True Jackson, VP (2008) s02e10 Episode Script

213 - Saving Snackleberry

true jackson, vp Was filmed in front Of a live studio audience.
you guys will never In a million years Guess where I just was.
snackleberry junction.
how'd you know? you're carrying A takeout bindle.
well, you'll never In a million years guess What I just found out.
100% of all waitresses Think you're creepy? no, I already knew that.
Snackleberry is closing.
really? how come? some stupid candle shop Is moving in.
a candle shop? yeah, I know, a candle shop Might be useful If it were the year 1842, But the last time I checked my digital watch, It's not 1842.
are you sure? Every now and then Your information Is a little faulty.
like your theory That if you pull A horse's tail three times, You get eternal life.
I'm still here, aren't I? Okay, if you don't Believe me [rotary phone ring] snackleberry junction, This is bingo.
hey, it's ryan, Will you tell my friends That snackleberry's closing? yeah, I'm afraid it's true.
They're gutting the place Next week.
On a happier note, Today's special is Buffalo fried cheese peppers.
I just had 'em.
It feels like someone set off A hand grenade in my stomach.
that's the buffalo sauce.
It's delicious, But don't get any on your skin.
good to know.
I'll catch you later, bingo.
Told you.
I can't believe it.
We've been going to snackleberry Since we were kids.
I lost my first tooth there.
And my third, fourth And eighth.
Lot of bones in their burgers.
well, I'm not gonna stand by And let this happen.
We have to save snackleberry.
Who's with me? Who's with me? yes, the people have spoken.
Let's go! Aah! hey, true, there's An emergency staff meeting In the conference room In five minutes.
thanks, jimmy.
But why are you telling me? Is oscar out sick? he's on a singles cruise.
Uncle max is making me Fill in for him for the week.
you think you can handle it? well, I know How to do this "break room.
" And I can do this "mad style.
" Yeah, I think I got it.
thank you for coming On such short notice, people.
We have a bit of a situation.
It seems that--kopelman, What is that?! Not the earring, the dog.
This is a place of business, Not a kennel.
Out! The dog can stay.
As I was saying, We have a bit of a situation.
I received An unexpected phone call This morning.
From who you may wonder? Lights! From libby gibbles, Chairwoman of The fashion council.
Lights! Every year, Miss gibbles appoints A top designer to host The fashion council dinner And this year, She has picked us.
True, amanda, I'd like the two of you To plan it.
with pleasure.
when is it? tonight.
tonight? miss gibbles Is a notorious flake And she simply forgot To tell us.
I know it's last minute, But the event must be As tasteful and refined As last year.
where was that? lights! buckingham palace.
Lights! mr.
Madigan, Don't you think you're being A little dramatic? We all know What buckingham palace Looks like.
And when it was built, 1703.
I did a report on it.
true, everyone knows When I get nervous, I create slide shows.
you're nervous? lights! don't worry, max, I'm sure we'll come up With some great ideas.
I've already got one, An awesome mix.
what's that? you know, a cd Of kickin' music.
music, yes, We'll need great music.
what about lars balthazar? is that a person? he's only the most famous Cellist in the country.
Some say hearing him play A single note can change Your life forever.
that's how I was With alicia keys.
max, before you get Your hopes up, lars balthazar Hasn't performed in two years.
I don't even think He's left his apartment.
I can get started On that awesome mix.
I'm gonna put some Alicia keys on it.
no, I want lars balthazar.
Now, if we're finished here, I haven't had my breakfast yet.
what are you having? lights! forget I asked.
from my head to my toes it's all real and you know fresh and cool it's just what I do t-r-u-e j-a-c-k-s-o-n v-p working at a grown-up job I never really knew I could work this hard just used to sit at home and watch tv now I'm in an office as the new vp I'm always setting trends with my two best friends when things get out of hand we have a plan we're just messin' around and we're makin' new ground for the whole wide world to see if you see us in town you know it's goin' down 'cause I'm the new vp okay, the first thing We need to do Is secure a location.
we could do it at my house.
Oh, wait, tonight is my dad's Poker night.
My mom always stands behind him And yells, "you ain't got nothin', larry, You better bluff!" yes, well, I was thinking More along the lines Of a fancy restaurant, Like finique.
but doesn't mr.
Madigan Go there all the time? He said it needs to be somewhere Extra special.
like where? isn't there some New fancy restaurant You're always talking about? le pompanous? Impossible.
That place is so exclusive, Even the owner's never been Allowed in.
And they only take reservations On the day of the reservation, During a five-minute window Between 4:00 and 4:05 then that means They're still open for tonight.
what are you going to do, Be the first caller? that's how my uncle, troy Won a kayak.
And if you're wondering If that was the same year He got lost at sea, it was.
So what do you think? well, it is the fanciest Restaurant in the city.
and I have been known to get Lucky every once in a while.
you mean like getting A job as vice president when You're an unqualified teenager? yeah, like that.
I'll get started On the invite list And you figure out How to get lars balthazar To the party.
oscar, put on the fresh pot Of coffee.
I'm not oscar.
there's a lot of work To be done, oscar.
I'm not oscar! [elevator ding] whoa, whoa, hold on a second.
Who are you here to see? oh, I'm not a visitor.
I work here.
I don't think so.
no, really, I do.
you got a badge? no one has badges.
smart guy, huh? Why don't you take a seat While I verify your employment? argh, I can't find Anything on lars balthazar.
No address, no phone number, Nothing.
try typing in "lars balthazar.
" what do you think I'm doing? playing a game? That's what I'm doing.
lulu, you're supposed To be helping me.
oh, right, let me just Marry this prince And I'll give you a hand.
[royal trumpets] okay, what do you need? I just came up With the best idea For saving snackleberry.
I'm gonna make a bunch of Rubber wristbands That say "save snackleberry" On them.
and then what? Throw 'em at the candle people As they move in? uh-huh.
ryan, no offense, But I have bigger issues To deal with.
I have to get Lars balthazar to perform At mr.
Madigan's party And I can't even find His phone number.
who's lord balthazar? lars balthazar.
He's a really famous cellist.
huh, sounds like A snoozefest.
You know what you need? Is an awesome party mix.
I know, right?! knock knock.
Just checking in to see How things are going.
awesome, I'm going to make Rubber wristbands.
good for you, son.
I was actually talking to true.
I can't even find Lars balthazar's phone number.
oh, he doesn't have A phone.
what kind of a person Doesn't have a phone? I have two phones.
Sometimes I call myself When I'm bored.
I believe he lives At the bremington.
You'll just have to go there In person.
we're on our way.
You can count on us.
What's the bremington? hi, jimmy, hi, hibbert.
hi, uncle max.
see, he knows who I am.
sir, do not raise Your voice.
Unless you want some Plastic justice.
mad style.
you call that a knock? did somebody knock? she did.
Balthazar, We were wondering if we could Talk to you real fast.
is it about performing? yes.
then, no.
that was her again.
listen, I'd love to stay And chat, but I just put some Tea on.
great, we love tea.
nice place.
where's the rest of it? lulu.
what? This is the smallest apartment I've ever seen.
There isn't even a bed.
actually, it's a murphy bed.
And it's right behind that wall.
yeah, all right.
And there's a swimming pool Behind the lamp.
anyway, the truth is, I have retired from performing.
don't worry, That was just my practice cello.
Balthazar, I'm true jackson.
I work for max madigan, From mad style.
I'm familiar with his suits.
oh good,'cause he's having A party tonight And you're like His favorite musician.
He says hearing you play A single note Can change your life forever.
this is exactly the problem.
Nobody can live up to this Sort of hype.
It just isn't fun anymore.
Do you have any idea What it's like to live Under that kind of pressure? a little.
really? I'm only a kid, but I'm also A vice president.
And every time I come up With a design, All these people Hold their breath Like it's going to be amazing.
But sometimes it's just a little Dress with colorful buttons.
this job of yours, Do you ever feel like quitting? of course.
But whenever I do, I remind myself that I'm only Doing what I love, And what other people think Is their own dang business.
I really wish I could help you, true, But I just can't do it.
okay, thanks for talking To me.
Come on, lulu.
what's this? I'm sure that happens All the time.
I've never even seen That switch.
we'll just be going.
[elevator ding] hey, jimmy, hi, hibbert.
don't start with me.
check it out, I got the sample for my "save snackleberry" wristbands.
this is in chinese.
yes, But I got a hundred thousand Of them for five bucks.
And I also got The guy to throw in this.
what is it? no idea, but apparently If I get it wet, Something terrible will happen.
wow, I'd love to chat, But I've got work to do.
princess game? yep.
do you think Mr.
Madigan would mind If I knocked off early? If I hustle, I can catch The 4:15 showing For vampire spooky.
wait, what time is it now? it's almost 4:00, why? lulu, get the restaurant On the phone.
If I don't get a reservation At le pompanous, Mr.
Madigan's gonna freak out.
I've got the restaurant On line two.
hi, I was wondering If I could book Your entire restaurant For a party? I know that sounds crazy And you're super exclusive, ButYou can? Really? how many people Are we talking about? hey, put your shirt on! You're a waiter, For pete's sake! between 30 and 40 people.
that's not a problem.
well, that's great.
Hold on, my assistant Will get all the information.
lulu, pick up.
I was so worried That mr.
Madigan was gonna be Upset because I couldn't get Lars balthazar, But now, that we've got Le pompanous, it's gonna be The best party ever.
yeah, nothing Could possibly go wrong.
quit fooling around, We got a big party coming in.
if we put max With libby gibbles, Then we have no room For the mayor.
what if we move That person? that person is me.
okay, well, maybe we push Two tables together.
are you mad? Move tables at le pompanous? Huh, the owner would throw us Out in a heartbeat.
I thought you said The owner's never been there.
okay, we can try that.
I still feel kinda bad That I wasn't able to get Lars balthazar to come.
all will be forgiven Once max sees we're at Le pompanous.
Have the invites gone out? yeah, lulu's on top of it.
well, we should probably Get going.
Do you have an address? bye, jimmy.
Bye, hibbert.
[elevator ding] what about that guy? he probably works here.
surely, this can't be Le pompanous.
amanda, can you tell me Where to put these things? I already stubbed my toe twice Getting out of the cab.
snackleberry junction?! What are we doing At snackleberry junction?! well, you tell me.
This is the address On the invitation.
oh, no, we invited The worls s top designers To snackleberry junction.
this should be delightful.
we've gotta do something Before anyone gets here.
hello, ladies, I can't tell you How excited I am-- Holy kittens, where are we?! le pompanous? I seriously doubt that.
oh, max, there's been A slight change of plans.
go on.
that's all I have.
hey, you must be The birthday boy! what's your name? Where you're from? Hallelujah, you're a bum! true, what is going on here? somehow, things got mixed up.
but don't worry, We can fix it.
how? yeah, again, That's all I have.
bingo, my good man, I'd like a table for one By the ball pit.
ryan, What are you doing here? You weren't invited.
invited to what? I come here every day.
it's true, he's our most Valuable customer.
We could serve him a bowl Of soup with a squirrel in it And he wouldn't complain.
it's happened twice.
What are you guys doing here? there was a mix-up And now mr.
Madigan's party Is gonna be held here.
that's awesome.
No one ever leaves snackleberry Without having fun.
I believe we can Seat you now, sir.
very good.
We'll catch up later.
okay, we don't have time To get the word out, So we'll just have to dress This place up.
maybe we can get Some tablecloths.
And cover the walls With fancy fabric.
and we'll need to mask That smell.
What is that? I'm pretty sure It's the food.
really? It smells like burnt ketchup.
that's their specialty.
okay, with a little work, We might just be able To pull this off Before the other guests arrive.
aah! Libby, so pleased You made it.
what is this place? Am I in brooklyn? of course not.
oh, it smells Like brooklyn.
that's my aftershave.
Allow me to introduce you to our Newest designer, true jackson.
And amanda cantwell, One of our oldest.
he means most senior With the company.
nice to meet you, ma'am.
please, ma'am Is my mother.
no, seriously, Mother's name is ma'am gibbles.
how is ma'am? she's fine, except that She's constantly fighting With old man gibbles.
That's our dog.
I've got a dog Named hercules.
maxwell, when I allowed you The opportunity to set up This dinner, I hardly expected A night in shantytown.
shantytown? Oh, no, no, no, no, no, The chefs here Have trained with The finest kitchens of France.
fried ketchup? not just now, thank you.
that was chef aujourdui, Of the institute.
Do something! I'm going to call lulu.
[lulu's ringtone] hi, this is lulu, hello? Hi, this is lulu.
lulu, why did you put Snackleberry junction's address On the invitations? that's where you made The reservation, right? no, I asked you to put Le pompanous on the phone.
I don't even know What that is.
You said to get the restaurant On the phone.
first of all, Snackleberry isn't legally Allowed to call itself A restaurant.
And second, why would I want Mr.
Madigan's party Held here? I don't know, I'm sorry.
no, I should have been More clear.
Can you just get down here And help me put fires out? Literally! hi, jimmy, hi, hibbert.
where are you going? home, I give up.
the elevators Are for employees only.
You'll have to take the stairs.
we're 32 stories up.
then you better hurry.
The bottom door locks In five minutes.
take care.
deep-fried, anyone? I'm sorry, deep fried what? I'm gonna be honest with you, I don't know.
well, let me be honest With you.
Get it away from me.
people seem to be having An okay time.
you think? can I get that back? oh, sure, here you go.
maxwell, a word.
having a nice time, libby? well, I will be.
As soon as I'm done kicking you Off the fashion council, I can just see you a year From now, Making novelty t-shirts By the jersey shore.
hey, why don't you just Back off? It's not mr.
Madigan's fault.
well, it's not.
It's my fault.
So if you want To kick somebody off The fashion council, It should be me.
but you're not on The fashion council.
well, I'd like to be.
well, that is gonna happen On the seventh day Of the seventh month of never.
I'll put it on my calendar.
I suppose we should make An announcement that The dinner is canceled.
I'll do it.
be careful in there.
Ball pits are like quicksand.
The plastic creates a vortex.
thank you, professor, But I'll be fine.
May I have everyone's attention? I warned her.
I think what amanda Was trying to say is, This evening is over.
I'm sorry.
[music] lars balthazar? I thought you said He wasn't coming.
that's wh h he told me.
I'm afraid I might be A little rusty.
[music] see, I told you Nobody leaves snackleberry Without having fun.
Au revoir.
sacre bleu.
I'm sorry for my comments Earlier, maxwell.
This dinner was the most unique One we have had yet.
thank you, but it's true You should be thanking.
yes, well, I expect we'll be seeing a lot More of you at future events.
that'd be great.
And I'm sorry about Smarting off to you earlier.
To tell you the truth, I think I had too much hobo tea.
good night, maxwell.
good night, libby.
[buzz] ooh! I won this at shoot-a-basket.
we sure got lucky.
we sure did.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I fear I had a little weewee When miss gibbles shocked me.
Balthazar, I just wanted to thank you For coming tonight.
You were amazing.
well, I don't know About that.
I think bingo's jaw harp Really got the crowd going.
you know, I never had A lesson.
if I can ask, sir, What made you change your mind? well, I thought about it And I decided I just Have to do what I love.
And what other people think About it That's their own dang business.
well, you really saved The party.
and the restaurant, He's buying the place.
really? yes, and I'm going to play Here every night.
well, I think we just Gonna have to come here Every night.
I'm okay.
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