Twisted s01e14 Episode Script

Home is Where the Hurt Is

- Previously on "Twisted" - We have a warrant to arrest your son for the murder of Regina Crane.
- I killed my own father.
- I have to tell them.
- I can't go to jail.
- I need your help.
- Vikram and I were having an affair.
- Vikram lied to you! He sent Marilyn.
She got that necklace.
- Gloria couldn't make it.
- If you're not running, then - I'm going back.
- You need to be with someone who appreciates you.
- I'm totally in love with you.
- Rico.
These nights that we've spent here in our booth, they're some of the best nights of my life.
I'm Charlie McBride.
I'm new in town.
Danny, the whole town was wrong about you.
How do you feel? Vikram, it's me again.
Why aren't you picking up? You need to explain everything.
Hey, Danny.
Welcome back.
Sorry, man.
Look alive, Desai.
So, you ready to suit up? Yeah, sure, I guess.
Lacey was so badass, exposing the whole me-getting-poisoned thing.
- Right, I heard about that.
- Yeah, she called Archie out, then Scott crumbled, confessed and now they're both expelled.
They're lucky they didn't get arrested.
- Right.
- So, it's all good, man.
All right? Hey, especially now that everyone knows that you didn't kill Regina.
So, homecoming how do we feel about it? Lame? Cool? Um, homecoming is totally cool and I feel like this one's gonna be one of the greatest nights of the year.
- Wow.
- Sorry.
That is a lot of pressure.
You better make sure you pick the right man for the job.
- Danny! How you doing? - Hey.
Hey, Desai.
You've got a new roommate.
Try not to strangle him.
Oh, sorry.
This is the new guy newer than you, believe it or not.
Just moved into town.
He's actually working at the stables.
It's nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
Wait up! - Danny.
- Hi.
It's so great having you here.
I still can't believe you're back.
It's like a do-over for all of us.
- Or at least I thought it was.
- No.
No, it is.
It is.
It's great seeing you.
Uh, Lacey, listen, that new guy, Charlie - oh God, no, he's just - No, how how well do you know him? As well as you can know someone who's been here for two days.
He was asking me about homecoming about it, not to it.
- Homecoming, huh? - Yeah.
The theme's "A night to remember" this year.
Sounds kind of fun, you know.
I was thinking that I could make it really memorable and wear something dangerously close to what my mom calls school inappropriate.
I mean, if you want, we could just You know what, Lacey? Could we talk about this later? I just I gotta Okay.
Crazy how this all turned out, huh? Sarita, if you're here to apologize, I really think that you should talk to Danny.
Oh no, Danny may be off the hook for Regina's murder, but you're still sucking face with a killer, in case you forgot the aunt.
What in the hell are you doing here? Easy, man.
Look, they let me out early.
Good behavior.
So what, you followed me? No.
I remembered how you used to talk about the place, how great Jo and Lacey seemed and how you were such a good friend to me on the inside which is something I could really use right now.
I don't know, man.
- This is like - Look I just want to start over.
Clean slate, you know? - Good luck with that, man.
- Danny, come on.
I'm kinda desperate here.
Luckily, I know what that's like.
We both got pretty good at keeping secrets, right? So let's keep it that way.
He just seems strange and kind of distant.
Well, he's been through a lot, so No, I don't think it's that.
I think it's me.
I think he's still pissed.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't even be talking to you about this with you.
I'm No, it's fine.
Danny's fine.
Everything's fine.
You know what? It's just frustrating not being able to tell anyone the truth that Danny never was a killer.
I told you we can't do that.
Well, then I just want everything to go back - to the way it was.
- Well, it kind of is.
I mean, except you and I are friends now, I guess.
And I love that.
And the only other thing that I want different is to be able to date Danny out in the open I mean, if you're really okay with that.
Yeah, I am.
You and Danny should just go to homecoming and whatever.
Except right now, homecoming seems to be the furthest thing from Danny's mind.
Okay, look, hey, I don't wanna lameness scale of one to 10, we always said homecoming was an 11, but Jo, we're friends, right? I was just thinking what's wrong with a couple of friends getting together, getting dressed up and cutting a rug? "Cutting a rug"? Uh, yeah, it's an expression.
Yeah, from the 1890s.
How about just like, "Jo, you wanna go to homecoming with me?" Whatever, man.
It's kind of a stupid idea.
It just she said some stuff the other night at the diner.
You shouldn't give up on her, man.
Actually, I was giving up on myself.
- No, don't.
- Oh.
She's she's been through a lot and she kinda deserves something good in her life.
Maybe that could be you.
- Hey, Rico.
- Hey, Andie.
I wanted to try and catch you after mathlete practice, but - Oh, we have it tomorrow.
- I know.
I just was so impressed with how you handled those imaginary number problems.
It's such a trippy subject, right? Uh, yeah, I guess.
I mean, who's to say what's imaginary? Even real numbers are just conceptual substitutes for actual quantities, don't you think? I don't look, I really don't wanna talk about this right now.
I'm I'm sorry.
Hey, so listen, about homecoming I know, I'm sorry.
- Wow, I don't even get to - are you pissed? - Why would I be pissed? Well, because even though on a lameness scale from one to 10, we always thought homecoming was an 11 - Yeah? - I may have kind of signed us up for homecoming committee, which is just decorating, refreshments and cleanup, but its kind of an all-night thing, so Hmm, all night, you and me? Yeah, and a bunch of other losers too.
But I thought it could be kinda fun.
No, yeah, better than how we spent last homecoming, sitting at home, watching movies.
Just kind of not that into hanging out at home right now, so NYMN-10 live, outside of the Green Grove police department.
Thank you all for coming.
We really do need the public's help in this.
Vikram Desai is a person of interest in a murder investigation and anyone who has any information on his whereabouts should come forward immediately and assist us in this manhunt.
One way or another, we will find him.
Chief, what can you tell us about Mr.
Desai's involvement in the I'm afraid it's an active investigation.
I can't talk about that right now.
You okay? - Yeah.
- Okay.
- But you're an idiot.
- I didn't see you.
- I'm late for practice.
I gotta get down there.
- It's not that.
So you said no, huh? Well, I should've known you didn't really want him to ask you, anyway.
- What are you talking about? - What are you talking about? Oh crap.
Umm Rico was practicing asking you to homecoming.
- What? Like as a date? - Like a date, yeah.
Like a date.
I hope you picked up a few good pointers, because now you need to go ask Lacey.
Wha what? Whoa.
Why are you pushing me towards her? A couple of days ago, you Everything's changed now.
I mean, after what we've been through Exactly, exactly.
Which is why me and Lacey we'd never work, not now.
- Why? You guys are just - Why? How can I have a real relationship with someone with a secret between us? Danny, we talked about this.
- We agreed - No, you agreed.
Okay, I'm trying.
I'm trying to act normal.
You don't think I would love to go to homecoming? - So go.
- I can't.
I don't I don't get to do that anymore.
So that's it? That's what it's gonna be like for the rest of your life? Never gonna have a real connection with anyone, never gonna have any semblance of real happiness? - What about you? - What about me? Jo, look, Rico really likes you, okay? Like a lot, and you keep on pushing him away.
- And I don't understand.
- Obviously, I don't like him the way that you clearly like Lacey.
That has nothing to do with this.
You seem like you're just punishing yourself for no reason well, maybe after what we did, I should be.
- Jo.
- Danny Can you go in closer, sharpen it up? Already on it.
Let's see it again.
It's Vikram.
We have proof he was here two days ago.
We are so close.
That's amazing.
I just came by to bring you dinner in case you decided to work late again.
Best wife ever.
Go through the rest of the footage, organize a canvas of the area.
Maybe Vikram was meeting with someone.
Maybe there's a witness.
Come on! Nice assist.
Where'd you go to school? - You must've had an awesome team.
- Uh, yeah.
Yeah, it was it was upstate.
Okay, that's it, everybody.
Nice work.
Desai, I need a minute.
Everything cool? Look, I'm new here and I don't know all the politics, but you're a great player and I'm moving you into the starting line.
Okay, thanks.
Try to control yourself.
I'm sorry.
I'll work hard, okay? You already deserve it.
It's pretty amazing, huh? I mean, just having a field that doesn't back up onto a barbed wire fence.
Yeah, I think playing soccer in juvie is the only thing that kept me halfway sane.
Halfway, right? Look, I don't wanna push things on our first day, - but I - It's fine.
What is it? You and Lacey are just friends, right? I mean, I know she's pretty into you and she did all that work, clearing your name, but I saw you guys together and I didn't really get a vibe at all.
Well, it's kind of complicated and I'm not really in the right headspace to kinda Cool.
That's great, because I actually think she's kinda awesome and if I'm not stepping on any toes here, I was hoping I could ask her to homecoming.
Yeah, man, go for it.
All right.
So it should be like a ship's bow, you know, like full-on Leo and Kate, like all of those old, old pictures.
"Titanic," "A night to remember.
" Come on.
Hey, maybe a literal interpretation of the 1958 film classic might not be the most celebratory choice.
People celebrated on the Titanic.
Right, yeah yeah, before they plunged to their icy, painful deaths.
Hi, guys.
I brought some recycled paper streamers.
No reason to destroy the rainforest just to make the place look pretty, right? Because now we're saying that they had paper streamers on the Titanic.
- Right.
- Well, how about some locally-grown organic potted plants? My mom runs a flower shop, so even the imported stuff is fair trade.
That's actually a really great idea.
Yeah, I'm not just into math, I'm also super into the environment.
Well, saving it, you know.
Except global warming is just a liberal media conspiracy, right? - Right? - Mmm, not really.
- It's kind of - I was I was joking.
That was a it was a joke.
- Not a very funny one, but - No, it was.
Laughing on the inside? Sorry.
Are you okay? Come here.
I'm such a dork.
I only joined the homecoming committee so I could spend more time with him.
I couldn't believe it when I saw his name on the list.
Yeah, I may have kind of that was I did that.
- That was me.
- Well, I'm glad you did, but now that I'm here, I'm just making a total fool of myself.
Rico has that affect on a lot of girls, right? Yeah.
You can at least offer me a cup of coffee.
Jack, there's a reason why I didn't return your calls.
Yes, I know.
You're very tough.
- Okay, and you are - Handsome? Charming? - I don't know, you tell me.
- Yes, but you can't come over here unannounced.
Danny can come home any second, and I need to focus on him right now, make sure he has a normal life, you know? What about you? What kind of life do you get? Because I think it should start with something like this.
Danny, you remember Jack Taylor.
He used to work for your father.
Yeah, you took us sailing with your daughter? - Whitney, that's right.
- Right.
- Oh, those were good times.
- It was a long time ago.
Yeah, I'm gonna get going.
Think about what I said, and you take care of your mom.
Oh, I will, man.
Well, you must be starving, so I will start dinner.
I saw you out there.
- You're really good.
- I'm really out of practice.
Regina was always the one who kept us on point.
- Don't do that.
- Do what? Bring up something sad.
See, it's just gonna make me look like an ass when I try and change the subject and ask you to homecoming.
Wait wait.
What? You and me, "A night to remember" I promise you that.
Charlie, I'm really flattered, but I I think I'm I think I'm already going with somebody, though.
Who? Danny? Yeah.
'Cause I spoke to him and he said that you two weren't going together.
What? What did he say? You know, forget it.
I I shouldn't have What did he say, Charlie? He he told me to ask you.
He said, "go for it.
" How's your hand? It's better.
So Jack Taylor, huh? What, are you dating now? Absolutely not.
I went to see him when you were on the run, because I didn't know who else to go to.
But now it seems to have given him the wrong impression.
Well, there's obviously a reason you went to him.
You felt like you could trust him.
Yeah, well, there's there's a lot of history between us.
History? What kind of history? Danny.
I can't, you know? Look I just want you to know, mom, you deserve to be happy, okay? Especially now that we know what a bad guy dad was.
I'm the one who's supposed to be helping you.
Well, maybe we can kind of help each other.
Can you believe it? I went down to the shipyard, - asked around.
- What are you gonna do with that? You said nautical.
I thought maybe we could braid it around a railing for the photo booth.
- How much did that cost? - Oh no, totally donated, recycled.
- Wow.
- Yeah, it's amazing what people are willing to give away.
All you have to do is ask.
What do you think of her? Who, Andie? I don't know.
She's a trig genius and she's done a lot of research into number theory, - so that could - No, I mean, like as a girl.
As a girl? I don't know.
I guess I never really thought of her as a girl.
I mean, obviously she's a girl.
She's a girl who likes you, like likes you, likes you.
I think you should ask her to homecoming.
What about what about us, the committee, refreshments - Yeah, but all of that - The cleanup and everything? Is really an 11 on the lameness scale.
And if there's a cute, smart girl who wants to go with you, then you should drop everything, including me, and go.
I just thought after our talk the other night at the diner, you know, maybe that cute, smart girl would be you.
I know that sounds I mean as friends.
- You know? Like - Rico.
You're an amazing guy and you deserve an amazing girl.
Right now, Andie seems a lot more amazing than I am.
Go now.
You never know what's gonna happen.
I got beer, beer and some questionable O.
Just just water is fine, man.
I'm not used to having visitors.
Except my mom was here last week, right? - She tell you that? - No, but I'm not an idiot.
Something's going on with you two.
- Look, Danny, that's - No, I remember you working with my dad.
- You guys seemed pretty close.
- Yeah, we were.
And then you just you just disappeared.
Did my mom have something to do with that? It was more of a falling out with your dad.
What kind of falling out? Jack, I'm just trying to fill in some of the blanks with him, and you knew him better than anyone.
Yeah, we were close, and then we weren't.
In-between's a long story.
You know, I care about your mother a lot.
I mean, truth is, I have for a long time.
But what she cares about right now is you.
- I know.
- So, how you doing? Finding your way back form juvie? I I lost a lot of years.
Yeah, you turned 16 in there, right? What are you gonna drive? I don't know.
Nothing cool.
Actually, I I have an old Porsche in my garage.
Me and my dad were talking about fixing it up.
Maybe, um, I don't know, you could you could come over take a look? Yeah.
Yeah, maybe.
Lacey, I got your text.
Everything okay? It's really not.
I I mean, I just I know that I messed up before when I was too embarrassed to date you out in the open.
- Lacey, stop, please.
- But I blew off my bitchy friends and I did everything that I could to prove your innocence so you could come home.
- Does none of that matter? - It does matter.
I'm very grateful.
So why don't you wanna be with me anymore? I do.
I do wanna be with you, more than anything.
Okay, so then what? Lacey, I'm sorry.
You just don't understand.
But I do.
What you did Taking the blame for your dad, staying silent, protecting the ones that you love that's all part of the reason why I like you so much.
I just wish that we had never met So we could start fresh, today.
Except we can't erase the fact that we've known each other since sticking frogs in Mrs.
Brower's top drawer, and I'm sorry that that's not a good thing to you.
- Lacey, can you just wait.
Just - What? Would you please go to homecoming with me? No, I can't go with you now.
- I've forced you into it.
- I would love to go with you.
Lacey, you have to know that.
Fine, I'll pick you up at 6:00.
Do you want to get ready for homecoming together? Um, I'm just on the committee, so it's just refreshments and cleanup, so I don't really need to get Oh come on.
You never know who might come around the punchbowl and ask you to dance.
- That's so terrifying.
- It'll be fun.
So you wanna make sure you pull this caliper straight out.
You're back.
I I invited him.
Thought I'd help see if I can get this old clunker started.
It's gonna take some time, you know.
I gotta get some parts and then come back.
More than once.
Honey, why don't you take a shower? You gotta start getting ready for homecoming.
Keep the door open, kids.
Remember, one foot on the floor at all times.
- Okay.
- It looks nice, doesn't it? What's wrong? Nothing.
Well, it's just this is what it would be like if we were still or if we had stayed friends, you know, if nothing bad had happened.
Jo, I'm so sorry about everything.
Me too.
Yeah, I gotta go pick up Danny.
Hey, why don't you come with us? - We can all go together.
- No.
- That's crazy.
- What? - What do you mean? - Because you guys are going on a date, which is as it should be.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
I'm really happy for you guys.
- Wow, this is - Pretty amazing, right? Yeah.
Lacey, Danny.
- Charlie, listen, I - Oh, don't even worry about it.
You two have a good night, all right? Hey.
Cool, great.
After you.
Can we can we go again? I didn't feel like I was in character, exactly.
Are you kidding? All you have to do is stand there and you give Leo a run for his money.
Leo as in - Leo ? - Dicaprio.
The academy award nominated, $20-million-a-picture Environmental God? Yes.
I mean that's how you look to me, at least.
You always have.
Andie, I want you to know the only reason I asked you this late I'm sure Jo said something.
And really, all I am is grateful, 'cause this is probably one of the greatest nights of my life.
Uh Especially 'cause I'm guessing you'd rather be here with her or someone like her.
Jo? Andie, trust me, this is This is probably one of the greatest nights of my life, too.
Uh, lets Hey, curly.
It's Jo, right? Yeah.
It's definitely not "curly.
" Right.
I'm the new guy, Charlie, I'm on the soccer team with Danny, and he had a lot of nice things to say about you, - so I - Yeah? In the first day that he's been back? Yeah, well, guys talk, especially about pretty girls.
So it was nice meeting you, Jo.
Nice to meet you, too.
So, the old let-me-help-you- fix-your-car routine, huh? Danny came to me.
Well, I wish he would've said something.
Well, I think he's got a lot of questions about his dad.
Not that you're not his everything, but I think he likes having a guy around.
Thank you.
Look, I really appreciate everything you're doing for us.
- It's nothing.
- Oh.
I wish I had done a lot more a long time ago.
It was an impossible situation.
- I was married, so - And you're not married now.
Well, that remains to be seen.
And if Vikram is alive, with our financial situation, we'll be in worse shape then ever.
Why, what is why? I was waiting for him to be declared legally dead, so that I could claim his life insurance policy because it's the only money we'll have.
How much is it? Sorry.
I shouldn't have asked you that.
That's none of my business.
I'll tell you.
It's $10 million.
To us.
Thanks for hanging in with me there, baby.
Of course, you're my husband.
I love you.
It's Eddie.
It's about finding Vikram.
Go ahead.
- Hey, what's up? - I did what you asked.
I combed through those papers.
I found another number for Vikram.
We got a court order and we hacked into the voicemail.
I think you're gonna wanna hear it.
- Absolutely.
- Maybe you're gonna wanna come down to the station.
No, I'm at dinner.
Just send the mp3 to my phone.
- Chief, I really think you - Eddie.
Just send me the damn file.
Everything okay? Yeah, it's fine.
Vikram, Kyle's looking for you.
He's determined to find you.
I'm so confused.
I don't know what to believe anymore, I can't keep doing this.
No more lies, no more secrets.
You have to turn yourself in.
Kyle! Please! What's wrong? Have I been a good husband to you? Yes, of course! You're a great husband.
Then I don't understand why you'd lie to me.
You know.
I just heard your voicemail.
All this time I've been searching, trying to prove that Vikram's still alive, and you knew he was! You even knew how to get in touch with him! But you never thought to bring any of that to me? I did think about it, a million times! I just Vikram was there for me at a really intense time of my life and so you picked him over me your husband.
Were you screwing him too? No.
Vikram told me someone was trying to kill him, - and that's why I had to stay silent.
- I'm the chief of police! If someone was trying to kill him, I'm exactly the guy you should've told! I'm sorry.
- Where are you going? - I don't know.
- Hey.
- Look, this is I don't know if I just a normal high school ritual which should be no more agonizing than your standard freakshow.
Look, I I asked Lacey out, right? I got all dressed up.
I just don't know - if I can fake this.
- Just Just try and forget, okay? I'm never gonna be able to forget, Jo.
You know that.
Hey, Charlie, I just wanted to say I'm sorry about the whole Lacey thing, okay? Oh, don't worry about it.
I'm just glad that you finally manned up and asked her.
Nice one.
Plus, I mean, there seem to be plenty of beautiful women here.
I think that I'm gonna be fine.
- Yeah, I'm sure you will be.
- Hey.
Gotta ask.
Do you ever miss it? What, juvie? I mean, there's just there's so much out here.
Yeah, there's definitely a lot of choices.
No one telling us what to do or locking us up at night.
Maybe that was easier.
Maybe for you.
Well, hey, I mean I owe you.
No, you don't.
We both owe each other.
But you keeping quiet it's doing me a solid and I hope to do one right back.
Grab your date and slow it down.
Thank you so much for coming tonight.
I hope Please, Lacey, it's been fun.
It has.
Ever since I was a little girl, this is this is what I dreamt of.
What are what are you talking about? Um, I know I know we're all just friends, supposedly.
But that's why, when you went away, it hurt so much.
I just couldn't believe that you were a killer.
- Lacey, can I just - And now I know that I should've just trusted the way that I felt about you.
Because the truth is you're not.
- Lacey, just stop.
Please stop.
- No.
- You don't - I'm just so sorry, because the Danny I knew isn't capable of hurting anyone.
- That's just not true.
- No, I just need you to understand Lacey, you don't understand anything, okay? Okay, boys and girls, it's the moment almost no one's been waiting for: The announcement of this year's homecoming king and queen.
In a touching gesture, this year's queen is posthumously awarded to my dear friend Regina Crane.
And for homecoming king It's Danny Desai.
You deserve this, go.
Just an F.
, not everyone's Team Danny, so enjoy it while it lasts, Socio.
All of you people you don't know what you've done, okay? You voted for me because you pity me, because you feel bad about the way you treated me, but maybe I deserve to be treated that way.
Maybe I'm everything you said I was but worse.
- Danny! - Maybe Take this.
I don't want it.
Give it to somebody else.
Right now, I'm not the king of anything.
- Danny, wait.
- No! I never should've listened to you! - I can't do this.
I can't - What the hell is going on? Right, right.
I know, so much has happened, but it just feels like it's impossible for you to be happy.
- Lacey, I'm sorry, but I - You didn't even wanna come.
I had to push you into it, and now you're miserable like you have been since you got back and I don't even know why.
- You certainly don't wanna tell me.
- I do, I do want - It's always the same with you.
- I sh I'm I should go.
No, you stay.
I'm out of here.
- Lacey, can you just please - You know what? Forget it.
I let you drag me down five years ago, but I'm not gonna let it happen again.
You've been working all night? No, I took a little break, talked with your mom.
It's been really nice catching up.
How was homecoming? A total bust.
I made an ass of myself in front of the whole school.
Made my date cry.
- Ouch.
- But I think the biggest mistake I made was thinking I could go to that dance in the first place like a normal person.
Normal is overrated.
Tell me about the girl.
Lacey, yeah.
She's an old friend.
We reconnected after I got back, and things kind of progressed.
You know, Danny, everybody's gonna tell you to put the past behind you, you know? Forget about it.
Lock it up in some box.
Yeah, that sounds familiar.
I'm sure.
You do that, you're gonna end up like your dad.
Ignorant of everything that happened before, everything that should've told him how to live his life, how to treat your mom, how to treat you.
What are you talking about? 'Cause the past is like your roadmap.
I mean, knowing who you don't want to be That's just as important as knowing who you are.
What's this? I think it's gonna hold up for a night.
I don't know about you, but I'm not gonna be the guy who lets a great girl get away again.
So, Danny kinda lost it, huh? That guy, he needs to learn how to have a good time.
Yeah, well You don't know Danny.
He's been through a lot.
You're right, I I don't know Danny.
But there is one thing I know.
- You don't smile enough.
- Really? I've been watching you all night and I gotta ask.
Why are you so sad all the time? I'm not sad.
Even if I were sad, why would I tell you? I don't know.
Just to tell someone? Keeping secrets can be rough.
Dance with me.
The dance is over, the music's off.
Well, lucky for you, I keep everything on cloud these days.
So get ready.
How about - Oh, look at that.
- What? - What? What? - You're crazy.
- What are you doing? - What? Aha.
She does smile.
Man, it's a nice one.
I got your text.
What what the hell is this? Oh, it's my new ride.
Danny, whatever.
A new car isn't going to make up for I was an ass, okay? And I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
I know you wanna know what's going on with me.
- No, I get it.
- You wanna underst I sometimes I wish I could forget everything that happened, too.
- Just with you, I want - I know, I know.
Hello, I'm Lacey.
- Come on.
- Okay.
Hi, I'm Danny.
Nice to meet you.
I'm the new kid.
- Oh.
Well - Yeah.
Well, welcome to green grove.
This is this is Green Grove.
You are gonna come down to the station first thing tomorrow.
You're gonna give an official statement and you're gonna tell us everything.
What? Oh my God.
I'm on my way.
What is it? They found Vikram.
He's dead.