a retrial against Leonard Bilkin.
Terence Bilkin, Barry Bilkin, you are free to go.
Yay! I can indicate the Crown will seek a suitable date for a retrial.
Leonard Bilkin, you will remain in custody.
So when you started this investigation - Oh, Mike, this is DS Short.
Have you seen these? I've seen the headlines.
There was nothing wrong! We had that bastard till Satch fucked it up.
It wasn't all Satch's fault.
Oh, meaning it was mine? Oh, yeah! Don't tell me you're buying that vendetta shite.
Levington was on form.
And I warned him about Levington.
He walked straight into it.
He may as well have thrown his hands up and said, "I'm a gay prat and my guvnor's bent!" You told him to go for it.
We've got a mistrial, we can have another go at Lenny.
Yeah, and we ain't going to fuck up this time.
No mistakes.
Police leave is cancelled.
This is DS Short.
She's a Financial Investigator from Serious and Organised.
What? Hey, why not? Can't be worse than Satch.
Juries have a mind of their own, Mike.
Especially with the Bilkins breathing down their neck.
You think they were got at? Don't you? No.
They had an awful lot to make sense of.
I have some information that might help if DS Short, how long have you been investigating the Bilkins' finances? For about a year now.
And you still haven't caught them.
I think you'll be a superb member of this team! It's coming at me from all angles.
Walker keeps looking at me like I'm something he trod in and Kay wants me to take her on holiday before she has the baby.
Is she giving you grief? No, but she will once I tell her it's not going to happen.
I bet she doesn't want you to go to that gym any more, does she? What? Well, not now she's found out it's all a bitumleft-footed.
Right, listen up, everybody.
Your attention please.
As you know, the Bilkin Three is now the Bilkin One.
But he's our main man.
It gives us another shot so no more cock-ups.
We keep our case so tight, Tiger Woods won't be able to find a hole.
This is DS Short who's a financial investigator with SOCA.
She's been investigating the Bilkins for money laundering.
Well, prior to this jewellery job, Lenny Bilkin was attempting to legitimise his business.
We know that one of his employees has recently been moving funds into a sportswear company, a company owned by Joe Miller.
So Levington was in the right ball park.
Yeah, but like us, he had no hard evidence to back it up.
And Lenny goes down, then Miller can move in on the Bilkin empire.
But why would Lenny want Miller involved in the robbery? Well, maybe he didn't.
Maybe he heard enough on the grapevine to fit him up.
That's a hell of a grapevine.
We can go round this forever.
The reality is we have a mistrial and we need to be 110% accurate.
So, Satch, I want you go back over Miller's statement, get digging.
I need somebody who can corroborate this meeting with Lenny.
That doesn't mean you have to get in the sauna with him.
There's something else, guys.
You've heard that his silk said at the trial that Lenny Bilkin was fitted up.
It's absolutely true.
Jim Weaver, my old boss, was a bloody good copper but he made a bloody stupid mistake.
Lenny Bilkin drove him to it because we couldn't put a finger on him.
And Jim's going to pay for that the rest of his life.
But that's history.
We have now got a chance to nail this bastard.
Let's play it by the book.
That's all.
Look, the defence will use the same tactics.
They worked before.
Are you sure no-one else heard your conversation or even just saw you with Lenny? I told you before.
Why did Levington suggest you were interested in taking over the Bilkins' business? Like you just said, he suggested it, that's all.
Didn't prove anything.
No, but it muddied the waters, didn't it? What, and that's my fault? Eh? I'd say your gaffer's hard-on for Lenny Bilkin did a fair bit of muddying, wouldn't you? You'd better not be hiding anything.
Make me look a fool again, I'll get you banged up for perjury before you know it, star witness or no fucking star witness.
I'm telling you, Lenny Bilkin was here.
How else would I know the details? I'm not going to make it up, am I? Everything all right, Joe? Yeah, it's fine, Jamie.
DS Satchell's just leaving.
I can still offer you protection.
Do I look like I need protection? Your choice.
Look, I'm hearing it, it's on the street.
Everybody knows they'll try and get you.
They're all mouth.
Call that copper back.
Get protection.
Then I'll look scared.
Let 'em bring on whatever.
I can handle them.
You don't need to impress me, Joe.
I don't want you to get hurt.
Let me get someone, security.
You need someone.
I don't need no-one.
You don't? Well, maybe someone.
Listen, I need you to do me a favour.
Mrs Bilkin.
Mind if we come in? What do you want? We're just returning some items of your sons'.
You mess up our lives, then come in here with your bags and think it'll all be all right? Oh, I think you got it a little bit wrong there, sweetheart.
We didn't mess up your lives, I think you did that for yourselves.
This is messing it up, is it? It is from where I'm standing.
Hello, Zoe.
We've got guests, Zoe, but they won't be staying.
Aw! You've never been able to pin anything on this family.
Yeah, tide's changing, sweetheart.
I don't think so.
See them? What, Louis Quinze? Oooh, not all blonde, then? And I'm not talking repro, either.
See, we don't need to be involved in some poxy robbery.
We have everything we want.
You know, life is going to get very difficult for you girls.
Dream on.
Terry and Barry, they're hardly a chip off the old block, are they? Oh, yeah, it's going to get really tough with those two at the helm.
Afternoon, ladies.
Thanks for the hospitality.
She's got a point.
What about? Think about it.
You're worth 10 mil, no-one's come close to finding out how you got all this cash, you're trying to legitimise your business.
Why would you risk all that for an old-fashioned robbery? This wasn't Lenny's idea.
He's too smart for this.
So you're saying it was Barry and Terry.
Where does that leave Lenny? He was probably just riding shotgun.
Ah, kids, eh? Hello, my lovely.
This is a nice surprise.
I was in the area.
Have you had a good day? Yes.
You were in the area? And? And nothing.
You want a lift home? No, I'd rather walk.
You sure? Yeah.
A little walking's good for me.
Oh, by the way, I can't make that holiday.
Really! Mike's cancelled all leave until after the retrial.
That's not going to be until I've had the baby.
I know.
I don't believe this.
I ask you for one thing It's not my fault.
No, of course it's not.
It never is your fault, is it? When you're in at weekends, or home late, it's never your fault.
If there was anything I could do I know but DS Satchell.
Who? Jamie.
Yes, sorry.
I saw you at the gym earlier.
I'll see you at home.
Whenever that is.
No! Sorry.
Yes, what can I do for you? You called DS Satchell because you wanted to make a statement.
What about? About Joe.
Joe Miller meeting with Lenny Bilkin.
Go on.
I was there when they met.
When was that? Last February.
Can you remember a date? The 14th, Valentine's Day.
Where did they meet? At the health club.
Why have you suddenly decided to come forward with this information, Jamie? Erbecause Joe said it was best for me not to get involved at the time.
He knew what the Bilkins were like, I mean, what they're capable of.
He said it was best I say nothing.
And er And erwhat? I was scared.
But you're not any more? Yeah.
But the situation's changed.
Lenny Bilkin could get off.
Then I'd be twice as scared, for Joe.
You have more that a working relationship with Joe? Yeah, I'm his boyfriend.
We've been together about 18 months.
You understand that perjury, perverting the course of justice are offences for which you can go to prison? I'm telling you the truth.
I saw them together.
Think it'll play? You mean, is he telling the truth? Yeah, that's exactly what I mean.
Why'd he wait to come forward? Maybe he's protecting Miller.
You said they were an item.
It's one thing for Miller to cross the Bilkins.
He thinks he's a hard man.
He didn't want to put Jamie in harm's way? Yeah, right.
So now he's got to make sure Lenny goes down.
The boys, he reckons he can handle.
Well, I'd buy that, wouldn't you? Yeah.
OK, bring in Miller.
This has got to stand up at the retrial.
How did it go? I'm not sure.
Makes no odds.
What if they find out I'm lying? It won't happen.
Who is there to call you a liar? It's the final nail in Lenny Bilkin's coffin.
Once he goes down, the rest is a piece of piss.
We move in on those toe-rag sons of his.
You did good.
I did if for you, Joe.
You did it for us.
See you later.
Hello, sweetheart.
No, I'm going to be a while yet.
Look about this holiday Miller! Shit! Shit! Shit! Oh, shit! Oh, no! Joe! Joe! Oh my God, no! Please no! Do something, please! Help me! Tell me I'm imagining this.
Our chief bloody witness! Good we offered him protection! I suppose we're all thinking the same thing? Yeah, it was the Real IRA.
What do you bloody think? Shall we pull them in? You bet.
These cocky bastards think they can get away with everything.
Just because we know they did it doesn't mean we can prove it, Mike.
Oh, come on, Roisin! They must have screwed themselves up this time.
And we've got an eye witness.
A bloody copper! You saw everything, didn't you, Satch? Yeah.
(SOBS) WhyWhy didn't he believe me? You need to listen to us now, Jamie.
You know who killed Joe.
And you know why.
But he should have let us take care of it.
We can take care of you.
You want me to take the stand? You stand by your statement, don't you Jamie? Yes.
I'll testify.
It's what It's what Joe would want.
Ha-ha-ha! Look after yourself.
Looks like Christmas.
This way.
Don't take no shit.
In you get, sir.
Mind your head, sir.
Make sure you tuck them up nicely.
You lot remind me of a hamster.
You know, in one of those wheels, little feet just going round and round and getting nowhere.
This is harassment.
I'd have thought you'd have been used to that.
I know the value of every object in this house.
If I find a single chip on a vase after you've gone, I'll sue.
So who's this famous witness, then? Oh, you don't think I'm going to tell you that, Terry? I'm not worried either way.
See, I've got an alibi.
Barry has too.
What a surprise, Terry.
Tell me about it.
We were at a birthday party.
Fabio's on Dean Street.
Check it out, it's one of ours.
Uh-huh? See, it was the manager's 30th.
His name is Fabio Conte.
Busy was it, this party? Mm.
Dozen or so.
People who'd remember we were there.
Yeah, it was my birthday but because Mr Bilkin was still in jail, we kept it small.
How'd you fix your alibi, Barry? Hm? Was it fear? Or just cash? Because you've got to wonder, with Daddy inside, are people going to still lie for you? I've got all day, Barry.
You're going to remain in custody while my colleagues confirm this alibi.
You heard the shot, then you hit the deck.
It was instinct.
I crawled round the car and saw the shooter fire at Miller's head.
He was already on the ground.
What did he look like? Six foot.
What was he wearing? Blackzip top.
Maybe sweatpants.
Did you recognise him? Was it one of the Bilkins? I don't know.
It was so fast.
Bloody hell, Satch! You saw him shoot Miller! I saw the gun.
I saw the flash from the gun and Yeah? He pulled his balaclava up.
He must have been showing his face to Miller.
So he's taunting him, letting him know who's killing him.
That proves it had to be one of the Bilkins and not a hitman.
I'm not sure, though.
Satch, you know him.
You saw him.
I know you did.
Look, Mike, just Roisin, it's in there somewhere.
It's in there somewhere, I'm just trying to get it out.
Dave, your wife's at the front desk.
She's in a real state.
OK, look, go and talk to her, please.
OK? We can do this another day.
Could you go easy on him, please? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Can he ID the shooter? Yeah.
Yeah, he willgiven time.
Why couldn't you do like the old man told us? The old man's not here, is he? You know he wanted to get someone else in.
Then we'd have been sitting pretty.
We ARE sitting pretty.
What have they got? Sweet FA.
You want a job doing right, right? I made sure Miller ain't gonna make any deathbed statements.
3-2-1 bang! Right between the eyes.
In a public place.
I had it covered.
You should have seen the look on his face when I pulled back the mask.
You? Have you got a fucking death wish or something? No, I've got class, brother.
It's all wrapped up nice and neat in a little box.
No witnesses, and a cast iron alibi.
You know, a bit of gratitude wouldn't go amiss.
Let me ask you something.
What did you do with the gun? I kept it.
I might need it again.
For fuck's sake, Barry.
What? Get rid.
I mean it.
That's good to know.
Guess what, boys, they're not bullshitting.
They've got an eye witness for the Miller shooting.
I knew it! I told you, Barry! That ain't possible.
You haven't heard the best yet.
It's a copper.
All right.
All I need now is a name.
DS Dave Satchell.
Please can we have chips? Yes, we can.
Mrs Satchell? Yeah? I'm Detective Inspector Hanson.
This DS Richardson.
I'm afraid your husband's been injured.
We've been asked to take you to the hospital.
What's happened? He's been shot.
Oh, my God! How bad? I'm not sure.
But we'd best get you there as soon as possible.
I'm going to have to go home, try and make it up to her.
Is she still mad at you about the holiday? Yeah.
I thought she'd put it on the back burner after the shooting but it seems to have made it worse.
Still, it's not the best time what with her being pregnant and everything.
That's me.
Oh, come on, you've got time for one more.
No, I'd better not.
Oh, come on, Satch! Go on, then.
I'm already in the dog house as it is.
I'll call the station.
Let them know you're with us.
Battery's gone.
Have you got a phone there I could use? Yeah.
PHONE RINGS Here we go.
Hi, love.
Hello, sweetheart.
Who is this? You don't need to know that.
And you don't need to worry about your wife and your daughter.
They'll be just fine with us.
Won't you? They've got them.
Got who? Someone's got my Kay and Abigail.
They've got them.
They've got them! Kay! Kay! Kay! Any news? Not yet, no.
Satch, last time you had any contact with her was just before she went to pick up Abigail, right? Yeah.
And she was fine when she left? Yeah.
Someone's got them.
Yeah, well she was OK when she left the nursery.
We're checking CCTV.
There won't be any CCTV.
It's a nursery.
No, around the nursery Satch.
The streets.
The shops with cameras.
We've flooded the place with officers.
Maybe someone took them from here, from the house.
We've no idea what's happening.
Dave, we will find them.
I promise you.
Circulate this for me, will you? I've got a better one.
I'm going to look for them.
Wait, Satch, please.
Why? There's nothing's happening here.
We're doing all we can, Dave.
God, this is stupid! We know who took them! What are we going to do? Are we just going to stand here? What are you going to do with us? Is this a police investigation, Mike? What? Or is this Mike Walker versus the Bilkins: the sequel? It's only Terry Bilkins' own bloody gun! That's more like it! Rotten fruit, your boys, Lenny.
Rotten to the core.
Once Satch puts either of the Bilkins at the scene of the murder, you'll have all the evidence you need.
You want all this to go away? Give me what I need.
That's right, Mike.
It's all about you, isn't it? I can pay you to lose your memory.
I'm through with being treated like shit and I'm through with being a copper! What do you say? I say let's talk.