Trinity Seven: 7-nin no Masho Tsukai (2014) s01e12 Episode Script

Criminal Girl and His World

1 This soft sensation Oh, welcome back, everyone.
Yeah, we're back.
You really are the best, Arata-kun.
Hijiri, thanks for all the warnings, but I think I'm going to stay on this side, with my friends, the Trinity Seven.
So, Hijiri It's time for us to fight back.
Criminal Girl and His World Everyone, I know I'm just asking a favor for myself here, but please, help me out.
I want to get Hijiri back.
Hey, there.
Hi! It's been a while, Arata-kun.
Huh? Are you Selina? No, those boobs are definitely Liese's.
Jerk! Don't use my boobs to figure that out! Wait.
Are you really Liese? Yep.
I really am Lieselotte Sherlock.
That aura of sexiness You're Liese, all right.
I feel like he basically told me I'm not sexy.
I would like all of you to wait a moment.
He touched my boobs, but now he's completely ignoring me.
It's okay, Lugh-san.
Arata-san's goal is to do pervy things to all mages.
That again? But you want to, right? You have to ask? Arata! I'm surprised.
I didn't think Hijiri's demon lord would try to turn even me into one of his mistresses.
Well, Arata-san was one of those really lucky perverts.
Stare Anyway, let's do this, Hijiri! It looks like your magic hasn't recovered very much, but I'm not going to hold back.
We're all going to take you on together.
Let's do this, everyone.
Right! Connect to Superbia Archive.
Execute Thema! Reconnect to Ira Archive.
Execute Thema! Connect to Ira Archive.
Execute Thema.
Connect to Luxuria Archive.
Execute Thema.
Connect to Invidia Archive.
Execute Thema! Connect to Superbia Archive.
Execute Thema.
Connect to Gula Archive.
Execute Theme! Connect to Avaritia Archive.
Execute Thema! Connect to Acedia Archive.
Execute Thema.
Looks like it's begun.
It seems that way.
What should we do? If the headmaster of Liber Academy, Master Liber, a paladin, and I, also a paladin, ended up fighting, that alone could collapse the entire world.
Very true.
We may as well just sit back and watch.
Yeah, it's obvious who's going to win.
I guess even a great maverick such as yourself can't be completely confident given the situation.
No, Master Liber-chan.
You still don't understand just how interesting Arata-kun really is.
Oh? Then our contest will be to see which demon lord candidate wins, boy.
I hope you won't be too hard on me, Master Liber-chan.
Here I come.
Vegtamskviða! White Universe! I have already finished analyzing your Ruina, Partam, and Analysis Themas.
I expected no less.
It's true that the Chaosic Rune Arin-san and I use isn't very good against your Gehenna Scope.
We're not giving you any time to relax.
I won't let you do that.
I was outclassed? Take this! Sorry, but my kick, reinforced with Mantra Enchant and enhanced with Archsymphony, just isn't fair.
My Archsymphony works extremely well with Akio-chan's Mantra Enchant.
My last armament has been destroyed In any event We're not giving up this chance! Actually, the spell I just used, Vegtamskviða, has another name: Baldur's Blessing, an offensive and defensive technique.
Baldur's Blessing? Have you heard of it, Arin-san? What's going on? I can't analyze those magic circles at all.
It's a legend regarding the god, Baldur.
I'm the only one who can collapse its protection.
We'll leave the support to you, then.
We're counting on you! Both of you are a diversion so that Arin-san can destroy my magic circles.
I won't I call that my Body Replacement Technique: Warp Version.
Call it "Teleportation Version," would you? Levi-san and Liese-san, you changed locations with Arin-san? That's right.
Secret Technique: Mistilteinn! Do it now, husband! Lilith-sensei! Okay.
Thanks, everyone! I'm putting all of my magic into this.
Let's do it, Lilith! Yes! We're not going to miss this chance that everyone has given us! Let 'er rip! Meteo Dragonar! This is I see That's how the demon lord is going to Hijiri! Wake up, Hijiri! Arata-san That was quite the surprise attack.
Your magic was already depleted, so I underestimated you.
But Lilith Asami She's Arata-san, hear me.
I will tell you the truth of this world.
The truth? Yes.
When I was sucked up into the collapse phenomenon you created, I was thrown outside this world.
It was a world of emptiness, of nothing.
Enough to make this world look fake.
I realized just how sweet a slumber I had been living in.
But part of me was satisfied.
Your parents were missing, so I pretended to be your cousin and took care of you.
I wasn't able to stay by your side until the end, but I was really thankful for the time we spent together.
That's what went through my mind.
And then I lost all sense of time, and was about to disappear myself.
Then, suddenly, I was able to see the world from the outside.
And what I saw was a future in which Arata-san and you, the Trinity Seven, had destroyed the world.
Look for yourself.
The world is destroyed by the one who becomes the demon lord, and the Trinity Seven.
It becomes nothingness, and then, another world is born.
However, the demon lord and the Trinity Seven still find each other, and the world is destroyed again.
I've seen the demon lord destroy the world over and over again, with the Trinity Seven.
The place I went to was this world's future.
This is a world where everything repeats.
A completely closed loop.
That will eventually happen to this world, too.
A demon lord candidate will become the demon lord, and the demon lord will destroy the world with all of you.
That's why I can't forgive a world that thinks of you as nothing but a tool for the reincarnation of the entire world.
We're going to destroy this world and remake it.
That is our goal as Iscariot.
So it was all for me, huh? You realized? You wouldn't get that upset over something that happened to you.
You're the opposite of your Thema.
I don't want you to become the Impel Demon Lord.
That's why I will collapse this world, and make a world where you can live happily.
Don't worry, Hijiri.
My Thema is control.
I'll control even the demon lord.
And if the world is what has determined all of this, then I'll control the world itself.
That's just like you, Arata-san.
I think that's a wonderful goal.
Hijiri? I can't stay in this world very long.
The truth is, my body itself is already gone.
I'm no more than something drifting about a rift in spacetime.
Wait! I finally got to see you again! What's the idea? We of Iscariot cannot lose the girl capable of combating the demon lord.
So Hijiri won't die yet? That's right.
She's our trump card to take you down.
Then take care of Hijiri for me.
I'll be coming to save her.
You're going to save a girl who might kill you? Very well.
I'm going to make her the perfect anti-demon lord weapon.
Hijiri Arata Husband Looks like we have more to do.
Help me, everyone.
Huh? Arata! Hijiri Were you taking a nap, Arata? Lilith, what's wrong? Did something happen? Do you have time to come with me for a bit? I guess this is my first time coming to town since I transferred in.
Yes, that's why I invited you.
Where would you like to go, Arata? I'm not sure What about you? Is there anything you want, or anyplace you want to go? Huh? I mean, you've been taking care of me since I got here.
So I wondered if I could do anything to thank you.
N-No, I'm a teacher, so it only makes sense that I'd help you out You're always giving me a lot to look at, anyway.
Hey, Arata! I'm the one who brought you here.
It wouldn't be right to let you do something for me.
You think so? If you insist, then how about getting me something to eat? Oh.
I didn't think of that.
Shall we get going, then? Welcome.
Oh, hey, Mira.
You work here? H-Hello, Mira-san.
Why are you two here?! We're just here to get something to eat Yeah, that's excellent.
Thanks for the treat! What do you mean, "treat"?! Hey, good to see you, Nii-chan, Sensei.
Oh, you're here, too, Akio? My Archive is Gula, after all.
I'll give you something good to eat! It's on me this time.
Seriously?! I couldn't do anything back at Liber Academy.
Lucky Shh.
They'll notice us.
Sorry for making you show me around and walk all over the place.
Not at all.
I had a nice, peaceful time myself.
Huh? For what? You're being nice because you suspect I feel down about Hijiri, right? You figured it out, huh? I wonder what I can do for you, since you've always looked out for me, including that sort of thing.
It's true you're a dangerous demon lord candidate, and your power is immense, but you treat us mages as normal friends, just as you would anyone else.
Lilith That's why I No, I'm sure that's why all the Trinity Seven, we That's why you We don't like how perverted you are, though.
What, you don't? That's right, we don't.
But I believe everyone loves you a lot.
E-Er Damn, I don't know what to say.
What are we doing? I'm getting tired.
If you fall asleep, I'll carry you back.
Husband If that's how it is I'm kind of embarrassed to say this, but Yes? There's something I want you to have.
Could you close your eyes? Huh? A-Arata Uh, that's not what I meant when I said "love" Y-You're supposed to find out how I feel first before you Um A-Arata? What's this? I bought it at one of the shops earlier.
They said it protects against evil magic.
Yes, it's an anti-magic amulet.
I did kind of think that a mage as good as you might not need it But I didn't want you to end up getting hurt by enemy magic.
S-So I want you to keep being the teacher who always tells me I'm wrong, who's always happy, and there for me.
Wh-What? Nothing.
I will.
I'm happy, Arata.
Thank you, Arata.
I'll always treasure it.
I'm just glad it made you happy.
I can't take this anymore, Onii-san! I was watching, too.
It's hard playing the wife who's being cheated on.
That's not what's going on! Also, Selina-san and I are using the pretense of making sure no enemies are around to spy on you.
So you were spying, then.
I'm hungry.
So am I.
My stomach is growling, too.
Why don't we all get some food, then? Yay! I recommend Mira-san's place.
Let's go party with Mira-san, then! Hey, Hijiri.
I think I'm really happy right now.
So don't worry.
I'm not going to let you or any of these girls be sad.
Just wait.
The day you can laugh with all of us is coming.
I'm going to make it happen.