Trust (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Lone Star

1 (TELEPHONE RINGING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER, LAUGHTER) (MOANING, TELEPHONE LINE RINGING) (INDISTINCT VOICES, MUSIC PLAYING) Hey, rainmaker, come away from that man You know he's gonna - Take away your promised land - (GIRL MOANING) Hey, good lady, he just The kid's run.
He's not coming back, girls.
No, he will.
He's getting the money from his grandfather.
Millions! I don't need millions, but I do need paying, one way or another, just like they do.
- Please! - LUKEN: Ey, girls! You make us wait? Enough! Come on, girls.
- LUKEN: Here they are.
- GABRIEL: The cute one first! (LAUGHS) - Look at that! - Let go of me! - Now, this is a party.
- Get off me! Get off me! You stay there, and you will be the next.
(TRILLS) (SHOUTS IN ITALIAN) (GUNFIRE CONTINUES) Fuck! From that man you know He's gonna take away your promised land Hey, good lady You look back, and some years just shine bright in the memory.
The numbers just talk big.
Smiling Tommies, celebrating the end of war.
(TRIUMPHANT MUSIC PLAYING) Huge mushroom cloud, big as God, over Hiroshima.
1963, Dallas.
JFK sprawled out in the back of a limo, - shot through the head.
- (GUNSHOT) 1969, a personal favorite.
Buzz Aldrin slow-waltzing his way across the gray old moon.
(ENGINE STARTS) What a year for mankind.
But 1973? What can you say about that mousey-haired, in-between girlfriend of a year? Too old for the swinging '60s.
Too young for disco.
It was the year that America finally admitted that a billion dollars of firepower could not beat back a bunch of dollar-a-day commies.
The year a president said, BOTH: "I am not a crook," thereby adding crookery to his deceit.
The students rioted, the workers went on strike and the pure-white cocaine was cut with rat poison.
1973, year of our Lord.
The milk went sour and a young kid disappeared.
(MAN SINGING IN ITALIAN) Prisencolinensinainciusol, all right (MAN CONTINUES SINGING IN ITALIAN) (ALL SINGING ALONG IN ITALIAN) (SONG ENDS) - GAIL: Are you guys hungry? - I'm starving.
I'm sure he's here.
- Senora! - Senora Getty! JOURNALIST: Mrs.
Getty, do you have any comment to make? Who are all these people? - Why are they here? - JOURNALIST: Mrs.
Getty? WOMAN: Can we see the ransom note? We've been camping.
- (OVERLAPPING CHATTER) - What? (OVERLAPPING CHATTER CONTINUES) What did the kidnap note say? (ENTRY BUZZER BLARES) GAIL: Lang? - Lang? - Finally.
What's going on? Don't ask me.
Ask your son.
He's here? Where is he? How should I know? They're saying he's been kidnapped, for Christ's sakes.
Don't I know it.
I had to unplug the phone.
But journalists'll say any old shit - to get a story.
- Shit.
- He's on one of his benders again.
- No, he's not! Yes, he is, Gail.
Jesus, any second now, he's gonna walk in with a massive hangover, asking for money.
Wouldn't be the first time, would it? Kids on benders don't send fucking kidnap notes, Lang.
(TELEPHONE RINGING) Oh - Hello? - That I didn't know.
(SPEAKING ITALIAN) How was I supposed to know? If I may be so bold, sir? If the price of the paper has gone up again, I'm going to cancel my subscription.
No, sir.
Well? It would appear, from the paper, that your grandson has been kidnapped.
I am perfectly capable of reading, Bullimore.
- Of course, sir.
- The butter is too hard.
Oh, come on, Gail Gail, calm down.
I haven't even had breakfast.
Paul's been fucking kidnapped, for Christ's sakes.
There's a ransom note.
A what? What kind of ransom note? Jesus! What does it, uh what does it say? GAIL (ON PHONE): It says he's been kidnapped, and Paul they're threatening to kill him.
Okay, this is, uh this is bad.
This is bad.
How much? How much do they want? Uh no one knows.
They didn't say.
Kidnappers who don't say what they want? This fucking boy.
You are not gonna believe what he has done, now.
- Paul? Are you still there? - Yeah, no, uh I'm here.
I'm here.
I'm just, uh I'm just, I'm thinking.
Uh okay.
Here's what we do.
What we do is, we just sit tight and see what this is all about.
I mean, you know Paul.
He'll probably, uh, show up at my doorstep in five minutes all shame-faced and asking for a loan.
He will not! He's been fucking kidnapped! - You're saying we do nothing? - She's hysterical I'm not saying do nothing, Gail! I'm saying - I'm calling your father.
- No, no.
No No, no, no, no, no.
Don't do that.
- Do not call him.
- He'll know what to do.
Do Fucking shit! Fuck What is going on, Paul? She's gonna call him.
I cannot believe it.
Fuck! Shit! (GRUMBLING INDISTINCTLY) Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! - Uh, what? - ID please, sir.
Oh, come on.
ID? I am John Paul Getty II.
This place is mine, effectively eventually.
One moment, please, sir.
GUARD: Oi! Hey! Red E-Type Jag's just gone through.
(HAMMERING, POWER TOOLS DRONING) You'd be well advised not to do that again.
The gate man is authorized to shoot.
Exceptional times.
So you've heard? (SIGHS) It's a terrible business.
- It's terrible - Yes.
Grade-One listed.
We're going to have a devil of a time with the Historic Buildings people.
I thought you would've been in Rome by now.
He is your son.
- I - No, it's all right.
Under the circumstances, I'll put a private jet at your disposal.
You can leave immediately.
- You want a 747? - (SCOFFS) I can't.
- You can't? - You know I can't.
Oh, of course.
Still wanted by the police.
And it's total nonsense.
There's no case to answer for.
I explained everything, but Still, th-there's no sense in having two of your offspring whisked away, location unknown in Italy, is there? As so often happens, we must find someone else to sort out the mess.
(NEIGHS LIKE A HORSE) A timely intervention of yours, warning me of your son's - drug addiction.
- Oh, well In my experience, and we know in yours, funding a drug habit only encourages further abuse.
Yes, exactly.
Though one suspects that if you had you not shown me that magazine, I would not have withheld the money.
He would have repaid his debt and he would not have been kidnapped.
Dum, dum, dum, dum.
What, this is my fault? PAUL: Meet Fletcher Chace, my head of security.
(HUFFS) My son.
The boy's father.
Unable to travel to Italy due to an outstanding arrest warrant for possession of drugs or manslaughter.
I forget which.
- Sir.
- (SOFTLY): Jesus Christ You didn't meet the young man, did you, Chace? No, I didn't, but I hear he's a real nice kid.
He's troubled, in debt.
Wanted $6,000 from me.
Did you give it to him? (SIGHS) In the end, no.
And so he left? I asked him to leave.
- Who saw him last? - I believe that was me, sir.
Did he say anything to you? He merely mentioned that he and his friends owed money to the mafia, sir.
: I'm sor (CLEARS THROAT) Th-The mafia? And you merely mention this now? Jesus Christ, Bullimore.
Well, I had hoped to mention it to Mr.
Getty at breakfast, but there was a problem with the butter.
You for real? Is he for real? Chace, do you have any idea how much Getty Oil is worth? CHACE: Mm - half a billion? - Quadruple that.
(CHACE WHISTLES) If he is involved with the mafia, this could be a very bad business indeed.
Take the next plane to Rome.
Find out what's going on.
Yes, sir.
MAN (SINGING): Jesu, joy Of man's Desiring Holy wisdom Your father's on line one.
(SIGHS) Uh (MUSIC STOPS) (SIGHS, CLEARS THROAT) - (SWITCH CLICKS) - Hi, how are you? PAUL: Your nephew has been kidnapped in Italy.
Little Paul? Jesus.
What I thought he was in England with you.
(SIGHS) We are now all vulnerable.
What security measures do you have currently? - Uh, none.
- Well, then, you're a fool.
Get armed bodyguards for yourself and for your family.
Take your children out of school immediately.
This could bring us all down.
You understand? The business, the family, everything.
- Yes, I suppose.
- Don't suppose.
Do it! (SIGHS) Ring Ronald, will you? Is he going to fund this extra security? ROBINA (OVER PHONE): Do I need to answer that, Ronald? Hmm.
In that case, please thank my father for waking me up in the middle of the night and tell him to stick his security up his ass.
You're on speaker phone, Ronald.
But he's out of the room.
Would you like me to convey your very best wishes at this difficult time? Yeah.
Yeah, you do that, Robina.
Got a room booked under the name of Fletcher Chace.
Certainly, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Oh, hang on, there, son.
- Did I just give you a $10 bill? - PORTER: Yes, sir.
My mistake.
That's the problem with these here greenbacks.
They all look the same.
Here's a 20.
PORTER: Thank you, sir.
Welcome to Rome.
What's your name, son? Uh, Livio, sir.
Hey, are you a member of the mafia, Livio? The mafia? Me, sir? No, sir.
There is no mafia in Rome.
That right? You know somebody who is? Please, sir.
I just work at the hotel.
You know somebody who knows somebody who is? Now we're getting somewhere.
Tell them Fletcher Chace is in town.
Getty's man.
With dollars.
Enjoy your stay, Mr.
(MEN LAUGHING) (SPEAKING ITALIAN) CHACE: "They will kill me unless you pay.
" Inspector, did I miss the search party on the streets? They will kill him.
So it says.
And you doubt that? I am happy to tell you that most kidnappings are resolved without violence.
- Most.
- Yes.
"All" would make me happy.
Where did this come from? The boy's girlfriend brought it in.
And how'd she get it? They seemed uncertain themselves.
They? - Gemelli.
- Hmm? Is this his handwriting? Inspector, that's a whole heap of I-don't-knows for the grandson of the world's wealthiest man.
Chace, in Italy, kidnapping is seen as a personal matter.
In due course, a ransom will be demanded.
And after a short period of negotiation, the boy will be released.
The police get involved and everything becomes much more dangerous.
So out here, it's just a business deal with threats.
You know, the Red Brigade, the mafia, the communists, strikes, student violence these are busy time for the police.
Can I get a copy of this? Yes.
Uh, at the desk.
Uh, thank you very much for your time, sir.
- You're welcome.
- I certainly appreciate it.
I sure hope you're right, because if you're not, a whirlwind of the Lord will come forth in fury and it shall fall grievously upon the head of the wicked, as we say back home.
We want a billion dollars.
Getty, have you got any comment - to make about the recent - (GROANS) Howdy.
There might be some American who may or may not have had just seen a 16-year-old kid, lot of red hair, just sitting down on the Spanish Steps.
First name Paul.
Most likely, last name Getty.
For Christ's sakes, make it stop.
Not me.
- (PHONE RINGING) - GAIL: They're all going.
JEFFERIES: What are they doing? MAN (OVER PHONE): Mr.
Getty, we want, uh, six million dollars.
CHACE: Hoax call.
MAN (OVER PHONE): We'll call you for drop-off Who the hell are you? Fletcher Chace, sir.
Getty Sr.
sent me.
Thank God.
- Is this an old picture? - No, this summer.
He's young.
GAIL: Yeah.
He wasn't living at home? No.
He, um, wanted his independence.
(JEFFRIES SCOFFS) That is one word for it.
He's been kicked out of every school he's ever been to.
Drinks, takes drugs, - lives in a squat with God knows who.
- GAIL: Lang.
Gail, the kid's totally out of control.
GAIL: Paul's, he's been having, um, a-a difficult time of late.
But he's a gentle, kind kid.
He's a bit of an idealist, you know? - Mmm.
- (JEFFRIES SCOFFS) CHACE: You'll, uh, have to forgive me for sounding like a policeman, but can you tell me when it was that you saw him last? Oh, he went to England a couple weeks ago.
Not since then.
Um we're gonna have to trace his movements.
Is there someone who can watch your other kids? I'm a child minder now? Please.
Your help would be most appreciated, sir.
Get your stuff.
CHACE: Ma'am, I mean no offense, but is there any chance that he could he be involved? Lang? No.
Doesn't seem to like your boy very much.
They didn't get on, for sure, but no.
- No way.
- What makes you so sure? For one thing, he's not clever enough.
I'll buy that.
That's that's his Vespa.
Hello? He was living here with both girls? Yeah, most of the time.
Oh, and a boy, uh, Marcello.
Why? GAIL: Why what? CHACE: I wouldn't stable my horse in here.
Well, he liked it.
I mean, he was just doing his own thing, living his own life.
You know kids these days.
Or maybe you don't.
You were okay with that? No.
No, I wasn't okay with it.
What was I supposed to do? Lock him in his bedroom every night? He's 16 years old, headstrong, and his father doesn't give a damn.
He's in London, hasn't even talked to his own son in six months.
Now, I kept in touch as best I could, but I Look, I should've done better.
I wish I-I had.
You don't need to tell me that.
You really don't.
Um No judgment, ma'am.
Just want him back.
MARTINE: Hello? Martine? Have you found him? - Have you? - No.
(CRYING): Oh, Gail.
Well, come on in.
CHACE: So, you found the kidnap note where? MARTINE and JUTTA: We told you.
On the bed.
And when exactly did you find it? Evening sometime.
8:00? 9:00? JUTTA: This is not a good time for this.
- You can see that.
- A boy has been kidnapped.
That's never a good time.
Now, then, you said earlier that you had been out.
- Is that right, Jutta? - I'm Jutta.
Why are you asking us? What do we know? All right.
Look, well, I'm just trying to establish when the note was left here.
That way I can see if anybody knows who left it.
If that helps to explain my thinking.
- No.
- Yes.
- Are these Paul's? - MARTINE: Yes.
He likes to write a lot.
Has there been a ransom demand? CHACE: No.
Nothing at all.
Is it just me, or is it Italy, but do y'all find that kind of strange? A kidnapping with no ransom? Hmm.
And where's Marcello? Line it up and now! Quick burst! (VOCALIZING RAPID GUN FIRE) Shoot the hell out of them! And up, up, up! (LAUGHING) Oh, nicely done.
Definitely shot the library to buggery.
(LAUGHS) DE LASZLO: Back to base? One more pass.
Please, Patrick, I want to take out the ladies' corridor.
PAUL: Bullimore! - (LAUGHING) - Got any real ammo? Hello? (MAN SPEAKING ITALIAN) BERTOLINI: Good morning, sir.
Table for one? CHACE: Nice picture.
One of his better ones, I'd say.
These days they get monkeys throwing paint at the walls and they call that art.
Fletcher Chace.
- Table for one? - Sure, why not? Ah.
Okay, please follow me.
(LAUGHS) So I'm guessing that, uh, you know Paul.
I'm sorry? Paul Getty.
The guy who did that painting, and that one, and that one, and that one and that one.
Clearly a fan.
We're very busy, sir.
If you'll excuse me.
- Sure.
- BERTOLINI: Giovanni.
Giovanni! (SPEAKS ITALIAN) I got all the time in the world.
There's an obvious design flaw here Mr.
Bertolini, can I buy you a drink? - Mm.
- Please.
Allow me.
It's-It's free.
(CLEARS THROAT) So, you and the young gentleman were friends? Uh, customer.
When he didn't have money, I took a painting.
That's good of you.
You heard that he's been kidnapped.
Right? - Huh? - Yeah.
Gone to America, I say.
- I don't know.
- Or-or Morocco.
He was, uh, always talking about it.
(SIGHS) He owed a lot of people money around here.
- Hmm? - He disappears.
Poof! Problem solved.
He owe you money? You think I pay my waiters with his paintings? Huh? I tell you one thing, Mr.
If I saw him now, I'd kidnap the little bastard.
How much did he owe you? (LAUGHS) My business is my business.
No question.
I just thought that maybe I could help.
He owed me a lot more than that.
The kid liked his chow, huh? He's not in Morocco.
Or America.
He's here.
I figured I'd talk to the people that run this place Rome.
And I heard, I heard that one of them might be you.
Me? (LAUGHS) Oh, sir, the people who run Rome don't run restaurants.
But the people who run Rome got to eat someplace.
- Of course.
- To be clear, I'm here to sort this out fast, pay his debts, get him home, done.
No names, no police.
I have the means in dollars.
I'm here till Monday.
It's been a pleasure making your acquaintance, sir.
Uh, sir? You have left your case.
So I have.
Madonna Benedetta.
Good afternoon, Mr.
I was asked to give you this.
Somebody will meet you outside at 8:00.
(DOOR CLOSES) It's on.
I recommend we have aircraft on standby.
Once that boy is released, we're gonna need to get the whole family out of Dodge, pronto.
We don't want the police asking questions and we don't need the mafiosis changing their mind.
- Agreed.
- CHACE: Thank you, sir.
Keep me informed.
Roger that.
Over and out.
(COIN DROPS) Get those cards up.
All right.
Now, you look me dead in the eyes and you tell me that my card's higher than yours.
- Um - What is it? - (ALL LAUGHING) - You're so full of it, man.
You actually play cards with this man? Look at him.
- (ALL LAUGHING) - Hey, mister.
Nice bike.
- Come.
- Well, gents, that's me.
I'm gonna have to be on my way.
I'll catch up with y'all later.
Hey, kid, wait up! Here.
Yeah, turn, turn around Yeah, turn, turn around Yeah, turn, turn around Yeah, I've been around Yeah, turn, turn around Yeah, turn, turn around Yeah, turn, turn around Yeah, I've been around Yeah, turn, turn around Yeah, I've been around Howdy.
Chace, benvenuto.
Benvenuto you, too.
(WHISPERING) He says in the circumstances, Texas Hold'em is appropriate.
Mighty civil.
If he's ever in Texas, we'll do gladiator combat.
No, I want to sit there.
- Hey, hey.
Paul's coming, too.
Chace says he's found him.
We'll be in England by morning and we'll all be together again.
- (LAUGHS) - No way! Oh, yes.
Stay awhile.
PENELOPE: No, no, no.
I need to be there when he arrives.
(LAUGHS) Besides, Chace has put him on a plane which gets in sometime tonight.
And the old man is looking at me with that way of his.
What way is that? Like a lizard with second sight.
(BOTH LAUGH) So he knows something.
You may mock, but he can tell things just by looking.
He's extraordinary like that.
If he's not on your side.
Which means we need to be very careful.
Good-bye, darling.
Au revoir, mon amour.
TRANSLATOR: Concerning your particular interests, we've made inquiries among our contacts in Rome.
Extensive inquiries.
(SNAPS FINGERS) (SPEAKS ITALIAN) We'd very much like to do business with you, Mr.
Chace, but we regret it's not possible.
I'm here to negotiate.
The briefcase is just what we Americans call a loss leader.
It's a present.
(TRANSLATES IN ITALIAN) As a favor to a respected visitor, I can tell you we asked all the companies in this area of the market.
They also are all out of stock, regretfully.
So please, be assured, you will be the first to hear if the situation changes.
But for now Okay.
So, you really don't have him.
Nobody has him.
Getty? Uh Not today.
Let's get the kids off.
Are we in England? No.
No, Mark, we're not.
Where's Paul? Come on.
Come on.
(BELL TOLLING) Now that's a party.
You know, when I was in the CIA, they taught us how to kill a man with a pencil.
It just goes in the ear, like that, through the eardrum, and then "bam," right into the brain.
Lights out.
I've never tried it.
But I do not doubt the theory.
I've been looking for you, young man.
- I was in Positano.
- Doing what? Nothing, just there for a few days.
Swimming, doing drawings for the tourists on the beach.
- Paul there with you? - No.
I was supposed to meet him there, but he never showed.
Why? I don't know, he just didn't come.
Straight up? Yes.
He just said to meet him.
I mean, I heard what's happened.
Is there any news? (SIGHS) So little news that I am becoming awful agitated.
I have been up and down the seven hills of Rome looking for your friend.
It's just you and me now.
(SPEAKS ITALIAN) You know, that's the only sentence in that Italian phrase book that I can make out? Son, look at me.
I'm slow to wrath.
As the Good Book says, "anger resteth in the bosom of fools.
" But I'm about clean out of patience.
So, I want you to take this half of the pencil and I want you to write down everywhere that you and your friend Paul went in the last two weeks.
I need names, addresses, times, sexual orientation, cup size, dick size.
I don't care if you pissed in a pot, I want to know the name of the pot.
And I'm gonna just hang on to this half of the pencil, you know, just in case.
Get up.
Walk with me.
Well I'll be damned.
I'll be damned.
Can I go now? You read these? They're Paul's.
Why would I do that? You ever seen this movie? No.
This everything? Every place, - every person? - Yeah.
I don't know how we lost contact with each other.
This boy.
This is the Getty kid.
You haven't seen him? - No, sir.
- Thank you very much.
- See him, see him? - No, no, no.
Can you just look at it for a second? - Just take one look.
- No, no.
This kid's got long red hair.
- Have you seen this boy? - (MAN SPEAKING ITALIAN) The Getty kid.
Have you seen this, this kid? By any chance? His name's, uh, Getty.
- Looks like this.
- (SPEAKING ITALIAN) Thank you very much.
When's the last time you saw him? - A few weeks ago.
- How many? Uh, two weeks? Ten days? A month? I need to know.
(SPEAKING IN ITALIAN) I'm gonna have a look around.
WOMAN: Scusi, Mister.
Are you looking for Paul? How do you do? I'm Fletcher Chace.
Nice to meet you.
- You know Paul? - Yeah.
Where can we talk? Thank you.
CHACE: Your boy is creative.
GAIL: Yeah, he has endless ideas, every day.
But they don't always turn into anything.
Some do.
Did you know he was he was writing a movie? Look at that.
Um what's your news? CHACE: You see this movie? - No.
- Paul did.
I did.
It was slow, but it did have a fake kidnapping scene in it, just like the one that Paul was writing in his movie.
Chace, no.
That's the same bullshit that everyone's talking about.
I know, it's probably nothing.
- No.
- But then, there's then, there's this.
That's a fresh round.
- What does that have to do with Paul? - Probably nothing.
But I did dig it out of the ceiling in their apartment.
Then there's the twins.
This was taken yesterday.
Look at that.
Go on, look at it.
There's a lack of concern there, don't you think? Under the circumstances.
I talked to our friends at the police station.
Ransom notes go to the newspaper, or a TV station, or they go to the police direct.
They're never, ever just left on a bed.
It's not done.
It still doesn't prove anything.
You're absolutely right.
- It's probably nothing.
- No, it's not probably nothing, it is nothing.
So Paul got obsessed with some movie.
That's what he does.
Fletcher, he wouldn't do this.
He just wouldn't do this.
I know my son.
That's exactly what Paul did.
It couldn't be more clear.
"Since Thursday, I have been in the hands of kidnappers.
" Right there.
Two days later, he turns up at the Treetops Nightclub.
He dances himself stupid, he buys the waitress a drink, and then he leaves, in a hurry.
Kidnapped Thursday, in fear for his life Friday, partying Saturday.
That's a very lax kidnapping schedule, even for Italy.
That can't be right.
I talked to the waitress.
She knows him.
Apparently, he had no shoes on.
- They made jokes about it.
- She's got the days wrong.
That's my first thought exactly.
But she only works on the weekends.
She's at university during the week.
She's a nice girl.
He's broke, he's run up debts with bad people.
This much we know he came to you for money.
No go.
He went to his grandfather in the UK.
Another no go.
Come back to Rome, he cooked up this little scam.
He wouldn't do this.
He wouldn't do it.
No Give me one good reason that I'm wrong, and I'll run with it, ma'am.
One reason.
(SIGHS) Well, I'm fixing to head back now.
Ma'am, it has been a genuine pleasure making your acquaintance.
God bless.
Chace? What am I going to do? Well, the good Lord preaches forgiveness, but but what that boy's done to his mama, I'd whup his ass.
(REPORTERS SPEAKING IN ITALIAN) (DOOR CLOSES) (QUIETLY): Chace thinks Paul's done this whole thing himself.
You'll listen to Mr.
Texas, but when I say it, oh, no.
"Not Little Paul.
" I can't He's wrong.
Paul wouldn't do this.
Blind spot.
- (PHONE RINGING) - Dark side of the moon, Gail.
He burns down a school, he takes drugs, he's rioting, having sex with girls, boys, God knows.
You think he wouldn't do this to you? He's a Getty.
They do anything they want to anybody they want to get exactly what they want.
(PHONE STOPS RINGING) Better already.
What if Since when does he call, Gail? Huh? Never.
(LIQUID POURING) Have a drink.
How about I run you a bath, huh? PAUL: A hoax.
An inventive young man.
CHACE: You could say that, sir.
PAUL: Though a little theatrical for my taste.
And once an idea is out of the box, once you let the lion out of the cage I have three sons.
15 grandchildren, six great-grandchildren.
That's enough to keep a kidnapper in business for the rest of time.
We need to put a stop to this.
I agree, sir.
PAUL: Robina? A press conference, I think.
Gail? PAUL JR.
: I'm a specialist in ancient manuscripts and books.
- Ooh.
- Well, my dad is always trying to get me into the family business, but I mean, it's only money, isn't it? Just ugly, meaningless money.
REPORTER (OVER TV): This is a BBC special news broadcast.
(LAUGHING) And as if by magic.
REPORTER: has been kidnapped in Rome, Italy.
Hey, hey, hey! Listen up! (CROWD MURMURING) (CAMERAS CLICKING) Welcome to Sutton Place.
I would like to send a message to the persons, or person, responsible for the disappearance of my grandson.
I have 14 other grandchildren who would be put at risk if I were to negotiate with kidnappers.
So for their sake, I am making it clear now, and for the record, that I will not be paying a single, solitary cent.
And there it is.
Good evening.
"Not a single, solitary cent.
" That man, there.
He's the meanest human being I ever met.
You've met him? Just a bit.
Oh, my God.
You're Paul Getty.
The Second.
When you have everything you could ever dream of, what do you value? Nothing.
S-So that boy there, that The boy who's been kidnapped.
He's the Third.
Because we all have to be named after him, don't we? Your son? Yeah.
That's my son.
You want another? (SNIFFLES) (BIRDS SINGING) (WHISTLES) (WHISTLES) (WHISTLES) You are the mother.
Gail Getty, yes.
I am working.
I was going home on Saturday.
He was there, at the fountain.
Are you sure it was him? Paul? My-my Paul? Everyone knows the Golden Hippie.
What happened? A car came Two men got out.
They talked to him.
I didn't see everything.
I am a statue.
There was a sack on his head.
They threw him in the back of the car.
He didn't want to go? Do you want to go with people who put a sack on your head? Then what happened? They drove away.
Away where? That way.
Will you will you tell the police this? Please.
Please Here.
Please help me.
(DOOR CLOSES) JEFFERIES: You wasted a bath full of hot water.
Please leave.
- What? - I should've thrown you out a long time ago, and this never would've happened.
Yeah, right, this is all my fault? It's your fault that Paul isn't living here at home.
With me.
It's my fault for letting you stay.
That, I can change.
- Please get out.
- This, right here.
This is what the little shit does, and this is why he does it, to get between you and me.
That "little shit" has been hooded, shoved in a car.
Stolen, kidnapped.
If you're still here in five minutes, I'm calling the police.
(PHONE RINGING) Gail, honey Sì.
(SPEAKING IN ITALIAN) To quote a certain John Paul Getty, "The meek shall inherit the Earth.
But not the mineral rights.
" Had it occurred to the old man that maybe they didn't want them? I mean, you'd think that being rich would be a breeze.
How much easier could life get, to have what you want, when you want it, brought to you on a silver plate by a butler? Turns out, a rich life is just as messed up as a poor life.
Just a different kind of messed up.
Kidnapped? Not kidnapped? Alive? Dead? Whatever.
The mess was only getting started.
But you already knew that, right? (YOUNG MAN SOBBING) (CHAINS CLINKING)