True Beauty (2009) s02e08 Episode Script

The Final Test

(Vanessa) This season on True Beauty Ten people who thought they were the most beautiful people in America I'm gonna keep riding the "I love me" train all day! The scale of one to ten is not big enough for me.
began a competition to become the Face of Vegas.
I'm blessed to be beautiful.
But what they didn't know was three judges were secretly watching their every move to see who was the most beautiful on the inside.
You want us to be real? There you go.
Week after week, the beauties were tested on their honesty - Hurry up.
- Thank you so much.
loyalty When someone asks you how it's done, you don't know anything.
They showed you how to do the trick, right? Oh, I can't talk about that.
(laughing) - Very nice.
- Good.
respect - Let's open it up for discussion.
- She's a dingbat! (bleep) (all gasping) Oh, my God! - kindness - I lost my ring.
Good luck.
I hope you find it.
(both) "Good luck.
I hope you find it"?! - integrity - I could lose the whole competition, so you'd better take a pencil and put a zero next to it and give it to them.
She's telling him to give her a ten instead of a one.
- Cheater! - compassion (woman) I thought you said you were gonna lose some weight.
I told you to go with me to the gym more.
Wow, she totally dissed her.
and empathy.
What did you miss? You want me to do the training? - I'm just a really bad learner, you know - No, no, he No, it's not you.
Well, you're teaching me, and I'm just a mess.
That's a great test of empathy.
(Vanessa) And one by one, they were eliminated.
Tonight, there are three left.
Erika the cocktail waitress from Long Island, New York.
Pack everything up.
Send everyone else home.
The Face of Vegas should look just like me.
Craig the retail manager from Manitoba, Canada.
You are looking at the winner right now.
And Taylor the former professional athlete from Irvine, California.
I'm here to win the competition and be the Face of Vegas.
Why else would I be here? One of them will walk away with $100,000 cash and a featured photo in People magazine.
Who has the perfect balance of both inner and outer beauty? Who will be crowned the True Beauty? (glass shattering) (Erika) Whoa.
(Taylor) Look at our food.
Chicken and steak and ribs.
It's gonna be good.
(Erika) Taylor and I are getting ready, and we're setting up, like, this really nice dinner, you know, for, like, the final three.
I'm so excited.
The final three it's gonna be Taylor, Amy and myself.
Who do you think's coming back? I think it's Amy.
I really do.
- Do you? - I do.
(Taylor) Me and Erika we had the pink screwdriver cup ready.
We had Amy's drink ready.
- To the final four.
- To the fantastic four.
- Fantastic four! - That's it.
I hope Amy comes back.
But I honestly So you're saying you want Amy, but you don't know? I know.
- I want.
- I know.
I'm, like, 100% sure it's gonna be Amy.
I know it.
Oh, man.
It feels so good to walk out of there and survive that second face-off.
That was really, really tough.
I can't wait.
I can't wait.
I am the next Face of Vegas.
When she comes in, we gotta Bam! Pop it.
(laughs) Let's get this party started, baby.
Aah! (howls) Oh, my gosh.
- In the flesh.
- Wow.
Let's get the party started, man.
I need a drink! Okay.
Hi, guy.
How are ya? Where's Amy? - How are you? - I'm perfect.
(slurping) He knew it was a screwdriver.
He knew that was Amy's cup.
He knew that was that Amy's drink inside of there.
So why was he gonna drink it? I wouldn't have.
(Erika) I'm like, oh, this is a bunch of crap.
- That's perfect.
You know, I, like, kinda can't believe it.
Two guys and a girl in the final three.
(cork pops) All (bleep) aside, I thought it would benefit me to be the only guy standing.
- A toast - Absolutely.
- To the final three - To the final three.
And, of course, to our good friend Amy.
That's right.
(clink) (clicks tongue and chuckles) I was literally, like, looking at the door, like, waiting for Amy to come.
(laughs) - Why do you keep looking at the door? - No I'm sorry.
I'm like, there's gonna be a final four, not a final three.
What do we call the top three? I mean, we had, like, names.
Like Ménage à trois.
(gulps) The ménage à trois.
All right.
Sandwiched between two men The ménage à trois.
(slurping) That's the winner's cup.
- Celebration drink the winner's cup.
- The winner's cup.
- The winner's cup.
- Feels good.
I think they wanted Amy to come home.
I love you, Las Vegas! I'm not saying that I'm not happy for Craig, But I just feel like Amy was more genuine.
Because I feel like she was a better person than Craig.
(Craig) Well, they wanted Amy clearly because they know I'm far tougher competition.
It's so incredibly fun to crash a party.
(whirring) I'm missing jeans My favorite jeans.
You gotta be (bleep) kidding me.
(bleep) (Taylor) That fires me up.
I really am missing a pair of jeans, and I don't have money to just go buy $200 jeans whenever I want.
I'm missing jeans.
- Are you sure you put 'em in the laundry? - Yeah.
- You're positive of that? - 100% sure.
We're in unusual circumstances.
At home, I do do my own laundry, so if I lose it, it's my fault.
- The only thing I can do is check, okay? - Yeah, I'm freaking out.
(sighs) This is why I don't like (bleep) other people doing my laundry.
There's no way that it's just gonna be gone, those jeans, Tay.
People aren't accountable.
They don't (bleep) realize that this is other people's (bleep).
(Erika) Are you sure they're not in there? (Craig) Taylor's acting very spoiled and very much like a child.
His true colors came out You know, "Where's my jeans? Get me my jeans.
" Yep, I found them.
(Erika) You found 'em? - Yep.
- You jerk.
- After all that drama, he found them? - Wow.
(whistles) - Good morning, Beth and Carson.
- Hey, Vanessa.
Can you believe we're down to the final three Taylor, Erika and Craig? Time flies when you're judging inner beauty.
(laughs) All right, so for their final challenge, they're gonna play host to a V.
and show them what Vegas is all about Basically give them everything they need, wine and dine them.
They're gonna have to do some major butt-kissing is what you're saying.
We want to see, though, if they're good sports, if they can let loose and just have a good old time.
- You're so nice.
- Well, here's the trick Their night isn't over once the sun comes up.
That's where the real challenge begins.
We want to see, after a whole night of partying, how they'll handle the pressure of shooting a commercial - for the city of Las Vegas.
- Wow.
Oh, you're terrible.
Well, I just want to see how they'll handle the pressure.
- It's a great test.
- Great.
Because ultimately when you're put out in front of the world, - you have to have your best face on.
- Right.
So we want to see who's gonna complain and who's not.
- Okay.
- So I've arranged for a limo to pick them up - to meet you at a secret location.
- Awesome.
- So you want to go make the introductions? - I'll go give 'em the news.
Beth and I will stay here and watch, - and we'll see you when you get back.
- Okay.
Love you.
Mean it.
(singsongy) Where are we? We're rolling up in this huge limo, just cruising in it.
I don't know.
Oh, my gosh.
Where are we going? We're flying We're going into a hangar? - There's Beth and Carson.
- No, it's just Carson.
You've got to be kidding me! What are we doing? We see Carson standing there, and we're like, challenge.
It's gotta be a challenge.
- Hello, final three! - Carson! Hello there.
Congratulations on making it to the finale of the "Face of Vegas.
" Little hand for you guys.
Give yourselves a hand.
Now I know you guys have been cooped up in the suite, and you've been looking out onto all that Vegas has to offer.
Well, tonight's the night that you get to actually par-tay and get out and rage a little bit.
(laughter and cheering) But it's not just gonna be the three of you.
You're actually gonna be accompanying a celebrity all over town.
Okay? So you're definitely gonna have your hands full.
So are you ready to meet your celebrity - that you're gonna be taking around town? (Craig) Absolutely.
(Taylor) Let's bring it.
(Erika) I am ready.
(Craig) Bring him or her out.
- All right.
Ready or not, here they come.
(Taylor) They're gonna (laughs) (Craig) Whoo! We got the red carpet.
- This is ridiculous.
My mind was spinning.
The list was going down.
It could've been a guy.
It could've been a girl.
It could've been Vegas.
It could've been someone that had never been to Vegas and we had to show them Vegas.
(Erika) aah! Oh, my gosh.
I'm so nervous.
I see someone in there.
There comes the the latch, and then there's stairs.
I was expecting, like, you know, Cher or Mariah Carey or something like that.
Oh! So are you ready to meet your celebrity - that you're gonna be taking around town? (Craig) Absolutely.
(Taylor) Let's bring it.
(Erika) I am ready.
- All right.
Ready or not, here they come.
(Erika) Oh, my gosh.
I'm so nervous.
I always loved Bon Jovi growing up, so meeting Bon Jovi would be would be cool.
Oh! (Erika laughs) Say hello to Steve-O (Craig) Whoo! and his spiritual advisor Guy Friendly.
- Oh, no.
- Right on.
Steve-O is famous for being a Jackass.
Doing great.
Oh, my God.
This is gonna be crazy.
Give me a hug.
Good to meet you.
Now I'm nervous.
I don't know if I'm wild enough.
What's up, buddy? I'm sure I'll have ample opportunity to meet Bon Jovi in the future, so Tell us what you have planned.
Well, as I understand it, I've been sent here to find out which one of these contestants does the best job of kissing my butt.
(giggles) (Carson) Okay.
They're all yours.
We've got a limo for you for the whole night.
- You can take 'em away.
- Let's do it.
(Erika) Let's go.
(Carson) Have fun, guys.
I'm just excited to see what Steve-O has in store for us.
Come on in.
(laughing) Bye, guys.
You guys, they are so excited to finally go out.
- They looked it.
So cute.
- So remember, Steve-O's job is to party with the contestants all night and wear them out for the real challenge tomorrow morning.
All right, now let's check out their night on the town.
- Are you guys hungry for dinner? - Yes.
(Erika) We get into the limo, and we pull up to this Greek restaurant - that's a little bit off the strip.
- Ladies first.
(Steve-O) There's this trick that I used to do, where, uh, I would take a lime and squeeze the juice right into my eyeball.
Let's go, dude.
- Oh, my God.
Look, he's - Anybody have any Ritalin? Oh.
(laughs) Steve-O is crazy.
(laughs) (Taylor) He's over there like, "It's completely natural.
It's fine.
" Aah.
(inhales and exhales deeply) You need a napkin? Aah! Oh.
(laughs) - Are you gonna do it? - No.
(Steve-o) Why not? Small price to pay for the "Face of Vegas.
" - That's right.
I don't want to go blind.
- I think it could be turned up a notch.
I've got an idea.
(Taylor) Are you gonna try to pull out the, uh (Steve-O) You are.
Let's see how much you can leave on the table.
- So I gotta pull it out? - Yep.
Steve-O basically peer pressures us to pull this tablecloth out from under a full setting.
This isn't really gonna work.
I don't want to hear it.
(laughs) I'm like, who's gonna clean up after this? Can I please clean? (tableware clatters, glass shatters) Aah! That was very impressive.
That's why we can't have nice things.
(laughs) (clatter) - Very close.
- Dinner is ridiculous.
Opa! (shatters) The vibe of the night was just having fun Just letting loose.
You know, partying like a rock star.
(Taylor) Boom! Hit the club.
(camera shutter clicks) More craziness dancing, girls.
(Erika) The champagne is flowing, shots are coming.
(Craig) I let myself go probably a little more than I usually would, but, you know, I am in Vegas.
(Erika) This night is proving to be just unpredictable and crazy.
(engine rumbling) (Taylor) It was so awesome.
We had a great time with you guys.
- All right, bro.
- Great to hang out with you guys.
So we're back at the hotel.
Steve-O drops us off.
Remember, sometimes you gotta break some eggs to make an omelette.
(laughs) Thank you again.
It was a great choice to bring Steve-O into this competition with us, because he's really taught us - you just gotta let your guard down.
- Too many hugs and kisses, brother.
- We gotta run.
All right.
Thanks a lot.
(Taylor) All right.
Thank you.
All right.
So now that they're all tired and worn out from their long night of letting loose, - it's time for the real challenge to begin.
- Okay.
Vegas is the city that never sleeps, so why should our contestants? (laughs) Right now the contestants are on their way - to the challenge location.
- Right.
It's gonna be interesting to see who gets a little cranky and who can handle the pressure.
- Do you want to go deliver the good news? - Okay.
I'm gonna go freshen up, - and I'll deliver the "good news.
" - Always a man of style.
- I'm actually feeling bad for them right now.
- I know.
It's tough.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How you doing? I just totally want to go to bed.
We danced and we partied all night.
I am completely exhausted, and instead of going straight upstairs, we get in a limo, and I'm like, where are we going? We're at Venetian.
It's been 24 hours, and we're awake, and I'm just wondering why.
(laughs) (Taylor) I'll survive these 24 hours like I do every time I'm in Vegas.
You don't go to sleep.
We see Carson, and I'm not a happy camper.
- Good morning, people! - Good morning! Well, I had a little disco nap, so I'm totally refreshed.
- How are you feeling? - Amazing.
- Jealous.
- It's 6:30 in the morning.
- Did you have a good time with Steve-O? - Great time.
- I have your next challenge for you.
- Awesome.
- That's so amazing.
- So Vegas, as you know, and as you saw last night, is a 24-hour town, and you've always gotta have that Face of Vegas on, So you're going to film a television commercial promoting the city of Las Vegas.
And you have an hour to memorize your lines and get ready, and then we'll start shooting the commercial immediately.
And Beth and I will judge your final product on your appearance, your ability to remember your lines and how well you connect with your audience.
Good luck.
Have fun.
Lots of energy.
We'll be watching for your commercials.
Big smiles.
You're gonna love it.
Ciao, bellas.
They are so not happy right now.
Oh, no.
(laughs) So now we have a challenge.
We have one hour to learn lines for a commercial promoting Las Vegas.
"Fabulous entertainment.
" I'm so tired, there's no way I'm gonna be able to memorize any lines right now.
"So don't sleep.
You can rest when you get home.
" I am totally screwed.
The script is very simple, but after being up forever And having the night that we had, it was a little difficult to memorize it.
I (bleep) can't absorb anything.
(Erika) I started to get overwhelmed.
I just wanted to shut down and give up.
(sniffles) (voice breaking) It has been really, really hard.
Wait, did Erika just walk out? I'm exhausted.
- I just don't feel good about this at all.
- Wow.
I don't want it anymore.
I don't want it anymore.
I'm over it.
I'm over it.
No, I'm over it.
(glass shatters) - But I just I'm exhausted.
- I know you're emotionally exhausted.
- with everything I know.
- It is wearing me down.
(sniffles) And I just don't feel good about this at all.
I don't want it anymore.
I'm over it.
I'm over it.
No, I'm over it.
- Wow.
Erika cracked.
- She's just like, I've had it.
I'm going all three mile island on you.
I'm having a meltdown.
I'll go, but I am emotionally exhausted.
My body just wanted to shut down and give up, but I was able to just bring myself back into the moment and appreciate the challenge for what it was.
The big chair? Little chair? Okay.
Don't fall asleep, Erika.
Of the three of them, she's the only one that complained.
Something to think about.
So the cameras are ready to shoot their commercials, and the contestants have moved down to the commercial set.
What's gonna happen is each contestant will have to make their way through a scene we've set up, hitting their marks and interacting with the actors and props all in one take, of course.
And after the night they've had, it won't be easy.
(bell dings) All right.
Here's Taylor.
(Taylor) I've never filmed a commercial before.
I've never walked and talked in front of a camera before.
This was a total new experience for me.
And action.
(beep) Whatever you're looking for, you can find it here in Vegas.
We're using this entire space, so I'm walking down steps while giving my lines, making sure I'm following a camera who's following me and timing and I really enjoyed myself.
I had a lot of fun doing that.
or games of chance and skill.
(Erika) My body just wanted to shut down and give up, but watching Taylor go first, it just snaps me back into the challenge.
- Vegas is like no other city in the world.
(man) Cut! Now I have to reset.
- Good job.
- Can I pass out yet? I think that, commercially, he has actually a good chance.
- Yeah.
He has a nice presence on camera.
- He does.
He does.
Next up Erika.
Camera's reading? Here we go, everybody.
Set and action.
It doesn't matter how you get here or how you came.
It's my turn.
Now it's time for me to get serious.
Games of chance and skill Fabulous entertainment (singing operatically) My drive, my motivation helped me survive and do a great job.
All right.
Hopefully that wasn't horrible.
The only thing I thought was a negative of hers - was you could see she was tired.
- Yeah.
But she still is so engaging.
She brings the audience in - And perky.
- Still high on the perk-ometer.
And here's Craig.
Whatever you're looking for in Vegas, you can find.
Uh What's my line here? With that uh (yawns) I was just really tired.
Really, really exhausted.
My brain wasn't functioning properly.
- Okay.
Just give me a second.
- You got it.
But I said to myself, this is the position you're in.
Just do it.
Treat it like it's your job.
Whatever you're looking for in Vegas, you can find.
Vegas is like no other city in the world.
It's absolutely incredible.
Finally got it on the last one.
One thing I like about Craig he always keeps his smile.
- Yeah.
- Right.
It's genuine, not a forced smile, - and I really I appreciate that.
- Yeah.
Well, one thing's for sure, even with no sleep, they all did a great job.
After completing the challenge, after this long, long night, we were all sleep-deprived.
It wasn't the best circumstances in the world to shoot a commercial, but we all made the best of it.
My desire to win helped me survive this crazy 24-hour challenge.
I mean, this was the hardest by far.
All right, now it's time for them to see what's really going on.
So you're gonna go out now.
You're gonna announce the winner of the commercial.
And then you're gonna give them the keys - to literally see things through our eyes.
- All right.
(Vanessa) Have fun.
(Beth) This is gonna be good.
At this point, the winner of the challenge could be anyone.
I'm feeling confident, because I feel like I gave a great performance, but I'm definitely nervous.
(Beth) Hello, you guys.
(contestants) Hello.
(Beth) You all look so fresh and awake.
Don't they look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed? (Beth) Well, we got a chance to look at the commercials, and we definitely have some thoughts, so let's take a look.
We're gonna start with Taylor.
(Taylor) It doesn't matter how you get here or why you came.
Whatever you're looking for, you can find it here in Vegas whether it's food and drink (sniffs and sighs) or games of chance and skill I really like my video, and I'm hoping that they're agreeing with me.
So don't sleep.
You can always rest when you get home.
The part with the mime freaked me out, I just have to say.
But it's not easy working with a mime.
I know.
I know it was a long night, a long morning, but you have to keep your energy level up when you do a commercial shoot.
But overall I was really impressed.
All right, Craig.
Let's take a look at your reel.
Whatever you're looking for in Vegas, you can find from food or drink to games of chance and skill.
(chuckles) Very cool.
I didn't go into it thinking anybody was gonna do better than the other.
I just knew that I wanted to go into it and do my best.
You can rest when you get home.
Okay, very charming at the end.
I thought the whole mime thing With the wink at the end was a nice closer.
And you went off script just a little bit, and you need to stick with the words that the writers have given you, - so that was my one criticism there.
- I thought you looked a little tired, but, Craig, this is the first time I really thought you did look like Brad Pitt, so that's a good thing.
Just maybe a little chubbier-cheeked Brad Pitt.
Okay, Erika.
On to yours.
It doesn't matter how you get here - or how you came (Erika) You know, I'm a little worried 'cause I know Taylor did such a great job - that he really set the bar very high.
- Fabulous entertainment (singing operatically) Vegas is like no other city in the world.
But I was happy with my performance.
So don't sleep.
You can rest when you get home.
- Well, you look gorgeous.
- Nice connection, I think, to the viewer, - but a little sleepy.
- But overall a great job.
Thank you.
This was a very hard decision.
The winner of this challenge (exhales deeply) is Taylor (exhales deeply) and Erika and Craig.
You've got to be kidding me.
What are you talking about? (Carson) We thought you all did a great job with this challenge, so the three of you will move on to the finale.
Ah! Thank you! You'd better start preparing your pleas, because that's going to be very important tomorrow.
Now you gotta step up your game.
It's gonna be who gives the best plea.
Okay, and before you go, Beth and I thought it would be fun if you saw things from our vantage point, so there's a room here at Planet Hollywood we want you to check out.
I'm gonna give this key to you, Erika, and you can head down there now and take a look.
Bye! Have fun, you guys.
See you tomorrow.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
Thank you.
(Craig exhales deeply) This is freaky.
(laughs) (laughs) I really don't know what's going on.
So we're off to this mysterious room.
We're taking the elevator.
We're going down stairs we don't know.
We're going through all these double doors.
No, I think it's good.
It has to be something good.
And as we're getting there, I'm going, what could it be? "Restricted.
" This is our door.
What is this? - Okay.
Are you guys ready? - Yeah.
- Yes.
Do this right now! - Oh, my gosh.
It's so Oh, my God.
It's dark in here.
Oh, my gosh.
This is crazy.
Oh, my.
I'm Vanessa Minillo, and I want to welcome you to the judges' spy room.
(glass shatters) This is a view of our living situation.
I'm frightened, Tay.
What is this? Oh, my.
Taylor, Erika, Craig Congratulations on making it to the finals of "Face of Vegas.
" I'm Vanessa Minillo, and I want to welcome you to the judges' spy room.
While you were living upstairs in the penthouse suite of Planet Hollywood, We were downstairs, watching everything go down.
Why were we looking so closely? Because the winner of this competition isn't just the "Face of Las Vegas.
" The winner of this competition is a True Beauty a perfect combination of inner and outer beauty.
They got us.
We're on "True Beauty.
" Are you a True Beauty? See for yourself.
(chuckles) (woman) No, I don't have time.
I've gotta get back in.
Okay? I only have a few minutes anyhow.
- All right? I'm just stuck.
Wait a second.
- Excuse me.
- Oh.
Could you help me - Uh, you know what? I don't have time.
Man, I am not looking good right now.
(chuckles) (inhales and exhales deeply) You do? Okay.
No one needs to know.
Okay? I (bleep) up big-time.
Like It makes me look like (bleep).
I saw myself like I've never seen myself before.
I took the vest, and I'm ashamed of it.
It was it was wrong of me to do.
(Carson) Okay, and don't open your envelopes till you get down to your interviews, okay? Ohh.
(Erika) It is not easy to see yourself in a way that you're not necessarily proud of.
Oh, my.
(sighs) (laughs) (Taylor laughs) Ohh.
You were just going on - a belligerent, crazy, drunk rant.
- About what? About what? About Stop being fake, Erika! I regret decisions that I made.
I definitely do.
I don't care.
I'll say it to anyone.
I think it's (bleep) that Amy's not here.
Because I feel like she was a better person than Craig.
That surprised me.
I think she's getting really personal, and I didn't get personal about anybody.
(man) I'm gonna have you change right here in this back room.
Do I have shoes in there and everything? (woman) We'll have to pay for this dress if we ruin it.
Maybe if you lost twenty pounds.
(Taylor laughs) (woman) He was boring.
(woman) I just think he looked like he took his clothes out of the laundry basket.
(woman laughs) (bleep) Looking at yourself from the outside in, that was that was really hard.
(bleep) (bleep) I was severely, like, disappointed in myself.
I'm missing jeans my favorite jeans.
You've gotta be (bleep) kidding me.
This is why I don't like (bleep) other people doing my laundry.
(Taylor) There's no excuses.
There's no excuses.
The camera caught what the camera caught.
(Taylor) I found them.
Now you know all the secrets of the competition, except for one.
Which one of you will be the Face of Vegas? Tomorrow you'll find out, but for now, enjoy your last night in your suite.
But think about all your actions, because tomorrow is your final plea, and there's only one thing that Beth, Carson and I want to know Are you a True Beauty? And yet another humbling experience.
- That it is.
- Mm-hmm.
This is absolutely one of the hardest things - that I've ever had to deal with - It's quite the, uh, shocker, huh? But I feel thankful that I did get to see that side of myself I didn't ever realize that it was there.
Oh, wait.
Is that (laughs) (Craig) Hey.
Isn't that crazy? That's an amazing picture.
It's really good.
Thank you.
After watching the videos, it was hard, because now we've seen each other's dirty laundry.
The judges already know that I have the face.
I have the work ethic and the drive.
But what they don't know is that I do have the heart, and I need to show that to them.
- Ohh.
- What do you think? You like it? - I like it.
- Yes.
(Erika) I'm definitely a little nervous.
There were times when I've really let the stress and the pressure of the competition get to me.
But I'm trying more so to focus on me and my game and what I have to say to the judges.
- Oh, my God.
- Your eyes are (Erika laughs and applauds) Tay! The reels did show some sides of me that aren't perfect, but, um, not only do I feel that I encompass everything it is to be the Face of Vegas, but I honestly think that I have a beautiful inside as well.
(Craig) That's a really nice picture.
- Hey, there's Billy - from last year's "True Beauty.
" - Oh, yeah.
(chuckles) (bell dings) (Beth laughs) Oh, my God.
Okay, so we have to decide between our final three Craig, Erika and Taylor.
I have always loved Erika, from the very beginning.
It was very interesting to see her so catty about Liz and Craig, but through it all, I really think she's remained spunky and beautiful and kind.
Yeah, there's very rarely a moment where you can fault Erika.
It's your special day.
You look beautiful.
- She's so nice all the time - All the time.
That you wonder, like, oh, those few minutes when she was, you know, talking smack about Liz Is that the real Erika or is it all just a front? I think she means well.
But is she fake? - Exactly.
- She hasn't been to a final face-off before, so it'll be interesting to see if she's genuine in her plea.
On the flip side, Taylor, I feel like, is so engaging, so amazing, so genuine.
Always takes the time to stop what he's doing to help someone else.
- What kind of ring are we looking for? - My engagement ring.
That is kind of important.
He's Mr.
Personality, but - With a temper.
- Oh, my gosh.
It's a little diva-licious, but I think it's maybe even a little refreshing - to see different sides of him.
- You don't question if he's being genuine.
- You do question if Erika is.
- Yeah.
- Which brings us to Craig.
- Well, one thing I loved about Craig is that he kind of never gets involved in any of that.
I think he's a good guy.
I think we've never seen him talk badly about somebody or do something intentionally wrong to harm somebody.
And he was the only one to comfort Liz when the rest turned on her.
Why are you letting this beat you up so much? Because I can't deal with it anymore.
If you believe that you can be the "Face of Vegas," then do it.
Yes, he stole the vest in the beginning.
I honestly think he didn't know better at that point.
- He knew better.
- He knew better.
I disagree.
When you steal something - Yeah, you know better.
- Yeah.
Now don't get me wrong.
He is always smiling - I think he's well-intentioned.
- And he's well-intentioned, but then he makes bad choices.
- But I feel that he wants this.
- Craig's determination is undeniable.
And I think his heart's in the right place.
Bottom line is they're all amazing people, and that's what's making it so tough for me.
So I guess it's gonna come down to their final pleas.
Yeah, and I think right now anyone could win this and anyone could be our True Beauty.
(glass shatters) (Taylor) It's the final face-off.
I'm a little nervous, considering this is, like, my first time.
I've never been in the bottom two, so I don't really know what to expect.
The fact that all three of us are sitting here right now says already that we're true beauties.
(Craig) Whoever pitches it the best wins.
You know, whoever comes in and and speaks from the heart as to why they really want this is gonna get it.
(Taylor) It's been nuts.
But it's been a good nuts.
(sighs) You're almost there, man.
You can do this.
You know, just know you can do it.
This is it.
This is it.
Hello, Erika.
- Hello.
- Hello, Taylor.
- Hello there.
- Hello, Craig.
- Hello.
- Now you know our secret.
The winner of "Face of Vegas" Is also the winner of "True Beauty," and will receive $100,000 cash, and their photo will be featured in People magazine.
(exhales deeply) Wow.
(gasps) But before we can make our decision, we want to hear from you.
For the past eight weeks, Beth, Carson and I have been watching you very closely, and we know that you are all good people, but you've made some bad choices.
Erika, this is your first time to the final face-off (whispers) Yes, it is.
and you've always helped people during our challenges.
But we did see some footage of you making fun of some people in the suite behind their backs, and some of your fellow contestants have called you fake.
We know a True Beauty needs to be a genuine person.
Do you think you are that genuine person? I believe that I am a genuine person.
I am a compassionate person.
I am loyal.
I have made some mistakes in the house.
I'm trying to learn from them, and this experience has changed me for the rest of my life.
I stand here a better person, and there is no doubt in my mind that beyond anything, I want to achieve greatness.
I'm hoping that you see that in me today, because I see that in me, finally, today.
Craig, in some of the challenges, you've ignored some people's feelings for the sake of your own.
Doesn't a True Beauty love others the same way he loves himself? Absolutely.
I came into this competition wanting to compete at a very high level.
I was missing the whole point.
I just neglected everything that I was taught.
When I was offered that vest and I took it It was wrong.
You do? Okay.
- No one needs to know, okay? - Okay.
Bottom line it was wrong, and I did it.
And that's why I decided to bring the vest.
I held on to it this entire time.
It's been a thorn in my side since the day I accepted it.
And so I wanted to give it to you, because it's a symbol of everything I'm I'm not.
I am a good person.
I just made some mistakes and I apologize.
Taylor, you've always shined in the challenges, but we've also seen your temper tantrums and you taking your anger out on others.
Doesn't a True Beauty need to practice self-control? I 100% agree with that.
I do honestly believe I'm a truly beautiful person.
One of my goals, when I wanted to make it to the major leagues, was to be a role model for everyone.
I'm asking for this chance to show you guys, you know, I will be that role model, not only for Las Vegas, but for every life that I touch.
And I just want to share my story and my progression.
I do apologize for my actions, and there there's no excuse for them at all.
Thank you guys so much for opening up.
Standing here in front of you today, we can see that you have remorse for your bad choices.
Unfortunately, only one of you will be named a True Beauty, and right now, Beth, Carson and I have to go make that choice.
So we thank you, and we will be back shortly - and we'll announce our winner.
- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
(glass shatters) (sighs) This has been a tough eight weeks, and I think we all agree that we came down - to three wonderful people.
- Thank you.
Erika, we really do believe, from the bottom of our hearts, that you saw something in yourself that you never saw before, and it's a good quality to have.
Taylor, you are a great guy, and you said yourself, you always want to be a role model.
And I do believe that you really, genuinely saw how you were and didn't like it and need to know to always watch yourself, whether you're in front of people or not, - and I think you figured that out.
- Exactly.
And, Craig, you handing us the vest back was so big of you, and to see your remorse now really, really makes us believe you wished you didn't do it, and we see that.
You've all learned something from this, and that's all that we can ask.
So right now, no matter what, you're all beautiful people.
- Thank you.
- And we've made our choice.
In third place is Craig.
Thank you very much.
- Thank you for everything you've done.
- It was a pleasure.
We wish you all the best of luck in your future.
- Thank you so much.
- Absolutely.
- Come here, buddy.
- Hey, buddy.
Good luck, okay? Gonna miss you, too.
Come here, girl.
It's been a journey where I've I've learned a lot about myself and about humility and how to apply that humility in my everyday life.
Thank you, guys.
I wavered in terms of lending a helping hand.
I've learned that lesson.
It's a valuable lesson, and I'm gonna take it with me.
Since we're in Las Vegas, we thought the winner should be announced in true Vegas style.
So let's see who's our next True Beauty.
(chuckles) (Vanessa) And the winner is Taylor! Congratulations, Taylor! You're our next True Beauty! (laughs) (Taylor laughing) (Vanessa) Congratulations.
You'll win $100,000 cash, and your picture will be in People magazine.
Oh! Oh, Tay! (sighs) (laughs) Oh, my gosh.
- Congratulations.
- I'm happy for you.
- Erika, best of luck in everything.
- Thank you.
Thank you so much.
I'm very proud of myself.
I have changed for the better, and I am very thankful for this experience.
And as badly as I wanted this, I'm really happy for Tay.
Beauty is something that is both inside and out, but True Beauty comes from within.
Taylor, you're a True Beauty.
I've always had these goals and dreams to make it to the top, and I won.
I'm on top right now, and it feels awesome.
(Beth) Congratulations! As long as you can learn from your mistakes and and constantly improve, work on improving yourself, I think that's that's the take-home message.
- Come here, buddy.
- Congratulations.
- You deserved it.
- Thank you very much.