Ultraviolet (2017) s02e08 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 8

1 Beata, I'm gonna die here.
You wanted to lose weight? Push harder, my arms are burning too.
You want to climb Kangchenjunga.
I just want a smaller ass.
So I deserve something lighter, right? [phone chiming.]
Beata, come down, I gotta go.
Jeez - You're lame.
- I'm not lame, it's just not for me.
Is that a threat or a promise? [Ola chuckles.]
A promise.
- Bye! - Bye, thanks! I was right there on the soccer field.
My dad kicked the ball, then boom, straight into the bushes! - Where? - There.
He wasn't coming back, so I went there myself, but I only found the ball and the scarf.
No trace of my dad.
He's, like, the master of camouflage.
Włodek, go play with the boys, I have to speak with this aunt.
- Okay.
- Go.
- Thanks, Włodek! - Thanks! I haven't heard from Eryk since yesterday.
The scarf Włodek found says Bałuty Lodz.
- And? - Eryk is a Czarni hooligan, so he always hated Bałuty.
- Did he take part in hooligan brawls? - What question is this? Of course.
- He did, but it's a sport.
- What an awesome sport.
- Did you report his disappearance? - Tell the cops? Are you nuts? Either way they always raid the boys, supposedly for stadium brawls.
A showcase for the media I can't bring this upon them right now.
You go, Włodek! You're doing great! But last time it was more than just a fight between hooligans.
He had a serious clash with someone from Bałuty.
- With who? About what? - I don't know, I have no idea.
It's weird.
His car is gone, but he left his keys on the kitchen table.
I know that it's weird.
When I found you online, I thought You have no idea how it feels, when something bad might have happened, but you can't even call the cops.
Agata, believe me, I know how it feels.
- Do you have his photo? - Yeah.
- Can you send it to me? - Sure.
[phone chimes.]
This one is nice, right? For jogging.
- Looks awesome.
- Right? Then I'm buying it.
[computer chimes.]
- Listen, this girl has nowhere to go.
- I think he took off and is faking He might be dead! Don't you get it? They left her a scarf.
Maybe it's a sign.
So this Eryk had a score to settle with someone from Bałuty, right? Wait but you said it yourself, there were no signs of struggle.
But Agata says she doesn't know what this is all about.
As I said, the guy ran away and left the scarf as a red herring.
- Simple as that.
- Exactly, Piast, this is too simple.
If it's true that Bałuty killed Eryk, Czarni won't let it go.
Do you want hooligans fighting in the streets? If they killed him, there is nothing we can do.
And what if he is alive and they are holding him as a hostage? - [Beata.]
Howdy! - [Kuba.]
Hi! Keep training like that and you're gonna have more arm strength than I do.
Yeah? I already do.
You have a visitor.
Come join us.
- Hi.
- Hey, what's up? [theme music plays.]
She won't report it, never.
They are hooligans.
Do you have any evidence that this Eryk guy has been abducted or something? And I'm not talking about the scarf.
They don't wear it for such occasions.
This doesn't mean anything.
If the wife is worried, then she should report his disappearance to the police.
If the scarf and the girl aren't enough, then I don't know.
It's gonna be a war between the clubs.
And they will draw blood, you'll see.
First of all, I can't do anything since nothing really happened.
Secondly, if they want to fight, they will.
Thirdly, it's Lodz, not Krakow.
Meaning? Meaning they don't kill each other here.
At most, they might hit a guy in the face.
Oh yeah, and lately, they've been writing funny things on walls.
What's wrong? Why are you acting like this? - Something else? - What? - Is there something else? - No.
" Yeah, I find it funny.
[phone buzzes.]
[phone buzzes.]
Kuba? Kuba? - I'm going to a meeting.
- Okay.
You smell nice.
- You have it? - Yes.
- Maybe we should call Kuba? - It's this one.
I called him, he's not answering.
[Ola gasps.]
[stifled moans.]
- You just couldn't wait? - It was open! Open my ass.
We have a wallet.
- Rafał Rucki, 32 years old, address - [Beata.]
Louder! Even louder, let everyone hear it.
Finally! - [Kuba.]
Where are they? - [Beata.]
In the trunk.
- It's Eryk, the guy I- - Go away! Go away! Go.
Kuba Kuba Kuba! You wanna talk? Kuba Eryk would never do that.
He didn't have a gun, he despised them.
It had to be an execution.
You mean you? Yeah, I knew him.
I wandered around when I was a kid.
You were a hooligan? [clears throat.]
I wasn't a cop back then.
And the other guy? I don't know him.
No No! No! It's great.
- Can I borrow it? - Sure.
- [Henryk.]
Everyone present? - Yeah.
Here you are.
- What do we have? - The other guy is Rafał Rucki.
- He was a fan of Bałuty.
- He may be the guy Agata told us about, - the one Eryk had a score to settle with.
- Maybe, but they had something in common.
Eryk worked in trams.
He didn't earn much, but he and Agata frequently went abroad.
Not Turkey or Egypt, you know.
We are talking expensive destinations, like Maldives, Dominican Republic, Bahamas Fully loaded.
Same thing with Rafał.
Average job, vacations every two months.
Trips of a lifetime.
Something else is even more interesting.
They chose different destinations, but the dates of their vacations aligned.
Like they had planned it.
Beata went to talk to Rucki's wife Malina.
Maybe she will learn something.
We don't have Eryk's phone, but I managed to check his phone bills.
Guess who he called last.
- Rafał? - No.
A bookie.
He was betting.
And now the best part.
See? Czarni match on March 11.
And the date under Eryk's photo? March 16.
Every vacation they took was after Czarni lost a match.
- Eryk was betting against his team? - And he always won.
Say what you want, but I don't believe this is pure luck.
I've also watched recording of some games, and the score always depended on this guy.
Most of the season he saved Czarni's butt, but then he started missing bad shots, so they started calling him Spotty, because his performance wavered.
But it was Eryk placing the bets? Maybe Rafał had other means for those vacations.
We still don't know the connection.
Then maybe Spotty knows the answer to this magical question.
Yes? Can you show us this Spotty guy? Not much is happening.
Okay, see you in the evening.
- I have to - Yeah, hang the laundry.
Mom won't know.
This is our handsome fella.
Spotty indeed.
[whistle blows.]
[whistle blows.]
[indistinct chatter.]
- Sorry.
I will let you in.
- No, no, I will let you out.
You're here to juggle the ball, or? You know Eryk Woźniak is dead? I think you're mistaking me for someone else, I don't know him.
And Rafał Rucki? Do you know him? You know you could be next? By the looks of it, someone is trying to end your deal.
There is no deal, okay? I'm done with this.
I never met anyone called Rucki.
Fuck off.
Better think about it.
Rucki's wife doesn't know Eryk, but when we showed her a photo she said she had seen Eryk bringing him money on a few occasions.
- Money? - She thought it was a guy from the stands, and they are splitting money from the sale of scarfs and T-shirts.
Maybe Eryk was giving him shares from the bets he had won? Because Rucki was blackmailing him.
You know what would have happened, if other hooligans heard Eryk was messing with the scores? It would be the end of him.
That's why Spotty only knew Eryk.
So Eryk was betting against Czarni and also paying them to lose? If others found out about the scam, they could have done anything to Eryk.
Spotty had had enough and wanted to end both Rucki and Eryk, so he talked to other fans Sorry Kuba, hooligans And said he doesn't know Rucki.
- So what now? - I don't know.
Both crews know by now.
You've seen what's going on in Krakow? We're gonna have the same thing here.
When everyone hears about this, there is going to be retaliation.
BROTHERS ARE FOREVER â€" ERYK - The fuck do you want? - Is Juby here? - Who the fuck? - You fucking deaf? A brave one.
I'm gonna fuck you up.
Who are you gonna fuck up? Fuck! Kuba! - Juby.
- [both laugh.]
Someone told me they had seen you around, but I couldn't fucking believe it.
C'mon! Fuck! [Juby chuckles.]
- Your punks out front aren't so smart.
- [Juby.]
Cut them some slack.
- Now nobody calls me Juby.
- So what do they call you? Boss.
A fucking boss.
Come, I'll show you my office.
I can't fucking believe it.
Kubuś, I still can't believe it.
Tell me where have you been, kiddo.
Have you fallen in love? Left the fucking country? You could say that.
Listen, this guy was the most fucked up kid we have ever had in this crew.
He was always the first to fight, even if there were seven guys on him.
For three years he didn't skip a match, a brawl or a fight.
And then he disappeared.
- How old were you back then? - Seventeen? Fucking 17! Today 17-year-olds can't even play football, let alone fight.
- Those were the days, huh? - Yeah.
Where the fuck did you go? To the UK.
My plan was to save some money, buy an apartment, but all Britain does is shit on your dreams, so Warehouse, restaurant dishwasher.
And then they sacked me for a fight.
You're fucking with me.
I wasn't fucking anyone.
That's why I came back two months ago.
And you remembered your old buddies? Sure thing.
You still in shape? Or they fed you so bad, you became a pussy like those other Brits that we fucked bad after one match? Wanna see for yourself? Bring it on.
On the bench.
Kosior, come here.
See this guy? One time in Krakow, he was the first one into the other team's side, and he got beaten so bad, you could collect blood by the buckets.
Half his calf was open.
I'm telling you, he was nuts, but in a good way.
Keep going! [Kuba grunting.]
Doing good! - Give me three more! - [Kuba.]
Two, three, four [Juby.]
Good! Spotty has an alibi for the time of murder.
Agata knows him from the matches only.
Eryk didn't even mention him at home.
Uh, and the other one? Doesn't know him.
But I was thinking that this Rafał went on all these trips with his wife, the one from the photos So maybe I'll ask Agata where all these women meet.
Maybe somebody wanted to get rid of him, and Eryk was there by accident.
Okay, what about the police, do they have a trail? What? I had no opportunity to talk about this earlier.
Out of the question.
I won't let you.
Undercover? This would violate all the procedures.
But we need someone on the inside.
They mistrust people.
And I know them.
It'll be easier.
I know you know them.
I took you out of there myself.
- That's why you can't work there.
- I have to.
There might be a gang war like none before.
You don't realize it, boss.
- They know you're a cop.
- They don't.
You're a fucking traitor, you understand? You went to the cops.
Once you appear there, they will kill you.
They won't.
I already visited them.
I should fucking fire you.
It wouldn't be a smart move.
Contact is already established.
They treat me like one of their own.
It'd be a pity not to use this.
You will keep me informed of everything directly.
God, what is this? Matcha.
What's going on? Not much so far.
Czarni! From birth to death! Most loyal, most loyal! Remember when we were going to Stal? The driver said it was a mistake, 'cause he was to pick up members of a chess club.
Yeah, I remember.
"The chess club will fuck you up, if you don't start this fucking bus now.
" I'm glad you're back, lad.
We need people like you.
What's up with the rest of the old crew? Baldhead? Grizzly? Varlet, Crook, Eryk? It's all you now? Everyone went their separate ways.
Varlet became a boxer in Warsaw, Crook's in jail for 10 years, Fatman lives in the Netherlands, Baldhead is a piece of work He knocked up his lady's mother.
And he had to fucking run away.
And Eryk? May he rest in peace.
You don't say.
What happened? Pigs went to see his wife this morning, found him shot in the head in a trunk.
With another guy from Bałuty and a gun.
You know, a feud between hooligans.
With fucking guns? Are we in the US? Fuck! How did the guys react? [Juby.]
They want to fight with Bałuty.
Go around town and start bar fights.
But I'm trying to calm them down.
We don't need problems right now.
We have other affairs, gotta be careful.
Affairs? Kid Where are you staying? With you parents? Here and there.
To Eryk.
From birth to death Most loyal, most loyal! Most loyal! Listen, do you know any of the girls that dated these guys from Bałuty? Yeah.
- [keypad beeps.]
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, thanks.
- [Kuba.]
- [Ola gasps.]
Sorry, it's me.
Jesus Christ! What are you wearing? - Can I crash at your place tonight? - What?! I'm being serious.
Can I? Fine.
Juby doesn't trust me.
I can't go home, my neighbors know that I'm a cop.
They could be following me.
I need to keep Ewa safe.
What about me? [knocking.]
You get yourself into trouble anyway.
- [whispers.]
Ewa! - You've got to be kidding me! - Ewa, wanna come in? - No, thanks.
You may think I'm crazy, but I just have to know.
Yes? - You and Kuba, are you having an affair? - What? No! How? No way, no.
He's gone, again.
His phone is off I called Waldemar, he said he's at work.
You spend a lot of time together.
You were recently in Krakow together, and he's acting weird, so I thought Ewa, no! There is no way, no! Understood? No chance.
Just no.
Sorry, I just Suddenly he started acting weird and I'm sorry.
If you hear from him, tell him to call me, okay? Of course.
Bye, Ewa! Kuba? She's gone? - Oh, fuck.
- Thank you! - That is something to be thankful for.
- Hi Kuba.
He's staying for the night, on the couch.
You call Ewa and explain this to her.
I have to get a drink.
Early bird? They won't build themselves, right? [pants.]
Sorry for the other day.
It's fine, don't worry.
Listen what happened to Eryk? Juby only told me he's dead.
- Do you know anything? - This thing with Eryk, it's stupid.
Stupid how? Eryk didn't like our business.
That we mix sport and making money.
He angered the boss.
They even fought a little recently.
And then boom, they wiped him out.
Stupid, to lose your homie like that.
What kind of business? Give me one more.
And one more.
And another one.
Why so curious, bro? I wasn't around.
Trying to catch up.
Workout's over.
We gotta go.
You wanted to know what we're doing? C'mon then.
But use the back entrance.
Move! Chop, chop.
And the journalist? Uh-huh.
Yeah, bye.
Hello, ladies.
Um I'm looking for Malina.
Do you know her? Cool, thanks.
Malina - Hi.
- Howdy.
I'm Ola.
I heard about Rafał.
Rafał was no fucking thug.
A scrape here, a brawl there, but he was no gangster.
Fucking tabloids.
- Sure you're not a journalist? - No, I'm writing this book about the true face of soccer fans: how they are constantly insulted, but in reality they are really cool guys.
- Nice place.
Can I look around? - Yeah.
He was a good guy, get it? Kept everything in one place, there.
Always so fucking organized.
And yet he went to fight Czarni.
Malina, come have a drink with us.
- Don't touch the flags or we'll cut you.
- Yeah, sure.
- [Beata.]
Can you rewind? - On it.
And pause it.
- Same documents, right? - Yeah.
You hit the jackpot with the documents.
I watched the security tapes.
Juby and Rucki had meetings together.
Any news about Kuba? Went out two hours ago, hasn't come back.
- Okay, I will let you know.
- No! Don't you even try! Beata, come here for a minute? What now? It's this place, isn't it? [knocking.]
[phone buzzes.]
- How's it going? - Nobody's here, it's all locked.
What if they know he's a cop? They killed those guys.
Calm down, maybe they have other bases? The girls said Juby runs a company.
Wait He has a transport company.
They have warehouses outside of Lodz.
- Maybe that's where they are? - I'm sending you the location.
Okay, thanks! Don't you go there alone! Understood? [Juby.]
And this is the warehouse, the second one is right there.
Bomba! Come help the boys, they don't know what to do.
There's gonna be a cubby back there, where I can pick cars apart.
Come, I have something for you.
- You lost, baby? - No.
So what are you doing here? Come, tell everyone.
I'll show you the merchandise.
Fucking awesome.
What do you have here? Fabric scraps.
We're in Lodz, right? No fucking way.
- Amphetamine.
- Aren't you clever.
- Where from? - Ukraine.
Three times cheaper than the Netherlands.
Some shuffling, and off to the southwest.
- Sometimes, if needed - Boss, did you order some eye candy? - No.
- Then she was spying.
What the fuck.
- Was she alone? - No one else with her.
What are you doing here, all by yourself, this time of day? I don't think it's safe.
Gents! We have a chatterbox here.
Look how handsome they are.
Which one do you want? Who's first? I'm gonna take the broad.
Wait! So hotheaded.
I'm first.
I like her too.
- Come on.
- No.
What? - You won't escape! - Fuck! Fuck.
And I liked you so much.
Don't! [automated voice.]
Please leave a message.
Come on, Ola, pick up! [line ringing.]
[voicemail greeting plays.]
Fuck! [phone beeps.]
Police Station, Rzeczna 25 Street.
Move your foot.
Move it or I'm gonna fuck her up! [Ola.]
You killed Eryk, didn't you? Why? Because he didn't want you boys smuggling? Then came Rafał, and he knew Eryk was betting against Czarni.
You knew that if they found them both, they'd think it was just a feud, between hooligans, bookies, mafia - You knew no one would suspect - Shut the fuck up! Where did you find this gal? Cops? - Go fuck yourself! - Put him here.
Calm down or I'll hurt her! - Bomba, take everyone outside, at once! - Let's go, boys! Quick! Kosior is staying.
Stówa, give me a gun.
- Are you fucking nuts? - Stop it, Kubuś.
I smelled a pig on you from the beginning, but I couldn't believe you would sell out.
Czarni, Czarni most loyal From birth to death Calm down, Kubuś, calm down.
Czarni, Czarni Kosior.
Kill the kid first.
Czarni, Czarni most loyal Fuck! [gunshot.]
How are you? It was close.
I'm alive, but, man I made some coffee.
Maybe Maybe we can have breakfast? I have bagels, something in the fridge.
[doorbell rings.]
- Hi.
- Hi.
I came here for Kuba.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Subtitle translation by Gabriela Flis