Twisted Metal (2023) s01e04 Episode Script


- [QUIET] Jesus!
If you're tired, just pull over.
Look, I'm on a schedule.
Besides, it'd be a lot easier
if I didn't have to sit
here in complete silence.
- What are you doing?
- I'm telling a joke.
I say, "Knock-knock."
You say, "Who's there?"
So, I should already know
the joke before you tell it?
- That's idiotic.
- It's a classic joke structure
with a little audience participation.
I say, "Knock-knock."
You say, "Who's there?"
I say somethin' like,
"Orange." You say, "Orange who?"
Then I hit you with the punch line.
Why the fuck am I talking to an orange?
Why are you making this so hard?
Just say, "Who's there?"
- Knock-knock.
- Do you hear that?
- Yes, it's me knocking.
- Wait. I hear it, too.
Hold on. Activating stealth mode.
Oh, shit! They have stealth mode, too!
[QUIET] What the hell?
Just turn around.
- [JOHN DOE] I can't.
- They're everywhere.
[QUIET] Oh, my God.
- [JOHN DOE] Move!
- [QUIET] Oh, my God!
- Fuck! Fuck!
- [JOHN DOE] Move! Move!
- Shoot them.
- [JOHN DOE] With what?
The law stripped Evelyn back
down to factory settings.
Oh, I guess they missed that one.
don't waste my shells.
I only have four of those.
Shooting a steel door,
smart. Now, I only have three.
- Go faster! Go faster!
- Okay! Okay!
- [QUIET] Oh, no, no, no!
- Go slower! Go slower!
Make up your mind!
Hey! You'll get it back
when you act mature enough to handle it.
- Okay, dad.
[WATTS] Come on out, milkman!
We ain't gonna hurt you.
- Yeah, right. Huh.
- Fell for that before.
You have?
[MIRANDA] You know, if we
wanted to, you'd be dead already.
Look, I swear,
I swear on granny's steering wheel
no harm is gonna come to you.
We just we wanna flap lips.
I don't even know what that means.
But fine. We're comin' out.
I'm sorry that we-we snatched ya up
the way that we did,
but I saw that placard on your rump,
and I was like, we gotta talk.
I'm Watts. I run these rigs.
John. This is Quiet. She don't talk.
- Motherfucker, eat shit.
- Much.
Hello. Hey.
My blood missiles?
Honey, those are outside
your weight class.
Oh, she's a beaut.
Did you install this limited
slip differential yourself?
- Sure did. Got it off of a
- It's backwards.
Wow, did you invite me here
to insult me or to talk?
Yeah, it's not really
me who wants a word.
Lock it up.
- Whoa.
- Whoa! [YELPING]
Come on.
Welcome to convoy.
Wow! Okay, I'm impressed.
[WATTS] Our founders drove these
semis when the walls went up.
Figure we'd better keep
movin' than be sittin' ducks.
No offense, Bella.
- That's a chicken.
- No, it's not.
And now, our little family is
around about 30 rigs all told.
And you never stop.
How the hell do you fuel up?
Oh, nothing goes to
waste, even our waste.
You see, we take our doodies
- and turn 'em into fuel.
- Yeah, we get it.
Somethin' tells me
I don't wanna taste
your lemonade either.
Okay, I'm gonna have to
ask y'all to stay here.
Feel free to look around.
I need a lift to the sleeper car.
So, how'd you lose yours?
Metal shear? Angle grinder?
Oh, somethin' worse.
- It's fine.
- Oh, hmm.
Well, uh, let me see what I got here.
- Oh, this oughta fit.
- I can't pay.
Not lookin' for pay.
Just think you could shine
a bit more, if you want.
Mm-hmm. That's it.
Don't get it wet.
Hey, she's here.
Someone there?
I brought you to the milkman, granny.
I'd get up and shake your hands,
but my get away sticks
ain't what they used to be.
your air tubes go to nowhere.
Well, shit.
I thought I had ya.
This Goddamn metal bar
keeps stickin' in my ass.
Uh, uh, hey, be careful with that.
Took me ages to write, and
I only got the one copy.
You did that while driving?
Sometimes you gotta throw it in reverse.
Listen, milkman, I know I don't look it,
but my insides look
like a seven car pileup.
I need you to go pick
up some medicine for me.
You want me to make a run for free?
You're up to your asshole in drivers.
Ask one of them.
Can't afford to lose any of them.
The last milkman never came back.
The roads are rough these
days with the vultures,
the lawmen, the holy men.
Don't love the sound of that last one.
Look, I don't have
time for scenic detours.
I have a very important delivery,
and I got a long way still to go.
I heard your ride
is as naked as a baby on its birthday.
You ain't gonna get far,
you can't defend yourself.
Well, let me make it plain.
You do this run for me,
I'll will saddle you up
with all the upgrades we can supply.
We will weld on some guns, right now.
Get the rest when you get back.
[SPITS] Deal?
Only if I get those red missiley things.
- Mnh-mnh. My blood missiles
- they ain't for sale.
You can have one.
- What, granny? Come on.
- Three.
- Two.
- Twenty.
- Zero.
- Zero.
Okay. [SPITS] One it is.
- Done.
Pickup is at our pharmacist's.
I'll write ya up some directions.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You didn't tell me that
he's going to see her.
Where'd you think he was goin'?
Watts and the pharmacist
had a bit of a falling out.
Falling out?
No, I pushed her out of a truck.
Honey, go weld somethin'.
I am. I'm gonna weld somethin'.
I'm gonna weld some guns
to your fucking Subaru.
You fuckin' son of a bitch.
What about Topeka?
Did you miss the fact
that a semi swallowed us
up like a fuckin' whale?
Now, the only way I'm
making it back to Chicago,
is if Evelyn is armed to the teeth,
and now she's just gums.
So, chill.
I'll be back tomorrow.
Oh, no, no, no.
- I'm coming with you.
- Like hell you are.
This is milkman business,
and you're not a milkman.
- If you die out there,
I'm stuck here with horndog granny.
- Look, I'm not gonna die.
- I give you my word.
- I'm coming with you.
- Fine.
[JOHN DOE] "Three clicks past
the oak of eight
branches." What are these?
Directions to a pharmacist
or to a hidden treasure?
Why couldn't she just say, "Turn left?"
So, what do you think happened
between Watts and the pharmacist?
Don't know. Don't care.
Oh, cool.
See you got a new finger to go
with your robotic personality.
I bet that was those holy men guys.
Oh, you think?
Bad way to go.
- I've seen worse.
Deskinned by butchers.
Crushed to death by monster trucks.
That's plural.
I knew a milkman that
fell asleep on an anthill,
and those little shits ate
'em alive from the insides out.
Poor bastard betrayed by his butthole.
Sounds like milkmen don't live long.
We don't.
You know, when I joined
up to be a milkman,
I was skin and bones.
You could play my
ribcage like a xylophone.
I joined up to survive.
I make my run. I kill some vultures.
I do whatever I have to
to see another sunrise.
You know what they told me
when they gave me this milkman I.D.?
- Why would I know that?
- I wasn't there.
You're messing up the story.
They told me milkmen don't die old.
But if I deliver this
package to New San Francisco,
I might be the first.
You hear those bells?
[JOHN DOE] Holy men.
Good thing they sound
far away. Let's haul ass.
Anybody in there? [KNOCKING]
- [AMBER] Salutations.
[JOHN DOE] Um, hi.
We're here on, uh, behalf of the convoy.
You're the pharmacist?
No, I'm Amber.
Tea? It's gelsemium elegans.
I cut it this morning.
Oh, you look so thirsty.
I am.
The sun isn't holding back today,
are you, you big yellow bastard?
[GIGGLES] Bastard.
So, you have refreshments.
And I have questions.
- Quiet, what the fuck?
Oh, save your strength.
You won't be able to
move for a little while.
[JOHN DOE] I knew this
pickup was a bad idea.
Quiet, get my gun. [WRETCHES]
So, why did you kill
the convoy's milkman?
- No, I didn't.
- Mnh-mnh-mnh.
- [JOHN DOE] I didn't.
- I'm a replacement.
You can check my milkman placard?
This is my friend, dendrocnide moriodes.
His nickname is Mr. Gympie-Gympie.
The nettle so nice they named him twice.
He's not so nice when
you touch him, though.
I've heard it's like
licking a live wire,
or taking an acid shower,
or going into cardiac arrest.
I wonder what it'll feel like for you.
All I hear is buzzing,
but you aren't a helpful
little bee, are you?
You're a locust, a holy man,
reveling and eating
and killing and fucking.
Thankfully, I am a firm believer
in the power of recycling.
Granny, she's sick.
No, no, no, no, no. It's true.
The medicine is for her.
You don't believe me,
you can look in my pocket, right there.
- What are you
Okay, good.
Sorry I thought you were holy men.
They're on pilgrimage,
and they're everywhere.
I wouldn't.
Mr. conium maculatum
here would love a chance
to knock you on your tushy.
Man, fuck this place.
So, here is the medicine
granny requested but
Are you sure she wanted this?
It has no medicinal purpose.
Well, it's on the list,
so maybe granny just likes flowers.
I never gave these to her.
Here you go.
Is it true somebody threw
you out of a moving truck?
Only because I poisoned her first.
Watts and I have disagreements.
Plants need space to spread their roots.
She couldn't make room for me,
so I found a place where I
could have all the space I needed,
here, alone.
Give my love to Granny.
We can take 'em.
[QUIET] Where are we going?
[JOHN DOE] They've been
behind us for 50 miles,
and they're only getting closer.
We gotta get off the road.
[JOHN DOE] They're gone.
I think we're good for the night.
- Turtle, turtle
Pfft. I can do that.
Let's go find a place to crash.
It smell like popcorn and ass in here.
Oh, my God, am I the ass?
Solid recliner, huh?
A lotta leg room.
We could definitely sleep here, right?
Wait here.
Good news!
They have an absolute classic in here!
Is this a silent movie?
Hello, citizen. Hop on.
I'm pretty sure I remember what happens.
It doesn't look safe, Blank Man,
and why are you drooling?
Well, because you're so attractive.
I don't normally meet citizens
of the female persuasion.
[QUIET] Oh, no, my shoe!
Why was I cursed with such tiny feet?
- It's your line.
- Oh, right.
I have to say, I like
when you grab me like that.
How dare you objectify me?
Oh, no, that's right.
I gotta keep it PG-13.
Yeah, you'd need a map to
know where to put it, anyway.
Do this a lot?
Only when I'm waiting
for a storm to pass
or in between runs,
I'll check out a flick.
I like the action ones.
Feels good to watch somebody else
get shot at for once, you know?
You like the movies?
We weren't allowed to watch them.
What? Let me in on the joke.
One time, my brother
snuck us into a theater
when nobody was looking.
Rebel. How was it?
The movie? I don't remember.
It was with two cowboys
fighting a mechanical spider.
Love that.
All I remember, is how
hard my brother laughed.
He had a great laugh.
It sounded like a chainsaw.
- He sounds annoyin'.
- He was.
He was so annoying.
He was so annoying.
It was so cold in the theater.
He let me wear his jacket.
He never let me wear it.
And now it's all I got.
- What?
- Oh, nothin'.
It's just the first time we've
talked without a "motherfucker"
or a "fuck you" slipping in there.
- Fuck you, motherfucker.
- That's better.
- Who is this guy?
- Oh, this is the best part.
So, do you wanna play
Michael "The Suit" Minnelli?
- Ahh, look how thin my mustache is!
[JOHN DOE] I'm coming to get you,
Minnelli, no matter what you say.
[QUIET] You'll never catch me!
I'm gonna sweat through
this satin set of pajamas.
Uh, hey, they have running water,
so I figured, you know, laundry day.
- Stop!
- What? What's wrong?
I didn't ask you to do that.
Didn't you hear what I said last night?
Yes, you said it was all you had,
so I tried to clean it.
I was trying to do somethin' nice.
You washed it!
There's nothing left.
There's none of him left!
I didn't even get to say
goodbye, but I had this.
Look, I'm no bloodiologist,
but I'm pretty sure it wasn't
just your brother's blood on it!
Oh, come on. You're
still not talkin' to me?
Hey, let me guess. Amber poisoned you.
What'd she use? She use pink or purple?
- The yellow.
- Oh, that-that one really sucks.
Thanks for making the run.
I'm sure you're looking
forward to giving that to granny,
so she can live a long, horny life.
This won't save granny.
Nothing will.
This is to make granny more
comfortable as she passes on.
Even with the flower in it,
it still tastes like piss.
I thought we were helping you.
No. I got one gas pedal in the grave.
Ain't nothin' gonna happen now.
- I don't understand.
- You're just gonna give up?
Kid, you and I both know
that most people in this world,
they-they don't have the
luxury of going quietly.
Everybody else goes loud
car crashes, gunfire.
I heard about one unlucky son of a bitch
got swallowed up by ants.
This way, I get to go on my own terms,
and I get to do somethin' rare.
I get to say goodbye
to the people I love.
Milkman, you gave me a gift.
You will be paid in full.
And as for you
I want you to have a little somethin'.
Check out page 22, the drive-thru.
- Jesus Christ.
- [GRANNY] You're welcome.
Now, scram.
I am the last of the old timers.
You're taking the wheel now, Watts.
So, let me give you a
nickel's worth of free advice.
The only thing more-more
precious than
than gas, food, porno, water,
is time,
time with the people you care about.
Don't let some dumb bullshit
take that time away from you.
Granny, you know, I
Oh, no. No, kid. I know. Now, go.
You're gettin' saltwater
on my leather upholstery.
See ya soon, Fang.
We lost a good driver today.
Most of you knew her as a founder,
our matriarch,
but the people who feared
her out on those roads,
they called her Granny Dread.
This Beamer, this was her pride and joy.
I mean, this was her
ride when the world fell.
Back then, she was Cathy Stropton,
the top selling real
estate agent in Boca Raton,
a RE/MAX diamond club
member ten years in a row.
She was a goddamn legend.
We wouldn't be here without her,
and we we will miss her.
Let's stack them eights, granny.
[ALL] Stack them eights.
I guess that was it.
Maybe we should leave or
Oh, shit!
- Talk to me ooh ♪
- Yeah!
Talk to me ♪
Talk to me ooh ♪
Talk to me ♪
Do you think you're better off alone ♪
Do you think you're better off alone ♪
Talk to me ooh ♪
Talk to me ♪
Talk to me ooh ♪
Talk to me ♪
[WATTS] Twister to Flower Power.
Come in, Flower Power.
This is Flower Power.
I didn't think I'd hear
your voice again, Amber.
Didn't think you wanted to.
I'm sorry about granny.
[WATTS] I'm sorry, too,
but I'm-I'm more sorry
that I-I pushed you away.
I miss you, too, hon.
Oh, yeah?
You do?
All the things she said,
all the things she said ♪
Running through my head,
running through my head ♪
- Running through my head ♪
- Lucky number .17.
I knew you could do it!
I brought you a whiskey and Tang.
So, about the jacket, um
I mean, I thought
I-I mean, I heard what you said.
- I wasn't thinking. I just
- Get to the point.
I'm sorry.
All the things she said,
all the things she said ♪
Running through my head,
running through my head ♪
Running through my head ♪
You ever think about staying?
I mean, the convoy is exactly
what you and your brother
were looking for, safe, secure.
It's a city,
just with wheels instead of walls.
Maybe if things were different.
- How about you?
- They offered.
- Oh.
- Mm-hmm.
Not gonna lie. It sounded cushy,
but I'd still be a milkman.
I don't want that. I wanna get old.
Die an uneventful death.
There's no such thing.
All the things she said,
all the things she said ♪
Running through my head,
running through my head ♪
Running through my head ♪
This is not enough ♪
Jesus. Maybe if you'd
stop blasting the heat,
you'd stop falling asleep.
I don't like to drive cold.
Hey, Quiet. Knock-knock.
Who's there?
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