Twisted s01e09 Episode Script

The Truth Will Out

Previously on Twisted Principal Tang.
Did you talk to the School Board? Yes.
Everything's fine.
I said I'm not in the mood.
I've missed you too Mrs.
Oh, no.
I went back to my maiden name a few years ago.
After the divorce was finalized.
Regina never talked about anyone who would send something like this.
Certainly no one from a random apartment building in Connecticut.
Have you ever thought about how Regina Crane got a hold of that necklace? Did dad know her, Regina, did they ever meet? What you are implying is disgusting.
This witness saw you walk out onto the dock and throw something into the pond.
We searched the pond and found this.
I know how much you're risking being with me.
It's worth the risk.
Then what is the truth? I killed Regina Crane.
What are you thinking? My mother just confessed to the murder of your best friend.
I'm not exactly sure what to think right now.
What about you? How're you doing? We're gonna get through this, okay? Hey.
I got your text.
What's going on? How many times do we have to go over this? As many times as it takes for you to tell me the truth.
I killed her, Kyle.
I wish I hadn't, but I did.
Start at the beginning.
I'd gone into school that day for a meeting with Danny and the principal.
I passed Regina in the hall wearing that necklace.
I knew right away it was Tara's.
I knew Vik must have given to her.
Did you know Vik had been cheating on you with someone? I had my suspicions.
I tried to forget about it, but I couldn't.
So later that night, I went to confront her.
And she told me that she and Vik were in love before his accident.
She said she was still in love with him and that she would always love him.
And I just I snapped.
I grabbed something and hit her over the head with it.
But you can't remember what? I was in shock.
We never found the murder weapon.
Well, maybe you didn't look hard enough.
And your fingerprints are nowhere at the crime scene.
I was careful.
You just said you were in shock.
Why would I lie about this? You and I both know why.
Are you going to charge me or not? I have 48 hours until I'm legally required to call the D.
, two days to confirm your story.
If you release me, I'll just go to the press.
How's that gonna make you look? Well, that's a chance I'll just have to take 'cause I'm not gonna arrest you until I'm sure.
I'd like to talk to my son now.
Danny texted me.
Dad, did she say why she You think I'm gonna answer that? She wants to talk to you.
You okay? Yeah, I'm just a little bit nervous.
It's late.
I'll have an officer drive you and Lacey home.
I'm not leaving.
Me neither.
Lead the way, Chief Masterson.
Desai? I can't believe it.
Do you really think she's capable of doing something like this? Who would confess to murdering someone if they didn't? I guess this confirms Vikram and Regina were having an affair.
Do you think Mrs.
Desai sent that cash and note? Who knows? Honestly, I'm too tired to think about it right now.
God, I was already dreading this weekend.
And now all this.
What's this weekend? My sister's birthday party.
My dad's flying in from Seattle.
Oh, wow.
I haven't seen your dad in forever.
How is everything With you and your dad? Is it still It's fine, Jo.
We're fine.
I wonder what they're talking about.
You still think I killed her.
Don't you? I didn't do it.
I know.
I did.
I couldn't watch you being attacked for a crime I committed.
I couldn't live with the guilt.
So what? You killed Regina? You took her necklace And you planted it in my locker? Why? Why would you do all that? Who says it was in your locker? I don't want you to have to keep thinking about this anymore.
Go be a teenager.
Go to school.
Have fun.
Be with your friends.
It's time for you to be happy.
Okay, have you considered that maybe she's telling the truth? Of course, but why confess now? 'Cause we have proof - that she disposed of evidence.
- Disposed of evidence, obstructed our case, but not committed murder.
Okay, well, she tossed that necklace after that raid.
It's possible she was covering her own tracks.
But her story's weak.
I mean, she remembers her fight with Regina, but not what she used to hit her? She was specific about where that body was found.
So was the Green Grove Gazette.
Anyone who read the newspaper would know that.
It's the text.
If Karen really did this, why did Regina text Danny right before she died? - Is that just a coincidence? - I don't know, chief.
But if Regina and Vikram were having an affair, Karen had something that we can't prove her son had.
A motive.
There's no evidence that Vikram and Regina ever knew each other.
You really believe she's covering for the kid? Because I think, if he has even the slightest conscience, he won't let his own mother take the fall.
Did you ever ask her about Regina and your dad? Yeah, she denied that anything was going on between them, but But what? She got upset, defensive.
It seemed like she kind of knew about it.
All right, Danny.
We're holding your mom for 48 hours.
Then what? And then we have to decide if we're gonna formally charge her or not.
So you think she was lying? Anything you can tell me about your mother and Regina Crane, Danny? Anything at all? No, nothing.
Well, just think about it.
In the meantime, you'll stay with us.
You'd let Danny stay with us? At our house? Of course.
He's a minor.
He can't go home without a legal guardian.
Thank you, Chief Masterson.
You're welcome, Danny.
Chief Masterson isn't a bad guy.
I didn't say he was, but I've been his prime suspect for weeks now.
You think that's gonna change? What if we told him The cash, the note, the apartment in Connecticut? Your mom's the most likely person to know about that apartment.
I just can't believe my mom would hurt somebody.
Me either.
But we have to consider that she's telling the truth especially if Chief Masterson still thinks you're guilty.
God, I'm gonna be living with a cop who thinks I'm a psychopathic murderer.
It's like the setup for a really, really disturbing sitcom.
It's certainly gonna make it harder to keep us a secret from Jo.
We could just tell her, you know? What? You don't feel a little bit guilty keeping this from her? Why should I feel guilty? I do.
Jo's my best friend.
And you guys are doing pretty well.
I know, but it's not like we're suddenly B.
s again.
What? I'm sure there's things she wouldn't tell me.
I guess.
It just sucks.
We can't even act like we're together, even in front of Jo.
And it is a constant challenge for me to keep my hands off you.
Thanks, but I'm sure you can manage.
I don't know.
All right, all right.
You ready? You haven't answered my question.
Are we going to tell Chief Masterson? Yeah, I think it's time we put all our cards on the table.
So this was postmarked Two days before Regina died, yeah.
I don't believe Karen would do all this.
Send Regina threatening letters, it doesn't make sense.
We're not saying that my mother did any of this.
But someone did.
Someone other than Danny.
I can't believe you guys kept all this from me.
That's my fault, Chief Masterson.
Danny and Jo wanted to tell you, but I was worried if people found out If Regina's mother found out, about it I'm sorry.
I should have told you.
Cut Lacey a break, dad.
I'm not happy with you either.
Fine, then be mad at me, but Lacey was just trying to be a good friend.
Look, you told me to tell you everything that I know.
Well, this is everything.
I'll set up the air mattress in the sunroom.
- Sound okay? - Yeah, that sounds great.
Thank you, Mrs.
Thank you both for letting me stay here.
You realize this is only temporary.
Right, Danny? But if you charge Mrs.
Desai, Danny will have to stay here longer, right? Where else can he go? Legally, he has to go live with his next of kin.
What next of kin? Wait, you mean my grandmother In Arizona.
You said you wanted me to be happy, right? Well, I'm not gonna be happy if I have to move to Arizona and leave Jo and look, Lacey and I, it's becoming a little bit more Arizona's better than prison.
Mother, just stop it.
I didn't kill Regina and neither did you.
Yes, I did.
It doesn't matter anyway.
Chief Masterson thinks I'm covering for you and he's just gonna come after you.
No, he's not.
Okay, he has new information about the case.
What new information? Sorry, am I interrupting a little mother-son moment? No, I was just leaving.
Am I supposed to know what that is? I guess not.
It turns out you were right.
Vikram and Regina did have a connection.
This was sent to Regina two days before she died from an apartment in Bristol, Connecticut An apartment in Vikram's name.
Vikram never went to Connecticut.
Well, apparently he did.
Look, I don't know who sent this, but I really don't think it was you.
It doesn't matter who sent it.
I still killed her.
Karen, please.
I want to solve this case, but I can't do that if you don't retract your confession.
Poor Danny.
I mean, he's been through so much and now he might have to move again to Arizona.
Like Maybe it'll be easier if he leaves.
I mean, you know, with your feelings for him and then him calling you his sibling, it's been rough for you.
I still don't want to lose him.
Gosh! Mrs.
Desai? I can't believe it.
I could have swore she was covering for Danny when I saw her throw that necklace into the pond.
Wait, what are you talking about? Uh What? What are you Uh, no, no Wh sor What I meant What I meant was not that.
It was It was dark.
I saw another there was a necklace.
Okay, look, after Fall Fest, I walked home through McNally Park and I saw Mrs.
Desai throw something into a pond that looked like a necklace so I told your dad.
Why didn't you tell me any of this? I don't know.
I'm sorry.
I was trying to be a good friend.
And I know how much you care about Danny.
And I didn't want you to get hurt.
You should have told me! I know and I'm sorry.
Forgive me? It's fine just no more secrets okay? So what happens now? If the police charge Mrs.
Desai for murder, then Danny has to ship out? It'll be okay.
You have me.
Plus, you and Lacey are all buddy-buddy again, right? It's not what it was when we were kids.
If Danny leaves, I don't even know if we'll stay that close.
Maybe you just need to try a little harder.
Dad, hi.
You got in early.
Hello, Lacey.
I was able to jump onto an earlier flight.
How was your night, honey? Did you have fun at Phoebe's? Uh-huh.
Yeah, sure.
Where's Clara? Hanging out with her gymnastics team, apparently.
Gymnastics is her life, Samuel.
Yeah, I know.
And that over-priced coach is still costing an arm and a leg.
Mitch is worth every penny.
Judy, I'm not arguing with you.
I just would've hoped she'd come home to see her own father, who flew across country - for her birthday.
- Well, we can't all drop everything when you decide to show up.
You'll see her tomorrow at the party.
Just let it be.
So catch me up on you, Lacey.
I know it's been a hard month with all that happened.
I'm okay, dad.
So what about Danny Desai? Oh, please don't start.
Dad, trust me.
- Danny won't be an issue.
- Exactly.
She's keeping her distance from him.
Please do not show up and tell me how to parent.
Judy, don't get so defensive.
- I am not being defensive.
- I am only making suggestions.
- You are getting defensive! - You walked in the door when nobody was expecting you They were expecting me.
I am their father.
Samuel, I will not let you do it.
I went back through the records of Vikram Desai's estate.
There's nothing about an apartment in Bristol, Connecticut.
Which means we can't confirm or deny that Karen knew about it.
Come on, who else could have known about it? That's what we have to figure out.
And we're running out of time.
You want me to dig more into all this? Yes.
Go to Bristol.
See what you can find out about that apartment, what Vikram was doing there, and who visited him.
And what about Karen? Are you prepared to call the D.
tomorrow? I want as many facts as possible before I cross that bridge, okay? Got it.
Rico's sure it was that necklace? Sure enough to tell my dad.
Danny, if your mom really did have the necklace, then Her confession's legit.
I just The idea of leaving you two, it's not fair.
I need to walk around for a little bit.
You want company? I think I just need to be alone.
Thank you.
Jo, I will see you at home.
I wish there was something we could do for him.
I guess it's up to your dad now.
How'd it go with your dad today? Okay.
God, the last thing I want to do is stand around listening to my parents argue at a 13-year-old's birthday party.
So they still argue a lot? Sorry, I don't mean to pry.
It's okay, yeah.
They still argue like always over me and Clara Our lives, our choices.
Well, I could come To the party tomorrow If you wanted, for like moral support.
I haven't seen Clara in forever and your dad did always like me.
Let me do this for you.
Okay? Okay, thank you.
Good morning.
You're up early, sir.
A lot to do today, Danny.
You find anything out about the cash in the apartment? Not yet.
We're working on it.
So Rico saw my mother toss away the necklace, huh? He told Jo yesterday.
We found the necklace near where Rico saw her.
She claimed she took it from Regina.
She's lying.
How do you know that? Because She took it from me.
I had the necklace.
So what happens now? That depends on whether or not I decide to believe you.
Someone left the necklace in your locker.
Why? Probably to set me up.
I'm just telling you the truth.
I hope so.
Sir, you know I didn't do this.
I didn't send that cash and note.
Someone else has to be involved.
And that's why you waited this long to tell me about the necklace? Because you think that cash and note lets you off the hook? No, but I think it helps.
Maybe you just don't want to move to Arizona.
You were gonna let your mom take the fall, weren't you? It doesn't matter.
She most likely will anyway.
Unless we can prove that she couldn't have killed Regina.
She told me a while back that she was in bed asleep that night.
If I can prove she wasn't asleep We would need tangible evidence that she was home when Regina was killed, proof that she was on a landline or a computer.
You know, sometimes she likes to stay up late and shop online.
If we can prove she was online that night at home, then she's in the clear.
Can you get on to her computer? I had to come talk to you.
I didn't sleep at all last night.
Well, that makes two of us.
You shouldn't be here, Tess.
I checked.
It's fine.
Kyle told me you haven't been officially charged with anything.
Not yet.
Come on.
Karen, we both know you're not a killer.
Yeah, well, you don't know me that well.
Yes, I do.
I know you're a mother who loves her son.
And Danny knows that too.
I don't think so.
Danny hasn't known that for a long time.
What are you talking about? You should have seen the doll Jo made.
It had its hair up in this poufy '80s hairstyle.
Aww, that's adorable.
Mother, can Jo and I have some popsicles? Yes, one each though.
Hey, Danny, Jo told me about the rocket you and your dad made.
Oh, yeah.
It's an Estes Screaming Eagle with a B4-4 engine.
There's a launch contest tomorrow at McNally Park.
Sounds cool.
Hey, Karen, are you going? God, no.
Vikram is.
I wish I had a daughter, Tess.
I mean, girl stuff is just so much more fun.
Rockets and engines I don't know anything about that stuff.
It's father-son stuff.
And I don't get it.
"I wish I had a daughter"? He knows I didn't mean that.
That was six years ago.
And I was wrong.
I'm sure Danny barely noticed that you said that.
Trust me.
He noticed.
You hungry? You want some food? I'm gonna go get you some food.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How's Danny? I don't know.
He was gone when I woke up.
He texted to say he was going to visit his mom.
How is everything here? Great.
My parents only had two arguments before breakfast.
Excuse me.
Jo! I was so excited when Lacey told me you were coming.
Yeah, I just wanted to come and wish Clara a Happy Birthday.
That's sweet.
Do you remember Mitch, Clara's gymnastics coach? I haven't seen you in years.
You and Lacey used to be inseparable.
Is that Jo Masterson I see? Mr.
Porter, good to see you.
- You too.
- Hi.
You're all grown up.
Hello, Mitch.
Overcharging my ex-wife for gymnastics lessons and eating the free food Well played.
Charming as ever, Samuel.
Nice of you to make the trip.
I can't believe you just said that.
Come on, stop it.
I was just joking around.
Can we please not do this now? Mr.
Porter, do you remember that Easter-egg hunt you guys threw years ago? Well, which one? We hosted a few.
Oh, you know the one.
Um You dressed up as the Easter Bunny.
And I think halfway through you Wait, dad, didn't you pass out from heat exhaustion? It's because the costume wasn't ventilated.
The kids were terrified.
They thought that the Easter Bunny was dead.
Excuse us.
- You're good.
- Oh, I know.
Now where is the birthday girl? Somewhere over there I think.
I'm gonna call Danny, check up on him.
Good idea.
Okay, so you want to do the honors? I think you'd better.
Check the browser history.
Any activity between the night Regina died? Uh, it's morbid, huh? My mother has trouble letting go.
I can see that.
I noticed she still wears her wedding ring.
I think there's a part of her that hopes that he's on some island somewhere sipping Mai Tais.
Must be hard not having your dad around.
You and your mom always have a rocky relationship? Well, what she's doing now, as a parent, I get it.
Yeah, well, it looks like you have a couple things in common.
You both think I'm guilty.
No activity.
Check the trash bin.
You talk to Danny? No, he didn't pick up.
He's probably just busy with his mom.
Lacey, if Danny does end up leaving, I hope that you and I can stay friends.
You know? Yeah, I'd like that.
I'm gonna take this out.
Can you grab more napkins? They're in the pantry.
Mitch, may I have a moment alone with Jo, please? I'm sorry you had to witness that.
Mitch and I Well, it's fairly complicated.
Wait, so were you and Mitch Was that going on before When you were still married to Mrs.
Porter? Jo, please, this is my private life.
And it's very important to me that it stay private.
Do you understand? Okay, so Mrs.
Porter doesn't even know that you're gay.
Does Lacey? I have my life in Seattle.
And I have my family here.
Trust me.
It's much easier that way.
Maybe for you.
But Lacey she always felt like the divorce was because of her.
You know? Lacey loves you.
She would love you no matter what.
Shouldn't you be honest with her? Promise me you won't tell Lacey any of this.
Okay? So you had no clue? What, that my mother and Principal Tang were, uh Intimate? No, I did not.
You know those photos don't necessarily mean that Maybe let's just not talk about it.
Okay? Yeah, okay.
Fair enough.
You're gonna figure something out, right? A way of stopping my mother from doing this? I hope so.
Hey, Danny.
What are you playing? A game.
I can see that.
Can you put it down for a second, please? Honey, do you remember what I said earlier when Tess and Jo were here about wishing I had a daughter? You know I didn't mean that, right? Well, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings.
Okay? You meant it.
What did you say? You meant it.
You don't want me.
You never have wanted me.
What a horrible thing to say to your mother.
Of course I want you.
I love you very much.
No, you don't.
You never have.
All you love is yourself, and your friends and your parties Stop it, Danny.
Stop it! You're an ungrateful little brat.
Karen? Karen.
Hey, I brought you some food.
I'm not hungry.
Come on, Karen.
You have to eat something.
I'd like you to leave now, please.
No, I'm not leaving until you tell me I'm not changing my mind.
Thank you for coming in to see me, Principal Tang.
Of course.
I get a call to meet on a weekend, I know it must be urgent.
So what's up, Danny? Oh, this is an adorable family you got there, Principal Tang.
Thank you.
Yeah, it would suck if they found out how much of a pervert you really are, huh? Excuse me, Danny, but I found the photos you sent my mother on her computer.
Karen saved them? They're in the trash can.
Where were you the night Regina Crane was killed? I was home with my family asleep.
Danny, please.
I love my wife.
And this coming out publicly, well, it would hurt my family a lot.
I won't tell anyone, sir.
But I need you to tell the police that you were with my mother that night.
Why, Danny? It's not important.
Did Karen ever say how you got into Green Grove High? No, she wasn't specific.
The school board was uneasy, but I worked very hard to make it happen for her.
And after that fight with Archie Yates, do you know why you weren't expelled immediately? So you two had an arrangement? I like to think of it more as an understanding.
Your mom is a very exciting, beautiful woman With exceptional hair.
We ended it a few weeks ago mutually.
But I still care for her.
And since I know it's important for her, I'm trying to keep you here.
But it isn't easy.
What are you saying? There are rumors floating around that you left the soccer team because you poisoned another player.
I just left because Personal reasons.
That's what I keep saying to people.
And I'll keep saying it as long as you keep your mouth shut about those photos.
Got it? Hey.
Having fun? Uh-huh.
How is everything going? Honestly, strangely amazing.
I was just with my parents.
And I haven't seen my dad act this sweet toward my mom in like forever.
Even Clara noticed.
You work some sort of crazy, voodoo, happiness magic.
No, I didn't do anything.
You kind of did, Jo.
It really means a lot to me that you came today.
Phoebe and Sarita, they don't get my family like you do.
I mean, I just Thank you, okay? Okay.
You're welcome.
Jo, I should tell you something.
It's about Danny and Your dad is gay.
My dad's what? I saw him in the pantry with the gymnastics coach.
Um Mitch he was Mitching He's kissing Mitch With his mouth on his mouth.
Wh I'm sorry to blurt all this out at you, Lacey.
I just thought that maybe you needed to know.
Are you okay? Huh, Danny? Hey, what are you doing at school on a Sunday? I could ask you the same thing.
Uh, mathlete practice.
Hey, I know you must be going through a lot with your mom and her confession, and, like, Arizona.
Arizona's not so bad though.
Right? I mean, they have like Um Uh, cacti.
I mean, they're cool.
You know, sharp and pointy and they have water in them.
I guess that's true.
Jo told me that you saw my mother throw away that necklace.
Is that why you've been acting so weird towards me lately? Huh.
If it makes you feel any better, Jo's sort of mad at me for the whole not-telling-her thing.
She'll get over it.
She knows how much you care about her.
I guess she kinda does.
Okay, please don't say anything about what I told you the other night.
I was wasted.
I don't even know what language I was speaking.
You seemed pretty lucid, but I won't tell her.
I promise.
You know what my first thought was when I saw your mom throw that? "Holy crap.
" Okay, uh, the second thing.
She must love you a lot to break the law.
I wonder if my mom would do the same for me.
Let me guess.
Strawberry, right? Clara is nothing if not consistent.
Are you gay? Jo said she saw you with Mitch.
Well, Jo has a very active imagination.
So she's lying? Lacey, I was married to your mother for 14 years.
Cake, Lace.
People want cake.
What's going on here? Judy, we need to talk.
I've got 40 guests outside.
Mom, just go talk to him, okay? Lacey, are you I'm fine.
I just need to do the cake.
The apartment was in Vikram Desai's name, but the rent was being paid out of a local bank account, which is why no one knew about it.
So Vikram had a separate, secret account in Bristol, Connecticut.
It wasn't a personal account.
It was a business account for a company called Marna, Inc.
Marna? Do you want to know the strangest part? - You got stranger? - Two days before Regina Crane was murdered, $2,000 was withdrawn from that account.
The exact amount that was sent to Regina.
Well well, look at that.
Chief, you think Karen might have I don't think so.
I mean if she had been connected to this, why not just tell us when she first confessed? Well, someone had to know about that account.
Someone else must have had access to it.
Unless Vikram sent the money himself.
We never found the body.
We need time to go through all this.
Well, we're not gonna have anymore time.
If we charge Karen tomorrow morning, the case will be over.
And it doesn't matter what I tell her.
She won't trust me.
Nothing I say will make her back down.
Let me try again.
You need to retract your confession now.
You and I both know you didn't kill anyone.
I, uh I talked to Principal Tang.
I know, mother.
I know everything you did to help me.
How you got me into that school, how you kept me from getting expelled.
Danny, it That's disturbing? Yeah, a little bit.
Chief Masterson's case, it's not all about me anymore.
You don't know that.
You can't know that for sure.
Is that a good enough reason for you to go to jail? I'm your mother.
I have to be a good mother this time.
You have always been a good mother.
And I know how much you love me.
And I need that with me.
So please.
Don't go.
I need my mom.
Okay? Don't leave me.
Hey, how is she? She's fine.
Pretty exhausted.
Well, confessing to a murder and then retracting all in a two-day period, is a bit of a busy weekend.
Tess picked her up.
She's taking her home.
So what's next? I solve this case? Yeah, but am I still a suspect? Because I kind of promised my mother I wouldn't be.
One of the conditions of her retracting.
I'm gonna figure out who killed Regina no matter who it is.
But you better start being honest with me.
Withholding evidence is a crime.
I could call your probation officer and send you back to juvie right now.
When my mother first told me that I'd be moving back to Green Grove after juvie, I wasn't exactly thrilled with that idea.
You know? But, um But now the thought of not living here, it's unbearable.
That's because of your daughter, sir.
And Lacey.
It's a nice speech, Danny.
It might have been nicer if you had actually told them the truth.
If I had told them that I had the necklace, I'd I don't want to lose them.
Jo stuck by you through a lot.
So has Lacey.
Give them both a chance.
Be honest with them.
You owe them that.
Can you imagine finding out your 14-year marriage was a lie? You really think she had no idea? Based on the yelling happening upstairs right now, I'm gonna go with no.
Guess if you're with someone you care about, you just You see the person you want to see.
How are you feeling? You wish I'd kept my mouth shut? No.
I mean, it's weird.
It's like I don't know him now or something.
But I just really want him to be happy.
Who knows? Now that he's not hiding a gay double-life in Seattle, maybe he'll visit us more than twice a year.
Thanks for telling me.
No problem.
Friends don't keep secrets, right? It's from Danny.
Why would he need to meet us right away? Something about his mom? Oh, my God.
I never thought I'd be so happy to see this house.
I'm sure.
Want me to make you some tea or something? Tea? How about a vodka? Fair enough.
Vodka night, is it? Oh yeah.
Karen, what's wrong? I'm sensing something Danny-related.
Am I warm? You could say that.
Honey, he's ten.
He's going through a phase, that's all.
This isn't a phase.
It's just us.
It's me and Danny.
You want me to talk to him? It won't matter.
Oh, by the way, I've got to be in Connecticut the next couple of nights.
Remember, if anyone asks, I'm supposed to be I know the drill, Vik.
If anyone asks, you're in Manhattan on business.
That's my loving wife.
Is everything okay? Yeah, yeah.
Everything's good.
How's everything with your mom? She retracted her confession.
Wow, so they're just gonna let her go? Yeah, there wasn't enough actual evidence to hold her now.
Which means It means you don't have to move to Arizona.
- Danny, that's - It's great.
It is.
It is great.
Um, but The necklace.
If she didn't kill Regina, then how did she get it? From me.
She got the necklace from me.
Wha I know what you guys are thinking, okay.
But I did not take that necklace from Regina, I swear.
The day after she died, I just found it.
It was in my locker Your locker?! Seriously?! Lacey, I'm telling you the truth.
How are we supposed to believe that?! You've lied to us over and over again, Danny! God! I'm such an idiot! I can't believe I let you We're done.
Lacey! Jo, just listen to me.
Okay, just can you just listen to me, please? Can you listen to me?!