Twisted s01e06 Episode Script

Three for the Road

Previously on "Twisted" Karen, I'm so sorry about Vik.
Vik's death has been especially hard on Danny.
Don't you think that the person who gave Regina the necklace - might be connected - Just stop it, Jo.
This isn't a game.
We're looking for the link between Regina and Tara.
That necklace is still the best lead we have.
Why do you trust him? He lied to us, like, a lot.
This was sent to Regina? When? It was postmarked two days before she died.
- We have to take this to the police.
- No, I can't.
Lacey, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said that.
I know you blame Danny for everything.
But him coming back here, it's been good for her.
My God, Tess, you're being charmed by a freakin' psychopath.
What's going on? Lacey found something.
You still can't think of anyone? No, Regina never talked about anyone who would send something like this.
Certainly no one from a random apartment building in Connecticut.
I thought you said she dated a guy in Connecticut last year.
I know, I went through all my old texts with her, and she never said anything specific about him.
He was just her Connecticut Boy Toy.
What about your other friends? Would they know something about this Boy Toy? Trust me, if Regina didn't tell me, she didn't tell anyone.
Besides, I can't talk to my friends about this.
- Right, just us.
- You know what I mean.
Well, silver lining we now have two grand in hundreds.
I'm sorry, Lacey, are we boring you? I'm texting my boyfriend back, Jo.
Is that okay? 'Kay, you were the one who insisted on meeting here.
And you brought all of this to us.
- I brought it to Danny.
- Okay, don't turn on each other.
Then the confusing blackmail note wins.
I still think we should just tell my dad about it.
What if people found out? Her friends, her mom.
How would they feel if they knew Regina was involved in I don't want to tell anyone until we know exactly what's going on.
Danny's life is at stake here.
I'm sorry.
Let me just think more about all of this and then we'll regroup.
I have to go meet with Phoebe and Sarita.
Tell 'em I say "Hi".
Can you give her a chance? She's more onboard than she was before.
It's progress, right? She'll never be totally onboard.
Danny, can you help me with the groceries, please? Mother? Where is it? It's gone.
I got rid of it.
I needed that necklace.
Why? Huh? Why did you have it? And why did you lie to me about it? It was in my locker, okay? The day after Regina died, someone just left it there for me.
Whoever killed her must have known that that necklace belonged to Aunt Tara.
They knew that it would make me look guilty.
Yeah, well, they were right.
You think this means that I killed Regina, don't you? I just don't understand why you wouldn't get rid of it.
I tried, but it was all I had.
I thought that if I could find the killer and plant the necklace back on them, that maybe I'd be able to clear my name.
I didn't know what else to do.
Well, the necklace is gone now.
If you didn't do anything, then the police will figure it out.
" There it is.
" Jo, what the hell? The civil war was just about to start.
Rico, enough.
You've been avoiding me since Fall Fest.
Are you mad at me or something? No, it was just kind of a weird night.
Weird how? Because of Danny.
I don't know, sort of.
Can we just forget about the whole thing? Okay, look.
I get that you don't trust him, and that's I mean, that sucks.
But I just want anything to get between you and I.
And me.
Me is the object of the preposition "between," so Okay, I hate you, so So now what? Just you and Danny trying to clear his name together? Just the two of you on the case? - Why are you being weird? - No reason.
I just saw the way you were looking at him at Fall Fest.
Danny is my he's just a friend.
Yeah, a friend you want to mate with.
Mate? Do I look like a zebra? No, but you look like someone who has a crush.
I'm just helping him prove he didn't kill Regina.
And we may have found something that could prove it.
Wait, what did you guys find? I thought we weren't talking about that anymore.
Jo, let's say someone finds something or sees something that doesn't clear his name, or unclears it worse, or makes it less clear Okay, if you're asking me how I'd react if Danny did it, I mean, I'd be devastated.
But trust me, based on what we know now, someone else killed Regina.
- Hey, Lacey, any new info? - No, not yet.
Jo's right.
We should either go to the police with the cash and the note, or, I don't know, do something now.
What if we went there? What if we went to that address in Connecticut? Great idea.
Let's knock on the door and ask why they sent that note.
Oh, while we're there, let's ask if they murdered Regina and took her necklace.
Well, at least we'll find out who lives there.
What? You're afraid something else might happen? Danny, I already told you that kiss was a mistake.
I have a boyfriend.
Yeah, I'm very aware of that, Lacey.
Fine, I'll pick you up at 8:00.
Okay, great, I'll bring snacks.
Bring snacks where? Me and Lacey are thinking about going on a little road trip tonight.
Road trip to where? To that apartment in Connecticut? Wow, that's a really stupid idea.
- Well, you don't have to come.
- Didn't say that I wanted to.
Plus my dad would never let me.
He's been super tense toward me since fall fest.
I gotta go.
I'll see you later.
Hey, you sure you're okay with all this not going? Yeah, of course.
I mean, I'm really just worried about you.
If you leave the state, aren't you violating your probation? Don't worry.
It'll be fine.
I have to go back to the station tonight.
Might be late again.
I have a lot of paperwork to catch up on.
I bet.
Just set it down.
Hey, I'm heading to the diner to meet Rico.
I'll see you guys later.
- Okay, don't be late.
- Hold up, the diner? Yeah, Rico's there now.
He's waiting for me.
- So gotta run.
- Uh-huh.
Isn't Johnny Cakes closed tonight for a private party? You were the one who told me that, Jo.
You know, you're right.
I forgot.
I meant at school.
They're open late on Tuesdays.
Didn't you just say that Rico was at the diner now waiting for you? She got confused, Kyle.
Let her go.
If you want to study, study here.
But Sorry, honey.
Your father has spoken.
Where are you going? I'm sorry.
Didn't I tell you? I have an appointment to go kill someone.
Lacey's picking me up.
We're going for a drive.
That's great.
Danny? Come on.
I was just trying to help you.
Have a nice night.
Yeah, mom, I'll have the car back by 11:00, I promise.
Okay, bye.
Everything okay? Yeah, just stuff with my mother.
Actually, can we hold on a second? Why? I didn't Hey, thanks for waiting.
You decided to come.
She decided to come.
Yeah, she just texted me.
You sure your dad's okay with this? He'll be fine.
But hey, if I'm crowding you It's fine, Jo.
I'm glad, Lacey.
Oh, Karen.
Hey, come in.
Sorry to just drop in like this.
Is everything okay? No, actually.
Jo took off tonight without telling us.
Rico isn't answering either.
Uh, so Danny told me that he signed up for your pottery class and I wanted to make sure that you got paid.
Thank you, Karen.
Would you excuse us? We're having a small family crisis.
Tess told me.
And it's possible that Jo is with Danny and Lacey.
They went driving off somewhere.
I seriously doubt Jo's with them.
Where are you going? To track down our daughter why don't you stay here and assume she's perfect and never lies? I'm sorry if I want to give her the benefit of the doubt.
I'm sorry if I don't.
Maybe she was blackmailing someone.
Blackmailing? Regina would never do that.
It's just a theory.
Music anyone? Okay then.
Oh, man! Remember this song? We loved this song.
What was this, like, third grade? Fourth.
Here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again - the bass - oh, here it goes again I should have known, I should have known - I should have known - There it is.
- I don't remember the words.
- I don't remember the words.
Oh, here it goes again Oh, remember the first day that we heard this song.
When was that? Uh, we'd just gotten back from sledding at Mohawk Hill.
- That was a great day.
- Yeah.
That was the time you guys forced me to sit in the front of the sled.
I remember 'cause I got creamed every time we crashed into the snow bank.
God, I basically had, like, hypothermia when we got back.
Hypothermia, right.
What's that supposed to mean? - Nothing, you're just such a victim.
- Excuse me? Do you remember the hot chocolate? That was whew! Some good hot chocolate.
You chose to sit in the front of the sled, Jo.
Actually, no, I didn't, but thanks for playing.
Okay, all right, guys.
One more time for the cheap seats.
Let's do this.
Oh, here it goes, here it goes, here it oh, here it goes again I should have known, should have known, should have known again Uh, Mr.
Chief Masterson, sir.
- Am I under arrest? - I was hoping Jo was with you.
Oh, no, Jo and I didn't have any plans to study tonight.
Unless she said we had plans to study tonight, in which case, Jo is late.
Darn her.
Why are you so worried about her? She took off without telling me, most likely to drive around God-knows-where with Danny Desai and Lacey Porter.
Would you text her, please? Maybe she'll respond to you.
"Jo, where are you right now? Just curious.
" You really don't need to narrate.
Oh, right, I was just, so you send.
So where do you get those jackets? Clean They're really crisp.
Uh "Are you with my dad?" Well, I can't lie to Jo, sir.
Well, if you find out anything or hear anything, call me, okay? Chief Masterson? Yeah? Protect and Serve, sir.
Get home soon, please.
We're having a serious discussion when you get back.
Everything okay? You were right.
She's with Danny and Lacey, going for a drive, whatever that means.
I really hope Danny hasn't caused too many issues for you and Kyle, with Jo.
Sorry you had to see our little disagreement.
That was nothing.
Vikram and I used to have epic battles.
He did have a temper.
Yeah, we had we had a bad one the day he died.
He had been drinking and I told him not to take the boat out.
Vik was stubborn.
Just like Kyle.
And Jo, for that matter.
Mmm, don't forget Danny.
He's lucky to have Jo.
She's lucky to have him.
Is that one of yours? It is.
It's beautiful.
I've always envied your talent.
I still have a vase you made.
Really? Yeah, for the last few years, I'd pass it and think, I really hate that bitch, but she sure can make a good vase.
Sorry, I didn't mean to bring up It's okay.
I'm touched you've kept it.
I've always wished I could make one.
Want to learn? Fifth angry text from my dad in under an hour.
I'm so dead when I get home.
Oh, "Welcome To Connecticut.
" And to officially violating my probation.
Oh, it's Sarita.
You want me to answer it? I think that I should answer it.
I miss that adorable little Sarita.
I get it, Jo You hate my friends.
I just said that she was adorable.
Just shut up, okay? Did you just tell me to shut up? Hey, shh shh! Guys, guys, guys, do you hear that? - What? - There's a sound coming from the back of the car.
Lacey, pull over.
Pull over.
Okay, let me just check this out, okay? Be right back.
Hey, Jo, can you bring your cellphone? I need some light.
What is it? I didn't hear anything.
Does your tailpipe always look like this? It looks normal to me.
No no, look at this stuff.
You got some stuff there.
Look at that.
- I don't - There's a lot of rust in there.
It's an old car.
- Danny! - What the hell? Oh, I'm sorry.
Did you guys want to get inside? Make up first.
Danny, seriously, it's freezing.
Actually, I thought it was colder when you guys were inside the car.
Oh, because we were fighting.
I don't get it.
Hey, no no no no no no.
We're all finally on the same page here and you guys are biting each other's heads off.
Jo, what's your problem? I don't have a problem.
It's fine.
Lacey, you know the night of our sleepover? You said middle school was rough and you did what you had to do to survive.
You remember that? We just stopped being friends, okay? Is that true, Jo? Yeah, sure.
Danny, please, enough.
Let us in.
No, not until you guys make nice.
Jo? I'm really sorry.
I'm sorry too.
Let me know if one of your officers spots the car, okay? Thanks, Steve.
Anything show up? Excuse me? Hi, uh, Chief Masterson.
I just, um, want you to know I heard from Jo again.
She's with Danny and Lacey, I know.
- She called her mother.
- Oh, good.
Um, well, she said they'll be back tonight and everything is fine.
And she's very sorry.
Trust me She will be sorry.
Good night, Rico.
Uh, do you actually mind if I hang out? I find all this police stuff cool Cases, murders, crimes, robberies.
I can't discuss my cases with you.
Oh, yeah, I know.
I, um, you know, also just want to make sure Jo's okay.
Unless you were heading home.
I could use the company for a bit.
Nice job.
Add more water if you need to.
Therapeutic, huh? Yeah, and slimy.
You're not bad.
You seem shocked.
Well, you've just never seemed like the down-and-dirty Clay-in-her-nails type.
That's true.
Vikram used to Sorry.
I keep talking about my dead husband.
Morbid, huh? It's only been six months, Karen.
Give yourself a break.
It's easier to not talk about him.
Well, that doesn't mean you shouldn't.
You and Vikram took ceramics together in high school, right? Yeah, it's where we first met.
Was that when you two dated? Oh, I don't even remember.
We only dated for a couple of months.
You're doing a great job.
Now you want to use your thumb, start to make a hole in the middle.
I think the first time I met you was at Vikram's house after he and I started dating, remember? Wow, who would have guessed all things we'd go through together after that? I went to his house to get something that night, didn't I? You did.
You don't remember? - No.
- Come on, Tess.
My stash.
We got so high that night.
Oh, those were the days.
Sometimes I wish I could go back there.
You sort of can Go back, I mean.
I still kind of have one a stash.
Does Kyle know? Are you kidding? He'd probably arrest me.
Just sometimes when Kyle's working late and Jo's asleep, I access it for inspiration.
Where do you keep it? Shall we? Can I help you guys? This came to us from apartment 413, but there was no name on the return address.
Who lives there? Any way we can just go up and see whoever lives there, - talk with him for a second? - Or her.
I don't know what kind of game you kids are playing, but I'm not in the mood tonight, all right? Now go on.
Great plan, Jo.
Holding up the envelope really worked.
Like yours would have been any better Just walk in, act like we live there.
I guess we'll never know, will we? As much as I'm enjoying this little witty repartee, I don't think it's going to help us figure out who lives in that apartment.
God, this trip was such a stupid idea.
- Yeah, well, you didn't have to come.
- Okay, just Wow, not wanting to invite me along What a Lacey Porter original.
What's that supposed to mean? You want to hear about middle school? No, I I actually don't think I Amber Klein's 13th birthday party.
Does that ring any bells for you, Lacey? Well, I was the only person that wasn't invited, which normally I wouldn't have cared, but when the entire class is invited and you aren't, it's kind of suspicious.
Right, Lacey? So I confronted Amber, and she said Lacey Porter asked her not to invite me, said that I'd ruin the entire party.
I'm sorry, but you were so difficult to be around After what happened.
You made everyone around you miserable, okay? Excuse me for being traumatized.
I was traumatized too, I just didn't want to talk about it all the time.
God, Jo, I was 13.
I just wanted to have fun.
So did I.
You don't think I wanted to have fun, Lacey? It's always about you, isn't it? It's always been about you.
That's not fair.
I tried so hard to be there for you.
No, you didn't! I was weighing you down, so you just cut me loose.
There you go again Jo Masterson, always the victim.
Lacey Porter Always popular, perfect, fun.
You couldn't let anyone get in the way of that, could you? Not even the one person who was supposed to be your best friend.
I checked the side doors and the back they're all locked.
No way in yet.
We need a plan.
- Hey, are you all right? - Yeah.
I was always afraid to ask you about what happened between you and Lacey.
I just I knew it was connected to what I did.
Lacey made her own choices.
You weren't afraid to ask her.
That night, your your sleepover.
You know what else I I said to Lacey that night? I said, I don't know if I regret what I did five years ago.
But I I regret hurting you two Ruining your friendship.
And I mean that, okay? I care about you guys so much.
I care about you too.
Lacey and I we both care about you.
Hey! I don't know what you think you're doing, but this is private property.
Either get out or I'm calling the police.
- Okay.
- Go now! Whoops! Trust me, once you put it in the kiln, all the flaws, they just go poof! Poof.
What a weird word.
- Poof! - Poof.
- Poof.
- Poo poo poo poof! Oh! Karen, I want to say something to you.
I want to say that you are not a bad mother.
Oh, Tess.
Oh, that is the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me.
It was so mean when I told you that.
It was mean.
It made me frown.
Oh, you know who is kind of a bad mother, though? Helen Berg.
Helen Berg, yes! I I don't know who that is.
She was a grade above us in high school.
Oh, God, was she the one with the green hair? Yes! Only that one time for that St.
Patrick's Day party sophomore year.
Oh, God.
I remember that party.
I loved that party.
Oh, that was the time Vikram and I kept sneaking off into the coat closet to What? To what? You and Vik weren't together then.
That's Vik and I started to I Poof.
Um well, out of curiosity, how many times did you guys Oh, just that one time, Karen.
And a few more after that.
But it was nothing.
Vik and I it was always just silly and fun.
Fun? Unlike me? Oh, come on.
I don't like being lied to, Tess.
I never lied.
I just withheld.
You know what, I am such an idiot.
Here I thought you were trustworthy.
I am trustworthy.
- Karen - Save it.
- It was 20 years ago.
- I don't care.
This is such a cool photo of you guys.
Where was this? Maine.
We rented a cabin in little diamond island.
Jo must have been eight.
Man, look how hard she's laughing.
I made her laugh like that once.
It was unintentional.
You're a good friend to Jo, Rico.
You too.
Um, you're a, you know, good dad.
I'm not so sure she would agree.
She and I haven't been in the best place lately.
Yeah, I bet it's been tough with the whole trying to solve this case and, you know, her and Danny being all buddy-buddy.
"Oh, our childhoods.
" And then after, you know, you not being able to find that necklace.
Uh, Danny told me about the necklace too.
Did he? What else did he say? Uh, you know, not much.
So the necklace is your only lead? I can't talk about Your case, I know.
But that raid, though.
Did you look everywhere? Like maybe his mom's room? You know, I mean, couldn't she have been hiding it for him? I mean, she is, you know, his mom.
She might do that.
Why are you asking me all these questions, Rico? Yeah, I'm just a mystery buff.
Um, I gotta head out, I think.
Already? You just got here.
How about some snacks from the vending machine? My treat.
What's your preference? Sweet or salty? Um, salty? Okay, stop stop stop.
There's like a doorway that way.
- Stop.
- Danny, come on! This is crazy.
We have to get home.
We came all this way.
We're not even gonna try again? Come on, my parents are home freaking out, Lacey has to get her car back.
We're just we're so close.
We just need to find a way inside.
He threatened to call the police.
Do you really want to risk that? We're gonna figure out who lives in that apartment, just not tonight.
I need to figure it out.
Look, I know I can't force you two to be friends again.
Okay? But I need you, both of you.
So please, don't Don't bail on me like you two bailed on each other.
- How is that? - Salty.
Rico, why were you asking me all those questions about that necklace? Well, I I told you, mystery excites me.
There's nothing you're keeping from me, is there? Rico, look at me.
I don't want to hurt Jo.
How would you hurt Jo? If what I know if it turns out to be real, she would be she cares about him so much.
Who, Danny? What if Jo got hurt? Not her feelings, but for real hurt physically hurt.
What if that happened and you could have stopped it by telling me what you know? I care about Jo, Rico, more than anything in the whole world.
And if you care about her too, you'll tell me what you know.
Because withholding evidence in a criminal investigation is a serious offense An offense that comes with actual jail time.
I have to go.
What the hell are you doing up here? Any sign of him? He spent five years in juvie.
I think he can handle himself.
Jo Lacey, let's not, okay? That whole blow-up was there's no reason to rehash it or anything.
It's fine.
I was just gonna ask if you wanted to wait in the car.
Oh, right.
Got it.
I am sorry, though, for Amber Klein's birthday party.
If it makes you feel any better, the party was really lame.
Amber Klein is lame, so that's not a shocker.
Do you think Danny was right? What? That we bailed on each other? I don't know.
What we went through It was it would have put a strain on any friendship.
And maybe it would have happened anyway Us drifting apart.
Not all friendships last forever.
We should go in, see if that security guard has seen him.
He may call the cops on us.
I know.
We have to risk it.
Maybe he had to go to the bathroom.
- Do you think Danny - Got to the apartment? - I don't know.
- Maybe he found whoever lives there.
Why has he been gone for so long? Let me text him again.
He's not answering me.
Jo, come on.
He might come back.
I found a building directory.
Oh my God.
Yes, I entered.
But technically I didn't break.
The door was wedged open with one of those, um - the wedgy things, like, on the doors.
- I'm sorry, but I'm required to report all unauthorized entrance to the cops.
Sir, uh Come on, I just explained everything.
Not well.
I told you that the envelope, it had a return address on it, so I was Do you think I'm dumb? No one's lived in 413 for a while.
The last guy died months ago and they still haven't filled it.
Hey, Barry, how's it going? Yeah, I got a kid here B and E.
You mind swinging by? Yeah.
No damage.
It's in the report.
Yeah, of course.
He's here with me now.
- I'll talk to you.
- It's not possible.
- It seems pretty possible.
That list - Is wrong.
How could Vikram have sent that cash and note? He's dead.
They never found a body.
This is so messed up.
Yeah, I know.
Did Regina know Vikram? No.
I mean, I don't think she did.
How do you think Danny would react to this? He was so close to his dad.
It's Danny.
He's been busted by security.
They're calling the cops.
Come on in.
How you feelin'? Gross.
I'm never doing that again.
Yeah, me neither.
Okay, maybe I will.
Listen, I, uh I know, Tess.
It's it's okay.
I overreacted.
You know? It hit a nerve.
Vikram and I Well, let's just say we didn't have the perfect marriage.
Doesn't mean you don't miss him.
I bet you do too.
He was one of a kind.
And Danny worshiped him.
Karen, have you focused on anything but Danny since he got back? Like what? I have nothing to do, I don't have any real hobbies, and I haven't had a job in years.
Well, maybe it's time you get one.
A hobby, or even a job.
So, want to finish making your vase? Sure.
How's it looking? It's, uh it's interesting.
It sucks, doesn't it? It's not great.
So did you always know you wanted to be a security guard in an apartment in Connecticut or - There you are.
- We were so worried.
- What the hell are you - Sir, we're sorry.
We can explain.
Remember when we said we got a letter from apartment 413? That was a lie to get in the building.
Our friend, he's in love with a woman that lives here.
- Angela Peck.
Do you know her? - Angela Peck? She lives in 431, not 413.
- Oh! - 431! You got the apartment wrong.
Shoot, I inverted the numbers again.
- He always does that.
- You love-sick moron.
Why didn't you tell me any of this? Because, you know, I was embarrassed.
A Angela, you know, won't see me.
She won't take my calls.
- She won't even tell me why.
- Probably because she's married.
I know.
But her husband, you know? He doesn't get her like I do.
Weren't you ever a teen with a crush? Sure, but not on a woman with four kids.
Okay, I'm gonna call Mrs.
Peck to confirm all this.
It's late.
Won't she be asleep? And her kids.
Get the hell out of here.
And leave poor Angela and her family alone.
I do want to protect Jo, even if what I tell you ends up hurting her.
What do you want to tell me? Um, the night of Fall Fest, I walked home through McNally Park and I saw something odd.
Um, it was Danny's mom.
She looked so sad and confused.
And then I saw her throw something into the water.
Now it was dark and I couldn't see very well, but this thing It glinted as it fell.
And I think it might have been a necklace.
So he said that guy in the apartment has been dead for months? Apparently.
The apartment was just sitting there vacant.
It's weird, huh? Yeah.
I just don't get it.
Who could have sent that letter to Regina from an address that no one lives? I have no idea.
I can't believe I almost went back to juvie tonight.
For what? For nothing.
We didn't figure out one friggin' thing.
I know.
Totally sucks.