Trigun (1998) s01e11 Episode Script

Escape from Pain

Damn! Haven't the Demislad sprays stopped yet? We'll be stuck here with this caravan forever! Have a drink and chill out.
They'll stop before you know it.
What's wrong? You had it already? Be quiet! I'm trying to think!! Oh, I see.
I'm sorry.
Nuts! The situation is desperate.
Should I give him a head-butt and make a break for it?! No, no! I can't do that! I keep forgetting my profession.
She needs dancing lessons.
I mustn't escape from reality! What'll I do? What'll I do?! What? You don't have pudding?! A simple look around will tell you we don't serve that kind of stuff.
But I want to have pudding! Please don't be mean to me!! Are you listening? Hey, what's the problem? Oh, Mr.
Priest! What a peasant surprise! "Pleasant.
" What brings you here? Are you guys in this caravan too? That's right! Meryl and Mr.
Vash are here with me! Y-You mean, Vash the Stampede? Yes.
I'm surprised you know him! Know him, nothing! He's The Humanoid Typhoon! GULP! What's with the hand, buddy? I'm sorry, how careless of me! Many pardons! No I'm going insane.
What are you doing, girl?! The rest of my fare is riding on this game! I give up! What? Why?! I'll be damned.
Thank you for buying all of these for me! I should be thanking you.
You saved my bacon! I'm pretty good at chess because I always played it with my big brother.
A brother, huh? Must be nice Got any other siblings? There are 10 of us! You're the youngest, aren't you? That's amazing! How could you tell?! It's written all over you.
I'm sorry! Hey, aren't you the dancing girl? Please, don't let them find me! Well, that was sudden.
Hey, buddy! A dancing girl just came through here! Which way did she go? - Is she in trouble? - Just answer the question! All right, all right.
You'll find her hiding right behind me.
What? I answered your question.
Now answer mine.
It's got nothin' to do with you! W-What? How dare you waste food, you ingrate! Treat food with respect, you! You're the one who dropped them.
Um, thank you for your help.
I have to go now.
I heard gunfire from over there! Get everybody together! We can't let her escape!! Hey! Over here!! You're a big one, aren't you? Are you expecting sextuplets? Isn't it lovely out today, dear? Q-Quite, honey! I'm really sorry about this.
It's all right.
Stay down.
- Did you see her? - No, nowhere! She can't have gone far! Find her, no matter what! How did this happen? This girl always throws me off balance! It's bad for the baby, dear.
Oh, yeah! Sorry about that, HONEY! Good grief It's been ages since Milly went to do her shopping.
What on earth is keeping that girl? You're Vash the Stampede, aren't you? I'm so sorry for all the trouble.
We're just lending a helping hand! Since I'm in this deep already, will you tell me what's going on? Actually, I'm Who did that?! Get away from Moore! What?! Stop it, Julius! They helped me! I'm sorry I'm late! You're not late, Moore! Julius! Come again? Julius and I have been friends since childhood.
But he's the son of the owner of the transportation company which passes through Demislad, and I'm just a simple dancing girl.
So why are they after you? It's Fondrique.
What? You mean Fondrique as in the big city? Fondrique City's transportation needs have been left solely to my caravan.
Its abundant production plants are guarded so tightly that even I can't get in without my pass.
So you're looking for your pass? No, for my son although he isn't my real son.
I'm actually the son of the mayor of Fondrique.
That's right.
I, myself, am the pass which admits the caravan into Fondrique.
So they're actually after you, and not her? That's still no reason to run away.
But we do have a reason! I ran the day I discovered what the person I thought was my father and my real father had been doing.
Yes, Fondrique did use the caravan to import cargo but their cargo wasn't all in boxes.
Now, come here.
We bought you.
You have no choice.
Let go of me! Mother! Mother!! They treat people like things.
That's how they got so rich.
That's horrible.
So, she's the new cargo? That's why we ran away from all reality! Please do this for me.
I need Julius back! Without him, all trade will cease! This caravan will go under! $ $20,000,000.
I won't do it for less.
That's ludicrous! Then look elsewhere.
All right.
I'll pay your price.
However, please let me include one other condition.
Thank you so much for helping Moore to get out.
Let's go.
Where will you go? Somewhere we can be free.
You're going through there?! You'll be killed! The caravan people know every inch of this area.
They won't dare follow us into there.
Even if it means dooming everyone in the caravan? If you leave, they lose their contract with the city the caravan goes under, and everybody dies.
Any caravan that participates in something like that should go under! I hope Fondrique goes under, too! Don't give me that! People are going to die because of you! Listen to me, kid! You can only say that because you won't be there.
Say that after you watch them die.
Can you flee over the bodies of the dead? We made up our minds to do this.
It has nothing to do with you! That's true Mr.
Priest?! however the fewer sacrificed, the better.
Am I right? The fewer sacrificed, the better.
Am I right? Mr.
Priest Your freedom, or the lives of the people in the caravan it's obvious which is more important.
I'll prepare you.
If you make a move, someone will die.
Can you still move? Can you still run? Show me how determined you are.
Wait, I wouldn't do that I'm not kidding! Thank you.
Don't thank me.
You haven't given me your answer yet and I think what you're doing is wrong.
We still thank you, sir.
You're going with them? How could I not? If you're doing it out of sympathy, don't.
It's no longer a problem for strangers.
But I have to do what my big sister told me.
She said I should always help people in need! She does everything I can't, so easily It's really irritating.
Ow, ow, ow! Please be careful! If it gets on you, it will scald! Please go back! There's no need for you to put yourself in danger as well! But, you know! Anything can happen.
Besides, they say journeys are emotional scars for life! That's too true to be funny.
You're really funny, miss, uh I'm Milly Thompson! What did he ask you to do? Nothing nasty, I hope? Why won't you say something?! Look out!! Julius! Miss Milly! Are you all right? It was a little hot, but I'm fine.
I feel so powerless! Maybe he wasn't my real father, but I loved him.
That's why I want him to stop! I don't want to build my happiness on the suffering of others! But that's just nonsense My actions are making everyone suffer including you.
I think that priest was right.
But I'm fine.
There they are! How long are you going to stay silent? Would you mind He wanted a kill.
A kill? That's right.
And you accepted?! Yes.
Just as I thought, you are a despicable outlaw.
Very well, I will now execute risk prevention procedure.
Would you mind explaining the entire situation? - After them! - Don't let them get away!! My back Julius! Run! Run, Moore! I can't! I can't leave you!! Moore! Julius! You must stop running! Is that my father's order?! No, that is the order of the entire caravan! Stop! Stop it!! I'll go back.
I'll go back! But you can't! You've come so far! Milly's right! Don't give up, Julius! Come on, let's go.
Julius Mr.
Priest! You little Moore! Jesus, what am I doing?! Thank you so much! But what made you decide to come? I was infected by your nosiness.
I think I actually caught it from him So you mean business, do you? Then expect no mercy! V Vash the Stampede.
You're kidding Did Dad hire him?! Please, Mr.
Vash! For the future of the caravan!! Are you quite sane?! Yes.
I swear to God.
Moore!! NO!!! Y-You shotJulius! Our pass is dead! Hey! That wasn't part of the agreement!! Your boss hired me to stop them.
He never mentioned their safety.
I've finished the job.
Leave the money and get lost.
What did you say?! Don't do it! Are you suicidal?! We were horribly wrong! We should never have gone to someone like him! He's just like they said! He'll kill us as well!! Now he's done it.
Vash how could you? How could you? How could you?! How could you do such a horrible thing?! Milly.
Ma'am Ma'am! They're gone! They're both dead!! You want to settle what we started in May City?! That was a realistic performance.
Do you normally kill with these? Ow Hey, don't fire those so close! That stings! Thank goodness! Thank goodness!! I have a message from your father.
He says he's sorry for deceiving you and that it's no excuse, but he did it all to protect you and the caravan.
- I see.
- And one other thing he says you are now free to go.
Dad Julius.
Thank you.
Don't thank me, thank him.
Hey, you forgot something! Now, quickly! Get away in this jeep before they spot you! From now on, we'll live without relying on anyone.
Except each other.
Miss Milly, take c And thus, your name is being spread across the planet.
Maybe this is what they call karma.
Oh, not really.
She's a good girl, isn't she? She is so good.
Yeah You're just like her.
What? He really left? All journeys come with meetings and partings and reunions.
That's true.
I've got things to do, so I'll be going now.
Will I see you again? I don't know.
And besides, whenever I look at you I'm reminded of everything I hate about myself.
It hurts.
Nicholas D.
Wolfwood I'll be darned.
There was another answer after all Vash the Stampede.
All people have a sanctuary which mustn't be touched.
A scar of sadness which mustn't be entered.
The living confront each other to achieve their ideals.
In a quiet voice, the man in the white coat told me that he had finally found me, that he wanted my life.
That man smiled a smile deeper than darkness.
Legato Bluesummers, a man fascinated by Death only spoke quietly.