Trigger Warning with Killer Mike (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

F**k School

Public school is going to shit.
- Are American schools any good? - [Man] Our graduates compete regularly at the level of third world countries.
Schools responsible for the education of black and Latino children are underserved, underfunded and often without experienced teachers.
So why's school not working? I would argue that the school system is failing not because it's teaching future generations poorly.
It's simply not teaching the right things.
We're teaching kids useless knowledge.
What are the classic novels? Algebra.
But in reality we should be teaching them to dream realistically, learning practical skills that will actually prepare them to make money in the real world.
No one gives a shit about what you're thinking.
They give a fuck about what you can build.
That's why, today, I'm going to fix education in America.
[Mike] So I sat with a bunch of first graders to see if they'd be willing to trade their traditional education for an education that puts money in their tiny pockets right now, in the real world.
- Can I sit with you guys? - [All] Yes.
I just want to have a conversation with you guys about school.
Can we talk about school? - Sure.
- [Mike] Fine.
Who likes school? Never.
You don't like school as much? The first day, a kid a kid was super mean to me.
- Word? - Yeah.
He said, "You're not like everybody else.
Your skin is poop.
" And I was like, "Oh.
" - Your skin is what? - Poop.
First of all, your skin does not look like poop.
You have beautiful, beautiful, amazing bronze skin because you're one of Earth's original people, right? Hold on, Mason.
Because if you jumped in front of him right now when I was telling him to be proud to be black, that'd be like the first lesson on white privilege he learns and we don't want to oppress people right now, you got me? Word.
Give it to me.
That's an ally.
So your skin doesn't look like poop.
Your skin is beautiful, right? So, let me ask you.
What do you wanna be when you grow up? - What do you wanna be? - A "pebeatrician.
" A "pebeatrician"? - Yes, sir.
- I wanna be a scientist, and I'll try to find a cure for cancer.
- And - Yeah, and? I'm gonna be I'm gonna make a rocket - Gotcha.
- that can go into the sun.
What are you gonna be when you grow up? A president, and I will make a You want to be a president? - Yes, Mason.
- I forgot to tell you.
I'm gonna be a scientist, remember? - Yes.
- And I'm gonna make this potion that will make my whole family superheroes.
You owe your parents not to dream big.
You know, you owe it to your parents to dream practical and start makin' money as soon as you can, like You're not gonna be able to be president.
Do you guys know what a carpenter is? - Yeah.
- Yes.
My dad worked for a carpenter, and now he has his own business.
Let's talk about her dad.
Now, her dad builds stuff for other people.
Her dad's gonna always have a job.
Put your hands down.
That's what the world does to you.
You have your hands up.
Like, "I have hope, I have dreams!" Look at me, look at me!" And the world says, "We're not interested.
" But when the world says, "I need a cabinet" Put your hands back up.
That's when you say, "I'm right here.
" So, we're gonna call a guy in here.
His name's Tobin.
He's a nice guy.
And he's gonna show us how to do stuff.
You got me? This is Mr.
- Say hello.
- [All] Hi.
I promise I don't bite.
When you guys were bein' born, this man was bein' unemployed.
- He had to learn how to employ himself.
- Mm-hmm.
So he went to YouTube daily, and he taught hisself skills and traits, and now he works for hisself.
Well, uh, as Mike said, my name is Tobin, and I do all kinds of weird things.
He builds things, he helps people fix things.
He's gonna teach us how to become little tradesmen, and artisans, and entrepreneurs, and we'll just throw those big, lofty dreams out the window, okay? - Okay.
- Okay let's go.
Let's follow Mr.
[Tobin] Who has a sink in their house? Yeah.
Everybody's got a sink in their house.
I wanna show y'all how a sink works, and it's actually gonna be kinda interesting.
I hope.
[Gasping] Pretty neat, isn't it? - Can I try it? - Nope.
Y'all can't touch this.
Aww! [Tobin] Grab that and pull it out.
This is a plumber's snake.
So, I want you to feed it in there and push it until it pokes all the way out the other side.
Now pull it back out and it's fixed your drain.
And now your bathtub is ready to go again.
Yay! [Chuckles] I like baths better, too.
There's more toys.
You can stop now.
[All] Thank you, Mr.
[Mike] So, now that we've learned something, I gotta make sure I didn't waste my time today.
All right.
We're gonna sign this.
By the age of 20, I need you guys to learn some of the things that Mr.
Tobin's been teaching and talkin' about today, or you're gonna owe me a million dollars.
- [Tobin] That's a lot of money.
- All right.
I gotta go now, guys.
But last life lesson, all right, is don't sign things without a lawyer first, okay? Lawyerin' is also a trade.
You think about that.
You guys have a good day.
[Mike] After convincin' the kids to build bookshelves instead of flyin' rocket ships, I met with an elementary school principal to see if she'd scrap her conventional, boring curriculum for my vocational trade program.
As a principal, I can definitely tell you that many of the things that we teach our kids is really about those things that are beyond the books, so that they can learn how to navigate through society.
And then when you bring in, you know, the equity piece, the lack of resources, and, um, you know, marginalized communities, the school really is the place of hope for many of our students.
We're teaching children to dream this big.
"We've had a black president.
You can be a black president.
" But he was biracial.
Uhm So, we're not being honest with our children.
I mean, but if he walked in here now, we would say he's black.
No, so would the cops, if they shot him.
But I'm just saying, you know, there's another side of the picnic where they don't put seasonin' in their potato salad.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
But I talked to some children this morning.
- Okay.
- Six kids.
I told these kids "We're gonna forget everything we learned in school.
" Now you gotta learn how to upholster, lay carpet, wood flooring" But where would Where would kids learn how to think? I don't think school teaches us to think.
I think school, like prison, teaches you to obey.
What's the age? So, you're saying', like, when kids are like kinder, first - Let's start workin' - I tell my kids as early as five.
"I don't believe in your dream.
It's whack.
" You know? Okay.
Do you think this program would work for children? No.
I think that what you're saying, you know, it sounds good, in theory, but I don't think that your idea would work for my children.
Um, but for adults, I think that we do need those kind of programs.
We need vocational programs, where they can take up a trade.
So, just focus on them.
- I'll pick up my bucket - Okay.
and I will take it to the adults, and I will hope they will appreciate my genius.
Maybe Principal Robin was right.
These kids wouldn't be able to make a livable wage laying flooring at their age.
So I hit the streets of Atlanta to find some unemployed adults willing to speak to me about learning trades.
I'm doin' this thing right now where I'm trying to help men get trades and get lined up for jobs.
Are you interested? Yeah, that might be something I could work with.
You interested in gettin' a trade in anything? Really? It's always good to learn somethin' new, so, yeah.
I mean, I like steppin' outside the box and learn things new, so - Really? You'd be into tryin' it? - Love it.
- Cool.
What's your name? - Darian.
Thanks for comin' out.
I don't have any money for you, so [All laugh] What would be your dream job? - My dream job is to be an actress.
- Yes.
Uh, remodeling houses and then building up a slew of rental properties.
I love music.
- That's what I really want to - No.
I feel like my words can change the world.
James? Um, I like music, too.
Maybe produce and stuff, but Computers, I like computers.
All right, cool.
Earnest? Yes, I I I hate to play the echo, but my dream job is in the music industry.
I know.
I know.
I think we just solved the problem with Black America.
I say this because I talked to a group of kids, and I heard, "I wanna be the president.
" "I would like to be a scientist that cures cancer.
" So I quickly let them know that neither one of them are possible.
But it may be possible to learn somethin', right? A trade or somethin'.
If you're into that, I'd like to give you guys a say, a ten-minute test to go over, just testing to see what you know.
I wanted to know how much the group knew about basic carpentry and plumbing skills.
So, I had Tobin create a quiz to test their knowledge.
None of you guys know shit.
[All laugh] I'm tryin' to figure out why I have such a room of intelligent people who have so much to offer the job market, and we pay people who have skills that we don't.
Why don't you learn this stuff on the Internet? You know, I'm not just trying to become HVAC-certified by watching YouTube videos.
A lot of those things aren't interesting.
You know, I think that if they make some of the videos interesting, in some different way, I don't know how, um, it will draw more people in.
What are you lookin' at when you're online? - Entertainment.
- Gotcha.
And entertainment, be it social media, be it the TV is my worst enemy.
If we could perhaps introduce trades married with entertainment, does that work? - I think that would be good because - It's something that's creative.
What we all knew, but were all too shy to say in a room full of strangers, is that when people talk about online entertainment, nine times out of ten, they are talkin' about porn.
Studies show that over 40 million Americans visit porn sites on the regular.
At any given second, 28,000 users are watching pornography on the Internet.
That means, porn sites get more visitors each month than Netflix, Amazon, and Twitter, combined.
So, if I wanted to teach trade skills in an entertaining way, and reach the largest audience on the Internet, it was time to produce some vocational pornography.
But before I could start makin' any pornos, you better believe I had to get my wife, Shay Bigga, on board with the idea first.
Explain this some more, Mike, 'cause it sound crazy to me.
There's nothin' to explain.
It's it's as simple as that.
I think that I need to be in some way helping to produce educational pornography.
You'll be teaching? Yeah! I agree that sex sells.
I agree that people should learn a trade.
I do not agree that the way to teach them that trade is through sex.
You used to be unemployed, you had to get up, get on a bus to the unemployment office.
Now unemployment is just fuckin' lookin' at your computer all day.
So, in lieu of that, we throw some shit up online.
You're fuckin' off anyway.
There it is for you.
You with me? When I think about it, I think people are focused more on sex than the trade that they learnin'.
So I think it's bullshit.
But, you know, I'll be with you in the end, so we'll see how it works.
With Shay's blessin', I was ready to join the educational porn business.
The first step was to meet with someone who knew a thing or two about usin' sex to keep an online audience engaged, usually from the comfort of their own home.
I oil my little cootie cat, my booty, my boobs, and my stomach.
So, this is my camming area.
And this is where I make all my money.
[All laugh] [Tobin] This is a great home office.
If you can control someone with the body, you know, like show a tit, you just by getting to know them, and they feel like they have a connection with you, then you kind of can tell them any or everything to do.
- But how many subscribers do you have? - Well, I have probably about 8,000.
You are essentially a cult leader of 8,000 people.
- Yes.
- That's pretty dope.
- Yeah.
- I'm seeing the ability to educate people by fusing your you guys' two worlds.
What could you teach her to do in this room? Is there anything you could break and fix quickly? I don't know.
- Well - The lamp.
Is there anything you can do to the lamp? What The The lamp is actually an excellent example.
- Could you show? - Sure.
There's a wire.
It comes up, goes through the center, and it's comes out here.
That's it.
- Quite simple.
[Laughs] - It's very simple.
So, yeah, if you twist it out, and then curve it That are screwed in here, right? - All right.
And press down.
- Okay.
There we go.
Flip the switch.
- There we go.
- Right.
Ta-da! I've never gave a shit about repairin' a lamp until just now.
This is actually brilliant.
Do you think that we could possibly get guys to get inspired enough to get off the couch, to wanna work, if you're instructing them? Oh, yes.
I had a guy, and I told him, "Take your dick and rub it against the carpet, and you keep doin' it until I say stop.
" And he was like, "Oh, it hurts.
It hurts.
" He was like red and shit, and he was bleeding, and [Both laugh] - He was like, "Oh, that was awesome.
" - Oh! [Tobin chuckles] You can get a man to do that, you can - probably get him to fix a lamp.
- You probably Yeah, you probably can get people to take trades.
- [Jamma] Yes.
- What are we gonna do for the women? Are we approaching it differently for the women, though? - Are we saying - When it comes to the women, um, the women are much harder than men.
- Yes.
- They're not a big thing - in the camming life with girls.
- It's basically just lustful-ass guys.
- Exactly.
- Gotcha.
My conversation with Jamma was encouraging, but her camming audience was too limited.
If I wanted to teach skills to everyone, these pornos needed to reach a bigger and more diverse audience than just a bunch of lonely guys.
So I met with a sex-positive therapist to find out how to make them more inclusive.
It's about two inches in and about one inch up, but it could go to the left or the right.
So, uh, I'm going in and up, correct? Yeah.
So, you feel the ridgy part? Yes, I do.
So, that's the Would be the G-spot.
So, I'm kind of here to enlist your help.
I want you to help me make sure that we're providing the right sexual advice without hurting, or abusing, or harmin' anyone, that's respectful of women, respectful of the clear treat - of gay, lesbian and queer community.
- Mm-hmm.
And is respectful of heterosexual men and women, too.
So, if you'd be willing to be my consultant on that - So, like a vocational kind of train - Exactly.
- learning these vocational skills - Exactly.
but it being sexy I think that's a great idea.
It's very innovative.
A lot of porn is misogynistic, right? - Right.
- A lot of porn is definitely about Would you say from the guy's point of view, right? - Yeah.
- What can we be doin' to make sure that respect on set is happening? I think we definitely can come like, a black, feminist, woman's perspective.
- Gotcha.
- I think we should maybe challenge some gender stereotypes there.
Maybe having more of an aggressive woman.
"Come in here.
I'm taking you for what I need.
" - Gotcha.
- I wanna see people of color receiving pleasure, I wanna see them intimate and connected.
So, we're really talkin' about creatin' an energy around the intimacy - Yes! - that draws you in.
When we see ourselves, somehow, on the screen - Yeah.
- like, we can relate better.
- Gotcha.
- I think everybody will feel safer - once marginalized folks feel safer.
- OK.
- Right? - All right.
I'm with it.
I think let's do it.
I brought my two experts together to start writing their scripts.
Marla keepin' things sexual but respectful, and Tobin providing his technical expertise.
- So, this is a plumbing snake.
- Mm-hm.
And there's some pretty obvious jokes, of course, that - [Laughs] - we can make.
What should you be prepared for? Depends on which drain you're snakin'.
The pulling and jerking of - Mm-hmm.
- People gettin' wet Okay.
- It's People with Grr! - Yeah.
With all the pieces in place, we were ready to shoot some educational porn.
[Marla] This is exciting.
[Mike] It is.
Nice home.
[Tobin] Should be a good day.
So, we've got a couple of things goin' on in here, Mike.
This is our electrical section for today.
And we're gonna have one of the actresses here, and she is gonna be explaining on a diagram, and using these tools, how to take out and replace a broken electrical outlet.
[Marla] So, we have the second actress who is going to gonna be giving her head.
Keeps me awake through the whole lecture.
- [Tobin] This is Enzo.
- Hey, Enzo.
How you doin'? This is Mike.
We cast him for one of the other scenes, later on.
I definitely knew Enzo was gonna be in the movie.
[Both laughing] [Tobin] And so, for our second scene, Mike [Mike] Uh-huh? - we are working on some plumbing.
- All right.
And the idea is that the kitchen sink is clogged up, and we have a man and a woman - Layin' some pipe.
- Layin' pipe.
The whole time, he's basically just doing regular instructions, and I'm going to push her to try to give him like a really great blow job.
I definitely would learn how to fix a sink if a blow job's at the end.
- [Marla] Yes.
- Yeah.
I could build a house if a blow job's at the end.
- [Marla laughs] Yes.
- What else you guys got? So, the third scene, we were sort of thinkin' from, um, - a lock set aspect.
- Yeah? And we're gonna have two fellas upstairs for that one.
- Oh.
- So - We're hitting all markets today.
- Hey, we definitely are.
- Start with the lesbian scene.
- Yeah, a lesbian scene.
- Go to the traditional housewife - Yeah, a straight scene.
- And then it's the boys upstairs.
- Then the gay scene.
Well, before I leave you guys to it, man, I just gotta tell you, like, hearing both perspectives, I think I got the dream team here.
- This is like Shaq and Kobe good.
- [Laughs] Imma let y'all do what y'all do.
Let's get some people to learn how to fix shit.
- All right.
- Sounds like a plan.
Action! If you really wanna see some sparks fly, here's how to change an electrical socket.
[Marla] So, I want you to look at the camera in a very seductive way, maintaining eye contact.
I think it's really good to come across as intimate and affectionate.
Can you get rid of that cup? You may have to apply pressure in cranking the handle to get it to bend around the tight curves.
Pushing and then pulling him into you while you're making out with him.
Okay? Unscrew the top and pull the receptacle.
Mouth open.
[Marla] Oh, yeah.
Right there.
If you have the same size knob, you don't even have to change this lock part.
The angle.
You see how this angle doesn't work - with the screwdriver? - Right.
Pull the auger out the drain, you'll likely pull the clog out with it.
[Tobin] Push it into the socket, and press the light and show us green, and now we are hot and ready to go.
I want you to really be involved with your hands.
Be dramatic with it.
Let me show you a couple of things with this doorknob.
[Marla] I think anybody who enjoys gay porn, um, anybody who enjoys penetration, um, as well as trying to learn a new skill I think this could be beneficial for all types of folks.
And that's how you change an electrical socket.
I like that.
[Mike] With pornos in hand, I returned to the unemployed group to test them out.
Thank you for coming back.
We'll watch ten, 15 minutes of video, and we'll see if we're smarter on the other side.
All right.
My husband is always watchin' the game.
He's never watchin' me.
I wish he was more into me, like he is with his work.
Then, you know, the kitchen been kinda stopped up, pretty much.
I wish he'd come in here and clean it.
- Oh, hold hold on.
- [Knock at door] [Man] So, what's the problem? Um, the sink has been clogged up.
Um, you think you could, um, get it to come back up? It shouldn't be an issue at all.
I think what we need is a snake.
That's hot.
First, we have to push the snake into the drain, but don't stop pushin' the snake in until the drain stop feelin' resistance.
Mmm Twist it.
Don't stop pushin'.
You may have to apply a little pressure in cranking it.
And that's how you unclog the drain.
Let me unclog your pipe, too, Daddy.
It's so backed up.
Let's get this all out.
[Groaning] [Man] So that's how you snake a drain.
So long, ma'am.
[Muzak playing] - [Bell rings] - [Upbeat music plays] [Muzak resumes] [Bell rings] How did we learn? Oh my God, David.
Why aren't you at work? I actually just got laid off a couple months ago.
Well, if you had a trade skill, you wouldn't be unemployed.
One of America's most valued trade skill is locksmithing.
Oh, Lord.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
Yes, really.
[Snickering] Here's some stuff to change a common home door lock.
Releasing the holding springs, the doorknob should come off easily.
[Moaning] Oh, shit.
Oh, fuck! Now say hello to your new lock set.
Oh! [Laughs] [Laughing] [Mike] Please turn your papers over now.
What did you guys think? [Man] Shocking.
- [Laughter] - [Mike] Shocking? - Shocking.
- I'm speechless.
- [Woman] Very unexpected.
- [Man] Yes, very much.
[Mike] But did you learn? I think so, yeah.
I was learning more by the time we got to the third one.
- Okay.
- 'Cause the shock value was - startin' to wear off.
- You guys did dramatically better.
Um Earnest, 75 percent increase in your score.
Maurice only got one wrong on the final one, - on, um, how to fix a door.
- Wow.
Do you think that we could take the same format and take to technical colleges, junior colleges, trade schools? I think that it could.
I mean, the message is clear.
I mean, and you have to If you want the message, you pay attention to the message, you can get the message.
It would never be allowed.
State-funded institutions and and city-funded institutions, it'll never be allowed in there.
Well, you know, 54 years ago, they said black people'd never be allowed to vote.
We gotta hope.
With concrete evidence that people could learn from these videos, it was time to expand the program into the real world.
So, I went to Omnitech, an Atlanta-based tech institute, to see if they'd be willing to adapt this pornographic approach to teaching trades into its curriculum.
I started this school with 12 students in one room.
And I still teach.
So it's a part of my passion, somethin' I love doing.
I think what we need is a snake.
You may have to apply pressure in cranking to get it around the tight curves and trap under the sink.
We test-surveyed it in front of white men, black gay and straight men, - white women, and it cleared.
- Mm-hm.
Like, nobody was angry.
Nobody was like, "Yo, I'm gonna sue you.
" You know what I mean? - Right.
- And they all tested better.
[Chuckling] Wow.
On the test? - 75% increase.
- Wow.
That sounds good to me.
- You gonna let me do it? - Yeah, let's do it.
- We're gonna do it? - Let's do it.
- Imma go get to work.
- Okay.
Um, I'll be back for that.
I'll probably just use the restroom first.
- Enjoy that.
- No problem.
[Chuckles] - Think it will increase our enrollment.
- [Door closes] Yeah, all the advertising we can get, we're open to.
[Mike] What I know, it's only motivated students learn, and sex is the greatest motivator in society then, now, and forever.
So, if we want to fix education in America, here's my challenge to you.
What do you know how to do? Can you lay flooring? Can you build a box? Can you wire speakers? - And can you do it nude while you fuck? - Yes, yes! If so, then it's your patriotic duty to educate the masses, with tits and asses.
- Oh, yeah! - [Moaning] [Easy listening version of Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" plays]