True Justice (2010) s01e01 Episode Script

Deadly Crossing: Part 1

1 I'm sorry, we're not open yet.
True Justice 1x01 Deadly Crossing It's open.
These the SIU offices? - Yeah.
- This place is hard to find.
I'm the new item.
I thought I'd stop by and introduce myself.
- You're wearing uniform, right? - Yeah.
So that means you probably came here in a black and white.
Yeah, that's right.
See, we don't want black and whites driving into this complex because we're undercover here.
So the only time uniforms show up here is to transport prisoners.
And they'll come in undercover cars.
Do me a favor.
Go home, get into some civvies, come on back and I'll give you a briefing and we'll get you started.
Yes, sir.
All right, guys, let's get ready to hit.
Everybody good to go? - Sir.
- Yeah, chief.
All right, everybody put your radios on 9-1, all right? Let's do this.
Hold on.
I'm short a pair of cuffs.
No no.
In my top drawer.
Left 'em in SUV the other day.
Take it.
From my hand.
Take it.
Take it and leave.
Hey, what's up, bro? What you need, man? Your pocket? No, weed tonight, man.
I got something better for you.
You ever tried "horse"? - What, heroin? - Yeah.
Come on, man.
What do you think? I have a chip? No, you gotta try this stuff.
It's good.
$1300 an ounce.
That's a deal for you, man.
Yeah, why so cheap? Are you a cop? No, man.
If I was a cop, I would've busted you last week.
I got half a key, man.
You interested or what? Yeah.
That's the signal.
Please do a favor, man.
Stay on the ground.
Nobody listens nowadays anymore.
My bad.
Aren't I supposed to get a phone call or something? Phone call? I think you've been watching too much TV.
Why don't you give me a break? How am I supposed to know that? I've never been arrested before.
That's gotta count for something, right? What, you mean like brownie points? No, like I'm new to the system so I get probation.
See, you assaulted us.
No probation for that.
Come on.
Although I guess I did hit you pretty hard, didn't I? That was easy.
Didn't get a chance to lay a hand on your boss though.
So say it's one assault charge.
What you need to worry about is the weight enhancement.
The what? The weight enhancement is you had half a pound of smack.
That's another five years if we go federal.
Are you serious? Well, I mean we can always work something out if you wanna give up your connection.
Well how about that phone call? Just got a call from North District.
They got an ugly double homicide out by the internment camp site.
Man, that ain't good.
Look, put this white boy back in the bucket and I'll catch up with you all before I head out, ya hear? Sounds good.
- Kane? - I just got a radio called in.
Double triple over in Harmony general store.
I'm heading out there right now.
Yeah, I heard.
I'm already here.
Well listen, canvas the area, talk to folks, see what you can find out.
Do your CI thing.
Maybe you can probably get a lot better stuff than I can or my uniforms can.
Yeah, I heard some things already and some things we need to talk about, so you need to get here "ASAP".
- I'll see you in five or ten.
- Okay, I'll talk to you.
All right, we got too many boots on the inside.
Guys, why don't you see if you can get on the outside see what you can find for me, hear? I got things inside and outside I need to show you, boss.
I'm gonna take a walk with you in just a minute.
You got it.
Hold up, hold up, listen.
Okay, here's what I found out.
There's some strange weeds in the garden.
Money's been flowing.
Bunch of white trash rascals at the edge of town.
Always got their noses in some things that smell bad.
Listen to me.
I gotta take a walk through here.
When I get out, I'll get with you.
You acting right? You know my life's changed because of you, Kane.
All right, 'cause I don't wanna bitch slap you.
All right, we need to talk, all right, Kane.
Thanks for coming in.
It's a damn massacre here.
And our unit's tied up in other things.
Yeah, that's what we're here for, right? Exactly.
Come on.
Here's the first one.
One in the chest.
There's another one back here.
Here's what we've got so far.
Talked to Sparks, no fluids, no hairs, no definitive DNA.
Well there's red mud on the floor everywhere and this red mud is definitely from the woods deeper in.
Deposit safe is sitting there open like a barn door.
And in my opinion, man, whoever did this knew these people real well.
Why do you say that? Well, it's just a hunch, but welfare checks will be cashed tomorrow.
In my opinion, everybody'll be cashing them here.
Most of 'em anyways, so.
The folks 'round here would know the place is flushed with cash.
So we got tire tracks over here.
Matches the mud inside.
Looks like a good place.
They could've been watching and waiting.
Casing the joint.
Get me a forensic up in here.
Have you combed this place yet? Started to.
So get me a forensic and get me a DNA profile on that cigarette, you hear? Yeah.
Whoa, what is this? Hey, come on, sweetie.
Come on.
Let's go.
It's okay.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
It's okay.
What are you doing in there? Get me a Mandarin translator right now.
Get me child services.
Get her up someplace safe right now.
Come on, sweetie, let's go.
It's okay, let's go.
These guys are shipping horse, Kane, just don't know who they're working with.
What I do know is they don't like visitors.
Yeah, I feel really bad about that.
Can you tell how bad I feel about that? Terrible.
What, you forget, Kane? Harmony has its own set of rules, man.
You forget who I am, man.
I got my own set of rules.
I'm the police and I will impose my rules on them.
I hear that.
We gotta do what we gotta do to get our job done, you see? We gotta get the bad guys and protect the good guys, man.
That's why we're here.
You know that.
Yeah, without going too crazy though.
You don't think this is too crazy here? Aw, man, what's wrong with you? Domion.
What're you doing here, boy? This ain't the big city.
Let me tell you something.
Country boy always a country boy.
You all had a double homicide right over here at this store.
You heard? Well, maybe you haven't heard.
Things changed since your old lady died.
Oh, yeah.
I know all about Elijah Kane, big city cop.
And I damn well assure you you would know all about me if you hadn't moved away.
You're a famous man, that right? I can't say the same about you.
You know, in a little place like this, people talk and sooner or later somebody'll wanna talk to me.
I been hearing people around here stopped working nine to fives and started selling drugs.
Drugs? Us? Oh, come on, Chief.
We wouldn't do that.
Man you're driving expensive boats, expensive car.
You got that from selling firewood? Yeah.
People pay good money to stay warm.
You know when the town idiot hears lies, all he knows how to do is repeat them.
It's a pity, because Camp Harmony had a lot of real important history, man.
It's a pity you all white trash came in here and dirtied up the trailers.
That badge don't mean nothing around here.
It don't have to, boy.
Unless you're going to arrest one of us, I suggest you be going.
How long you been here, boy? You're the new person around here.
I know these sticks better than you ever will.
Now listen, tell these young folk behind me to put their crap away before I pull out my gun and kill you all.
I'll kill you first.
You heard? Go on! We're coming, and sooner or later, somebody here gonna tell me everything.
We're done talking.
Nobody here wants to help you.
We'll see about that.
Hey, uh, you need to show me some of that stuff, "Kan-e-son".
Where'd you learn how to do all that, Kane? Somebody pick those teeth up.
Snake! Kane! Man, it's all right.
Oh? Really? We got these pictures from the surveillance pole cameras.
Anyone know any of these players? That white boy in the red shirt.
I've seen him before.
He comes to town once or twice a month, says he's a salmon fisherman but word on the street was he's pushing cocaine and weed.
First heard about him when I was on the vice team watching strippers downtown.
How does that work? Oh man, I've been hearing that for years.
Well it was some dude named Domion was using strippers to deal dope down south.
Domion? Yeah, you know him, Chief? Yeah, I met him last night.
Domion is like a-- he's a Cajun for sure.
And after the storm a lot of the Cajun's started coming up here to fish, and now with this oil spill, their whole livelihood is devastated.
No more Crawfish, no more crab, no more fish.
All coming up here to get work.
Domion means peeping tom, so they might could tell you something, I don't know.
All the action seems to center around these clubs.
Definitely think we should check it out, huh, Chief? I had a hunch you might volunteer for that, but thing of it is, this is work not play, so I'd like you to get in there but I'd like you to work it instead of play it, you hear? Well, I mean, I'm just being pro-active, right? It's good with me.
It's always easier to talk to the girls when there's two guys.
All right, cool.
Listen, before you do that, see if you can get up on that boy from yesterday and see why he carries so much weight.
This is Sarah.
She's from the East Precinct.
She's the new item here.
She's gonna be working with you, Juliet.
- She will? - Yes, ma'am.
Yes, Chief.
Now you all get out of here and catch me some bad guys.
Oh, by the way, Juliet, bring Sarah up to speed.
Follow up on this one with triple eights.
All right? Let's go.
Feel different without the uniform on.
Yeah, well it's just as dangerous.
You should keep that in mind next time you choose your outfit.
What's that mean? Look, this job is hard enough for us, why add to the problem by-- Right, okay.
Sorry, it's just the way I dress.
When you're out on the field, you're gonna use the hard wire that's in your car's glove box.
Get out on foot, use your Nextel.
I don't have a car or a Nextel so-- Yeah, and you will in the next few days.
So what kind of cases do we handle? You'll get the cases the rest of us don't want.
Like what? The gang banging stuff? We don't waste time on little poo-butts like that.
We've got 38 cases pending trial, five active investigations, that's one case per team member.
It means we don't waste time with small crap.
Look, I'll walk you through the street stuff, papers are on you.
No, don't worry about that.
My paper's strong.
Yeah? We'll see about that.
Hey, I got it.
Sweetie, it's okay, it's okay.
You okay? Do you remember me? Do you? Yeah? How's it going? Scary, huh? Yeah, I know.
Do you think you can talk to me a little bit about what happened? No? Why don't we go get you some candy.
I bet you're hungry.
Yeah? All right.
Let's go.
Wait here for the translator.
Rise and shine, Thomas.
You have enough powdered eggs for breakfast? You better get used to it, pal, 'cause you are looking at a ten year minimum.
Look, you guys wanna talk, let's talk.
What do you want from me? You know Domion? Come on.
You already know about him.
What do you need me for? Well, to make an introduction.
To Domion? No, no.
Hell, no.
I'll never mess with his country ass.
That dude makes onions cry.
Didn't he front you the heroin? No, I deal with one of his stripper connects.
I was just looking for weed, all right? She talked me into taking the other stuff on consignment.
Consignment? Wow.
You make it sound almost legitimate.
Dude, I just sell weed, all right? It's nothing too serious.
It's the first time I tried to move anything heavy like that.
What's your connects name? She goes by the name of Crystal.
Crystal's probably in the back doing rails, no doubt.
Whoa, where you headed to, Thomas? I got business with Crystal, man.
So who's your friends? See I know you, but I don't those two fools.
You don't need to know them, all right? They're with me.
Whoa, hey, hey.
If I don't know them, then Crystal don't know them.
Oh, come on now.
You know me.
- What the hell, man? - Shut your mouth.
Sit down and relax.
The boys are gonna go see Crystal and we're just gonna enjoy the show.
Sit down.
You forget how to knock? Did you not hear that? Who's this? Oh, he's a friend of mine.
He's cool.
How you doing? Friend of yours is no friend of mine.
What do you need Thomas? Some more of that horse.
Close the door.
You sold out already? Yeah.
That stuff goes fast.
You know, college kids love it.
Well, where's the money? I fronted you three grand worth.
- Is it all there? - Yeah, it's all there.
I didn't ask you.
The money that your friend's holding.
Is it straight? Yeah.
Why is he handing me the money? I don't know him, I know you.
Did Tiny check him? Of course Tiny checked him.
He checks everybody.
Take this and you bring back six grand, understand? I told you, mister, my business is with him, not with you.
Funny thing is, is I'm gonna make it my business.
You are an a-hole, Thomas.
Yeah? So what if I am? What're you gonna do, dance me to death? Just relax, big boy.
We'll be out of here before you know it.
So you really a cop, man? Yeah, I'm really a cop.
Well, you know we're kinda in the same business, keeping the peace, right? Wrong.
You're a glorified door monkey.
So you really don't think that I could make it as a cop? No, I don't.
'Cause you think I'm too stupid? Hold on a minute.
Put your arm to the bar.
She gets away, you're doing her time.
Look out! Move! Move! Move! Radner! Radner! Radner! Radner! He's down, man! He's unconscious.
He pulled a sap on me! He pulled a sap on me! Relax.
You all right? Okay, it's a little better now, huh? Geez, relax, kid.
Sorry, she's been through a lot.
It's okay, sweetie.
It's okay.
That was weird.
Maybe we just got an idea of what our suspect looked like.
She was at the back of the store when a woman came in.
When her father was killed, she ran.
Okay, so can she describe this woman in detail? Were there any tattoos, facial abnormalities or striking features that stood out? She says she saw the woman here.
So she means that the person who shot her father had the same pale blue eyes as the female officer she saw in the hallway.
She says the one in the hallway was the killer.
No, she's upset.
She's a smart girl, detective.
She says the person she pointed out to you is the suspect.
Yo, Mason.
You run that force report by Kane this morning? Ran it by the patrol sergeant last night.
Had no choice.
You made hamburger out of that kid's face.
Yeah, but he bought it, right? Has he believed it? Yeah, he bought it.
Come in.
I'm almost done with the force report.
So what's the story, man? Did he act right or what? Guy hit Radner first, then tried to beat him with a sap.
You're sure about that? He did what he had to do.
All right.
What could the stripper do for us? We've been pressing her about Domion, but she's one real tough bitch.
I was thinking Juliet might be able to get more out of her.
No, man, I need her for something else.
Can't have her.
All right, well, I'll keep you posted.
Hey, DNA came back a few hours ago.
Nothing in the system matched.
Try this one.
Is that from the crime scene? No.
It's a favor for Kane.
What file number should I put it under? Pull a separate one for right now, he wants to keep this well below the department's radar.
You got a name to go with the new file? Jane Doe.
You don't like men, do you? Of course I don't.
I'm gay.
Of course she is.
I sensed this one from the beginning.
She's pervious to our charms.
It's a genetic thing for you, right? I ain't talking to you.
You beat up my friend Tiny.
Well, your friend ain't so tiny.
See when you do things to cops, bad things happen.
Get out of my face.
Tell you what.
Why don't you sit there and answer the got dang question.
Radner, can you give us a moment? What, are you freaking serious? Jeez, Mase, come on.
You're seriously gonna front me off of this clam slammer? Go get some coffee.
Good for you.
That guy's a real jerk.
Let's just say his way of doing things, I don't approve of them.
I'll tell you what.
You give me your supplier, and I'll see to it that you walk.
Your word? If the information you give us results in us arresting the source.
I can give you my guy.
Whether or not he's the main player, I'm not completely sure.
Write down exactly what you know.
Hey, she play ball? Yeah, she bought it.
The next time you want to play bad cop, you mind keeping your vocabulary a little less graphic? "Clam slammer"? Really? Hey, hey.
What is it with you, man? You've been acting weird ever since I took that bouncer down at the club.
You beat him 'cause he had a sap.
- Yeah, that's right.
- That's right.
Exactly like the sap I saw in your desk the other day? Oh, that what this is about? Not about what I think.
It's about you holding your mud, Radner.
We're!ll on the same team.
You slip, we all fall.
You think I planted that thing? You're not hearing me.
And even if you were, we don't have time to discuss it.
Really? Why's that? Crystal just coughed up a supplier.
There's a drop at the club in half an hour.
We need to get eyes on the street before he gets there.
No sign of our supplier yet.
You out hanging out, Mason? Mason's already inside.
I'm down the street in the car.
We got an eye in front.
You're both in the car? Why is that? You guys forming a knitting circle or something? He's right.
We should split up to cover better.
You want me to go out on foot? No.
You stay here, I'll take the street.
I think you're over reacting.
All right, I'm on scene, Mason.
You up? Yeah, boss, I'm in the location.
Vehicle we're looking for is a brand new, black pickup.
Driver is described as a white male, 30, medium build, and according to the information he should be in pocket with the cash when he arrives.
Listen, just for the record, I got the eye in the club.
Why don't you two princesses take a break? Comb each other's hair, take a squirt.
You know, whatever it is you all do.
You get out on foot.
I've got my eye on the front.
Come again, Cinderella? You heard me.
You can either cover the ass end of the street or you can cover your own ass when I drop a letter of intent off to human resources.
That clear enough for you, sport? It was a joke, okay? Relax.
Everyone on this team is losing their mind.
I have a black, Ford pickup coming on up.
Keep your eyes open.
I got an eye.
I got a visual on the suspect.
That's a guy from Domion's camp.
Play him loose until you see product, you hear? We got a white male exiting fast.
I got him.
Just keep your eyes on him, Juliet.
Suspect down! We got a white male shooter with backpack heading out of the club! Copy that.
I'm on foot coming down the alley.
All right, get him, man.
It's going down.
Juliet, back up Mason.
Sarah, follow the driver.
Police! Drop your weapon! I'm hit! Mase, you okay? Just stay down! Mason! I got him.
My eyes! Radner, get down! Stay down! Are you okay? Yeah.
Mason's hit.
I screwed up real bad, huh? Not at all.
Should've known those Russians weren't from around here.
You did good, man.
We're all walking away and that's what counts.
Should be back in about half hour.
Feels like just bruised ribs.
Why can't you make it five minutes? Don't make me laugh.
Get yourself a new vest, man.
Four for four next time, sir.
That'd be great.
Thank you, sir.
Relax, man.
I'm good.
Okay? It's just dirt.
Nothing a cold beer can't cure.
Radner, you gonna let the man do his job? Oh, I knew it.
You're starting to care about me, aren't you, Cinderella? You wanna take a ride with me in a shiny, new ambulance? Do you ever quit? Hell, no.
You're the new kid.
And new kids get hazed.
So rather than calling human resources on me, why don't you go back to the office and hash out the report that documents my heroics.
- You're heroics? - My heroics.
You're a hard man to find, lately.
Yeah, what you got? I got a match on that DNA sample.
Don't know if you're gonna like the results.
I guess I owe you.
Yes, you do.
What happened? You needed money bad enough to kill for it? You got questions, ask them through my lawyer.
I don't have anything to say.
Yeah, that sounds like the move of a guilty woman.
Just my rights.
Make no mistake, bitch, I know each and every one of them.
It's all right, man.
She's clever.
She's lawyered up.
But I don't think anything's gonna help her too much with what I got.
We can all talk amongst ourselves about what I got.
Yeah, we can.
Fact number one, the car that was used left tire tracks that we have imprints of that matched the cruiser you checked out and drove that day.
Fact number two, the child that witnessed her family being slaughtered positively identified her.
Gimmie a break.
That kid ain't old enough to know what she saw.
Fact number three, the cigarettes that she smokes were found at the crime scene next to where the cruiser was.
So what? Lot of people smoke the same brand as-- Fact number four, the crime lab has positively identified the DNA on the cigarettes as her DNA.
What that means to me is that she sat there, watched the place, cased it out.
That's what we call premeditation.
And that kind of strongly leads to a really great shot at the death penalty, which is what I feel you deserve.
Death penalty? That's crazy.
What's crazy is you slaughtering an entire family-- Over some immigrant garbage out in the sticks.
And those immigrants and those kind of people are my people.
I'm taking this personal.
All right.
You wanna talk? Not really.
I just wanna see you fry.
And if for some reason our glorious team does not get the death penalty, minimal you will get life and cops don't really do too good in prison and I'm gonna personally bring a bucket of sand to my friends in the joint just for you.
- Kane here.
- Chief.
- Janko wants a deal.
- What does she want? She said that she can give you the Russians we've been looking for.
They're the ones that ordered the grocery store murders.
Well, first of all, I don't believe her.
Why would you believe her? Well, if she's lying, pretty good at thinking on her feet.
She laid out the whole game plan.
How the drugs come through the straights, transferred to the fast boat and then moved inland through the slew.
And, Chief, she gave me a name.
She said, there's more for a deal.
What does she want in return? Protective custody.
Says she doesn't want to hit the main line.
Said that she'll give us the location of tonight's big drop just to prove that she's straight up.
The only thing that's gonna prove is that she's more calculating.
Chinese folk up at the general store were collateral damage, man.
They might've been able to ID this Nikoli.
But anyway, man, I'll set up a deal.
I'll start the deal with her.
- All right.
- Out here.
Call it in now.
She's gone.