Ultimate Spider-Man (2011) s04e19 Episode Script

Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 4

Spidey here.
And Miles Morales.
The Spider-Man of an alternate dimension and I have been hopping from one universe to another, grabbing the pieces of a mystical gem called the Siege Perilous, before they cause all the dimensions to crash into one another.
And we're not alone.
This guy named Wolf Spider, who's about as friendly as he sounds, is collecting shards himself.
And I doubt it's for anything good.
Who knows what's next, a universe of monsters? Of clowns? A realm of monsters that are clowns? (THUNDER RUMBLING) (BOTH GRUNTING) What world is this? Not the clown monster one, right? - That couldn't be a real thing.
- Could it? MILES: Wait.
This is my street.
SPIDER-MAN: No vampires, aliens or old-timey gangsters in sight! It's possible this is your New York! I'm on my home turf? I finally get to see my mom! Everything's comin' up Miles! I bet this world's missed having a Spider-Man.
We'll be treated like returning heroes! - There might be parades! - (TIRES SCREECHING) Huh? Or not.
MILES: You leave your own dimension for how long and everything changes? Is that a Spider-Woman, and is she leading the police? I never got to do that.
She's not leading.
The police are chasing her! We got a Spider-Thief on our hands! (GRUNTS) - Stop! In the name of - Peter Parker? Miles Morales? - What? Do we know you? - Nope.
The Spiders we know don't rob banks.
Huh? Oh, no, no, no.
My name is Gwen.
(GRUNTS) And I'm trying to be a hero, like you two.
I stopped a robbery, and I just haven't had a chance to return the money yet.
SPIDER-MAN: Here's your chance.
Just turn the cash over and tell the truth.
It'll be no problem.
Police love me! CAPTAIN STACEY: Freeze! This is Captain Stacey of the New York Police Department! You costumed vigilantes are under arrest! Stand down or we'll be forced to use the backup! SPIDER-MAN: "Returning heroes," huh? They did not have those robot things when I left! It's worse than you think.
That police captain? He's sort of totally my dad.
CAPTAIN STACEY: (OVER PA) Engage! Oh, great.
Family drama! Wait Ah! (GRUNTING) Stop! We're the good guys.
We don't want to fight you.
(SCREAMS) We don't want to get blasted, either! No offense, but your dad is pretty hardcore! Whoa! (GRUNTS) Not his fault! Ever since that Spider-Man disappeared, the criminals have gotten bolder.
Some of them masquerading as good guys.
The police had to respond.
Vigilantes, crooks, two sides of the same coin.
As long as you hide behind masks, no one is above the law! A weak point where? Who are you talking to? Yank out the compartment at the base of the robots' necks.
I see them.
(GRUNTS) (GROANS) Now, a little web fluid should gum up the works! That's actually a brilliant way to use web fluid.
(ELECTRICITY CRACKLING) That's That's destruction of police property! Block off the alley! (GRUNTING) No! Spider-Woman! I am so tired of this.
So, this is my world, right? It is! And it's really good to have you back.
I was friends with a Peter Parker here The one who died.
But you and I have never met.
Miles, I found out who you were through some intense investigation.
And when you disappeared, I couldn't just stand on the sidelines.
The world needs a Spider.
So, web shooters, digital spider-sense, gloves and boots with magnetic grips! You created tech-based spider powers for yourself? Well, I had a little help.
And some borrowed equipment from my dad's robotic police program.
Which is another reason why I can't tell him what I'm doing.
You're afraid your dad wouldn't approve.
I mean, despite that, he's actually a really cool dad.
Here's the entrance.
Welcome to the Spider's Nest.
MILES: I need one of these.
These touches look kind of familiar.
You wanted to know who I was talking to on my ear bud Aunt May? You're him, aren't you? Peter, from the other dimension.
Gwen told me she saw you and Miles working together.
I am.
(SIGHS) It's great to see that face again.
I lost my Peter, but it's good to know there's another one still out there.
So, you help Gwen? When Miles disappeared, she came to me for help.
She was pretty determined.
Figured who better to run Mission Support than the original Spider-Man's aunt? I can see the whole city from here.
Satellite mapping, tracking and identification.
Maybe if I helped out my Peter, he'd still be alive.
All this tech, you can make a phone call, right? Let me guess.
You want to call your mom, Rio? (CHUCKLES) Dialing now.
- You know my mom? - Of course! We needed to know who was walking in my Peter's shoes.
I'm not getting an answer from Rio's phone.
SPIDER-MAN: We'll get you home soon.
Let's focus on the mission for now.
Mission? What mission? MILES: Okay, maybe you didn't hear me the first five times I said it, but there's no way this plan will work! Of course it will.
We just have to trust May and Gwen know what they're doing.
I can't believe she traced the Siege Perilous shard that you're looking for to my dad's police station.
What are the odds, really? Trust me, if you knew the adventures we've been on, this would be, like, the least crazy thing.
Let's give it a shot.
No excuses! I need you to find me that Spider-Woman unsub before I gotta go.
Get me results! Hey, Gwenny Bear, whatcha doin' here? I made cookies.
Some of them are not even burnt.
(CHUCKLES) I'm sure they're perfect.
It's been a madhouse here.
Yeah? Solving crimes? Puttin' away perps? (CHUCKLES) I wish.
We spotted two more costumed vigilantes today.
Dressed like the old Spider-Men.
We've got to find 'em.
Stop 'em! Do you ever think that maybe they might be doing some good, Dad? Just because they have powers doesn't make them above the law.
They wear masks, they're hiding something.
Good point.
Just seeing you is a reminder of what we're fightin' for.
The honest people of the city.
Spider-Woman installed the interception device.
Accessing security now.
It's clear, Spider Nest.
Going in.
MAY: Looks like you're headed for the evidence room.
Avoid the ground level motion detectors coming up.
Who needs the ground? The Spiders have landed.
And Got it! Yes! (WOMAN WHIMPERING) That can't be good.
Thanks for gathering the fragments for me.
I'll take them now.
Wolf Spider? Like we're just going to hand them over? Oh, did I fail to mention? - I have a bit of leverage.
- (WHIMPERING) - Mom! - (EVIL LAUGHTER) Let her go! (MUFFLED GROANING) How'd he find your mom? Don't know, but I won't let him hurt her! What matters to you more, Miles? The Siege Perilous, or your own mother? - I - MAY: (OVER PA) Don't give up yet.
There's a power generator, three o'clock position.
- You have Taser webs, don't you? - Let's do it! (GRUNTING) WOLF SPIDER: What are you (SCREAMS) - (RUMBLING) - What on Earth? Some kind of explosion in the basement.
- You stay here.
Don't move.
- (DEVICE BEEPING) Wouldn't dare, Dad.
Miles! You came back.
So great to see you, Mom.
But I was hoping for a little smoother of a reunion.
He phoned me at work.
Who is he? We don't know.
Except he's managed to be a pain in our butt - in more than one dimension.
- Huh? What? (GROWLING) Give me the Siege.
(GRUNTING) Whoa! Spider Arms? Where do you shop for your shirts? (BOTH GRUNTING) Freeze! (GRUNTS) Now, where were we? We were about to give the smackdown! (GROANS) Glowing? Why? You think you're the only ones using a shard of the Siege Perilous? A piece fell into my dimension too.
How do you think I've been following you two? Why don't you just like our fan pages like everyone else? (GRUNTING) Huh? - (GRUNTS) - Hey! Enough! You don't need to be alive for me to take what's mine! SPIDER-GWEN: Hey! (GRUNTS) Let's go! (SCREAMS) (GRUNTING) (YELLING) (GROANS) Only one spider will survive this.
Me! (IN NORMAL VOICE) You look like (CLEARS THROAT) (IN DEEPER VOICE) You look like you could use some help, officer.
(GRUNTING) Now, Spider-Runt, this game is over! He doesn't have the shard! (GRUNTS) Guess who does? Ah, no! (GROANS) SPIDER-MAN: The Siege Perilous is complete.
He had the rest of it! We totally did it! Is this what being Spider-Man is really like? - Almost every day.
- It's kind of exciting.
CAPTAIN STACEY: You're all under arrest! And that's our cue.
MAY: (OVER COMMUNICATOR) Follow the east blast-hole, that's how Wolf Spider made it in.
(GRUNTS) At least we can put this one behind bars.
(GROANS) MILES: I missed you, couch pillow.
Stack of old magazines Oh! TV remote! The memories we have! I never thought I'd be here again.
(GROANS) You can just walk through here in your Spider-Man costume.
No big deal.
You don't have to sneak through the basement window.
I hid my identity from Aunt May for years.
I thought she'd be so mad when she found out, but she was only proud of me.
Parents can surprise you.
You saved your birthday cake? I wasn't gonna eat it alone.
I froze it.
I knew you'd make it back.
Guess, uh, this is it.
Could you tell the Web Warriors "so long" for me? We're gonna miss having our kid brother.
Web Warriors? That's some friends of mine in the other dimension.
They've been kind of like a family.
(WICKED LAUGHTER) You! How do you know where I live? Do you really think you're unique? My world had a Miles Morales too.
And your life will end as his did, in pain and misery, by my hand! (SHOUTS) (GRUNTS) SPIDER-MAN: I don't care who you think you are, attacking a spider in their own home? Big mistake, Wolfie! Oh, I think you care very much who I am, actually.
In every universe, Peter Parker stands for heroism, and responsibility.
Except for one.
In my world, the name Peter Parker puts fear in the hearts of everyone who hears it.
"Heroism," and "responsibility"? I destroyed every fool who held such pathetic ideals! (GROANS) Until this shard came to my world, I thought I was the only Peter Parker! And now, with the power of the complete Siege Perilous, I will be.
Why would he steal the Siege but leave us alive? He's luring us.
It's a trap! And let me guess, we're gonna follow him right into it.
Of course we are.
Okay, Web Warriors.
This is our last chance.
If we can't stop Wolf Spider, it's the end of all reality! SPIDER-MAN: Even though Wolf-Spider is an evil version of me, it's pretty considerate of him to leave such a nice path of destruction to follow.
SPIDER-GWEN: He knows we're trailing him.
If you guys think you're prepared to face him, I'm trusting that you're right.
MILES: We never said anything about being prepared for this.
SPIDER-MAN: Hidden underground lair? Yeah, if I was an evil version of myself, I'd probably hide here too.
I'm guessing he's in there.
(BATS SHRIEKING) (ELECTRICITY CRACKLING) (EVIL LAUGHTER) All the Spider life-forces, better than I could have possibly dreamed! (ELECTRICITY CRACKLING) (GRUNTING) Hey! Didn't anyone ever teach you "Sharing is caring"? (GRUNTING) (LAUGHS) I knew you wouldn't turn down my little invitation.
Whatever your pathetic plan is, it ends, now! Ha! (BOTH GRUNTING) SPIDER-MAN: Plan? You know I never have a plan.
(ELECTRICITY CRACKLING) (GRUNTS) (GROWLS) Oh! Have you got all the Spider's life-forces? (SCREAMS) Haven't got ours, Ugly.
That's only a matter of time.
(SCREAMS) (YELLS) - Peter Parker! - Whoa! Your strengths have made you a great hero.
What a waste.
SPIDER-GWEN: One thing all Peter Parkers have in common You never stop talking! Ha! (WOLF SPIDER SCREAMS) (WOLF SPIDER GRUNTING) He can go invisible now? He must have taken that power from Miles.
If he keeps this up, his powers will be nearly limitless.
Whoa! (GROWLS) (SCREAMS) (GROANING) There's no way you can win.
I've destroyed every other heroic Spider-Man.
Yet the Siege always guided me after you.
For some reason, you seem to be the center of the Spiders.
My aunt always told me I was special.
WOLF SPIDER: Once I destroy you, I will become the center of the universe.
The only Peter Parker.
The only Spider-Man.
A hero no more.
Just to make sure I'm clear.
You drained the life-forces of all the other Spider-Men? Every last one.
Then who am I to stop you from finishing your mission? (GRUNTING) (LAUGHING WICKEDLY) You let Wolf Spider win? No.
I finally have a plan.
(IN COCKNEY ACCENT) Too late, mate.
It's hopeless.
No future.
Come on! You're all Spiders.
So there's one thing you should know It's never hopeless.
It is complete! I am the most powerful Spi (ELECTRICITY POWERING DOWN) (GRUNTS) Peter Parker's a smart guy, Wolfie.
You should've seen this coming.
(GROWLS) SPIDER-MAN: You made a huge mistake, Wolf Spider.
You drained the power of heroes.
What's What's happening to me? You said it yourself.
In every other realm, Peter Parker's a good guy.
With someone as evil as you, you poisoned yourself by taking our life forces.
(GRUNTS) No It can't be! How did you know that would work? I didn't.
But I had faith that together, we couldn't be stopped.
And that's the reason you're the center of our universes.
Now, this is a win.
Is this the part where you try to arrest us? Again? Captain Stacey, there's something that I need to just be brave and tell you.
It's Well (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) It's okay, Gwen.
I already know.
How? I followed your trail to an explosion in an apartment complex.
Rio Morales' apartment, to be exact.
She helped me see things with a new perspective.
I understand why you couldn't tell me, Gwen.
And I'm sorry.
I just wanted to help people.
Like you do.
I never wanted to keep secrets from you.
Well, now you don't have to.
You don't have to pack me snacks.
Trips through the worm-hole take no time whatsoever.
You have an Aunt May in your world.
You know we don't let Peter Parkers go anywhere without being prepared.
SPIDER-MAN: Thank you.
So, Miles, I guess this is good-bye.
Or is it? Uh, we were talking and I don't have any family here except Miles.
Wherever he is, is home.
And this world already has a new Spider to protect it.
Are you saying what I think you're saying? Someone's gotta keep the rest of the Web Warriors in line.
Well, that's true.
Take care of yourself, Peter Parker.
And tell your Aunt I said "Hi".
I will.
Even though that's really weird.
Ready? Heard you missed us.
We're back! Freeze! Who are you? I'm Spider-Man! Friendly neighborhood? You're Nick Fury! You know me! I've never seen you before in my life.
Uh-oh, it took us back to the wrong reality.
(CHUCKLES) Wait, did Nick Fury just prank me? Maybe this is the wrong reality! For the record, I believed this joke was in bad taste.
Your face made it all worth it.
Congratulations, Spider-Man.
You saved reality as we know it.
Of course.
Did you ever really doubt we could? Wait Hold up.
You did doubt it? We didn't say that.
But you didn't not say that.
I think I'm going to like it here.
This? This is nothing.