True Detective (2013) s02e04 Episode Script

Down Will Come

the war was lost the treaty signed I was not caught I crossed the line I was not caught though many tried I live among you well disguised I had to leave my life behind I dug some graves you'll never find the story's told with facts and lies I have a name but never mind never mind never mind I live the life I left behind I live it full, I live it wide through layers of time you can't divide my woman's here my children, too their graves are safe from ghosts like you in places deep with roots entwined I live the life I left behind the war was lost the treaty signed I was not caught I crossed the line I was not caught though many tried I live among you well disguised I paid for fucking avocado trees and now you tell me can't grow? Man can come, test the dirt.
I thought one of you'd be able to taste it off your finger and tell me what's wrong.
Frank, that's enough.
Like it fucking matters.
Can't deal with this shit now.
We should talk if we want to reschedule that doctor's appointment.
We'll get back on the kid when I get my feet under me.
Maybe we've been going about it wrong.
How's that, specifically? Right now there's so many things for me to go about the wrong way, I'm losing my fucking vision.
The baby.
Maybe we should talk alternatives.
Like what, another dog? Adoption.
No, you don't do somebody else's time.
My own kid, I see.
Yeah, it's my responsibility.
But you don't take on somebody else's grief.
A child's not grief.
I mean they all come in with their own.
Don't you and I and every other hapless monkey on the planet? At least with your kid, it's your sins.
What if I can't have a child? Why wouldn't you? You got pregnant before, you said.
Maybe that's-- the operation, it might have made things hard.
I don't know.
You can have a kid.
Look at you.
But if.
I'm saying if.
You should get more tests.
Whatever they got.
I gotta go to work.
If I don't come up with a new play, the dead trees, the present from the stork are gonna be what they call moot points.
All right, Frank.
Go to work.
Hello, motherfucker.
We put out some fires last night or what? I, uh-- I drove here? You don't remember meeting me at Lux? No.
I'm glad you did, man.
DVR'd the game.
Here, sit down.
Have some waffles.
I got work.
You let yourself go, man.
Be what you want.
It ain't bad.
Need a ride to your bike? No.
Come on.
Fuck! Officer Woodrugh! What's your comment on the war crimes allegation? Were you involved with the securing of a village outside Habbaniyah? Would you say your behavior with Lacey Lindel follows a pattern given the accusations against Black Mountain operatives? Do you have a history of abuse with women? Say, about 5'10", maybe 160? - What do you think? - I think we fucked up.
So it wasn't the transpo guy.
No, it was somebody who wanted us to think it might be dumping the car near his place.
Listen, that thing at the mayor's house I respect the sack, but it's-- it's looking to come back on you.
Ooh, the mayor of the Shitberg Landfill is gonna get me? His family's controlled this landfill for 100 years.
And he lives in the biggest house on his street in Bel-Air.
You think men like that exist without a long history of high-up friends? I don't think he's gonna have too many friends, the state investigation shakes out.
Unless it's his cellmate.
That's what I'm telling you, Bezzerides.
State investigation, you don't think they've seen that before down here? Any member of that family ever gone to jail? Look Detective, the state investigation's a shakedown.
Do you understand? It's the attorney general with his fucking hand out.
Hand out for what? What's a hand usually out for? Caspere was in a lot of development money.
These land deals floating around, those new corporations? You think this is about stopping Vinci doing the same thing it's been doing for a century? Nobody wants to stop it.
Nobody gives a shit.
I'm here to solve a murder.
And when our betters make nice and the money's traded hands and they need something to show for this big investigation, who do you think's gonna be first in the firing line? I'm gonna take a wild guess that you and Woodrugh ain't the most popular folks at your squads.
Expendable, one might say.
Well, you're not dirty, they shouldn't be able to hurt you.
Well, I don't know about Ventura, but you can't be that naive down here.
If there's a buyout with the state attorney, Chessani could make your ass part of the deal.
Where's Woodrugh? He was working prosts last night.
I hope he didn't fall in.
That a barroom sunburn? Maybe I've just been out in the sun working bullshit pawn details.
You know what? I could give a shit.
I don't think there's any confusion about that, Detective.
Frank, what you ask, you would need to be family just to avoid insult.
Family is blood.
Blood spilled is blood.
January 2010.
I've done you favors.
What you mention-- history.
We paid for that.
You paid Osip back when he was around to be paid.
Me? I just call it a favor.
And you think what, an old favor gets you free merchandise? I don't want a handout.
I wouldn't take it.
I'm talking consignment.
I've got the Lux back.
I need product to move through it.
Notice I'm not talking to the Mexicans or Russians.
I'm talking to you.
I'm offering 5% above your going rate.
I need coke, crystal, and whatever the fuck they call MDMA now.
We move it through the club, you get paid plus five.
It's a risk, Frank.
For me, not for you.
Our men handle sales.
No, I run the club.
I control who moves what and when and they answer to me.
Your only concern is your money.
Santos had his own arrangement.
I'll deal with it.
And how have you dealt with things since you've been away, huh? Why you back to this, Frank? I think it's because your other plan, it somehow failed.
Why now would we trust you not to fail in this, huh? It's respectable, what I'm offering.
I'll upscale your clientele, increase your market.
And together we'll prosper.
We don't do consignment, Frank.
5% is not a one-time number.
It's monthly.
Month in, month out.
It is a long-term investment in a mutually beneficial relationship.
Then we're settled at five.
All that sugar, Frank, I wonder you haven't lost your teeth.
Dental work's expensive.
It's the only way I can keep your coffee down.
I never lost a tooth.
Never even had a fucking cavity.
Glove box.
Take a cure.
Where's your bike? Stolen.
I checked city impound already.
That hotel have a shower? I couldn't get back in.
Reporters mobbed me.
Cameras and shit.
My picture's gonna be everywhere, man.
Fuck 'em.
They lie without blinking.
You know what one of those dog fuckers said to me once? I'd rather be wrong and first than right and second.
That tells you all you need to know.
I read about that actress.
The Black Mountain stuff.
Fallujah, Tikrit.
You've seen shit.
After that, anything else should be a cakewalk.
It's actually just the opposite.
Well, you're a war hero is my outlook.
You had a bad night and they don't need to hear about it.
I did everything they said, man.
Army, PD.
But it doesn't matter.
You do what they say, it doesn't matter.
Oh, fuck.
Been listening to them for so fucking long that I don't even know who the fuck I am.
You're a survivor.
Everything else just dust in your eyes.
Blink it away, man.
I don't know.
I'll get your stuff.
Take it to another hotel, all right? I just don't know how to be out in the world, man.
Hey, look out that window.
Look at me.
Nobody does.
Hit that again.
We'll get you some Pedialyte.
All right, enough of this monkey fuck.
Place runs strong, huh? How many beaners you got here? It's like, I think, 200 or so.
You need some help managing this place, Luke.
My view.
You need security, collections.
Frank, you sold the place, you got the cash.
Oh, sure.
You own it, no question.
No question.
I'm thinking partnership.
I'm thinking the next three months, we start pulling in what this place should.
You'll do better.
This ain't right, Frank.
I'm already paying Chessani.
Place has expenses.
Nobody wants to feel taken advantage of.
I ain't, man.
You set the price.
So long as it's cash, you said.
We're gonna handle the collections from now on.
We'll be knocking first of the month.
And mow the fucking lawn.
I don't want any of these kids getting snakebit.
You want to give him new reasons to step on you, huh? That's the daughter.
Did you know Ben Caspere, the city manager? I knew him a little.
He was nice to me.
He know your brother very well? I don't think so.
Tony wouldn't have much in common with Mr.
Caspere was talking to someone on your second phone line a lot.
Think that was your dad or Tony? I don't know.
How would I know? There's no rules, you see? It's how it's always been.
Your father's wife, she's not your mom.
My mom died in a hospital in Nevada.
When I was 11, she started manifesting schizophrenia.
She became dangerous.
Daddy had her committed.
And that doctor She hung herself in there.
I really don't want to talk about these things.
I don't want to talk about any of these things.
I'm sorry.
My mom, she died when I was 12.
And your mom, who was her doctor? His name's Pitlor.
My father, he is a very bad person.
I'm sorry, I shouldn't be talking to you.
I just-- I have to go.
I have this memory of her in the sand.
Her big dresses.
Polishing that driftwood till it shined like steel or something.
I lost her in the light.
The light off the water.
Why do these memories stay so vivid when I can't even remember stuff from last week? Those moments, they stare back at you.
You don't remember them, they remember you.
Turn around, there they are.
Maybe I could get one back.
You took her knife.
You said you didn't want anything else.
Thena, this Web shit, those outfits, you fall in with some bad people.
I'm clean.
I don't even drink anymore.
I'm saving up to go to CalArts.
I'm not a whore.
It's not like I would do one of those parties.
What parties? Like the real hooking.
No fucking way.
Where are these parties? I mean, all over.
Up north.
But I don't mess with that.
Like I'm saying, two more months and I'm walking.
I should have been there for you.
Babe, you couldn't even be there for yourself.
Look, I know how we left it, but Look, I don't fucking blame you.
I ain't easy, I know.
And what you said, I mean I think you were right.
I'm pregnant.
Uh Weren't you on the pill? It's not 100%.
Look, you didn't want this.
But I don't believe in abortion.
I'm-- I'm keeping it, Paul.
I want you to.
And I think we should get married.
I don't want you to do this because you think it's the right thing or something.
I'm not.
I don't.
I love you, Em.
And I didn't know and I wasn't sure until just this minute right here hearing this.
I love you.
I guess I love you, too.
I This is the best thing that could happen.
and I ain't done nothing wrong, no but I can't find my way home Working a case down in LA.
Met a man said he knew you.
Said he knew me when I was little.
This psychiatrist, Irving Pitlor.
- Does that ring a bell? - Pitlor? Ooh, yes.
He was around for a time, early '80s.
Researching dynamics of communal living.
Part of Chessani's lodge, I think.
Chessani's lodge? What the fuck? You knew Chessani, too? I'm sorry, your case, it involves these men? Theo Chessani, he would have to be somewhere in his 90s by now.
- His son.
- We have a dead body.
Benjamin Caspere.
I recognize him.
Never spoke.
He attended some seminars here, I believe.
You remember anything about them? Those times, Chessani, Pitlor? That's Pitlor.
Hard to tell, but I think that's the Vinci mayor as a kid.
Jesus, that's some fucking coincidence.
Well, a lot of spiritual movements cross-pollinated in these parts.
Being that I kept exclusively to such company, it's not so unusual.
More unusual is that my daughter became a sheriff's detective.
Your mother took this, you know.
An old soul right from the start.
Excuse me.
You have one of the largest auras I've ever seen.
Green and black.
It's been taking up this whole room.
I just-- I had to say something.
You must have had hundreds of lives.
I don't think I can handle another one.
What do you think green and black means? I don't know.
You're a mood ring? We're driving to Fresno.
It's not that I don't enjoy our time together, but When I was in Chessani's house, there were all these soil readings for Fresno land.
GPS shows Caspere in the same areas.
Now I get why nobody lives out here.
Chessani's map went all the way to the Lost Coast.
So what is all this? Maybe this is where the bodies are buried.
It's our biggest issue in the county.
- Mine tailings, runoff.
- Hi there.
We're constantly finding new contamination.
Like in this area here.
A lot of these mines have been closed for decades.
Companies are bankrupt.
There's really no one to do the cleanup.
State doesn't have the resources.
Can you think of any reason why our victim would visit so many of these sites? I don't know.
Um Unsafe levels of lead, cadmium, arsenic, and/or mercury.
It's contaminated the water table to such a degree, the farmland here is useless.
Family farms have been selling out for years.
Whole county's turning over.
People have just given up.
It's about trust, right? The people in my industry, they can't even tell when they're lying half the time.
Hey, doll.
Look at you.
This place does all right, huh? Six-figure weekends.
On paper, you come in as part owner.
The club's equity guarantees the land investment.
How's the capital multiplied? In dry farmland in the middle of the state? The rail puts the land in line for commercial zoning and development.
Fed money means cost overages.
This is the last pork barrel outside of defense.
Ah, man, we were young once, huh? I was so focused on my career.
I think things worked out well for us both.
Let me talk to my business manager, see how liquid I can go.
And I wasn't looking for any land, you understand, but I'll definitely give it serious consideration.
I wanted to drag my heels, I'd go to a credit union.
You aren't interested, why'd you take the meeting? Well, this lady asked.
And I am interested.
We'll kick the tires, Frank.
Trust takes time.
Beautiful, you call me.
I told you he was a dipshit.
But not too much of one to avoid this colorful shared history.
I was a kid and he never pulled anybody's teeth out.
This gonna get fucking worse, what I gotta do.
You get that, right? But just like that, you're back here.
Have I somehow given you the impression I've got a choice? Caspere, my fucking life's savings, Stan.
Congratulations, we're club owners again.
I'm saying it seems fast.
Maybe we should take some time for ourselves, talk this through.
Things move fast now, babe.
Someone hit the fucking warp drive and I'm trying to navigate through the blur.
It's moment to moment and you just wasted my time on your fairy producer boyfriend.
Your time, is it? - Your time.
- Mm-hmm.
My boyfriend.
Here's an idea.
Let's be one of those couples that fights a lot.
That's a fucking great idea.
Yeah, this is them.
Guy that pawned these, you got video? It was a girl.
Still got the tape.
Car gets processed, we might get something.
But that was him.
And I'd like state to know Velcoro put himself in harm's way for me.
Where's Davis? I want to talk to her.
Anything you want to tell me? About you and Velcoro? No.
Why? Detective Look, honey, there's been a formal complaint lodged.
Sexual misconduct.
Against who? You, for Christ's sake.
Wait, what? Deputy Steven Mercer.
Conducting a relationship with a subordinate.
That's called coercion.
You attended the seminar.
Is this for real? You do realize they're all giving Mercer high fives out there, right? What I do outside work-- This isn't outside work.
This is an IA complaint.
And I was subsequently made aware of your relationship with Detective Ilinca.
Oh, for fuck-- once.
Partners? I mean What, you're telling me that's some kind of first for this place? Unofficially, admin doesn't stick its nose in until a situation's created that disturbs the department.
Okay, so if I had married Mercer, this'd be okay? Imagine that.
You adopting a position of righteous indignation.
He was your subordinate.
That means you had power over him.
County has to investigate.
This would not be happening to a man.
If a complain were lodged, you bet it would.
They just wouldn't be able to use that line.
I don't have anything to apologize for.
I'd consider altering that tune before professional standards talks to you.
And until their investigation is concluded, you cannot enter this building.
Wait a-- I'm suspended? Since you got this state detail, you'll keep working on that as a special investigator, but right now you're on departmental leave pending investigation.
Listen, there's some word you got gambling debts.
That comes up, they'll want to look at your bank records.
I'd straighten them out if you can.
Does this have anything to do with that mayor? Vinci? Chessani? Look, I don't care who you sleep with so long as you find them outside this department.
Ani, come on.
You know as well as I do no grown woman in her right mind would date a cop.
You're gonna leave just like that? Not allowed in the building.
And it never hit you this might come back some way you don't like? You talked to them? They asked questions.
And Mercer, really? This has to do with you and me, doesn't it? Hey, I didn't slap no complaint on you.
Forget my fucking busted marriage.
Oh, your marriage was busted years ago.
Or you never would have been in that hotel.
You didn't even give it a chance.
There was no chance.
Fuck! Fuck this, partner.
Fuck off.
Fuck off? I've been a friend to you.
With friends like these Call came in from an El Monte pawnshop.
Irina Rulfo.
Priors-- solicitation, possession.
- Who's your fucking Sherlock now? - Right.
She pawned the stuff taken from Caspere's house.
No history of B&E or assault, but Ledo Amarilla.
Priors for assault, B&E, pandering, possession of a deadly weapon.
We had prints run ASAP.
Jewelry came back with Caspere's, Rulfo's and Amarilla's prints.
This is real? APBs out in Los Angeles and Ventura County.
Our job now is to locate and arrest on the charges of murder.
Idea, of course, is that chica was turning tricks with Caspere.
Got a look at how he lived.
Ledo and possible accomplices tortured him for his valuables.
We've got known KAs for Ledo and Irina listed.
Let's check them out.
Hit up working girls for anything about Irina and Caspere.
Dixon, follow up with canvass.
Split those KAs up with the other dicks.
Woodrugh, work prosts looking for Irina.
Anything come from hookerland? Tascha was a hooker.
Hasn't been around.
Rumors of elite parties Caspere might have attended.
High-end girls.
That's about it.
All right, well, we got this to focus on anyway.
my bed is now a cylinder of steel cold and hard and shiny to match the way I feel His name is Ledo Amarilla.
- Mexican.
- Mm-hmm.
Guy's a pimp.
Pawnshop has one of his girls selling Caspere's stuff.
So he's pawning shit.
May be safe to say this guy ain't got my money.
Not unless Caspere had it in a suitcase at his fuck pad.
What the fuck would this spic have to do with Stan? What happened to Stan? you were there to see me beg and kneel what kind of man would ask me then if he could make a deal? when lovers of the future read these lines the sound of steel and thunder So I'm getting back into some things.
Got my club again.
Some other stuff.
Thought that was behind you.
I thought being poor was behind me, too.
That shit never leaves you.
Doesn't matter how much money you make.
I'm enjoying this soberish you where your head doesn't dip and fall when I talk.
Things I got coming, I could use you in a fuller capacity.
Maybe it's time to put this cop shit to bed.
Come with me.
I'm not muscle, Frank.
You're smart.
Keep your head out the bottle.
It's just all your talent's going to waste.
In the things I'm planning black rage goes a long way.
A long way to where? Sometimes your worst self is your best self.
You know what I'm saying? I wanted to give you this.
It's your grandfather's.
I thought you should have it.
You know, remember me with.
Are you going away? Oh And don't let Mom or Richard see that.
All right? You hide it.
You can look at it when you want to remember me.
It's Grandpa's.
Yeah, my father, me, you.
Come here.
Come here.
Where you come from, that'll mean something to you one day.
All right.
Chad? Chad, what are you doing out there? Come back inside.
Just a minute.
Looks like maybe we got an answer here.
Ledo Amarilla.
A pimp.
Some Santa Muerte association.
And this was Mexico? Find this fuck.
He owes me a long conversation.
Come back with hard targets.
You stay.
I'm looking for an outside read, events, and you go out of pocket? You know how I can get with a girl.
Pull myself together and Ivar's banging on my door about Stan.
You and Osip talked a while when he was at the Soho.
When he showed up, he was pleased to see you.
I don't know what that's supposed to mean.
You tell me entertain him, I entertain.
You got this Roger Moore thing, huh? Johnny Unflappable.
Must be my predilection for virtue.
You know the word louche? Somebody's pulling me out on the streets and you're louche.
Stay up here.
You're pit boss tonight.
What? Frank, come on.
I haven't bossed in, like, three years.
Maybe get used to it.
Till you show me something.
There's something there.
This new generation, everybody wants to go straight to the top.
Last week Chessani said somebody wants the poker room.
- Who? - He was vague.
He implied he was choosing sides now that I'm broke and all.
People take chances.
Is this worth sticking out? We walk away now what do we walk with? One of Dixon's old CIs tipped us to Amarilla.
Cousin rents a warehouse off 6th.
That's where they crash.
Dixon's called in surveillance.
Our man just got home.
Now, state can't get us a tactical squad till later, but we don't want to lose him.
You feel all this manpower is warranted? Better safe than something else.
- All right.
- Let's be careful out there.
Save our transit! Citizens who rely on public transit are protesting a shortage of bus routes and maintenance in order to subsidize a rail system that does not service their communities.
One such area of controversy is the city of Vinci where opponents argue that the subway serves no purpose.
All right, you two at the door with Velcoro and me.
Woodrugh and Dixon will back us.
Everybody else form up a perimeter.
He's still in there.
We might wait for him to exit.
No, bosses said take him.
Let's go.
- Cut through.
Cover the back.
- Okay.
Shit! Go, go, go! Go, go, move! Cover! Go, go! Shit! Contact, second floor! We have shots fired Watch the door.
Get it.
Go inside now.
Was this a cookhouse? Moving.
What the fuck-- Oh, fuck.
Cover? Rog, take the alley.
Cutting through.
Out of the way! Out of the way! Out of the way! Move, move! Get down! Get down! Stop! Police! Locked.
Dark SUV southbound through the alley.
Fuck! Fuck! Come on! Fuck! Oh, fuck! Watch out! Move, move! Get out of the way! Everybody, get back! - Get down! Get down! - Get down on the ground! - Down, now! - Go! Go! Oh, shit! Behind! Get out of the way! Move! Go! - Fucking asshole! - Fuck.
Go! Go, go! Go! Go! Come on! Fucking police! Do not move! Oh, shit! Fuck.
Damn it.
What are they doing? Get back! Stop right there, you pig.
Your decision the outcome of this Your decision! Death's mother finds me! Christ.
Oh, fuck.
my bed is now a cylinder of steel cold and hard and shiny to match the way I feel the dust in here Is like a burning wind black as coal and thunder dark as all my sins I took it for a long, long time and a woman can take a lot two can be undone by three but it only takes one shot you were there to see me beg and kneel what kind of man would ask me then if he could make a deal?
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