True Jackson, VP (2008) s01e01 Episode Script

100 - Pilot

Hi, I'm not sure Where I'm supposed to go.
Are you visiting your mommy? No, I'm True Jackson, the new vice-president.
- you're right in there.
- Thanks.
Oh, and I like your scarf.
I know what you're thinking.
How's a 15-year-old girl Vice-president of anything? It all started last Friday.
I got a summer job Selling sandwiches In the fashion district.
Ever since I was a little girl, I love making clothes.
- thank you.
- All sales are final.
So we apologize If the sandwiches cause you To throw up or get the poopies.
- Ryan.
- What? It's called being polite.
- why don't you go see If it's raining? - It's not raining.
- how do you know? Did you check? - Well no.
I don't care If they loved it in Milan.
We're not making Solid gold bathing suits.
It's not functional.
Functional, no; Fabulous, yes.
Would you like a sandwich? They say lunch is the second Most important meal of the day.
Third if you count dinner.
- well, I am a bit peckish.
- Then, you're in luck.
Today's special is ham and swiss On a homemade potato bread.
- I hope you like smiling.
- I do.
I do like smiling.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Young woman, may I ask Who made your jacket? Well, you did.
I thought it looked familiar.
But I don't recall The buttons being orange.
- they weren't.
I changed them.
- Good.
Why? Well, originally, They were blue, But the blue is just sort of But the orange makes it fun.
- Max, elevator.
- And the pants? They're yours, too, sort of.
- I shortened them.
- Max.
Amanda, Who's the youngest person We have on staff? - that would be me.
- Huh.
Why don't we have Anyone really young, Like that girl? Why doesn't A hundred-million-dollar Fashion empire employ children? Gee, that's a tough one.
- young lady.
- What are you doing? How would you like to be The newest vice-president Of mad style? - quit playing.
- I'm not playing.
I want you to be my vp Of youth apparel.
Well, I'll have to ask My mom, but that sounds great.
We're on the top floor.
You start Monday.
See what I did there? I'm okay.
Is the rug to your liking? Hi.
Sorry, I'm supposed to be here.
I'm true and? I was expecting you, yes.
I'm cricket, your assistant.
My assistant? For real? I've never had An assistant before.
You don't say.
Although my school Did have an auction once And I got the math teacher To be my Butler for a day.
I was all, "more pancakes, Mr.
" anyway, um, My desk is out there.
Let me know If you need anything.
- like what? - I don't know.
Research, schedules, Something to drink.
- well, I am kind of thirsty.
If you could point me Towards the water fountain, I'll go out there.
There is a refrigerator built Behind this wall.
- oh, my god this is so excited Oh, I'm not supposed To drink soda.
It makes my tongue sweat.
- Is there any bubbly water? - I can order you some.
Would you like some juice boxes While I'm at it? Oh, for real.
Oh, are you just being snotty? Snotty.
But I can have Your refrigerator stocked However you like.
Oh, and do you think It would be okay To bring in some chairs From home? That one's kind of slippy.
- oh, there are Furniture catalogs on your desk.
Circle whatever you want.
- true.
- Lulu.
That's my best friend.
We met at space camp.
Oh, a little heads-up, Don't even get to go to space.
Kind of a rip.
Oh, Lulu, this is cricket, My assistant.
Seriously, you're her boss? But you're so old.
What, you're a kid And she's a grown woman.
It's like backwards day.
- I'm sorry, cricket.
- Not as sorry as I am.
- wait.
This is your office? - Check it out.
I got a view of fifth Avenue, And you see this wall over here? - mm-hmm.
- You see it? - It turns into a refrigerator.
- Oh, not even.
And I get to decorate This office any way I want.
They even gave me catalogues.
Stop it.
- Dude.
- Sorry, sorry.
Oh, good, You're all set up.
Everything okay so far? - yeah, I was just about To come and thank - Great.
If you have any questions About the job, My door is always open.
- really? - No.
- uh, actually I do have a question.
- Go.
- what am I Supposed to be doing? - well, you should be playing Jacks in a schoolyard somewhere, But since you're here, Let me run it down for you.
Mad style makes and distributes A wide variety of fashion lines: High-end couture, working women, Daily wear, and yes, Youth apparel.
That's where you come in, Overseeing the designs For little boys and girls.
So I get to think up The designs? Yes.
Thinking is one Of your responsibilities.
There's also approval, testing, Marketing, and production.
There's a lot that can go wrong And not enough time To get it done.
So your eye has to be On the ball at all times.
Miss a deadline, The whole machine falls apart.
Do you understand? - no.
- Good.
My door is always open.
I'm all right.
Let's go check out These catalogs.
So, you can order Anything you want? Well, that's what they said.
Look for big couches.
I want comfortable furniture.
The pinks Are totally gonna freak When they hear you have a job In an office.
Hope it doesn't make them mad.
Why do you care What they think? They're just a bunch Of good-looking bullies In matching outfits.
I can't help it.
They're just so popular.
I'm incapable of resistance.
Oh, look, a disco ball.
ooh, ooh Lulu, this is an office.
I need furniture That's gonna make me Look professional.
You know, Like I know what I'm doing.
- all right.
- Oh, an indoor trampoline.
Get it.
I'm sorry to interrupt, But they want you to sit in On the business-wear meeting.
I thought I was only doing The kids clothes.
I don't know.
They just said It was very, very, Very important That you're in the meeting By 10:00.
- well, what time is it now? - 10:15.
Sorry, I'm late, But I was in my office And I just Zip it.
There's no excuse for lateness.
- sorry, I'm late.
- Oh, are you? I hadn't even noticed.
We haven't even started yet.
- hi, true.
How's it going so far? - Great.
There's a refrigerator In my office.
- I've got one too.
Isn't it cool? - Yes.
Ahem, shall we? Behold the fall line Of the modern person's Business collection.
Last year, Gray was the new black.
Well, this year, Black is the new black.
It's back to black.
Nice lines, Strong silhouette, Good detailing.
True, what do you think? Me? I don't know.
What if the cuffs were yellow? Yellow? I mean, yellow.
Just a hint, maybe.
I mean, it just feels like It needs some color.
I know you've been In this business Since breakfast, But with all due respect, Yellow perhaps Is the single worst idea Since reversible sweaters.
Are you tripping? I like reversible sweaters.
I have a holiday wool With the Turkey on one side And the snowman on the other.
Too cute.
Well, we all have things That make us happy.
Mine is working With adults, Max.
Stop tripping, Amanda.
I understand what she's saying.
These designs are good, But are they too safe? Oh, I'll take this one, no.
A hint of color Might be daring Like a jazzy pattern On the inside.
Or a pink feather On the shoulder.
Or a single blue button And then a red one.
- ooh, I like that.
- Me too.
People, please.
Is there a gas leak In the building? Pink feathers? Yellow cuffs? We make clothes For working men and women, Not clowns and leprechauns.
Just because it's work Doesn't mean it can't be fun.
I can see it now.
Slogan: Put some color in your week.
You've got a lot of work to do.
A lot of work, And if it's not all done By noon tomorrow, I'm going to fire that guy.
Don't let me down.
Hey, Ryan.
What are you doing here? Well, just reading This awesome article.
Designers pick Their favorite textures.
It's really Wait a minute.
How are you sitting In that chair? Oh, duct tape.
So they're swapping out Your couch for a cooler one.
- I talked to Charlotte.
- Who is Charlotte? She works down the hall With Josie and Quincy.
It's not a block party, Lulu.
I work here.
Yeah, I wish I worked here.
This place is redunculous.
So, how's it going? Oh, great.
Everyone hates me.
Oh, come on.
Who would hate you? Huh, everyone.
Ellen in accounting called her Junior execu-turd.
All right, check this out.
I got you a new screensaver.
How did you get On my computer? Well, I don't wanna get Too technical, But I banged on the side Until it turned on.
Look at this.
Yellow cuffs.
Yellow cuffs.
Do you know how long it took me To write the line "black is back"? - wait, I got this one.
Five seconds.
- I'm gonna say 20 10.
- ten seconds.
That's our final answer.
- Yes.
- who are you, children? - Children? Look, lady, I don't know What country you're from, But here in America, We don't let children Carry guns.
Oh, yeah, they frighten me too.
- newsflash.
You're on your own for this one.
You want color in the outfits, Fine.
You redesign them.
Better make A fresh pot of coffee.
I'm not even allowed To drink coffee.
Well, then, Eat a fistful of jelly beans.
There's work to be done.
Well, she seems really nice.
What am I gonna do? I can't do all these by myself.
Well, you're not by yourself.
You got the a-team with you.
Really? You'll stay and help me? Sure.
I mean, I was gonna play Video games But making dresses sounds fun.
Did you hear what I just said? I gotta go.
Did I get the first down, coach? - thread.
- Thread.
- scissors.
- Scissors.
- pep talk.
- You're doing great.
Thank you.
One final cut.
I've done all I can.
Would you like to close? Of course.
Oh, whoa.
Who was that? - who? - Him.
- I've never seen him before.
- Maybe he's a model.
- I don't think so.
- Not muscly enough? - that and he's pushing A mail cart.
- Come on.
- cut it out, Lulu.
This is a place of business.
- He can't see us.
- nope, but I can hear you.
- True.
- that was embarrassing.
- Yeah.
Why'd you make me do that? - where are the suits? - Threw them on the couch.
- where is the couch? - Couch guys came for it.
Look, Everything's gonna be fine.
I'm gonna get them And we'll be happy again and Hey, did you some guys Coming through here With a couch? - yes.
- Okay, there were suits On the couch.
- Did they take those too? - No.
- oh, thank goodness.
- They threw them Down the trash shoot.
Oh, come on.
Mad style, may I help you? My gosh, This is the nastiest place I've ever been in my entire Ryan, what are you eating? It's either a ham sandwich Or the handle To an old briefcase.
Either way, I'm not sharing.
Okay, this is hopeless.
We've been down here For a half an hour.
We're never gonna find Those suits.
- it'll be all right.
- Yeah, true.
I mean, if there's anything I learned from you is that Things are never as bad As they seem, so You know what? Maybe this is a sign.
Maybe I'm in over my heard.
This was supposed to be The best summer ever, But now, here I am, Searching through garbage, Trying to save a job I'm not even sure I can do.
I think I have to quit.
True, this is everything You've always wanted.
I know.
This is all my fault.
I feel terrible.
You know, I feel like every Oh, come on, man.
You know, she has a bunch Of children helping her.
Oh, that's terrible.
Children Shouldn't be making clothes.
Unless it's in a factory Somewhere.
Do you think She'll make the deadline? Who knows? She seems to have The attention span of a rabbit.
Well, I know one thing.
She is not sitting At our table during lunch.
- come in.
- Mr.
Madigan, I'm sorry, but I Hey, what are you doing in here? Rocking out.
- aren't you gonna get In trouble Being in Mr.
Madigan's office? Nah.
You call him Mr.
I call him Uncle Max.
You know, You look pretty good When you don't have a plant On your head.
Oh, well, you know, That was just my best friend, Lulu, you know, Girlfriend and girlfriend, One girlfriend be acting crazy.
You know how it goes, you know? It wasn't me.
Okay, calm down.
It's cool.
So, are you having fun? - here? - Yeah.
- no.
- Oh, what's the problem? I don't know.
It's hard.
Some of the people Are sort of mean.
Yeah, it can be pretty High School here sometimes.
What did you say? Working here, It's like High School.
The cliques, the egos, The homework.
I haven't thought of it Like that.
Yeah, you're right.
I'm not gonna quit.
What? You were gonna quit? I was thinking About this place Like it was some scary, Alien grown-up planet, But it's not.
- It's just High School.
- High School's pretty scary.
Excuse me.
- hey, what's your name? - True, true Jackson.
Oh, okay, okay.
She's used to doing homework, But I think She's a real home jerk.
What are you, seven? Hey.
You know, There are these girls In my class, We call them the "pinks.
" And I think they're so awesome Because they stick together And make everyone around them Feel small.
Well, you know what? They're not so hot.
Was there a point? Yeah, neither are you.
We showed them, huh.
Team Jackson in the house.
You do the put your okay.
Cricket, you're probably Really nice somewhere Under all of that you.
But for right now, I need to be surrounded By friends.
- You're fired.
- What? If you think You're gonna make it Without an assistant, then I'm not.
I know the perfect assistant.
No way.
Forget it.
- come on, Lulu.
For drinks in the fridge.
- No.
- all the clothes You could want.
- Sorry.
- male models.
- When do I start? Check it out, ladies.
It's hero time.
Suits, you all.
- Ryan.
- You found them.
- yeah.
- Oh, these are the suits? Yeah, there's a There's some serious gunk On one of them And this one's missing A teeny little part Of both entire sleeves.
But it's good.
I can fix that, And maybe I can cover the gunk.
Lulu, Go to the production department And see if you can find Some fabric dye.
You got it.
- but don't get distracted On the way.
- Distracted? That's really insulting.
Oh, cool shades.
- go.
- Okay.
Madigan, Assembled guests, it is my honor To present a variation On the wonderful designs Presented yesterday By my esteemed colleague, Amanda.
Music, please.
Questions, comments, Compliments? - interesting texture.
What is that? - Garbage.
Bold choice.
No, see, They accidentally got thrown out And we couldn't find them.
But then we could, But they were sort of dirty, So I stained And covered the stains And re-stitched the parts That got torn.
- that is the most atrocious - Good thinking.
but inspired resolution To a very difficult situation That I have ever heard.
Nice job, moppet.
I like the splashes of color.
They're subtle but distinctive.
I'll see you all tomorrow.
I have a feeling We're gonna be great friends.
Baby - so that's how I became The youngest executive In the history of mad style.
t-r-u-e j-a-c-k-s-o-n v-p we're just messin' around and we're makin' new ground for the whole wide world to see if you see us in town you know what's going down 'cause I'm the new vp