Truth Be Told (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

No Cross, No Crown

1 [POPPY.]
The word is a forecast.
The family you're born into forecasts who you'll be, where you go, but membership comes with an obligation.
Your success becomes your family's success, as do your failures.
But what do we owe those that share our blood? Is it more than what we owe a stranger on the street? Is there a point where a line can be drawn? A point at which we're clear to protect ourselves at the expense of our families? Did Owen Cave find himself on the other side of that line? Hey.
How you doing, Uncle Bug? Here you go.
- Ahh.
- Smell like they got lots to say.
- You get all the ones on my list? - Yeah.
Thank you.
This one smell different.
I ran over to Walden Pond.
Had to buy it used.
It was checked out at the library.
You always been slick, Pop-Tart.
This one smells like commerce.
Take it back.
What you listening to? You.
You got a voice make people pay attention.
Like your mama.
I was thinking about going up to the cemetery to see her.
- Wanna come with me? - Nope.
We could get some flowers, ride up there before they even close the gates.
You used to do that when you was little.
What? Run to your mama every time you crossed swords with Shreve.
You heard about that already? Bush telegram.
More reliable than the government.
- So what you gonna do about it? - Me? What's he gonna do? Nothing.
When Shreve look at you, he he don't see your pretty smile, your big, pretty eyes.
Can't see his daughter.
All he sees is his mistakes.
He doesn't think about all that.
It's been 30 years.
Man went to prison the week after your mama died.
Left you swinging in the wind.
He ain't forgot.
Trust me.
It eats at him.
Took a chance I'd find you here.
You gotta stop, Lanie.
You cannot keep ambushing me like this.
Were you really just gonna slip in and out without saying anything? I'm not here for you.
Do you not understand that? Did you really need me to say it? Wait.
Why do you think that she made you executor? I think we both know the answer to that question.
Because I think that she did it to make sure that you would come home.
At least once.
I just don't wanna fight, Lanie.
God, I don't want any of this.
Well, too bad.
I loved her as much as you did, and she loved me.
- I know that.
- Do you? Do you know that I was in the car with her when she died? I don't wanna hear this.
We were hanging there upside down, and they were trying to get us out.
It felt like hours and hours, but they said it was only 18 minutes.
- Knock it off.
- And I watched her fade, and then she just died.
The lights went out right in front of me.
I do this for a living.
I help people transition, and I'm known for my touch, so how cruel is it that I was trapped there by my seat belt, and she's hanging, dying? I'm close, so close I can feel the heat coming off of her body, but I cannot make contact with her, no matter what I try - Jesus, Lanie.
- She was trying to say something, but her mouth was filling up with blood, so I have no idea what she was trying to say.
Do I not deserve to say goodbye to her? Don't I deserve to be part of the arrangements? I'm the one who stayed here, not you.
Lanie, get off of her! [BOTH BREATHING HEAVILY.]
I'm sorry.
This is who we are together.
This is who we've always been together.
When we're done with Susan, I am gone, Lanie.
When a woman cheats on her husband and her lover is found murdered, naturally the first person you would look at is the woman's husband.
In this story, that woman is Melanie Cave, and the husband is Owen Cave.
He had motive in its purest form.
But motive alone doesn't make a murderer.
As strong as his motive was, his alibi was even stronger.
Or so we thought.
Owen Cave, a police officer, detective, was on duty that night.
The question of whether he could've done it should've started and ended there.
According to police logs, Owen Cave responded to a noise complaint at 3:30 a.
After leaving the noise complaint, Owen was unaccounted for until the next entry on the police log, a domestic violence call at 4:44 a.
In those 74 minutes, Owen Cave could've left his patrol and doubled back to the Buhrman house.
Perhaps wanting to confront Chuck Buhrman, a man he once called "friend.
" A man he knew had been sleeping with his wife.
Did Owen Cave kill Chuck Buhrman? Only two men knew the answer.
Owen's partner, George Hutner, was one of them, and he took his knowledge to the grave.
Owen is the only other person privy to the truth.
And I believe his son Warren deserves to hear it.
Come on.
Get up.
Jax, get up.
Come on, you lazy shit.
Hey, hey, hey.
Watch your tone with him.
Miss me? Huh? Come on, Jax.
Welcome back, homes.
Nice to see you not dead.
Nice to not be dead.
They put me in charge after you left.
Ain't so bad at the top.
Don't get attached to the dogs.
They come and go.
They're not ours.
Come on, Jax.
We're straight, right? Who tried to take me out? You hear anything? Nah.
But I'll keep my ears up.
All right.
Not for free though.
Ain't easy to listen and not be seen.
I'll take care of you.
I need to talk to the two witnesses who made those 911 calls.
See if they noticed anything off about Owen.
He had more than enough time to get to the Buhrman house between calls.
You need to slow it down, Poppy.
You don't think he's hiding something? I don't know.
He probably is.
That doesn't mean he murdered old boy.
Cops do all kind of shit on patrol.
Is that a confession? I'm just saying, Chuck had a lot of fans.
Quite a few of them on the crazy side.
And then there's your boy, Warren.
And then there's your boy, Warren.
I know it doesn't fit the script for you, but he still looks good to me.
All right.
If I concede some of your what-ifs will you concede that those 74 minutes are sketchy? - Yes.
- That simple? Hey, I'm not a complicated cat.
Oh, then I guess you won't mind riding along to talk to these witnesses.
It would be helpful to have a former policeman there.
All right then.
I'll pick you up tonight.
What? Y'all beefing? - Keep your eyes on the road.
Classic Poppy.
If you don't wanna see it, it ain't there.
But Desiree's as bad as you.
You don't know what you're talking about.
I see your people more than you do.
You know how she acted when we broke up? You skipped town.
I had to stay here and deal with the heat.
Is that why you got married a year later? [MARKUS LAUGHS.]
Hey, when I jump, I jump.
But we both see how that turned out, right? [POPPY.]
How old is your daughter now? Trini's 15.
Smartest person I know.
Besides you.
She wants to take this road trip to go look at colleges.
And I'm telling you, Pop, she has planned this thing out to the letter.
She worked out driving times.
Even where we're staying.
But, uh - What? - Her moms.
She won't okay the trip.
It's messing with me, you know? And I just don't feel like fighting with her anymore.
You should always feel like fighting.
For your daughter.
Kara Rios? Yes? My name is Poppy Parnell.
I'm a journalist.
This is my associate.
Markus Killebrew.
This gonna take long? Oh, we'll be quick.
We're just trying to find out everything we can about this man.
We think he answered a 911 call at your apartment.
Halloween night.
He wasn't wearing a uniform.
- Owen Cave? - I don't remember his name.
- I do remember he ditched me though.
- He ditched you? He wasn't there for more than two minutes, and then he got a phone call.
- So he took off once his phone rang? - Yeah.
Seemed pissed about it too.
He grabbed his partner and left.
Forgot all about me.
Thank you so much.
Appreciate it.
Thank you.
Susan Carver will be dearly missed.
She was the heart of our little school.
Stay where I can see you.
Such a warm spirit.
And a special talent for making everyone feel heard and seen.
When I arrived at Crown Academy, Susan had already been here for about seven years, but she immediately brought me into the fold.
I'm grateful that I got the chance to know her.
I'm grateful that you all got the chance to spend time with her.
I know it will be hard to go throughout each day without her.
You brought your daughter? - This little spot can be a place - Whatever it takes.
we can all go in those moments when we're missing her the most.
There's two of you.
Who are you? I am Josie.
I'm your mommy's sister.
Who are you? I'm Ella Josephine.
So nice to meet you, Ella Josephine.
Can you say, "Nice to meet you, Aunt Josie"? Nice to meet you, Aunt Josie.
You're married? - No.
- [WOMAN.]
It was a life well lived.
- [WOMAN.]
May we all follow - Any kids? [WOMAN.]
You will never be forgotten.
Carver's class would like to sing a song in her honor before we plant the tree.
I'd like to ask Susan's family to step forward so that we can get started.
You coming? Mom's been calling.
She's got the whole world in her hands - She's got the whole world - [WOMAN.]
Girls! Time to come in.
No, Lanie, you can't leave! Warren! Let me go! [GRUNTS.]
Josie? Aunt Josie? - She's got the wind and the rain - [ELLA.]
Aunt Josie? In her hands Can you come to dinner at our house? She's got the wind and the rain in her hands We'd love to have you.
She's got the whole world in her hands Did you and Owen have a fight the night Chuck died? No.
Are you sure? Owen got a phone call that upset him.
I'm trying to figure out who it was.
Owen didn't kill Chuck, Poppy.
He's wrong, but he genuinely believes that Warren did it.
He wouldn't have destroyed our family.
Otherwise, he would [RETCHING.]
I'm taking you to the hospital.
Hold on.
In here.
Don't move.
Everything good? You tell me.
I was just putting out a couple feelers.
And who gave you sanction? It's natural to ask questions.
Natural to want answers.
But it is not natural to disobey orders.
So what am I supposed to do? Walk around exposed, not knowing who tried to kill me? The man who moved on you will be DP'd.
He will not jump outta line again.
But neither will you.
You understand why I'm tethering you? Trying to save my soul? Your soul can rot.
I don't give a shit.
But you get in a fight, lockdown happens.
You get shanked, lockdown happens.
And that shit affects my business.
Can't happen.
Understood? [SIGHS.]
You doing all right? - [NURSE.]
I am now.
She'll be a little out of it for a bit.
I'll stay with her.
Melanie? You know it's okay if you were fighting that night.
No one would blame you.
If Owen was mad, and he did something because he was mad what he did was just on him.
It's not your fault for calling him.
I know.
What was the fight about? I called I told him I was going to leave him.
You told Owen that you were going to leave him? Owen was so furious.
He was so He I'm so tired.
And we're in the wrong parking lot.
Sun's starting to set, and we didn't wanna go back to the park.
Yeah, I'd seen the sign about bears.
- [ALEX.]
- I was very freaked out.
Bears are really fast.
- They are.
- Yeah.
- Lightning fast.
- [ALEX.]
We decided to hitchhike.
I think it took about an hour before someone picked us up? - A brave couple.
- Yeah.
And the wife was hitting on this one the entire time.
- You say that every time.
She didn't.
- She was.
Mommy, I need to go to the bathroom.
You don't need my help, do you? I want your company.
Oh, well, in that case, we'll be right back.
Hey, sorry we're talking at you all night.
No, it's fine.
It was nice.
You know, takes a little pressure off.
This must be bizarre for you.
Kind of.
For what it's worth, Lanie's missed you.
Lanie, get off of her! Can you come back and hang out, Aunt Josie? I like looking at you.
I like looking at you too.
I wish you were here when I was born.
I should probably get going.
Long day tomorrow.
So I will see you at the service.
Thank you.
Josie, wait.
You know what I've been thinking about, on a loop since I got here? Your face and what it looked like when I woke up to find you pressing a pillow into mine so that I couldn't breathe.
- You tried to kill me.
- No.
Aunt Susan had to pull you off of me.
No, I know, but I was an open wound back then.
I was.
Every part of me hurt all the time.
I was angry at everything.
I understand that this doesn't make any sense, but I needed you to feel what I was feeling.
Okay? I needed you to feel the rawness and the panic.
I was so wrapped up in it, and I wasn't trying to kill you, Josie.
I was trying to kill myself.
But I'm in control of my life now.
Hello? No, I can see that.
And that is why I think it would be best if I left right after the funeral.
We can have this time and then What? Like you can't see it.
Lanie, please, I know that you can.
I know that you can feel the same thing just creeping back in this family.
It's just - Hey.
- Give us a second.
Your mom was just arrested.
- What? - For breaking and entering.
- Your new spot? - [CHUCKLES.]
I don't wanna waste an inch of this beautiful house.
You okay? Sure.
You wanna talk about the other night at the jail? Not yet.
You don't tiptoe around much, except your father.
I need time.
Shreve drew a line in the sand, baby.
I mean, there's not a person in my family who would ever assault another family member.
- Assault is a strong word.
- Yes, it is.
That's the difference in how you grew up and how I grew up.
Well, we can't just act like it didn't happen.
Who does that serve? Okay, okay, tell me your plan.
It doesn't have to be complicated.
Nothing is ever simple out here.
My father is sick.
He's not in his right mind.
He didn't know what he was doing.
Take him to a doctor then.
Get him checked out.
Get clarity.
It's time.
Something has to be done.
I'm trying to get everyone here on board with that.
Don't wait.
If he's so out of it that he gets physical with his own daughter in front of her husband No.
I'd like to see him get checked out by the end of the week.
If not, I'm prepared to file a restraining order.
I've already filled out all the forms.
All I have to do is get them to a judge.
- Are you serious? - Dead.
Look, baby, I am going to drag your country-ass family into this century if it's the last thing I do.
So Owen Cave's second 911 call, the 4:44 mystery woman? [NOA.]
Carmela Isaacs.
Full ghost.
She doesn't exist? I checked everything.
DMV, police records, death certificates, mental institutions.
Not just in California, but national databases.
There's no record of her since December of 1999.
She called about a domestic violence dispute.
I did a series for the Times once about the domestic violence epidemic.
Victims often change their names to escape their abusers.
Beat you to it.
Name changes are public domain.
Except when they're sealed at the victim's request.
I'll see if Markus can pull a few strings.
- Sounds good.
Talk to you later.
So, how'd you do it? [MARKUS CHUCKLES.]
You know, that's what they all wanna know.
No, seriously, how did you find our missing witness? File clerk I used to work with pulled a few strings for me.
He still with the city? She.
- Mm-hmm.
- I see.
You didn't have to let me stay overnight.
I came when I could.
Why'd you go to the old house? What were you doing there? Skipping down memory lane.
I don't know what you're doing, but you need to stop.
Okay? - Whatever it is.
- You need to be more grateful.
I was not there for me.
I was there for you and for your sister.
Jesus Christ.
Have you found Josie yet? No.
Try to stay out of jail before Susan's funeral, please.
Fuck Susan.
Look, I am just trying to prove that I was framed.
Well, what I don't get is why some darkie gives two shits about you.
Something you're not telling us? She gonna say something on her show about you getting shanked? Maybe people start sending you sympathy cakes.
You know what? If you're nice to me, Dyson, I can get her to put you on her show next season, and then she can convince everybody in the world that it wasn't you on tape who shot that old woman in the head.
How about that? Boys.
Couple Mexicans in front of me were talking about you on the way in.
Took Spanish in high school.
I understood every word.
So? Who was it? [WOMAN.]
He said he was gonna get a gun and come back and kill me.
- [POPPY.]
Who? - My father.
So I called the police.
They came very fast.
Only one man.
A detective.
Was it him? That looks like him.
Can you tell me anything about him? He was very kind.
Tried to be helpful.
But he was agitated? Sweating a lot even though it was October.
It wasn't hot out.
He said it had been a long, busy night.
I didn't understand what that meant until the next day.
What did it mean? The next morning I noticed red smudges all over the carpet.
I got down to clean them out, and I realized it was blood.
Detective Cave showed up to your house at 4:44 a.
with blood on his shoes? - Yes.
- Are you sure? Yes.
We had to get the carpets replaced.
When? Well, how? What I want you to do now? I want you to go back in time and do it right.
Who was that? It's nothing.
Uh, this the only place you could find to hide? There's AC.
So? So.
Uh-uh, I need to hear you say it, loudly and clearly, "Poppy, you were right.
" I'll say it when it's for real for real.
But I will tell you this.
The motherfucker is looking guiltier by the minute.
I mean, I don't think I ever came home with blood on my shoes.
And I was Oakland PD.
He's scared.
- I hope he's losing his shit.
See, that right there, that look on your face could win wars.
So what's happening? We gonna celebrate or what? Bet.
Where to? Not The Knock.
How long you gonna shoot your sister to the left? - To hell with all of 'em.
- Damn.
What happened? - Leave it alone.
- No, hell no.
So tell me.
- Let it go.
- Why? Because I said so.
You know, I remember that tone.
You were famous for that.
You brought it on yourself.
But, you know, back when you and I used to fool with each other, I was famous for not giving a shit about that tone.
So spit it out.
I feel like I'm under siege from all sides.
You heard about the bar getting raided, right? Yeah, I heard about it.
It's full circle.
Owen sicced his goons on us and things spiraled.
They arrested Cydie on a bullshit warrant.
Humiliated her.
Daddy was so furious.
He grabbed me by my throat.
What? I don't have the words.
And I always have the words.
The way he looked at me [SIGHS.]
Listen to me.
You cannot be scared of the look in your father's eyes, and you damn sure can't let some crooked cop be the reason you don't end up with your family.
I mean, you may not be able to fix everything, but you gotta try.
Whatever that looks like.
Quiroga, something's wrong with Jax.
Who was looking after him when I was gone? We were all on rotation.
Well, somebody gave him something they shouldn't have.
Come here.
Take a look.
I know it was you who shanked me, you little bitch.
No, man, I swear.
I wanna know why.
You got it wrong.
I got hired, all right? Please.
- Bullshit.
- I'm telling you.
My girl got busted for possession.
They were gonna take my son away.
He made it go away.
I want a name.
The cop who came to visit you.
Hey, hey! Get him off me! [SHOUTING, CLAMORING.]
Aus, Jax, aus! Get him off! So tired of trying to hold on It's looking crystal clear now Borderline is near now I can just breathe, yeah, yeah [HERBIE.]
I love that song.
It is real sexy.
She ain't never giving you none, Herbie, so stop.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Not now.
Okay, why don't I cook, you come over, and the three of us can Can we talk? You can.
I'm sorry that you got swept up like that.
I'm sorry that those officers treated you that way.
I'm sorry that they embarrassed you.
I'm sorry that you have to live with that memory.
You shouldn't have to.
You're sorry those officers did what they did.
- Where you in that? - Too soon for this.
We don't call them officers in this family neither.
Especially when they trying to shut my bar down because of you.
I got it, Daddy.
It's okay.
So what you want me to say? "Everything's good"? "We good"? - You want me to lie? - I wanna fix it.
They strip-searched me over some parking tickets.
How you gonna fix that? You gonna make my mug shot disappear? Or explain to my job why I missed my shift? You know they put me on probation? - Cydie - Save it.
I did not come over here to fight.
I promise you, baby sis.
I know you're angry with me, Daddy, and you can have that.
- But I am angry with you too.
- You're angry? You know what, Daddy? I will give you some grace because I know you need help.
My father would have never done to me what you did the other day.
Pickles, grilled onions, side of fries.
Thank you.
Look, I know they're acting like everything's normal when they're around me.
But they're listening to that podcast, right? Don't think it's affected anyone's job performance, sir.
I just want you to know what that Parnell woman is saying are speculations.
It's bunk.
I understand.
Cedros, your order's ready.
I hate eulogies that aren't honest.
You know the ones that paint the portraits of the saintly people who donate all their money to charity, never whispered a bad word.
So, um it was very important to me that I not leave this podium before mentioning that my Aunt Susan really loved bad words.
It was her favorite thing: A good bad word.
When I was younger, um sometimes I felt like I was trapped in my head.
Like my brain was a maze and there was no exit, and it was Susan who helped me find my way out.
And I know for a fact I would not be standing here if it were not for her so I just wanted to thank her for that.
Now anyone with a memory to share - That was perfect.
- or a final wish to impart.
You should say something.
You're welcome to come and do so now.
I'm really happy you're here.
Even if you don't stay.
Your mother's here.
Jesus Christ, she's trashed.
I thought you said that she wasn't coming.
- Erin - No.
I get to grieve too! Two peas in a pod.
Look at you.
You are embarrassing yourself.
You need to leave.
Really? Am I embarrassing myself, Jojo? Sorry.
Susan was my little sister, and we never got along.
And she had bad taste.
I told her.
With her run-over Ross Dress For Less heels, knitted sweaters There was only one thing that we agreed on: My daughters.
I'll give her that.
When they were babies, she used to come over at night and help me.
And she would hold one baby and I would hold the other.
And we would rock them and we would sing to them.
Where are you going, I don't mind I've killed my world and I've killed my time So where do I go? What do I see? I see many people coming after me [TYPING.]
So where are you going to [CELL PHONE CHIMES.]
I don't mind If I live too long I'm afraid I'll die So I will follow you wherever you go [SNIFFLES.]
If your offered hand is still open to me Strangers on this road we are on We are not two, we are one ["STRANGERS" PLAYING.]