Twin Peaks s01e05 Episode Script

The One-Armed Man

Previously on "Twin Peaks" Agent Cooper.
There's no sign of the man with one arm.
Keep trying.
He's out there.
If anyone can find him, Hawk can.
- He's a tracker? - The best.
My darling daughter Jade.
Uncle Leland? Madeleine? Blood? Somebody's running drugs into Twin Peaks.
- Who's targeted? - Jacques Renault.
Bartender at the Roadhouse.
We figure him for the middleman.
- Who's this? - Bernard Renault.
Jacques' brother.
Did you sell drugs to Laura Palmer? Yeah.
Yeah, his hair was long.
Filthy, grey on grey, long hair.
I saw him.
At the foot of Laura's bed.
He looked like an animal.
- Had you seen this man before? - No.
His face.
My God, his face! Sarah, did you tell them about the necklace? - They're gonna love that one.
- What necklace? She's had two visions.
Go ahead, Sarah.
It's night.
A flashlight beam moves across the ground.
Then a hand, a gloved hand, lifts a rock and takes out a necklace, broken in half.
It was Laura's.
Invitation to love.
Don't fight it, Chet.
You know as well as I there's still something between us.
There always will be.
For God's sake, Emerald.
That may be true, but I'm married to your sister now.
It's wrong.
You always said you could never tell us apart, so Morning, Lucy.
What's going on? Thanks to Jade, Jared decided not to kill himself and he's leaving the Towers to Jade instead of Emerald.
Emerald knows, and is now seducing Chet for the will so she can destroy it.
Montana plans to kill Jared so the Towers will belong to Emerald and him.
I think she's gonna double-cross him, and he doesn't know it yet.
Poor Chet.
What's going on here? Agent Cooper's in the conference room with Dr Jacoby.
Thank you.
Lucy, why couldn't I spend the night last night? Will you be having coffee, Deputy Brennan? Was Laura Palmer seeing you because she was addicted to cocaine? Agent Cooper, I'd like to help you, but I got a little problem here.
Maybe there's some sort of hula we can do around my doctor-patient confidentiality? She came to you because she was having problems? Oh, my, yes.
Were her problems of a sexual nature? Agent Cooper.
The problems of our entire society are of a sexual nature.
You know, my abiding interests lie to the east, as well.
But only as far as Hawaii.
The ancient Hawaiians often turned to the soothing rhizome of the ginger plant to ease the pain of profound confusion, which, more often than not, was sexual.
Ginger is nonaddictive, cocaine is.
The fact that Laura Palmer sought medication, no matter how dubious, was actually a positive sign.
Doctor Jacoby, I understand you cared deeply for Laura Palmer.
Why won't you help us? My own personal investigation, I suspect, will be ongoing for the rest of my life.
Laura had secrets.
And around those secrets she built the fortress, well, that in my six months with her, I was not able to penetrate, and for which I consider myself an abject failure.
Doctor, did Laura ever discuss Bobby Briggs or James Hurley with you? They were boys, Laura was a woman.
She had sex with three men the night she was murdered.
Were you one of them? No.
Who killed her, Doctor Jacoby? The night after Laura died I followed a man that Laura had spoken to me about.
He was driving a red Corvette.
I followed him to the Old Sawmill Road, and then I lost him.
And that, gentlemen, is all I can tell you.
Agent Cooper, a Gordon Cole says you 're expecting his call.
- Should I put him through? - Yes, Lucy, put him through.
Thank you, Doctor.
That's all.
You 'll be in town, Doctor? Well, I'm planning a pilgrimage to Pebble Beach, but that's not till the end of the month.
Hang loose, haoles.
- Leo Johnson drives a red Corvette? - Yes.
- How we doing on Jacques Renault? - There's an APB on him.
His brother made bail this morning.
I got an "All Points" on him, too.
Harry, this is my supervisor.
- Morning, Gordon.
How are we doing? - Where do we start? The Palmer girl or Albert's new best friend, Harry Truman? - Laura Palmer.
- Albert has been very busy.
The twine he found on her upper arm is a common household variety: Finley's Fine Twine.
- And the twine on her wrists? - Definitely not a match.
No ID yet.
And those marks on her shoulders, bird bites.
He'll also fax a reconstruction of the plastic fragment from her stomach.
We're anxiously awaiting his results.
Now for the bad news, Coop.
I've got an OOJ and an AFO from Albert concerning his "mano a mano" with the local sheriff, Truman.
Albert wants this guy's badge, Coop.
Gordon, here's how it is.
You know Albert.
Sheriff Truman displayed a saint's patience not clocking him before.
- He wants it filed with the US Attorney.
- File it under F for forget it.
Tell Albert if he wants to pursue this, I'll fight him all the way to Washington! - Don't get excited - Later, Gordon.
I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night.
The last thing I want you to worry about is some city slicker I brought into your town relieving himself upstream.
- This is the man I saw in my dream.
- You saw this man? I had an intuition that my dream and Sarah Palmer's vision were connected.
I didn't go because I didn't wanna influence her.
I'm a strong sender.
- The eyes were closer together.
- Deputy Hawk for Agent Cooper.
Stay there.
Follow him if he moves.
Travelling east on Highway 12, how long is it to the Timber Falls Motel? - 10 minutes.
- Half an hour.
Depends how you go.
Hawk's found our one-armed man.
I wish I could've seen Josie's face, opening the safe for her lawman Romeo to show him the double set of books.
And all she finds is the one I've been slowly cooking.
Where's the book that spells bankruptcy? I have more than one hiding place.
My desk upstairs.
There's a drop panel on the top drawer.
Not even Pete the poodle knows about that one.
I'm famished.
I suppose room service is too much to expect of this rusticated mildew farm.
You would prefer the Lumber Baron Suite at the Great Northern.
I'd prefer getting on with setting the torch to that damn mill.
Harry, he's here at the motel.
Room 101.
Last name is Gerard.
Now, when the mill goes up in smoke, the headline we're after is, "Josie Packard torches bankrupt mill in insurance fraud", not "Giant weenie roast in the woods".
Mr Gerard, it's the police.
Open up! What? Jeez! Gunplay.
Sounds serious.
Mr Gerard! - Don't move.
- Oh, my God! Keep your hands where I can see them.
You let me know if there's any bloodshed.
I'm going to give little Elvis a bath.
You know this man.
No, sir.
I've never seen that man before in my life.
But, you know, he kind of looks like somebody.
Mr Gerard, do you have a friend named Bob? Bob Lydecker is my best friend.
- Why have you been at the hospital? - Bob's in a coma.
A Lydecker was assaulted three days ago outside a bar in Lotown.
- That's Bob.
- Is your friend Bob a doctor? He's the best darn veterinarian in these parts.
He's clean: No record, no warrants.
Take a look at his car.
- Your middle name is Michael.
- Named after my uncle.
- How did you lose the arm? - Car accident.
I was on the road from Memphis to someplace.
Selling pharmaceuticals.
A pretty good job.
That's what I'm selling these days.
Everybody needs shoes.
- They're all for the right foot.
- It's my sample case.
Two-day delivery guaranteed.
We could certainly take care of all your departmental needs.
The arm you lost, did it have a tattoo? What's this all about? - I'm a shoe salesman.
- Settle down, Mr Gerard.
- He asked you a question.
- If you won't tell us, we can find out.
What did it say? It said "Mom"! Harry.
- What you got? - Car was staked out when I got here.
It was Josie Packard.
I've been doing some research.
In real life, there is no algebra.
Maybe you should run away and join the circus.
Escape! I've got a better idea.
A tall, dark and handsome stranger falls madly in love with me and takes me away to a life of mystery and international intrigue.
You mean the FBI agent? Dream on.
Maybe he'll realise I'm the woman of his dreams, because I'm gonna help him figure out who killed Laura.
And you 're gonna help me.
Fact: Laura was seeing James Hurley behind Bobby's back.
- What if she was? - So it is true.
Fact: Laura had a sweet tooth for nose candy.
I guess it's not such a big secret.
I didn't know Laura half as well as you, and I knew the score.
Laura was wild.
Come on, will you help me? What else have you figured out, Sherlock? The morning of the funeral, Dr Jacoby is trying to get my brother Johnny to go the funeral.
He tells Johnny that Laura's in a better place now, blah, blah, and he knows that, because Laura was his patient.
- Laura was seeing Jacoby? - It gets better.
- Ever heard of One-Eyed Jacks? - That western with Marlon Brando? It's a place across the border.
They have girls working there.
You think Laura was one of them? I don't know.
If it's true, wouldn't you wanna know? It would explain a few things.
You know, I think about Laura being in a place like that, and I get all shivery.
But it's like a hot cold.
Like when you hold an ice cube on your bare skin for a long time.
I'll help you.
But whatever we find out, we have to promise to keep it a secret.
It's a deal.
I know where to start.
Did you know Ronnette and Laura worked in the same place? The perfume counter at my father's department store.
Have a chat with Hank before the hearing.
He's glad you 're here.
I hope I didn't come on too strong yesterday.
I'll be sure to tell him how helpful you 've been, Mr Mooney.
Haven't seen you for a while, Norma.
- I've been kind of busy.
- So - Business is good? - Yeah.
You gotta back me up in there, Norma, please.
I gotta get out.
It's starting to put the zap on me big time.
I know I have no right to ask and you have no reason to believe me, but I'll change.
I swear on my life, I have changed.
Give me a chance to prove it to you.
I've replayed it in my mind a million times, and I don't have any answers.
A car in perfect condition goes out of control.
A vagrant nobody knows is killed while sleeping by the roadside.
Why did fate deal me this hand? You are not incarcerated for an act of fate, Mr Jennings.
I accept that, but it was fate, maybe even luck, that sent me to jail, just as much as the car accident.
- What is your point? - I know I have a lot to make up for.
For the life I destroyed and for another life I very nearly destroyed.
Mrs Jennings, your husband would be facing a difficult re-entry - how would you help him? - I own a diner in Twin Peaks.
I can give him a job.
The boss is tough, but fair.
And you would live together as man and wife? Well, he is my husband, isn't he? We have what we need here.
We'll make our decision without the inmate present.
We'll let you know by five o'clock today.
Catch you later.
In my dream, Mike said he and Bob lived above a convenience store.
Cooper, I'd think you 'd be afraid to go to sleep at night.
Hey, Hawk.
Andy, could you go into the One Stop and get me some twine? No, that's not Doctor Lydecker.
- Does Doctor Lydecker treat birds? - Well, yes, of course.
You know, there are plenty other vets in Twin Peaks.
Only one has a best friend with one arm.
Harry, in the heat of the investigative pursuit, the shortest distance between two points is not necessarily a straight line.
Hand me that spool of Finley's Fine Twine.
Miss Loomer, we're confiscating your files.
What? As clear as the signs on the turnpike, the bird that attacked Laura Palmer is a client of this office.
I feel so bad for you.
I was watching you at the funeral, and my heart was aching.
I wanted to hold you so much.
That James Hurley.
He was seeing Laura behind my back.
I'm gonna fix him.
Fix me first.
When is Leo due back? Don't worry, bad boy.
I can hear his 'V ette a mile away.
Don't mess around with this, Shelly.
Where is he? He's with his friend, that creepy Jacques.
Jacques, who? That Canuck guy that works at the Roadhouse.
Leo and Jacques? What's the matter? Gotta think.
I gotta think.
Well, think later, Bobby.
I have to go back to the diner in half an hour.
I gotta tell you something.
What is it? I've been on to this for a while, checking it out.
It's pretty bad.
Tell me.
Leo and Jacques are running drugs across the border.
They've been selling them at school.
I knew Leo was messed up in something.
I think it's even possible they were giving drugs to Laura.
Bobby, I have to show you something.
This was in Leo's truck two days after Laura was murdered.
Are you sure this is Leo's? It has his initials on the collar.
He makes me sew them into everything.
Shelly, this could be the answer to our prayers.
What do you mean? You don't need to know.
I'm gonna take this, OK? You never saw this.
Say it, - "I never saw it.
" - I never saw it.
Leo's not gonna be a problem for us any more.
Stay clear of him and keep quiet.
I bought this.
You know how to use it? I thought you could teach me.
Teach me, Bobby.
Take them into the conference room.
Lucy, go through these files and pull out the people who own birds.
- How will I know they own birds? - It'll say so on the cards.
OK, I'll start going through the files, then.
Agent Cooper, I'm so sorry.
My gun just slipped out of my hand.
Ever used your weapon in the line of duty? No, sir.
I can't explain what happened.
I've been feeling a little high-strung.
Lack of preparation.
We'll take care of that.
Andy, get ammunition from the lockbox.
Meet us downstairs at the pistol range.
Lucy, did you hear what happened? I feel so dumb.
I dropped my gun, and it went off.
- Are you all right? - Oh, yeah.
I guess so, but I'd like to chat, but I am under orders to examine these files, so if you 'll excuse me, please.
Laura Palmer's murder was vicious and calculated.
No telling what we'll encounter bringing a suspect to ground.
After Andy's mishap, I wanna make certain we're comfortable with our firearms.
Nice piece.
Actually, it's standard issue; I made a few modifications.
How long has Lucy been upset with Andy? - Body language? - It was yelling through a megaphone.
- Six rounds a piece to start with, Andy.
- OK.
Care to tell us about you and Lucy, Andy? - Jeez, you can tell? - Not many secrets left around here.
She won't speak to me, and I don't know why.
And I don't know why she's doing what she's doing.
I just can't figure her out.
There's no logic at work here, Andy.
In the grand design, women were drawn from a different set of blueprints.
- Amen to that.
- Amen.
Hawk, Andy.
Rapid fire.
Hawk: Six for six, two kills, high marks.
Andy Andy, what we need is practice and lots of it.
One hour, three times a week.
Harry, supply the ordnance? Whatever it takes.
Chin up, Andy.
- You ever been married, Cooper? - No.
I knew someone once who helped me understand commitment, the responsibilities and the risks who taught me the pain of a broken heart.
One woman can make you fly like an eagle.
Another can give you the strength of a lion.
But only one in the cycle of life can fill your heart with wonder and the wisdom that you have known a singular joy.
- I wrote that for my girlfriend.
- Local gal? Diane Shapiro, PhD, Brandeis.
Harry: One miss, five hits, three kills.
Only four hits? I put four through the eyes and one through each nostril.
Agent Cooper, I'm looking at the files from Lydecker's.
I have here under A's an Arky, who's a part poodle, part Rottweiler, who lives on Maple and belongs to Mr Rumple.
I have an Annette, an otter who lives with a family near Oak River.
We wanted the name of birds.
I know, but the files are organised alphabetically.
- Lucy, go through the bird file.
- You don't understand.
They're organised alphabetically under the names of the pet.
We're gonna need some more coffee.
Thanks, Toad.
I'll be sure to get this into my retirement fund asap.
Shelly, you 're gonna scare the customers.
I've got one man too many in my life, and I'm married to him.
Sound familiar? Maybe you should have a little talk with Leo.
Leo doesn't talk.
He hits.
He was so great at first, you know? This flashy guy in his hot car.
Then we get married, and I find out all he was looking for was a maid he didn't have to pay.
I feel so stupid.
Look at us.
Two men apiece and we don't know what to do with any of the four of them.
- So how did Hank's hearing go? - No decision till this afternoon.
Have you told him you 're divorcing him for Ed? When I saw him, I He might not even get out this time.
I guess my plans are a little up in the air.
Yeah, well, I've definitely got plans for Leo.
You know what were gonna do, Shelly, tomorrow? We'll have a day of beauty.
A manicure, a facial, we're gonna have our hair done, the works.
We're gonna be the knockouts of the RR.
It's my treat.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Donna? - Hi, James.
- Donna.
- Hold on.
Who the heck ever heard of diet lasagne? Just a sec, Daddy, I'll be right in, OK? It's James.
We're having this church potluck dinner tonight.
Tell him to get over here.
I need help.
- Would you like to come? - I wouldn't be good company.
I think we need to talk.
I found out some things.
Audrey told me some stuff, and Mrs Palmer saw something.
- What? - If you come over, I could tell you.
I'll get something to eat, and I'll be over.
Who are you? My name's Madeleine Ferguson.
Laura was my cousin.
James Hurley.
Laura and I hadn't seen each other much recently.
I live in Missoula.
Did you know Laura well? I thought I did.
- Here you go.
Your order's ready.
- Thanks a lot.
I'm picking up food for my aunt and uncle.
Aunt Sarah can't cook right now, and Uncle Leland is up half the night listening to old music and crying.
But if I was cooking for them, they'd be even worse.
- You think I look like Laura? - Yes.
We used to visit Twin Peaks when I was a kid.
It was great.
We'd pretend we were sisters.
I wish I'd known her better.
It's so sad.
Well, it was nice to meet you, James Hurley.
Nice to meet you, too.
Thanks for calling, Mr Mooney.
Are you OK? Hank got his parole.
He's coming home.
What's that? No, I don't know what you get when you cross a Norwegian and a Swede.
Very good, sir.
Very good.
I can't tell you how excited we are about bringing Icelandic investment to the great Northwest.
Would you put my brother back on, please? Jerry, who the hell is that joker? You 're sure that he's the boss? Make sure they don't start taking eggnog in to the pilot.
Jer, I've got the jet gassed up and on the runway in Seattle.
Usher them through customs, make your connection, and save me some of whatever it is that they're having.
Yeah! Audrey! I didn't hear you come in.
What is it this time? Dad, are you ashamed of me? Audrey, you 're my daughter.
I was thinking about what we talked about when you were so mad.
It isn't that I'm ashamed of you, Audrey.
It's just that I wish I could depend on you more.
Especially during a trying time like this.
That's what I wanted to talk to you about.
Dad, I wanna change my life.
I've decided I wanna help you with the family business.
One of these days you 'll need someone to take over.
Obviously, it's not gonna be Johnny.
Oh, Audrey! I wish that I could believe you.
Daddy, please! I saw a friend of mine cut down like a flower that had just begun to bloom.
Life can be so short.
There isn't all the time in the world.
I see that now.
And I wanna change my life.
How, exactly? I don't need college.
You can teach me.
I'm willing to start at the bottom.
All right.
We've got some guests arriving.
You go upstairs and start making some beds.
You still don't believe me? All right.
All right.
All right.
Where would you start? I think I should start at the department store.
Cosmetics, or something.
Part time, at first, till I graduate.
You 're really serious, aren't you? You have to start to think about the future, Daddy.
Just like I am.
- The future? - Our family's future.
Please let me be your daughter again.
Hello, this is Benjamin Horne.
I have to take this, sweetheart.
Oh, OK.
Thanks, Daddy.
Thank you, Audrey.
Where have you been? Meet me down by the river in a half hour.
And be discreet.
Here's a bird.
Louis Armstrong.
He's a parakeet.
- Put it with the others.
- Cooper, Gordon Cole on the phone.
Coop, Albert is faxing you his reconstruction of the plastic object found in Laura Palmer's stomach.
He says the marks on her shoulders are made by a parrot or a mynah bird.
That's it.
You 're up to date.
- Take a look at this.
- Something with the letter J.
A poker chip.
One-Eyed Jacks.
Waldo! Harry, Agent Cooper.
It's a mynah bird named Waldo.
- Owned by Jacques Renault.
- I'll get his home address.
When two separate events occur simultaneously pertaining to the same object of inquiry, we must always pay strict attention.
Fellas, let's make a house call.
Jacques, it's Harry Truman.
Open the door.
- He's heading around the side.
- Go get him.
- Let's get forensics and seal this room.
- Harry? - Yeah, Hawk.
- He got away.
I lost him in the woods.
" Leo Johnson.
- Leo Johnson and Jacques Renault.
- That's our connection.
Nice touch, Leo.
Bright red sports car for a secret meeting.
If you don't like it, get somebody else.
Hank said you were gifted, I believed him.
But, Leo, your whole approach, it's misguided.
Major career opportunity staring you in the face, and all you can think about is car wax and chicken-feed drug transactions.
I'm out $10,000.
Maybe that's peanuts to you, not to me.
You were in business with a couple of glue-sniffing squish-heads, Leo.
The Renault brothers? I broke up their act.
This is Bernie.
Jacques's back in Canada.
We had a long talk.
He's staying there.
Jacques was the brains in the outfit.
Bernie made bail this morning on possession.
Do we know if the late Bernard gave you up? I told him if he ever did, I'd kill him.
Did he? No.
He shouldn't have trusted me, but like I said, Bernie wasn't too bright.
One last chance, Leo.
Don't disappoint me.
The mill? Keep it simple.
Insurance investigator should read "arson", block letters, about six feet high.
- The deal as we discussed? - The rest on delivery.
Three nights, Leo.
Green light.
It's that clear enough? But if Mrs Palmer knows about the necklace - How could she know? - She said she had a vision.
She saw someone take it.
Donna, it's not here.
Somebody must have seen us and followed us here.
How? How could Mrs Palmer know? Laura used to say her mother was kind of spooky.
She used to see things and have these dreams.
Laura did, too.
- Maybe we should tell somebody.
- You mean the police? - If it was the killer, then he knows - The police didn't love Laura! Nobody loved her but us.
I keep thinking I'm gonna see her.
I think I'm gonna catch a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye.
- Sometimes it's like I really do see her.
- James, listen.
We're gonna find out who killed her.
This is about us.
We have to do this for us, not just for her.
James, I wanna be with you.
- Hello? - Josie, it's me.
We just got a break on the Palmer case.
I can't get away.
- I miss you.
I need to talk to you.
- I wanna talk to you, too.
Josie, were you at the Timber Falls Motel this afternoon? I have to go.
Call me tomorrow? Goodbye.
Blow the whistle, Josie.
It's quitting time.
How did the shift go, Pete? Cut some wood, made some lumber.
- I'm so tired I could eat a horse? - I make you a turkey sandwich.
- That's fantastic, Josie.
- Is Catherine asleep? - Yeah.
Good, then give me some mayo with that.
Josie, how do you feel about fish? - To eat? - No, to catch.
See, the Fishing Association, their annual do is coming up.
I'm defending champion.
And this year they're adding a mixed doubles division.
I thought, well, if you were interested What the heck! Would you like to partner up with me? Well, Pete, I don't know the first step about fishing.
Josie, there's enough fishing in me for the both of us.
- Well, what do you think? - Sure, Pete.
Let's give it the run at the money.
Josie, you 're my kind of girl.
I'm gonna hit the hay.
- Sweet dreams, Pete.
- Sweet dreams, Josie.
Hello? - Did you get my message? - Yes.
Catch you later.