True Justice (2010) s02e01 Episode Script

Vengeance Is Mine

All units, we have reported on the surveillance in the area.
White male.
Possible suspect in officer-involved shooting.
Went right in, five of them, armed, ready to kill.
I can't believe the balls on them.
Kane killed most of them, but-- Hey, check that guy out.
Stop, stop, stop! He's going over the fence.
Looks like we have a possible victim on the ground.
You think that was our guy? I don't know, you see where he went? Aw, goddamn it, this guy's a mess.
I'm gonna call it in.
Ah-- All right, we got movement.
I'm going after him.
Come on! Hang on, let me call it in first.
No! No! Please! Please! Heads down! I would prefer something more personal, when it comes to killing you.
But I guess, we're out of time.
But I guess, I was stronger this time.
We'll take care this Stefan.
Man, we need to get this guys to a hospital now.
They're bleeding out.
There's money for you to get king protection one more time.
That, well, depend on how much.
Well, you can imagine that, Stefan.
I can imagine a lot of money a lot of money.
True Justice S02E01 Vengeance is Mine Everett Control to all units Officers Juliette Saunders and Brett Radner are off the air for now and forever.
On September 21st, Officers Juliette Saunders and Brett Radner, badge numbers 1417 and 825 have passed away.
Officers Saunders and Radner are no longer with us in body, but their spirits will live with us forever.
Firing party, attention! Right turn.
Ready! Aim! Fire! Ready! Aim! Fire! Ready! Aim! Fire! In the name of God, and merciful Father, we commit the bodies of Officers Saunders and Radner to the peace of the grave.
Give them life, receive them in peace.
God, thank you for the life you have given us.
For work and the responsibility, of sorrow and joy.
Give them, oh Lord, your peace.
Light and internal anguish, from dust you came and to dust you shall return.
They say if your enemy is hungry, feed him.
They say if he's thirsty, give him something to drink.
Then they become complacent, and then you kill them.
Look at you sneaking up on us.
Get your ass in the car.
The boss wants to talk to you.
Who's boss is that? My boss.
Really? You motherf-- Marcus, what are you doing here? Good help is really hard to find.
I told them you were a friend of mine, someone I hold in very high regard.
But they didn't seem to listen.
You always got something to prove.
Marcus, what the hell is wrong with you? You know we live and die by respect and honor.
If you ever send me again, some green-ass punk to disrespect me and our profession I will kill him right in front of you.
Then I'll kill you.
You hear? You know, I'm not supposed to be operating on U.
And you also know that I don't need protection, but the company requires it.
I'm sorry for your loss, Kane.
Juliette and Radner were good cops.
Good operatives, good friends.
I'm sure.
You know why I'm here? I do.
If you want to get the people who killed your team, we can help.
There's nothing left, Elijah.
All of the salvageable files and computers are sent over to East Precinct.
Close the door on your way out.
Miller's got everything now.
All right.
Why Miller? Yeah, I'm aware of the history between you and Miller.
I also know that the two of you working hand-in-hand brought in the Miles Tool case.
I mean, wasn't Miller the guy that came very, very close to arresting the wrong person? You're soft, your name should be sugar.
Jean fraud? What? Are you done? Him and his team got a good look at all your open cases during the investigation.
It just makes sense.
Yeah, well, listen, I mean, you're the boss and we're friends, you know? So, look, I'm just happy to be here.
I'm happy you're still here.
Man, just let me help you pick a new team and help me get access to my files.
Of course.
However, we still have no leads on who put out the hit on you and your team.
Well, I mean, there is the little matter of Nikoli Puchinsky.
Wouldn't you say that he's a lead? Prisoner, put your hands on your head.
Actually, we looked into Puchinsky.
We ran everything.
He's been in isolation for three months.
No one's been allowed to have any contact with him, except for his attorney, Eli Cohen.
Now if one of the assailants had lived, maybe we could shake him down, but-- Here's the thing.
Even in isolation, prisons are like cafeterias, man.
Everybody gets to talk.
Number two, their leader lived, Stefan Sedenui.
This guy, he's half Russian and half Syrian, I believe.
And I know him from the past.
I was actually on an op where we were supposed to take him out.
He somehow got away, but he's alive.
Be that as it may, you gotta understand, we checked out every hospital in the state.
We got nothing.
Now maybe you got lucky and killed him.
But that's the case that you'll be chasing down, one hell of the ghost.
All I'm saying is I can help flush him out, you know? That may be so, but let's not forget something here.
You and your team were targeted in an orchestrated attack.
That means you're still a target.
I can't have you out there running an investigation.
I'm sorry, Kane.
That's just the way it's gotta be.
All right, it's all right with me.
I had a conversation with Kathy.
I mean, you already know how she feels about me and this job.
And we have a new baby boy now.
I think I'm done, Chief.
Well, my attitude is folks who want to quit should quit.
You know, it's not safe for them, it's not safe for me or the team.
So that's it? That's it.
Well, I didn't think it was gonna be that easy.
You know how it is, man.
If that's how you feel, it's better you move on.
I just think this family life is gonna be good for me.
I'd like to thank you for your efforts and your service, man.
Good luck in your new life.
I'll turn this into Graves.
Do your paperwork with him.
Thanks, Chief.
Hey, Cinderella.
Relax, man, I'm good, okay? It's just dirt.
Nothing a cold beer can't cure.
Radner, you gotta let the man do his job.
Oh, I knew it.
Starting to care about me, aren't you, Cinderella? You want to take a ride with me in the shiny, new ambulance? Do you ever quit? Hell, no.
11:00 o'clock, I gotta bite.
- I got him.
- Can you ID him? Negative.
I'll try to draw him in closer.
All right, he's taking the bait.
I see him.
All right, when we make contact, I want you to get in the car as soon as you can.
Get back here.
Coming there.
Now get in, get in! Why were you following me, Thomas? I wasn't following you, I was taking a short cut.
Right through a cemetery.
Well, it's a free country.
Okay, there are people trying to kill us.
So, one more time, why were you following me? I wasn't.
I wasn't following you.
Here, look in my pocket.
Check my pocket.
Is that a joke? Do I look like I'm laughing? Okay, do you want to tell me where you're taking me? We're going for a little chat.
Yeah, I was talking to Kane.
Well, in case you haven't forgotten, Kane isn't the talkative type.
Okay, you know what? I've been really good to you guys.
I come up with something every time you need something.
Why are you sweating me now? I had nothing to do with it.
- Tried to warn him, boss! - Man, he still doesn't listen, does he? No.
Better start giving us something real quick, Thomas.
Because if I'm starting to lose my patience I can only imagine what's going on to Kane.
Okay, well, if you want to talk, let's talk.
I got nothing to hide.
Gregor's old lady, Anna? What? I told you everything I know about her already.
I helped Gregor and Anna out with some party favors, and that was before Gregor got pinched and Anna got-- Killed, Thomas, Anna's dead.
What? Yeah, she got killed and you led us to her.
She was a plant, Thomas.
She wanted inside SIU so she could find a way in for her team.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What the hell are you talking about? Anna, Junky Anna? Anna with the bad skin? If that girl was a junky, you're a criminal frigging mastermind.
She tried to kill me and Kane.
Oh, my god.
Okay, I got paid ten G's to slip you Anna's name.
I figured, you know, ten grand to rat out a junky? You know, I would never had gone through with it if I thought that she-- That girl's a killer? That's impossible.
I'm such an idiot.
Who pays you, man? Uh, I don't know.
You don't know? A guy, a Russian guy, I don't know.
Scary guy, goateed, goes by the name Swen may-- that's him.
He paid me cash, I mean, a lot of cash.
He wanted me to meet him at some sleepbag motel on Ratton like a week later.
I didn't go, because look at, I chickened out, okay? So that's the last time I saw him , I swear, hand to God.
I'll give you the address.
Well, either you're the luckiest man on earth, or you're the dumbest.
That still doesn't explain why you're following Sarah through a cemetery.
I already told you, I wasn't following Sarah in the cemetery.
I was there to pay my respects.
What did you say? No, you don't get to pay your respects, you maggot! Do you understand me? You've got my friends killed.
Kane, I didn't know, okay? I had no idea it would end up like this, I swear to you.
Yeah, nobody did.
Call came in two hours ago.
Found the cruiser four blocks away, it had been stripped and burned out.
But he forgot to move the GPS chip.
If your CI can be trusted, we'll find Stefan in one of the middle two rooms, 119 or 120.
Cleared out the rest of them.
It was too dangerous to go further without SWAT support.
Those wounded wouldn't say so.
Makes it more dangerous, not less.
Sounds like you admire the guy.
I just know how he thinks.
This guy doesn't generally make mistakes.
Well, he left a witness that placed him at the motel.
We just lost two good men.
I'd say it's a pretty big mistake.
Swat team is in place.
They're going in! Just make sure you look for booby traps and stuff like that, because that's his specialty.
I don't know, man, it just seems too easy.
What do you mean? I mean, he's letting everybody get too close.
Why would he do that? What if he wants them to breach? Down! Everybody down! Elo six! Take this guy out now! He's taking fire! Lead the door, start to fire, put it down.
He's in the next room! Hold your fire! Hold your fire! Possible suspect down.
Confirming now.
Stay close! Prepare for breach! Command, possible suspect down.
Confirming now.
Kane? Damn it! Everyone get down! Get down! Elo six, status? I almost gave up you'd be back.
I'm a soldier, too, but when you lose, you pay the price.
But I don't lose yet! Fan out! Find him! Last room! He's in the last room! Who sent you, Sedenui? You don't want to know.
Who sent you for us? Nikoli! Not good enough! Who does Nikoli work for? Prepare to go in.
If he's in there, we put him down! Take the door, now! Freeze! Nobody move! Hands! Let me see your hands! Police.
Do you have any weapons on you, sir? - No, sir.
- Are you okay? Yes, sir.
- Now if you'll be kind enough just to come with us, we just have to ask you a few questions.
- Yes, sir.
Call it in.
This guy's done.
Sarah, over here.
You're not supposed to talk to those jackals, remember? Uh, what did he say before he died? Oh, he just confirmed that Nikoli had hired his hit team.
He also dropped this.
He used that phone, so just to know that who was ever on the other end of that line, is the guy above him calling all the shots.
You didn't come here to arrest him, did you? You, uh, you murdered him the same way you murdered Thomas.
I heard the shot, Kane.
I respect you.
And I know how you feel about the loss of Juliette and Radner and the SIU and all of it.
But if we just start killing the people that we're sworn to arrest-- No, actually that shot was me.
I didn't kill Thomas.
I set it up to set him free.
I saved his life.
I had no idea it would end like this, I swear to you.
Yeah, nobody did.
If they find out you talked, they'll put a bullet in your head.
You see, you're gonna have to disappear now.
And if you show your face anywhere around here, you will be dead.
Do you understand? I will giving you the chance to disappear.
I mean don't you think if I shot him a body would of turned up? Sorry I judged you, that won't happen again.
So, what do we do next? Whatever it takes, we get the bad guys.
That's what we're gonna do, we're gonna get the bad guys.
Yeah, welcome to my little slice of the future.
Hey, Marcus.
You must be Kane.
Wow, Marcus was right, you are a pretty formidable dude.
Formidable? I would have said hot, but it's unprofessional.
Miss Fitch here works intel for us.
Not officially, of course, she's wanted in three states.
But ask the shoe size of the person of interest and what he ate for breakfast-- I'll tell you where he bought his kicks and how much salt he put on his eggs before he finishes his omelet.
That's interesting.
Interesting? Well, I'd said you're hot, but that'd be unprofessional.
I like this guy.
If you're not too busy, I was wondering if you could look at this satt phone.
I need to know anybody who called anybody up on here.
And you checked the call history? Yes, ma'am.
Hey, had to ask.
No prob, give me a few.
Is there anything you can't do on a computer? If there was, do you think I'd tell you? Yes.
So, the company had eyes on Stefan, ain't that right? It seems that way.
Do you think that they knew about the attack on me and my team? You know that's something we can't discuss.
Look, we knew Stefan was assembling a team.
We knew that Anna was a part of that team.
We knew that he was until yesterday, when you beat the life out of him in contact with Cohen, Nikoli's lawyer, but a hit? On SIU? We had no idea.
Well, the way I look at it, man.
All I really care about is who's on the other end of the satt phone.
You see, that's what it's all about.
Who they gonna find at the other end of the satt phone? Fitch is gonna find one number on that phone, north of the border.
Now the company knows who's behind Nikoli.
This guy has been targeted for termination, but you can't act on it, he's too high profile.
Look, we helped you with Stefan, because of our past.
I got Finch in there giving you intel on the satt phone.
Because I know you're gonna find out about it one way or the other.
We need to work together on this, man.
Give me the budget.
The money, the tools I need to pick my own team.
You support me, I support you.
And I promise you, man, I'll get in there and clean up this mess.
And I will give you the results you want and give me the results that I want.
It'll all get done.
All right, we got a deal then.
We're done.
Girl, what's up, do you have any workables for me? No, nothing.
Miller's guys are colder than a well digger's ass.
Well, does that surprise you? Man, that's how the Director always used to freeze our asses out.
Anyway, get what you can and get out of there, I'm going up to King County.
You visiting someone? Uh, yeah, I'm gonna go visit Nikoli, your favorite boy.
You think that's a good idea? Well, I got some new intel that sounds promising.
I'll get there and get right back to you.
What do you want this time? Nikoli, you got all dressed up for little, old me? Depends on what you're bringing me, Eli.
We can't be sure if Stefan gave up some names before his untimely passing.
But we have to assume the worst.
Kane is coming.
We think so.
There's so much only I can do from this cage.
We agree with that assessment, as well.
You did not come here to talk about Stefan.
No, I did not.
You think I'm next.
You think I'll talk! It doesn't matter what I think.
Darko is very angry with the mess you've made with all of this.
Then I need to speak with Darko, not you.
It's been taken care of.
Suit yourself.
- Darko uses you only to clean up messes.
- This is true.
We all have jobs to do.
You've got yours.
I've got mine.
As your attorney, I'd advise you to think very carefully about what you're willing to speak of.
Very good.
He's meeting with his lawyer now.
They got another ten minutes then he's all yours.
I'll just need a few minutes.
I'll tell Darko he's got nothing to be concerned about, that we've come to an understanding.
You won't be seeing me again, Nikoli.
When will Darko contact me next? Very soon.
Can you believe they let you smoke in this place? Have a nice day.
Let's go.
Thank you.
You gonna put that out, bro? Or what? You will arrest me? No, I'll do something much worse than that.
Well, you can decline the interview.
I just thought there was a few things you should know.
Number one, Stefan is dead.
Maybe your lawyer told you all about that, maybe he didn't.
What he probably didn't tell you is that unfortunately, I was forced to kill him.
And the last thing that I think you need to know is there's a very large possibility that you're next.
I'm done.
You all right, man? Can't breathe! Get me a medic in here! Get me a medic in here, man! This guy is having a heart attack.
You got off easy, poderas.
You got off easy.
Let me tell you something.
The other guys, they ain't gonna be so easy, you hear? - Yes.
Easy done? - Turns out this was his brand.
And Kane? He was there.
Go to the drop point.
I want him up here in 24 hours.
Then I want him dead.
Got it.
The plates on Cohen's abandoned BMW traces back to a shipping company in Vancouver.
No name attached, but I'm still looking.
Thanks, Sarah, good job.
I'm on your side, can't say the same for Miller.
I know what you mean.
We agreed that you were gonna take a back seat on this one.
How many? One, probably an SUV, old one, I'm thinking Ford by the look of the treads.
It was waiting for him three, maybe four days.
He headed north.
We found this under the driver's seat.
It's a 100 mg liquid nicotine inhaler.
It's bone dry.
That much nicotine at once can be three times as toxic as arsenic.
One half times as toxic as strychnine.
Well, once the coroner does the cut, he's gonna see that he died of nicotine poisoning.
I'm pretty sure that coroner'll find a cigarette.
It's an old Soviet trick, put a little nicotine in there and induce heart attack.
Well, if you loved that, you are going to love this.
Good job.
This is not your case, Elijah.
Yeah, well, now it's a homicide investigation, you hear? And say what you want, but I'm a part of it, you know? They knew I'd be coming.
How did they possibly know that? Look, man, they didn't want Nikoli to talk.
This is how they work, they find somebody that's close to him.
There's only one person that was that close that he would trust.
He had his guard down and have that person be the person to take him out.
That's just how they did it.
Now I just gotta find out who sent him.
Look, there's a networking place there, it's designed to get them out of town.
It's the same network that was supposed to help Stefan escape.
At all sounds like a conspiracy theory to me.
You got no evidence for it.
Nikoli made a lot of enemies.
Maybe somebody decided it was time for a little payback.
Long on the short is, I came here to resign.
I want to give you the respect, look in your eyes and tell you in person.
It has been an honour and a pleasure to serve with you, brother.
I appreciate all you've done.
If you're thinking of going after whoever sent Cohen, don't think about coming back.
Well, I won't be coming back.
I want you to do one favor for me.
Sarah's a good cop, if you could reinstate her, I'd really appreciate it.
I trained her.
Think about that for me.
What's going on? What are you guys gonna do? I swear to you I told you everything I know.
I think maybe you're lying to me.
Why? Why the hell would I do that? I'm not lying! Enough.
You like to take other people's money, no? Like maybe you take ten grand from our associate and you go sing to that cop Kane about us.
No? I swear, I don't even know what you're talking about, man.
Stefan gave me ten grand to slip Kane a name, I slipped it to Kane, I swear to you.
You think that just because I speak with an accent, that I think with one also, hm? No, my friend it is you speaking with the accent, and I know what you thinking.
I know you see Kane and that girl cop, the one that survived the SIU attack.
And I know you talk about Stefan, who work for my boss! What I don't know, what I want to know is where I can find this cop you like to talk to.
This Kane.
So here's what we're gonna do now, Curvo.
You're going to tell me whatever you're going to tell me.
And then you're going to go for a little trip.
That's it.
You understand me now, Curvo? I swear to you, what I told you is the truth.
We will soon see if what you say is correct.
Oh, no! Please, god, no! - Castillo, it's Kane.
- Been a long time.
Yes, it has.
Listen, I've got this big family outing I got coming up.
A big picnic, I need to talk to you about my family.
What size we talking? It's not as much big as it is quality.
You know, I need really, really good, you hear? When can you come see me? - I hate to tell you this, but I'm on my way right now.
- Allright.
Appreciate that.
Well, well, well, I never thought I'd see you again.
Good to see you, cousin.
You feeling all right? I'm good, man.
What brings you to Superior Carpet and Tile? I'm putting together a new team, my friend.
I need about six high-speed grade operators.
And in order to get them, we might have to go through 10, 15? Always short notice with you.
Just get me some good guys that are loyal but good fighters that have great designation.
You know, to be a regular team for me, man.
We'll have all the designations and stuff like that.
Well, let me show you what I have.
Okay, these two.
Atherton and Trent.
Tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.
They're new to soft ops, but they come highly recommended.
I don't know a lot about them, but they might be worth checking out.
I want to do a house clearing exercise and we'll seeing that.
I got a perfect spot, we'll set it up.
Run them through the paces.
I don't care what they look like on paper, I want to see their skill level.
You're dead! Thanks for coming out.
These guys aren't right.
Who else you got? All right, next.
Shane and Wu, multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.
These guys, they know their shit.
Remember, intel is always wrong.
You went into the private sector about a year and a half ago.
Babysitting billionaires.
Occupants, show yourselves immediately! You're dead.
Not your best guns, by yourself.
They've got no other clear house, don't they? I'll pass on them, too.
Who else you got? Okay, these two.
Simms and Garcia, they come with a warning.
What's the problem? They're both foreign SF.
Both highly trained highly motivated and loved to kill for the country.
But they don't play well with others, Kane.
All I know was supposed to be it's 3:00 sharp clearing a house.
Are you upset? You just seem upset.
I just think it's unprofessional let me drive you around there.
I mean, this is basically a job.
I already told you, I got towed.
What was I supposed to tell Castillo, huh? Sorry, boss, I got drunk at the strip club last night.
I couldn't drive home? Well, you're supposed to be the driver, remember? Don't worry, no one's gonna accuse you of that in this junk heap.
- Beat that colonel as a gun, remember that brother.
- Let's do this.
One shooter! Top of stairs! Go! Clear! Y'all did real good.
Good job.
I saw you down at the bottom take that right door jam high and low.
You took the dark hole on the bottom, you came up the stairs, you followed.
Came up here, jay hooked, cleared out this whole area.
Y'all did good, man.
Good job.
Who are you? These guys know how to clear a room.
Maybe this is what you're looking for? They got past the door.
Maybe you're right, I mean I don't mind Army guys, man, if they SF, that's fine.
If they don't play nice with others as you put it, that's okay, too.
Until they come on my team.
When they come on my team, they get along with everybody.
I like that, professionally, or very bad things will happen.
I don't have a way to articulate that.
They both have fighting experience.
Military background.
Other than the attitude, I think they'll make a nice addition to your team.
All right.
Let's us sit them down and have a talk.
Yes, sir.
They are exactly the men I need for the job.
I'll set it up.
- It's good to see you.
- Thanks, man.
You always come through.
Hey, Kane.
Yeah? Buy some carpet, don't blow my cover, all right? How you feeling, girl? Getting a nice florescent tan.
- Don't you ever see the sun? - Bad for the skin.
Since when your people worry about your skin with the sun.
You're gonna love this.
Every number Stefan called on the SAT.
Noticed all the calls to Vancouver.
- Allright, I need some names.
- A name? A lawyer by the name of, Eli Cohen.
You've done this before.
A couple times, but unfortunately his name doesn't really get us anywhere.
That's the problem.
Eli was Nikoli's attorney.
He's the kind of lawyer that used to sort of take large sums of money.
From probably the lowest scum of the earth.
Murderers, rapists, drug dealers.
And somebody paid him to kill his own client, which I believe he did.
So I was hoping you could get me closer to that person, you hear? Maybe this guy, Darco Karadzic.
Marcus's great white whale out.
Montenegro cartel, things this man has done make your hair curl.
I haven't been able to connect to him and call him directly yet, but any time Vancouver comes up Marcus is all over I'd like to wild on race.
It's personal.
If there's a connection to be made, I'll find it.
Well I think that's a very, very good guess, my darling.
You smart.
You're good, really.
What's your story, girl? Marcus has me working for the company.
But on occasion, he has me dig into Karadzic and his organization.
Sounds to me like there's more to that story.
I grew up on the Res in Arizona, the Tohono O'odham Nation.
You ever heard of the Shadow Wolves? I have.
Then I don't need to tell you about it, but I'll tell you all about me one day.
I hope you will.
How you got here? Let's just say I was into some things Daddy didn't know about.
When I got pinched, Marcus gave me a chance.
Let me flip.
Hey, it's still prison, but at least I get to choose my cell.
You remember when you asked me if there's anything I couldn't do on a computer? Yes, I do, I remember.
Well, there's one thing.
I can't give Marcus Karadzic.
I do that, I go home.
Understand? Kane here.
Hey, Chief, the Feds got a hit on Cohen, just outside of Great Falls, Montana.
He attacked a patrolman and three civilians and took off in a stolen Land Cruiser.
Eli, nice to see you.
Well done today.
I know.
Now they're thinking he is headed south.
But something tells me he's not a Mexico kind of guy.
Mexico, no, no, too much heat down there.
Too much sun.
He's not gonna go there.
That's what I thought.
Should have some more info in a few more hours.
- All right, well, thanks for the update.
- Yeah.
- Markus, guess who? - Eddie.
What do you got for me, man? Darko, I got a line on the Holy Grail for you.
- You should be have not to keep you warm, no? - You better not be playin'.
Why would I do to this? You makes noise, I hear it.
So word is, he's sending a team to Seattle.
He's looking for a cop called Kane.
Heard he's still alive, he's looking to change that status.
You best not be jerking me around here, Edi.
The only thing I like jerking around I keep within arm's length, my friend.
Yeah, good for you.
Is that it? Anything else? No, man, you know I got-- how you say? Mad love for you, bro! No, I always deliver a little bit more.
Then you can make me your number one CI, right? So check it.
I got a line on your runner, too, the lawyer.
Word is he's coming to see Darko.
Laying low, waiting to get paid.
- When? - Doin' tomorrow.
Darko is already Yeah, Darko's already got his nest padded.
I'm thinking, this must be a pretty good lawyer to get the man himself to open his doors for him.
You being straight with me, I will hit you double, next time I see you.
Next time you see me? When's that? Tomorrow.
I'll see you tomorrow, Eddie.
Why Canada? It's the easiest border to cross undetected.
That makes sense.
That's why all the cartels and all the bad boys are starting to come up here now.
So Marcus called and it seems like he's located Cohen.
He's got eyes on him.
He's headed up to BC today.
And you? You're supposed to lay low.
The Feds are all over this.
Cohen is their prize, not yours.
If you go up to Vancouver, you're going alone, off-grid.
Make this I like I'm doin' some here illegal, you know? You have no jurisdiction up there, you know that.
Sweetheart, I'm with the other guys now.
I got jurisdiction wherever I go.
Are you with the Company now? Listen, man, I didn't say that, but-- But Marcus drew you back that easily? You do what you gotta do to get everything you need.
And when you get everything you need, whether it's hard or easy, it makes it worth it.
Nikoli Puchinsky was trained by Spec Neds before he got into Affairs, babe.
He didn't see the hit coming and so I really need to figure out who send him.
In my opinion, it takes a ghost to catch a ghost.
You're still gonna need somebody to cover your back.
- I'm working on that as we speak.
- I'll be here, when you need me.
Keep your head on a swivel, girl.
Looks like Thomas' information was correct after all.
That was Kane who just passed by.
The door, quick! Quick, get him! Get him! Come on! Come on! Who sent you, poderas? Who sent you? Heh? Who sent you? Listen, poderas, you met somebody who's worse than you.
You're going back to hell.
It's like a frat house for drug dealers.
Who knows what kind of deal is going on in there.
Come on, Cohen.
- Waeco.
- Well, you know.
Everyone comes out of the shadows sooner or later.
Best make it sooner.
Save me another hemorrhoid.
What we got here? Surveillance photos from last night.
Seems Cohen and his little harem had a night on the town.
A late one at that.
Returned at 3:00 AM.
Show yourself, you son of a bitch! That's more like it.
There you are.
The rat will come out of the hole at some point.
Couldn't believe it.
The place is a compound, Kane.
All right, listen, third room down-- Contract killer hiding out in the lap of luxury.
Seems he don't like what the little guy is saying, ain't that right? It could be.
There's a lot of suspicious stuff going on around in there, so it could be nothing.
Who's the professional man? Not sure, never seen him before.
The way he acts, I can tell Cohen don't like him either.
Don't talk to me like that! Do you have any idea who I am? My CI, a local hustler named Eddie Gogol.
He said they arrived in town yesterday, right before you got here.
They went right to see Cohen.
- And you trust this CI? - You trust in newbies? Yeah.
Yeah, if you trust your intel, and I trust mine.
You know what we say in the game? Intel is the key to the kingdom.
Look, I need somewhere to work, man, so we gonna have to get up on that.
Sarah, it's me.
Hey, how's it going up in Canada, eh? It's fine.
Snow, rain, wind.
Anyway, I found Cohen.
Yeah, he's holed up at a compound near here, but it's a little bit fortified.
Uh, just a sec.
Send me the particulars and I'll alert Miller and his men.
Sarah, stop, listen, man, I need 72 hours, you hear? What if he skips? Well, I mean, the deal is, you know, if the Feds grab him and wrap him up and interrogate him.
That's kind of my loss, but-- Well, you're putting me in a tight spot here, Chief.
Not at all, you know why? I haven't given you any particulars at all.
You know he's in Canada and that's all you know.
You want my help for 72 hours, then let me help you.
Give me something to do.
Allright, listen to me.
Email your photograph, when you guild the photograph you gonna givin' somebody, who can help us.
Make sure you don't share the photograph with nobody, you hear? Right.
All right.
- Eli Cohen.
Came once who then the other guy is? - Give me a minute.
I can tell you right off the bat who it's not.
It's not Darko Karadzic.
Karadzic? - I'm sure that's who Kane is hoping it is, but it's not.
- Are you sure? - Yeah, I know clear pictures of Karadzic, but avoid the company is compiled.
This guy is way too young to be him.
You're with the Company? Like Kane, I work for Marcus.
Uh, Kane doesn't work for Marcus.
Well, whatever makes it easier to swallow.
I want to show you something I found for Kane.
As you know, the guy on the right is Cohen.
That guy really gets around.
Where and when was this taken? Where is classified.
When is two days before he whacked Nikoli.
Who's this guy? - Don't recognize him? - Should I? - Wait for it.
Is that the man in the photo? Milan Saric, he works for Karadzic.
Where you at, cool? That's my guy.
Looks good, man.
Looks good.
I told you, Kane.
This guy's connected with some major league players.
Not bad, Edward.
Not bad? This place could be like NASA, man.
You could land this bitch on the moon if you had reason to.
Let's see what the big man thinks.
Yeah, man, this'll work.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I feel like I just walked into a bad Jules Verne novel.
Are you go with the old guys jokes again? Look at this place.
You may find a body over there.
What we got here? No paintball machines or nothing.
Look alive, you two.
I think that Cohen is laying low, waiting.
He's being protected by the guy in this photo.
We've identified the guy as a serbian name Milan Saric.
Now Saric is about as close to a war criminal as they come without being labelled by the head.
But it's low out.
He's a foot soldier in the bigger picture, not the one we're after.
So who is the one we're after? Sorry, sport, that's classified.
We will find that out when we "interview" Saric.
Saric? I thought we were after Cohen.
We came here for Cohen, dead or alive.
Now we have Saric, I prefer Cohen dead.
That's Cohen in the window.
9:15 every morning he goes to the bathroom, stays 20 minutes.
Now we're gonna take him out in capture sights.
So I'm gonna be the one to handle Cohen and then we're gonna set up in the house.
I'm gonna sit down and draw it all for you guys.
The old-fashioned sand table-like thing.
And I'll show you exactly how we're gonna make the entrance and get the bad guys.
We'll go in and we'll get it done.
Any questions? So what do you think of those guys? They all right, you know? They're gonna do just fine.
If you want, I could make a call.
Get us some real back-up.
Someone less off the grid with Company experience? We will need support 'cause we going up against some bad boys? Guys like Darko Karadzic, what you guys want with him? Kane, we agreed back in Seattle, quid pro quo.
You come back in, join the operation, help us with determination.
I give you the budget to procure the assets and the equipment you need to nail the sons of bitches who took down your team.
What we didn't agree on is that I tell you why the Company has an interest in the suspect just yet.
I don't care.
As long as I can do what I gotta do, I'm happy.
As long as you can do what you gotta do, that's a good thing.
You know, you have your reasons to kill Cohen, capture Saric.
I don't ask why.
I say let me help.
We'll see about that.
He works in mills instead of MOA.
I like it.
You know my gut tells me, you keep messing with his rifle he's gonna be giving you more than just a pretty, little haircut.
Relax, RECON, Afghanistan? Three tours? That's three more than you, right? I know what I'm talking about.
All I'm saying is that I'm a little surprised that Kane's using a .
300 Win Mag.
Instead of something a little meatier, you know, like a .
338 or something? Did you just say meatier? Yeah, meatier, it's a term from this decade.
Were you born with the IQ of a gnat or did you take lessons? No, I took lessons, yeah.
Look, am I glad to catch this operation with Elijah Kane? Absolutely.
Okay, but right out of the gate, we're about to raid a fortified compound, which is being protected by Montenegrin cartel members.
Now they're good operators, all I'm saying is that I'd like to be prepared for that.
Dude, you are the biggest chicken operator I know.
Well, excuse me for not being the invincible one with the friggin' death wish.
No seriously, Simms, is something about you I don't know? You bulletproof? You've got to add to mention, I mean your bones.
Like, for example, if I'm sitting next to you on an airplane that's about to go through the eye of a hurricane, I'm good, right? Because for some reason every lucky son-of-a-bitch that's near you lives.
I don't understand it, but it happens.
But for me, I don't work that way.
See, I tend to think about ways to not get killed.
So for me, that means having the proper weapons and the proper back-up.
Like I said Have I ever punched you in the back of your face? When you two are finished comparing sizes, or whatever it is you're whispering about.
You want to pull up your pants and tell Kane Sarah's here? Right? The attitude thing? I thought she was a little rude, interrupting us like that.
Here's what we know about Saric.
He's an underling for Darko Karadzic, leader of the Montenegrin cartel.
And he's also and an associate of Eli Cohen.
The two met in Vancouver two days before Cohen killed Nikoli.
And whatever they discussed, and I have my guesses.
Saric paid Cohen handsomely for it.
And now include Nikoli into the game.
Whacked by one of his own guys.
So the boss was sending a message.
The Serbs don't play.
They doing business with someone, that's the Golden Rule.
He who has the gold makes the rules.
If that means eating one of their own, bon appetite.
So Karadzic has Nikoli whacked.
Why? He's already paid him off for silence.
Hell, he had his entire consiglia acting as his attorney.
Why the sudden change of heart? Because Karadzic didn't cap Nikoli to silence him.
He had Cohen knock him off and I'd follow him to Vancouver.
That's why he used Saric as a middle man, and that's why he's using Cohen as bait.
He is setting a trap for me.
Knowing, that I'm gonna come.
What he doesn't know is I have a trap inside his trap.
As you should have read in the operation report I gave you.
Kosovo is as much in the grip of the drug cartels as Mexico.
The only difference is they don't share a border with us.
Where 80 to 90% of the drug flow into the U.
comes from Mexico.
60 to 70% of the same drugs bound for Europe float through Kosovo.
Karadzic and his organization are major players and I am this close to shutting them down.
Do any of you have any idea how instantaneous this could affect the worldwide drug trade? Yes, we do.
How does this involve Kane? Well, I'll tell you how.
Company wants us to move on Cohen and that's why they haven't swooped in and grabbed anybody yet.
Ain't that right, Marcus? The fact of the matter is, if I help them get Karadzic, I get the budget, I get the toys.
I get the people to set everything up the way I want to.
That's the quid pro quo.
And I have my own agenda, they have theirs.
But in this case, it happens to be the same.
So we move on our own.
We move on our own.
Company knows that Cohen is dead, but I need to capture Saric to work my way up the chain.
Sadic helps them get closer to Karadzic and it's a kind of win-win situation.
We get Cohen and they get the guy that they want.
The only thing that Marcus has kind of left out is that the Serbs know we're coming.
They're lying in wait and they're good gunfighters, man.
They're good soldiers.
Look, we capture Saric, we are both one step closer to achieving our goals.
When were you gonna tell us? When I had confirmation I was gonna brief all of you.
Don't be disappointed any of this, so Marcus has his reasons for doing what he's doing.
That's kind of why I left at one time, but you know what? We're back, and despite these really good gunfighters that are laying in wait, we gonna make it happen.
It ain't gonna be easy.
No, sir, but that's what we do.
Gather around you all.
All right, let me tell you how this is gonna work.
We got north, south, east, west.
I've got a hide up here that I've been up to already and I've set it up.
You know? Got a .
300 Win Mag, it's about a 700 meter shot.
I want Sarah and Marcus to be positioned at the rear of the compound waiting for my signal.
Simms and Johnny, I want you two parked holding position at the front of the compound.
After I take the shot, everybody's gonna fallout this way, including Sara.
We're gonna come in this way and line up on the wall here.
Hey, listen up, when the doors open, I want Saric alive.
Everyone else dead.
Done and done.
Any questions? It's quickly.
They always come in twos.
Time? 9:15 on the dot.
All right, our boy Cohen should be coming into view any minute.
All right, I got him.
Sarah, that's you.
All right.
Got your six? All right, be careful.
Hold positions.
Should be second now.
Wait for it.
What's the signal, boss? The sound of all hell breaking loose.
That's a hit.
Move now.
Hang on.
Sarah! Kane, we need some back-up down here, man! Hang tight, coming to you.
Sarah! Simms, Johnny, I'm heading to the rear of the compound.
Don't wait for us.
We got this.
Sarah, Marcus, watch your back! He's upstairs, second floor! Clear! Clear! Johnny, Sarah, you got the entrance.
Got it, go! Simms, gets me low! Cut left.
Now I'm thinking you may know some things that my boys back in D.
might find interesting.
House secure.
EXTERIOR OF PIER, YELLOWFIN Thought you get any new scars on this one? Oh, that's right, you gotta get close to the action, you get scars.
It's nice to see you really do have a car.
I mean, looks like you gonna have to live on a boat, so you don't get use to travel.
What, you get your hair cut every mission? Looks good on you.
All right, we lived through another one.
I'm ready to do it again.
This is what we live for, only this time we got Kane on our side.
Well, I'm not sure he likes you so much.
He picked me first, you know.
What the hell did we get ourselves into it? What don't we get ourselves into? True that.
These guys are good, Kane.
Very good skills.
We gonna need their help and yours, Sarah.
Because once they get into some ugly engagements, they'll all get cynical like us.
So we're off grid now, what do we do? We're gonna kill the bad guys before they kill us, with extreme prejudice.