Tyrant (2014) s03e09 Episode Script

How to Live

1 Previously on Tyrant Molly.
I'm home.
I didn't fall into your bed to end your marriage.
Good-bye, dearest.
MALOOF: We've been tracking Hanif Kattan.
He's been in touch with his sister, Mahdiya Kattan.
MAHDIYA: I volunteered to be a martyr.
To bring jihad to their backyard.
BARRY: We will not wait for them to attack us again.
Therefore, as of this moment, a state of war exists between Abuddin and the so-called Caliphate.
Are you denying my authority? You're an interim, unelected president.
To declare war on your last month of presidency, Bassam I'll declare war in the last month, on the last day! If I'm elected your president, I will immediately withdraw our troops from a war we should not be fighting.
What happens in the first six weeks? Will we have enough success to make it politically impossible for the next president to withdraw our troops? Well, you know I can't answer that.
You want to kill the man who murdered your daughter? You have to do it yourself! I look forward to elections in Abuddin.
But now is not the time.
I am postponing, not cancelling, our presidential elections until we can be certain that the Caliphate has been destroyed once and for all.
Bassam once told us that no single person should mean more than all of us together.
He told us to demand democracy, demand free elections, and an end to the dynasties.
Now, for the second time in less than a year, that is exactly what we have to do.
Our president has turned his back on us, on his own revolution, on those who died for a free and democratic Abuddin.
But we, all of us, are more than that man, who was once our hero, once my friend.
The Al Fayeed dynasty must end! (crowd cheers) It must end! The Al Fayeed dynasty must e MALOOF: It's treason.
He wants to stir them into a mob.
And look at them, ready to turn on you.
They don't understand how far you've brought them.
Months ago, right before you took office remember? You said the people here, they have no experience with democracy.
You said they couldn't learn overnight.
Well, okay, the night's been long, and this is the darkest part, but what do they think's going to happen when you're gone and the Caliphate is at their door, and that man is the only one they have to lead them? He's my oldest friend.
We used to commiserate about my father when we were kids, getting drunk.
The old dictator.
Now he says the same things about me.
I don't want a hair touched on his head.
But this can't be allowed to continue.
Arrest him.
I understand you're in a very difficult position.
I'm sorry, you invited me here so you could help me? You very publicly support a so-called democratic regime, to have it only transform to something quite different.
And it's not the first time.
We do have a history of being disappointed by our partners, but what's to say you won't disappoint us, too? I'm not asking you to support me.
I'm asking you to support free elections.
By abandoning Bassam Al Fayeed? By abandoning your support of his war.
Without which he cannot make war.
And without that war, Bassam has no reason to deny the vote.
You and I both know Bassam doesn't want to be president.
He never wanted it.
What he wants is revenge.
I think that's right.
And tragic heroes make very poor political partners.
(soft chuckle) - (door closes) - Halima.
It's nice to see you.
Thank you for making time.
Should we sit? (clears throat) I know you've come here to ask me to rethink the elections.
But you need to understand what a dangerous situation this is I didn't come to argue with you.
I'm not important enough for that.
Look, Halima, I (sighs) (exhales) I've seen the person you used to be.
I fought next to him.
And even though we're sitting in this office instead of some bombed-out building, I remember you.
Even if you don't, I remember you.
Thank you for coming.
(door opens) (phone rings) Daliyah? Fauzi.
Where are you? Headed to my car on the way back to headquarters.
Tell your driver to bring you to my house.
What? Why? I'll tell you when you get here.
Is everything okay? Please, just trust me.
- And, Fauzi - Yes? Come straight here.
Don't go home.
Are you sure? I trust him.
We're on the Commission together.
His cousin's in the army.
He said Bassam issued the order this morning.
The charge is treason.
Fauzi, you need to get out of Abuddin.
I've got a way across the border.
We'll get you to Jordan No, I can't leave.
I can't leave.
Not in the middle of this.
I ran away once before.
I'm not gonna abandon this country again.
I'm not going to argue with you about your guilt.
But this is different.
You can't speak for anyone if you're dead or in chains.
Any opposition government will have to form abroad.
Be the people's voice from there.
Then come with me.
What? You're no safer here than I am.
Fauzi Daliyah, I can't leave you here to take all the risks while I run from them.
Come with me.
We'll both stand up to him, as equal partners.
If I know we're in this fight together, then I can go.
(indistinct crowd chatter) (truck door shuts) (door closes) Are you okay? I got a call.
The court handed down its sentence.
Is he going to be executed? In three days.
They'll let me see him once before.
You should go.
Say your good-byes.
Say good-bye for me, too.
You hate him.
I don't hate Wafiq.
Then you hate me for loving him.
No, I don't.
I (softly): I miss you.
As for your brother God is the one who forgives.
I don't have that much mercy in me.
After all he's done, I'm not sure how you do.
Really? You don't understand unconditional love? I have no one else, but him.
- Nafisa.
- Since I was five years old.
Since their gas attacks made us orphans.
He took care of me! He raised me! I love him.
No matter what he does.
And I hate them! No matter what they do.
He never went home last night.
Someone tipped him off.
Who? I don't know.
I have a thought.
Your husband, maybe.
That's I-I don't believe that.
You heard what he said yesterday.
I did.
I may be wrong.
But it makes sense.
A kind of amnesty.
Leave the country and I'll let you be, old friend.
I don't know if the president has the stamina to do what's necessary.
Those who oppose him are the same people who made him who he is.
His conviction may waver in the face of that.
I have influence.
You have more.
If it becomes a problem, I'll make sure.
That's good.
But be careful, General.
Remember you work for us and not the other way around.
BARRY: Maloof.
Ah, there you are.
I've been looking at the maps of Caliphate territory What? Fauzi Nidal is missing.
Nice uniform.
I didn't see you there.
Are you hungry? They made too much.
No, thanks.
I thought you weren't hungry.
Did you ever imagine when you were, I don't know, getting stoned every morning, that you'd end up a soldier in my dad's army? I'm sorry.
Our dad's army.
What do you want me to say? Has anyone told my mom? Given what she's gone through, it seems a little soon.
She deserves to know.
She does.
And I have no reason to hide it.
I didn't do anything wrong.
Not by being born, no I know you're angry with your mother.
What if she's right? Have you considered that? And my dad is wrong? I mean, our dad.
I know my mother.
And if she ever got the presidency, she would never give it up.
They're all the same.
I'm telling you.
So pick a side.
Okay, so general relativity.
Just the basics.
The exam is tomorrow.
You want me start explaining relativity to you now? You have to accept 8:00 a.
classes are just not a viable option for you.
How many people can you have at an organizing meeting in two hours? Organizing for what? A University-wide sit-in protesting Bassam Al Fayeed's decision to call off the elections.
You want my help? I don't want your help, I need your help.
(chuckling): Isn't that ironic? Look, we're taking on the government and the army here.
Even united we're up against it, but divided forget it.
So you're finally ready to admit I was right about Bassam Al Fayeed.
Yes, you were right.
Say it again.
You were right.
Now help me stop him.
(indistinct conversation) Thank you for seeing us.
SIDDIQ: This is government property.
You're not safe here.
If General Maloof found out I suppose that shows how much I trust you, Governor, and how important this meeting is for both of us.
We have a common problem.
I'm not sure we want the same thing.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Bassam is not my enemy.
I can't think of him like that.
He's just lost his way.
And we have to help him find his way back.
And if you did, and if the election were held tomorrow, I would vote for Fauzi Nidal, not for you.
I want you to have that chance.
I am not making civil war against Bassam Al Fayeed.
Who said anything about war? I'm talking about pressure, political pressure.
There's no such thing.
He's beyond reasoning now.
That's why I'm talking to the Americans.
The Americans? You really think they would abandon their own chosen man? Our meeting suggested they might.
Well, when you hear back from them You are the governor of Ma'an Province appointed by the president.
To do nothing is to give approval to Bassam's dictatorship.
There is no such thing as remaining neutral.
You have to pick a side.
What exactly did your family die for, Governor? COGSWELL: So, what's the word? Nothing.
No decision yet by the State Department, maybe in a day or two.
Well, what was your recommendation? Exley? That we maintain our support for the current president.
Why? Why the hell would you settle for that? Because whether you like him or not, Bassam has learned to wield power.
And power, even without principle, is better than chaos.
All right.
Let me go to Washington and make my case.
Your judgment is clouded.
What the hell is that supposed to mean? Let's just leave some things unsaid.
What is it that they say about second marriages? The triumph of optimism over experience? It's the same with new presidents.
(door opens and closes) Why don't you go help your uncle put the bag in the van? Okay.
Munib makes deliveries across the border every week.
The men at the checkpoint don't bother to look in the back anymore.
Just make sure that Ghani stays quiet.
- What are you talking about? - Sometimes he thinks it's funny when you shush him and he'll laugh.
- I guess it's more of a cackle.
- Daliyah.
I need you to take care of Ghani.
You're not coming with us.
You were never coming with us.
I'm sorry.
I had to get you in this truck.
I thought if I brought you this far, you couldn't I need to keep you safe.
But what about you? You're not safe, either.
You can't stay but someone has to, otherwise it looks like we've given up.
I can take the risk.
He won't hurt me.
I'm his best friend and he's having me arrested.
What makes you think He's in love with me.
He's in love with you.
I-I didn't know.
Or maybe I did.
Are you in love with him? I don't know.
I was but I don't know now.
I know how I feel about you.
Fauzi You once said to me, "The world is so fragile we can't afford to wait for what we want.
" You are what I want.
This was Samira's.
It hasn't worked in awhile, I I gave it to her when she graduated high school.
It found itself into my pocket one day, and, I don't know, I just I just kept it there.
Keep it for me.
I'll take Ghani and I'll go.
We'll call you when we get there but you have to promise me.
Any sign of danger and you get out.
And then, when things are better we'll find each other again.
I promise.
You remember what I said? Come on I know you do.
You'll be there soon.
As soon as I can.
That's right.
How soon is soon? I'm not sure.
I don't want you to worry.
Fauzi is a very good friend and he's going to take such great care of you, just like I would.
You need me to be brave.
(sniffles) I really do.
(sniffles) I love you my wonderful boy.
(door closes, engine starts) (sobs) You think I like this? I hate him.
It makes me sick to think about being in the same room with him.
But we're never going to get anywhere if we don't start finding common ground with people.
It's got to start somewhere.
Not like this, Halima.
That guy is scary and dangerous.
His sister blew herself up in a hotel.
It was his sister.
I need allies, and he and I want the same thing.
No, you don't.
You hate the same thing.
That's different.
Okay, you're making me nervous.
You should watch your back.
'Cause in the end, we are who we are, not what we claim to believe in.
You want proof? Look at Bassam Al Fayeed.
He's in Jordan.
How do you know? He started Tweeting antigovernment tweets.
Once we saw that, I contacted our friends inside the country.
He's in the capital.
He has a child with him.
We believe it's Ghani Al-Yazbek.
Daliyah? Is she the one who tipped him off? How could she have known? That's what we're trying to figure out.
DALIYAH: I've listened to you.
I've heard you repent for your sins.
I've seen your pain and heartache when you talk about loved ones lost.
And I've wept with you over your suffering.
Our suffering.
I wish I could tell you that our suffering is over.
I don't think it is.
Frederick Douglass, the former American slave and abolitionist, said, "If there is no struggle there is no progress.
Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground.
They want rain without the thunder and lightning.
They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters.
This struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, and it may be both moral and physical, but it must be a struggle.
The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.
" Let us show those who oppress us that there is no limit to our endurance.
They cannot break us.
They cannot break us.
They cannot break us! I apologize for the circumstances.
There are concerns for my security.
I understand.
I heard your speech.
It was very impressive.
You could be the next president if you wanted.
If there were elections.
Is that why we're here? You're nervous about me? Don't worry.
I don't want to be president.
I don't want anything at all.
That's why the people trust me.
No, we're here because you're the purest voice we have for a better Abuddin.
And you need to be careful.
I am being careful.
Yet you think you're safe to say whatever you want, wherever you want.
Someone has to speak for the people.
I loved him once, too.
I was the daughter of a kitchen maid, as you once reminded me.
And there was this boy.
He loved me.
And he didn't care who I was, and where I came from.
And I thought, "This is what love is.
" Bassam and I may not be on the same side anymore, but we hold each other's hearts.
He won't hurt me.
As of this moment, I am resigning as governor of Ma'an Province and as superintendent of this camp.
I am turning control of this camp over to Major Haleed.
My instructions are to keep this camp open.
You residents are free to stay if you have nowhere else to go and basic services will be available.
But those of you who want to be reunited with your families in Ma'an, you can go.
This is your country, too.
(crowd murmuring) I believe this is yours.
Thank you.
I was wrong about a lot of things.
Listen, I'm going back.
I'm joining Leila Haddad and your brother.
You and your family are welcome to join me on my journey.
When? Now.
Get your things.
Let's go.
WAFIQ: Don't cry.
I'm not.
I'm dying for what I believe.
That's about the best you can hope for these days.
But I'll still miss you.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I stayed for you as long as I could.
You have to be strong.
You have to pick up where I'm leaving off.
What does that mean? You need to kill your husband.
What? Without him, that coalition collapses, and with it, the last pathetic voices for a corrupted Islam, made acceptable to the West.
You can't ask me to do that.
Either I die for a reason or I die in vain.
It's your choice.
That's not fair.
Nothing is fair.
I took care of you.
And now, I'm asking that you take care of me.
There is a pharmacist in Ma'an who is friendly to our cause.
He'll help you.
Promise me.
(door opens) You must leave, now.
Just one more minute.
Come on, let's go.
One more, please? - I took care of you.
- Let's go.
Nafisa! Nafisa! I I love you, brother.
Is it because I'm a woman? I don't know.
No, I don't I don't think so.
Democracy isn't our highest priority right now.
You agree with the decision? It doesn't matter what I think.
But no, of course I don't agree with it.
You know that.
Then he has his war.
I don't know if I have any play left with the United States on his side.
Short of a civil war? I don't think you have any.
You have to be careful.
Thanks for the advice.
I need you to be careful.
Before I end up in prison, you mean? Or dead.
That's what happens.
I know, I have been to those executions.
I couldn't handle that.
I love you, too.
The Americans have chosen to abandon their principle rather than the man.
We won't get any support from them.
There is a warrant out for Fauzi's arrest.
Word is he left the country.
I may be next.
No one's safe here.
Any of us.
Okay, men, no rest tonight.
I want you to surround this house.
Be alert, be vigilant.
This house and the safety of the people inside is our new mission.
You have protectors now.
Can I help you? We're here to take you to the palace.
I didn't know I'd been invited to the palace.
The first lady invited you.
Please tell her thank you, but I'm a little busy right now.
It won't take long.
(indistinct chatter) Thank you.
(paper rustling) Mm Mmm, it smells nice.
Ow! It's so hot.
I never knew how you drink things so hot.
(blows) (blows) Wait.
What? Tastes bad.
Smells good, but it tastes bad.
It has an aftertaste.
I'll make another.
Don't be silly.
I'm sure it tastes fine.
It's not fine.
I know.
Give it to me.
Why waste a good pot of tea? A mistake is not a waste.
It's just that, a mistake.
I'm sure mine tastes fine.
It's not.
Trust me.
You taste it.
What? You sit down and taste it for me.
No, it's okay.
I'll make another.
Drink it.
Drink it, Nafisa.
(glass shatters) (breathes shakily) (door closes) You've changed since the last time I saw you.
So have you.
Tea? No, thank you.
You have such remarkable PR, don't you? Poor Bedouin woman from a tiny village.
Dead husband.
No education.
Guileless and simple.
I'm not having this conversation with you.
What happened with you and my husband during the war? Did you touch his hand once or twice? Did you call him a hero? Maybe give him an innocent kiss? Nothing untoward, and then you said good-bye.
But not really.
You moved.
Just close enough so when he returned to his older wife, with whom he'd built a life and raised two children over 20 years but had no adventures there you still were.
That's not why I came here.
Is that what you tell yourself? As soon as I was gone, the day I was gone, maybe? You took my place in his bed.
He thought you weren't coming back.
Oh! Well, you and he certainly gave that hypothesis long enough.
And now this job.
This apolitical job, which you somehow managed to turn into the loudest soapbox in the country.
Turned yourself into a celebrity.
All by accident, was it? No not by accident but not by design.
I wonder how things would have been different if you weren't so beautiful.
You get everything you want, don't you? No, I don't.
Molly, when we meet with the Daliyah, what are you doing here? Your wife summoned me.
Why? To make this easier for you.
To make what easier for you? What are you waiting for? Are you gonna choose your whore or your own daughter? You're under arrest.
What? Guards.
(door opens) BARRY: Take this woman into custody.
GUARD: Yes, sir.
You couldn't do it, that's what matters.
You and I we're more the same than different, Nafisa.
That's why I fell in love with you.
That's why I stayed with you.
When I see you with our children, all loving and I'm not a loving person.
I'm not.
I'm angry all the time.
And I just don't understand.
Your mother died in the gas attacks.
You watched her die.
Why don't you hate people like I do? I don't know.
For all the terrible things that happen, life still makes me happy.
(sobbing) I should have taken better care of you.
This just happened? Yes.
He resigned as governor and joined Leila and Al-Qadi.
- How many troops does he have? - We're not sure.
There have been desertions from the army already.
Native Ma'anians mostly.
And there will be more.
What about Cogswell and the Americans? They're staying put, for now.
With your approval, we'll move in the morning.
Put down the insurgency before it has a chance to grow.
Ahmed, I want you to go, too.
Let your mother see you there.
I was going to ask.
Get this under control immediately.
What are you praying for? Strength.
You should pray for something you don't have.
I'm praying for you.
I have done everything that I promised I would do.
I have broken with everyone I love for Emma and for you.
Not because you asked me to, because I decided to.
So I don't need your prayers.
I'm not asking for forgiveness, but don't ever talk to me that way.
I am the president, not you.
I just got off the phone with the Palace.
The Abuddinian Army is preparing to move on Siddiq's militia first thing tomorrow.
- How many men we got in there? - About a thousand.
We need to get them out.
What about Siddiq's men Leila? General, we cannot be stuck - between warring Abuddinian factions.
- Exley.
If any of our troops get killed by soldiers we trained, the blowback will be immeasurable.
Withdraw, General.
General? Understood.
(phone beeps) (clears throat) Um I was, uh Trying it on for size? No.
I thought that maybe if I sat there and pretended to be you, felt the weight of your responsibilities, I may understand why you're doing what you're doing.
Can we talk about this? I know you've been avoiding me.
I'm in your office.
I'm not avoiding you.
Well, there's not much to talk about, though, is there? You've already made all your decisions.
You opposed your father.
I oppose you.
(door closes) You still in touch with your old roommate? Yeah.
Why? He said he had a connection.
A way to get weapons.
Small arms.
Some guy in Ma'an.
- What do you? - Text him.
- Hanif.
Sooner or later, the government will send in troops - to shut this down.
- And then what? And then we do what we should have done a long time ago.
We force them to respond.
You want to start something? My sister was right.
All of this it's just noise.
It changes nothing.
I don't give a shit about elections.
No one represents us anyway.
I want Bassam Al Fayeed to make war on us.
I want him to have blood on his hands again.
The Abuddinian Army is approaching Ma'an, about an hour out.
500-600 troops, 20 tanks, more than two dozen Humvees.
Birds in the sky? None yet, sir.
All right.
It's time.
Let's secure the perimeter immediately.
Snipers on every rooftop within a three block radius.
Let's put a 50 in the hands of each man on the corners.
Blockades on every block, four blocks out.
Keep your eyes open.
This is it.
(indistinct shouting) (grunting) He has one hour to surrender.
He'll get amnesty for all civilians who joined him if he hands over every defector from our army.
My mother won't give up without a fight.
I'm not so sure about that.
She doesn't seem suicidal to me.
Get word to Siddiq.
I want to speak with him in half an hour - to discuss surrender.
- Yes, sir.
(indistinct chatter) Move, move, move! You're outnumbered five to one.
Outgunned by a mile.
The president orders you to surrender.
I'm at liberty to discuss terms.
They sent you to squeeze my heart, did they? No one sent me.
I asked to come.
It's over, Mother.
Siddiq! The Americans just entered the square.
(engines rumbling) (indistinct chatter) COGSWELL: There is a diplomatic solution here.
You people have been killing each other for generations.
It is time to take a break and stand down.
MALOOF: General Cogswell, what the hell are you doing? You fire, you are firing on my troops.
I don't think you want to do that.
We have an agreement.
You work with me.
Today is not the day for a civil war.
Time to go home, General.
You heard me.
Go home.
What have you done to yourself? They've treated you all right? - I told them - Why are you here? What do you want? You want me to make you feel better? To tell you it's not so bad being in your prison.
That they're taking good care of me.
You did this to me.
You have guilt? You deal with it.
Unless you've come to let me out.
Have you come to let me out? No.
I'm not going to eat your food.
What do you mean? I'm going on a hunger strike.
You can't just stick me in a hole underground and expect me to be silent.
I'll speak the only way that I can.
Please don't do that.
You can change your course or you can watch me die.
You'd make Ghani an orphan? I can't I can't just live for him.
I have to show him how to live.
- I wish I could - Guards.
You have to go.
Guards! (door slams, lock clicks)