Twisted s01e11 Episode Script

Out With the In-Crowd

Previously on "Twisted" - Why would I poison you? - I took your position.
- This is because of Archie.
- Gonna accuse my captain now? Can't you let me off the hook? Life at this school is just so much more interesting with you in it.
It seems the Crane investigation has gone a little off course and I think Marilyn here can really help us out.
Show me everything you have on Danny Desai.
Last one to speak is Jo Masterson.
How could he be this bad person, if I'm falling Jo, about what you said our relationship It's very special.
I don't know what I would do without it.
I'm so sorry.
The school board has decided to uphold the expulsion.
It's hard to let go, especially since I'm in love with him.
- Oh, wow.
- I hope you know I never would've dated him without talking to you first.
Someone has a video of you and Danny hooking up.
Now he's sending it out to people! If it makes it to my friends, then so be it.
- They'll forgive me.
- Yeah, but Jo might not! Hey.
Hey hey hey hey.
I know.
Here she comes.
There's Lacey.
Wait, look, there she is.
_ When did I start to discover Knock knock.
Man, I love it when people say, "knock knock," when they've already knocked and come in.
It's such a weird thing.
Someone's in a great mood.
I'm sick and I'm staying home.
- Didn't mom tell you? - Yeah, she told me.
Jo, I know you're upset that Danny is getting expelled, but I think he's gonna be okay.
I'm sure he will.
I heard about what you said at the school board hearing.
I didn't say anything.
Okay, we don't have to talk about it.
You wanna hear about my first crush? Really don't.
Thanks, dad.
I just Just think I need a day.
- Is that all right? - Course it is.
Well, that probation officer was barrel of laughs, huh? I don't know how you can make jokes after what he said.
We can't afford private school.
We can barely afford groceries.
That's a little melodramatic, don't you think? Well, if we don't find another school for you soon, you'll be in violation of your probation.
Then you'll be back in juvie.
How's that for melodrama? I'm sorry.
I'm just tired and I'm late for work.
It's okay.
I can get a job too, you know.
Help out at least we find a school that will admit me and then we can apply for financial aid.
It's gonna be okay.
I'm supposed to be the one saying that to you.
I wonder what your father would say if he could see us now.
He'd probably crack some joke about how we should rob a bank or something.
Well, that sounds about right.
_ I can't believe she scratched me.
If it leaves a scar, I'm suing.
I can't believe I missed that fight.
It sounds amazing.
It was amazing.
Even as I was being attacked, I was thinking, "This is an amazing story I'll tell my grandkids one day.
" It gave me some solace while I was bleeding out.
You're really gonna tell your grandkids you lost a fight to Phoebe? I didn't lose.
She surprised me.
Yeah, we told you Phoebe was nuts.
You were right, I was wrong.
Please just promise me we never have to talk to her again.
- Fine by me.
- I'm cool with that.
_ Origianlly Aired August 27, 2013 - It is, though.
- No, it's not.
- That's what it boils down to.
- I know.
Archie, can we talk for a second? Hey, don't you have a murderer to roll around with? You know, like on a bed? Scott.
Oh man.
What do you want, Lacey? Nothing.
I just wanted you to know that I'm sorry.
What happened between Danny and me was - I was confused.
- When did it start? I remember you sneaking off at the cemetery party.
You were hooking up with him the whole time, weren't you? No.
I broke up with you before anything happened mostly.
I don't expect you to forgive me.
I heard you guys got into regionals.
- Yup.
- Congrats, Arch.
You guys celebrating? We rented out Johnny Cakes.
We're having a private party.
Well, see you later.
I brought you some stuff to help cheer you up.
I have a, uh, English essay assignment, chemistry problem set and history study sheet.
- So - Very thoughtful, Rico.
Thank you.
So how are you holding up? Fine.
I just needed a day to shake it off.
But I'm fine now.
Lacey and Danny can have each other.
Yeah, I don't I don't think Lacey and Danny are still going out.
Lacey's had a pretty rough day.
Someone vandalized her locker, so seems like that video really messed up her life a lot.
Lacey's not my problem anymore.
I'm not interested in being friends with someone who keeps things from me.
Yeah, totally.
Of course.
I'm just sick of thinking about Lacey and Danny.
Just it's all so exhausting.
Time to look forward.
Right, yeah, let's look forward, because when you look back, that's when you, you know, trip over stuff that's, like, ahead of you.
Uh okay, I'm sorry.
I'll I'll just stop now.
Please do.
This thing is pretty grimy, Lacey.
Have you washed it since that trip to Connecticut? You shouldn't be here.
You could get into trouble.
What are they gonna do? They gonna expel me again? I just wanted to see how you were.
Me? I'm great.
No one will get within 10 feet of me.
My friends are freezing me out.
Good times.
Lacey, look, I'm so sorry about all this.
- I feel responsible.
- You're not.
I made my own bad decisions.
Have you, umm have you talked to Jo? She didn't come to school today.
Believe me, she's not gonna wanna talk to us for a while, especially after what she said at the school board hearing.
- You heard about that, huh? - I saw her right after.
She told me, Danny.
She said she was in love with you.
I gotta go make this right.
You can't make it right.
She's hurting.
She's embarrassed.
She just needs some space.
I can't.
I can't.
Just the idea of her sitting there at home, all I'm gonna go over there right now, - and I want you to come with me.
- Danny, I don't think Don't you want her to forgive you? - Of course I do.
- Okay.
Then come with me.
If we can explain to her that there's nothing going on between us anymore, then maybe all of us can get past this.
It's worth a shot, right? Chief Masterson, it is not personal.
I'm merely retracing your steps to see if you missed anything.
We searched the pond multiple times.
It was very costly and took a lot out of our limited resources.
Searching it again is not gonna help solve this case.
But continuing to dig into missing paperwork at city hall will? I overheard Officer Garrett all morning calling city hall, local realtors, a lawyer from Vikram Desai's estate.
Marna Inc.
? Miss Rossi, if I may.
Marna Inc.
is connected to Vikram Desai.
- Who died six months ago.
- Yes, but this company is linked to money that was sent to the victim two days before she was - Save your breath, Eddie.
- It sounds like a legitimate lead, but we need to refocus on what's in front of us first.
You have a young man who has a criminal record, no alibi and a text message sent from the victim hours before time of death.
It's not that simple anymore.
We're searching the pond again.
You found the necklace there.
Maybe something else will turn up.
You sure we shouldn't tell her about Karen dumping that necklace? Or the fact that Danny had it? Karen and Danny have enough on their plate right now.
They don't need that woman harassing them.
Hey, Rico.
Is Jo here? Yeah, but I don't know if she wants to see you guys right now.
- What's going on? - Jo.
- Listen.
- Please, let us explain.
What's there to explain? Lacey, Danny, hey.
Danny, I'm so sorry about the expulsion.
I spoke to your mom last night and she's just Thank you, Mrs.
Uh, we'll get through it.
- I'll be okay.
- I'm sure you will.
I'm sure Lacey will help you be okay.
Jo, Danny and I we're over, okay? It's over.
That video was from before Do you really think that matters? You are such a hypocrite, Lacey.
You condemn Danny for lying while you're off doing the same thing? Please don't don't blame Lacey, okay? It's on me.
I should've been the one to tell you.
You have been so supportive of me.
The way that you spoke out for me yesterday it I am so sick of your excuses.
You lie and apologize and lie and apologize.
And I'm over it, Danny.
Okay, let's all just take a breath here.
- Emotions are running high.
- My emotions are fine.
I just want these two to leave.
Jo, we're so sorry.
We never wanted you to find out that way.
But just know that I did everything in my power to keep that video from coming out.
The minute Rico told me about it You knew about that video? Look, I was I was just trying to protect you.
I am so sick of being protected! Just get out.
Just get out, all of you.
Oh, crap.
I forgot my backpack.
Jo's probably burning it right now, anyway.
Rico, I didn't mean to call you out like that.
I guess I can buy a new backpack, probably some new textbooks.
Probably have to switch schools since Jo's in all my classes.
Dude, dude, don't worry.
She'll probably forgive you.
at me and Lacey, anyway.
Oh God.
Are you Are you saying directed towards me? I need to go home, now.
You want a ride? Nah, I'll walk.
You gonna be okay? Sure, you know, I have a wild night planned.
I'm gonna go home, sit on my bed and I'll think about my former friends and how they're out celebrating with the soccer team.
Yeah, I heard about that.
They made regionals, huh? Well, if you ever need to talk to somebody, you just call me.
- All right? - All right.
- Hey, honey.
- Sweetheart.
Told him about the video, huh? Awesome.
Just remember that your dad and I are here for you and that we love you.
Okay, this just got lame.
Jo, how about we go out? An old-school Masterson family night on the town.
"Some Like It Hot" is playing at the Green Grove Cinema.
- One week only.
- I've been so focused on my case, you've been focused on your stuff.
It's gonna be good for us all.
Come on, I'll even let you decide how much salt to put on the popcorn.
Well, you basically put so much on it that it becomes inedible.
Okay, let's go.
Yay! A Masterson family fun night.
As long as you don't call it that.
I don't care what the guy said.
A deal is a deal.
All right? Get back to me.
What can I do for you? Hey, Ray, can I talk to you for a minute? Please.
So, what's up? - Uh - Hold it.
You're not quitting, are you? Is it because of what happened yesterday in the lunch room? Karen, I didn't mean anything by that.
I just really liked that skirt you were wearing.
It's fine.
I'm not quitting.
I was actually hoping I could take on more work.
You know, more responsibility and more hours.
You're talking to me about overtime pay, aren't you? I'll tell you what.
I'm trying to get a site up and running on a new property that's hitting the market A.
You know how to put together a virtual online tour? - I'll figure it out.
- It might mean staying late all week.
That's fine.
I mean, that's great.
- Thank you.
- Absolutely.
Thank you so much.
I think you were five when we first showed you this movie.
You were so confused by all the cross-dressing.
You kept yelling, "Why are all the boys acting like girls?" Wow.
I was a closed-minded little brat, wasn't I? You guys wanna get some popcorn before the line gets too long? - Yeah.
- Hey.
Here to check out some classic '50s screwball comedy? - Tyler, this is my - Mrs.
Masterson, so nice to see you again.
I love that jacket.
And you must be Chief Masterson.
- It's an honor, sir.
- Wow, "An honor.
" - Thank you, Tyler.
- You're welcome, sir.
Me and my film club buddies are headed to my place to have a little post-movie breakdown analysis.
Wanna join? Thanks, but we're about to see the movie, so - Nothing to discuss quite yet.
- Right, totally.
Well, text me after if you wanna come by, Jo.
Chief, Mrs.
, nice to see you guys.
So that guy was interesting.
- I thought he was very polite.
- Yeah, in a Eddie Haskell kind of way.
Do you mind if I go with him? We haven't seen the movie yet.
I've seen it like 10 times.
It's not like I'm gonna be alone with him or anything.
We'll be in a big group.
- Don't be back too late.
- I won't.
Thank you.
Hey, it's funny running into you like this.
How's life? What are you doing here, Danny? I hear that Johnny Cakes is hosting a private party for the soccer team something about regionals.
I think you should go.
- Danny.
- Look I'm the reason why everyone hates you, right? So please, let me just try to fix this.
I, uh I have an idea.
So you guys saw "Some Like It Hot"? It's a great film, really biting comedy.
Found it.
Here you go.
Thanks, Mrs.
Do you think you could tell Jo to call me if she wants? - Yeah.
- And tell her I said hi.
Or actually tell her that I said hi and then to call me.
In that order.
We will, Rico.
Um, Rico, do you wanna stay? Hang out till Jo gets back? You can tell her "Hi" yourself.
I'll make you something to eat.
Yeah, thanks.
What time is she supposed to be back? Who knows? She's hanging out with this guy Tyler and his film club.
- Ty Tyler? - See? Rico doesn't like the guy either.
Kyle, we have to trust Jo to make the right choices.
I guess, but her taste in men leaves a lot to be desired.
Amen to that.
Did I say that out loud? I just wanted to drop by and say congrats again.
- So congrats.
- You have a lot of nerve, showing up here like this.
I know you're pissed at me, Sarita, but the other night You said I was your best friend - and that nothing could change that.
- That was before I knew you were hooking up with Regina's murderer.
How the hell do you think she'd feel about all this? It's just a little too soon, okay? I'm not leaving.
Suit yourself.
_ And I also resent the way Wilder purports to deconstruct traditional gender roles.
It's condescending.
What exactly is this film trying to communicate? - Mmm.
- To convey? I think it's trying to be funny.
I mean, it's a comedy from the 1950s.
What should it be trying to convey? This may be the only way Is anybody thirsty? 'Cause I was gonna go grab a drink or something.
All right, guys, let's start from the beginning, talk a little bit about Well put, Jo Masterson.
Your film club buddies They're cool.
They're really not, but I like 'em.
It's nice to have friends that share the same passion.
So you're really serious about the director thing then? Oh yeah, I already printed out my film school applications.
I wanna be the next Michael Bay.
It's nice to see you smiling.
- What do you mean? - I just thought you'd be depressed after that video of Danny and Lacey.
No, why would I be? Because you have a thing for Danny, right? Glad to hear it.
Oh, hey, Archie, guys.
I just wanted to say congratulations on regionals.
Danny, man, come on.
Please don't make a scene.
- Okay? - I don't want to make a scene, Cole.
I helped the team win a few games.
I think that I'm partly responsible for that Banner up there, right? You need to leave, now.
That's a lot of attitude, Archie.
Is this about that video? I'm sorry.
I guess beefy meathead isn't Lacey's type.
Really think it's smart to piss me off again? You did that before and look what's happened.
Look what happened.
So you can leave on your own Or we could forcibly remove you.
That won't be necessary.
Get the hell out of here, Danny.
Lacey, are are you seriously taking his side? After all we've been through, what we had? What we had was meaningless.
Hooking up with you was the dumbest thing I've ever done.
It was hurtful to people I care about.
I wish I could take it back, but I can't.
But I don't have to look at you or be near you ever again.
Get out.
I wish you'd never come back here! Ouch.
I wish I'd never known you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Did you really mean all that? - What you said to him? - Of course.
Arch, look, I get it if you can't forgive me yet.
I'm not sure Sarita ever will, fully.
But I am truly sorry.
I know.
Sarita will come around.
We all do bad things sometimes.
- Yeah.
- I mean, I'm glad you were there.
I would've throttled that freak if you hadn't jumped in.
What did you mean when you said that to Danny? About him pissing you off and look what happened? Nothing.
Don't worry about it.
Arch, come on.
You can trust me.
Okay, look Scott and I kind of took matters into our own hands to get Danny off the team.
You mean with Cole.
We didn't mean to send him to the hospital.
The psycho was hurting the team and causing tensions, but now he's gone and none of us have to see that murderer ever again.
Yeah, thank God.
So, do you wanna share a basket of onion rings? On me.
It looks delightful.
I wonder what that Sydney girl would think of it.
What's it trying to convey? She thinks all Michael Bay films are a fascinating deconstruction of the societal obsession with technological advancement.
She uses the word "deconstruction" a lot, huh? Yeah.
Not really sure she knows what it means.
So should we head back down there? We could.
You are the host.
That's true.
Are you okay? No.
I I can't do this.
'Cause of Danny.
Jo, trust me the only way to get over someone is to throw yourself into something new.
Otherwise, you'll never move on.
I'm sorry.
I have to go.
Hey, just remember I'm crazy about you, okay? I'm on my way.
Don't do anything else until I get there.
- Everything all right? - Yeah, that was Eddie.
I have to run back to the station.
Don't worry.
It's fine.
Enjoy that pasta, Rico.
I will.
Thanks, Chief Masterson Must be super stressful, being married to a cop.
I guess.
You want seconds? Um, no, I'm good.
I'm sure Jo hasn't eaten yet, so she'll probably want some when she gets home.
You're a really important person to Jo, Rico.
You know that, right? She knows it, too.
I promise.
Thanks for coming.
So? What's this about, Desai? You know what this is about.
You heard what Archie said back there.
He was just a little steamed, okay? No, he wasn't.
He poisoned you to get me off of the team.
You know I'm right.
So what am I supposed to do about it? That's up to you.
Personally, I could never trust someone who did something like that to me.
That's just me.
_ Jana, tell Lacey about what Mr.
Stevens said to you in European History.
He said the sound of my voice was making it hard for him to focus on teaching.
Can you believe that? Wanna share another basket? Uh, no, I'm good, thanks.
Farrell, we thought you You poisoned me, didn't you? To get Danny off the team.
Are you serious? Wow.
Farrell, I I knew you had a soft spot for psycho boy Okay, don't freaking lie to me.
Hey, that's your captain.
I'm not lying to you.
Yes, he is.
He just admitted it to me.
He said it was him and Scott.
Come on, Cole, are you gonna believe her? The bitch was screwing the freak five minutes ago.
Good luck at regionals.
These people may all believe you, but if you have any self-respect left, - you'll admit it was you.
- Get the hell out of here.
No, don't worry.
I'm gone.
And using Regina to shame me? Low blow, Sarita.
Karen, how's it coming? - Almost finished.
- Mmm.
Ooh, can I ask you one quick question before you go? - Sure.
- I pulled the files on some past sales to see what I should include in the virtual tour, and I stumbled upon something odd in these financial records.
It seems normal to me.
You represented the buyer and the seller here, but you only declared commission for one of 'em.
No kidding.
Must be a clerical error.
That's what I thought, too.
But it turns out the same error was made on properties going back seven years.
Someone's been a busy girl.
So I get a little creative with my taxes.
It's common in the real estate business.
I'm not sure the I.
would agree.
Well, the I.
does not know.
For now.
Are you blackmailing me, Karen? I gotta say, of all the people I thought would text me I have to tell you something.
What is it? When I saw that video It hurt.
And not just because you lied, again.
But because I have these feelings for you.
- Jo, look, we don't have to - I have to.
I have to say it to you, Danny, to your face.
I can't move on unless I know, unless I'm sure that you could never feel the same way.
Jo, you are the most incredible person that I have ever met.
- Please don't patronize me.
- I'm not.
Our friendship means so much to me and I don't wanna risk that, turning it into something else.
But you can risk it for Lacey.
That's different.
Do you still have feelings for her? La Lacey and I Look, we're over.
That's not what I asked.
You still have feelings for her.
Don't lie to me.
For once, just the truth.
I'm so sorry, Jo.
We're gonna get through this, the three of us, okay? That's what's most important, right? Right? Goodbye, Danny.
It's confirmed.
Traces of blood and hair on the pipe match the victim.
And Danny Desai's fingerprints are all over it.
- What about that paint? - It matches what was found at the victim's point of impact.
It's solid, boss.
It's good thing we searched that pond again, huh, chief? Good thing.
I'm gonna take some time with this new evidence, look into it before we make any rash decisions.
The town's been waiting weeks for this to be solved, not to mention the mayor.
I have a patrol car stationed outside the Desais' residence the minute the boy arrives home, I strongly suggest we go arrest him.
If that's all right with you, Chief.
It is your case.
A murder weapon? Kyle, it can't be.
Are you sure it had Danny's fingerprints on it? I can't get into the details right now.
- When Jo gets home, just - I'll deal with Jo.
- What did you find? - Honey, I'm sorry.
I have to go.
I'll keep you updated, okay? Okay.
Hey, Jo, I didn't think you Wow, umm you're good at that.
Why is that funny? No no, it's just that was the first time that I did that.
What we just did.
It's the first time that I've done anything.
What? Your your first kiss? Wow.
Look at you.
Oh, sorry, sorry.
I didn't I didn't mean I'm honored to be your first of everything.
I should go.
My parents tend to worry.
Can't worry the parents.
Do you mind shutting your eyes? - There you are.
- What are you what are you doing? Go upstairs.
Pack a bag.
We're leaving.
Leaving? Why? They found the murder weapon with your fingerprints on it.
They're coming to arrest you.
Danny, go.
We have to leave now.
Wait, that's impossible.
I I didn't Danny, please, you have to trust me.
I have resources now, money.
I have access to a lot of money.
We're gonna be okay for a while, okay? - Please.
- Mother, we can't just There is nothing keeping us here anymore.
How'd you? I just came to get my backpack and then your mom made me spaghetti.
It was really yummy.
Um, she's just in her art studio doing art, and she said I could hang out till you got back.
I'm so sorry that I lied to you.
I know you are.
- Okay.
- Rico, you're my you're like this amazing constant in my life, which is really complicated right now.
And I just need to know that you're always gonna be up front with me, okay? So you you don't hate me? I could never hate you.
I love you.
- Rico.
- I I love you.
I'm totally in love with you.
You're like my dream girl.
Rico, please.
I'm sorry.
That that was inappropriate.
Aren't you gonna say anything? I don't know what to say.
Umm, okay.
_ Lace? Hey.
Sorry, your mom said I could just come right up.
Phoebe, what are you doing here? Well, accusing the host of poisoning someone tends to kill a party pretty fast.
- I swear, Archie told me that - I believe you.
You look gorgeous in this.
Hey, what happened to Regina's arm? - What? - You.
You happened, remember? When you guys got in that big fight over Craig.
- You scratched her.
- No, I didn't.
- Phoebe, it's okay now.
I don't - No, I swear I didn't.
I might have pulled out some of her hair, but I don't scratch.
Okay, well, then who did? And why did Regina tell everyone it was you? Wait.
That car.
I totally forgot about that.
It was the person in that car.
Let's just do it later.
I need to talk to you.
Did you actually tell Seriously, Phoebe, not now.
Oh my God.
That bitch.
She is so gonna pay for this.
Who was that? Regina, who did that to you? It's not important.
Hello? Hi.
Look, I'm very sorry that you're bleeding all over yourself or whatever, but we need to talk.
I don't think we do.
Regina! I chased Regina inside and things just kinda went from there.
I can't believe Regina never told me about that.
- Did you see the person in that car? - No, the windows were tinted.
But I remember that the car had a Connecticut license plate.
- Connecticut? - Yeah.
I thought it was so weird and random.
Danny, come on! Hurry up! Police! Open up! Karen, open the door.
It's me, Kyle.
- - Karen.
- Open up! We have a warrant to arrest your son for the murder of Regina Crane.
Planning a trip, Mrs.
Desai? - No, I was just - Where's Danny? Where is he? Upstairs.
You were gonna leave town.
How did you know we were coming? Chief Masterson! Danny Desai has fled.
Have all available units report to the Desai residence, now.
Who is this? It's me.
Tess, what's wrong? What happened? It's bad.
Really bad.
I think it's time.
It's time for you to come back, Vikram.