Ultraviolet (2017) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

You don't want to eat? I'll find something else.
Here it is.
Be quiet, please.
Shh, shh.
No! Don't hurt me! No! No signal.
Her mobile is switched off.
She hasn't logged in for three days.
Which is when she left the rehab.
She's not at home.
Klara is with her godmother.
But Natalia didn't go there.
I know it's your daughter, but stay calm.
Think where she could go.
Such a young girl.
Hi, Ola.
Henryk was looking for his daughter who left the rehab.
- You have her? - We found a girl at a nature reserve.
You mentioned uh she had a tattoo, right? Does she have a tattoo? Hi, Henryk, yes.
She's got a tattoo of an iris.
- A good tattoo.
- Wait a minute, are you sure? I know that stuff, my mum had a flower shop.
It's my fault.
I left her all alone.
I always had something else to do, never gave her enough time.
- Can't we go faster? - Okay, Henryk.
- Tomek? - Wlaczyn Reserve, northern car park.
A friend who has a police scanner says that's where they sent all the men.
What are these spots on her shirt? - Any ID? - No.
- A huge entry wound.
- Turn her around.
No exit wound.
Looks like an ancient shot gun wound.
Let's wait for the autopsy.
Hey, you can't be here! That's Natalia! Henryk, please.
- That's not my daughter.
- Let's go, please.
Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Come on.
You are supposed to be a guard! Ola! Tomek, are you sure? Absolutely? Okay, bye.
Kuba! What? - What's up? - That's a bottle of gripe water.
It's for infants.
She was breastfeeding.
That explains these stains.
We are looking for an infant, I'll get the guys.
Everybody! We are looking for an infant! The kid is somewhere here! Let's go, come on! - Move, there is no time! - I'm going this way! Be quiet and speak one at a time.
The victim recently gave birth, she was still breastfeeding.
Where is the baby? Can't you find it? Children don't have GPS chips.
We are doing all we can.
We have commenced the search.
We assume it's a girl.
If you have any information please contact us directly.
Every second counts.
Thank you very much.
POLAND IS LOOKING FOR A BABY! - Did you find anything? - I know this tattoo.
Regina, come over.
- What's up? - Do you know this iris? Nowadays everybody gets a rose.
"Beautiful, but thorny.
" - Such a cliche.
- Come on.
I know the style.
It looks like something by Dona Melo.
Check her profile, maybe she posted something.
- Easy.
- Let me see.
I'm sending it now.
I'm just gonna check the agency.
- Got it.
- You girls are incredible, a no-hack hack.
She didn't post her address anywhere.
Piast, check her phone number.
One second.
I'm so hungry, I haven't eaten anything today.
You know what Hallelujah.
- Listen up, we've got a name, Zofia - Błach.
Someone recognized the photo.
- We've got her address.
- So do I, Kwiatowa 23/5.
But nobody has seen her there for years.
But do you know that she got phone bills at Renesansowa? My buddy works for the phone company.
Sometimes he checks stuff for me.
- We will take care of it.
- No.
- You won't get rid of us, no way.
- We don't have time.
Thanks for your help, but we should do it officially.
Love, it would take you a month.
By the way, you can't say no.
- What? - I will not tell you the exact address.
Get in the car, love, please.
Love? Natalia? I don't get it, why would they kidnap this baby? - They also killed the mother, horrible.
- Human trafficking is still going strong.
Are you crazy? - It's practically legal here.
- Not really.
Five thousand kids are sold per year.
For two and up to five thousand euro.
- Five thousand in Poland? - According to the law, this is human trafficking.
Human trafficking entails abducting someone for a specific reason.
It could be work or prostitution.
Sure, but couples without kids don't do that.
That doesn't make any sense.
Why would they kill her? Exactly.
- Nobody's here, let's go.
- Wait.
It's about a kid, can't your guys just bust the door down? My guys would need a warrant, which means meeting your cellphone mate.
- This kid might be there alone.
- Hush.
We need to break the door down.
Wait, what? I'm from Włókno, every kid there knows how to do this.
Hello, anybody home? Close the door.
Holy fuck.
Your kid.
No room for the kid, no crib? It doesn't add up.
Not too bad for a 20-year-old.
I had no idea she was a successful model.
- What? - Take a look.
- Her and her boyfriend.
- Let's roll.
I'll go the station and try to identify him.
You know what I went through? I know.
I'm a dead weight.
I'm a failure, I cause problems.
- It would be better if I died.
- Stop it.
Never say that, please.
Have you seen Klara? Yeah, but I was such a mess afterwards that I lost my phone somewhere.
How is she doing? Very well.
Dominika, her godmother, is kinder to her than her real mother.
I want to help you.
Why do you reject it? - May I smoke? - Sure.
Studying math again? No.
Just cleaning up, I haven't even read these books.
I don't understand it anymore.
You do.
You are the smartest girl I know.
You need to get back on your feet.
I only know how to be down.
Why would you even lean over me? Because I love you.
Have you located Zosia's boyfriend? Not yet, but I have noticed something interesting.
Maybe that's a coincidence? I've checked it, Zosia had an account on nianiamama.
What is that? An incognito escort agency or what? Only young babysitters.
Should we set up an account? Okay.
Ewelina will work as bait? Who owns this site? The owner Ryszard Gembicz.
Beautiful chicks, a handsome guy.
Am I the only one who finds this odd? I'll try to meet with him tomorrow and check what Zosia was doing there.
- Mr.
Gembicz - Call me Ryszard.
Are you always that charming, or is it only for the first meeting? A man who's not beautiful should at least be charming, am I right? It's about selling yourself.
Do you know how? Do you always have job interviews in such fancy restaurants? Smart, beautiful and fascinating women should be treated like a treasure.
Oh! I'm a treasure? I made a lot of women happy.
Did you do it with these gourmet dishes or with something else? I made them both happy and rich.
- Intellectually? - I make dreams happen.
Do you have any? Plenty.
I can give you means to fulfill them.
Would you like that? It's not what you are thinking about.
Every woman's calling, right? I'm not sure, I think I know more interesting things.
What could that be? But Waiter! One more glass.
The guy is charming, but slimy.
He said he can make all my dreams come true.
They all say that.
He mentioned maternity.
This agency buys children? He was careful, I tried everything.
He said he wants to get to know me better before he can fulfill these dreams.
- Thoughts? - I don't know what the cops are doing.
- Zosia's boyfriend? - He's been abroad for three years.
I think we should check this Ryszard guy, but this time pretending to be clients.
I could do that.
You need a husband, you would be looking for a nanny.
I had a husband once, now I can have a boyfriend, if anything.
Henio? - Hi.
- Hi! Annie Annie? Do you like kids? Other people's.
What would you say if a child came to this house? Whose child? This is Klara.
My granddaughter.
Hi, I'm Anna.
And you? And I'm not.
I'm Klara.
- Smart.
- Mm-hmm.
- I like that.
Tea? - Yes, please.
With a slice of lemon.
Let's brew some in the kitchen.
Have a seat, I'll be there in a second.
I hate surprises.
I will forgive this one.
I would like to spend more time with her.
- I will help you with that.
- That's all.
We will look into this, as I already told you, goodbye.
- What's up? - An old lady saw Roma kidnap an infant.
Sounds racist.
Especially since they are neighbors fighting about a garden for years.
Misiak speaking.
- Send him here.
- Yes? You need to help me with something.
It's about the kid.
I've asked you to keep me posted.
I am doing that.
We need to meet.
- You will be somebody else.
- Explain.
Once we meet.
I'm too big for this kind of thing, you know the drill, you know I can't be talking to you.
It didn't bother you when you needed help to save your brother's ass.
Seriously? - What do you want? - Do you have a suit jacket? And a fucking bow tie? There it is, can't miss it.
With that jacket, you must get free drinks at every disco.
Very funny.
You are in good hands, this is the best place.
I've made so many couples happy.
This is and I'm being sincere now, this is my calling in life.
This may sound naive, but that's me.
I know how difficult it is to leave your child with a stranger.
But here we are.
Have you read Mary Poppins? - I have.
- I've seen the movie, my wife reads.
I only have babysitters like her, magical ones.
About that.
- Here's the thing - We want to be honest with you.
We aren't looking for a nanny and don't have a kid.
We can't have kids.
But our friends suggested contacting you.
We do have some savings.
We are looking for someone who would give birth to our baby.
I don't know who told you that.
It's illegal in Poland.
A lot of things are illegal in Poland, and yet people do them everyday.
You know Zofia Błach? I would like you to leave this office immediately.
Let's go, honey.
Excuse me.
- What was that? - What? Why did you ask him about Zosia? I thought I'm the one who talks too much.
- I didn't do that.
- Excuse me.
He didn't say anything.
Do you think he would tell us about his illegal business? You should have put pressure on him.
- I did.
- The guy asked us to leave - and you left.
- I'm coming back.
Is that a quote from a spy movie or what? If he's guilty, he panicked and now is shredding documents.
- I'll check that.
- I'm going with you.
I need to go there officially, with a badge.
- You met Zosia's friend, right? - Yes.
Could you talk to her? She might get scared of the police.
- You are bullshitting me.
- Trust me.
Just once.
I'm sorry, I left my glasses here.
What is that? Put that down! - It is illegal.
- You know what's illegal? - Such contracts.
- Give it back.
- You are under arrest.
- What? Jakub Szeląg, police.
I had quite a belly.
How did you get them? - Are you from the agency? - No.
I'm not the police either.
More of a neighborhood watch situation.
We are called Ultraviolet.
We are looking for Zosia Błach's kid.
The whole country is.
Can you tell me anything about nianiamama.
pl? I needed money and that's when Ryszard came in.
Technicians say it was a replica of an old revolver.
A gun you don't have to register.
- All he needed was some gun powder.
- Do you think he is the shooter? I think he has to start talking.
I agreed to get pregnant.
Not for myself, which was the worst decision of my life.
At least I was comfortable.
What do you mean? It was the best.
If I do it again, I'll do it there.
What's it called? Bonis Domus.
- They do IVF.
- Uh-huh.
It was a nice couple.
They took care of me.
They paid the bills.
I was doing a job for them.
But I miscarried.
In this pimped-out clinic.
Ryszard said it was my fault.
The contract stipulated that in case of miscarriage, I needed to give the money back.
I was left with nothing.
I want to make people happy.
There are women who can have kids, but don't want to, and those who want to, but can't.
I connect them.
- It's illegal.
- Not necessarily.
Adoption is legal in Poland.
People raise these children.
Where did I break the law? There is no harm.
- Who was Zofia pregnant for? - Who was the father? Did Zofia give her egg? It's confidential.
Do you think prison will be confidential? Once they hear you were selling kids, you will be very popular in prison.
Very popular indeed.
Zosia called me a couple weeks later.
She wanted to get in touch with Ryszard, she wanted in.
She needed money to decorate the apartment.
She was crazy at the end of her pregnancy.
She didn't want to give the kid.
She said they were crazy.
She was scared.
I told her to see lawyers.
And the couple? That's the fun part.
Why? Borowy is the father.
- Who? - Borowy.
Don't you know him? Crazy, huh? Leon Borowy.
The Borowy? The devil and sins guy? They claim we can live according to our own rules.
We need to let them do whatever they want.
We are free, right? Do you agree, are we free? Of course we are.
But they don't understand that for us it's not a matter of choice.
Not a matter of deciding.
For us it's murder.
Exactly that, murder.
Whenever we take the value of life and make it all about a decision, it has to end badly.
Isn't that what tyrants did? Haven't the biggest murderers in history made decisions regarding human life? Do we want to align ourselves with them? It's not about a decision.
Thank you very much.
Think about it and see you next week.
- Excuse me.
- Yes? - I'm sorry, but the lecture is over.
- I know, but I get it, you don't agree and would like to talk.
Talk? On TV you don't seem to be interested in women's opinions.
I can't agree with that.
You must have misunderstood something.
How can I really help you? I don't remember you from previous lectures.
- I have a question.
- Yes? Zosia Błach was my friend.
You might remember her, a beautiful blonde girl.
There are plenty of pretty blondes.
Including you.
I am not your kid's mother.
- Come again? - I am not your kid's mother.
Is that a provocation? Are you some libtard journalist? - Stop it.
- I teach what I believe.
Stop fucking around.
The baby is missing, where is it? God speed.
Excuse me, but my wife is in labor and this is the kid I'm interested in.
It's me and my husband during a pilgrimage to Vatican.
Here it's us at the audience with the cardinal himself.
Would you like some more apple pie? - Mrs.
Borowy - Call me Trina.
Short form of Krystyna.
Trina, you were considering a surrogate mother.
In a moment of weakness.
- More apple pie? - Thank you.
We were desperate.
We tried to get pregnant for years.
I considered a surrogate mother, but what kind of maternity would it be? According to my husband, that's a rape on our honor as Catholics.
But I got pregnant after all.
God answered our prayers.
God takes his time.
And we have a great doctor.
About that, who's your doctor? Why? We are trying with my wife.
You know best how it is.
I was hoping you would recommend someone.
You don't wear a ring.
- It's a nuisance at work.
- Have you met any surrogates? This is private, and I don't need to give you that information.
Is that all? - I'd like to lie down.
- Thank you very much.
Fuck me, she was weird.
- What do you mean? - Something's fishy.
Constant maternity talk.
God, you will never get it.
- What? - No guy will ever get it.
What? It's like At first you want something so much, you convince yourself, then it becomes somebody.
You love it and it becomes the most important thing in the world.
And then this person disappears.
- You will never guess who the father is.
- We know it's Borowy.
We still don't know where she is.
We talked to his pregnant wife.
What? That's absurd.
I talked to him, it's a sham.
- You talked to him? - Yes.
- And you didn't tell us? - She did look pregnant.
According to her, God's grace and good doctors made a miracle happen.
- Did she say who is the miracle doctor? - She didn't mention that.
Follow me, I'll show you something.
BONIS DOMUS PRIVATE GYNECOLOGY CLINIC Sooner or later you will have to give us the information.
- We will involve a prosecutor.
- And the media.
What will the owner say? We can't break rules just like that.
Our clients are promised anonymity.
This kid has been missing for a week, what could be more important? Borowy? They did pay for Zofia Błach.
It was a very comfortable birth.
and Mrs.
Borowy were there, as well as her sister, Justyna.
Does this mean that Mrs.
Borowy wasn't pregnant? She was sick.
H er uterus was removed a few years ago.
- I can't talk right now.
What is it? - I did what you wanted.
I checked all his photos online.
Thousands of similar photos, lectures, masses, pro-life marches.
And a true hit.
A reenactment group.
Borowy is a collector of old guns.
I'll show them that.
- We will wait.
- Listen up.
Piast sent me this.
What is this about? Good morning.
- We need to talk.
- Excuse me.
This is extremely brash.
- My wife is with a child.
- Don't touch me! Leave the premises now! Don't go there! - I asked you to leave.
- Is it yours? Beata, Ola, come over here.
Do you have a warrant? Focus.
Could you be more civil? - You are a public officer, aren't you? - A pissed off one.
I can be dangerous and unpredictable when people hurt kids or kill people.
I don't understand, I haven't killed anyone.
You paid Zofia for her pregnancy, and then she was shot from an antique gun.
You have plenty of these guns.
That's right, and as far as I know, gunpowder weapons are legal.
I take part in reenactments, check it yourself.
The group is called "Marshall.
" Zofia didn't want to give you the baby, so you shot her.
Ma'am - I didn't kill anyone - Where is she? - Did you do it? - She might be hurt.
Did you fucking do it? It's a small, helpless child.
- Where the fuck is the body? - It's an innocent baby.
- Talk.
- You can help her.
It's just a little child.
What? Her name is Marysia.
I would do anything to learn where she is.
And it's not Zosia's child.
Whose is it then? - It's her kid, and you are the father.
- You don't understand.
Fucking enlighten us.
You underestimate the maternal instinct.
It wasn't just about me being the father.
My wife, Trina, wanted the kid to have her genes, so she asked Justyna.
- Who? - Justyna? Her sister.
Her name is Justyna.
She is a drug addict, but the clinic said her egg was healthy.
Where does she live? I have no clue.
They always evicted her.
We gave her 20,000 for the egg.
She was supposed to straighten things out, but she spent it on drugs.
She reappeared a few days ago.
She wanted more money.
Two completely different sisters, and yet one gave an egg to the other.
I checked Justyna.
She has a record.
They busted her for drugs, then something stronger.
The also ran away from rehab.
She ran away from the second rehab.
And Borowy took the egg from her? I'm surprised anybody would even give him an egg.
It's her sister.
I would give you an egg no matter what.
Seriously, I would.
Great, thanks.
Listen up, I asked around and a mother with a child moved into one of the squats.
- We've got her.
- Don't be too sure.
How many drug addicts have kids? One is sitting right next to you.
- I'm so sorry, Natalia.
- Do you know this place? Yes.
- Fuck.
- Squats don't always look like this, but they sell drugs here.
There's a crib.
Fuck, it's empty.
The bottle is still warm, they were here a moment ago.
- Looking for Justyna? - Yes.
- She's not here.
She left with the kid.
- When? Half an hour ago? Where did she go? She mentioned France.
Every year she would go to Dijon to pick grapes.
She got really high.
What did she take? - Everything.
Some powder, mephedrone - I've got it.
Bus station.
Piast, check buses to France.
On it.
The next one leaves in 30 minutes.
- Tomek, meet me there, I'll call Kuba.
- Okay, great.
That's the one.
The bus leaves in two minutes.
She has to be inside.
See? Everything worked out well.
Everything is fine, we will go to France together.
They will never find us there.
You will have your own garden.
My beautiful daughter, it will be fine.
It's all good.
They won't find us there.
There will be a garden.
We are going to France.
Everything is fine.
They won't find us there.
You will learn to speak French.
My love.
You are my daughter.
It's all fine now.
It will all work out.
You are mine.
It's all fine.
Yes it is.
- Justyna, hi.
- What do you want? Everything is fine.
Can we talk outside? - Come on.
- Fuck off.
Take it easy.
I want to help you.
I'm here to help you.
Let's go outside.
We will talk.
This here is a bad idea.
Mother Theresa also wanted to help, and she was making millions.
This is my kid.
- You want to take my kid.
- No.
I want to help you.
- Let's go outside.
- Easy.
It's my kid.
Take it easy.
This is my kid! It's the only thing I have! It was my egg, it's all I have! Grab the kid! You think it's better for Marysia to be traumatized in an orphanage than to be brought up in our home? It's up to the court to make the decision whether you will get her.
I think it's logical.
- What kind of logic is that? - Don't worry.
We will take care of her.
This is my daughter.
Why can't I take her? It could be months.
The court will make a decision in a few days.
We can't do anything else.
It's your third statement here.
Soon I'll write a book about you.
- I can give you a fourth one.
- Really? I don't mind.
Would you like to have kids? - What kind of a question is that? - A normal one.
- I don't know.
You? - No.
I'm bad enough with pets.
I used to have a turtle, but something happened.
Maybe it ran away? - Kids run away less often.
- You think? - But catching them is trickier.
- I'm not mother material.
- You are.
- Come on.
Next you will talk about the maternal instinct.
I know that I don't want kids.
I suck.
You started it and you don't suck.
You are cool.
Come on.
Ah, hey.
My girlfriend Ewa.
Oh, okay, hi.
- Ola Serafin, nice to meet you.
- A friend from work.
- I will go now.
- See you later.
Are we getting some dinner? I'm really hungry.
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