True Jackson, VP (2008) s01e08 Episode Script

101 - True Takes Iceland

"true Jackson, vp" Was filmed in front Of a live studio audience.
Can I help you? That's my dog, Hercules.
You'll meet him later When things get crazy.
It all started this morning.
Okay, Lulu, today, I really wanna prove myself.
What for? You're the vice-president.
They can't fire you.
It's not about being fired; It's about letting everyone know That I'm not just some dumb kid.
That got lucky.
No one thinks that.
Everyone thinks that.
Amanda put it In the company newsletter.
So, you can help today By being as professional As you can.
You got it.
You can count on me.
What's that sound? We're gonna crash.
Lulu, You're leaning on the bell.
I don't wanna die.
Good morning.
but my hand is still exposed I really know fresh and cool it's just what I do t-r-u-e j-a-c-k-s-o-n v-p working at a grown-up job never really knew I can work this hard just sit at home and watch tv now I'm in the office as a new vp I'm always setting trends with my two best friends when things get out of hand we have a plan we're just messin' around ♪ and we're makin' new ground ♪ ♪ for the whole wide world ♪ to see if you see us in town you know what's going down 'cause I'm the new vp the new vp Good morning, Oscar.
Any messages? Yes, my new ascots are in.
No, I meant for me.
Oh, no.
Oh, and just so you know, Claire is back today.
Who's Claire? Amanda's assistant.
Whoo, goody, a new friend.
Is she nice? Yes.
Not so tough without your No, you have a laser gun.
Ryan, What are you doing here? Look, my mom won't let me Play videogames at home.
She says I'm obsessed.
So I got up at 4:00 A.
And I came here.
You know you're wearing Your jammies.
The bus driver mentioned that.
But he was wearing jammies too.
Oh, I just remembered.
I have an important message For Oscar.
Hi, Oscar.
Oh, hi, I'm Lulu.
Claire Underwood.
I'm a freshman.
I've been divorced twice.
Amanda Campbell's office.
This is what? When? I'm on it.
Code yellow, Conference room staff.
What's a code yellow? Emergency staff meeting.
That means true, too.
Code yellow, code yellow, Code yellow, code yellow, Code yellow.
I think she's delirious.
How about we throw Some water on her? Lulu, speak.
What is it, girl? Emergency meeting In the conference room.
And you have to be there.
When? Now.
Thank you all for responding To my code yellow.
As you know, I don't use it frivolously But except the time I couldn't find my keys.
Sorry, I'm late.
They don't have code yellows In my school.
That's okay.
Sit down, true.
Kopelman, give her your seat.
What's the matter with you? Wait in the hall.
Leave it.
People, I have just learned that Flerk d'brsken is going to be.
In town this week.
Ah, Max, I'm sure Some of the newer executives.
Don't know what that is.
Flerk is not a what; Flerk is a who.
Uh, Max, I'm sure Some of the newer executives.
Don't know who that is.
Oh, I know this one.
Jackson? Isn't he the owner Of the biggest retail chain In Iceland? Yes, And he needs one last design For his catalog, And that design Better come from us.
I need a volunteer.
I'll do it.
No, I will.
Then the two of you Can work together on this one.
Now, where did I put my keys? Put that in your fuse box, Robot.
Excuse me.
Can't talk, I'm saving the universe.
I'm sorry.
Are you the new vice president? No yes.
Yes, I am.
I'm Tina, I'm a model.
Well, I'm hoping to be a model.
Is there anyway You can give me some tips? Henderson, hold my calls.
Oh, and make sure my yacht Is stocked with solid gold Root beer.
Thank you.
Obviously, Tanya.
I'm a busy man, But if I can't take Two or three hours.
To train a hopeful young model, Well, what does that say.
About me? Are you wearing pajamas? Yes.
And next spring, So will every man in America.
I didn't wanna say this In front of the drones, But flerk is coming today.
Today? Great.
He is going back To Iceland tonight.
That only gives us today To come up With a cutting-edge design.
How cutting-edge, Like on a scale of wow to whoa? I was thinking more Whoo.
Time out.
Max, you're not suggesting That we only have one day.
To design something amazing.
He gets here in three hours.
Three hours? Wow.
Why don't I make it Interesting? If you pull this off, I'll put a sundae bar In the elevator.
I just thought of a way To make it even cooler.
I'll pit the two of you Against each other, And the loser has to serve The winner ice cream.
In a chicken suit.
That's a fun idea.
I hope you look good In feathers.
Actually, I do.
I remember this one time I had to sleep Over Lulu's house, We had a maple star fight, Then we had a pillow fight.
And it was so crazy Because I was She missed out.
And work it, work it, Work it, and pose.
Now you.
Are you sure You're the vice president? You seem a little young.
Well, aren't you sweet? Actually, I look more youthful Than I am.
Well, how old are you? You look like my nephew.
Henderson, how old am I? Yeah, hear that, 431/2.
Uh, where's true? Uh, who? The new vice president? I'm the new vice president.
Are you saying that they hired Another new vice president? I mean, why wasn't I informed About this, Jimmy? It is Jimmy, right? Don't believe A word this guy says.
You know, I didn't wanna Have to do this to you, But you're fired.
I'm really sorry You had to witness that.
You know, As an important executive, I have access to a lot.
Of exclusive areas.
Would you like to see the lobby? Your mail, Ms.
I thought I told you You were fired.
Scoop back? No, it's too cold there.
Actually, Temperatures reach high As 86 degrees.
I did a report on Iceland.
I got a b.
I would have gotten an "a," But I did my summation As a freestyle rap.
the capital is reykjavik if you don't recognize I'll wreck ya, Vic our teacher's name is Vic.
Okay, 86 degrees.
Scoop back it is.
What do you think? It's brilliant.
I hate it.
Me too.
Actually, I like it.
Well, you would.
Amateurish lines, Mediocre choice of color.
It's not a d'brsken.
It's a debacle.
Get some taste.
This is just the opportunity I've been waiting for.
I mean, once people See my great ideas, They'll know I'm not here Just because I'm lucky.
So how come You're not drawin' anything? I'm stuck.
What do you usually do When you get stuck? Hi, Oscar.
That didn't help at all.
I'm still stuck.
I thought you wanted to do Extra good today, Not extra bad.
Lulu, you're not helping.
Fashion forward.
Fashion forward.
Something green.
There it is.
That's why she's the best.
Cold but not too cold.
Ice land.
Land of ice? Okay, that's enough words Out of you.
Words, what about words? Interesting, Hmm.
I have no idea What you're talking about.
Instead of patterns, The designs could have.
Icelandic words, like loyalty.
Loyalty? Why loyalty? Oh, that's this big thing In Iceland, which I totally get.
My dog, Hercules, he is so loyal He once followed me to school.
It's true.
We were in history, And Hercules just walked Right in.
Well, that was quite An amazing waste of my time.
Face! You can do whatever you want With your designs, lady luck, But mine will not have words On it.
It's a dress, uh-hum, Not a term paper.
Maybe it's not Such a good idea.
Should I get the bubbles? No.
I'll think of something.
Claire, to the storage room And bring me some fabric paint.
I'm on it.
Fine, I'll go too.
Oh, true, I've been working On a little design for you.
I think I just went from lucky To clucky.
Can I help you? Hey, look, there's Hercules.
If I know my dog, It's about to get crazy.
Hey, Hercules.
What are you doing here, boy? Thanks for coming And cheering me up.
You won't believe The kind of day I've had.
Totally rough.
You thirsty, boy? Want some water? We got tap and toilet.
Hey, Oscar, do you have anything I can put water in for my dog? Will this do? Yeah, that should work.
What's wrong with you? Oh, I'll tell you What's wrong.
You see that machine over there? The one three feet away? Yeah, I see it.
It looks pretty smug, Doesn't it? Look, all I wanted Was a box of tooty fruits.
I put four quarters in, I pressed j-7, And you know what happened? Nothing.
That's what happened.
Well, I've got a dollar In my shoe If you wanna borrow it.
No, it wouldn't be right.
If I put another dollar in, The machine wins.
How's it going with you? Honestly, I have no idea.
I mean, I thought I had A great design, Then Amanda told me.
It was terrible.
So now, I'm stuck.
Ah, like the tooty fruits.
Today, I really wanted To show them all That I was talented.
And not just lucky.
But now I'm drinking out of a dog bowl.
What am I doing? Look, I roll my cart Through a lot of offices.
And you are as talented As anyone I've seen.
Really? Really.
You just need to believe In yourself, In the same way.
That I have to believe If I stare at that machine.
Long enough, it will come to me.
Thanks, Jimmy.
The shelves are automated, So don't push any buttons.
If you don't know what they do.
What's this? Oh.
Okay, you're done Touching things.
But I totally wanna help.
Oh, patterned fabrics.
Did I do that? Yes.
Let me just turn it off.
That was me again, I guess.
Stop pushing buttons.
Wait a minute.
Do you want me to wait In the hall? No, no.
I want you to wait in the alley 'cause after work, I'm giving you one of these.
I'm sorry, I can't see what you have In your hand.
Oh, is it a butterfly.
Yes, it's a butterfly.
A butterfly That's gonna punch you In the face.
I hope you like the taste Of your own teeth.
No, I don't like The taste of teeth at all.
You're no longer My fourth best friend.
How does the door work? Oh.
Claire? This just came out Pretty good.
What do you think, Hercules? You know, Jim was right.
I am talented And not just lucky.
What are you doing over there? You beat Ryan's high score.
Code yellow.
Not again.
Stay here.
I'll be right back.
Oh, sorry.
You're here finally.
Flerk d'brsken Is on his way up.
But he's not due For another hour.
We're not ready yet.
Then get ready.
Lulu, the dress in my office, Go get it.
While I try to find a model.
And this brings us To the reception area.
I've seen this already.
Not through the eyes Of the vice president.
Oh, hey, Ryan.
Your mom called.
She wants to know If you want spaghetti For dinner.
Mother? I'm the vice president And you're fired.
Are you a model? No, I'm the vice president.
Not you.
I wanna be a model.
Come with me.
That's no fair.
I saw her first.
Oh, Hercules, What are you doing here? Hey, that's the dress.
Give me that.
Give it to me.
No, serious.
Drop it.
True, little problem.
No time to talk.
Give me this.
But I put this on.
I'll help her with that.
No, you won't.
All right.
Here you go.
Oh, true.
True, please listen to me.
Everyone, may I introduce Flerk d'brsken, And this is flerk's interpreter, Bob.
The translation, hello.
I think a pigeon Pooped on his suit.
A great honor.
Max, why don't you show flerk My design first.
He won't need to see any other's After that.
All right.
Very well.
Is your model ready? Of course.
Flerk? Your designs are Dur shpinkle.
Is that good? Is dur shpinkle good? It means lame.
That's not good.
What's that? It's another word for lame.
Well, let's just see The other design.
It's not supposed To be like that.
Quiet, dear, You're ruining the show.
Blardurkarrf! Oh.
That doesn't sound very good.
Translation? Genius.
What? Your design is very Shredding.
It's blardurkarrf! It means genius.
Yeah, we know what it is.
True, Amanda, thank you.
Now, if you'll just give me A moment to wrap up.
With Mr.
Actually, Mr.
Madigan, Can I speak to you In the hall real fast? For my winning designer, Anything.
Amanda, will you fetch Our guests some tangerines? Blarff! Oh, I'm sorry.
What did he just say? Nothing.
He just burped.
Madigan, I need to confess something.
My dog chewed that dress.
I'm not familiar With that phrase.
My actual dog Tore those shreds.
It wasn't my idea.
So I didn't really win The challenge against Amanda.
I wasn't smart.
I was just lucky.
True, let me tell you A little story about luck.
Twenty years ago, I was walking down the street.
I came across a line of people.
So I got on the end of it.
Did you know What it was for? Nope.
I do that sometimes.
Anyway, next thing I know, I'm being interviewed.
For a job in fashion, Which I got.
So, you see, you never know Where life will take you, And you can never underestimate The magic of luck.
Thank you, sir.
And true, the day I hired you To work here, Maybe I was the one.
That got lucky.
Enjoy your ice cream.
Uh-huh That's great.
All right.
That was the hospital.
Claire was able To get out of bed.
And then she punched a nurse And saw an ambulance.
Well, at least somebody's Having a good day.
What's with you, Pajama pants? Fell in love today And then I lost her.
She's gone.
Come on, Lulu, Time to go home.
So, how are those tooty fruits? I'm gonna be honest.
These are the most Disgusting things I've ever had.
It's got like A lemony filth taste.
Will you try it? Oh, yeah.
That's pretty nasty.
Want me to get another? So, Ryan, where's your model? She's on her way to Iceland.
She's gonna be the new face Of d'brsken's shredded jeans.
You know, I'll never forget Gracie.
She's the one that got away.
Ryan, There'll be lots more girls Way out of your league.
Well, there'll never be Another tell me again.
So, is there anything We can do to cheer you up? I doubt it.
Uh, uh, uh.
Full chicken, please.
Who wants ice cream? Yes.
That's a fun idea.