Trust (2018) s01e05 Episode Script


1 (birds chirping) (goat bleating) (rooster crowing) (quiet snoring) (dog barking) (snoring) (insect buzzing) (grunting) (inhaling sharply) (moans) (panting) Nadie me es fiel (horn honking) - Triste es mi vida - (grunts) Sin un cariño Lloro en silencio (music stops) Si? Yeah.
(Primo speaks Italian) (sighs) He's gonna be back soon.
You have to go faster.
My legs are being all weird.
I - I haven't walked in - Oh, no, no, no.
Y-You don't understand what will happen to me.
Please, just a minute.
(panting) (gasps) We have to go back.
I'm not going back.
(Angelo speaks Italian) Listen, w-we'll say you got free, and I brought you back, okay? No, no, no, no, no! Hey! PAUL III: St-Stop! Fucking think! (panting) PAUL III: He's not an idiot.
How did I get out? Who's got the key? Huh? You or me? (panting) (Paul III spits) (whistles) Pri-Primo.
(gas can thuds) No, no, no! Primo! (whimpers) No! No! No, no, Primo! No! No, no, no! (screaming) (horn honks in distance) (horn honks in distance) (horn honks) (sighs) (muttering in Italian) (car door closes) Ciao.
(speaks Italian) (speaks Italian) (birds chirping, insects buzzing) (panting) - We need to get to a phone.
- ANGELO: Shh.
- PAUL III: There must be houses somewhere.
- Shut up.
What? (church bells ringing in distance) No.
No, no, no, no, no.
What? The bells.
PAUL III: So? What about the bells? Huh? (cowbells clanging) (bleating) (church bells ringing) (speaks Italian) PAUL III: Hey, hey.
What's that about, the bells? ANGELO: Getting everybody.
What? (Angelo speaks Italian) Everyone knows.
About me? Yeah.
And about me.
Everyone knows we get we get rescued, right? No rescue.
(overlapping chatter) (grunting) (barking) (barking) (sighs) What are you looking for? That valley is where I lived with my nonna.
My grandmother.
You know what they do to people who betray? Me? They kill me.
No problem.
The family they are they are cut.
Nobody talks to them.
Nobody gives them food in the market.
They turn their face away.
They spit.
They are alone until they die.
And that will be my nonna.
I'm sorry, I didn't know about your nonna.
You're just the golden hippie.
You don't know anything.
(sighs) We have to get down there - before this afternoon.
- Why? You got a plan? You know where we're going? All right, don't.
(dogs barking) (men speaking Italian) (dog squealing) (dog whining) (speaking indistinctly) Nothing in this country works.
I should never have let you do it.
CHACE: $600 plus expenses.
If they play their cards right, "plus expenses" can be highly lucrative.
I made that very clear to them.
GAIL: Expenses for a Getty? If I were a kidnapper, I'd be insulted.
(sighs) I don't know why I get talked into things.
Every time.
You Paul, Lang.
Let the men deal with it, we'll sort it out.
And this is what happens.
It's an opening offer in a negotiation.
They're considering their position.
They'll get back to us in their own Italian time.
- Except they haven't.
- Yet.
They didn't take Little Paul for his good company.
They took him 'cause they want his granddad's money.
They'll be in touch.
Logically, it just makes sense.
You think life's logical, Chace? (scoffs) Well, if there's money on the table, more often than not.
Don't you? No.
(man speaking Italian on TV) Um (reporters shouting in Italian) (crying) PAUL III: Oh, man, I'm starving.
ANGELO: Uh, how do you call this? Black Blackberries? Yeah, blackberries.
(birds chirping) They're not ripe.
Hey, where'd you learn English? School.
Yeah, but it's-it's good.
You know, the others, they didn't speak a word.
You know the clever kid in the class? Was me.
I got sent to to Napoli.
Very fucking clever.
(men shouting and dogs barking in distance) Come on, run.
(dogs barking) (men shouting) (dogs barking) Here, here.
- Why? - We lose the scent.
- (whispers): We should run.
- Shh.
They've lost our scent.
It's okay.
Go that way.
Trust me.
Go that way.
(dogs barking) (man speaking Italian) (train whistle blowing) (panting) Come on.
(grunts) Take my hand! Take my hand! (Angelo screams) (grunting) I thought I thought I was dead.
Where I go, you go, right? Yeah.
We got out! We really did it.
(groaning) Oh! You're a genius, man.
You're a genius.
(dogs barking) (hissing) PAUL III: It looks bad, man.
I will be okay.
Let's just get to Napoli.
We'll be safe in the city.
- Get you to a doctor.
- No, too much family in Napoli.
I have to go to Rome and disappear.
What? No, no, no, no.
You won't be safe there.
You're gonna come to New York with me.
- Me? In New York? - Yeah, you'll love it, man.
I think you you will not want to know me when you're with your famous friends.
What are you talking about? You saved my life.
- You saved my life.
- Exactly.
We're brothers now.
I told you, man where I go, you go.
What? Angelo.
It's my name.
Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Angelo.
(dogs barking, men speaking Italian) PAUL III: You know what? Just a juicy green apple.
Apple? That's it? - Yeah.
- Crazy.
Chicken and fries.
Yes, yeah.
Chicken chicken cooked in lemon and rosemary, like my nonna cooks.
I will never see her again.
Yeah, you will.
We'll bring her to America.
She can be our cook.
- You think you can do that? - Uh-huh.
Like a magic trick? The Gettys can pretty much do anything, man.
Except pay for their son.
(Paul III chuckles) Yeah, except that.
Nothing on the ticker tape? Not about Paul.
A five-pound check from a woman in Exeter.
Another from a lady in Scotland; her pension for the week.
And a 50-pence postal order from a Nigel Stokes of Halifax.
50 pence? It's his pocket money, to help you with the ransom.
I didn't say I couldn't pay it.
I said I wouldn't.
There's a difference.
Nigel's eight.
- Send it back.
- Really? You never know when 50 pence might come in handy.
Bullimore! Immediately, sir! Are you going deaf? Not to my knowledge, sir.
Then why do I have to shout for you every time? (Paul sighs) (sighs) Why won't they make a counteroffer? What's wrong with them? Huh? Primo.
Che? Huh? (speaks Italian) (train chugging) (vehicle approaching) Shit.
Wake up.
Are we still in Calabria? - Are we still - Shh.
(men shouting in distance) We should go.
(panting) (vehicles approaching) (Angelo hisses, groans) (both panting) (animal chattering in distance) (both panting) I need food and water.
(sniffles) Not safe.
I can't go any further.
I just can't.
(sniffles) I know.
(panting) You know what? Do what you want.
I'm gonna go find a house.
I'm gonna find a house, some water, a phone.
- That's what I'm gonna do.
- (panting) Hey you want to kill us?! Hey! (panting) (whimpers) (inhaling deeply, sniffling) (panting) (sniffles) (panting) (insects buzzing) (grunting) - Here, here, here, here, here.
- (groans) (panting) - You all right? - Yeah.
(exhales) Come on.
(grunts, panting) (vehicle approaching) (gasps) It's okay, let's go.
Let's keep on going.
(panting) (creaking) - (loud clang) - (gasps) Where is everybody? - Come on.
- (clattering) (whispers): Come on.
No, no, no.
(jiggles doorknob, knocks on door) (cat meowing) (thumping) (loud clattering) (exhales, sniffles) (breathing heavily) (dialing continues) (dialing continues) - Come on, Mom.
- (line rings) (dogs barking in distance) - (line ringing) - Come on.
(phone ringing) (dogs barking outside) (men chattering) - (dogs barking) - (knocking) (man shouts) Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
- (panting): They're here.
- It's ringing.
- It's ringing.
- They're here! (grunts) - (phone ringing) - (clanking) Hello? Hello? (dogs barking) Paul? Paul? Paul, is that you? Paul, it's Mom.
Paul, speak to me.
Are you okay? (mockingly): Paul.
Who is this? Si, Paul.
(gasps) (panting) (dogs barking) (dogs barking) (sniffs) (sniffs) (truck door opening) (goats bleating) (rooster crowing) - Hey.
- Hi.
Uh (sniffs) Eh? Uh What? Hey.
(whispers): We should go.
No, no, no.
I call my mom and then we're out of here.
(rooster crowing) They'll send a fucking army for us, okay? He's helping us, I know it.
(whispers indistinctly) - Luigi.
- Hey.
(goat bleating, rooster crowing) (Rosaria grunts) (whispering): It's not it's not working.
She thinks it was the storm.
Uh - ROSARIA: Paolo? - Yeah.
(sighs) (whispering): We should go.
Eh? (laughs) - (speaks Italian) - Ooh.
(speaking Italian) (Angelo grunts) (quietly): There hasn't been a storm.
(speaking Italian) (gasps) (music playing over speaker) (chuckles) (music continues) Grazie.
(Angelo and Rosaria grunt) (sighs) Oh, no.
She says she says, uh, he-he's gonna drive us to the main road, and then-then we can hitch to Napoli, no problem.
What, now? - (goat bleating) - (thunder rumbling) ANGELO: (sighs) Oh okay.
(bagpipes playing) (Rosaria sighs happily) PAUL III: This is so good.
ANGELO: Yeah, my nonna she can cook capra alla bovese, frittole, caponata.
(muttering in Italian) People here, they have nothing, but they're just willing to give you everything.
(muttering in Italian) Then I'm going to live in a country where people have everything.
It's gonna be great.
(clapping) (Angelo laughs) A toast.
- Yeah? To brothers.
- Yes.
Oh, no, no, no.
We need more brandy.
- Rosario! - Rosaria! - Rosaria! - (muttering) (door opens) (dogs barking outside) That's all, folks.
Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait! No! - (gunshot) - (glass breaking) Ah Ah If I give my heart to you Will you handle it with care?