Under The Dome s01e08 Episode Script


Chester's Mill is a place like any other.
At least it used to be, until we were cut off from the rest of the world by a mysterious dome.
Invisible, indestructible, and completely inescapable.
We're trapped.
We don't know where it came from or why it's here, but now that we're all trapped under the dome together, none of our secrets are safe.
When I say "Jump", you say "How high?".
We have to tell someone.
The day the dome came down we both started having these seizures.
Those Dundee guys I'll never bother you again.
Please! Another dome? Norrie I love you so much, mom.
Just tell me what you want! What the hell are you doing here? Dad, put down the gun.
I asked you a question.
What are you doing in my house? This is my house, too.
Not anymore.
You told me to stay away from Angie.
She's not here.
How would you know that? You been stalking the poor girl? You feel like locking her up for another week? I just want to make sure she's safe.
Did you make her safe by killing Clint Dundee? That's right.
I heard you shot that boy.
He attacked Angie.
I have no sympathy for the Dundee brothers, but that doesn't qualify you to be their judge and executioner.
Clint Dundee got what he deserved.
Who are you to say who deserves to be punished? You're not in your right mind, Junior.
You sound just like your mother did in the end.
Please don't say that.
I'll tell you this, though you're no son of mine.
Not anymore.
Now, get out.
I said get out of here.
One thing.
Don't you ever talk about my mother that way again.
You're pretty good at that.
Nice military corners.
I'm pretty sure you're thinking about a bed.
Same shape.
Any idea when Carolyn and Norrie want to bury her? They haven't come downstairs yet.
Can't imagine losing a spouse like that.
It's strange, huh? What's that? Alice dies.
Harriet has a baby.
Same house same day.
Circle of life.
Too busy with your new girlfriend to go shopping, huh? Norrie's not my girlfriend.
She's just my girl, space, friend.
How could I go shopping anyway? Stores have all been looted.
Everyone's running low on food.
You could've taken something, too.
That's stealing.
You've never stolen anything? No.
Have you? Of course I have, dummy.
Duke caught me stealing lipstick at Dee's Pharmacy once.
That's why I started candy striping.
Community service.
Where were you all week, Angie? I looked all over for you.
The only person who said he saw you was Junior.
Well, are you that surprised that I disappeared? I'm the screwup, right? I never thought you were a screwup.
Let's go down to the diner.
We can get something to eat there.
How are you feeling? Well, my mom just died how do you think? I'm sorry.
We're going to the diner to get something to eat.
Do you I'm not hungry.
But don't you think you should Joe.
I don't need you to take care of me.
Mmm, thank you, thank you.
You're welcome.
This is the last place in town with any coffee left.
Enjoy it while you can.
'Cause I don't think this is the right climate to be growing coffee beans.
I see you let yourself in.
You know who else let himself in last night? Your insane son.
Come here.
Saying something about Clint and Waylon Dundee, how they'd never hurt me again.
Like like a wildcat bringing me a dead mouse as some kind of sick offering.
It freaked me out.
Angie No, you promised me that you'd protect me.
I told you that I wouldn't tell anyone about what Junior did to me, and you said that you would keep him away.
It won't happen again.
I give you my word.
Now, what can I do to make it up to you? Well, the diner needs food.
I mean, there's a little, but it'll go fast.
I think it'll be good to open this place up again.
Rose would've wanted that.
I'll talk to Ollie Densmore.
We'll come to an arrangement.
You know, the day's coming when, uh the only way any of us are gonna get food is by taking it out of the ground.
So, from here on out got to be smart.
"From here on out"? You think the dome is gonna be here forever? Julia.
How are you doing? What is that? It's nothing.
I don't expect you came out here to apologize for casting aspersions on my good name.
Look, Ollie Chester's Mill is coming up on a serious food shortage.
Now, you and I, we can work together to solve this situation.
Share our resources.
Well, I know you need my water to grow crops, but, uh what is it you have that I need? Propane.
Well, it's helpful, I'll give you that.
My ancestors made do without irrigation systems or DVD players.
I expect we can get by without 'em now.
So you would starve people just to get back at me? Course not.
But I sure wouldn't mind starving you out.
When this town realizes that having you as a councilman makes for empty stomachs, they're gonna drum you out faster than a knife fight in a phone booth.
And I'll be more than happy to fill your shoes.
Best of luck to you, Jim.
Glad you came in.
Feel like faking it as a deputy a while longer? I told you I'd be happy to stay on and help in a freelance capacity.
Junior, what are you doing in here? I need a gun for patrol.
Well, maybe it's better you left it here.
So, what, you don't trust me? After what happened yesterday, I got to say that I don't.
If we weren't so shorthanded by the dome, I would've fired your ass.
So am I on the force or not? Let's call it probation.
And no gun until I say you've earned it.
Linda, I need you.
And you, too, Barbie.
Ollie Densmore's dead set on keeping that well to himself.
If he thinks he can toy with this town just to satisfy his own power-hungry whims, he's sorely mistaken.
Can't we negotiate with him? I have a better plan.
Eminent domain.
It's in the town bylaws.
The right of the government to confiscate private property Yeah, I know what it is.
How do you think Ollie's gonna feel about you just marching in there and taking his land? That's why I'm bringing the police.
Get Carter.
Junior, too.
Meet me in front of the Hall in an hour.
So are you moving back in? Till Mom and Dad get back, yeah.
Better get used to me being your legal guardian.
Has Carolyn come out of her room yet? Nope.
She's still up there sitting next to the corpse of her dead wife.
You know what I've been thinking? What? I've been thinking it was your idea to go to the center of the dome.
We never would've found that egg thing if you hadn't led us there.
She had the heart attack right when we touched it.
She died because we touched it.
Bad things happen when we're together.
So, as soon as Carolyn's ready, we're just gonna find somewhere else to stay.
'Cause I don't think I should be around you anymore.
Norrie I'd like to be alone now.
I said I'd like to be alone.
Leave me alone, Joe! I wonder where Ollie went.
Guess he figured discretion's the better part of valor.
Just like I thought.
Carter, secure the well.
Well, now.
That didn't take long.
You're trespassing on private property.
It's not private anymore.
Well, that's a peculiar claim, seeing as the deed's been in my family for 75 years now.
By whose authority was it rendered un-private? The Township of Chester's Mill.
So your authority.
I'm afraid I don't recognize that.
Or yours, either, sweetheart, if you decide to stand with Big Jim Rennie.
In fact, anybody that stands by Big Jim can look forward to a tough haul ahead.
See, whatever food we produce-- with my water-- stays with us.
Tell that to your precious township.
Best move away from that well now, son.
Go on.
Linda, put your gun down.
Like I said, this is private property.
Any attempt to commandeer this land, this well will be met with most serious consequences.
Now, get off my land.
Junior! You need any help? How about you take that gun off your daddy? I'm asking you nicely to leave now before anyone else gets hurt.
You okay? Norrie thinks it's my fault that Alice died.
She doesn't think that.
Come on.
I'll let you in on a little secret.
Women say a lot of things they don't mean.
Especially at that age.
I've never met anyone like her before.
It's kind of amazing, to feel that connected.
It's even more intense at the egg.
The egg? What egg? Joe, you can trust me.
If it's something to do with the dome, we all have a right to know.
Yesterday Norrie and I, w we found this egg.
Totally black.
With its own little dome around it.
Take me to it.
Guess old Ollie had a little more support than you anticipated, huh? Only reason those farmers are backing him is 'cause they need his water for their crops.
Whoever controls that well can expect their allegiance.
When we go back there Yeah, hold on, hold on.
When we go back? That's right.
The three of us against all those guys? 'Cause we just dropped Carter off at the clinic with his knee shot out, your son We'll muster extra men, then.
Jim, if we do that, it's only gonna escalate things.
There has to be a diplomatic solution here.
He shot a deputy; there's no diplomatic solution.
We go back there and we take the well.
Now, I'm gonna go round up some volunteers.
We'll meet at the diner in an hour, and we'll move out from there.
All right, hold on.
I think I got another way.
Come on.
All right, so when Jim showed us this after the water tower collapse, he mentioned that there were other artesian wells, right? So here's Ollie's.
What about these other ones? You got here, here Dried out.
Why's that? Well, back in the day, when Ollie's family first dug their well, it siphoned off the water from all the other ones.
There also used to be a small reservoir in town before the tower was built, but Ollie's well sapped that, too.
Okay, so say we destroy Ollie's well.
- And divert the water back to the dry ones and the reservoir.
- That's right.
No more Ollie cornering the market on H2O.
We'll need explosives.
Farmers in town, they got to have fertilizer.
Well, I know Ollie has ammonium nitrate and blasting caps at his farm for planting season.
It's dangerous, but Yeah, but it's got to be done.
All right, that's what we'll do.
We'll see if we can't get Jim to call an audible.
All right, we got a job to do.
First of all, do we have enough ammunition? - Yeah.
- All right, second Hey, Phil.
You ever shot a gun before? Course I have-- my dad and my uncles were Marines, so I've been handling weapons since I was a kid.
I'm counting on each and every one of you.
Let's do this.
Good to see you two.
Just about ready to move out.
Yeah, well, b-before we do that, I think Linda and I came up with an alternative.
Barbie's gonna blow up the well.
We redirect the water to an alternate source, it's crisis averted.
What are you, a demolition expert? What if you're wrong? You could contaminate the town's only remaining water supply.
Then we're worse off than we were before.
Your plan goes wrong, how many people die? Damn sight fewer than if we have nothing to drink.
Now, get this through your heads.
The only objective is the well.
The only obstacle is Ollie.
The only way we nip this in the bud is to make an example of him.
We get Ollie, we get the well, everyone gets water, we start growing food again.
Is that clear? Well, I guess he's not giving us his blessing.
Better hurry.
I'll delay him as long as I can.
So, tell me, son, want to put in a application to be my number two? How about you don't call me "son"? That's fair enough.
But make me understand how you decided to become a free agent.
My dad kicked me out.
Well, fathers and sons-- it's never a walk in the park.
And I can't imagine your dad's an easy man to live with.
Especially after your mother died.
He took it hard.
Uh it was, uh a tragic accident.
Accident? Is that what he told you? My mother died in a car crash.
Oh, that part's true enough, but it wasn't an accident.
It was a suicide, pure and simple.
You don't know that.
Oh, but I do.
I'm sure you remember how troubled she was.
You're lying.
What cause would I have to lie to you, James? I'll always tell you the truth.
Your father, though, uh I doubt he ever will.
When this is over, the town will be well rid of Big Jim Rennie.
Take it.
It's old as dirt, but the aim is true.
I'll give you a moment.
Sometimes a man needs to be alone with his thoughts.
Promise me you won't kill him.
'Cause I want to do it.
Don't you feel like the Dome's here for a reason? I think it is.
It brought us together.
Me and Norrie, you and Barbie.
Me and Barbie? Yeah.
Well, aren't you guys, like, a thing? Whoa.
It's pink.
It was black before.
The monarch will be crowned.
What did you just say? Who are you talking to? The monarch will be crowned.
What did you just see? You.
Julia what happened back there? I don't know.
I think I might be losing my mind.
What did you mean when you said you saw me? Like another me? Yeah.
And you spoke to me.
I did? When we saw Alice, she didn't say anything.
When you saw Alice? Yeah, yesterday.
When Norrie and I touched the mini-dome.
But that's something you could have mentioned, Joe.
So what did I say? I mean, the other me.
"The monarch will be crowned.
" The monarch will be crowned? Yes.
What do you think it means? I don't know but I need to find out.
We saw Alice and then she died.
Does that mean something bad's gonna happen to me, too? Oh, uh sorry.
I just needed to get some fresh clothes.
It's your room.
I'm just crashing here.
How'd you end up here in Chester's Mill anyway? I was supposed to go to this girls' camp for reprogramming.
Second Horizons.
Know it well.
You know it? Yeah.
Had kind of a preferred guest membership there for a stretch.
It was my mom's stupid idea to force me to go.
If we stayed in Los Angeles, she'd still be alive.
So it's the bitch's own fault she's dead.
Anyway that's how I got stuck here.
You ever been to New York? Lots of times.
You? Uh-uh.
Who gave you this, then? Someone I used to know.
Whenever a friend of mine would take a trip someplace, they'd always bring me back one of these, and hmm, it just became a thing.
And I promised myself I would go to every single one of these places, but now You're in a snow globe.
I always thought of Chester's Mill like a prison.
But until recently, I didn't know what a prison really was.
You know what'll make me feel better? New York City? I never much liked musicals anyway.
Oh, that felt good.
Good-bye, Paris, France.
I got C's your lame language anyway, so you can suck it.
Au revoir, la bibliotheque.
Los Angeles.
It's my fault! She died because of me! Oh, my God, no, no, no, no, no.
I killed her.
No, you didn't.
No, you didn't.
It's okay, it's okay.
What'd you see? Okay, Ollie's in the house.
Got a few men up on the balcony, a couple more out by the well.
Did you see my Junior? No.
All right.
Go over there with that group.
Everybody get ready, wait for my signal.
Maybe we shouldn't rush this.
We outnumber them.
The longer we wait to attack, the jumpier everyone gets.
"Attack"? These are our neighbors.
They're not my neighbors.
Jim, your son is with them.
My son made a choice to betray me.
Phil, take your group, go over there by the fence.
Where's Barbie? Linda, where is he? Damn it! What, he thinks he's gonna be a hero? He's gonna jeopardize my whole plan.
All right, we got to move out now.
My guys stay with me.
Come on.
Let's go.
Move out.
What do we have here? Uh-uh.
Drop it.
Drop it.
Phil! Dammit, Barbie That's the well! They blew up the well! Let's get the hell out of here! Hey! Hey, where you going?! Stand your ground! Wasn't enough you blew up that propane truck, Jim.
You had to dynamite my well, too? That wasn't me, Ollie.
See how he lies? Where you scurrying off to? Well's blown.
You thought we were fighting for you? Fair-weather friends, huh? What now? What now? He's all yours.
Just like you wanted.
Joe, what are you doing? I could've killed you.
Is he okay? - Phil! - He's fine.
Stay out of the road.
Come on.
Junior Shut your mouth.
The only thing that's gonna come out of it is more lies.
You told me she died in a car crash.
She did die in a car crash.
You told me it was an accident.
But it wasn't an accident, was it? Was it? No.
It wasn't an accident.
What happened, then? Please, Junior What happened?! Your mother had been unsteady, for a while.
This one night we argued, and she ran out.
Got in the car.
A witness said she stopped.
Pointed the lamps at a 200-year-old oak.
She must've hit the tree going 80 miles an hour.
Went right through the windshield.
Duke helped me cover it up.
Gave the witness some cash, and the story changed.
Why did you lie to me? I don't know.
Why did you lie to me? 'Cause I didn't want you to know.
I didn't want you to know that that she chose to leave you.
That she chose to leave us.
Was that the truth? I'm sorry, son.
I'm so sorry.
You got a problem with this? Allow me.
I believe you.
Should I tell her what happened? Later.
Just be her friend for now.
Go talk to her.
It'll be all right, I promise.
You'll be all right, too.
I'm sorry.
For what I said.
It's okay.
I'm ready to bury my mom.
We waited for you.
Angie said we should, so She's all right.
Your sister.
I know.
Buy you a drink? People died today, Jim.
How many? Three of theirs.
Two of ours.
Because of me, there is no more "theirs" and "ours.
" Because of you, five people died.
Now, they'd be alive right now if you'd listened to me.
It worked.
Town's got a reservoir again.
That's great news.
Yeah, it is.
Not so much for you, though.
Because you wanted that well, right? So you could control it? Control us? Isn't that right? I'm not gonna dignify that with a response.
You don't need to.
You don't want to make an enemy of me, Barbie.
There's two sides to that coin, Jim.
You're back.
Ollie Densmore is dead.
He was gonna kill my father, so I killed him.
I thought you joined his team.
Mmm, it was kind of a Trojan horse thing.
I went into his camp, and destroyed him from the inside.
Why don't you go home, Junior? 'Cause I don't have a home.
How was your day, honey? I've had better.
How about you? Well I've seen some things today that have been testing the limits of my comprehension.
What do you think of when I say, "The monarch will be crowned"? What are you talking about? I wish I knew.
"The monarch will be crowned.