Trigun (1998) s01e09 Episode Script

Murder Machine

Thanks for lending us the bus fare! What're you talking about? If we don't come with you, we can't do our job!! I'll hate you! I'll haunt you all the way to your grandchildren!!! and I knew it was a mistake, but I couldn't take all that wailing! I appreciate it! Fine, fine! Shower me with all the appreciation you want only pay me back when we hit town.
My wallet is really bare.
That's true! Am I really getting through to this girl? I'm kind of thirsty.
Can I have some of your water? I'm not getting through to her at all! Keep it down! Can't you see that everyone's exhausted from their ordeal in the sand steamer? Don't worry, I've shut him up for you.
You didn't have to hit me.
What is it this time? That.
This is one heck of a well-prepared dead guy.
Hey, you.
I I'm saved! - Are you all right? - Here, this is water.
Thank you! I'm alive again! Much obliged! - Much welcomed! - But that's my What were you doing there? Oh, my bike decided to break down on me some 100 iles down the road from here.
Are you saying you walked 100 iles?! That's right! It was horrible! It must have been really tiring to walk with that huge thing on your back! I couldn't leave it behind.
I have my pride as a tradesman.
Tradesman? I'm a man of the cloth.
Who, you? Do you make pretty dresses? I'm a priest!! A soldier of love, saving the lambs who have strayed! You're the ones who spotted me, aren't you? You saved my life.
Uh, no! The one who spotted you when you were only a speck on the horizon is him.
Oh! You really saved my life! Thanks, uh I am Valentinez Alkalinella Xifax Sicidabohertz.
Gumbigobilla Blue Stradivari Talentrent Pierre AndrT Charton-Haymoss Ivanovicci Baldeus George Doitzel Kaiser.
Don't hesitate to call.
What are you talking about, Mr.
Vash the Stampede? I hate it how you call me by my full name!! Vash?! You mean THE Vash, Vash the Stampede?! Is this really him? He's nothing like I envisioned! How is that possible?! There are times when I still have trouble believing it myself.
You mean? Oh, hey! I'm sorry about that! I'm Wolfwood.
At your service! Life sure can be funny sometimes.
Imagine running into the legendary outlaw in a place like this! Try not to broadcast it to the whole world, okay? If I shot you dead and collected the $ $60,000,000,000 I'd have a really fun journey! Were you paying attention? - Got any more water? - You drank it all.
Yeah, sorry about that! Hey, ma'am! They're really hitting it off! The birds of a feather have flocked together.
- My legs are so stiff! - I'm so tired! Mister, count it over again.
Ready? 5, 6, 7, 8.
Recount it all you want.
It's not enough.
I told you, the fare is $ $100.
If I give you any more, I'll die of starvation.
Make me a deal, driver.
All right.
I'll let you ride for $ $80.
Really?! That'd be great! THANKS! Oh, I almost forgot! W-What the hell is this?! It's a confessional.
You know, those little rooms they had in the churches at home? This is the portable version! Don't you have something to confess? Some blasphemous act, an indiscretion? It's on the house! Go ahead, don't be shy! - No, thanks.
- Aw He's not much fun.
Your job's pretty tough.
Is that part of your practice? Oh, no, no! Not at all.
It's all business.
Our church kind of doubles as an orphanage.
We scrape a living, taking in all these kids with no living family.
It was about time I left the church anyway.
I decided it was hopeless unless I went and made some money for them.
Make money as a priest? Well, not just that - Momma, I'm hungry.
- I'm hungry too! Once we reach the city, I'll give you plenty to eat.
Be patient for Mommy, okay? But, Momma Don't be that way.
It's only a little longer.
- Please, Mom? - I'm so hungry! Are you guys hungry? I see.
Still, this is all I have.
Okay? And this is yours.
And this one is yours.
And then, this one is mine.
I'm sorry it isn't much, but is that good enough? Thank you.
Come on, you two.
Isn't that wonderful? - Yeah! - I won't drop a crumb.
Well, I'll be.
You can smile like that.
Huh? Whatcha mean? It had me worried.
You're always smiling, real friendly like but your smile is so empty, it hurts to watch you! It's like you're hurting like crazy, and grinning to hide it.
That's how it looked to me.
So I recommend this confessional! If you have a worry, I'll hear you out! Just put a coin in here.
You're good at your trade.
I gotta be, to make a living! Somebody, come quick! Erik's going crazy! I guess it was bound to happen The sun is getting worse.
Hey, are you okay? Hang on! It it was Don't talk.
Hey, get the stretcher over here! Oh, he's just fallen down.
Who did it? No one is here except for passengers.
Whoever did it, come out with your hands up!! Why you looking at me? Wasn't it you?! No mortal did this.
- Huh? - Come again? What is that huge thing? - Uh? - It's still alive! What is it?! Hey, not bad, girl.
Wha?! Why doesn't anything nice ever follow you?! I know! It's such a drag! What the hell are those?! Incarnations of lost technology?! Damn! It's all because I changed my route to save the damned priest! - I should've charged him full fare! - Now, now How can they still be operational? They should have past their expiry date long ago.
- This is horrible.
- Can you heal it? I may not look it, but I'm a priest.
Leave it to me! Let's see I'm sure I have a book on it somewhere I'll do it.
Oh, okay.
Helen?! Has anybody seen Helen?! No! Take care of the wounded man! - Mr.
Vash! - Mr.
Priest! What are you doing? Don't ask stupid questions.
I'm going to save the child! With your bare hands? Oh, shit! You'd go anyways, wouldn't you? Of course.
I see 'em, I see 'em! There's lots of those big guys! But those are nothing for the likes of Vash the Stampede, right? What's wrong? My stomach hurts.
Oh, go on! You're not that fragile! I got shot by the leader of the Bad Lads 3 days ago.
You got shot by Brilliant Dynamites Neon? You do lead a dynamic life, don't you? Shall we go? You only pretend to listen to people, don't you?! A child's life is on the line.
Just look for a second.
They use that to detect objects which radiate heat.
Hey, listen to me! I'm not going to sit around and chitchat! Too big! Too hard! Too late!! Warning.
Your I.
has not been registered therefore, you may not enter this area.
You will now be removed by force.
Get down! Fire! That's him all right.
Nice support! And you were a nice decoy.
Nice cover, right? Nice decoy! Nice support! - What is it?! - Over there! She's alive! Thank God! Momma, Momma!! He's fast.
Unbelievably fast! That sounded like a single gunshot! Thanks! Behind you!! I guess we're almost done.
Nuts! Sand trap!! What a way to go.
What is this place? We really fell in it.
We're smack in the middle of their territory.
This is the inside of a ship.
You mean a ship crashed here in the ancient past?! Who knows what's inside the belly of the monster whale? Now I know why the short-haired girl is so pissed off at you all the time! Things always manage to get worse when you're around! My brain's about to explode! It's your fault! Take responsibility!! You fell in without any help! You're the outlaw! What's that gotta do with it?! Let's take a break here.
I can't take much more of this.
There! Here.
I could swear you were more generous with those children.
I guess you don't want it.
I am grateful for your humanity in these dire circumstances.
Okay, what do we do now? I lost $ $80 in poker, but there's a little left.
A man would put it all on the table.
Okay, let's find us a casino.
The plant's in motion! This is a real big casino! So, where are the cards? Right here.
Give me support.
I'll go.
Hey! I've never fired a gun before! And besides, do you mean you're going in there unarmed? That's crazy! You wanna go instead? I'll shoot the gun.
Okay, let's go have a game! Just one moment.
Yes? May you go with God's protection.
It's a prayer to the Big Guy.
Does it work? That's entirely up to us.
Wonderful prayer.
Believers will be redeemed.
Okie-dokie then Shall we begin? Okay, let's get to it! He's good.
That's precision shooting.
I knew he was no ordinary priest.
I'll get it! Damn! Please display your I.
I don't know it already! Unable to confirm identity.
Conclusion: intruder.
Would you just get out of my way?! This is bad! What was that? Where is he?! He's alive I don't believe this guy! You can stop now.
There's no one left to protect.
Good night.
What did you do back there? What you mean? Don't play dumb.
I'm asking what you did.
God must have saved us.
What's that?! There's more of them! Are you two down there? We're here to save you! If you're there, please respond! They're disgustingly late.
You can get out of the worst situations just like they say, Vash the Stampede.
I'd much rather lead an uneventful life if it were up to me.
You couldn't if you tried.
Can I sit here? Sure, go ahead.
You're comfy.
What a shameless guy.
He reminds me of a certain somebody.
Isn't he horrible? We should tell him off! Yes, let's do that.
My back is killing me! Thanks.
It was a real fun trip.
You going now? I gotta get to work.
Hey, Preacher! Here! Thanks! Damn, that thing's heavy! That's because it's so full of mercy.
Later! With any luck, we'll meet again.
May you all go with God.
- He was a strange man.
- Yeah.
Wolfwood, huh? Okay, I think I'll get something good to eat! That sounds good! But first, return the money I lent you.
All right, already! We'll give it back! I think I would like to do something for somebody.
I think it's good if someone smiles when you smile at them.
The beauty of voluntary acts can foster goodwill in the hearts of others.
Love which doesn't ask for collateral gives us respect as people.
However, it is wrong to try to sustain that.
In time, the strain will bloom into the flower called Lie the thorny flower which hurts people.