Trinity Seven: 7-nin no Masho Tsukai (2014) s01e07 Episode Script

Lost Technique and Problem Solving

1 Oh, I see You can see it now, can't you? This is my grimoire, Solomon's Gate.
Only people who possess enough magic can see it, right? That's right.
But I wouldn't recommend staring at it too much.
Even some high-ranking mages go mad after looking at it for long periods of time.
I'll take you up on that.
Now, this is a problem.
I'm not even sure how to fight you.
Oh, I know.
What do you think of this? Those are some nice boobs! You're open! Oh, no! What a pain.
She's grown up nicely, indeed.
In several ways.
It'd be nice if the others would do some growing up, too.
Liese-chan, you know that throughout history, evil mages have always been defeated once they obtained great power.
A breakdown phenomenon Lost Technica and Problem Solving Looks like Liese is already attacking.
Seriously?! Then we need to hurry! Yes, you need to hurry and figure out how to use Akio's technique.
Roger that, Boss.
So I need to hurry up and copy your technique, right? That's right.
Hm? You wanted to copy her magic? I completed the processes required to copy that girl's Mantra Enchant a long time ago.
No way When? But this time, it's not a technique that changes a grimoire into a weapon Guess I have no choice.
Program search.
I haven't taken this form since Hijiri was using me.
Is something wrong? It seems like someone with great magic was taken out.
Was it the headmaster? Well, knowing him, I'm sure he did it on purpose.
I'm also sensing another source of powerful magic coming this way.
Hey, there! Ninja Technique: Ceiling Rope Trap.
Wow! A trap? When did you set that up? I'm a ninja, after all.
I got caught in a rather cliché trap, didn't I? I see.
Liese-san's magic is weak against direct attacks and traps.
That's Lilith-sensei for you.
Your ability to analyze things is tops! I don't think anyone says "tops" anymore.
What? Really? Selina I wanted to bring her over to the evil mage side with us.
"Us"? Whoops.
But It looks like that won't be possible.
Onee-chan Good morning, Selina.
How are you feeling? I'm feeling awful, thanks to you.
I'm not going to apologize.
I know that.
That's the way you are.
That's why I want to propose a contest.
Contest? If Arata-san beats you, I want you to stop being an evil mage and come back here, and us to go back to how we were before You're silly.
I can't make a promise like that now Liese-san Okay, enough emotional stuff.
I've decided to eat up all of your magic so I can beat the headmaster.
I'll be helping myself now.
Who was that?! All right.
I've gotten my magic back.
Onii-chan! Arata-san! Arata! Not bad for just diving in out of nowhere, Master.
That girl, and this magic The Astil Codex.
It's my first time seeing you in this form.
Hijiri called me Sora.
To continue talking about Mantra Enchant Process 1: clear.
Process 2: clear.
Process 3: clear.
Mantra Enchant configuration complete.
You place the mantra somewhere in your body like this, and use it.
You need to put your will into the magic to do that.
Will? Yeah.
That's the most important thing about my magic.
Whatever feelings you put into the technique will have the most direct effect on its output.
If your will is weak, you'll take critical damage yourself.
That's how my technique works.
My feelings Mira, I can trust him with this, right? Yes, if you can correctly use magic from the Gula Archive, you should be able to stand on your own against Liese-san.
It's true that it's the better magic to use against that girl.
Also, the spell I use is "Conception.
" I'll be entrusting it to you, so go teach our naughty friend a little lesson.
What was that? I'm counting on you.
Hey! So that's how I can use the big girl's magic.
Hmm Now, girl with the legs, your little games are over! Oh? Hey! I wasn't paying attention.
Were you trying to look at my boobs?! N-No! It wasn't like that! Arata-san's objective is to see the Trinity Seven naked.
No, it's not! But you do want to, right? Quite a bit.
Hey! Isn't Levi the only one you haven't seen? Whoa The ninja's always on her guard, so that might be tough.
Lilith-sensei can take my share of your eyeful.
I don't want your share! While you guys were joking around, her disrupted magic has returned to normal.
What?! Oh, you noticed, huh? The attack from the demon lord candidate was pretty strong, so I was surprised.
I could kiss you again and take your magic back.
He may have copied Akio-san's ability and gotten his magic back But Liese-san obtained master-level magic and a demon lord element.
Onii-san Are you okay? Yeah, it'll all work out.
Here I come! Master, touch her chest with your mantra! Eat her demon lord element! Right! Behind you! Right! I get it.
You're acting in combination with your grimoire.
Above you now, Master! Too bad for you.
It's good that you can find me, but Can you keep up with my speed? Above you No, to your left Now she's So where is she?! Now you see.
It tires me out, though.
It's not passing through? Master is using Mantra Enchant to reinforce his body.
It really tires me out, though.
Well, well Neither binding nor attacking will work, huh? And if Master devours your demon lord element, we win.
I see.
So if he touches my boobs, I'm out, then? And he'll rub them up good next time.
I don't think I like the sound of that.
Don't worry.
I won't rub them.
I'd rather save the rubbing for when I can take my time.
Arata! You're fun, you know that? I guess I have no choice.
I'll have to use my trump card a bit.
Trump card? This might be bad.
Reconnect to Acedia Archive.
Execute Thema.
What's going on? She can't be You can't, Liese-san! Trinity Seven refers to the individuals who have obtained the Lost Technica in their respective Archives.
A secret technique? You normally don't get off so easily when you use this, but I'm making an exception for you.
What is this? Are we in a barrier or another world or something again? No, this is really bad, Master! This is the secret technique of Acedia.
That's right.
It's Baal Peor, the Last Crest that the founder of Logos Art, the mage Pythagoras, developed.
It takes complete measurements of all occurrences, and drastically slows down time for everything other than myself.
Simply put, it's a mimic of freezing time.
Freezing time? Oh? You know next to nothing about magic, yet you understood that? Well, every teenage male dreams of being able to that.
You could do all the pervy stuff you wanted.
Yep! But it doesn't actually work out that well.
Wha— I see.
Matter that isn't affected cannot influence matter that is.
So that means I can't take off their clothes, huh? I'm sure their boobs would feel as hard as rocks if you touched them, too.
You guys are pretty calm about this whole thing.
But what should we do, Master? We're really out of options now.
We are, huh? The time here is under Liese's control.
That's right.
I could steal a kiss from the demon lord candidate and take back his magic.
I'm honored, but how am I able to have this conversation with you? I'm keeping your time moving so I can interact with you.
So if I try to do something I can stop time for you, and do whatever I want.
I'll take every bit of your magic this time.
Though, if I do that, you'll probably disappear.
What are you smiling about? Oh, I was just thinking this is starting to feel real now.
If you think you can do it, go ahead and try.
I'll take any cutie at any time.
You up for this? Yeah.
I think I figured out what kind of will I want to put into this.
So I'm going to pound it into Liese with all I've got.
Are you done conferring? Yeah.
Sorry for the wait.
Okay, then I'm going to take your magic.
Here we go, partner! Yeah, leave it to me! Give me eternal time! Chrono Calculation! It seems I used a little too much magic.
But I win.
You might have had some plan, but now I can gain the demon lord's power.
Good bye, my demon lord candidate.
I gave you a hot kiss, just like you wanted.
Now, once again, I'll— You put the Mantra Enchant on your tongue?! The Siddham on his hand was fake.
The real one was on his tongue.
And you sucked on it.
Do you understand what that means? D-Did we get her? The power transferred to your tongue from your right hand, just as you imagined.
Thank you.
I figured this girl would definitely kiss me.
But for you to make her magic go out of control so effectively What will did you put into the mantra? I saw something when I got the power from Akio.
It was Akio when she was younger, praying continuously.
Akio and Selina, and probably Mira and Lilith, as well They want you to come back.
Want me I want Hijiri to come back, too.
That's why I realized it.
That was the will Akio and Selina entrusted me with.
They don't want you to be in this lonely monochrome world by yourself.
That's how they feel.
I abandoned the world, my friends, and even my sister.
I can't leave this world anymore.
What do you mean? There's a risk involved with the Last Crest.
Pythagoras, who came up with the technique, got trapped in this world that moves faster than light.
In other words, he couldn't leave this world.
Unable to move forward or go back, he remained in this world forever, stagnant.
That's the price you pay for this magic.
Why?! Huh? Why did you use this?! A mage does whatever it takes for their research.
That goes for your cousin, too.
For Hijiri? Thank you, Arata-kun.
If someone had cared for me as much as you do, I might not have ended up like this.
Liese Goodbye, my wonderful demon lord candidate.
Apologize to Selina and Akio for me.
What is this? No need to worry.
You should all be able to return now.
Don't be dumb.
What about Selina? You're going to leave her all alone again? I won't let you do that! I'm going to pull you out of here! Well, if we meet again, I'll let you touch them without the clothes in the way.
Wait for me.
I'll rub them raw! A-Arata Thanks for always being there, Lilith.
I see So Onee-chan can no longer That girl She did the same thing as her founder.
I'm sorry.
It's fine.
You ate all of her demon lord element, right? Yeah, I'm holding on to it right now.
If a mage gets hold of it, it'll go out of control again.
I guess there was no helping Onee-chan.
Sora-san, was it? How many of the processes has that impure boy completed for Logos Art? I'd say he's almost there.
I thought so.
Then, as the Security Top, I order Selina Sherlock to have Arata Kasuga master Logos Art as quickly as possible, and to retrieve her sister, who is trapped in her own spacetime.
I see.
In other words Start training and catch up to Liese-san yourself as soon as you can.
Wow! Mira-chan, you're nice.
A tsundere.
I-I am not! I need to punish her as quickly as possible.
That's all there is to it.
Akio, we're going.
I'm going to catch up to Onee-chan? Yeah, I guess that's right.
Use that camera of yours to bind your sister stagnating in her world that moves faster than light, Selina.
When you do, I'll help you out.
Okay! Thank you, Arata-san.
I see.
Arata-kun is maturing at a good rate, and the other Trinity Seven are being influenced at a good rate, as well.
I guess that's where we stand.
The school in the west Yes, it was completely wiped out just now, huh? So they've finally made their move.
The evil mages Iscariot.
Next Episode Preview Arata-oniisan has been studying magic with Lilith-sensei this whole time! Onii-san, it's good to study, but relax with Yui, too.
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