Ultimate Spider-Man (2011) s04e22 Episode Script

Spider Slayers: Part 2

SPIDER-MAN: Couldn't you have made this a three-seater, Ock? This submarine was only designed for two occupants, you web-brained dolt.
I did not expect to pick up a hitchhiker this deep in the ocean.
We're going too slow.
We need to get to that sunken island.
This is probably the least likely team-up you could imagine, right? First, there's Doc Ock, extremely evil, having formed an alliance with Scarlet Spider in order to find the also very evil Arnim Zola, he of Hydra and TV bellies.
Ock wants back the research Zola stole from him.
Scarlet wants to know the truth about his past.
He has no memory of who he was before Ock and Zola experimented on him.
So, Ock promised Scarlet everything he needs is on the sunken Hydra Island, where Zola also happens to be trapped, currently out of commission.
Meanwhile, my pal Mary Jane Watson, who, BTW, has been secretly Spider-Woman That's a whole other thing Is rounding up the rest of the Web Warriors to help.
As for me, I came along 'cause I kinda totally a thousand percent don't trust Ock.
No matter what he's promised Scarlet.
Ugh! We do not need a babysitter.
I can take care of myself.
With this guy, you need someone watching your back eight different ways.
Perhaps you'd do well to remember that I have kept your true identity a secret, Peter Parker.
Despite your prejudiced beliefs about me, I do have a code of honor.
In this situation, we have a common enemy, Arnim Zola.
MAN: (ON RADIO) Attention, unauthorized vehicle.
Hydra Security Protocol 8 dot 65 engaged.
This is an automated system of my design.
You need to open the island's airlock.
I shall remain here in case I must deal with any other triggers you set off.
Trusting Ock? (SCOFFS) We should know better, right? I just want inside this island.
Ock betrayed us.
Of course he did.
I just wish his betrayal wasn't laser-guided.
Am I the worst? I totally knew better than to trust Ock.
But guess what? We still did it.
SCARLET SPIDER: We did what we had to do.
(GRUNTS) Whoa! Angry much? Ben, you okay? You're not exactly known for your long fuse, but this is a bit much.
I'm fine.
Hold it together, buddy.
Can't do this alone.
On second thought, maybe we could use some blind rage.
Ock couldn't have put us in a tighter spot.
This unfortunate situation was not my fault.
I told you the defense systems were automated.
And it appears Hydra has locked me out.
Yet, you two ingrates were so quick to doubt me.
(GRUNTS) Exactly why I never trust the opinions of others.
I do not need to explain once again why I am trustworthy, you pathetic fool! You're both really high-strung today.
Don't you have a happy place in your imagination, Ock? Like a laboratory with pictures of your own face all around it? (GRUNTS) Always making jokes, Spider-Man.
I find nothing funny about the serious situation in which we find ourselves.
Oh, so that's why you're not laughing? 'Cause I think I'm pretty hilarious, actually.
I missed you, Scarlet.
OCTOPUS: There may be more automated traps ahead.
Perhaps try staying focused, Spiders, if you are capable.
And I thought this place was creepy when it was floating in the sky.
Get out of the way! Interesting.
- I express my gratitude.
- You're welcome.
Doc Ock thanked me? What have you done with the real Otto? There are certain situations where such social interactions are logical.
You know so very little about me, don't you, Spider-Man? SPIDER-MAN: Um, is that a trick question? I'm tired of all this.
Where are my answers, Ock? Patience.
We are almost to the lab that holds the secrets of your past.
(GRUNTS) I just want to know the truth.
You're losing control of yourself, Ben.
Whatever we find here, it doesn't change anything.
No matter who you were before or how they gave you your powers, where you started is not where you are today.
You can't let the past destroy you.
(GRUNTS) That's easy for you to say.
Trust me.
Given my history, not so easy.
(GRUNTING) Oh, great.
We woke the neighbors.
The really mean-looking neighbors.
What are these things? I'm gonna say they're the trap Ock's been leading us into.
Halt, Delta-Nine.
They are not a trap.
These are the most advanced synthezoids ever created.
I designed them, but Zola was the one that finished them.
I'll simply command them to assist us.
You have no control over us.
Slayers, destroy Spider-Man! Gonna enjoy that.
Come on, punk.
I'm itching to fight.
Zola's locked me out of the Spider-Slayers' voice commands.
(GRUNTS) Spider-Slayers? (GRUNTS) It's hard not to take that name personally.
They were designed for one purpose.
Kinda guessed that.
Next time, can I suggest Spider-Buddies instead? DR.
OCTOPUS: That is Bone Spider.
I believe the reasons for that name will be clear.
(GRUNTS) Painfully.
(ROARS) (GRUNTS) Destroy Spider-Man's allies! The armored one is Goliath Spider.
This one is Ghost Spider.
So you do know me.
(SCREAMS) Guys, I need your help.
MJ? What are you doing here? The training room's dangerous.
Spidey's in trouble, and we're the only ones who can help him.
- What happened? - He's with Doc Ock and Scarlet Spider down in Hydra Island.
Scarlet? How is that traitor still alive? Long story.
But Spidey's convinced Ock's leading them into a trap.
And we've got to save them.
So let's go.
MJ, we got this.
You don't understand how dangerous it could be.
And you don't have the skills we do.
MARY JANE: No? (BOTH GASP) Yah! (BOTH GRUNT) Well, I vote she goes.
Scarlet! (GRUNTING) When I get close to these things, it It makes me angrier.
As they were designed to, Scarlet.
Destroy! What's this all about, Ock? (GRUNTING) (GROANS) You're looking at Zola's Weapon S program.
These three Slayers and their commander You, Scarlet.
(GRUNTING) (GROANS) (PANTING) You two brainwashed me, stole my memories, to lead a synthezoid hit squad? Scarlet, only humans have memories to steal.
You are a synthezoid, just like your Slayer brothers.
(GASPS) What? I'm not human? That's impossible.
You wanted the truth.
I knew you would not believe me unless you saw the Slayers yourself.
Now you understand your true purpose.
(GROANS) (GRUNTS) Scarlet, I need help! Scarlet! No.
This This can't be true.
Ock has to be lying.
(SHOUTS) No! Scarlet, snap out of it! (GRUNTS) So you might be a synthezoid programed by a madman to do his evil bidding? I agree, it's harsh, but can we process it all later? I need help now! (YELLS) Okay.
Now, that's what I'm talking about.
(GRUNTS) Scarlet! You hug your mom with those spikes? (GROWLS) (DR.
We are now even, partner.
That just sounds creepy.
(GROWLS) (GROANS) (GROANING) (GRUNTING) If you want my help, Ock, admit it.
You're lying.
I am not one of these things.
It is true, you are different, but you are one of them.
All your memories? Implanted.
But I'm not like them! Your synth DNA was mixed with too much Spider-Man DNA.
That's why you're so conflicted about your true mission.
These things? Zola removed all humanity.
So they're just monsters! (GRUNTS) Nothing wrong with monsters.
Like that scar? Guess who gave it to you! (BOTH GRUNTING) Spidey, when I get near them, my My animal side takes over.
Huh? Ock! You traitor! Scarlet, fight your anger.
This is exactly the trap Ock wants you to fall into.
Finally, all of my nanotech research back in my hands.
(GROANING) Now, this is how my nanotech was originally designed to work.
SPIDER-WOMAN: I don't understand.
You said you saw where Hydra Island went down.
Yes, but the entire fortress must have some sort of radar cloak that's still active.
We can't dive into it blindly.
We'd get lost.
And time is of the essence.
Didn't think being a superhero meant so much waiting.
(BOTH GRUNTING) SPIDER-MAN: Well, it was only a matter of when, not if, Ock was going to abandon us.
Let's remember not to send him a "thank you" note.
Something inside me is holding me back.
(GROWLING) (GRUNTS) Let me check.
Nothing inside you.
(GROANING) Maybe it's all in your head? (GRUNTS) (SHOUTS) (ROARS) Octavius reborn! (SNARLS) You cannot escape my power.
- A fully functioning Dr.
- (GROANING) (GRUNTS) Come, Goliath Spider.
Do you think your creator is not prepared for you? (GROWLING) (GROANS) You.
You came back.
I am a man of my word.
A man who is worthy of the respect you have always refused to accord me.
Can your nanotech build us some cages? My nanotech can do anything.
The trap is complete.
Okay, push them back.
SPIDER-MAN: One point team Spider-Man.
Zero points Spider-Slayer.
Huh? Who's keeping score? (GRUNTS) (GROANING IN PAIN) DR.
OCTOPUS: I had a plan for you as well, Ghost Spider.
Huh? (HISSES) Bring it on, punk.
Not that you can blame me, but maybe there's more to you than I realized, Ock.
Yes, well, there is one more person I want to hear say that.
(STAMMERS) What? Otto Octavius? Where Where am I? Well, this can't end well.
Trapped in your island creation.
I wanted you to see with your own eyes that no one imprisons me, Zola.
No one! You used me.
Took my research.
But now I've just taken it back.
You foolish little man.
Do not dare to defy me! Hmm.
Uh, where you going there, partner? As a man of my word, I honored the deal we made, Spiders.
But our partnership has now ended.
Find your own way back from this tomb.
Hey! Funny.
I've never been disappointed to see Ock leave before.
ZOLA: You arrogant fool, Octavius.
How do you say You should have let the sleeping dog lie.
You've given me precisely what I needed.
Hail Hydra! (BOTH GRUNTING) Spider-Man is loose, my minions.
Destroy him! Did I call it? I totally called this.
(ZOLA LAUGHING) Rise! Rise, Hydra Island! (LAUGHING) Uh, bros? I think we can stop searching for the island.
Its weapon systems are coming online.
And they're targeting the city! (GRUNTING) By re-accessing the island's nanotech, that imbecile Octavius has once again given me complete control.
My vengeance is at hand! (GRUNTING) Um, can we talk about this? We have one chance.
Ock said I was supposed to lead these things.
Maybe it's time I do just that.
Scarlet, you're not one of them.
Stay away from your evil side.
(HISSING) It's who I was designed to be.
Oh, come on, Ben.
(GROANS) (PANTING) I'm not afraid of you, Slayers.
You have no fear.
Alpha acknowledged.
Scarlet, you did it! (STAMMERS) Ben? (LAUGHS) You've lost Scarlet Spider this time, Spider-Man.
He has finally given in to his true nature, and he will be your doom! (HISSES) (GRUNTS) (GROWLS) Oh, look at this.
Not only is Scarlet Spider alive, he's still a bad guy.
Who called it? I did.
(GRUNTS) (ALL GRUNTING) This isn't you, Ben.
Human or not, you're your own person.
You don't have to be who Ock and Zola say you are.
Destroy him! It is what you were designed for.
(GRUNTS) - Scarlet? Ben? - I'm back.
Slayers, stop.
You've got control of the Spider-Slayers? Color me impressed.
(BOTH GRUNTING) SCARLET SPIDER: You helped me do it.
I had to face my own darkness so I could overcome it and lead them.
Couldn't have done it without your faith in me.
- So this was your plan all along? - Why? You didn't trust me? Uh, of course I did.
Zola's a digital life-form.
Smash the computer so he can't escape the island! No.
Don't do this.
We have a common enemy.
We can work together to overcome Octavius, huh? Sorry, Zola.
I think we've binge-watched enough of you.
Fail Hydra! No! (MACHINE POWERS DOWN) Nicely done, Spidey.
That was awesome! Yeah.
(SIZZLING) SPIDER-MAN: What's happening to the synthezoids? (SYNTHEZOIDS GROANING) Stasis pods Come on.
Help them.
Is your new fan club gonna be okay? I I think they just need to recharge.
Welcome back.
Thanks for bringing the backup, MJ Uh, Spider-Woman.
There just might be something to this hero-ing thing after all.
(EXPLOSION) (GASPS) Uh, what's that? Without Zola's subroutines keeping the systems going, the island is falling apart.
Then time to make our exit.
KID ARACHNID: Seriously, guys, that was awesome.
(BEEPING) Scarlet and the Spider-Slayers.
(CHUCKLES) Sounds like the kind of band my mom would have liked in the '80s.
And thanks to Scarlet, they really saved the day.
Looked to me like he caused all the problems in the first place.
His past doesn't matter.
Now the future is up to him.
Especially since he's now in control.
I, Zola, am in control! I have downloaded myself into a piece of your technology.
But where? Vengeance is mine.
Uh, guys? I am unstoppable! No! Do not (SPUTTERING) It hasn't been easy, Web Warriors, but it looks like we've finally brought Hydra down once and for all.