Undercover (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Legio Patria Nostra

1 This series is inspired by true events.
Names, incidents and locations are fictitious.
Any resemblance to actual persons is coincidental.
What did you call me? I had every Peter Bogaert in Belgium checked, but I didn't find you.
And this business of yours is registered to a French company.
Hard to check, no? You can't find me in the Yellow Pages, so now I'm a cop? Maybe I don't want to be found.
You'll have to explain that one.
I don't have to do anything.
You do if you want our business.
Look, Ferry might fall for your bullshit and nonsense, but I don't.
Listen up.
I take care of my end.
It's called covering yourself.
Which you should've done in '98, when you went to jail for five years.
You think nobody else run checks? Next time you better be right, or they'll be the last words you speak.
Did you hear me? Fuck off.
I don't know what you are up to, but I'm in no mood to play games.
- What? - Ferry next time you want something, say it to my face.
Don't send your lap dog.
- What's this about? - Ask John.
- I don't like being fucked around.
- Is that right? You can shove those suits up your ass.
John checked me out.
He didn't find anything, but it's not good.
- Does Ferry know? - I don't think so.
He'd just offered me a deal himself.
I wouldn't worry about it then.
I've called him.
The deal is off.
Kim, I couldn't just act as though nothing had happened.
What a shitty job.
It's one step forward, two steps back.
Hey, we'll work it out.
I just hope I didn't go too far.
Well - It's nice, isn't it? - Yes.
Yeah, needs a bit of work here and there, maybe.
But I wouldn't let that put me off.
A lick of paint and here a new bathroom.
It'll work wonders.
I'll come and help if you like.
Not a problem.
Is anything wrong? I don't think it suits Peter.
Don't you like it here, you two? We do.
I love the idea of living next to you on the camp site.
Yeah, me too.
But yesterday… Peter seemed to go off the idea.
How come? I think he fell out with Ferry.
With Ferry? He was going to sell some suits, but called it off.
Wait a minute, suits? Are we talking about Ferry here? I might be able to talk Peter round, but if Ferry sticks to his guns… Oh, I'll take care of that.
You're a sweetheart.
- And it's all in real time? - Yes.
That 0479 number is Bouman.
- YELLOW OR BROWN M&M'S? - YELLOW We don't know the other number, but they only text each other.
And all the texts are coded? Yes.
DO YOU NEED SKITTLES? Skittles Those are ecstasy tabs.
Yeah, so M&Ms are MDMA.
But what's meant by yellow and brown? Difference in quality, perhaps? "Okay, get two.
" Here, your Skittles.
What? When were you going to tell me you'd visited Peter? What do you mean? You did visit him, didn't you? So he came crying to you? Talk to me first on something like this.
Oh, yeah? I don't trust him.
You still think he's a cop, even after that business with Jurgen? Something's not right.
I'm not marrying him.
I just want rid of those suits.
- I'd keep out of his way.
- Fine.
You can shift the suits.
He offered 15,000 for them.
- Fifteen? - Fifteen.
Is this the right Essen, or Well… - Do you speak German? - A bit.
Good day.
Hey, give me my phone.
Dieter, give me my phone.
Two weeks? We don't even have the PMK yet.
Our friend Goossens will have to get a move on.
Why don't we do the same? Swap tabs for coke.
Fer, we've just made over a million.
Any idea what that pimple-face is making? No more expensive haircuts and disappointing results.
No more appointments which need to be arranged weeks beforehand.
Do you want your hair to look natural - Hi, darling.
- Hello.
I've just been with Anouk, looking at Patricia's chalet.
They might buy it.
I don't think that's a good idea.
- Why not? - Because it's not.
What's up? Peter didn't like the idea either.
Have you fallen out? - What if we have? - "What if we have?" You say I need new friends, then you just go and spoil it all.
You can still see her, can't you? What's so bad that they can't come round anymore? Peter doesn't like Jurgen or John.
Jurgen or John? That's why they can't buy the chalet? Exactly.
Do you have a problem with Peter and Anouk? - Not really, no.
- So? But Peter does, you said so yourself.
He'll come round.
He's crazy about Anouk.
Sweetheart, why don't the four of us go out for a meal and just see how it goes.
Okay? Please… - Don't give me that look.
- Please? - I can't say no to you.
- It'll be fun.
Please? Sweetheart.
Yes? Great.
Let's go to The Wok Palace, Fer.
It's been a long time.
Danielle just texted.
Wondered if we'd like a meal with Ferry tomorrow.
Can you make it? Don't know.
I'm stuck at home.
My father-in-law is dying.
Are you okay? Bob? I'll come.
Say yes.
Sure? We can always postpone it.
No, no problem.
Where? The Wok Palace.
- That shit hole - Yeah, with the vile prawns.
That's why we get our risk bonus.
What time? Seven, but hang on.
Come at seven-thirty.
Let him stew a little.
- Fine.
I'll see you there.
- Okay, bye.
The phone tap on Bouman has finally given us a lead.
Yesterday he was asked by an 0484 number to send the farmer's number.
Bouman responded by sending a coded number.
FPLIVKL, three times M.
The encryption unit deciphered it and traced it to this place.
FARM FAMILY GOOSSENS The Goossens company deals in feeds, pesticides, seeds The owner is a Mr.
Frank Goossens.
And his role? Could be anything: distributor, supplier, customer… We'll set up permanent surveillance.
Hopefully we'll find out soon.
I really recommend these prawns.
- Really? - Yeah.
Is Peter coming? He had to work.
Anouk just told us so.
- Must be important.
It's seven-thirty.
- Fer.
- What? - Have another drink.
He'll come.
Has the manure been delivered? Peter.
- How's things? - Okay.
- Sweetheart.
- Hey, babe.
Peter, aperitif? Please.
I could certainly use a drink.
It looks like Bouman is expecting a delivery tonight.
Any movement? No, it's all quiet here.
Keep your eyes peeled.
Report in if you see anything.
Oh, Marc, wait.
Someone's turned up in a van.
Yes, it's Jurgen Van Kamp.
Tell me, are they good, or what? Peter? Prawn? Thanks.
Anouk, let's go round again.
Get me a couple of those balls.
Listen, Peter, my wife wants you two back at the camp site, but there's an issue to sort.
That's quite simple.
We're not coming back.
I don't know what business you're in, but you have a right bunch there.
Jurgen is nothing but a psychopath.
I don't even want to talk about him.
And that John threatens me on my own business premises.
I like you, Ferry, but that stuff's not normal.
To start with, I didn't send John, okay? You helped us.
For that you get respect, but in all my 20 years over there I've never had a problem.
So it's not just them.
He came to my place.
Not the other way around.
John shouldn't have done it.
But he can sense when something's wrong.
And what he discovered about you is pretty interesting.
For the hundredth time, if you want to know, just ask.
Are you a cop? Come on, Ferry, get serious, man.
So why do you have a false name? I don't.
I have a French passport.
I was with the Foreign Legion.
Had a bit of trouble, drugs, wrong friends, that's all.
I registered, was given a new name and started a new life.
Nothing stupid, no more business with amateurs.
Believe me, I could do without the hassle.
I've had enough in my life already.
- Okay? - Load her up.
Can you get a bit closer to see what's happening? Not without being seen, no.
You don't know if Van Kamp's dropping off or picking up? No.
For God's sake.
Marc, they're leaving.
- Do you know who's got what? - No, no, what about backup? Ten minutes.
Do we stay with Goossens or follow Van Kamp? Arrest them.
- Who? - All of them.
- And Bouman? - We'll see later.
Do it.
Federal police.
Engine off.
Show me your hands.
It hits you hard, lychee wine.
No, it's lovely.
Warm and soft, like a fluffy blanket.
One for the road? The one before last.
Yo, Chinaman, bring us another drink.
Jurgen and Goossens arrested.
Important news.
Come right away.
Honey, we have to go home.
But we were having such fun.
I know, but suddenly I don't feel very well.
Sorry, come on.
- Fer? - No, I'll wait outside.
- Ferry.
- Let's go.
I have to see John.
Do you remember what I said if a problem arises? Has it come to that? Ferry? Daan, there's no time.
Last year I showed you where the money is.
Remember? Yes, yes.
I'll get onto it.
It will be fine.
No mistakes, okay? Okay.
Hurry up.
- Did you get hold of Walter? - He doesn't know anything yet.
Goossen's lawyer says they were waiting for him.
Have you seen the file? His number was tapped, but the source was protected.
An informant? Goossens says he kept it for business with us, and nobody else knows the number.
Then he's lying.
The problem's not with us.
Only Jurgen has the number and he used a separate phone.
I only ever spoke to him face-to-face.
So the shipment can't be linked to us, can it? For God's sake.
I thought our time had come.
Everything's fine.
Damn, you idiot.
Don't ever do that to me again.
Go sit in the car.
And what? Let a load of drugs pass us by? Could've waited until we were gone.
We were undermanned.
Come on.
Hey, guys, this is good news.
We got 1,000 liters of PMK.
Enough for seven million tabs.
He won't make up the shortfall.
- And you can fill the gap.
- Marc it's too early.
It's now or never.
I'm with Bob.
The relationship is far too fragile.
If we make the first move they'll be suspicious.
Come on, help us out here.
What if we release Jurgen? Release him? Under conditions, so it looks like he talked.
John won't buy that.
- He's family.
- The doubt is all we need.
If Ferry doesn't know who to trust, he'll try an outsider.
Someone like Peter.
Whom he knows and respects.
Could work.
Do this and Van Kamp's a dead man.
So? It's one less to arrest.
I'll pretend I didn't hear that.
Things won't move that fast.
Those people stick together.
The more we disorganize them, the better.
Jurgen was your responsibility, John.
- Jurgen didn't talk.
- Only he had the number.
You said so yourself.
What if Goossens was lying? He's the one in the nick, not Jurgen.
Have they got something on him? Are those trackers to do with him? If he talked, why are we still standing here? It's driving me mad! I'll find out what happened.
You won't find anything out.
You'll solve it.
Can I have a word? Ferry, I really don't know what happened.
The cops suddenly turned up and… They must have been watching Goossens or something.
- It's okay.
- No, it's not.
It was an expensive cargo, I know.
If I can make it up to you… These things happen.
It's the risk of the job.
Don't worry about it.
Really? Thanks, Ferry.
The children and their minder rode through this puddle in the woods.
Afterwards they complained about pain in their arms and legs.
It's thought to be caused by waste from a drugs lab.
The six children came cycling here… What if they legalized it? Shit like this wouldn't happen.
And we'd be out of a job.
Alcohol and weed are legal, why not ecstasy? Where would it end? A line of coke, a shot of heroin? I don't ask questions.
All I know is that we're after Ferry.
- Hey.
- Sweetheart He has just passed away.
Oh, no, darling.
Would you please come home? Yes, of course.
I'll come right away.
It's okay.
Hop in.
We're going for a ride.
- Where to? - You'll see.
I really don't have the time, Fer.
I don't bite.
Get in.
Yes? Bob's just gone off with Ferry.
- Where to? - No idea.
Without telling us? What are we doing here? Just having a beer.
I didn't know you were a biker.
I know a few people here.
If they like you, they'll do anything for you.
And you can get a beer for a euro.
Where else, eh? Anouk Gone half an hour and she's at it.
You have to train those women.
Two beers over here, please.
You wouldn't normally get in here, unless you know someone.
I thought as much.
But seriously, about yesterday.
Sorry I had to leave so quickly.
I enjoyed it.
So did we.
Daan says your divorce is dragging on.
I married without a prenup.
My ex rejected my proposal.
She thinks there's more to be had.
Is there? - Not officially, no.
- Then you'll have to pay.
Before she says things in court that you'd rather she didn't.
What she's asking for is incredible.
Women are always the problem.
You get it all sorted, then one mistake and they break you.
- How do you deal with your ex? - Pay her.
Ten K a month in cash.
You're mad.
I've never regretted it once.
Danny is everything to me.
Knew it as soon as I saw her.
To our women.
To the girlies.
How's it going, mate? Hey, Peter? This is Redwan.
He was in the Foreign Legion too.
Yeah, that's clever.
Drinking and driving after all that's happened.
What are you doing here? I only had one.
You're only fooling yourself.
We have a job to do for Ferry.
What sort of job? He wants to know who's behind the raid on Goossens.
We're on stand-by.
Get in, I'll drive.
DIAMOND TAVERN Damn, a legionnaire.
Which regiment? 1st REC.
And you? 2nd REI, 3rd company.
Ivory Coast then? From 2003 to 2006.
Clay pigeon shooting at niggers.
Those monkeys won't change.
Everything all right? Everything okay? Comes on suddenly, eh? Did you spike my drink? A stabbing headache? You have to line your stomach, man.
There are three types of legionnaire.
Rambos, criminals and head-cases.
Which am I, eh? And which are you? Which are you? Legio Patria Nostra.
Fuck Belgium, fuck France.
And fuck the men who take the Legion's name in vain, eh? How come I never see you on Camerone day? It's full of people I don't want to see anymore.
Behold, the blood sausage Behold, the blood sausage Behold, the blood sausage For the Alsatians, the Swiss and the Lorrains But not for the Belgians But not for the Belgians They are lazy shirkers But not for the Belgians But not for the Belgians They are lazy shirkers You okay? Redwan, mad as a bag of spiders.
But he's loyal.
And he just happened to turn up? I really wanted a word.
But a nice coincidence that he passed by.
Listen, Peter, we're not all that different.
You keep going until you get what you want.
Me too.
And when it clashes, it clashes big style.
But it's no big deal.
We'll put it behind us.
And the rest will do the same.
That's fine by me.
Come tomorrow and have a look at the chalet.
Danielle would love you two to come back.
It would make her really happy.
I'll come for a look tomorrow.
Pop in when you do, I have a business matter to discuss with you.
A matter of transport.
Transport of what? We'll talk about it tomorrow.
Come on, we'll have another one.
Hey, cut it out.
- Hey, listen to what I'm telling you.
- Yeah.
The grass is growing under my feet here.
Is Ferry coming or not? Huh? What are we doing here? Huh? Hey, you don't think this has anything to do with me, do you? John? I've been inside.
Now you're out.
Just you.
How do I know why? Did you talk? No, of course not.
John, we're family! Listen, Jurgen if you come clean, I can still save your ass.
We'll find a solution.
Did you ever speak to anyone about Goossens? In the pub, after a few beers? Is that what Ferry thinks? Well? I'd never do that, John, you know I wouldn't! Come on, you know me.
You start a fight over nothing.
You get drunk and run over a boy on a bike.
And just now you were lying to my face.
About the drinking.
I haven't lied.
In the 15 minutes I waited, I watched you down three.
I'm not a rat, John.
I'm not a rat.
I swear it on my child's grave.
I'm not a rat.
I'm not a rat.
Hey, I believe you, lad, I believe you.
I believe you.
Yeah? You'll have to lay low a while.
I know a place.
It'll take time to convince Ferry.
Now? - And Sonja and - I'll explain to her, I'll explain to her.
You'll just have to leave for a while, okay? Don't worry.
It will be okay.
Hey? It will be okay.
Okay, get out of here.
- Sleep well.
- Yeah.
- You're not doing this twice.
- Easy, man.
What? You tell me when you leave with a target.
I couldn't.
Ferry was watching my every move.
- You shouldn't have got in the car.
- Stop moaning.
Ferry asked me to arrange transport for him.
I'll know more later.
Jesus, you look terrible.
I haven't slept a wink.
Where have you been? My target suddenly turned up.
Liesbeth, I couldn't get away.
I have to meet the funeral director.
Will you look after the kids? I can't.
I have to leave at 12.
I'll sort it myself then.
Darling, this case will end soon, okay? I'll take my res, and then I'll be there for you and the kids.
For how long? Until they call? You won't be able to get away quick enough.
Make sure you come to the funeral on Thursday.
I promise.
- You okay? - No.
I'm in bits.
- Shall I drive? - No, I'll manage.
A seat here, maybe.
- Yeah.
Some nice Buddha's.
- Right? Sounds lovely.
What do you think? I don't know.
- I think it's expensive.
- Yeah.
Okay, let's do it.
- Nice.
- Are you happy? Yes, really nice.
- That's great.
We have some paint left.
- Really? - So you can do the frames… - Yeah? Awesome.
- yellow ochre.
- Fine by me.
- I would really like that a lot.
- Yes.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Have you seen Jurgen by chance? No.
Why? He hasn't been home and he isn't answering his phone.
I have a really bad feeling.
- Who have you called? - I've called everyone.
I don't know who else to call.
I have this really bad feeling.
- He's just boozing somewhere.
- No.
Did you call Dennis? What's happened to Jurgen? He'll turn up sooner or later.
That shipment I was talking about.
Are you interested? Depends on what it is.
A valuable load from Poland.
We want to ship it here.
- What sort of load? - Paint pigment.
Cut the crap, mate.
A thousand liters of PMK, if you know what that is.
You can have 10 percent of its value.
150K on delivery.
Sounds good.
Where do I deliver? We'll tell you later.
We don't want any problems.
As long as that's clear.
- I'll do it myself.
- Good.
One more thing.
I need it by Friday.
What? A problem? Not a problem, but Then I'm leaving tonight.
I have somewhere to be on Thursday.
I'd go have a nap then if I was you.
I'll see you at eight at the petrol station in Tessenderlo.
I'll give you the info then.
We'll follow you with the GPS and the CB emitters.
They're in every truck.
It won't arouse suspicion if they scan you.
And the address of the store in Poland? It's in the waybill.
When you've picked up the PMK, go there for the cover load.
When you load up, they'll check the PMK and put emitters in the barrels so we can follow them to the lab.
Then we'll raid the place.
The truck is over there.
Give me the address so I can get going.
The plans have changed.
NEXT TIME What's the story? A jogger saw him floating.
Peter's away and I can't reach him.
Hasn't Fer said anything at all? - If he was in danger, he'd give a sign.
- This was the sign.
When your boyfriend gets back, ask him to get in touch.
Subtitle translation by Martin Meijer