Trigger Warning with Killer Mike (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Kill your Master

1 She said, he said, he said She said, he said, she said He said, "Joan!" [Chanting.]
Not my president! Proud fuckin' American! [Chanting.]
You will not replace us! The current political climate in America's pretty fucked up.
This country hasn't been this fractured since the Civil War.
Could California actually form its own country? [Man.]
Texas could be an economic superpower.
It's no wonder all this talk of secession is in the air.
We're basically operatin' as two different Americas.
But what does that mean for people like me who think both are bullshit? There's simply no room for independent freethinkers anymore.
So I think it's time we cut our losses and started fresh.
And much like the Confederates, we're gonna form our own goddamn country.
Give me your tired, your poor, even your motherfuckin' Juggalos.
Whoop, whoop! [Man.]
One, two, three [Mike.]
This is Fela Kuti.
Fela was a lot like me.
He was a musician and an activist.
He also shared my deep love for weed and women.
Fela used music as a way to speak truth to power and fight injustices of the Nigerian government.
And when the music wasn't enough, Fela turned his house into his own sovereign republic, free from Nigerian rule.
He named this country Kalakuta.
Unfortunately, Fela's utopia came to a violent end when the Nigerian military raided his compound, beat the shit out of him and threw his mom out of a window.
But that ain't gonna stop me.
Fela's dream will live on, 5,000 miles west of Kalakuta, in the state of Georgia.
And I will call my republic New Africa, where the citizens are valued more for their individuality than their blind allegiance to some bullshit political ideology.
Today, there are dozens of active separatist groups in the United States, from as big as Calexit, to as grass roots as these guys, The Nuwaubian Nation of Moors.
So I went to meet with their president and chief to find out what it takes to start fresh.
How do you secede? First, you have to politically organize in the form of writing, you know, so you have to draft up your own Declaration of lndependence.
Then you have to create a Constitution.
That's pretty easy, I'll get a college kid to knock it out for me in a night.
But you still are within the political borders of the United States of America.
Like the If you look at the Vatican.
The Vatican is 110 acres - of sovereign land - Yes.
in the middle of a country called Italy.
And they have structured themself a certain kind of way in order to be independent, but a part of what's surrounding them.
It sounded like there was a lot of shit to do before we could operate outside of American law.
can't pull out completely because you're here.
Chief Asaru was a wealth of knowledge, - and his style was pretty dope too.
- Whoo! I thought you guys were Shriners when I first met you.
- Right.
- Like honestly, I was like, "Oh, shit," 'em old white men finally got cool with some niggas.
" That's when I realized white people take everything.
- You gonna come? - [Chuckles.]
Come where? - To my nation.
- Oh, yeah, I'll visit, of course.
You gotta advise me.
So what do I need to be doing day one? It would be easier for you to buy your own land - Yeah.
- and build it up, because then, you're not acquiring anybody else things.
- New Africa.
- Right.
Since the first step toward nation-building was buying land, my wife and I found a big-ass farm for sale outside Atlanta, and went to speak with the owner about makin' a purchase.
- [Mike.]
Thanks for havin' us.
- [Man.]
What can I do for you? Interested in havin' my own republic of sorts.
Your own republic? - Yeah, my own republic.
- Yeah? Cool.
Feels like a king when you have some land behind it.
This house is beautiful.
- Yeah.
- Was it a plantation ever? Yeah, I think so.
Originally, it was 1,800 acres.
- Oh, yeah, it definitely was.
- Yeah.
If you are gonna start a country, - you need to grow stuff on-land, so - It's good land.
- Good land for people.
- See how it drains down? - Yeah.
- That's generally good land.
That could be a good spot for a town square, maybe the courthouse.
This would be great for an open-air weed farm.
- Yeah, you could.
- Yeah.
We had our land, but as I learned from the Moors, there were still a few more things to do before we were free from American rule.
I established our geographical borders and created a blueprint for our republic.
Then I formed a petition so the state of Georgia would recognize our independence.
The first settlers would also need supplies, but without an economic engine in place, I had to be innovative.
So New Africa became the first country in history to sell space on our flag in exchange for free products.
Like NASCAR, but not as tacky.
And I reached back out to the urban fiction author Patrick Goines to draft our Declaration of Independence - in exchange for an ambassadorship.
- Ain't that some shit? Now the only thing left was findin' some citizens.
Which got me to thinkin'.
Over the last few months, while filmin' this show, I've met a lot of people from all walks of life.
I've worked with Crips and Bloods, to people who've been ostracized by the black church, to unemployed people who were able to learn skills only from watchin' pornography, to this guy.
No matter how different they all were, what's been the real uniter among them is that they were so fed up with being cast aside by America, that they were willing to embrace my radical ideas in search of a better way.
So I invited these outsiders to be the first citizens of this country.
These refugees from the United States packed into buses.
They fled their divided country to build a new life in this bolder, nobler nation.
I appointed Sir Maejor as the Secretary of Defense to help maintain order as everyone entered the country Welcome, my fellow travelers.
My name is Sir Maejor, and I am the interim Head of the Department of Defense.
And Rivka as Chief Immigration Officer, to welcome the new citizens and provide them with their supplies.
Could everybody come off and line up in a single file line, please? Thank you.
Very important that you guys pay attention, okay? What is New Africa? New Africa is an experiment in life and in democracy, and your hard work will be rewarded.
Thank you.
- Ooh! - [Laughter.]
Good morning.
Name and ID, please.
Inside your starter kit, there's a tent and some food.
- Chocolate, chai and original.
- Chocolate! - Welcome to New Africa.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Smells different.
- [Rivka laughs.]
- Two lines, two lines.
Make them even, please.
- Good morning.
- [All.]
Good morning! - How y'all doin'? - We're good! I'm truly honored to be here.
I wanna thank you guys for comin'.
I propose that we can show the rest of the world that there's a brand-new way, and a brand-new day.
We can take people of every color, every creed, every sexuality and we can create a world where everyone cooperates for the greater good.
And together, we will build a new republic.
A republic where everyone is welcome.
A republic where diverse people will work together.
And with that said, our Declaration of lndependence I haven't read it yet, but I assume it's dope.
And I would like to deem this place New Africa.
- You guys are citizens and equals here.
- [Cheering.]
Thank you guys, welcome.
Love and respect.
Okay, so before you guys get Before we enter I need everyone to, uh, take an oath and also to take our pledge.
I pledge allegiance on The Book of Sleep to the Democratic Republic of New Africa.
That's how you do your pledge, okay? - I pledge allegiance - Pledge of allegiance - The Book of Sleep - The Book of No Sleep to the New Africa.
to the Democratic Republic of New Africa.
There you go.
- Mario.
- I don't wanna do it.
- Yeah, see, I don't, like, believe - Okay.
in putting my hand on a book and saying a saying, like Why don't you just give it a chance? If it means putting my hand on something and reciting a phrase, no.
You would be more than willing just to - leave the new country, go back? - Where I came from, the USA, we don't have to say the Pledge of Allegiance.
That reminds me of a cult.
New Africa is this utopia of us really startin' fresh.
Watch the manure.
I would like to see, you know, everyone come together.
Build a real community.
We should build real communities.
People caring about each other, workin' together towards something.
- Yeah.
- A common goal.
It's gonna be interestin'.
I know greatness is in the makin', so it's gonna be good.
The first letter of Crip stand for community, so of course I'm all about community.
Killer Mike supports the Juggalos.
He stands beside us.
When I got out here, it was like slaves was about to pop out of here, but it's cool, there's a lot of land [Mike.]
The citizens seem hopeful about New Africa.
But now it was time to get to work, and the first task was building shelter.
It's hot, it's sticky, and there's anthills and there's manure, and we're building a country.
That's not simple.
That's not lying on the veranda with a drink in your hand.
No, it's gonna be really dirty, for a really long time.
I guess this is horse shit.
Horse shit? Horse manure? It's nasty though.
I ain't trying to sleep in that.
- Oh, be careful! Hey! - [Laughter.]
That's gonna be a violation.
We made a tent.
That was a bitch, it sucked.
Many hands make light work.
So we're gonna go ahead and get in here.
To ensure that we would become a self-sustainable nation, we planted crops and tended to our animals.
I'm definitely a city girl.
All I'm thinkin' about is how we gonna get it to look like New York City.
But [Mike.]
The Church of Sleep would be our official religion We're about to get into some spirituality shit right now.
Which we in New Africa would use as a cover to do whatever the fuck we wanted.
Just like the Vatican.
All citizens would have access to a free and progressive education.
This is a plumber's snake.
So we can watch this video.
And thanks to the Crips, we had our first national export.
We even had our own financial infrastructure.
That's my wife, Shay, on the million-dollar bill.
Unlike America, we proudly celebrate women on our money.
The collective effort of the citizens was pavin' our way towards a bright future.
New Africa was really comin' together.
But if we were going to succeed, we would need a strong defense system.
To keep our borders safe, Sir Maejor provided military trainin'.
[Sir Maejor.]
Three, four, five All citizens would need to be ready to sacrifice their lives for the greater good of our country.
Oh, I just stepped in shit, I just stepped in shit.
[Sir Maejor.]
We have an obligation to work together.
Anyone who's on the team and is not doin' what they should be doin', they're dead weight, and they're really no use.
I know back when the native Americans used to occupy land, in order to save everyone else's lives, the sick died or were killed off.
Mario's rebellious attitude was beginnin' to wear on people, but it was refreshin' to see everyone work with him to stay united.
- Come on, Mario.
- Mario.
- Am I a part of this? - Yes, you're a part of the team.
- [AC.]
Where your shirt at? - Where's your shirt at? - Your uniform.
- So, do I put my shirt on? - Yeah.
- You need to put on your shirt.
See, you can always tell me things.
I don't know what to do.
- I'll tell you.
- Yeah, you tell me.
I'll listen.
- Put your shirt on it is your uniform.
- You know.
To a certain extent.
- Everyone else has their shirt on.
- Yeah.
In order to participate, we have to have you in compliance.
I need you to be a little nicer to me.
Thank you.
There are a lot of great things I feel about New Africa.
Although there are some restrictions.
Not being able to wear what color shirt I want, for instance.
Say I wanted to wear a green shirt, or a yellow shirt You know, or whatever.
Not that I have a problem with orange.
For today we're gonna make a water filtration machine.
We about to make this water clean and drinkable.
We have to the "I" out of the equation and make it more about us, you know? And then it'll probably work out a lot better.
No, I'm not gettin' in line.
I'm walkin' right here to where we're going, I'm not gettin' in some line.
[Sir Maejor.]
Well, everybody get behind Mario.
- No, I'm not comfortable with that.
- So Mario You can walk behind me, but I'm gonna walk scraggly and stuff.
- Let's move out, guys.
- I'm gonna walk like this.
Ants, when they come together, they build a community.
You don't see, you know, this ant doin' this, this ant doin' that, this ant doin' that, you see every ant doin' everything together, as a team.
- I'm not walking in some uniform line.
- This is too much.
Look how beautiful this day is, why would you walk in a line like that? [Sir Maejor.]
You're not following Why are you all listenin' to me? Don't do what I do! Do what you do! Shit.
Trying to avoid some satanic rage poppin' up on camera.
After a long day of hard work, we gathered to celebrate our first dinner as a new nation.
A few citizens even honored New African independence with their artistic talents.
We now present the story of New Africa.
In the beginning, Killer Mike was born in Atlanta, and became a rapper.
He continued to rap, and all the while, had ideas on how this world should work.
"I wanna start a new country.
" The end.
We now present a portrait of our leader, Killer Mike.
Dope, isn't it? Now, please rise for the national anthem.
- Mario, you wrote the anthem? - Yeah.
Given how little interest Mario seemed to have in this country, I was surprised that he took it upon himself to write a song.
So it's, you know Daa New Wait New Afr New New Africa I was gonna play the music on my phone in the background, if that's cool.
[Synthesizer music plays on phone.]
New Africa New Africa New Africa New Africa New country Old spirit, good soul Unity, prosperity, common interests We're all here for the same thing Love [Mike.]
Like, damn! I never thought a motherfucker'd make me hate the word "Africa".
You know what I mean? Like, Mario, are you fuckin' with me? You ain't fuckin' with me or somethin'? Where's the real passion? - Well - We all put something into this, Mario.
- You know, I worked really hard.
- [Mike.]
No, no.
I want us to eat.
Let's eat, cos we've all worked hard.
Let's eat.
Let's cheer us.
Let's cheer us.
I thought the national anthem would be a record that is uplifting, - and I didn't get that.
- [Mario.]
Oh, thank you so much.
Wow, how nice of you to say.
People were kinda I kinda felt like attacking him.
- Am I the only one that felt that way? - His words and everything was good.
But the performance wasn't good.
I'm an artist myself, and I would never go on the stage unprepared.
Some folks ain't takin' this opportunity seriously.
He could have worded his stuff a little bit better.
[Sir Maejor.]
We all took an oath.
Everyone except who? Mario.
Right? That's what I heard.
He didn't pledge, and then that lack of commitment showed up - when it was time for him to perform.
- He didn't [Rivka.]
Everybody was talking about unity and harmony and how we were all gonna get along, and less than 24 hours later, people were calling each other names.
My critique of Mario's song opened up the floodgates for everyone else to start attacking each other.
That's not right.
This is not what a country is.
I'm ashamed of myself right now.
That man, that radical, who gave that performance, maybe he gave me a revolutionary thought.
I'm gonna walk away.
Let's go.
I needed to rethink my approach to leadership, because our utopia was on the brink of its own civil war.
I feel like Mike, as leader, should've been out here with us through the trenches, workin' with us.
I feel a leader gets down and dirty with his crew, and I ain't see him.
Right now, if Mike walked away from this, we're not set up to keep goin' on with it.
I think he should still be sittin' at the head of this table.
Now we sittin' here by ourselves trying to figure out who has a problem where, who doesn't.
I personally don't have a problem with shit.
We're not sayin' we can't survive.
- That's not what I'm saying - [All yelling.]
We all wanna do our own thing.
Yeah, I have a lot of concerns about how viable this is.
[All yelling.]
[Whistle blows.]
[Sir Maejor.]
Rise and shine! It's a new day, everyone out of your tents, please.
After last night's dinner erupted in chaos, I was worried about New Africa.
I was worried it might not survive, and drastic steps were needed to reunite us.
How y'all doing, guys? - [All.]
- What's goin' on, man? I took last night to do some soul-searchin', and I started to realize that absolute power can corrupt you.
I've seen people cooperate, work together, become a team and a unit, and I realized that attacking one of you tore that away and with that said, my thought is, we should have free elections.
I'm gonna leave you guys to decide who'll run.
I will be running.
And I hope whoever thinks they're the best among you to run against me can run, and we can do what's best for us all.
Thank you, guys, very much.
Who'd like to speak first? If I was president, there would be a certain code.
Feel an argument about to happen? Find some fuckin' weed, and roll it up.
Then talk about why the fuck y'all got an argument, that's bullshit.
What I would wanna do is, make sure everybody talent is represented.
I got water, so you can wash your hands.
- [Laughter.]
- You like washin' your hands, right? Vote for me.
When we're gone, what are we leaving for this nation to go to? - My name is Sir Maejor.
- [Snores.]
What this country needs is proven leadership.
But we're in a shithole right now.
I feel like Sir Maejor, in a lot of ways, is misunderstood.
And maybe that's not even just him.
Maybe throughout this experience, that's, hopefully that's been one of the points of this, is for us all to be able to have arguments with each other but coming from a different place, not necessarily being right or wrong, but a place of understanding.
Erm, all right, eyes closed, please.
Votes for Legendary, hands raised, please.
Votes for Sita, please.
Votes for AC, please.
Votes for Sir Maejor, please.
Hands down, please.
Votes for Suave.
Hands down, please.
Our elected, uh, contestants against Killer Mike are Sita at six votes and Suave at five votes.
[Cheering and applause.]
Welcome to the first presidential debate.
I am your moderator, London.
We're gonna get some opinions from our audience here.
In the United States, organizations like Crips and the Juggalos are considered "gang bangers".
What would you do to help us, and what would this state's philosophy be on that? I see what you guys do as valuable.
You already understand putting ego aside for the betterment of the collective.
Being here, we know that your talents will be used to not tear down, but to build up.
What about you, Suave? Uh, honestly, sir, I look at this as neutral ground.
- You're welcome here.
- I appreciate all three y'all's input.
Any other questions we have here? - Uh, this is a question for Mike.
- Yes.
If somebody else was elected, how would you respond to that? I would have to bend to the will of the people, because no matter, leader or not, I'm simply a citizen of this sovereign nation.
Last night, you left us in a state of chaos.
Given all that we have gone through, today could be a fresh new start.
All voices were being heard.
We were shaping New Africa as a collective.
I voted for Mike.
I mean, he just made more sense, you know? [Man.]
As unimpressed as I was with his leadership originally, I voted for Mike.
I voted for Sita.
We need someone here with the people.
I voted for Sita.
I just felt the energy, man.
A lot of the other shit was talkin' about the same old I call it default same old shit.
I voted for Sita 'cause she was the only one that wanted to start everything here.
I voted for Mike because he was the most prepared, because he's had the most time to think about it.
No, I'm not upset.
I'm actually glad I'm not the president.
I think that working with this particular group has become uh, difficult, to say the least.
I really liked Mike's views on the Juggalos and shit like that.
You know, I've decided to not disclose it Yeah.
Thank you, everyone, for comin' out.
I wanna thank the presidential candidates, and we will meet later on to discuss the winner of the presidential campaign.
- Thank y'all.
- Whoop, whoop! [London.]
Welcome, my fellow peers.
As you guys know, tonight we will be tallying up the votes.
So if I can get Rivka, if you can actually come up here for me? If I can get everybody to gather round for me, please? It is with great pleasure that I announce to you your new president is Sita.
Yes! Yes! - Thank you, thank you.
- [cheering.]
Wow! First of all, I gotta say thank you, because without you I'm nothing.
So, we got a lot of work to do OK.
So, we party, we party, then we work and then we work, then we party, then we sleep, and then you know how we do.
But, yay! [Shay.]
So, how do you feel about tonight? I feel like the fireworks are beautiful.
So, you okay with the fact that you lost? Your husband don't lose.
I changed the votes, I won by a landslide.
I rigged it so that Sita won it.
Why'd you do that? Sometimes you gotta do the wrong thing for the right reason.
She's the person that should lead this country.
I should be rappin' and singin' and dancin'.
It's a really noble thing you did.
Everybody knows I wouldn't have ran the country anyway, it would've been you.
While we may not always agree on everything, as long as everyone had a voice this country would remain united, which is more than I can say about those partisan fuck-boys in the USA.
So I transitioned power to the people and put New Africa's future in their hands.
And who knows? If we keep this up, maybe New Africa one day will become so huge and mighty it will reach across the border and invite the United States to join up in its righteous cause.
Until then, anyone in the world is invited to become a New African.
[Anthem plays.]
New Africa New Africa New Africa New Africa New country, old spirit, good soul Unity, prosperity, common interests We're all here for the same thing Love [Mike.]
I'm out, bye.