Trigger Point (2022) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

So, what are we dealing with?
We've got two devices
on the access gate.
And if anyone opens
a gate, it'll go off?
[LANA] Correct.
[THOM] We need to get inside ASAP.
What's he doing here?
[COSTA] He's been back a
couple of months. He's on probation.
He almost had me killed.
We've got a timer.
Our actions must have set it off.
Find cover!
Let's get away from there!
Take the shot!
[THOM] Lana, Commander John Francis.
[JOHN] Expo Washington.
- Sir.
- Great to see a woman in the job.
- Is it?
- DCI Youngblood.
Joe Hanson, the missing engineer.
He is in Norford State to be interviewed.
Thom and Helen, they're an item now.
Sir, you should see this.
What is it?
Well, this is clearly a
sophisticated terrorist attack.
[SPEAKER] Looks like the
drone fell from the west.
Pilot would need an elevated position.
Crayford Place car park.
Yeah, someone called it
in about an hour ago.
What's that?
Could be a drone
controller, I'll get it.
No, nobody touch anything. No!
Tell me.
You're in the middle of a minefield.
You just go, go.
You should take your opportunity and go.
I'm not gonna let you
die, 'cause I love you.
I always have, I always will.
There's someone on the roof
over there, the tower block.
He's moving now. He's heading down.
Central three five.
All units to Tennison Tower, block five.
Suspect is on the move.
Detain anyone exiting the block.
Stop there!
Hold, police! Don't move!
I said, don't move! Take one
more step and I'll shoot!
[NICK GRUNTING] Got him! Bring him in!
Jesus. Honey.
God, you nearly gave me a heart attack.
What are you doing here?
I'm keeping an eye on
the place. Like I promised.
Hey, look at you. Give us a hug.
Oh, come on. Double one. [CHUCKLES]
Missed ya.
I missed you, too.
Come on, let's have a cuppa then.
I'll make you one. Come on.
So, how was Ukraine?
I've had some nights watching the news.
I wasn't, I wasn't
actually in the Ukraine.
I was in Estonia, training
bomb disposal teams,
so I wasn't frontline.
Well, back in one piece.
It's the important thing, eh?
Have you been staying here?
I've noticed that the
spare bedding's been changed.
The fridge is full of beers and food.
Just at night, you know.
Everything all right with Mum?
Come on, Dad, talk to me.
It's all messed up.
What's happened?
It's since we lost your brother.
She won't talk.
She don't talk to me about anything.
Just sits there, kitchen
table, staring into space.
I bring him up, she leaves the room.
I carry on, she leaves the house.
People deal with grief differently, Dad.
They don't understand.
She's so angry.
She's so bitter.
I'll tell you, me and her.
Well, maybe you could help.
You know, have a word with her,
see if you can bring her out of it.
Yeah, I will.
You called her, now like?
No, I can't call her now, Dad,
I've gotta go to a briefing.
Well, you will talk to
her? You'll find the time?
Yeah, I will, I promise.
Thanks, kid.
[ANCHOR] Dead and one seriously injured.
Police following a tip off
went to a nearby car park,
where two officers were killed.
Videos of both attacks
were streamed online
and have now been watched
by millions of people
all around the world.
This is a terrorist attack
on the centre of London
and on the officers who protect it.
I can assure the British public
that we in counterterrorism,
will find the perpetrators
and swiftly bring them to justice.
If anyone has any information
that they think might be
relevant to this investigation-
[SPEAKER] You watching this?
It's everywhere.
[SPEAKER] You did a great job
erasing the power station CCTV.
But now it's time to get your hands dirty.
What do you want me to do?
The traveller returns.
How you doing?
Good, you?
Yeah, I'm all right.
You know, overworked, still single.
Haven't had a bloke so much
as look at me for six months.
But apart from that.
You don't need a bloke.
They just get in the way.
Speaking of which, you seen Thom?
He's got a girlfriend.
I wasn't sure if you knew.
Listen, I'm really sorry
about what happened to John.
Sounds terrible.
Yeah. Yeah, it was awful.
Is that from the second drone?
Yeah. What's left of it.
It's a self-build.
A commercially available drone
wouldn't be able to carry any
more than the usual payload.
Right, so the bomber would need
a level of technical skill.
Yeah, exactly.
We've been analysing the pressure plates.
Ammonium nitrate charge.
Charge itself isn't that significant,
but the way the plates function
is highly sophisticated
and the circuitry is very advanced.
Add to that, the technical skill required
to get through the countermeasures
at the power station.
Or scientist.
I spoke to an electrical
engineer about how they did it.
The drone descends onto the exposed wiring
at the substation,
creating a short circuit.
So turning the transformer
into an explosive device.
Usually there are circuit
breakers that act as a fail safe.
So someone turned off the fail safe.
Yeah, exactly. Someone on the inside.
So who are we dealing with, Omar?
Anarchists? Islamists? Extreme right?
I'm talking to security services,
going through their watch list.
Right, and?
We're looking for both
intent and capability.
Can't rule anything out, not yet.
The messaging might be
misdirection, attempt to confuse.
I'd say it was pretty clear.
Yeah, but the attack
on the power station
could be seen as targeting
corporate interest
or perhaps even be viewed as
a direct attack on the state,
similar to the IRA attacks of the '70s.
They're extremists clearly,
but we don't know what they want.
Not yet.
We've got the suspect in custody.
I'm sure that will yield
further information.
It better.
Right, thank you everyone.
As we are all well aware,
there was a major terrorism
incident last night.
We in counterterror
will be working closely
with our friends in the security services
and liaising with the home office.
The threat level has
been raised to severe.
What are you doing here? We got this.
It's fine.
[JOHN] Thom.
Last night, a bomb delivered by drone
destroyed a transformer at the
Isle of Dogs power station.
We identified the likeliest
location for the drone pilot,
the rooftop of a multi-story carpark.
Unfortunately, it now appears
that the bombers deliberately
led us to this location.
They wanted us to go there.
The person we believe
to be the drone pilot
is now in custody.
His name is Nicholas Hood.
27-year-old PhD student
living in New Cross.
No known terrorist affiliations,
no criminal record.
DS Morgan will report back
when she's questioned him.
So we know that the fail
safes in the power plant
were overridden.
This requires both access
and technical knowledge.
Two of the engineers,
Harris Grey and Liam Holby,
they died in the blast.
The third, Joe Hanson.
He's still under medical supervision,
but we will be interviewing him shortly.
That is a mission statement.
They've targeted the power
station, the city, and us.
Be under no illusion.
They wanted to kill police officers.
It's guerrilla warfare.
Speak to your informants, your networks.
Shake the trees, see what falls out.
An attack of this type is
unprecedented on British soil.
We cannot afford another.
Let's get to it.
Thom, have you spoken to the suspect?
Helen's just going in with him now.
A case like this,
do you not think you should take the lead?
She's capable.
Besides I'm going to New Cross with you.
You live in New Cross, right?
Rather high, that's a
bit of a trek, isn't it?
No, not really.
Jump on the scooter. No distance at all.
At dawn?
Well, sunrise over the river.
London's a beautiful city.
Why were you in the tower block?
I wasn't.
You were seen coming
outta Tennison Tower.
Not me.
I mean, I was about to get on my scooter.
Next thing I know, police everywhere.
Mm. So you ran.
And wouldn't you?
Armed police officers screaming at you,
threatening to shoot?
You're the sole suspect in
a major terrorist incident.
You might go to prison for life.
I'm sorry, but you've made a mistake.
You've got the wrong man.
Do you have any affiliations
with terrorist groups?
I'm a man of ideas, a scientist.
What about this?
What do you think it means?
Well, someone's upset.
About what?
You think the police
only protect the elite.
Is that the point?
Well, we aren't all as lucky.
We don't all get dealt the same hand.
Yeah, inequality.
Well, take you for instance.
I bet you're a hard worker.
You put in the hours, at
school, you did your homework,
okay results, a couple of B's.
Did well enough to get you to
the police training college.
And if you'd got what you deserved,
you'd be way up the food chain.
Whereas me, first in astrophysics,
a PhD on the way
and a few years I'll be in Stanford,
maybe Harvard lecturing,
breeding the next
generation of scientists.
Moulding great minds,
it's hardly fair, is it?
Human beings.
Distribution of assets, resources.
Yeah, I bet you're upset
about that. Officer.
Hold, police!
Hold, police don't move!
Down on the ground, down on the ground!
Nick Hood's room, where is it?
It's upstairs.
Clear! Room clear!
Okay, thank you.
We'll take it from here.
Huh, I thought the students
were meant to be messy.
PhD student, he's not a fresher.
Even so. The absence of the normal
Is the presence of the
abnormal. Yeah, I heard that one.
Come in, lad.
Thank you.
So who do you think
we're dealing with here?
I mean, he can't be acting alone.
I can't get into specifics
related to the investigation.
Why not?
Because you're not a med detective.
Is that you talking or Francis?
I'm not at liberty to discuss
sensitive information with you.
You only ever say that to me
when you're pissed off at me.
Pissed off?
Yeah, you're acting weird.
All right, then. Just tell me the truth.
What about?
What you said at the
car park. Did you mean it?
I mean
No. No, I didn't think so.
Okay guys, thank you.
Hi, I'm DCI Thom Youngblood, SR15.
Apologies for any disruption we've caused.
What can you tell me about Nicholas Hood?
What's he done?
Well, I can't answer that, I'm afraid.
But any information you can give me
could help prevent further incident.
Has he had any visitors recently?
Who did he hang out with?
No one.
Literally, the guy has no friends.
Apart from us, and we're
more like just people
that live in the same house.
You must know something, anything.
He's nice.
Very quiet, shy, just
kept himself to himself.
Apart from the babysitting.
Can I see your room?
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- Ah, it's in here.
- Thank you.
He didn't leave anything in the room?
Take a look. Nothing here.
You say he babysat?
Once in a while.
Can I?
[THOM] Are these yours?
No, I've never seen them before.
Mr. Hanson?
I'm DS Morgan.
I'm sorry to have to tell
you that your colleagues,
Harris Grey and Liam Holby,
they lost their lives in the blast
at the power station last night.
The drone was able to attack
because the built-in fail
safes were inoperative.
We know this couldn't
have been done remotely.
We need to know if you are responsible
for overriding the fail safe manually.
Are you saying you were?
She, she
Your wife?
I think she's outside. Do
you want her to come in?
Address is registered to a Zara Baxter.
We've not approached the door
and phone's switched off.
There's a woman lying on
the floor, not moving.
Have we got a device?
We need to get in.
Yeah, that's what they want.
Lure us in, just like the car park.
They're probably fucking filming us.
What about the windows?
I think these are wired.
Danny, get a ladder now.
No sign of a wire.
Clear, I'm going in.
Hi, I'm Lana.
I'm bomb squad.
I'm here to help.
You're Zara, right?
Get this off me.
Yeah, I'm gonna help.
I need to take a look at it.
Get it off me.
Yeah, I'm gonna help. I'm gonna help.
Just need you to stay really still.
The stiller you are, the better.
I'm gonna take a look.
We're gonna get out of here safely, okay?
Okay, just deep breaths.
That's all you need to do.
Deep breaths. Deep breaths, Zara.
I just need to get something out my bag.
You're doing great there, Zara.
Really, really good.
Right, I'm gonna snip this wire.
Just stay still.
- There we go.
- Is that it?
No. I'm just gonna check
now for a secondary switch.
So I'm gonna move your
hair out of the way,
let me just take a look at it.
Let me just
What is it?
Sorry, just stay still for me, please.
- Have you done it? Can I move?
- Yeah, I'm nearly there.
If you can just be really still for me.
Help me!
Stay calm for me, please, Zara.
Help me, help me!
Help me!
Lana, Lana, come in, get on the radio.
What's happening?
Central Lane 53 Expo
two, get on the radio.
If you can hear me, let
me know you're okay.
Lana, get on the radio if you can hear me.
Can you hear me?
Lana, you need to let
us know if you're okay.
Danny, I'm getting nothing!
Expo two.
Expo two, bravo to expo two.
I'm going in!
Central eight five requesting
immediate expo support.
100 Portski Road
- Boss!
- I need that now.
- Boss!
- I need to see if she's okay, Danny!
- Boss, you've got to get back!
- Get back.
Danny, get him back.
- Get a grip.
- Yeah.
Make sure you get all of this
and over here and get
some shots of the hands.
Grim stuff.
So this woman, Zara Baxter,
you believe there's a connection
between her and Hanson?
She has pictures on her
phone of them both together,
as does he.
Work in theory, the bombers
used her to threaten Hanson,
get him to override the fail safe.
What triggered the device?
Well, the woman was agitated, sir,
we think an LDR was activated
setting off the time
Sorry, what's an LDR?
It's a light dependent resistor.
It's activated when the
light increases or decreases.
Why would it increase or decrease?
What would cause that to happen?
I'm not sure, sir.
You should speak to Expo Washington.
She was there? Inside the house?
She did her best.
Carry on, Thom.
Hi, Dad.
Sorry, listen, it's not a good time.
[DAD] Well, I was just
wondering, did you call your mum?
Yeah, I did. I left a message.
[DAD] Oh, well you
said you'd speak to her.
You promised.
Okay, I'll call her now.
Yeah, let me call you back.
I'll speak to you in a minute. Bye.
You okay?
You scared the shit out of me.
I thought you were gone.
Well, I'm not, but she is.
Well, that wasn't your fault.
Funny, isn't it?
We always try and convince
ourselves of that.
When someone gets killed, that
we did everything we could.
You did do everything you could.
I leapt out the way, that's what I did.
She didn't have a chance.
And if you hadn't, you'd be dead too.
I'm sorry about earlier.
No, you
It was me. I had no right to ask.
I understand, I do.
You were trying to connect with me.
You were trying to get in
my head, calm me down and
Right, what I said at the car park.
I meant it, it wasn't just a tactic.
I've been away and I've had time to think
and I don't know why I pushed
you away all that time,
I don't know, but
I love you and I would
love to make it work.
I'd love to try again.
Me, too.
Um, what about Helen?
I'll talk to her.
I don't want anybody
to to get hurt, but,
you know, when you have something.
I've missed you so much.
I fucking missed you too.
You and your antics.
Oh, God.
You need to see this.
What is it?
[SONIA] Fragments of
the internal circuit board
on the neck bone.
You found out that Joe
Hanson was having an affair.
Presumably you hacked his
laptop, mobile, whatever.
You then tried to blackmail him
into helping you attack the power plant.
But he refused.
So you rigged his lover to a collar bomb.
She died.
Less than two hours ago.
Head blown off.
Perfectly innocent woman.
What's she ever done to you?
The MRL 200, which we found at your flat,
was missing an internal circuit board,
which we found inside the neck device.
The LDR found in your flat,
identical to the one
found in the collar bomb.
God, Nick, you messed this one up.
I don't recognise your laws.
I'm a non-subscriber to your jurisdiction.
I'm exercising free will.
I'm no longer a pawn.
Where am I?
You don't need to know.
Look, I told you,
I'm all in, all the way.
Just tell me what you want me to do.
We will.
What are you doing?
What's that?
In the first interview,
did he say anything else?
Anything useful before I
showed him the evidence?
No, nothing.
He was just playing games.
He knew he was caught, he didn't care.
I'll watch the tape.
You coming to the briefing?
No, I can't. I've gotta prep
Francis, he's meeting with the press.
I think he's got a taste for it.
Listen, if we have time later,
do you think we could maybe sit down,
have a chat, grab a drink?
Yeah, yeah. Is everything all right?
Um, it'd just be good to talk.
- All right.
- Okay.
- Lana.
Are you heading to the briefing, sir?
No, no, I'm not.
Press conference. Tedious,
but part of the job.
I wanted to commend you.
Earlier, it must've been
a disturbing incident.
Collar bomb. That is the right term?
Yeah, sir, yeah.
You know, Lana,
I'm a hundred percent
committed to gender equality
within the met.
I consider it a personal crusade.
And while I understand that Expo Ray
did an excellent job as
senior while you were on your
- sabbatical.
- Secondment.
And you have had a few minor
issues since your return,
I can't help thinking
We're lucky to have you.
I'll be watching your
career with great interest.
Carry on the good work.
Thank you, sir.
Sir, you'll wanna see this.
What is it?
Streaming now.
[RADIO] 23 to control.
I can confirm that expo are on site.
[LANA] Tell me.
The ITN switchboard
got a call 25 minutes ago
saying there was a device
inside one of the lifts.
There are six people
trapped in the lift.
It's stuck between the
fifth and the sixth floor.
Do we know if it's time
command or victim operated?
No, the caller hung up. And
the power's out in the lifts.
We can't risk turning it back on.
So we have to take the stairs.
We've got a sweep of the building.
This could be another trap,
keep that in mind, okay?
Okay, so is this one?
Need to get this door open.
You've got this.
Yeah, of course.
Just be careful.
I will.
Roof clear, I'm going in.
Hi, I'm Lana Washington.
I'm bomb squad.
Can I ask you all to move
towards the lift door please?
I'm gonna drop my bag down.
I'm gonna jump down and
get us out of here, okay?
That's great.
Okay, everybody stand back.
Thank you.
Okay, if you could all just head back
to this wall for me now, please.
Thank you.
I'll get you out of here
as quickly as I can.
[DANNY] Lana, what's happening?
I'm in the lift. We're
gonna evacuate shortly.
Danny, I'm gonna need a second ladder.
Danny, as quick as you can, please.
There you go. Come on.
Yeah, this way.
This way, madam.
Just wait here.
You wait here. There's one more
and then I'll take you down.
Thank you.
Okay, up you go.
I'm fine here.
You've got to leave the lift, sir.
No, I don't think I do.
I'm a bomb disposal officer.
I'm telling you you do.
Yeah, I heard your orders.
I don't choose to take them.
Why not?
That's a bomb in there, is it?
Well, I don't know.
I can't check until you leave.
Well, I choose to stay.
I choose not to be intimidated
by these meaningless threats.
People died yesterday,
at the power plant.
Some shitty car park.
- You were there?
- Yeah, I was there.
You didn't just read it in
the paper like everyone else?
Watch it online? TV?
It's not just another
way of controlling us?
Bomb scares, vaccines?
Okay, right. Are you
refusing to leave the lift?
I am.
Danny, will you bring me
the bomb blanket please?
- [DANNY] Copy.
- What's a bomb blanket?
It's something we use in the military.
It's to protect you.
How can it protect us?
We're in a steel box.
If a bomb did go off
What? You staying?
Well, this gentleman's
refusing to leave,
so I'm gonna have to
deal with this manually.
Mate, have you got a
death wish or something?
Okay, this is your last chance.
I would suggest you leave now with Danny.
I'm staying.
What's the story?
He said he's not coming.
Sir, I do strongly advise you to leave.
Thom, it's all right. I've got this.
Right, take the ladder, Danny,
and get everybody back please.
All right.
Right, Lana, I'll see you down there.
Just a jammer. Stops
the lift from operating.
You can take that off now.
Expo two, we've got a jammer.
All clear.
Central eight five, received.
Central three five, can
you reinstate power?
All right.
Ground floor.
Soft furnishing and menswear.
You can pick up some new pants.
I told you it was nothing.
Okay guys, just keep
following the stairs down,
there'll be officers waiting
for you at the bottom.
Keep following down, stay calm! Stay calm!
[DANNY] Expo two bravo to expo two.
Lana, you okay? Lana!
Central eight five,
I heard an explosion,
anyone got eyes on expo two?
Repeat eyes on expo two?
You can't be here,
sir, you have to go down.
No, I'm expo 15. What's going on?
Explosion in one of the list shafts.
Where's the nearest access point?
There could be people trapped inside.
So can you stand back, please?
Oh, God.
Just look.
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