Troy: Fall of a City (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Twelve Days

What are you looking at? Never seen goat's blood before? - Your son.
- We'll name him Astyanax.
Why did you leave me? Let him be a lesson to us all.
You know I can get you out.
I didn't ask for that.
You sent another man out in your armour? Hector! When you get to the riverman, pause a while.
Your wife and your son will be there shortly.
Achilles, they're asking again for it to be returned.
Then you can give them the same answer.
They're desperate.
So find words for my grief, Odysseus.
Paint pictures of my rage and then tell them they'll get no body from me.
Please, my lady.
Let us feed him.
You've no milk left All I ever wanted was a child.
Now I have him, the reason I wanted him is gone.
Maybe you should let them take the baby for a while.
Get some sleep.
Why did you come here? How is she? I can't get her to speak.
Listen, we've sent messengers.
We'll get him back.
Can you hear me? Come over here.
There's no point in blaming yourself.
I want you to lead the army.
Why me? Troilus and Deiphobus don't have your gift with the men.
They're good soldiers .
but you can win men's hearts.
You won Hector's, after all.
A warning though.
The city needs to know where your allegiance lies.
You love Helen, that's fine.
But from now on .
the city comes first.
Now tell me the truth.
Did you send messengers to the Greeks? And? Achilles refuses to return the body.
The Amazons are mourning their dead.
And so would we .
if we had a body to mourn.
What is it? Father wants me to take over Hector's position.
And you said yes? I have to.
For my brother.
What if they kill you too? They won't.
I don't want to lose you.
I've died once in that river.
I'm not interested in dying again.
Father's disappeared.
You! You there.
Have you seen the King? Sorry, my Lord.
I'm your general.
Tell me where he is.
He gave strict orders.
No-one was to follow him.
Open the gates.
Should we go after him? No.
Let him go.
Stop there! Do you know me? I've come to fetch the body of my son.
I am alone.
Don't waste my time, boy.
Put a knife in my chest or take me to the man who killed my son.
I'm a Myrmidon, sir.
One of Achilles' men.
Then it's my lucky day, isn't it? Let's go.
You shouldn't have to see this.
What's your name? Kaidas, sir.
Tell him I'm here, Kaidas.
Give him this.
King Priam is here.
You know why I came.
Go home, old man.
There's nothing here for you.
I won't leave till I have him.
I'm staying until he grants me my request.
Tell him.
Hector? Hector, is that you? No, it's me, Alexander.
Come here.
Come here.
It's OK.
It's OK.
Where's Priam? Where is he? If you don't leave before it's light, I can't protect you from what might happen.
I told you.
I'm not going back alone.
I'd rather die here with my son.
Bring him in.
Hector brought this on himself.
On the beach.
He showed no mercy.
We know what he did.
His mother wants to bury him .
like you buried Patroclus.
Your son is not worthy of burial.
Why was Patroclus in your armour? I refused to fight.
And the reason? The King.
Agamemnon took my spoils.
A girl from Cilicia.
He took her for his own when he'd done nothing to win her.
- So you took offence? - Yes.
So .
why did Patroclus disobey you? Patroclus insisted we did our duty.
Defend what was ours.
I told him not to do it and he wouldn't listen.
Not everyone has your strength, Achilles.
It takes a mighty pride .
to do nothing when the world is falling around you.
Patroclus was reckless.
He was human.
Say it.
If I had been, he would still be here.
Right? And so would my son.
Tell me about him.
- What do you mean? - Hector.
What was he like as a child? He was a terror.
What do you expect? Me too.
His mother spoilt him.
But he grew up.
He became a better man than me.
Hector had his mother's .
He always knew what was needed.
He He really was the best of men.
Get him some water.
His mother.
She will die without his body.
Brother, help me.
What happened? You slept.
Where are your men? Outside.
Preparing your son's body for the journey back.
I'll need a mourning period.
No fighting.
- How long? - 12 days.
You'll have it.
I'll need food for his funeral meal.
Wood from the forests for his coffin.
You'll have it.
I should go before it gets too light.
I am sorry for your loss.
Open the gates! You refused to fight.
You sat in your tent like a woman.
And now without consultation you give him 12 days' mourning? He came to me alone.
That was worthy of my respect.
- You should have told us he was here! - And you'd have killed him! No.
We'd have offered him up for ransom.
Got Helen back.
Is that what war is? Is that all we are? Enough of your mouth.
Enough! Now he lost his son! I've given him 12 days, on my honour.
We will observe it like men.
Is that clear? Good.
12 days is too long.
They'll have time to reinforce the city.
Prepare an attack.
I'm not waiting for that bastard any more.
I don't trust the Greeks will hold to their side of this agreement.
No meddling from any of you.
Let the truce happen.
Clear? She's the one who interfered, telling them the curse was lifted.
Alexander's heart stopped in that river.
He died.
You don't decide fate, Aphrodite.
- None of us do.
- But it's not Just let be.
I can't see him.
I just can't.
All right.
I'll see to it.
Are the rooms all right? I'm afraid it's all we have.
I'm used to bare ground.
Can't sleep on feathers.
Can I help you? We no longer have enough men to guard the walls from all sides.
- I was wondering whether - How many do you need? I think 20 women should do it.
Two shifts, so 40 in all.
I saw you at her grave.
You were close.
She died honourably.
I lost my love .
in my home city.
War? Disease.
Before this all started.
One forgets there are other ways to die.
Men and me .
it doesn't happen.
It's a shame.
You're quite a picture.
What is it, Evander? I saw Telemon.
What do you mean? He's hiding in the city.
Says he doesn't want to fight.
There was blood on his floor.
Why didn't you tell me? He said not to.
It's all right.
Just tell me where he is, OK? Is this him? Where was the blood? There.
Open it.
It's quiet.
Where is everyone? By the sea, getting some rest.
This isn't about rest.
It's a period of mourning for the dead.
We agreed to observe it.
But if you're asking us to do nothing but weep, Achilles, I can't help you.
When this is over .
you'll return to Penelope.
If she remembers me.
Agamemnon will return to Clytemnestra.
Menelaus will return with his prize.
Where will I go? You'll find somewhere.
Sometimes I feel as though I don't belong on this earth.
Where is he? His tent.
We're keeping preparations from him.
We've been thinking.
We'll need him when it comes to the attack.
He'd rather kill us than break his promise.
The men are tired, Odysseus.
The food stores are low.
This has to be the last battle .
and we need Achilles with us.
How? We'll find a way.
We have a prisoner.
He says he's from Thrace but Aeneas doesn't believe it.
He had the dead body of a grain worker in his house.
- Where is he? - We're keeping him in the granary.
- I'm going there now.
- Has he said anything? Not yet.
He says he wants to speak to me.
Why you? A message from Menelaus, I imagine.
Let me come.
You? Why? If he's one of Menelaus' men, maybe I'll know him from Sparta.
All right.
Look up.
Show your face.
You know him? No.
I don't think so.
You wanted to speak to me, Greek? Not much grain left here.
Troy doesn't have long, it would seem.
The man you killed, he worked here.
He filled these barrels, every day of his life, until you ended it.
Who are you? What are you doing here? - My name is Telemon - That's a lie! It may work with the baker's son but not with me.
If you want to live .
My name is Xanthius.
Odysseus' man.
How did you get into the city? I smuggled myself in .
before the siege started.
Why? Odysseus thought I might be useful.
Then the day you and your brother left for Cilicia, I let two Greeks into the city.
Who? Odysseus? Menelaus? Achilles? To do what? Get information.
From who? - A friend.
- What friend? Was it Pandarus? Speak! The friend told Achilles about your journey to Cilicia.
Then the granary guard saw them together.
So you killed him.
Who was this friend Achilles met? We need a name.
I made a promise to serve .
and I do not betray promises.
I believe my loyalty will be rewarded.
- Silence the horses' bridles.
- Yes, sir.
Still nothing? Tell us who Achilles met and this can all be over.
Speak and it ends, Greek.
(Stop this.
) He can stop it himself.
Helen! What happened? You should stop it.
- It's not human.
- Human? That bastard betrayed our city.
He killed a Trojan with his bare hands.
That's no reason for us to behave like beasts.
You feel sympathy for him because of where he comes from.
- That's not true.
- Helen, this is a war we're fighting.
It's because of you and me.
You think I forget that for one moment? I think that you need to decide who you are.
One of us, or .
one of them.
Hey! You! Thought I heard something in those reeds.
Maybe it's nothing.
We should probably make sure.
Help! We've been attacked! Help me! What happened? A Trojan ambush.
Two of the men were Priam's sons.
He's one of your own men, Achilles.
This is a period of mourning.
I had Priam's word.
You can see what that means.
Is this true? True.
Get me my armour.
The things I do for my country.
In the absence of my wife, on behalf of us both .
I drink to our son, Hector.
His child will carry his spirit into the future.
Hector will live in Astyanax .
My father has asked me to take my brother's place as head of the army.
I accept with pride .
as a Trojan .
a brother .
and a son.
When I first came here, I did not know who I was.
Hector taught me.
Sometimes he had to beat it into me.
But we grew to admire each other .
love each other.
I vow to live in Hector's name .
to aspire to his virtue .
and to protect those he loved.
- To Hector.
- Hector.
- Hector.
- Hector.
You're attacking during the mourning period.
You want to object? You want to say something? Cos I'll give you something to object to.
When I get back Achilles is ready.
My brother.
Many years ago, I said I'd avenge your shame.
Now I shall.
That was foolish.
Just kill me.
Let me join my brother.
Flee tonight when the battle begins.
My men won't stop you.
If there was a traitor .
it must have been Pandarus.
Then why doesn't the Greek say so? No need to protect a dead man.
If not him, then who? Whoever it is .
we'll find out.
I'd like to propose a toast .
on this day of mourning - .
to the woman who caused all this.
- Andromache Well, it's true, isn't it? She lured Alexander here, she seduced him.
Andromache, this is a meal for your husband.
Hector would want me to speak the truth.
I knew Pandarus.
He loved this city.
He would never betray it.
But he would try to find out the person who did.
That's a lie.
Is it? What if Menelaus knew it all? What if he sent you here? To give him a pretext.
To destroy the city.
To eliminate Troy.
- That's not true.
- Andromache, that's enough.
- If I find out my husband died because of you - Stop her! Let me go! Let me go.
Take Helen out.
- Why me? Take HER out! - Traitor! - Just get her out of here! Why didn't you send her out of the room? She lost her husband.
Do you believe what she said? That I lured you? - That I'm Menelaus' vassal? - Of course not.
I fell in love with you.
- That's what happened.
- This war will end.
Things will return to normal.
No, they won't.
They'll never return.
What? I can't stay here.
Let's leave.
We could escape tonight.
What do we need but each other? They'll never accept me, Paris.
If we don't go now, we never will.
I can't leave.
Why not? The city needs me.
I need you.
Doesn't that mean anything? Of course it does.
But they took me in.
They suffered for me.
Hector died for me.
I have a daughter.
I haven't seen her in years.
I left her for YOU.
Not for anything else, Paris.
My name's not Paris! That's a shepherd's name.
I'm Alexander.
The name given to me by my family.
But I didn't choose to run away with Alexander.
I ran away with Paris.
I'm not him any more .
and Troy is my home.
It's not mine.
The Greeks! They're coming! The Greeks! The Greeks are marching! There are Greeks approaching on the plain.
What's happening? They've broken the truce.
My father had a promise.
- 12 days.
- Paris, don't go.
Where is Priam? Where is Priam? Where is the liar? Yaaargh! You'll follow me.
12 days, he said.
12 days! You can't fight him! He'll murder you! - I have to go.
- Priam! Priam! Where are you?! You broke the truce.
YOU broke it.
Lies! You killed one of my men in cold blood.
Greek trickery, not ours.
No! No! Odysseus wouldn't do that.
Yah! May the gods forgive you.
- Treachery.
- We didn't lie.
You Greeks broke the truce.
You killed one of my men! We never left the city during the truce.
Swear that on your brother's grave.
I swear it.
You were betrayed by your own side.
Tell Odysseus .
to him the glory.
This was always a shabby war.
Where is she? Where is she?! Where is she?! I loved him, Nestor.
Tell the King it's over.
We're done here.
We're going to win this war and everything will be forgotten.
You're such a good man.
I don't deserve you.
Of course you do.
Alexander, listen.
I was wrong to suggest we leave.
Forgive me.
This is your city.
Of course you have to stay.
They will accept you.
Just give it time.
That's all they need.
Whatever happens .
I'll never stop loving you.
Get him up on his feet.
Tell me who it was.
Does the Prince know you're here, my lady? May the gods forgive me.
I wasn't sure you'd come.
Go to the Greeks.
Speak to my husband.
Tell him I am willing to return .
to him and my daughter.
I have one condition -- no-one else in the city is to be harmed.
Not Alexander.
Tell him.
Will they agree? We only ever came for you.