Truth Be Told (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

The Truth

Watch your step.
What happened? Oh, the lady died in there.
One of the officers said suicide.
Suicide my ass.
- I think she killed her mother.
- Hmm.
You should've seen that self-satisfied look she gave me.
Yeah, well, this is Erin's preliminary tox report.
And ODs like this usually show high levels of it.
People popping a lot of pills.
And this one seems like it was a perfectly measured dose.
Which someone who works in the death business would know how to do.
Like your friend Lanie.
Same woman who broke into my house looking for her diary.
Took my mother's church fan and gave it to her kid to play with.
Yeah, but Erin has a long history of pill popping.
And she's been locked up a bunch of times, so an OD makes sense to the cops.
This case is done.
But Erin was gonna come on the podcast and tell me what happened that night.
- Really? - Mmm.
All right, so Lanie makes it seem like Erin is freaking out because you're about to dredge up a whole bunch of shit.
So, what does she do? She pops some pills to take the edge off and she winds up OD'ing.
And the only reason Lanie would do that is if she killed her father and needed her mother to be quiet.
Yeah, I can see that.
You agree with me for once.
I agree with you on this one.
You've come to see my brilliance.
- I wouldn't say all that.
This is a prepaid collect call from [MAN.]
California State Penitentiary.
To accept charges [WARREN.]
I don't have long.
The guards released me back into gen pop.
I'll be lucky if I make it to the end of day.
Well, can we get your lawyer to request protective custody? No, it's too late.
Listen, if I die before my mother does, you have to promise me that you keep this from her.
Don't talk like that.
I'm gonna get you out.
You camp at her house, you steal her phone if you - I'm calling the warden.
- Poppy.
- This one's for Kuvney.
- [POPPY.]
- [MAN.]
Piece of shit! Warren.
She called me, slurring her words, ranting about Poppy Parnell.
So I went over there to try to calm her down, but by the time I got there she was already Still doesn't make any sense.
But how could we know what was going on in Mom's head? She barely even knew herself.
No way.
You don't understand.
We were gonna start over.
Both of us, here, together.
Why were you there? What do you mean? Why did she call you and not me? She'd never made herself vulnerable like that to you.
I don't know.
Maybe she was scared, you know, that she couldn't live up to everything that she promised you.
Do you really think that? Oh, my God.
Josie, I didn't mean it - [GIRL.]
Don't tell Mom, okay? - [GIRL SHOUTING.]
Hey, are you okay? Josie, are you okay? [INGRAM.]
Get back to me by end of day.
I need your help.
- With? - Lanie Buhrman.
She was institutionalized and I think her time inside holds some of the answers.
Crapped out on that one with my colleague's wife.
I don't need her medical records, just the name of her doctor.
When I saw you coming in, I thought, "Finally.
She's here to talk about us.
" What do you need from me? The truth which I haven't been getting.
- About? - Come on, Poppy.
You know, Warren and I couldn't be further apart.
But somehow I felt like we were linked.
My destiny with his.
It made me want to fight for him the way I would fight for myself.
The way I couldn't fight for myself as a kid.
When you were a kid.
Well, I got some information about your foster mother, Shirley Maxwell.
It said that she drowned while you were in her care.
I don't like to talk about it.
Just trying to understand.
She drowned in front of me when I was nine.
Just a little under a year after my mother died.
Now, I really don't like to think about anything from that time.
I couldn't help my mother.
I couldn't help Shirley.
And that's why you've been so crazed about this case.
Warren is out of time.
And so am I.
I really need your help with Lanie.
I'll see what I can do.
Thank you.
But there's a price.
I got an offer to go back and head up my father's firm in New York.
What? Ingram Poppy, I'm helping you on this one so you can be done with this case, so you can get back to what you used to do, to how we used to be.
That is how we get us back.
You're going down, Warren! [MAN 2.]
You're a dead man, Cave.
[MAN 3.]
Better watch your back.
[MAN 4.]
Imma watch you spit up, bro.
Imma bleed you.
[MAN 5.]
Sleep tight, princess.
[MAN 6.]
You're fucking dead.
[MAN 7.]
I'm gonna fuck you up, Cave.
[MAN 2.]
I'm gonna get you.
What have you got? Happy times, except it's missing one thing: Lanie.
You see less and less of her in these as the girls get older.
There's plenty of Erin and Josie.
Chuck and Josie.
Does it take a picture? Why are you just holding it? I don't know.
I have to It's still videoing.
- She's become an outsider.
- Mm-hmm.
Hold that thought.
Hey, babe, any luck? [INGRAM.]
Insurance company worked.
Lanie's doctor still works at Redwood.
Ian Poole.
Thanks so much for this.
Think about moving back to New York.
Really think about it.
We'll discuss it later.
I promise.
Are you kidding me? For now, can we just stay focused on Lanie Buhrman? Okay.
Josie, I'm sorry about your mom.
Are you? Really? I lost my mother when I was nine.
And I still think about her every day.
And it still breaks my heart.
My mom died of an overdose right around the time you were convincing the world that she might be a murderer.
What could be better for your podcast? Finding out the truth.
I was going to see your mother when she died.
Why? She was going to talk.
When I arrived at your aunt Susan's, the paramedics were there and your sister.
Your mother was on a rehab drug called Antabuse, the night of the murder.
She wasn't passed out drunk at the party, Josie, she wasn't even drinking that night.
But you knew that, didn't you? She never got the chance to tell me what she knew.
- And I don't think it was an accident.
- No.
Your sister's the one who found the body.
Your sister's the one - your mother supposedly called.
- Stop.
The level of drugs in her system doesn't fit your usual suicide.
- It was calibrated perfectly to be - We're done.
I think Lanie killed your father.
And when she found out your mother was going to come clean, she killed her too.
You're the only one left, Josie.
Seventeen years, you cut yourself off from her.
Changed your name, made sure she couldn't reach you.
Just let go.
What are you doing? - Lanie If there is even a tiny part of you that believes any of this could be true, then you've got to help me.
What do you want me to do? - Can I help you? - Yes.
I am here to pick up my juvenile records.
The release was authorized by Dr.
- And your name? - [MAN.]
Lanie Buhrman.
It's good to see you looking so well.
How have you been? I've been great.
I'm married.
I have a four-year-old daughter.
I understand you need your records? Yes.
I'm applying for a job.
Children services.
So, naturally, they need to see every stitch of paper on me including records from my time here.
Good for you.
Michael can help you.
I am thrilled to see you happy, Lanie.
Thank you.
Lanie, we need to talk.
Sure, I'm just finishing Mr.
Carr's death certificate.
Rosemary can finish that.
So, a few troubling revelations have come to light over the past few weeks.
What revelations? Inappropriate behavior.
An inappropriate sexual relationship between you and Virginia Reed's grandson.
This podcast about your family has people talking.
Your profile has gone up.
He talked.
He told several people, and his father reported it to us.
It's not like he was a kid.
I'm afraid that I have to let you go immediately.
No! I need your key.
Here, take your fucking key.
What does it say? Signs of histrionic personality disorder.
Overwhelming desire to be noticed.
"At the same time, the patient displays an unhealthy obsession with twin sister, Josephine Buhrman.
Borders on pathological.
Often cannot distinguish her own actions and those of her sibling.
Described being separated from her twin as 'acute physical pain.
'" What? Josie, what else does it say? [JOSIE SIGHS.]
They think that she was lying about my dad sexually abusing her.
"The real goal of the accusation was to sever the close emotional ties between father and twin sister, Josephine.
Go away, Josie.
Is there anything from that night that you can remember? [JOSIE.]
Just these flashes.
None of it makes sense.
My dad's face, flapping wings, blood.
I'd like to show you something.
What's going on? I'm taking Ella up to Tahoe.
Uh, since when? Since the cops came to my work asking about your behavior with clients.
Oh, my God.
My bitch boss.
They mentioned missing drugs from clients.
What? Jesus Christ, Alex.
I don't even My mom literally just died.
I mean, can I - Jesus.
- What are you doing? Alex! Stop! Your patient's pills.
Obviously, I can explain that.
I'd like to see you try.
'Cause I couldn't.
Did you do it? No, I never slept with any client.
What? And honestly, you have no idea I'm not talking about your goddamn client! What are you talking about then? I made a habit out of not asking any questions this entire marriage.
Why would I start now? Are you coming back? Are you bringing Ella back? [MAN.]
You're really getting rid of these, huh? - [TOOL BUZZING.]
I remember when I put these things on you back in the day.
Thought to myself, "This boy ain't got no clue what he's inking up for.
" Oh, I knew.
Which is why I'm here right now.
You're good to go.
Removing those You know that means death, right? I am already dead.
Not the way they're gonna serve it to you for that.
My body is already gone.
Maybe this is the only way I can save my soul.
I remember everything about that day.
But that night Warren's life is in danger as we speak.
He went to prison because of Lanie, but he could die because of you.
I have a video from that night.
Can I play it for you? [INDISTINCT CHATTER ON VIDEO.]
Hi, Dad.
I remember those costumes.
We were obsessed with Anne Boleyn.
That's disgusting.
Off with your head.
There's something I wanted to ask you about that night.
You see those statues there on the hall table? The pheasants? [LANIE.]
Go away, Josie.
Don't tell Mom, okay? One of them went missing the night of the murder.
We think it could be the murder weapon.
Do you know where it is? I think so.
Don't worry about him.
He's harmless.
That's your problem, boy.
The people that thrive in here tend to be very harmful.
Look, I'm sure you've heard about my situation.
I need help.
I know you don't like the guys coming after me, so I thought it could be a win-win.
Oh? So this would be good for me? All I can say is I will do whatever it takes to get protection from you.
Right? Drugs, cell phones, cigarettes.
You wanna live? I don't dislike you, because I dislike your people a lot more.
Raines, it's not They aren't my people anymore.
So one black girl helps you see the light and suddenly the rest of us are all supposed to give a shit? Listen, I am out of options here.
Still, shit's been quiet around here.
Protecting you means going to war, maybe losing one of these assholes.
For you? Can't make it work.
Oh, my God.
Why did you write these things about Dad? Because they're true.
I know that you worship him, but he's [CRYING.]
I don't want to.
- [DAD.]
This is not about what you want.
- [GIRL.]
Dad, stop.
Do what I say.
Come on.
- [DAD.]
Get in there! - [GIRL.]
Dad, stop! - [DAD.]
Step in my office now.
- [GIRL.]
Dad, let me go! Stop! Let me go! Let her go! - Josie - [BOTH GRUNTING.]
Josie, no.
Josie, stop.
- Oh, my God.
- [POPPY.]
What is it, Josie? It It was me.
It was me.
Well, you huffed and you puffed and you blew the house down.
For what? For nothing.
Warren will go free.
Yeah, and sweet, innocent, good twin Josie'll take his place.
Imagine what's gonna happen to her in there, because of you.
All because you couldn't mind your own goddamn business.
If I had to go, it might be okay.
But Josie? She's gonna get eaten alive.
She's the weak twin.
There's always one.
And you get away with all your lies.
You lied about your father abusing you.
You lied about Warren.
I was protecting my sister.
- Say it was you.
You're out of your mind.
Accept the blame or Josie's gonna pay the price for what you did.
Look, your doctor said it.
You love her too much.
So prove it.
Protect her.
You're right.
That is my problem.
I've always loved her more than she loves me.
I realize that now, and I have to stop putting her first.
So, you're the one with the decision to make, Poppy.
It all depends on you.
You've been white-hot since day one to prove Warren innocent.
His father's dead in your house.
The bar got raided, Cydie got arrested, Ingram is sleeping in your guest room.
Why are you taking your foot off the gas now? Josie is a victim too, just like Warren, because of her sister.
She won't make it in jail, Des.
Your job is done.
You did this to find the truth I did this to be able to put my head on my pillow at night.
Since I was nine, Mama died and I went to live with Miss Shirley that's all I have ever wanted, was to be able to put my head on my pillow at night and rest easy.
Warren brought back the unrest.
And it will be the same thing all over again if I send Josie to prison.
I know you're hurting.
I can see it.
But you are the only one who can decide what to do.
And whatever that is you better be certain.
When I was growing up, my mother had a framed quote on our kitchen counter.
I took it with me when I left home.
Subconsciously, it might have played a role in my becoming a journalist.
"I am for truth, no matter who tells it.
I'm for justice, no matter who it's for or against.
" Malcolm X.
Problem is brother Malcolm never said what you're supposed to do when truth and justice don't line up.
For a moment, imagine this: You toss a pebble without much thought or care into the ocean.
You move on as the ripple effect from that tossed stone creates a tidal wave on another shore.
This podcast was that wave.
And it was felt in every corner of every life it touched.
It upended no I upended everything in the pursuit of justice.
" A word more fluid than I ever realized.
I did what I had to do.
And now I have to pay the price.
Justice has meant something different for everyone involved with this case.
Don't let my mother die alone.
That was true in 1999 and it's true now.
I set forth at the beginning of this series to find answers.
I succeeded.
But at what cost? To the Buhrmans, to the Caves, to myself.
How far would I go to right a wrong? What would I be willing to lose? And who am I if I don't risk it all to make amends? [WOMAN.]
Friday, May 10th, 4:06 p.
, Menlo Police Department.
This is the recorded statement of Josephine Buhrman.
Could you repeat that louder? Who killed your father? My mother.
Your mother, Erin Buhrman? Yes.
Why did your mother kill your father? [SOBS.]
To protect me.
My father had been sexually abusing me for years.
My mother She found my diary.
She read about it and she just wanted to protect me.
What did you do? There was this old oak tree, it's a very special place for us.
Lanie and I went to go dig up this time capsule from when we were little kids and instead, we found that.
We found her standing over his body.
And she said [SOBS.]
She swore us to secrecy.
We were just scared kids.
We were just little kids.
I thought I told you two to go back to bed.
Why didn't you tell the police this 20 years ago? Because I didn't remember.
Detective, my client has been diagnosed with recovered memories.
These are memories unconsciously blocked due to the high level of stress of the event in question.
Recent events around her family appear to have reactivated them.
And your testimony to the police? [SNIFFLES, SOBS.]
My mother coached me.
Go ahead.
Say it.
Yes, it was Warren.
Warren Cave? Lanie.
To be perfectly clear, you did not see Warren Cave go over the fence? No.
So your testimony about Warren Cave 20 years ago was false? Yes.
Open 32.
Let's go, Cave.
You're free.
Nineteen years ago, I wrote about Warren Cave.
Nineteen years ago, I saw nothing but race.
Mine and his.
His life, my life, viewed solely through the prism of race.
How do you go on when the truth that catches you irrevocably scars your soul? [BUZZER SOUNDS.]
How do you rekindle that spark for life when fate extinguished it years ago? How do you find the will to press forward when you don't even know what you're pressing towards? Hi, Mom.
It's me.
I love you too.
If I'm for justice, no matter who it's for or against, has justice, in this case, truly been served? So, are you still planning on staying? I'd like to.
You're all I've got left.
Do you remember these? These little rings.
They made me feel close to you all these years.
I thought after 20 years I finally understood Mom.
That she was trying, trying to be a good mother, but she was going to tell Poppy everything, wasn't she? The pressure just got to her.
That's why you gave her the pills.
For me.
Yes, I mean, everything I do is for you.
I love you more than you love me, remember? You're right, but it's impossible, Lanie.
You're too sick.
Poppy was right.
You're under arrest for the murder of Erin Buhrman.
- Wait.
- Hands behind your back.
Josie! [POPPY.]
So, is this justice? Did I do more harm than good with this journey into the past? For that one [CHUCKLES.]
Well the verdict on me will likely be rendered by the jury in heaven.
What are you doing here? Can I come in? Yeah.
So, your sister, Desiree, she told me you're moving to New York.
Is that true? Yeah, it looks like it.
But Well, it's probably for the best anyway, huh? That's what Ingram wants, but I don't know.
Well, you know, if it makes it any easier I was gonna call this a wrap anyway.
What? The investigating.
You know, you and me doing our thing together.
You know, when I saw you at the bar at your father's party, - standing there looking beautiful - [LAUGHS.]
dripping in all kinds of jewels and money I remembered how much I used to love you how much I still love you.
- Markus.
- No.
And I was a knucklehead when we were together.
A young punk who thought he knew everything.
But I didn't know that a woman who gives you all of her heart is a rare and elusive thing.
Well, I know that now.
But now it's too late.
And, you know, Ingram, he a he's a solid dude.
And I would never ever do anything to disrupt your life ever.
So, this is me out.
On the first episode I told you this show would be different.
That this show would be not just about Warren Cave, but also about me.
So the question becomes Who am I on this side of the journey? Have I finally become the real me, or has the real Poppy Parnell burrowed deep down even deeper inside? Only time, the next challenge, the next adversity, the next brush with fate will tell.
I am Poppy Parnell.
Thank you for listening.