Trigun (1998) s01e07 Episode Script


You really did it! You're awesome, Mr.
Vash! Yay to the outlaw who saved the city twice! Oh, yeah! He's a criminal, ain't he? C'mon, drink up! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Hi! Enjoying your drink? Uh, yes, thank you.
Couldn't be drunker! He really is an unusual guy.
Sure, everybody's less tense now that the plant is fixed but they're the ones who tried to kill him for the reward.
You'd think he'd be more uncomfortable around them.
All he makes is trouble.
I think the world would be better off without him.
I DISAGREE! I can handle it!! I am unique for I have a different stomach for cake and ice cream! She's kind of unusual too.
It's no good, Henry.
He's out cold.
Guess I gave him a little too much to drink.
I'm sorry I called you both over here for nothing.
Say hi to Sylvie for me! It's really too bad you don't get a chance to sleep with a guy like that every day.
- See you.
- Good night, girls! I'm regretting it, just a little.
Wha? He left? Without saying goodbye?! Hurry up, Milly! He says Mr.
Vash boarded the sand steamer.
WHAT?! We don't have enough money! Vash! How could you just leave like this?! Don't give your momma too much trouble, Tonis!! Vash!! All right! I'm finally alone again! I drank too much.
You Vash the Stampede? You sure don't look it.
I didn't call for room service.
We're about to go into Lottenburg Canyon.
And? You've heard of it, haven't you? It's the turf of the biggest, baddest, most notorious gang the Bad Lad Gang.
If I can get you on guard duty I can charge double fare.
Say you'll do it! Now, see here.
I am a passenger.
My life depends on the defenses of your ship, so don't let me down.
Wait! Hey, wait! Geez.
I'd like to travel more quietly.
Now to catch some more Z's! Oh, shit! HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! If you give someone trouble, you're supposed to apologize!! Dammit lookit this blood! You did that to yourself when you bashed through the vent!! What's this, a stranglehold? That won't work while you're in midair.
You're a stowaway, aren't you? Yes, sir.
My parents died when I was very young and some distant relatives took me in, but it was so horrible there! My drunk aunt hit me, my really weird uncle kept trying to get me I can escape if I make it to May.
If they take me back, who knows what they'll do to me! Please don't turn me in! I'm dead! Nobody's dumb enough to buy such a lame story! It's the worst one I ever came up with! I understand how you feel.
It must have been hard! It's okay, I'm with you! I won't let anything happen to you! Whoa! Is this guy for real?! Two bacon-lettuce dogs, two cartons of milk Now, see here.
four bags of pretzels, and one pack of raisins.
I'm dying to know why you guys are here doing this.
Care to share? We didn't have enough money to ride, so we got part-time jobs here.
Altogether, that comes to $ $12.
I'm amazed you can eat so much after dinner.
You eat just like a growing boy! Y-You think so? Yikes, those two are sharp! Especially the big one! My sole salvation is she doesn't realize how sharp she is.
Hey, Vash! Guard this place well! It wasn't easy to get you that room, you know.
Yes, boss.
Hey, growing boy! Your mouth is silent, but your eyes are speaking.
They say, "I'm starving to death!" Here.
It really is dark.
Not a single light to be seen.
Oh, yeah? It'll be bright soon enough.
Sorry about that, Mr.
One more left.
I gotta hurry.
Hey, Beremy.
Yeah? What's our time? O.
Listen up, doggies! The kid should have it all set by now.
Make it good and flashy! Right on time! It's the purple signal! All right, let's do it! Here we go!! Captain! That's the Bad Lad Gang! What the hell is that?! We don't need no pissant cars! Bastard thieving jerkwads!! What's the big man doing?! He's getting paid to blast these! Why aren't you firing the main cannons?! It's no good, sir! There's no response! What's going What's going on? We're under attack!! They're on the rear starboard hatch! The ultimate magnificent dreadnought raiders! Bad Lad Leader! Brilliant Dynamites Neon emerges! Now, all that glitters in this ship belongs to me! You worked brilliantly, kid.
Now gather all of the passengers in one spot.
Take me to the party room.
So on the first evening on the first evening It's a song.
a pebble from somewhere It's a song.
a pebble from somewhere drops upon the world.
drops upon the world.
I hear a song.
So on the second evening the children of the pebble join hands and compose a waltz.
I'm so excited! The meaning of life? You're very serious-minded, aren't you, Vash? We decide our own destinations.
Rem You're such a baby.
Our tickets to the future are blank.
Please decide your own destiny Wait, Rem Rem REM! What? Crud.
Is this all, you bunch of beggars? Don't try to fool me! Where is it?! Boss! So, they do have one, and a big one at that.
Open it up for me, would you? It isn't possible to! Not a single person on this ship knows the combination to the safe! And besides, the coded interlocking key is in the city! It's not here! I see.
Thanks for telling me.
That means we'll have to break it open.
Once we're around the mountain to the right, go straight.
In 5 minutes, when we're within sight of the canyon, head north-northeast and begin accelerating.
At full speed, we'll arrive in 10 minutes.
This is our destination, the Enora Precipice.
What?! A-At least let us unload the passengers! Please!! We risked our lives to get here.
You should be expected to risk your lives too.
You depraved lunatic! This is the superexpress to your final blaze of glory! If it's not flashy, what's the point?! This is a shocking mess we're in! The two of us can't do anything against an armed gang.
The only person who could do something in this situation is him.
Although it pains me to say it.
But I can't tell where I am! What? Come on, what are you doing? Isn't that the brake? We're sworn to protect the passengers of this ship! I can't go against that! Even if it kills me! Have it your way.
You have the stuff pros are made of.
I'll preserve you while you're still beautiful.
Don't!! I've brought the kid.
Go on! Now, now, don't look so grim.
Sometimes adults have unhappy differences of opinion.
I wanted to ask you how to steer this huge clunker.
I don't know the layout of the console but you need to regulate the amount of CO2 sent to the heating plant and monitor the stress on the boiler.
The light and heat to the hydro plant also needs to be regulated constantly.
Experience is vital.
Who is this child?! In other words, it's a pain in the ass.
I shouldn't have killed him.
Say Why do you need the steering? It's been accelerating kind of funny Why don't you just take the goods and split? 'Cause the plan's changed.
The swag is in a huge safe in the middle of the ship.
It's tougher than the usual crap.
The worst part of it is, we have no key unless we go to the city! Isn't it sad enough to make you cry? What would you do? The correct response is: you crack the whole thing in half.
What's wrong? Do anything you want Do anything you want, but not that! You never said you were going to do that! I was only supposed to silence the guards and let you inside! How come we're wrecking the whole ship all of a sudden?! That wasn't part of our deal!! Hey, kid.
Are you misunderstanding something? I won the goods on this ship so why do I have to answer to you before I collect?! You ain't being beautiful!! If you're going to use your ship info for a trade at least prepare for the worst, stupid! Please Anything but the ship! Hey, don't be a fool.
Shut up and do what he says! Never.
This ship is dad's This is my dad's ship!!! Enough.
I'm short-tempered.
Go pop.
You okay, squirt? Over here! Son of a Pardon me! Don't move now, or you'll get hurt! Boss! Sampson was in a passenger cabin! Ouch! What's he supposed to be? This is going to be fun! Hey, doggies! Fetch me a souvenir! Make it something beautifully gorgeous! Who is that guy? Couldn't you think of a better way to rescue me?! Good grief! Don't be so picky! I received more damage than you! If we climb a little higher, there's a ventilation shaft.
Let's go.
Let's go NOW.
It's a warehouse.
What'sis? Trunks? Sorry about hitting you like I did, Captain.
It looks like I can't control the ship without your help after all.
So this time, I enlisted a volunteer from the passengers to help you steer.
No!! Go to Hell and die, you scoundrel!! It gets monotonous being told to do that.
You're looking in the wrong direction.
The control lever's over here.
If it's your ship you should be the one to break it the bad news.
You only have one thing to do.
Speed it up.
Damn! People who sin say this: That they had to, to survive.
People who sin say this: That it's too late to stop.
The shadow called Sin dogs them steadily without a word.
Remorse and Agony are repeated, to finally end up at Despair.
But sinners don't know that if they turn around, there is a light a light which keeps shining on them ever so warmly.