True Jackson, VP (2008) s01e21 Episode Script

116 - Fashion Week

True Jackson, VP Was filmed in front Of a live studio audience.
Hey, True.
What's with Mr.
M? What do you mean? I was just riding with him In the elevator And he seemed really weird.
Weirder than usual.
I asked him if he wanted A bite of my cinnamon bun And he said he didn't know.
How do you not know? It's a super easy question.
I bet it has something To do with fashion week.
A lot of big decisions Are being made today.
I'm up for the young Designer's showcase.
You think I'll get it? Of course, you'll get it.
What if I don't get it? You'll get it.
Really? I don't know.
Thanks for coming by, Ryan.
You gotta go now.
But why? Because Lulu said Mr.
Madigan is Being weird today.
Weirder than usual.
There's a lot of stuff Going on today, so well then, where are Me and chewy Supposed to hang out? Chewy? It's my new hamster.
It's take-your-new-pet- To-work-week.
No, it's not.
And you don't work here.
Don't listen to 'em, chewy.
He thinks I'm the boss, So if you could just back me up.
Even though we all work For you and you're The best darn boss We've ever had, Today's just not a good day To have a hamster Running around.
Overruled! Ryan! Anyway, he's not Going to run round.
Right, chewy? Chewy? Oh! This thing's empty.
If you're talking About Ryan's head, I know.
Oh, they're Goofing around, chewy.
Everyone respects me here.
Oh wait, there he is.
Hey, chewy.
Hey, whatcha eating There, buddy? Want to give me some of that? Oh! Oh! No, no.
My cart.
That boy sure loves mail.
Mad style is huge.
How are we going to find A tiny hamster? It's easy, we just have To think like a hamster.
Now, if you were a hamster, Where would you go? The Bahamas.
That is exactly What I was going to say.
Maybe we'll go there And start A steel drum hamster band.
That would be awesome, I mean, we'd just be chilling On a hamster beach all day, Hamster rocking all night Guys, maybe we should stop Thinking like a hamster Until we find The actual hamster.
Okay, close your eyes.
If we concentrate hard enough, Chewy will let us know Where he is.
I think he's in there.
Hah, this is A business meeting, Not a dance party.
Out! Wait, there he is! Hey chewy, come here, buddy.
Oh, oh, yeah! That's chewy all right.
Mondays, huh? I am about to deliver Some bad news.
Lulu, would you mind Stepping out.
Did you decide About the cinnamon bun? Not yet.
How could he not know? Lulu, out.
So, uh, there's bad news? Is this About someone borrowing A pair of shoes From the art department And not returning them? No.
Why, did that happen? What are you suggesting? I've just heard From jobi castanueva, Chairman of the fashion week Selection committee.
Mad style was not chosen To participate this year.
How can mad style not be A part of fashion week? We're one of the top three Fashion companies in New York.
I honestly don't know.
And jobi used To work here himself As Amanda's assistant.
Amanda, you wouldn't have Any idea why jobi might harbor Any resentment toward us, Would you? You're fired, You awful little troll.
No, Ms.
Cantwell, no.
Why would you fire jobi? You fired yourself When you forgot to put The extra foam in my latte.
And mark my words, You will never Amount to anything In the fashion industry, ever! I haven't the faintest idea.
Well, it's a difficult blow For all of us.
Madigan, Just because we didn't get in, Doesn't mean Our designs weren't great.
Who cares what he thinks.
He also told me You were rejected for The young designer's showcase.
He said what, now? My designs were amazing.
I'm sorry, True.
I drew the original design For that dress When I was 10 years old.
All I wanted for it was to be A part of fashion week, That's all I wanted.
Could this day get any worse? Chewy, no! Get off of kopelman.
from my head to my toes it's all real and you know fresh and cool it's just what I do t-r-u-e j-a-c-k-s-o-n v-p working at a grownup job I never really knew I could work this hard just used to sit at home and watch tv now I'm in an office as the new v.
I'm always setting trends with my two best friends when things get out of hand we have a plan we're just messin' around and we're makin' new ground for the whole wide world to see if you see us in town you know it's goin' down 'cause I'm the new v.
yes, will do.
Oh, Amanda, The warehouse called.
Is this about someone Taking a box of handbags From the loading dock? No.
Why? Did that happen? What are you suggesting? Hey Amanda, you know Why I didn't get accepted To fashion week? Yes, I vaguely recall Hearing something about it At the meeting we had Three minutes ago.
Well, do they ever Change their minds Because I thought my design Was really good.
Well, in all my years, I've never seen jobi castanueva Reverse a decision.
Don't even bother asking him For tickets To the Barbie fashion show.
What Barbie fashion show? It's her 50th anniversary And it's been commemorated With a big fashion show.
Well, maybe I can Give my dress into that show.
Don't even try.
Many top, top, top, top, Top designers have tried And failed.
You were rejected too? Yes.
Well, I sure wish I could talk to this jobi guy.
Yes and I wish I had Two boxes of assorted belts I saw in the warehouse This morning.
Excuse me, yes? Hey, Oscar, is Mr.
Madigan In his office? Yes, but I wouldn't Disturb him.
I think he's playing the piano.
Madigan plays the piano? He's a man of many talents.
Piano is not one of them.
So what's the deal? Whenever he's feeling tense, He takes on a new hobby.
It usually Only lasts a day or two.
What's his weirdest hobby? You know that statue In front of the building? Yeah.
Madigan molded it Out of dirt and candy wrappers.
Quit playin'.
Hey, you know that statue In front of the building? You mean the one that tastes Like dirt and candy wrappers? Never mind.
Sorry, dress, Guess you won't be going To fashion week this year.
I don't know what that guy Was talking about, True.
This dress is beautiful.
Really? Yeah, really.
I mean, just look At your delicate stitch work On the hemline.
I've gotta get some guy friends.
Hey, dude.
What's up, man? Nothing much.
I like your sweater, The color really pops.
Oh, my gosh do you hear me? Hey, Jimmy.
What's with this place? Everybody's moping around Like they moved up the deadline For parcel post drop-off.
Everyone got rejected From fashion week And True got double rejected.
Lulu! Sorry, but you sort of did.
It's bad enough Not getting to participate, But we don't even get to go.
Man, I'd like to go.
Well, don't give up.
This is just like the time I wanted to get into the battle Of the bands.
Everybody said I wouldn't get in, But I didn't listen to 'em.
And what happened? I didn't get in.
You guys should totally go To that lame fashion thing.
Amanda said We couldn't get tickets.
Who needs tickets? People who want To go to things.
Over the years, I've devised precisely One million plans, Each one smarter than the next.
The key is getting past The security guard.
Are you saying I should pretend To be a security guard? No, that's actually Way smarter than the idea I was about to tell you.
Hey, you want to go To a fashion show? Yeah, yeah, I must've arrested over Two thousand perps on my watch.
Perp is what you call a bad guy.
You'll learn all about it, son.
I thought I was going to be The grizzled veteran And you were going to be The fresh-faced rookie.
Keep it together.
Come on, rook, I think I just saw a perp Enter the venue, That means building.
Hey, buddy.
Well, we don't have tickets Because we're security guards.
Security guards Don't need tickets.
We can go wherever we want.
Right, I'm pretty familiar With your job description.
Roger that.
Just trying to make sure You're an actual employee, Not some sort of impostor.
Why would anyone Pretend to be a ticket taker? You'd be surprised, dawg, All sorts of crazies out there.
You said it, rook.
Okay, we'll just go in now.
Stay safe, guy.
Don't be a hero.
That was easier Than I thought it to be.
And these muscle suits Are great.
Want to go to the oscars Next year? You know it.
Wow, can you believe How many amazing designs Are gonna be in this room In an hour? Tory burch, Michael kors, Nicole Miller.
I can't believe we got in.
It's awesome being a cop.
It's like having a key To every lock in the world.
Hey, you two! I hope that key Can open up a jail cell.
What do you think You're doing? Ask this guy, He's the grizzled old vet.
I just got out of the academy.
I radioed you 10 minutes ago.
We got a gatecrasher On the West entrance.
You need To eject them immediately.
Oh, a gatecrasher.
I hate gatecrashers.
They're the lowest form Of humanity, right below The theatrical agents.
Fellas, follow me.
Oscar, hold my calls For a bit, will you? I want to clear my head With a little piano.
Will do.
This is going to be Easier than I thought.
I'm a natural.
Hello! Aah! Oof! What are you doing? I'm knitting a scarf.
It's gonna be super cozy.
I've really gotta get Some guy friends.
Where's True? She's out.
There's a hamster In my piano.
It's not mine.
Are you responsible For the hamster in my piano? I don't even know What that means.
Is that an expression? No, there's an actual hamster In my actual piano.
Uncle Max, it's not mine.
It is now.
Get it out of my office.
You know, while this should In no way seem Like an admission of guilt, I would be more than happy To help Jimmy secure the animal.
Go! Why don't you go About your job, ma'am? We'll find the perp ourselves.
And we'll give him A little of this.
Okay, but wait.
There's the gatecrasher.
Keep your hands Where we can see 'em, ma'am.
Oh, it's not What it looks like.
I was True? Lulu? Shh! What are you doing here? We're the ones Asking the questions, lady? Amanda, you need To get out of here Before we get in trouble.
Why me? I have just as little right To be here as you do.
Yeah, but we're the ones Who thought of dressing Like security guards.
And there are Only two uniforms.
All right.
Say Lulu, what size are you? Thirty minutes 'til showtime, People! Look alive! Oh no, it's jobi castanueva.
If he sees us, We'll be kicked out Of fashion week forever.
Good thinking.
We'll see you back At the office.
Stop pushing me.
I want to see the show.
Stop pushing me.
I have wanted to be a part Of this show since I was 10.
Hey, that's my story.
Oh yeah.
Okay, we need to figure out A way that all three of us Can stay.
The only question is, how? Places, places, Places, people.
Why is this model Not in makeup yet? Honestly, in my 21 years In fashion, I've never been surrounded By such amateurs.
I need a three-person Makeup team over here Right away.
When did Mr.
Madigan Get the piano? It came today.
I signed for it.
It's nice.
Guess, how much postage It took? A dollar.
It's not A transatlantic postcard, It's a piano.
Think, man! Look, maybe we could Put a pin in you mail talk.
Okay, we've got a job to do? Chewy? Chewwyyy? Oh, there you are, little buddy.
Hey, hey come on down here, guy.
Oh, I'm not playing Chewy Elliot Laserbeam.
Now, you get down here This instant, all right? Hey, what are you doing? What does it look like I'm doing? I'm climbing Mr.
Madigan's Priceless mahogany bookshelf Like it's a ladder.
Well, be careful.
Don't insult me.
I was born careful.
I'm sorry.
I couldn't understand you With that bookshelf In your mouth.
I said don't insult me.
I was born careful.
Hair's almost done.
How are you doing up there? Almost finished.
Just one last bit To bring out her eyes And perfect.
What the is that a butterfly On her cheek? I did face painting At my brother's birthday.
Not bad, huh? Lulu, we're supposed to be Keeping a low profile here.
If that jobi guy comes around And see this, he'll probably What do we have here? In my 21 years in fashion, I've never sn makeup Like that.
This is what I'm talking about, people! I want this show To be bold, spectacular.
Everyone, should take A lesson from these three.
Although wait.
I want her bangs Trimmed half a centimeter.
You got it.
Lulu, those aren't for bangs.
Don't worry, I'm only gonna pretend.
What did you do? I can explain.
It's really quite simple, see who are you people? Amanda cantwell? Jobi? Hello.
Well, we meet again.
Only this time, You're not shrieking at me About bringing you a soy latte, No foam.
I said extra foam! But that's all water Under the bridge.
You look well.
Yes, I do.
So how did you sneak in here? Well, that's a funny story.
See anything more to add? I'm glad you asked.
See How's it going guys? Hey, don't stand On Uncle Max's desk With your shoes on.
You're on his piano.
Yeah, But I'm not wearing shoes.
Oh, I wonder if that rat managed To get into the light fixture.
Hey! First of all, His cousins might be rats, But that does not Make him a rat.
Second what was second? Second was, I don't think The piano can hold your weight.
Who do you think you are? I'm True Jackson.
True Jackson? Why do I know that name? You, sort of, rejected me For the young Designer's showcase.
Yes, you submitted That awful orange dress With the ruffled skirt.
Yeah, this one.
I designed it when I was 10.
Why am I not surprised? Mr.
Castanueva, But I've always dreamed Of being a part of fashion week, Having something I thought Up all on my own Be on the runway, With a thousand people cheering.
I understand.
I have dreams too.
You do? Yes.
My latest dream is of watching A 15-year-old girl cry As two security guards drag her To prison.
The show's about to start! Please escort miss Jackson out And do let me know, If she cries.
I bet we're glad That dude's gone, huh? Kick it! There.
Work it, girl! Wow, you're really Enjoying the show, huh, Amanda? No, this light is about Two thousand degrees.
True Jackson, wow! You are in big, big trouble.
Hey, look out.
Hah, nice try.
For twenty I said look out.
Look what that hamster did! Out.
I'm sorry, what? Out! It was Jimmy's hamster.
Who put gum under my piano? Oscar, could you order me A new piano? Will do.
On second thought, Make it bagpipes.
Already done.
Did you do all this? I didn't think so.
Are you hungry? Oscar, could you bring In a Turkey sandwich With extra lettuce? Top drawer of your desk.
Hamster, I think This is the start Of a beautiful friendship.
Guys, you'll never believe, What just happened.
You walked the runway In the dress You designed yourself And the place went bananas? Yes.
You put on Quite a show today.
No, I mean you put on Quite a show today.
My voice just sounds Sarcastic by nature.
My favorite designer, Tory burch, said She liked my dress.
This is the best day in my life.
Well, good for you.
No seriously, good for you.
Your dress even looked pretty From the nosebleed section.
How'd you get into the show? It was easy.
After security chased us out, We found an open manhole, Tunneled up into the vip tent, Put on waiter uniforms And made our way up To the lighting grid Over the stage.
Never mind.
The only bad part was I tripped on a sandbag And it fell backstage.
I just hope It didn't hurt anyone.
Yes, that would Have been terrible.
Well, that time, I meant to sound sarcastic.
Hey, True.
What's going on? Nothing.
Broke into New York's Biggest fashion show And walked the runway.
How 'bout you? I just destroyed everything In Mr.
Madigan's office.
Well, 'night.
Hey, Jimmy, You wanna go get some yogurt Or something? Yeah, sure.
I figure since this is The best day of my life, I might as well go all out.
Oh, can I come? Sure.
Oh, True? Yes.
Me, too? Come on.
And me? Mm-hmm did someone say yogurt?